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04x90 - Series Finale Aftershow

Posted: 04/23/20 16:03
by bunniefuu
Jameela Jamil, Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, we're going to get the cast reactions to the finale right after this.

Stick around we'll be right back.

Welcome back, everybody we're here with the cast of "The Good Place."

So, we all just watched the series finale you all sh*t in it August, in September, you watched it together as a group last night.

- Yeah.
- How... what was more emotional?

sh**ting the finale or watching it as a group together last night?

Watching Ted watching Ted.

- Watching Ted...
- Very emotional for me.

- Yeah.
- I don't know. It was pretty... the redwoods...

That was pretty emotional.
The... that final goodbyes.

- That was pretty emotional.
- Also, your speech.

- It k*lled me.
- Yeah, the wave, the wave speech.

- Yeah.
- I don't know if I'll ever recover from that.

When we sh*t on the bridge, it's called the artist's bridge in Paris, that was,

- impossible.
- ... pretty emotional.

Especially since they sort of formulated that as the last thing that we sh*t was that scene where we sort of tried to say goodbye to each other.

And then Mike, our creator, kept it rolling and we were just both sobbing on the bridge and ran out.

It was like, "We're done! Forever!"


It was probably most emotional for Manny when he found out after starting to buy a home

- that Mike decided to end the series.
- Yeah.

Yeah, that was... pretty much, yeah.

And they filmed you calling your realtor, right?

You, uh...

Obviously this is a show,

I think as a viewer, as well as you as a cast, when you embarked on it, you knew that so much would be riding on how it resolved itself, so what was it like at the table read where you found out for the first time how all of these... because obviously when shows like this end, there is a metaphorical death of these characters that you play, you're not gonna play them again, what was that feeling like when you all found out how this was gonna come to a close?

I was gonna say that the table read for me was probably the most emotional, like hearing those words out loud for the first time.

And hearing it all together was... yeah, it definitely h*t the feelings for me.

It was snotty, it was a really snotty table read.

- Very very wet
- Yeah.

- ... at that table.
- It took long time because we couldn't get through it.

- Yeah.
- But it was perfect. It was really was, for all of us but, I will speak for myself. It was a perfect ending to our story.

To Mike's story.

And whether or not this is how the universe works, kinda think it might, and it felt like this perfect goodbye.

It was sad but uplifting and kind and gentle and sweet.

- You know, it was kind of everything.
- And also too short.

There is this beautiful thing you can do as writer that they did on the show which is like, the show ended too soon. You wanted, maybe we did, wanted more of it but that's just what you get.
That's the amount of time you get.

- It's a little too short, it's a lot like life.
- Yeah.

Did you, we were talking during the commercial, and I hope this isn't weird for you guys on this side.

You guys all got to go to Europe to sh**t those scenes.

Seth, Seth, be cool, be cool, be cool.

You thought it was a green screen.

I was told that's what it was.

Mike told us it was a green screen.

I should also note that we were backstage right before we came out and the six of you were standing in a circle, sort of a cast hug talking to each other which was slightly rude because I was the only other person back there.

How quickly into this whole process did you feel that closeness as a cast?

'Cause I assume the show would have been impossible to resonate with people the same way if you didn't all get along.

It was pretty quick, wasn't it?

It was, but also oddly, like, the trajectory of our characters growing together helped us grow together as people, 'cause we didn't, I mean, I knew Ted, but we didn't, I don't think anyone else knew each other and the whole story line is about these characters getting to know each other and creating bonds, despite their differences and supporting each other, having true human connection. So, I certainly know that I was like, learning that along the way and learning who my real good friends are.

I also think that, you know, for the four of us on the end, having Ted and Kristen want to be part of group so much,

- and not... no, Ted.
- That was a lot.

- That was a lot, yeah.
- No, no, no.

Meaning like, there was no like, you know, hierarchy. It was like, we were an ensemble, we were a group from the beginning, you guys made that very clear that it was like a group of us

- and we felt that, right?
- Yeah, yeah, we did.

No, I mean, I feel like you know, there's no better season and deserving people of their status than these two right here and it's like...

- Me and Ted?
- Yeah, yeah, oh no.

Yeah, no, no, no, I mean, I love you but you're trash.

But like...

No, I love you. But it's like, you're just invited in, you know, and that was, for, I think, for the four of us, this is the biggest thing in our careers at this point so it's like, you know, you need someone there to sort of like give you a hug and walk you through it and that's what these two did.

We're going to come right back with more from the cast of "the good place" right after this.

Welcome back. We are here with the cast of "The Good Place" and we're gonna borrow a tradition from our friend, Amy Poehler.

The way this works is, someone's gonna give a toast to someone else in this group.

And then the next person will give a toast to someone else and ultimately we'll move around and the last person has to give a toast to the first person who goes who is going to be

Kristen. Please choose someone to toast.

Uh, um...

I'm sorry. Tell me your name one more time.

- Will. Will.
- Will. Will.

Will, in acting we need spontaneity and in life we need consistency.

And even though those two things are inherently at odds, somehow you manage to be the best at both of them.

Making you not only the best scene partner, but the best friend, so cheers to being all the things at once.

- Hear hear.
- Here's to Will.

Oh my God.

She stole yours.

Yeah, no, I was gonna say that.

To himself.

Yeah, as I say to me. Um...

- Manny.
- Manny!

You're gonna make me cry.

It has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life to share a scene with you.

You are literally one of the funniest men that I have ever met.

I think that you are one of the most beautiful souls, one of the smartest, kindest, and wise in a way that I don't think you understand.

And for that, thank you for your presence.
Thank you for being you.

- Hear, hear.
- To Manny.

Oh God no, there's a couch!

- You're up, Manny.
- All right. Jameels.

To the sexiest skyscraper there is.


You've turned us with your insane stories and with your beautifulness.

This is your first, this is her first acting gig and I remember just being in awe of your grounded instincts and how natural you were, so...

You're incredible and you're one of a kind.

- Thank you, I love you.
- To you.

Ted, thank you for letting me steal all of your acting tricks and everything I know I learned from him, so if I'm rubbish, that's his fault.

- Thank you...
- Good toast so far.

Thank you for sharing all of your snacks with me.

Thank you for being thegreatest leader and teacher we could have ever possibly asked for.

And you're so hot.


It got better.


I'm just trying to...

You have to do D'Arcy.

That's what I was just realizing.

- Yeah, do the math. Do the math on that.
- We could all tell.

- But not have to by the way.
- Yeah, of course.

Yeah, D'Arcy...

- Hi.
- Hi.

First off, I am so thrilled that I know that we will be friends for life.

Yeah. You just make me happy to be around.

Your kind, sweet, generous heart is always on your sleeve.

You are incredibly funny and you kind of were the emotional heart of this show for all of us.

You were always there and nonjudgmental, and loving to all of us.

I really adore you and I'm just tickled that this is the beginning of our relationship.

You're incredibly special and you created one of the most amazing characters on television and you did it, you know, brilliantly, so, hear hear.

- Hear, hear.
- Thank you.

I just heard seconds, so Kristen Bell.

I love you so much.

You have become one of my best friends.

I am so grateful that you let us into your life and into your soul, and we feel so lucky to be a part of your world and to know who you really are.

The world knows who you are and we know who you are, even deeper, and it feels really special.

We're so lucky to be your friend and your family.

Cheers, everyone.

To Michael Schur, the creator of "The Good Place", right over there!

Dude, cheers!