02x10 - Soldier

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Underground". Aired March 2016 - May 2017.
"Underground" zeroes in on the getaway plans of Noah and a group of slaves planning a 600-mile escape from a Georgia plantation.
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02x10 - Soldier

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- Previously on Underground

- What you doin' in here?

CATO: She was sweepin' floors, but she matched the description of Harriet.

Maybe you think this is your chance to escape.

My boys.

Not a day goes by I don't wonder which one I let down more.

But I ain't sure I'm meant to lead.

You put my baby in harm's way, and you tricked me into helping you do it.

We're headed south.

GEORGIA: You're dangerous, and I can't have you staying in my home anymore.

Can I help you?

(insects trilling)

(quiet knock at door)

State your purpose.

My name is George Sterns.

We have a friend in common.

John Brown.

I'm one of his secret six.

You're a long way from home.

It's God's honest truth.

Captain selected me to make this trip with a message for your ears only.

Well, my ears are listening.

When last you spoke, as the captain explained it, you found yourselves of common mind about the need for a larger scale event to move this country in the right direction.

What we spoke of is an act of w*r.

The captain thinks he found it.

There's a w*apon arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia.

Mr. Brown has intentions to take it, spread word to nearby plantations and use the w*apon to arm Arm the enslaved in the plantations up and down the seaboard so they can be soldiers in the w*r that's been waged against them.

If done properly, it could spread like wildfire.

He said you'd be of like mind.

Of course, wildfire is hard to control.

It's risky.

But it's bold.

Might be just what this country needs.

Please tell Captain Brown I appreciate his confidence.

Yes, ma'am.

He did have one other request for you, ma'am.

And what is that?

He'd like for you to be part of the raid.


I heard massa using that word.

I never knew what it meant, but I knew he didn't like it.

And he always use it when he was talkin' 'bout a sl*ve that got into trouble.

He'd say it was the fruits of abolition.

Soon as I could read, it was the first word I sought.


Could hardly believe there were people out there workin' to help us get free.

Your eyes Massa caught me teachin' some other slaves to read.

Had the overseer put lye on 'em.

He thought it was a poetic punishment.

And you still found your way here.

I didn't have a choice.

'Bout to sell my family.

We have to help him.

Well, perhaps we could buy his family.

And put money into the pocket of the man who b*rned his eyes out?

- No.

- GEORGIA: It's not ideal, but it's the safest thing that we could do The bill of sell done already gone out.

The wagon comin' tomorrow mornin'.

It's too late to buy 'em.

Then we have to steal them.


How do we do this?

The biggest problem gon' be the baby.

Word of John Brown in the area got them white folks scared.

Massa gettin' more paranoid every day about runaways and revolt.

That's why he's sending everybody Deep South.

To reduce the thr*at - without losing his property.

- And to make sure me and mine ain't run, he took to keepin' my son in the big house.

In his own room, he's sleepin' there.

Now he want to send my wife and daughter away.

I don't know what to do.

- I need your help.

- ROSALEE: This ain't like goin' back to Macon.

We don't know this plantation.

We don't know how many rollers they got, how many g*n they got.

ELIZABETH: We have g*n, too.

Look, I want to help him.

I do.

But there are only three of us.

We can change that.

If they're afraid of John Brown, let's show them that they should be.

- Give them their revolt.


You are talking about armed insurrection for one man and his family.

If we ain't doing this for a good man and his family, then who the hell are we doing it for?

CATO: I've been thinking about notoriety lately.

What it means to be known not just in your time, but years after.

How one becomes a legend.

(chuckles softly)

Can't happen overnight, it ain't just one act.

You got to burn everything that's useless, burn yourself clean, become one thing and amplify that into the only thing.

The best sl*ve-catcher that ever was.

Harriet's a good start.

But tonight will go down in history.

Tonight I'm gonna make sure the legend of Patty Cannon never dies.

That the name echoes throughout the years.

Say it.

I'm Patty Cannon.

(birds singing)

Who they for?

My wife.

And and my sl*ve.

How did I let this happen?


This will help.

I know.

(hawks, then spits)

Here we can do it together.

(inhales sharply, then gags)

If the devil comes to meet you Along some dirty track Be sure to take my baby Riding on your back

- For the devil takes little babies

- (sniffs)

And buries them in the ground It's best that my little baby

- Is never, ever found

- (inhales)

- If the devil comes to meet you

- (inhaling deeply)

Along some dirty track Be sure to take my baby Riding on your back For the devil takes little babies And buries them in the ground Best that my little baby Is never, ever found For the devil took those rivers And drowned an angel's wing He broke you down; now you quiver Beneath his dirty hand And if he finds you hiding He will surely know You've given him your baby He will not let you go.

For the devil takes little babies And buries them in the ground Best that my little baby Is never, ever found


You okay?

We ain't never gonna see Momma again, are we?

Why you say that?

I was listening from the top of the stairs when y'all talking, about that man, how hard it is to help his family right across the river.

We don't even know where Momma is.

But we gonna see her again.


I watched out that train window like Noah told me.

The world is too big.

(clicks tongue)

Ain't nothing too big for Momma.

You know that part inside of you?

That clever part that gets you out of trouble and help you b*at T. R. in games?


Well, I got that in me.

Sam had it in him, too.

We smart.


We fighters.

And we ain't getting none of that from Massa Tom.

It come from Momma.

She the smartest person I knows.

She gonna find her way back to us.


You feel that?

- He's kicking at me.

- (laughs)

He got a little bit of Momma in him, too.

He planning his escape believe you me.

- (voices echoing)

- ROOT WOMAN: You sad, pretty thing.

ROSALEE: You ever think about another life?

TOM: We can be free.

PEARLY MAE: I got to look after mine, do whatever I can to protect my daughter.

I know you understand that.

SAM: What happened to Pa ain't gonna happen to us.

ROOT WOMAN: Your kin have sold you an old and terrible lie that you can survive this.

AUGUST: Ernestine!


- (voices echoing)

- JAY: Out there, you got to make choices.

And having your boy with you is going to change the way you make them.

BEN: I think we do have a choice.

I think this one's just easier for you.

CHARLOTTE: There is a church in the valley By the wild ROSALEE: Ben never should have been there.

Didn't even want to be.

BEN (groaning): Pa, Pa!

I can't feel my legs.

JAY: Inside each of us, there's these two wolves.

ERNESTINE: And we all fade to dust.

(voices, singing continue to echo)




Am I seeing things?

There ain't nothing to see.

It's gone.

What now?

My father was weak.

Everything he done was out of fear.

And that's where you right, I am like him.

'Cause ever since I felt this baby, everything I've done has been out of fear.

But I couldn't let myself feel weak.

Not before I had to be the strongest I've ever had to be in my life.

And now that same fear is screaming at me, telling me don't let you go.

Make you stay.

Keep you safe.

I know that's selfish.

But how do I let that fear go?

You don't.

You just can't let it twist into something bad.

That's how it wears you down, makes you feel small, so you stop fighting.

When I when I thought about my freedom dream, that house I was gonna build, it was about protecting you and our children.

To keep the world from hurting us.

But now that this boy coming, I see that I see how small that dream was.

He deserve everything, including a world that will see him how I will special, important, free.

And we cannot let the fear stop us from making that happen now.

We got to stay in this fight till the end.

I love you It's not that I don't want to forgive you.

It's that I don't know if I can.

That's all right.

Right now, all you got to do is just come back to us.

One family is why we're here, but let's make it about all families, all the enslaved turn it into a moment.

If they're so terrified that Kentucky will bleed like Kansas, let's break skin.

We've got five hours till sunup to make 'em bleed.

We've got three plantations to h*t, and we got to h*t 'em fast.

Y'all h*t the Proctor Plantation first.

It's the closest.

Then you h*t Hollinger.

What do we know about each of them?

Not much, but Daniel did say most of the paddy rollers are gone, due to the hiring out of the field slaves.

That's good.

Less g*n to contend with.

But that also means you'll be liberating mostly house slaves.

It's going to take some convincing to get them to run.

I'm-a meet up with Daniel at the Fellow Plantation.

We gon' sneak that baby out.

Then we gonna get his family, and then the house girls out, too, if they willing.

Remember, we are at w*r.

And as such, we are entitled to the the spoils of it.

Take whatever can help with the cause.

Three hours, that's all the time we got to get back over that river.


You should take someone with you.


We need this to be quiet if we're gon' get this baby.

And what if something goes wrong?

Then one man ain't going to help.

You gonna get your moment.

What's going on?

It's just me, massa.

The mistress asked me to put out all the candles.

Get out before you wake that damn baby.

(door closes)

(baby coos)

It's five past.

We need to move.

Lucas is bringing out the last of them now.

Elliot, Elizabeth!

What's wrong?

Master got loose somehow.

He has one of the house girls hostage in his bedroom.

ELLIOT: Lucas got his g*n out, but the massa got a f*re poker to the girl's throat.

I'm putting down the w*apon.


Let's just talk this through like gentlemen.

He's shaking scared.

- Get out.

- LUCAS: That's what we plan to do.

- He won't hurt her.

- LUCAS: Just give me the girl.

Lucas can wear him down.

You don't want to hurt her, you know you don't.

(whimpering softly)


If I give her to you, how do I know you won't harm me?

If he was able to get loose, then someone from the Proctor plantation is bound to have by now as well.

We need to go now if we're gonna meet Noah and get back over that river alive.

So what?

We leave her behind?

LUCAS: I just need to be sure this young woman is safe.

We got what we want, sir.

No one's gonna hurt you.

- (g*n cocks)




JAMES: How about this card?

What's his name?

GEORGIA: That's Thomas Garrett.

By some accounts, he had seen almost 3,000 runaways pass through his station before he had to shut it down.

JAMES: 3,000 people?

That's a lot.

Maybe that means (g*n)


PATTY: I know you have the Black Rose in there.

Bring her out, or we start with the k*lling.

Everybody, back to your rooms, and stay there!

(people gasping)

That's what happens to anyone who tries to skin out.

GEORGIA: Help me block the door.


PATTY: Rosalee.

We're waiting.

GEORGIA: Lock the windows.

(men shouting outside)

(pounding on door)

Head out the tunnel, then down towards the river.

- I'll hold them off as much as I can.

- ROSALEE: Hold them off?

You coming with us.

No, I'm not.

I may not want to bring v*olence into someone else's house, but I will be damned if they bring it into mine.

James, stay here.

Lock the door behind me.

(pounding, shouting continues)

They're almost inside.


Give me your hand.

(whispers): It's okay.

(pounding, shouting stop)

- JAMES: Why are we stop?



ROSALEE: Go back!

(pounding, men shouting)

Get out through the tunnel!


Through there.

Lock it behind you.

(pounding on door)


Get him in there!

(g*n continues)

Come on!



(g*n clicks empty)

MAN: Put them g*n down or you're d*ad!

Put it down.

You look like you seen a ghost, house girl.

Guess your man didn't tell you about our little reunion.


Where he at?

- The hell you doing here?

- A bit's happened - since y'all left me for d*ad.

- Push here.

I made new friends.

And Patty, she got an itch in her drawers for Harriet Tubman.

She seems to think you might be the key to finding her.

I ain't all that surprised that you turned out to be a sl*ve catcher.

One thing you did do well, sell out your own.


See, that's where you're wrong, house girl.

I ain't never been a n*gg*r.

I'm just Cato.

(crickets chirping)

They should've been back by now.

(g*n in distance)

You think we should cross the river without them?


Here they come.

Let's get ready to move.

(horse neighs)

- Whoa.

What happened?

- Ran into some complications.

The Kentucky militia are close behind and they're cutting off our access to the river.

And you led them here?

We didn't have a choice; we're outnumbered.

Maybe we can sneak past them.

Not with a baby and a blind man.

Don't let me slow you down.

You just get everyone you can out.


Ain't no one gonna slow down.

'Cause we ain't running.

We got g*n.

We've got folks with two hands who can use them.

All the road to freedom is paved in blood, but ain't nobody said it got to be ours.

This world we want is not a place to run to.

It's a place we change ourselves, with our choices, the ones we make every day.

And today I choose to fight my way back to my family.

(pounding on door)

(men shouting outside)

Noah will come back and help us.

ROSALEE: You right.

In the meantime, we're gonna hold our own.

Open them drawers.

Help me find anything we can use as a w*apon.

How long can that door hold?

Doesn't matter.

I know where Harriet is.

DONAHUE: "Sunrise.

The first angel's light after the devil's grin.

" Is that some kind of code?

- It's almost dawn.

- I'll round everyone up.


Leave them.

We need to ride fast.

What do you say, Mr.


You want a firsthand account of the capture of Harriet Tubman?

(pounding on door continues)

Momma always said lose yourself in the work.

Remember when Boo was being born?

She kept me busy boiling towels in the big house.

- She ever have you do that?

- No.

She didn't want me or T. R.

near her when she was birthing babies.

That's too bad.

This baby been coming for some time.

I'm gon' need your help.

Come here.


Move this down.

If the devil comes to meet you Along some dirty track Be sure to take my baby (pounding on door, Rosalee groaning)

Riding on your back For the devil takes little babies (both grunting)

(Kn*fe s*ab)

- Best that my little baby - (men grunting)

Is never ever found.

MAN: Over here!

(men shouting in distance)


(pounding on door)


Get towel.

(men grunting)




NOAH: Get back to the barn!

(man yelling)

BETTE: Over there!

Miss Elizabeth.


(g*n continues)

(singer vocalizing)

(crickets chirping)

This the place.

You're not going to face her?

(stomping floorboards)

There's nowhere for a hiding space.

She ain't in here.

You were wrong!

The mistake Patty made was believing in her own legend.

Thinking she was invincible.

It was a pretty good legend, though.

One that shouldn't die just yet.

What do you mean?

I'm taking over the Patty Cannon g*ng.

I'm Patty Cannon.

I've already got a new Patty.

And I've learned that having real power means you ain't got to flaunt it.

How are you gonna get the other men to follow you?

I've been watching them, and truth is, most people are slaves who need a massa, don't matter the color.

And I'm about to give them the biggest score yet.

The Black Rose.

Do you hear anything?


(door opens)

(people coughing)

I got you.

It's over.

Thank you.

Not so long ago, I was where you is right now.

When you realize you been dying for a long time and just want it to stop.

I tried to drown myself.

But I was saved.

I thought I was all alone, but someone reached a hand out and showed me I wasn't.

I don't know if I should reach a hand out to you.

I'm not sure you deserve to be saved.

Things you done, blood on your hands.

My daughter she survived you.

But how many others haven't?

Time was, I would've sat here and watched you pull that trigger, or maybe even done it myself.

(sucks teeth, sighs)

But something in my heart has shifted recently.

And I'm glad for it.

'Cause it's let me start to forgive myself.

We don't have to keep feeding the darkest part of ourselves.

(door opens)


- Rose?

- Georgia!


(baby crying in distance)

Oh, no, no, no.

Come on.

Come on.

Come here, boy.

Come here.

Where's Rose?

CATO: It's over house girl.


Come on out, or I'm gon' sh**t everyone in here.

Starting with your friend Georgia.

Climb up into that.

Come on now, hurry up.


Stick your arm out.

Now, support his head.

His neck ain't strong enough to hold it up yet, you understand?

Where you going?


Tell Noah to find me.

(baby crying softly)

(door opens)

(g*n cocks)

He took her.

He took all of them.

(baby cries)

It's okay.

It's okay.

You free.

You gon' be free.

You gon' be free.


(chuckles softly)

You're awake.

Good morning.



It's chilly out there.

Maybe you should just stay inside today.

(chuckles softly)

I'm tempted, but we're short men at the armory today.

I'll be missed.


You will be missed.

I'll see you tonight.


I used to see beauty in people

(door closes)

But now I see muscle and bones You know I never wanted to hurt you But I'm sorry, my friend This is the end So I'm saying my good-byes Good-bye to my good side It only ever got me hurt And I finally learned It's a cruel, cruel world It's a cruel, cruel world Cruel, cruel world It's a cruel, cruel world.
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