01x12 - The Fate of an Adventurer

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Goblin Slayer". Aired: October 2018 to present.
A famous goblin hunter goes on a quest to save the land from ravaging goblins.
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01x12 - The Fate of an Adventurer

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Why did this happen?

The herd's done.

There's no point in standing here after this hour.

As long as I can survive.

He'il go home and use c*ptive women for breeding...

... try it again.

This time I failed, but I can try again as long as I survive.

Next time!


I knew you'd think that.

Stupid hoe.

The army before you was nothing more than a trap.

There is no longer a home.

My youth dreams chained to me My youth dreams chained to me
They're dragging me deep They're dragging me deep Every single granule, unprotected Every single granule, unprotected I'm marked by your shadows I'm marked by your shadows Gather yourself, numb your feelings Gather yourself, numb your feelings Don't need pigs justice Don't need pigs justice Smiles from above Smiles from above Merry smiles Merry smiles And the dice is thrown And the dice is thrown Sadness Drowned Sadness Drowned Tomorrow is based on your meat Tomorrow is based on your meat Root the root of your species Root the root of your species To get back what's mine To get back what's mine Every time we try Every time we try To get back what's mine To get back what's mine To get back what's mine For the first time For the first time Ki to take back what is mine To get back what's mine To get back what's mine In the Ultimate Dungeon In the Ultimate Dungeon To get back what's mine To get back what's mine Our future full of regrets Our future full of regrets I have a reason I have a reason Crawl to one place Crawl to one place Wrap their circles, fly their heads Wrap their circles, fly their heads Mean my drive Mean my drive First time I noticed First time I noticed The Ultimate Dungeon The Ultimate Dungeon I was forced to give up and I was forced to give up Hiding between you Hiding between you Looking at my f*re Looking at my f*re And at night, I'm dreaming And at night, I'm dreaming About the words contained in the dream on the coast About the words contained in the dream on the coast I'm not used to face-to-face.

Are you okay?


I k*lled...

Most of it looks like it's over.


But if they were successful here...

... the idea of ​​attacking the town makes me goose bumps.

I think we know a lot about goblins.

Our teacher is very good.

I'm not happy to hear that.

That's not what you call adventurous.


Here you go!


...used to.

I'm gonna pull you up and give you a chance.

Finish him.


You are mine!


Looks like I saved your life again.

Yeah, he's got his head.

You thank him with his goblin head?

Don't you want?

No, I'il take it.

Do you need help?

Shut up!

It's okay, isn't it?


Try this!


What happened?

Do you remember what you said about him?

I told you he was completely out of control.

Do you still think so?

I do not know.

What do you think?

In my opinion...

O forgiving Mother Earth...

... please protect the weak from the power of the earth.


Ba-Forgive me...

I would never do that again.

He goes back to the jungle...

I live quietly.

You'il wait too long!

And he's a lord of bullshit!

You're a goblin!

A disgusting little goblin!

And I...

My Goblin Slayer!

We had one goblin head...

Goblin Slayer-san!

I'il be the bait.

Prevent the Lord and Guard from moving.



Squeeze him into two-sided.

Not even, make three cages and lock them in.

With three?

Just in case.

O forgiving Mother Earth...

... please put your holy hand on this child's wound!

Get well!


I finally decided to do two guards.

Yes thanks.

Don't push yourself so hard, please!

I just don't think I can make it any harder...

Goblin Slayer-san!

And you promised!

Goblin Slayer-san...

Please act with a little more thought!


That's what I did because I trusted you.


I don't know what to tell you.


I came.


That's it!

Slow down, you'il walk around and fall.

I will not fall!

Come on!

If we don't hurry, the festival will start without us!

Did we have to get going in the morning?

We're going to disrupt the evil sect's plans.

And we're still far from the city and the festival.

Speaking of the demon's remains...


I hear goblins have appeared around here.


Aren't they the demon's weakest henchmen?

Did not you know?

Goblins can be pretty scary.

I heard there was a Goblin k*ller.

I think everything's fine.

Goblin k*ller?

Which means that I will be able to attend the festival thanks to that person.

It wouldn't have been nice if the town had been devastated when I saved the world.

To our migrating brothers...

... our victory...

... farm, town, adventurers...

... and of course...

... to that weird person standing right here who doesn't drop the goblin thing!




I came!

- No...

- Oh!

What did you say?!

But he was the champion!

Just a gold coin for the champions too ?!


We said one gold coin per head.

Can't you add a special prize or something?

No way.

One gold coin per head was already your special prize.

And even the lord that Goblin Slayer-san k*lled...

... only one gold coin.

He must be tired.

Girl, after all, don't push her too hard.


You're good.

Did something happen?

No, I'm as usual.

I understand.

That's it!

Tonight, I'm a woman of gold!

Don't let the back of the Nevalen!

Adventurers, we renewed our alcohol stock!


Thank you.

For what?

For saving.

I did not do anything.


I'm still not quite sure...

... but I'm making a decision.

I think I want to be adventurous.

I understand.

I'm sure it will.


Yes really.


How long have I slept?

You worked hard.


Not important.

I'il go and thank everyone.

Look at your rest.

Well... what is this?

The lord's reward.

Is it mine?

You sure about that, Goblin Slayer-san?

About what?

Aren't you stuck with money...

No problem.

As we agreed, I paid my debt.

I bought them a drink.

Goblin Slayer-san...

What happened?

Why don't you just...


... you made a direct request to everyone?

You didn't have to do that, actually.

Couldn't you have done the job normally?

You might say I wanted to, but...

Very simple.

Nobody came to my village.

The same thing could have happened this time.

There was no guarantee.

I had to trust my luck.


I understand I'm strange.

Not at all.

If you ask me for help, I will.

Not just me.

All the adventurers in this town...

... this time, next time, and no matter how many times after that...

... when they ask for help, I'm sure they'il go for it.


... has nothing to do with luck.

Not at all!

Oh really?


Goblin Slayer-san...

Can I ask you for a reward?

What do you want?

Can you take off your helmet?


Last time I kept my eyes closed because I was ashamed...

You look so much more handsome.

Oh really?


Orcbolg took off his helmet!

It is not fair!

I've never even seen your face!


Oh my God!

The opportunity of the century!


I guess so.

When his helmet itself is broken or...

... asleep.

- Open up, let me see!

- A warrior face!

Look at Sakalkesen, he's a good boy.

Back off!

As I thought .

.. he was quite handsome... wasn't he?


Where I saw this face...

f*cking shit!

Somehow I'm so angry!

Goblin Slayer took off his helmet!

Get the claim records!

Come on, I told you it was a woman!

I thought the goblin would pop out.

Anybody know right ?!

If you did, give us a favor!

I'm sure they'il run to your help no matter how many times you need help.

So I don't think it has anything to do with luck.

Not at all!

I understand.

I hope so.

He was an ordinary young man, adventurer.

The kind of guy you can meet anywhere.

And the gods loved him, of course...

... but it was not at a level that would set a specific expectation.

It was just one of the many pawns you can find anywhere.

But this adventurer was a little different from the others.

He is constantly developing new strategies, thinking, doing something...

... working and using his mind to take his chances.

He never let the gods throw dice about him.

And one day the gods realized...

This person would never save the world.

This person wouldn't change anything.

He was also one of numerous pawns that could be found everywhere.

But he would never let the gods throw dice about him.

So this adventurer's fate...

... not even the gods.

And the w*r is there somewhere...

... continues today.
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