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03x08 - Series 3, Episode 8

Posted: 10/03/19 10:59
by bunniefuu
Previously on Broadchurch

Who did this to me?

Bloody hell.

The sock found on the Axehampton estate confirmed as a match for Trish's DNA.

- So it was used as a gag?

- More than that.

There are traces of one of our men's DNA on the sock.


(Phone rings)

- It's Katie.

- No, no, no.

Not a good idea.

Why would she be calling at this time?

- Do not answer it.

- Katie?

For God's sake, Miller!

Can you get to the Farm Shop urgently?

- We're heading somewhere else.

- I think we've found the twine that was used to tie up Trish Winterman.

- Stop the car.

- No.

Will you stop the bloody car!

It's just stuff that got left in the cab.

Why are you keeping it?

Why aren't you giving it back?

I didn't know whose it was.

A woman has been r*ped and you've got her keys.

Not just hers: loads of people's.

Get out!

You don't tell me what I can or can't do any more.

Evening, Clive.

- What you doing here?

- Clive Lucas, I'm arresting you in connection with the r*pe of Patricia Winterman, committed at Axehampton House on Saturday 28th May this year.

You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be given in evidence.


- You'll want these as well.

- I can explain.

Aye, it looks like you'll need to.

- What's going on?

- Go back to bed, Michael.

- Where are you taking him?

- Nothing to worry about.

- Then why are you taking him?

- It's gonna be fine.

Everything's gonna be fine.

ED: I was doing some work and I came across this bag.

Did you touch it?

When I found it, yeah.

I thought it was something a customer maybe dropped.

It makes no sense it was out here.

And what about the twine?

Did you touch that?


I pulled it out to see.

- Why?

- I didn't know what it was.

Did I?

It wasn't till I saw the twine that I called you.

And then I called you.


So your prints and DNA are all over the bag and twine?

I guess so.

You do have CCTV here, though, don't you?



Will you go with the officer, please?

Do you think he's telling the truth?

Honestly, I don't know any more.

- (Groans)

- (Footsteps on stairs)

You all right?



You know, you can have Chloe's room.

No, I'm not having her sleeping on the sofa.

You just got out of hospital.

It's a fuss over nothing.

Not really.

Didn't expect to see you awake.

I couldn't sleep.

I was worried about you down here.

Thought I'd pretend I was coming down for a glass of water.

Always were a terrible liar.


As neither of us are sleeping, shall I go make hot chocolate?


- HARDY: He just found them?

- It's what he said.

And he has a convenient excuse for his DNA being over them.

The thing is, we searched his house.

All around there, including that shed, 40 hours ago and we didn't spot that.

And that whole area is covered by CCTV.

He knows that.

- So why would he lie?

- Vice is tightening.

They all are starting to squeak.

So Jim Atwood, Clive Lucas or Ed Burnett.

Take your pick.

Who do we talk to first?

For the tape, I am showing Mr.

Lucas exhibit AH141.

Why have you got a set of Trish Winterman's house keys?

She left them in the taxi.

But you didn't think to give them back to her?

I didn't get round to it.

Like you didn't get round to giving back the others you had locked in your garage drawer.

I didn't know where they lived.

You drove most of them home!

Your company keeps records of bookings.

Some of them, presumably, were regular customers.

You see, it looks to me like a trophy drawer.

Or a collection.

- What did you do with them?

- Nothing.

I'm just cleaning up.

It's not my fault if people are careless.

Did none of them ever ask if you'd found their keys?

What was it?

Was it the power?

Of knowing you have them?

Knowing you could use them if you wanted?

Have you used them?

Let yourself into someone's house?

I'm not that sort of man.

Oh, I I think you are.

I think your relationship to real life is a bit troubling.

Where do you get off with all this having a go at me?

You asked Jim Atwood why he was arguing with Trish at the party?


Have you?

No, we weren't aware of that.

What time was that?

10ish, I suppose.

She told him to stay away from her.

I don't know why you keep coming for me when he's out there.


You weren't there at that time.

According to the statement you gave us, you were on the road to Lyme with a passenger.


I might have got confused.

Well, let's clear that up that confusion.

What was it?

At the party looking at Jim and Trish?

Or on the road to Lyme with a passenger?


So your previous alibi was false?

You lied to us?

- Not deliberately.

- An accidental lie?

I I just got my timings muddled.

Were you on your own when you saw Trish and Jim arguing?

- Yeah.

- Were you on your own for the rest of the evening?


So you have no alibi, who can confirm where you were when the r*pe was taking place?

No, right that's not what I said.

For the tape, I am now showing Mr.

Lucas exhibit AH127.

Have you ever worn a sock like that?

Those are the socks we wear to play football, so yeah.

That was recovered from the grounds of Axehampton House.

We found traces of Trish Winterman's saliva on it.

So we believe that was used to gag her while she was r*ped.

And when we tested it, it came back as a match with your DNA.

It - It's not mine.

- We know you and Trish previously went for a drink and she knocked you back.

You have a set of her house keys.

You don't now have an alibi for the time of the att*ck and your DNA is on that sock.

So we need your explanation as to how this all makes sense if you didn't r*pe Trish Winterman.

I I can't.


I can't explain that.

I still enjoy those moments when some cocky bastard trashes their own alibi without realising it.

Have we got the CCTV from the Farm Shop yet?

20 minutes, Nish said.

Right, come on.

Let's get in and rattle his cage.

You searched the whole place two days ago.

That bag wasn't there.

You want us to believe you see a suspicious bag inside one of your sheds, pick it up, leaving your fingerprints and DNA.

Scratch around inside.

"Oh, some bloodstained twine.

I'll fiddle with that too.

" I didn't realise it was a suspicious bag until I looked inside.

If I did this, why would I call it in?

Doesn't make any sense.

How stupid would I have to be?

Not stupid, maybe.


Check the CCTV.


I want to help.

I'm trying to help.

If you waste time on me you won't catch the bloke who did it.

I have sat across from you during all these interviews.

I've listened to every word.

Watched your reactions.

I've studied your body language.

I think there is still something that you are not telling us.

I don't think you've been a hundred percent honest with us.

And I cannot, for the life of me, understand why that is.

If you know anything that will help us rule you out, tell us.

Anything else that happened that night doesn't matter.

It does matter.

It matters to me.


Because I heard it.

You heard what, Ed?

I heard her being r*ped.

I didn't know that's what it was.

I was at the edge of the woods.

This was after I fell.

I heard some sounds coming from around the waterfall.

I thought it was just drunk sex.

I didn't realise what it was until later.

Till I found out what really happened.

I could have stopped it.

I could have helped her.

Wanna know why I've slept near her place every since?

Because I failed her.

(Exhales heavily)

Nights like this I wish I still smoked.

- I knew you used to smoke.

- What's your instinct?

You think that's finally the truth from him?

It could be.

Or it could be a "get-out-of-jail-free" card.

"I wasn't there but I was nearby.

" If that's what he's been carrying, that explains a lot.

That's a thing to live with.

Nothing compared to what Trish is dealing with.

- (Mobile buzzes)

- No.

Oh, we got the shop CCTV.

MILLER: This footage is timecoded.

And when this happened, Ed was in custody.

So, what, Ed's in the clear?

What do you reckon?

Lucas or Jim?

- He's the right sort of build.

- So he ran in here.

Building's here and then he runs out here towards this field.


What you doing?



The figure on the CCTV runs into a field on the edge of Flintcombe Farm with a public footpath through it.

You go down that footpath and it leads to this road here which means Got it!

- Go on.

- This field links to that road.

It has a parking lay-by and a newly-installed traffic camera.

There he is.

There's his car and there's his registration.

Very good, Miller.

You should do this for a living.

And that licence plate belongs to Swaggery little shit!

MARK: Do you remember when we came and looked at this house?

You walked into that kitchen, you looked out of the window, and you said, "Imagine living somewhere like this.

Imagine having that view every morning.

" And I knew then this That was it.

Decision made.

I was right, though, wasn't I?

Well, you're always right.

About pretty much everything.

Not everything.

But pretty much.

I'm just catching up half the time.

A few months later, I'm, like, "Oh, yeah.


What Beth said was right.

" That's what it's like being me.

"A month late and ten quid short", my mum would have said.

- You're not that bad.

- Thanks very much.

You make a good hot chocolate.

Yeah, my kitchen skills are all right.

Did you not want to live?


What about us?

Me and Chlo and Lizzie.

I don't feel part of you any more.

I don't live here.

We're not together.

We're not gonna be, are we?

Come on.

The least you can do is be honest with me.


I don't think we can be together.

Not right now.



I really love you, Mark.

I always have.

So much.

I remember when I used to see you and I I felt like my body was bursting.

Not not now?


We just We went different ways.

I don't even know when.

Because of Dan?



You know that.

You can still see Lizzie.

You know?

We can be friends.

You can come to the house.

No No.

I I have to go.

I have to sort myself out for a bit.

For a while.

It's too It's too difficult being here.

You know?

I think that's what's done me in.

Seeing you and the girls and this house.

And all the memories.

You know, it's It's what I struggle with, I think.

I'll be all right, though.

I'll be all right.

I just Just need to put myself back together.

Away from here, you know?


So this is how it happens, then.

I love you.

Yeah, I love you too.

(Wind whistles)

MILLER: We've got Leo Humphries on camera disposing of a bag containing bloodstained twine which forensics have confirmed is a match with the fibres taken from Trish Winterman's wrists.

But we also have Lucas in custody.

No alibi and his DNA on the gag.

Maybe it was both of them together?

So Leo disposing of the bag for Lucas to throw suspicion onto Ed?

Do they even know each other?

Is there a connection?



Er football sock.

They both brought the goals to the match with the blue twine.

Someone said Leo trains the team.

And Lucas is on that team.

So, yeah, there's a connection.

(Doorbell buzzes)

- Hello, Danielle.

Is Leo here?

- No, he's not.


Cos we went to his house and his dad said he was here with you.

Well, if he's not here, why is his phone ringing?

- (Ringing)

- Come on out, Leo!

HARDY: We have arrested Leo Humphries and we're currently searching his work and home.

We know you know each other.

We've recovered a key piece of evidence that Leo tried to dump late last night.

Er now, I'm telling you this because my sense of Leo Humphries is he will try and stitch you up.

I might be wrong.

You probably know him better than I do.

But, as soon as we're done here, we're going into the room across the corridor and talk to him.

And, eventually, he will tell us everything.

So I'd suggest you should get in there first and tell us the truth.

What happened at Axehampton?

I've told you what happened.

We don't believe you.

Try again.

Your account of the night doesn't make any sense, Lucas.

Your DNA is on the gag.

Leo is about to drop you in it.

Tell us why you r*ped Trish Winterman.

I didn't r*pe her!

I couldn't do that.

Did you hold the torch?

Or a phone to shine a light?

- Is that what he asked?

- I don't know anything about that.

You're gonna have to stop lying.

You are not very good at it.

And look at you.

You're exhausted.

I want to talk to my solicitor.

Yeah, you do that.

We need to find a piece of evidence that connects Lucas and Leo and places them together at Axehampton at the time of the att*ck.

We need both their phones analysed for a start.

They're linked.

They're lying.

They must have been together.

Where did they meet?

We must have something, Miller.

Timelines of movement.

Statements and alibis.


Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on!

Oh, I can't have that.

Scene of crime.

Forensic reports.

That's the route that Lucas lied about driving the night of the att*ck.

Wait, there's something Yeah, Miller, look.


We did that journey tonight.

He said he picked up a passenger on the road and drove to Lyme.

We went to Lyme tonight.

- To Leo's girlfriend's house.

- Right.

So, what does that mean?

Er we're underestimating Lucas?

We've always thought he was rubbish at lying, but maybe he's not a bad liar.

Maybe he's a good liar.

The best liars stick close to the truth.

He did drive to Lyme that night.

Only later than he told us.

And the person he took was Leo.


Leo's phone where's the analysis on Leo's phone?

I saw that come through earlier.

There was a call to Leo's mobile tonight around the time you brought Lucas in.

I'll see if we can match it.

A match for the phone number.

We know who called Leo tonight.


We know what you're doing, Lucas.

What do you mean?

One last opportunity to tell us what happened that night.

I already have.

For the tape, I am showing Mr.

Lucas exhibit number EM153.

It's a telephone number.

Do you know whose phone number that is, Lucas?

I'm sorry.

For the tape, please.

- No, I don't.

- You do know!

You know that number and you know what happened that night.

You're still refusing to tell us, which means you're perverting the course of justice.

- Will you stop asking me?

I - We tracked that phone the night Trish Winterman was r*ped and it was in Axehampton.

Just like Leo Humphries' phone.

As was your phone.

And then later that night, around 1am, all three were triangulated together in the same place.

These three phones, these three people all together.

- Don't make me do this.

- HARDY: Make you?

You have a moral duty and a legal duty to tell us the truth!

A woman was r*ped that night!

Two others that we know of were r*ped before and you won't tell us what you know?

Look, you have no choice, Lucas.

It'll be worse for you if you keep quiet.

I only gave them a lift home.

Gave who a lift home?

You all right?

Need you to take us to town, please, mate.

What's going on?

Dad, please.

Just drive.

Why did you do it, Michael?

MAN: Keep moving, lads.

(Overlapping shouts)

Stop him!

LUCAS: Aargh!


Sorry, Dad.


Dad, I'm sorry.


All right, lads.

- Come on.

Let's play.

- You all right?

Has he done that before?

You can't let him do it again.

The rest of us won't.


You're a big man.

Deal with that.

Give it here.

I'm the kit man.

Not you.

On the way back, sit in the back of his cab.

Make him look like your chauffeur.

That'll piss him off.

So I told him I'd lost his kit and I gave him this top that was so big it looked like a dress on him.

You should still be coming.

You'd have loved it.

I'm gonna give him a different top every match.

He'll never see that kit again.

- Is this where you live?

- Yeah.

It's a bit shit, isn't it?

I ain't got what you have, have I?


This your mum?


How many girls have you had?

I'm not telling you.

Have you lost count already?

Oh, you haven't done it, have you?

Look, I'm I'm not nosing.

Tell you what Do you want to see something that'll make your mum horny?

Get your laptop.

Come on.

Chug it back.


That's it.

Why do you hang out with me?


Told you.

You remind me of me.

Drink up.


Go on.

Got you a present.


Go and see her.

I've asked her to make a man of you.

She's your girlfriend.

And we're mates.

I'm letting you borrow her.

Won't she mind?

She does as she's told.

It's only sex.

Are you gonna go or stay a virgin your whole life?

Go on.

- LEO: How was she?

- Yeah.


Not too good, I hope.

She's supposed to save that for me.

Wanna crash a party on Saturday 28th?

There's this MILF turning 50 at this big house.

Up for it?

You and me.

There'll be food, booze and girls.

Got you this.

- What's that for?

- In case you get lucky.

What's that?

Party kit.


Dealers keep dealing, thieves keep Look at them.

Old pissed people wishing they were still young.

Trade is on the meat rack That's her.

Birthday girl.

Clap just keeps a-itching I'd f*ck her.

That's the way it's staying, baby Johnny ain't so crazy He's always got a line for the ladies Yeah, yeah, yeah Get your rocks off, get your rocks off, honey Throw us one.

IAN: For your information, she's actually very passionate.

TRISH: Then be very happy at home.

IAN: Oh, Trish.

So you can smoke and flirt with everybody at the bloody party.

Yeah, that's right.

Cos I can.

Now, piss off.


Who's that?

(Thwack of cricket bat)


Come here.

Come here.

Come here.

Put these on.

All right.

Help me lift her.

What are you doing?

What's that for?

Shut up and help me lift.

Mate, this isn't good.

She's for you, man.

You've had a young one, try something else.


She's she's ready.

This isn't right.

What did you say?

I put myself on the line for you and you say it's not right.

Do as you're told.


I don't want this, man.

Get down there before she wakes up.


Go on, Michael.

Be a man.

Michael is in custody.

He's confessed to raping Trish Winterman.

And he's told us about him and Leo Humphries.

Say it was me.

Don't put him through this.

He's just a boy.

I should have looked after him.

Say it was me.


Did you know?

All this time.

Did you know?

Recovered from a phone taped to the back of Leo Humphries' desk.

Appears to be footage of the att*cks on Trish Winterman and Laura Benson.

Along with two others we don't have formal records of.

I'm assuming it may be the woman who disclosed to her ISVA.

It's not pretty, but it is clear evidence Leo Humphries r*ped two other women.

That's Laura Benson.

Leo, you're aware you have been further arrested in connection with three further offences of r*pe: one against Laura Benson and two identities unknown at this stage on or before the 28th of May, 2016.

And an extension to your custody time has been authorised.

We found the w*apon used to as*ault the victim, a child's cricket bat, during a search of your office at Humphries Nets.

Preliminary forensics have identified your prints on the bat along with those of Michael Lucas and the blood of the victim.

In addition, we have CCTV footage of you dumping a bag in a shed at Flintcombe Farm Shop.

The bag contained twine used to tie up Trish Winterman.

Michael Lucas explained where you found the football sock you used to gag Trish Winterman.

And we have camera phone footage of all four r*pes from a phone taped to the back of your desk in your office.

The phone is registered in your name.

Why did you film them, Leo?

I wanted to remember it.

I wanted to see myself.


You felt powerful when you watched it back?

Not powerful so much as Proud.

What about the women?

Did you stop to think how they felt?

Not really.

But you knew it was wrong and illegal?

It's only sex.

It's r*pe!

They'd all had sex before.

Why does one more time make a difference?

They did not get the choice.

Their bodies are not yours.

Was Laura Benson your first att*ck?


I was back from uni.

That's why all the att*cks happened in the summer.

Tried to keep it to one a year.

Didn't want to get greedy.

But once you've had a taste, it's it's hard.

Kept thinking I was gonna get caught.

When it wasn't in the news and nobody came, I wanted that feeling again.

Did you know the names of the other two women you att*cked?

I didn't ask.

Is that rude?

(Pen clatters)

We found a large stash of p*rn on your computer.

Was that the material which you shared with Michael Lucas?

Some of it.

He wasn't ready for the really graphic stuff.

Would have scared him off.

You watch a lot of p*rn?

A couple of hours a day.

Maybe more.

What does your girlfriend think of you watching p*rn?

She didn't mind.

We used to watch it together.

Used to?

She got bored.

Some of the stuff wasn't her bag.

Why Trish Winterman at Axehampton?

It just happened.

She was there.

You were ready.

You went equipped.

I go everywhere equipped.

And what about Michael?

Why did you groom him?

He seemed lonely.

I know how that can feel.

I thought this might help.

You thought forcing him to r*pe a woman would make him feel less lonely?

Makes you feel in control.

For that moment, there's nothing else.

Just you in charge.

There's a moment where you're in harmony with the world and it's just It's beautiful.

(Indistinct chatter)

(Footsteps on stairs)

What you watching this for?


I never wanted that day to end.


Ed Burnett's gone.

And Jim Atwood.

You OK?



We have him now.

That footage will send him down.

He is not what men are.

He's an aberration.


I hope so.

How did you know I'd be here this early?

Last service in a few hours.

I thought, if I was you, I'd be wallowing.


Have you got your sermon worked out?

- To all seven who'll be there.

- I'm hoping you'll reconsider.




It's time.

To everything a season.

Yeah, what about you?

What are you gonna do?

- Promise not to laugh.

- Hm-mm.

I'm gonna start my own YouTube channel.


I knew you'd do that!

If teenagers can be millionaires, I must be able to scrape a few quid in clicks.




Wherever takes my fancy.

I'm gonna vlog and see where it gets me.


Hi there.

Can I come in?

We've charged someone in connection with the att*ck.


I don't think I want to know who it is.

Is it someone I know?

His name's Michael Lucas.

I don't know who that is.

He goes to my school.

He's the son of that cab driver.

- What?

- He's 16.

We believe he was essentially groomed into doing it by a local man named Leo Humphries.

We've charged Leo alongside Michael for your r*pe as well as three other non-recent cases of r*pe.



Why me?

Why did he pick me?

What had I done?

They were at the party.

It wasn't planned.

Not totally.

So I was just unlucky?

I'm really sorry, Trish.

But there's no doubt.

We've got clear, concrete evidence.

They're gonna go down for this.

Well, Maggie Radcliffe is rather a good recruiter.

There's a line from Hebrews echoing through my head.

Let us all consider how we may spur one another on, toward love and good deeds.

Not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing.

But encouraging one another.

Now, I hope that even without me here, you will go on encouraging one another.

All any of us really want are love and good deeds.

(Low chatter)

If I'd known you were that good, I might have come more often.

- Oh, thanks very much.

- Just ignore him.

I do.

- Take care of yourself.

- You too.

Both of you.


You are loved.

Come on.

Everyone's talking about your case.

- The fact you got them.

- Are they?


I'm really proud of you, Dad.

- Oh, good.

- Really so proud.

Hi, Dad.

Listen, say if it's inappropriate but what if I brought round a takeaway later?

I was thinking maybe a Chinese.

You know, that set menu we all used to have.

Is that a rubbish idea?


No, that could work.




Hey, have you got all that?

Don't eat it all in one go!



I keep thinking about Michael Lucas and what Leo brought him to.

He called at my house.

He was one of the boys that had photos of Daisy.

That p*rn that Leo gave him.

That's what he gave to Tom.

Imitating Leo.

Well, not any more.

We did our job, Miller.

We got the people responsible.

That's all we can do.

I could do with a drink.

Do you want one?

We could go to the pub.

We've never been to the pub.



I should get back to Daisy.

I should get back to my boys.

So, you and Daisy, then, you gonna stay properly now?

You don't hate it that much?

- I'll see you tomorrow, Miller.

- (Chuckles)


See you tomorrow.

Shall we meet in the sunrise?

Stand one last time as two I look deep into your eyes Can I take my leave of you?