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01x10 - Enter the Professor

Posted: 05/28/19 06:24
by bunniefuu
Previously on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists I did it to protect you and your family

- From Nolan?
- You wanted him gone too, Cait.

(Taylor) Someone h*jacked Beacon Guard to spy on a select group of people at BHU.

I never figured out who they were.

I promised my dad I wouldn't tell anyone.

You can't be defined by one mistake.

(Dylan) Yeah, unless you cheat at BHU.

I was there when my dad was sh*t.

I saw it all and I still see it every day.

I'm so sorry. A friend of mine needs help. I'll be right back.

- That's Lee Redmond.
- The Manhattan gallery owner?

Don't waste your sh*t, lead with your passion you wear it on your sleeve, Zach.

A member of my staff is having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

- Really?
- You're terminated.

- Dana has your money.
- What?

(Taylor) Jeremy was walking toward Thorne Hall moments before the blackout.

He k*lled Nolan.

If I tell the police what I did then my life will be over, and so will yours.

You're not going anywhere.

I trusted you.


He was running towards you.

And Taylor was afraid for her life. We all saw it.

You were afraid.

He's alive!

[dramatic music]

[siren wailing]

[indistinct chatter on radio]

[siren wailing]

- It was self-defense.
- Jeremy att*cked Taylor.

So she sh*t him to protect herself.

Why would he wanna hurt Taylor?

Taylor wouldn't let him escape, so he came after her.

- Jeremy k*lled Nolan.
- Why?

Ah, he was my boyfriend while I was dating Nolan.

Jeremy wanted me to break it off with him but I wasn't ready.

Jeremy told me what he did.

He wanted me to go away with him tonight but I-I told my friends to come here so we can just try to convince him..

To do the right thing and turn himself in.

No one expected him to go after Taylor.

(Ava) Jeremy was stalkin' Nolan.

Taylor found proof. It's all here.

Is Taylor okay?

Luckily, a family friend was at the gala tonight.

Dr. Benson's taking her to a retreat.

She's in good care.

Taylor told me everything.

I can't thank you all enough for what you did to protect my daughter and to expose the man who m*rder my son.

I hope you'll accept my apology for believing that you had anything to do with Nolan's death.

I was blinded by grief and I, uh, put my trust..

In the wrong hands.

- We're just glad it's over.
- Thank you again.

What you did to try to tear us apart..

It brought us closer together.

And it made us stronger.

You've got a name forever.

Let's go home.

♪ If I show you then I know you won't tell what I said ♪

♪ 'Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is d*ad ♪

(Caitlin) I'm calling to check the status of a patient.

- The name, please.
- Jeremy Beckett.

(woman on phone) One moment.

Do you need help packing?

We're getting picked up at : .

I'm not going to DC with you.

It is not a punishment, Caitlin.

It's a chance to take a breath and reset your life.

Call it what you want.

You're forcing me to do something I don't wanna do.

We're doing this because we love you.

And we're worried.

I don't know what's going on with you but you're not yourself.

You had a secret boyfriend who k*lled Nolan Hotchkiss for you.

Caitlin, it's a lot to deal with.

- You can't wanna stay here.
- But I do.

Because this is where your friends are?

The daughter of one of the FBI's most wanted?

And a student who committed academic fraud?

Actually, Ava's a rising star in the fashion industry and Dylan's a music prodigy.

I've arranged for you to be Senator Hastings' summer intern.

You'll start at Georgetown after the holidays and you'll see a therapist twice a week.

A therapist?

You have to admit that you're lost, Caitlin.

You can't force me to leave BHU.

You're right.

But if you stay, you'll be completely on your own.

You won't be living here and we won't be paying for school.

♪ I wait for you.. ♪

When I walked away from the "Vogue" editor yesterday to talk to you she didn't think that I was being rude.

Julie Katchen was impressed.

She said that giving up my chance to talk to her to help a friend is what actually made me

"Vogue" material.

Well, congrats.

And, uh, is that what we are?


I don't know, Fortson.

You tell me.

Maybe we can figure it out this summer in New York.

No way.

You were holding out on me. You got the exhibit?

- Yeah.
- Zach, that's huge!

Yeah, it's huge.

And I want to thank you for pushing me to talk to Lee.

She thinks I have a lot of potential.

Well, what just happened? We're happy, right?

Just whenever things start to go the way they're supposed to go

I get nervous.

Usually it means something bad's about to happen.

Nothing bad is gonna happen.

This is all good... for both of us.

So if I am going to New York this summer I'm going to need a job to pay for it or two or three like you so can you put in a good word for me?

- I thought you had money.
- Not anymore.

But that's okay. I will work to pay my way.

I don't need to wait until this summer to figure out what we are.

- I know what I want.
- Yeah?

(male # ) You workin' or not, Fortson?

Find you later.

(Andrew) Now that they've caught Nolan's k*ller thanks to you and your friends and you've been given a rare second chance by the ethics committee, thanks to Claire I say we put all that stuff behind us and start planning our summer in Seattle.

I just can't believe it. I mean, Mr. Hale actually used the B word.

He said that my, I mean, our..

Your song was brilliant.

He said there's no way you're not getting that internship.

Thank you for taking a chance on me and for loving me.

I believe I'm the luckiest guy at BHU.

It's not fair that Claire gives everybody a second chance, but you have to leave.

Claire made it clear there are some things she can't forgive.

Sleeping with a student is one of them.

There was no talking her out of this.

What sucks is that I loved this job.

And what's even worse is I'll never find out what that list was.

The list?

When I got locked out of the system, remember?

You, Ray Hogadorn and Caitlin.

Someone was using my admissions code to generate a list of some sort.

I'm sorry, Mona.

Some puzzles are just not meant to be solved.

Do you know what that sounds like to me?

It's like telling a kid they can never have candy again.

Maybe getting out of here isn't such a bad thing.

Let's face it. This town breeds drama.

Think about Taylor and everything she's been through.

Well, she's having a nice rest at Riverwell.

I checked it out online.

Looks like a touchy, feely place to regroup.

Doesn't sound so bad to me.

I came here for what I thought was for the right reasons, but..

Sure has been a bumpy road.

So you think you're on the wrong path?

It never fails.

Ever since high school, I feel like I've been heading toward a d*ad end or drivin' a whirly car off of a cliff.

When I booked my ticket to Philly the aisle seat next to me was still available.

If you're serious about not staying.

This was supposed to be my fresh start.

My chance to prove that I could change.

But every time I look in the mirror all I see is a divorced woman who until last night was a m*rder suspect.

Window or aisle?

♪ 'Cause I see you like you like what you see ♪

It's not just me, right? People are staring at us.

Yeah. Well, I guess we're the talk of the school.

Nolan's perfect posse catches his k*ller.

It's a headline grabber.

Well, it didn't help with me and my mom.

If I don't go to DC with her, she's cutting me off.

There's no way I can go home.

You can stay with us. If sleeping on a couch is okay.

Are you sure Andrew won't mind?

He'll be okay with it.

He is my best friend.

I haven't had a best friend since Betsy Burnham.

The Little Mermaid who tried to light your hair on f*re?

Mm-hmm, over a KitKat bar.

[cellphone chimes]

[sighs] It's about Jeremy.

I put an alert on my phone.

"His condition has been upgraded

"but he's still refusing to talk to anyone not even a lawyer."

Even if he does decide to talk no one will believe him.

He k*lled Nolan, that's what matters.

Is it terrible that I still care about him?

What he did to Nolan was horrific but he did it for me.

I can't just turn off my emotions like a switch and not care about him.

Nothing in the world is ever black and white.

Or just good or bad.

Things just aren't that easy for us.

We want it all and we're willing to work for it but it comes at a price.

(Luke) Next?

♪ 'Cause you liking what you see ♪

♪ You know you like it

[dramatic music]

- I have to get out of here.
- Hey, wait.


- What's wrong?
- Dylan, breathe.

I went to high school with that guy.

He bullied me for being gay.

He is the reason that I left and I never looked back.

And now he's here.


[dramatic music]




How have you been? You okay?

Mom finally let you grow a beard.

I had to change my look to come and see you.

Your mom and I wanna come home.

Dad, there's nothing that I would want more in the world but you shouldn't be here.

Dana Booker is the head of security.

Ava, what I did was wrong and I have a plan to make things right.

I still have most of the money and if I return it they'll limit my jail time.

I have to start from scratch, but..

It will be with a clean slate.

Are you here because you need my help?

A courier will drop a package off on your campus mailbox this afternoon.

It will be sealed for legal reasons.

This is what I need to start paying back the money.

You'll get a text when the papers arrive.


The money you left me..

We can't pay that back.

Booker found it. She hasn't turned it in yet but I think she's keeping it for herself.

Let's not get sucked into Booker's game, okay?

It's a distraction. It's what she wants.

Okay. I'll do whatever I can to help.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

My beautiful dreamer.

Dad, be careful.

Just when I think I'm getting my life together he's here and it's like I'm all over again.

Afraid to show my face at school because that guy's gonna make my life a living hell.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

Being gay in high school was traumatic.

Even for me, growing up in LA.

And considering everything that's happened to you lately...

I'm not doing this again, alright? I refuse.

I need to confront him and I need Luke to know that I'm not gonna take his crap anymore.

Would it help if I came with you?

- Honestly, it would.
- Then I'll be there.

[knock on door]

May I come in?

What do you want?

Earlier today, an unidentified man showed up on Beacon Guard.

He entered your building.

' ", pounds, black parka.

Sound familiar?

No. Should it?

I'm not gonna ask you if your dad was here.

I don't wanna make you lie to me.

I embarrassed Claire Hotchkiss.

It's only a matter of time until she fires me.

I want back in the FBI and you're broke.

There's a way we can fix both our problems.

Turn in your dad and I'll give your money back.

It's as simple as that.

I don't know what money you're talking about.

It's some of the money your dad stole.

You've been using it to pay your tuition..

Which is a felony.

Well, if you could prove that, I doubt you'd be standing here.

Why is he here? Why take the risk?

I can't help you.

[mobile chimes]

Zach wanted you to know that Crimson Cafe is hirin'.

Did you know the FBI believes your father is only in possession of half of the money he stole?

What's in your little bag is just a drop in a bucket.

Whatever you say, Dana.

I think he's back to get the rest of what he stole.

You're a smart girl, Ava.

I'm giving you the dots.

Connect them.

Or I'll turn that bag of money in to the authorities and they'll have a lot of questions for you.

[knock on door]

Oh, those are probably the boxes I ordered.

I haven't even started packing my games.

Hi, Mason.

- I was, uh, just leaving.
- No, you weren't.

So I take it she knows about us?

We're not an us, and you have to go.

Well, not until you tell me what's goin' on.

I'm leaving. I got fired.

Why? What happened?

Claire found out about us.

Stop packing.

You're not going anywhere.

[dramatic music]

Oh, my God. My mom's already cut me off.

- I got this.
- Thanks.

♪ That's two in the bag for her ♪

♪ Or three if you count the other week.. ♪

You got one of those, too, huh?

Crimson Society, the envelope.

What does it mean?

Well, rumor has it, back in the day there was a secret society at BHU.

- Like Skull and Bones?
- Exactly.

The older generation of alumnus would select the best and the brightest students.

It's an open door to power and influence.

They can make your dreams come true.

Like if you had an internship at "Vogue" but had no way of paying for it?


Or if you needed financial help to stay at BHU you'd have their support.

So that's your plan B.

[cell phone chimes]

Sorry, I have to run. Thank you for the coffee.

But you paid. Ava.

I have to be honest, Caitlin.

Of course, you should apply.

But they give financial aid to people in need and your family is not in that lower income bracket.

If my parents cut me off, I'll be in the zero income bracket.

But you have the opportunity to go to Georgetown.

That's a great school.

But it's not BHU.

After everything that's happened why do you wanna stay?

A year ago, I-I would have said I wanted to stay

for the same reasons we all do.

If you can succeed in this pressure cooker you can succeed anywhere, and people know it.

But that's changed?

You said it was important when I met you but now I know it's really true.

I've finally got friends who are like family.

I've been known to be wrong.

You're kind of a Debbie Downer as an adviser.

I'm sorry, I..

You've caught me in a reflective life moment.

I shouldn't be advising anyone about anything right now.

I've done enough to screw you guys up already.

Your actions are unconventional but because of you, we're all still here.

You think I'm unconventional?

When I was a little girl my moms used to take me to boxing matches.

Uh, looking back on it, it's pretty weird.

[laughs] But I remember this one guy and they called him an unconventional fighter.

I mean, everything about the way he boxed was unorthodox and he wasn't pretty to watch.

But he won because the other guy never knew what was coming.

You're like that fighter, Alison.

You're uniquely you.

And you can't really say that about most people.

Thank you, Marta.

Shouldn't you be back in Rosewood?

Mm, I'm not leaving.

- Excuse me?
- I'm keeping my job.

That's not how this works.

I know why you fired me.

Because you slept with a student.

Not just a student. Mason.

Jealous much?


He told me about how you comforted each other in your moment of grief after Nolan's death.

I've decided not to terminate Mona Vanderwaal.

She'll be staying on with us.

- Thank you.
- It goes without saying...

It won't happen again.

You can see yourself out.


There's my little girl.

Don't call me that.

I am not your little girl.

I've been on my own for over a year now.

What's wrong? What happened?

What happened is I found out that my dad is not only a thief but a liar.

You were just using me to get to the rest of the money you stole, weren't you?

You needed the bank account numbers.

Sealed for legal reasons?

You didn't raise me to be an idiot.

What'd you do with the notebook?

- It's not here.
- Did you give it to Booker?

Why would I do that?

I see how this is working.

You plan on keeping the money.

You've taken plenty for you and mom to live a comfortable life on the run.

Ava, we're not on the run. Okay?

We changed our names. We live in a small town.

It's charming. I think you'd like it there.

My life is here now..

With friends who have become like my family.

But unlike my family, they won't abandon me and leave me to clean up their mess.

And I can actually trust them.

It's a lot of money, Ava.

Too much for you to handle.

- You'll get caught.
- No, I won't.

Because I learned how to get away with other people's money from you.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I turned you into me.

I am nothing like you.

Don't. Don't.

- I am sorry.
- That makes two of us.


[bell tolling]

(Ava) Oh, hey.

- So this is weird.
- Yeah, no kidding.

You're not even a student here.

(Ava) Are we sure this is the Crimson Society?

Did we all get an invitation?

- This afternoon.
- Same.

You could have told me.

I wasn't gonna come but turns out

Claire had a change of heart.

I'm staying, and you could have told me too.

[TV turns on]

(man on PA system)
Please take your seats.

(Alison) Two empty chairs.

Did you notice?

(Caitlin) I guess so.

(Dylan) What the hell?

[dramatic music]

- I trusted you.
- And I trusted you.

- To do the right thing.
- Oh, my God.

- Stop!
- Taylor!

- Jeremy, please stop.
- Don't do it.


(Caitlin on video) Jeremy! Jeremy!

- I'm calling .
- What did you just do?

(Taylor on video) He was getting away. He was leaving.

He was trying to leave and you saw it.

(Caitlin on video) Oh, my God.

(Ava on video) He was charging at you with something in his hands.

(Taylor on video) He k*lled my brother. He was getting away.

- He was getting away with it!
- Taylor, calm down!


Was that Beacon Guard footage?

- I thought we were off campus.
- Obviously, we weren't.

(man on PA system) Welcome to the experiment, phase two.

- Who are you?
- What do you want?

[dramatic music]

Why is Beacon Guard at the river?

The school is always buying more property expanding on their land portfolio.

Are we sure it was a Beacon Guard camera?

No, we're not sure of anything right now.

Could this be Dana still messing with us?

(man on PA system) I've been watching you and it's been informative.

But now that you have given me proof that you are guilty of attempted m*rder and conspiring to cover up the crime I can take my experiment to the next level.

Follow instructions if you want to remain free.

We're not free if you're controlling us.

- What experiment?
- Who are you?

(man on PA system) I'm the person who k*lled Nolan.

Jeremy was guilty of many things but he was not a k*ller and I didn't take pleasure in having to become one.

Oh, my God. Jeremy didn't k*ll Nolan.

(man on PA system) And like all of you, Jeremy was part of the experiment part one.

He's surveilled you at my instruction to protect Caitlin.

He has served his purpose and he's been removed from the equation.

What do you mean removed?

- Do as you're told.
- What do you mean removed?

(man on PA system) 'The Professor will be watching.'

What is the experiment?

It sounds like phase one was surveilling us.

So all that stuff that happened to us was that Dana or the Professor?

I don't wanna know what phase two is.

Yes, you do.

You can't win the game if you don't know the rules.

This isn't a game.

He manipulated us into almost k*lling Jeremy.

So we're like human lab rats now?

This room didn't set itself up on its own.

We have to get to Taylor..

We're being watched, remember?

Let's get out of here.

(Caitlin) I just need to talk to Jeremy Beckett, please.

He has the right to a phone call. It's the law.

Hello? Hello? Damn it!

Caitlin, he's in a hospital full of cops, right?

- He's gonna be fine.
- Why us?

What does this person want?

If those are really Beacon Guard cameras then Dana and Claire would know the truth about Jeremy and we'd all be in jail right now.

Would we? It was her daughter who pulled the trigger.

Taylor told me that before she disappeared she discovered that someone h*jacked Beacon Guard to spy on a select group of people.

How would she even figure that out?

Taylor created Beacon Guard..

After her father was m*rder.

Nobody knows how the system works better than she does.

Whoever h*jacked Beacon Guard tried to k*ll Taylor.

That's why she left.

So she knew somebody was watching us?

No, she knew people were being watched but she didn't know who they were or why.

We don't know the why, but now we know who we are.

Minus the two that never showed up tonight.

There were seven chairs and five of us.

Why wouldn't she tell us about this?

The scoreboard, the rat in my trunk

Caitlin getting h*t by a car.

Are we saying that this wasn't Dana poking us until we cracked?

I'd rather believe it's Dana than this Professor creep.

I think there's someone in there.

I was out here yesterday with Taylor.

We did not leave the lights on when we left.

Maybe it's Taylor. Maybe she's back from Riverwell.

[dramatic music]


- Is everybody okay?
- Yeah.

Well, if there was somebody in there they're in pieces now.

What? It's the truth.

[cell phones ringing]


How could we be calling ourselves?

I don't know, but I'm answering it.

(Professor on phone) Participation in the experiment is mandatory.

Failure to follow instructions will result in your immediate incarceration.

So what do we do now?

We do whatever the Professor tells us to do.

We keep this to ourselves, and we play along until we figure out who they are.

Great. More secrets.

How are we supposed to figure out who they are if they can see everything we do?

Are you sure we shouldn't just go to the cops and tell them the truth?

Do you really wanna take that risk?

We're all complicit and it's on video.

'Last I checked, conspiracy to cover up a felony' lands you up to five years in prison.

You check stuff like that?

I get bored in long lines.

And, look, if Jeremy was a part of the experiment then maybe you can figure out the connection between him and the Professor.

Knowledge is power.

Well, it seems like the Professor has all of it.

So we take it back.

We stay and we fight.

I'd do whatever it takes to make sure no one sees that video.

I didn't work this hard to reinvent myself just to become another wanted Jalali.

I agree. I didn't work this hard to stay at BHU just to give up now.

I know where to start.

Does this mean you're gonna keep seeing him?

Is that why you want it?

Secrets are so hard to keep, Claire.

The fewer people who know them, the better.


I'm watching you.

[keys clacking]

♪ She said boy you better run better run better run ♪

Are you sure you wanna do this right now?

You seem off. Frazzled.

I need to do it today.

I need to know that I can stand up for myself.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

♪ He said boy you got a g*n got a g*n for a tongue ♪

Hey, Luke.

Oh, so, you're back?
You ran out of here...

I don't know why you're here but I'm not afraid of you anymore.

- Look, Dylan...
- No, listen to me.

You mess with me again and you will regret it.

♪ But one day I'm gonna rise from the f*re below ♪

♪ I'm coming back from the d*ad ♪

(Mona) I got it from Claire.

It's the location of every active Beacon Guard camera and listening device and a list of every d*ad zone on the campus.

Places we can talk... privately.

Is this one of them?

Private living spaces are safe but your phones, your computers, your tablets anything that uses Wi-Fi can be monitored by Beacon Guard.

Even when they're turned off.

Technology keeps us safe, but it also makes us vulnerable.

Well, now we know where the Professor can and can't see us.

Caitlin, you okay?

This is our fault.

Jeremy's lying in a hospital bed accused of m*rder because of us.

No, this is the Professor's fault.

You cannot forget that, Caitlin.

Turn your guilt into anger and action.

Figure out a way to stay at BHU and clear his name.

[cell phone chimes]

- Is that an update on Jeremy?
- It's my mom.

She's not leaving until I come home.

[cell phones ringing]

[dramatic music]

(Dylan) It's the Professor.

(Professor on phone) Tell me what keeps you up at night?

What you're afraid to think about but can't stop thinking about?

Tell me your worst fears.

So is this some kind of psychological warfare?

The second we tell them what we're afraid of they're gonna make it happen to us.

Is that what the experiment is?

They just t*rture us and see how we react to it?

They wanna get inside our heads find out what makes us tick.

Then we need to figure out what makes them tick.

And how do we do that when we don't even know who it is?

"Action is character."

- Is that Oprah?
- Maya Angelou said it first.

You're both wrong. It was F. Scott Fitzgerald.

We need to study them while they're studying us.

And how do we do that?

You're not the first student at BHU who's decided to change majors midstream.

But you're the first to be honest with me about why you wanna study psychology.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to know what makes you tick.

You can't figure out who someone else is until you figure out yourself.

That's exactly why I wanna join your department.

Then welcome to the Department of Psychology, Alison.

Thank you, Dr. Fielder.

[camera beeps]

♪ Call me crazy

♪ Mm mm mm

♪ But I can't help myself

♪ It's madness

I'm afraid I'm too broken to be fixed.

♪ Mm mm mm

♪ Don't bother sending

I know you and mom only want what's best for me and I know that staying here..

I need to prove to myself that I can excel at BHU.


Give me one more chance to prove it to both of us.

If you don't go into law, it will be one hell of a waste because you are a very convincing young woman.

I love you, mom.

I promise I won't screw this up.

We'll be keeping a close eye on you.

♪ There's no escaping

♪ Mm mm mm

♪ The voices in your head

I'm afraid I'll fail.

Not just at school but in life.

♪ Our time is fading

♪ Mm mm mm

♪ And when there's nothing


I really hate the Pacific Northwest.

I've had allergies since I got here.

Maybe you should relocate.

That was the plan until you decided to play Robin Hood.

As usual, your lips are moving but I have no idea what you're talking about.

Zach's happy because an anonymous person returned half the money your dad stole to his clients.

Just like that, the funds were transferred back to their rightful accounts.

Just like that.

Go figure.

I don't think it was your dad who had the sudden change of heart.

Maybe I was wrong about you after all.

So that money you found..

You're turning it in?

I haven't decided.

I might get myself a new pair of shoes.

♪ It's all a survival

♪ It's all a survival

I'm afraid I'll become like my father.

♪ It's all a survival

♪ It's all a survival

♪ When the crazy comes out

Claire has no leverage. We can still see each other.

I made her a promise and I plan to honor it.

Hey, we are two consenting adults.

And you know it wasn't just about the sex for me.

We both get that this can be something.

♪ It's all a survival

Look, I'm sorry you misread the signals but for me, it was just about the sex.

I don't believe you.

Like I said, I'm sorry.

♪ It's all a survival

♪ It's all a survival

♪ It's all a survival

You wanna know what my greatest fear is?

Dying before I find out who you are, bitch.

♪ All a survival

♪ When the crazy comes out

♪ All a survival

♪ And the good one falls down

♪ What you gonna do when it comes for you ♪

♪ And you find your back

I'm afraid I'll have to go home.

♪ All a survival

♪ When the crazy comes out

♪ All a survival

♪ And the crazy comes out

♪ And the crazy comes out

You don't have to be afraid of me.

- What do you want?
- To apologize.

For how I treated you in high school.

What did I do to make you hate me so much?

You got to be you.

My family would have disowned me if they knew who I really was.

I resented you 'cause you had the b*lls to come out.

- S-so you're gay now?
- I always have been.

I, I just couldn't admit it to anyone.

Including myself.

I'm glad that you figured that all out..

But that does not erase what you put me through.

Dylan, I've changed and I'm not gonna leave Beacon Heights till I find a way to show you who I really am.

I gotta go.

[instrumental music]

I just hired Alison DiLaurentis as my new TA.

She doesn't know it yet, but she's in.

I'm afraid I'm too broken to be fixed.

I'm afraid I'll fail. Not just in school but in life.

I'm afraid I'll become like my father.

I'm afraid I'll have to go home.

Dying before I find out who you are, bitch.

Care for a refill, professor?

[theme music]