01x04 - Josefina and the Holy Spirit

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels". Aired: April 2020 to June 2020.
A spin-off from the original series Penny Dreadful set 50 years later when a m*rder shocks LA in 1938, Detective Tiago and his partner Lewis become entangled in an epic story of all time.
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01x04 - Josefina and the Holy Spirit

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[bright tone]

[announcer] Previously on Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.

- Sister Molly was f*cking Hazlett.
- You don't know that.

[Lewis] Take the valise.
You run it down and tell me I'm wrong.

[Peter] My boy Tom is having a birthday party this Sunday.

Bring Frank, and he will have friends.
Do say you'll come, yeah?

No, no.

[Townsend] Councilwoman Beck's
opened f*re

on me and the motorway.

We need to do something about her.

Really, sir, your audacity is truly as Herculean as your appetite.

[Alex] You know what he'll do now.

[Goss] Let him sneak a chocolate malt.

[Alex] If it were only a malt.

You need to conclude the Hazlett case.

You want us to conclude the Hazlett case, not solve it?

That is entirely correct.

[Reilly] What are you crying about?

- Officer Reilly.
- [Mateo] I never seen anything like it.

He was so smooth.

Brother, when are we gonna get active?

We have to fight.

- [whistle bl*ws]
- First we make them look.

Then we make them scared.

[ominous music]

[men talking in Hebrew]

[people screaming]

[mournful music]

[distant shouting]

[man] Get back! Get back!

[bl*ws landing]

[man groans]

What the f*ck?

It's got nothing to do with you.

You cuffed him to a chair?

Cocksucker tried to bite me.

Stay away from him, or I'll f*cking k*ll you!

Detective! My office.

Reilly, put him back in the pen, and get the blood off him. Jesus Christ.

Are we arresting every g*dd*mn Chicano in the city?

- You want me to go into the cells?
- Sit down and shut up.

Close the door.

Look at them, Detective.

[Tiago] I've seen them.

[Vanderhoff] Look at them.

What are the kids' names?

- Detect...
- Steve and Marion.

Steve's about the same age as that boy you had cuffed to a chair.

Officer Reilly was interrogating a suspect, and he'll go on doing that till he gets someone to confess.

What the hell are you doing, Detective?

Lewis said Hazlett might have been cooking the books, shacking up with some gal in a love nest, right?

I'm running it down.

When's Lewis back?

Couple of days, he said.

Oh, Jesus, you two.

Work the case.

Give me something, Tiago.

Will you stop the interrogations?

Give me a reason to.

Go do your job. Dismissed.

[frustrated exhalation]

[Townsend] So I'm pleased to report that Via Hermosa Development has agreed to take over the construction of the motorway at no additional cost.

We should be able to break ground as soon as the full City Council votes next month.

I expect the Council will approve our recommendations in full because they understand the Maynard West Memorial Motorway

will begin the process of healing this city and will be a legacy of which we can all be proud.

Now, if there's nothing else...

Point of order, Mr. Chairman.

Councilwoman Beck?

You know what's interesting?

I took a little drive out to Belvedere Heights the other day, stretch my legs a bit, and something sort of struck me.

Ken, if you will.

[uneasy music]

Now, you all recognize this line here.

That's the route of the motorway.

But I talked to some engineers,

put some questions to them, and those clever gentlemen came up with this.

As you can see, this route entirely bypasses Belvedere Heights and goes through the hills here,

the hills where no one lives but a few coyotes and jackrabbits, none of whom vote.

Now, I'll grant you this.

It'll add about four minutes to the drive to Pasadena. Four minutes.

But if our goal is truly to heal this city, as you said, Mr. Chairman, I can't imagine those four minutes will make much of a difference.

Don't you agree?

And after speaking with my many old friends on the City Council and in the mayor's office, I can assure you, they also agree.

Sir, we can fight this, put our own engineers...

Cancel my speech tonight.

Oh, we can't cancel this evening, sir. We need...

Do what I tell you, woman!

[Lewis] This n*zi... I know he k*lled them.

I just can't prove it yet.

So what do you do now about Anton and Sam?


I talk... to Benny Berman.

This doesn't surprise you?

You know who was president when I was born?

Ulysses S. Grant.

Not a lot surprises me.

But this is a gangster you're talking about.

- He's a Jew.
- You better hope he's a good Jew.

This is about a lot more than Anton and Sam now.

These Germans...

It's terrible, what I know.

I need help.

You got me.

I know.

Lewis, this Benny Berman...

You be careful.

At my age, I can't afford to lose any more friends.

[easygoing jazz music playing]

[children cheering]

[Ackermann] No, no, no, no.

That is Old World, th-century thinking.

The Bund has to get on the radio.

We can make as many speeches as we want in Pershing Square.

Who hears us? A handful.

We get on the radio, who hears us?

Everyone, all at once.

The Jews own the radio.

Not the Catholic stations.
We talk to them.

We talk to the Episcopals.
We talk to the Baptists.

We talk to that woman with the temple.

So now you have us working with a radio show cult, huh?

[all laugh]

With the devil himself, if he will give us a microphone.

If you'll excuse me.

[Peter] So pleased you could come.

Yeah, you're good to ask us.

You have a beautiful home. My heavens.

Oh, yeah. Thank you, yeah.

[Trevor] Hey, Frank.

- Hello.
- Come on over.

We've got a piñata.

- May I?
- [Elsa] Have fun.

That smile I've not seen in too long.

We did not know what gift to bring for your Tom.

I made a cake, and I left it inside with the Mexican woman, but you have so much food already.

You didn't need to bring anything.

I left Frank's sleeping bag inside as well.

Ah, good. Yeah, he'll have fun tonight.

I won't let them stay up too late.
Don't worry.

Where's the fun in that?

I should perhaps meet Mrs. Craft, ja?

[Ackermann] And who now is this?

You keep her hidden, Herr Peter.

[Peter] Uh, Mrs. Elsa Branson, may I present Mr. Herman Ackermann.

[speaking German]

It is a pleasure, Mr. Ackermann.

Wait, wait, let me guess.

The accent is Berlin, ja?

But I can do better.

[laughs] We don't need your party trick now.

No, please, tell me who I am.

Now I have it. Kreuzberg.

With the artists you lived, ja?

Ja. That's wunderbar.

It's marvelous.

You are a Berliner?

Grunewald, born and bred.

Now walk with me and tell me everything about yourself.

No. Uh...[laughs]

She must meet the other fellows.

Uh, you will like them.

We're, um, sort of a... political club.

[Elsa] Oh, I'm not much for politics.

That's okay, they also drink beer and sing and...

[Elsa chuckles]

- [laughter]
- [speaking German]

Yes, typical Bayerische, huh?

You have turned Dr. Craft's pretty backyard into a beer hall, gentlemen.

Away from their wives.

Ah, you're not married.

Not for me the handcuffs, Elsa.

I keep my wings free.

Can I get you more beer?
Another stein, yeah?

No, no, no. Give us a song, girl.

Yeah, you know the beer house songs.

We didn't learn your filthy songs in Kreuzberg, sir.

Oh, leave the poor girl alone, now, huh?

- She doesn't want to...
- Ja, okay.

You will help me with the words.

- It's been so long.
- Oh, I'll help you, I promise.

[Singing in German]

[all singing in German]

[other singers become inaudible]

[somber jazz music]

Another whiskey sour.

Yes, ma'am.

So you know.

Why'd you lie to me?

- Did I?
- Knock it off.

You were having an affair with Hazlett.

It's no business of yours.

You were having an affair with a married man who ends up d*ad.

That makes it my business.

Oh, so I m*rder him and his wife and his children?

You embarrass yourself. Get out.

Not until I get some answers.

All right.

I was sleeping with him, and he wasn't the first, and I didn't k*ll him, and I don't know anything about it,

and you can slap handcuffs on me and take me down to the station.
Is that what you want?

- I want the truth.
- Oh, I see.

I'm not who you want me to be.

Well, I'll tell you, friend.

I'm not who anyone wants me to be.

I am only who I am, and that woman needs you...

Needs you to leave her in peace.

If poor James Hazlett let me have a quiet life for ten minutes somewhere safe where I could just breathe, then you must allow me that.

I cannot be what you want.


[somber music]

We were someone else for a day.

Now that's over.

- It doesn't have to be.
- Listen to yourself.

Don't you want more?

"Want" doesn't enter into it.

I am Sister Molly. That's who I am.

It's all the value I have in life.

We are who we are.

I never want to see you again, Detective.

[children cheering]

[indistinct chatter]

Linda, where might I find the powder room?

Oh, it's just down the hall, past the kitchen.


You know, Elsa, my husband, your friend, Dr. Craft...

He's not who he pretends to be, dear.

Ask him about Essen.

Ask about his family.

[shushes] Just between us girls.

Before you start measuring the f*cking drapes, find out who he really is.

You know, just between us girls.

My dear,

I will not let you turn me into anything so banal as the rejected wife.

[uneasy music]

[suspenseful music]

Are you all right, Mrs. Branson?

You have such a beautiful life here.

You know how I live.
You've seen my house.

This is the life I dream of.

[both breathing raggedly]

Beruhre mich, schatz.

[shudders] Ja, ja.

Verletz mich.

[grunts] Verletz mich, liebes.

[loud panting]

[climactic cries]

[both panting]

[engine rumbling]

You give me a moment, huh?

Sure, honey.

You take your time.

You are one annoying Jew.

Now, when a policeman is banging on doors all over the city, looking for me, I find it disquieting, and I do not like disquietude.

What do you have to say to me?

That man was k*lled by n*zi.

- In LA?
- Oh, yeah.

And this is what we're to converse about, you and me?

You and I. You and me.

- You and I.
- Hey, Jane Austen, shut the f*ck up.

All right, talk.

You ever heard of a man named Wernher von Braun?

He's a rocket scientist in Berlin...

You know, payloads and apogees and the such-like.

So he's working on a new rocket with a big engine called the V- , and everyone's racing to catch up,

including a bunch of kids at Caltech over in Pasadena.

So just for the sake of argument, let's say these kids b*at the Krauts to it.

They figure out how to make this big new rocket fly.

And say the Germans steal that science and get it back to Berlin.

And what do you know, Mr. h*tler suddenly has a rocket that can reach London and Jerusalem and New York.

That's why the n*zi are in LA.

I'm here because they k*lled two of my friends, and I'm scared, and I don't know what to do.

In what fanciful cogitation does this have anything to do with me?

Everybody knows your boss, Meyer Lansky, sends g*n and money to the g*n in Palestine, supports the Zionists there against the Arabs.

- So if he...
- Amigo.

That is a name which should never escape your lips with such felicity.

There is no Mr. L. There is you, and there is me, and if you continue to waste my time, there won't be you much longer.

Then answer me this.

Why are you in LA?

- What?
- You arrive here and kick out the wops in spectacular style.

Why do you do this?

Because you and your associates see opportunities here.

City's wide open. Police are f*cked.

Mayor's office is on the take.

City council only wants to make money.

The n*zi are here for the same reason.

New York is closed to them

'cause Mayor LaGuardia's half-Jewish, and he's not letting a pack of Germans take over his city, but LA?

Oh, it's the promised land.

Is it not, Mr. Berman?

Oh, what have the Jews ever done for me?

You know how many temples I tried to join here?

All of them.

And you know how many took me?


There's your f*cking tribe.

Look around.

They've been burying Jews here for a hundred years.

Had to build our graveyard out in godforsaken Elysian Park.

That's how much they hate us.

No one gives a shit about the Jews, but the Jews.

My friend, look, I have enough battles to fight.

The Germans get that rocket, the fight's over.

To them, you're not m*rder, Incorporated.

You're just another greasy yid.

And a broken-down cop a couple years away from retirement is gonna take down the Third Reich?

f*cking right, I am, and you're gonna help me.

Ah, just go back to your precinct, officer.

You see that grave?

He d*ed to save Jews.

[melancholy music]

[Berman] "Son of Palestine."

Was he from the Holy Land?

Van Nuys.

But all his life, he dreamed of Judea.

As do we all.

I'll be in touch.

And slowly, Danny crept to the door, leaving behind a trail of blood and oozing guts, step by step.

Reaching out for the doorknob, his skeleton hand turned the knob.


I'm home!

[laughs] Suckers.

Come on, who has another one?

I do.

May I?

It's not a ghost story.

This is a true story.

The little girl's name was Florence Moore.

She was years old when the man kidnapped her right outside her school.

She must have been scared.

The father arranged to pay the ransom and drove to meet the kidnapper.

It was a dark night, like tonight, and he saw Florence sitting in the passenger seat of the man's car, staring at him.

She looked so scared.

The father paid the ransom to the kidnapper, who said he would drop Florence off.

Then the man drove off with her, but he stopped at the end of the street and dumped Florence out of the car and drove off.

Her dad ran up and saw her.

He had cut off her arms, her legs, and held her eyes open with wires so she would look alive...

...But she was just a bloody torso.

Florence Moore lived in Pasadena...just a few blocks from here.

[eerie music]


[Frank] Tommy?


It hurt when he cut me up.

I was still alive.


[dramatic crescendo]


[disquieting music]

[suspenseful crescendo]

You said five.

[Townsend] Did I?

You said five.

No, I didn't.

f*ck you, f*g.

[dramatic music]


When you're a big movie star.
Can I be your bodyguard?

- Stop it.
- [laughs]

What happened to your hand?

Hold on. Hold on.

- What you got in there?
- What?

We had some kids spray-painting over there at the construction site.

That's against the law.

Hey, I know you.

Huh? Huh? Huh?

Not such a tough little monkey without your Pachuco pals.

Leave us alone. We didn't do anything.

Hold him.

[ominous music]

You know the drill, kids.
You carrying any w*apon?


How about you, honey?


"What?" Grab the fence.

Grab the f*cking fence.

- Don't touch her!
- [Reilly] Pipe down, Pancho.

We gotta be sure, you know.


You senoritas...hide w*apon all over the f*cking place.

[Mateo] Don't touch her!

[pained gasp]

[somber music]


Have a nice day.

[engine revs]


You can't tell Mama... or Tiago, or anyone else.

Promise me, Mateo.

I'm so sorry. I could...


Just don't talk.

[Raul talking indistinctly]

[light music playing on radio]

[Tiago] I don't know what to do.

This woman, she's... complicated.

I don't know if I'm coming or going...

Mostly going, I guess...

But then she acts differently.

I don't know if I should trust her or not trust her or what.

Jesus. You're dating a white woman.

How do you know that?

Chicanas, you always know where you are.

They make you chase them until they catch you.


Gringas are crazy, man.

Give up the idea of having a big family.

Ruin their figure.

I'm not dating anyone.

We just had one afternoon.

But it was special, you know?

[laughs] Don't worry.

I'm gonna give a good speech at your wedding.

MARIA: Muchachos, vengan a comer.

Don't start eating. Wait for the kids.

Tiago's dating a gringa.

Ay Dios, this now!

[Tiago] I'm not.


What took you so long?

Come on, it's getting cold.

Your brother's dating a gringa now.

- [laughs]
- [Tiago] God.

Hey, your hand's bleeding.

Give me that. Come on.

Ma... Mama, no. It's just...

Give me that. You're not gonna bleed over my good tablecloth.

Jesus Christ.

- [Maria] Que es esto?
- f*cking Pachuco mark.

[Maria] You let them do this to your skin?

Who are you, boy? You're a gangster now?

What is this?

I could pull you in right now.

Any damn cop in LA sees that shit...

- You gonna arrest me?
- You shut up!

Mateo, you explain this to me right now.

No, no.

Don't even bother. I'm ashamed of you!

Well, I'm not.

- I'm f*cking proud for once in my life.
- Hey, you calm down.

So you're gonna f*ck up your life, Mateo, being a g*dd*mn Pachuco?

That's right; better than being a g*dd*mn cop.

I'm not ashamed of being Chicano, not anymore.

You think you know what you're talking about...

[yelling continues distantly]

[melancholy music]

You don't understand one thing about it!

You clean their f*cking toilets, and you kiss their ass!

You are all so f*cking weak, and I am tired of being weak!

[Maria] Get out, then!
Go to your gangsters, and get k*lled!

[speaking Spanish]


- I have to talk...
- Not now, Josefina.

[Townsend] I don't do it all the time.

I just...

They just blow me when I don't have time for a date with a woman.

You know, all that time. I just... let them blow me.

[unaccented] Don't do that.

They lock from up here.

You're American.

I'm a lot of things.

Please don't hurt me.

No, no.

No, no, please.


No, please.

Please, please don't.

Top or bottom?


[light swing music]

[Rico] What do you expect?

Things like this happen all the time, Mateo.

This was two blocks away from our house, and I couldn't do a f*cking thing.

My sister, man.

Reilly's one bad cop.

Are there any other kind?

My brother's a cop.


Someone gotta teach

that fat man a lesson.

[Mateo] f*cking right.

But we sit here, and we talk, and we talk, and we play cribbage.

[Rico] What do you have in mind, baby?

Make him look like Diego.

[Bernadette] Reilly keeps these little girls down Sonoratown, puts them on smack, and they're his bitches.

I know the one now, Sofia.

She was a good girl.

You know the place?

Over on Alameda.

This was my sister, Rico.


So you're gonna bust him up, hmm?

I'm gonna do something.

I'm with you.

Let's do what Pachuco do.

Raise your voice! I hear you.

Raise your voice. The Lord hears you.

- [audience cheers]
- You are silent no longer!

You are heard.

You must be heard. Sing out!

- [audience cheering]
- Sing out!

Let me hear you!

[audience cheers]

These are the days of roses and thorns, and we need your voice, we need your prayers, because Satan walks outside that door...

[audience grumbles]

...that beast who tempts us and teases us and pulls us down, down, down to the everlasting pit where the crown of thorns rips at our skin.

We must fight him.

We must stand up and be heard!

We can no longer be weak and powerless.

Women, do you hear me?

[women] Yes.

[Molly] I was once as you are now, afraid and unheard.

But sisters, I learned to stand up.

[all] Yes!

Who will stand up with me now?

Stand up and be heard!

Raise your head.

Raise your voices!

- Amen!
- [Molly] Lord, children, do it now, for the beast, Satan, is here!

[audience gasps]

Can't you hear him walking?

He is here.

He is here.

He is here!

Children, you are not safe.

You are not safe. Lord, save us.

- [audience talking worriedly]
- Save us!

Save us!


[uneasy music]

[muttering indistinctly]



[gently] Come...and be sanctified.

Come and be saved.

Come and follow the Lamb of God to paradise.

- Who will be saved?
- [woman] Yes.

Who will be saved?

[muttering blessings]

Child of God, come with me on that holy road.

Will you do that, Sister?

[muttered blessings]

[breathing raggedly]

[radio announcer droning]

What the...? [grunting]

What the f*ck? Get your monkey ass...

[Sofia screaming]


Jesus f*cking Christ.

Good evening, Detective Michener.

You'll forgive the rather baroque subterfuge, but necessity requires certain, well, protocols.

f*cking hell.

Will you come with me?

Like I have a choice.

May I introduce you to Leonard Schiff, a member of our organization on the outs right now, you could say.

Now, at our last interview, you mentioned Mr. Lansky's support for the Zionist cause. You recall?


Well, couple days ago, our Mr. Schiff here makes his way down to old Mexico and hijacks a shipment of Mr. Lansky's w*apon intended for Palestine...

Kills two good guys in the process and a boatload of sp*cs.

Now, can you guess what he did with those w*apon?

Go on, guess.

I don't know.

I'm sorry. Can't hear you.

I don't know.

Why, he sold them to your friends, the n*zi, right here in LA, probably the same ones that m*rder your friend.

You stupid f*cking putz!

Now, Mr. Schiff, he's a...
He's a good Jew, you understand.

Every temple wanted him.

[suspenseful music]

k*ll him.

Do we do business, my friend?

Go f*ck yourself.

By blood and f*re Judea fell.

By blood and f*re

Judea shall rise.

[Reilly gasping]

k*ll him.

He's seen us, Mateo.
He knows who we are.

Do it.

She's your sister.


[uneasy music]

- [blade squelches]
- [yelling]


[loud grunting]

[loud grunting]


[bubbling choking]



[ominous music]

[Goss] Let's hope we don't have to use it.

Better he's with your guy than hustlers on the street.

This way, we protect him from himself.

Kurt will see to that.

He knows precisely what to do.

Ah, love.

What it does to us.

[soulful guitar music]

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