01x08 - Hide and Seek

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels". Aired: April 2020 to June 2020.
A spin-off from the original series Penny Dreadful set 50 years later when a m*rder shocks LA in 1938, Detective Tiago and his partner Lewis become entangled in an epic story of all time.
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01x08 - Hide and Seek

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[Magda] Previously on Penny Dreadful: City of Angels...

[romantic music]

[uneasy music]

One day, you appeared out of thin air, sitting on his shoulder and whispering into his ear.

That means you have a secret, and in politics, secrets are currency.

That little favor I did for you at the station last night wasn't only out of the goodness of my heart.

I'm collecting on that debt right now.

Do you miss your mother?

[Tom] Yes.

[Lewis] We currently got City Hall and the biggest radio church in LA, the bully pulpit and the public airwaves, sitting down with the Third Reich.

[wind whistling]

[mournful music]

[crows cawing]

He's in heaven, mi amor.

Why do things go away?


Papá Dios decides who stays and who goes.

If it's their time, then he sends a very special angel to take them to him.

Frank k*lled Friar Tuck.

I swear.

He-he just looked at him.

I believe you, but you can't repeat that, not to Trevor, not to your dad.


Not yet.

You understand, mi amor?


I want you to wear this.

Don't take it off.

Is it a dog?

It's a coyote.

It has brought me much strength over many years.

She watches over you now.

Mi amor.

[sinister music]

[Lewis] Thanks, Sammy.

- [man over speakers]
- ♪ Blue skies... ♪

- [Tiago] Salud.
- [Lewis] L'chaim.

So... we got a plan?

Figure out how Councilman Townsend and Miss Adelaide are connected to Herr h*tler.

How about I investigate Lady Macbeth and you head over to City Hall?

I was thinking maybe I go to the Temple.

Miss Adelaide will have her guard down if it's the spic coming in.

Sorry to break it to you, but she hates us both equally.

Mexicans in City Hall don't get very far.

Jews haven't fared much better.

Two more weeks, and the n*zi are gonna be marching down Spring Street, rounding us up.

[sighs] This damn government.

It's like Russian roulette.

You never know who's gonna get it next.

Let's make sure it's not us.

Whatever it takes, huh?

f*cking Los Angeles.

I don't know that we can save her.

Save her?

Pal, we're just trying to survive her.

♪ ...when you're in love ♪

[man] Yeah, I'll pass the word.

I need to see her.

[bell rings]

I'm sorry, Mr. Townsend. She's not...

Who is he?

[door slams]

The bastard you're planning on replacing me with after your f*cking recall.

- Who is he?
- She, and she'll b*at you hands down, because she's younger, better-looking, and, oh, by the way, actually wants to serve the people of Los Angeles.

Whatever you have against me...

It's not against you.

It's against the system that allows people like you to rise.

You have no talent, no respect for governance, nor do you care about anyone but yourself.

What you do have is a family name which you parade around like a four-year-old girl holding a feather boa from her mother's closet.

Jesus Christ.

If your father thinks...

Leave my father out of this.

Point is, this city deserves better than you.

That's why I'm going to have you recalled, Councilman.

Look, we may disagree on the route of the damn motorway, but that doesn't mean...

Call it what it is. It's not a motorway.

It's social engineering.

First the Mexicans, then who?

You're not building roads; you're building prisons for all those you don't like, until all that's left are rich white men who look and think exactly like you.

No, sir.

You can spout the New Deal line as much as you like...

...but you better know,

I got some very dangerous friends.

You don't want to monkey with these fellas, believe you me, because they...

Isn't that q*eer?

[uneasy music]

You're familiar with that term, Charlton?

Thought you might be.

Watch your back, Councilman.

We old liberals still got a few teeth in our head.

[uneasy musical crescendo]

[door clicks open]

[Lewis] Councilman Townsend.

Who the hell are you?

Detective Lewis Michener.

[Townsend] Can't do this right now.

Why, is Germany calling?


Seems like you've been keeping company with some unsavory customers of the Teutonic persuasion.

- Who do you mean?
- Richard Goss.

I don't recall the name.

You had dinner with him last night.

He's a donor.

He's a n*zi.

You know more about him than I do.

How much is he giving you, and what are you offering in exchange?

He's a well-to-do gentleman who's interested in the future of our city.


Because he lives here now.


Ask him.

Whatever game you think you're playing with Goss, you're out of your league, pal.

Are you accusing me of something?

Not yet.

Next time you come into my office demanding my time, I'd like to see a legal document justifying that action.

You can do better.

Perhaps I can, but in the presence of my lawyer.

You may leave now, Officer.

[uneasy music]

We'll see each other real soon.

Call Miss Adelaide.
Tell her they're coming for us.

Will do, sir.

[Alex] Mr. Townsend knows exactly who Goss is, but he won't give him up.

He put you up to this?

I'll lose my head if he finds out.

Goss is from Cologne. He's an architect.

He's been here about a year.

That's public information. Do better.

Forgive me for the interruption, then.


What do you get out of this?


I already lost it all.

[somber music]

My parents were in Vienna when h*tler invaded.

I haven't been able to speak to them, if they're even alive.


What's your real name?

Mahler, Alexandra Mahler.

He only knows me as Malone.

I thought it sounded Irish.
How can I help?

He's gotta be, 'cause he seems like a dope.

But this Goss, he's dangerous.

That I know.

Keep in touch.

I'm at the Hollenbeck station.

You better get back to him.

Thank you... for letting me help.


Is everything all right?

I'm fine, Mami.

I didn't want to come up to the house, but I had to see you, and I'm sorry about the other night, what I said.

Mi amor, Mexicans get mad.

It doesn't mean anything.

You and me, we can yell and scream.

Everything's okay.

It's okay, mi amor. It's okay.

Uh, I-I didn't come to apologize.

You need to know I'm moving out.

I'm going to live at the Temple.

There's a pretty dormitory and a whole program for young people

- where we learn...
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Listen to me, please.

I feel something special when I'm there, and I feel different.

I want something more from my life.

More than being a maid.

That's not what I mean.

Yeah, it is.

We are your family, Josefina.

Please, mi corazóncita. Hmm?

Can we talk, eh?

After work, we talk?

I'll make you the almond flan you like, and...

I won't be there.

Te amo con toda mi vida, mama.

How do you say "lemon" in Spanish?


[laughs] Ah. That's easy enough.

Oh, Dr. Craft and I have an engagement tonight, so you'll need to stay with the boys, ja?

Yes, ma'am.

Did you hear the coyote barking yesterday?

Such ugly little things.

No, ma'am. I didn't hear that.

Hmm. Ugly little dogs.

In Germany, we would sh**t them.

And please, don't ever let me see you speaking with Mexican people at our gate ever again.

We don't want the neighborhood talking, do we?

[uneasy music]

No, ma'am.

[dramatic music]

Hello, Linda.

You're looking well, and...

Get those at the gift shop?

Uh, I did, ja. Ja, for you.

Yellow roses. You remember. How sweet.

You're doing well here, ja?


It's good to see you looking...

How are my children?

Uh, they're good.

Ja, they're well.

Uh, Trevor's debate team has gone...

My hair hasn't been washed in two weeks, and they cut my nails so I wouldn't scratch my eyes out.

My roommate is from Bakersfield.

She has a dairy farm with her husband.

She misses her cows.

Uh, I need to...

Well, I have some legal papers, you see.

They are with me here. Let me show you.

Uh, they-they are, you see, custody papers for the boys.

The, uh, state of California requires you to sign them...

I'll have my family's lawyer take a look.

I'm not sure that's entirely necessary.

- You see, they...
- Shh.


[tense music]

I shan't be in here forever, you know?

And my father has some ideas about how best to litigate our domestic travails.

So you can f*ck

your little German slut all you want.

That's her problem now.

There's no need for this.

Is there not?

You can keep the g*dd*mn kids.

You can keep the house.

I'll go to Reno and wait out the divorce, won't even name her as a co-respondent in the proceedings.

But then know this.

As soon as it's all legal and I'm f*cking the young tennis pro at the club, I'll make it my singular mission to take your life apart.

Oh, and it's a house of cards, darling.

I'll pull them out one by one.

You're a fraud, Peter.

What are you gonna do when everyone finds out who you really are?

Next time you come, bring a lawyer.

And a cow for my roommate.


[birds cawing, dogs barking]

[indistinct chatter]

I'm going home.

I need to see my brother, the cop.

I need to tell him about Diego.
I can't live with it anymore.

- Try.
- It should've been me!

It had to be Diego.
That's why I gave him up.

I made sure they got him for you.

You're a f*cking lying puta.

Stop it.

You want to know why I gave him up?

Because I couldn't k*ll hope.

You got something most Pachucos don't, that heart, that faith, that molten lava heat that can burn through hate.

So turn your fear into courage.

Make Diego's sacrifice count!

No, no, no!

You're meant to lead us.

- That's Rico.
- It's you.

It's you, mi rey, my king.

It's always been you.

Don't you see, Mateo?

Your pure heart, it can save us, lead us out of poverty, give us a voice.

You were born for this and this alone.

I don't know what I'm doing.

You give them the words they need so they know what to believe.

You give them a taste of power so they know what to want.

You give them hope so they'll die for you.

And when they lose the will to fight, you make them look inside for strength so their fists come alive like pounding hearts.

And then?

We walk in blood to your throne.

I wanted silk.

People won't really be able to tell the difference.

But I will, and she will. Silk makes her feel holy.

I'll talk to her later. Good day.

May I have ten minutes of your time?

The Hazlett family deserved justice.

Our city is safer because of your virtuous work.

Thank you, Detective Vega.

We did our best.

So what do you think of the new robe?

It's just the same, isn't it?

Oh, leave it to a man to say that.

The hem is three inches shorter.

My daughter insists we become more modern.

Do you think it's risqué?


[laughing] Then apparently I've failed.

Please, sit down.

What may I do for you?

[clears throat]

Richard Goss.


So you know him.


He's a foreign gentleman, quite elegant.

Why do you ask?

How did you meet?

He wanted to open up his magnificent heart to the Lord.

He's a n*zi.

Oh, my.

Jesus knows who to guide into the path, praise be.

I had no idea.

Why were you having dinner with him last night?

You really are well-informed.

I hope I can count on your discretion, but we're going to open a Temple in Pasadena, and Mr. Goss will help provide the funds for the new construction.

He was inspired by one of Molly's sermons to take the word of God far and wide.

Pasadena, huh?

[Adelaide] To start.

More and more later, we hope.

Long Beach, Ventura, wherever the blessed road of the Lord takes us.

Won't you sit down?

How long have you known him?

A month, maybe less.

I have no knowledge of his politics, truly.

I'm just grateful Mr. Goss is able to contribute to our holy work.

And what does Mr. Goss get in return?

What everyone wants: salvation.

You really have no idea what we do here, do you?

Shall I show you?

We feed over people a month, and that's just here.

We have the soup kitchens downtown as well.

Up this hall, there's a room full of beds for migrants and the indigent.

We have a hospital ward with a doctor on staff, and there is no charge for any of these services, of course.

My vision, with the help of Mr. Goss and others like him, is to have a Temple in every neighborhood of Los Angeles.

That's a nice business plan.

You're quick to judge.

Aren't you?

If I were, I wouldn't be speaking with you.

I'm a work in progress, just like my daughter.

I'm not here to talk about Molly.

Yet she's all over your words.

Have you ever seen a baptism?

It's truly an experience for the soul.

Not in the mood.

What else do you know about Mr...

Here, let me show you.

A baptism is a communion with God, much like what people experience when they come to see my Molly.

Something deep within awakens.

But you know what that feels like.

I told you, I'm not here to talk about Molly.

You think you're in love with her, but you've fallen in love with God's whisper.

And as I've said, she's not perfect.

Molly adores a thrill, and that's what you are.

[uneasy music]

There were so many before you, and there will be so many after.

You don't think you're special, do you?

You will never know what's between us.

And you will never know Molly.

My daughter likes to keep her secrets, and she has so many.

Doesn't she, Tiago?

So many secrets.

[man ] I got great seats, six rows from third base.

[man ] I can't show my face at an Angels game.

[men continue conversing indistinctly]

[doorman] Gentlemen.

[jazz piano music playing]

[indistinct chatter, laughter]

What is this place?

Private club.

Will you dance with me, Kurt?

Are we safe?


♪ Sometimes I wonder ♪

♪ Why I spend ♪

♪ The lonely night ♪

♪ Dreaming of a song ♪

♪ The melody ♪

♪ Haunts my reverie ♪

♪ And I am once again ♪

♪ With you ♪

♪ When our love was new ♪

♪ And each kiss ♪

♪ An inspiration ♪

♪ But that was long ago ♪

♪ Now my consolation ♪

♪ Is in the stardust ♪

♪ Of a song ♪

Is it like in Berlin?


In Berlin, a place like this wouldn't exist, not anymore.

Did you have many lovers?

None like you.

I need to ask you a question.

No, I won't move in with you.

[scoffs] You wish.

It's about Beverly Beck, that bitch of a councilwoman.


I need you to k*ll her.

[bell rings]

[crowd murmuring]

[soft laughter]

False alarm, dolls.

What was that?

That's how we know if the vice squad is gonna raid us.

Listen, this thing with Beck...


She threatened to tell people about me, and she's trying to destroy my whole damn career.

- We can't let...
- I don't work for you.

Charlton... you don't know what you're saying.

You're not a k*ller.

You do this, and...

...you lose something that you're never going to get back.

That's not the man I love.

[singer] ♪ Beside ♪

♪ A garden wall ♪

♪ When stars are bright ♪

♪ You are in my arms ♪

♪ The nightingale ♪

♪ Tells his fairy tale ♪

♪ Of paradise ♪

♪ Where roses grew ♪

♪ Though I dream ♪

♪ In vain ♪

♪ In my heart ♪

♪ It will remain ♪

♪ My stardust melody ♪

♪ The memory of love's ♪

♪ Refrain ♪


Of course you can live at the Temple as long as you want.

Are you sure you want to do that?


You don't have to leave your family ever.

The faith doesn't require that.

Stay at home.

Your mother will miss you.

I need this, Sister.

I'm tired of sneaking out, tired of hiding, tired of fighting about it.

If I don't go now,

I'll marry another Mexican, have children, and wash and clean after everyone for the rest of my life.

And Lord forgive me, but I know he can use me in other ways.

I just...hope your mother understands.

And your brothers.

I do have one brother who might understand.

He's special.

I think our Tiago's going to change the world one day.

Now we wait minutes.

Why red?

My brother Raul has a picture on his wall, a Gibson Girl from an old magazine.


She had hair like the sunrise.

I always thought that was the most beautiful, the most rare thing I'd ever seen.

Wait until it dries.

You're gonna be the sunrise.


[dark organ music playing over radio]

[radio announcer] Wait.

Wait. Don't go away.

Don't be afraid just because it's near the hour when we go to the black chapel.

Each evening, we come to this remote place, a place of mystery and terror where the hooded figure appears and sits at the keyboard of the ruined old organ, mumbling and gibbering his fantastic tales.

- Is this what you dreamed?
- [gasps]

When you were a little girl in Mexico, did you dream of cleaning toilets for the rest of your life?

Go join the boys.

They're children.

Do as I tell you, Frank.

You wanted to be a nun, didn't you?

[radio announcer continues indistinctly]

Then you met that man who you married, and he put it inside of you, and you started having little babies.

[eerie music]

No more nun, just toilets to clean.

Couldn't you just... scream?

[bones cracking]


Watch the oil.

Don't want to get b*rned.

[sinister music]

[Peter] These are tired ideas, Herman, unworthy of you or any German.

How can you defend them?

But there were , Jews in the German army.

What do you suggest, then, Peter?

You're our leader. Tell us.

What should the Bund do?

The Fuehrer is intent on purifying Germany, and you seem to be intent on...

Keeping us separate.

...letting the world become overrun with the mongrel races.

[people murmuring]

Then what do we leave our children?

A legacy of peace, harmony, and beauty, of Schiller and Goethe.

We do not leave our children a trail of blood.

What are you scared of?

We must take to the radio, the streets, the shops.

Everywhere we go, we have an opportunity to warn people what the Juden are.

We must show America who its enemy is,

- our shared enemy.
- [man] Mm-hmm.

This is an act of patriotism.
America will thank us.

- [all] Hear, hear.
- [man] Mm-hmm.

Let me ask you this, then.

What is a German?

What does a German do?

We're inventive.

- Ja.
- Purposeful.

Overly prepared.


We're pure, smart, hardworking.

We believe in family.

It is our duty to protect our people.

We know who the enemy is.

We must fight him with every w*apon we have.

We use the ideas and words of the Fuehrer, and America will join us.

Heil h*tler.

[all] Heil h*tler!

You're right, Herman.

We are a special people.

You forget one quality that separates us from the rest, ja.

We have self-control.

Facts and logic over emotion, mm?

That is our German soul.

Your arguments about the w*r and the Jews are filled with rage, not a worthy emotion for any man, much less a German.

That is not who we are.

The way you talk... like you're not even German.

Neither is the Fuehrer. He's Austrian.

When my little boy asks me about our plight, about our place in the world,

I tell him Germans believe in dignity for everyone.

We aren't animals.

To the Fatherland. Prost.

- Prost.
- Prost.

- Prost.
- Prost.

[banging at door]


You should've told me.

- Tiago...
- She's my baby sister.

- I'll take care of her.
- With what, your radio songs and your bullshit sermons?

Who the hell do you think you are?

Josefina confided in me.

She's just a kid!

She wanted to join the Temple, and I am in no place to deny her entry.

Why didn't you tell me?

You're so full of f*cking secrets.

I couldn't betray her trust.

My family doesn't need you.

I'll take care of my sister.


You know this is never gonna work.

I know.

But I can't stop.

You should go.

[inhales deeply]

I need this to be real, Tiago.

So I choose to believe it is.

[romantic music]

Herman is right...

- What?
- ...about everything, but I couldn't let him talk to you like that.

I can speak for myself.

I was embarrassed for you.

You are the Bund's leader.
You must lead.

I need a new life, Peter, one where I'm not weak or frightened.

- Of course not. You don't...
- Let me finish.

You helped me with...with my husband, and I'm... so grateful for that, but I am never being treated like that ever again by a German or a Jew.

I'm tired of living in that shame.

No, no more.

I will fight for my freedom and my country, and I need to know that you're strong enough to take care of Frank and me.

[scoffs] You doubt that, after what I did for you?

Then don't be afraid to be Deutsch.

I'm not.

But... perhaps we see this differently, you and I.

How's that?

Being a German is not marching with h*tler.

I want peace for Germany and for America.

This is why I speak out.

This is the purpose of the Bund.

So this is your strength, hmm?

Appease the Jews and the Bolsheviks and all those who starved us and ripped apart our country and still keep us under the boot.

Where is your pride?

[tires squealing]

My pride is in what I do for my family and for you and for the children I help as a doctor.

It is not in the Fatherland...

...and it is not in my name.

Your name?

You know I was raised in Essen in the w*r.

It is also the home of the Krupp factories...

...Germany's armorers for years.

A dynasty it is.

For centuries now, the Krupp factories make the blades and the b*ll*ts and the cannons for all the wars.

Right now, Krupp is busy making panzer t*nk and Stuka dive-b*mb for h*tler.

They sell death to the world and always have.

My name... is not Peter Craft.


I am Peter Krupp.

In the w*r, I saw what those machines could do.

I was a medic, ja... and I saw the blood and the wounds.

And this is my family's legacy.

I can never escape it, but I will not embrace it.

[engine turning on]

[boys chattering indistinctly]

[burner hissing]

[chatter continues]

[eerie music]

[Tom] Maria!


What is that?


What is that?

[eerie rumbling]

[electricity zaps]

- [Tom] Maria!
- [Maria] Don't move.

Don't move.


[heavy bang]

- [rapid footsteps]
- Boys!

[house creaking]

[low growl]

[eerie whispering]

[door creaking]

[dramatic musical sting]

[echoing laughter]

[echoing laughter]

- [floor scrapes]
- [gasps]


[Tom] Maria! [screams]

- No!
- Tommy!



[dark music]

Let me tell you what I know.

Not a lot.

An old woman should know more.

But two things I know: my husband would never tell me to run away, and the beast can take many forms.

Old coyote, do you know how your husband screamed when I k*lled him?



[kettle whistling]

[door slams]

[Elsa] Hello, Tom.

[eerie music]


What happened? Baby!

What did you do? What did you do?

[banging at door]

Answer your g*dd*mn phone, why don't you?

I've been...

Uh, um...

Good evening, Detective.


I need you. It's important.

Meet me downstairs.

- Are you serious?
- Zip it up and get cracking.

[clears throat] Good evening, milady.

[door clicks open and shut]

Will he tell anyone?

Who cares?

I can't afford to lose her.

We can't afford to lose a child.

It was an accident.

Frank almost lost his hand.

Nonsense. He was only b*rned.

It wasn't her fault.

She's supposed to be looking after them.

- If we can't trust...
- Let me think.

There's nothing to think about.

f*re her!

Elsa, stop.

This is what we talked about.

Will you be the strong man I need, or will you let an old Mexican woman be the master in this house?

I don't need Peter Craft. I need Peter Krupp!

[Maria] Excuse me.

I will go home now.

Ah, ja.

I'm sorry about tonight.

Oh, no, no. He will be fine.

We have to speak to you about something.

- At this moment?
- Yes.

Uh, Maria... well, you work so hard for this family and, uh, for so long, but... we have decided...

[uneasy music]

...that you shall have a raise.

Five dollars more a week, shall we say?

That is not necessary, Dr. Craft.

[Peter] Oh, please.

This family could not do without you.

Now, go home and see your children, ja?

Thank you. Good night.

- [door clicks shut]
- You want Peter Krupp?

Here he is.

[sighs heavily]

[Tiago] What's so damn important?

[Lewis sighs] I went to see Townsend.

He evaded badly.

He's up to his neck in whatever it is, but there was this big map of the new motorway in his office.

It came from a construction company called Via Hermosa Development, so I thought I might as well...

Wait, Miss Adelaide had one of those in her office too.

So they're working together to build the motorway?

What the f*ck's that about?

But here's the thing: after I saw the map,

I went to the hall of records to dig around about Via Hermosa, corporate filings and the like.

A lot of dummy paperwork and shell companies, but it all came down to one man,

Richard Goss.

The n*zi, City Hall, the Temple, the motorway.

What does this all add up to?

The future of Los Angeles.

So... I thought you and I should make a little nighttime visit to the Via Hermosa offices.

If we can find anything concrete

- to connect all this...
- You mean break in?

Yes, sunshine, I mean break in.

Come on.

Oh, and, Tiago...

I don't care if you're f*cking the Dragon Mother herself.

Last time you pull this shit on me.

- You understand?
- Yes, sir.

Too many secrets take you six feet under.

It won't happen again, Lewis.

Now, how long you been doing it?

A month, maybe.

Does she know about her mother and the n*zi?

- No.
- You sure?


You know better than to be doing this.

I do.

Yeah, I know.

A secret lay is always good, I give you that.


[air hissing]

[dogs barking]

[tense music]

[engine turning over]

[tires squealing]

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