01x10 - Mother's Day

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Punky Brewster". Aired: February 2021 to present.
The sequel to the original, now a single mother Punky meets a girl who reminds her of her younger self.
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01x10 - Mother's Day

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Hey, Mom, who were you
looking for at the party?

An old friend that I
thought maybe came by.

What old friend?

Since we're all dressed up,
let's take a selfie.


Selfie time.

I can't get us all in.

I need a selfie stick.

Naw, who needs a selfie
stick when you got lightning

and thunder?

Yeah, that's not going to work.

Use me. I'm a human selfie stick.

Okay. This is happening.

Okay. Everybody ready?


What's the word I'm looking for?

Izzy, please take the pic.
I'm losing my grip.

All right. All right. Everybody say...

Ooh, hold on.

You have a teeth cleaning Tuesday.

Should I reply yes?

- Take the pic.
- All right.

But if Punky gets a cavity,
that's on you.


- Oh, my God.
- Are you okay?

Got it!

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ Hey! Hey! ♪

♪ Every time I turn around ♪

♪ Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! ♪

I really don't want to
talk about this anymore.

And I think we still need to discuss it.

Fine. We'll handle it like adults.

- Oh, you want to do this, huh?
- Oh, yeah.

- Rock, paper, scissors, sh**t.
- Yes!

This conversation isn't over.

What are you guys talking about?

Your dad going on tour.

Mom, you have to let him go.

He'll never be happy playing
in some ' s cover band.

- Hannah, I think...
- No! Let me finish.

He'll say that he's happy
to make us all feel good,

but deep down, he'll be miserable,

and he'll only resent you
for not letting him go.

It was actually your mother's idea

for me to go back on the road.


But thank you for making
my argument for me.

I'll be gone two months.

What about being here
for you and the kids?

I want our kids to follow
their dreams, so I think

it's important for them to
see their dad following his.

Besides, mom and I are almost
done raising Diego and Daniel.



We came in to sneak some cookies.

We'll be back.

Next time,
don't tell them what the plan is.

Hey, hey.

Are all you guys okay with
me going back on tour?

Yeah, I mean,

we're glad you'll be
playing your own music.

If it means no more parachute pants,
I'm down.

And we get to have Dad-apalooza.

It's a tradition when Dad goes on tour.

He takes us out to
do a bunch of fun stuff

so he doesn't feel guilty

and he can convince himself
that he's a good father.

Yeah. It doesn't sound
as good when he says it.

It's important to you. We'll be okay.

Aw, even Brandy thinks it's a good idea.

Actually, he peed in your guitar case,
but we're okay.

You know the drill.
It's basically just a check-in

with the courts on Izzy's situation.

And her mom has never
shown up for a hearing?

No, but she finished her program

at the halfway house,
and according to the judge,

it looks like she might
actually show up this time.

Oh, that's great. For Izzy, I mean.

I just want what's best for her.

Oh, we all do, but I wouldn't
say anything to Izzy just yet

because she's been let
down so many times before.

Still, you should be prepared
in case she shows up:

the court is most likely
going to grant her custody.

Now I think I know how Henry felt

when they were going to send
me back to Fenster Hall.

He was so distracted,
he put his sweater vest on backwards.

I'll be there for you, too,
as a friend and a lawyer.

And as your friend,

I will not bill you as a lawyer.

I got to get back to work. Chin up.

Part of me hopes that her mom shows up

so that Izzy isn't let down again.

But the other part of me
hopes that she doesn't

because I want her to stay,
and I love her.

I know it's selfish.

No, it's not.

Selfish is the fact
that I'm about to eat

that last pita chip.

[CHUCKLES] No regrets.

Hey, Izzy. You ready for the hearing?

Sure. Whatever.

You want to talk about it?

Look, we're all big girls here.

We know my mom is not coming,

so let's not make a big deal out of it.

Okay, we'll make whatever
size deal you want.

Hey, can I ask you a question?

Do you remember the lady
you met the other day?

What did she look like?

Yeah. She had hair, eyes and ears.

Huh. That narrows it down.

I'll draw you a picture.

Do you really think it was your mom?

I think so, but I'm not ready for that.

If we ever do meet,
it's got to be on my terms, not hers.

You know, you got a lot
on your plate with Travis

about to take off and Izzy m...

You got a lot on your plate.

Nothing I can't handle
with a little Punky power,

but I might need some Cherie power, too.

I don't want to lose Izzy, you know?

I know. I feel the same way.

And you're talking to your phone.


Ooh. Sean's texting.

Talk later. Love you.

Why do you always say love you

when you're texting Madison?

Because she's my bestie.

It's what we do,
and stop listening to my conversation.

Then text in silence
like a normal person.

Hey, Sean.

We're cooking dinner for
Izzy if you want to stop by.

Love you.


You just texted love you to Sean.

No, I didn't. Why would...

Oh, my God, no!

No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no!

He's texting back. He stopped.

He started again. He stopped.

You should do everything in silence.


He sent a thumbs up.

How is that a response to
an accidental love you?

Could've been a different finger.

You don't have to answer
everything, Daniel.


Hey. I was just...

Smelling Izzy's hat?


Give me a whiff.


Aw, that's rank.

Yeah. I should probably wash it.

It's not fair. She belongs here.

Everyone deserves a second chance,
even Izzy's mother.


- We're back.
- How was it?

Dad let me get a tattoo.
It's of a sun just like yours.

The dude said it's temporary,

but he doesn't know my bathing schedule.

- We went go-kart racing.
- Guess who won?

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

It's not about winning.
It's about having fun.

That's not what you said when
you b*at us at laser tag.

That's because I won.

Sounds like Dad-apalooza was a success.

Yeah. We had a really good time.

Well, I should probably go get packed.

Big day tomorrow,
first gig and all that, so get in here

and give me some hugs that
are going to last a few weeks.


Remember, eat leafy vegetables,

stay hydrated,
and stay out of Wisconsin.

You remember what happened last time.

Shouldn't I be the
one giving you advice?

If it makes you feel better, sure.

We got something for you.


Guess we both have
big days tomorrow, huh?

- Yeah.
- You have my e-mail, right?

I do. I just don't have
an e-mail account.

Maybe I'll send you a postcard.

Make it a letter.

That way, you can slip me a fiver.


I don't want to say goodbye,
so I'm just going to say,

"nos vemos,"
which means we'll see each other.

- Nos vemos.

Check it out, Dad!

No way! A new guitar case, sweet!

We all signed it.
I drew the heart right there.

Oh, that thing that looks like poop,

- it's really a teardrop.

You guys, this is so great.
Ooh, check out that bird.

It's a swallow. No matter where you fly,

you can always find your way back home.

I drew the duck.

It's just a duck.


Scrambled eggs are done.
Where's the chili?

Who puts chili on scrambled eggs?

We're not at camp.

It's Izzy's favorite.
I'm following her recipe.

- I'll get it.

Got to add the jalapeños
and the Velveeta.

Don't forget the secret ingredient.

Heart failure?

- Hey.
- Hey.

I hope that text I sent wasn't weird.

I say, "Love you,"
all the time to people.

Hey, Hannah.
How much is a buttload of ketchup?

I have no idea. Love you.

What? Gross.

Okay. Here is the thing.
I sent love you by mistake.

I just don't want things to be weird.

Oh, no big deal.

I mean, it's kind of soon
to be saying those things.

Yeah. So glad that's settled.

Small thing. You
texted back a thumbs up.

Yeah. That's good, right?

I mean, you're the first girl
I ever gave the thumbs up to.


I finally got her in the bath.

She's a kicker.

Hey, Mom,
how much is a buttload of ketchup?

Two cups. I speak Izzy.

Do we have to politely eat this?

It was sweet of you
guys to do this for her.

Well, it might be her last dinner here,

so we wanted to make
it something special.

Or this.

- Hi, Ms. Brewster.
- Hey. Thanks for coming.

I was kind of hoping

we weren't going to have
to do an Izzy-palooza.

Me, too.

But it's not always we want.
It's what's best for Izzy.

Do you think our biological
parents will ever show up

and want us to live with them?

We legally adopted you guys,
but as I've said before,

if you ever wanted to reach out to them,

it would just make our family bigger.

What about Diego?
Can they take him away, please?

You made my favorite!
But I'm not that hungry.

I appreciate what you're doing,
but I doubt I'm going anywhere.

When I was your age,

I thought I might never
see my mom again, either.

But there's always that possibility.

I've heard that song before.

You don't have to say it
to make me feel better.

She's right.

There's always a chance that
your mom will come through.

Okay. Pile it on.


- I can't sleep.
- Me either.

Come on up.

I think it's hope that's
keeping me awake.

That and the chili.

You know, whatever happens tomorrow...

It's okay. I know
you're going to miss me.

I was wondering where you went.

- Room for one more?
- Always.

I had a bad dream. So did Brandy.

You know what?
We should have a slumber party.

Yeah! Come on, Brandy.

- Hi, boy.
- Hey.

- What's going on?
- We're having a slumber party.

You guys are crazy.

Diego is thinking about tomorrow, too.

He just processes things differently.

You can't have a slumber
party without popcorn!

- ALL: Yeah!

- Diego!
- Ah!



- You didn't have to come.
- I wanted to be here.

After all, you love me.

And I heart you.

Judge Nadeski,
seeing that Ms. McCollister

has not appeared, we would like a ruling

on the continuation
of Izzy's foster status.

We'll give her a bit
more time to show up.

Travis, what are you doing here?

You're supposed to be in Kansas.

I was halfway there,

but I couldn't stop thinking
how being here for you guys

and Izzy was more important,

so I told the band I'd miss
a few gigs and just catch up.

- I'm glad you're here.
- Me, too.

Nice move, Dad.

I still got a few of
them in my back pocket.

So what did I miss?

Izzy's mom hasn't shown up yet.

But at least being in
a courtroom gives Diego

a glimpse into his future.


He just means if you ever
decide to be a lawyer.

Yeah, that's what I meant.

I am prepared to make my decision,

but before I do,

I just have one question for you, Izzy.

Are you happy where you are?

Yes, buttloads.

Well, then,
in light of Miss McCollister's failure

once again to appear
in front of this court

and Miss Johnson's strong
recommendation to the court,

I am extending Isabella
McCollister's foster care

under Penelope Brewster,
if that's acceptable to you.


Sorry. Go ahead, Mom.

Yes, Your Honor. Buttloads.

Well then, it's settled.

- You okay?
- Yeah. It's just...

I guess I thought my mom would
show up for me this time.

I'm sorry, Izzy.

You know, it's okay to love your mom

and want her to be here,

and it's okay to be disappointed.

It's okay to be mad at her.

It's okay to be all those
things at the same time.

You're a mind reader, lady.

Not many people can say this,

but I know exactly how you feel.

It's okay because you showed up for me.

You all did.

And we always will.

Aw, man.

Guess we're stuck with
each other for a while.

Bummer for you.

Bummer for you.

What do you say we blow this joint

and go get some ice cream?

I just want to warn you.
It might be a two-scoops day.

We are done.

Oh, this job can be stressful.
Can I get a massage?

We are in a court of law.

Meet me in the hall.


Are you okay? This is good, right?

Yeah. I'm really happy,
but I'm not going to lie,

it's bringing up a lot of old stuff.

I mean, if Izzy's mom
deserves a second chance,

maybe mine does too.

- Oh.
- That's real sweet.

Can you get out of my courtroom, please?

We're having a moment.

I'll allow it.

Thanks for being there for me, Cherie.

I'm so nervous.

You got this, Punky.
Just sit facing the door, okay?

And if you need backup,
I am only a few minutes away.

I also put some pepper spray
in your purse just in case.

It's a coffee date,
not a Liam Neeson movie.

I just came extra
early to get psyched up.


Oh, no.

Sorry. Wrong mom.

That is the third random
woman I've called mom!

How am I supposed to recognize her?

You'll know.

This drawing Izzy made isn't helping.

Oh, my God. There she is.

- Are you sure?
- Yes!

My Punky senses are tingling.

And there she goes.

Oh, no way you're ditching me,
not again!

I'm going to follow her.

You're right!
This is like a Liam Neeson movie!


She just walked into this place.

I'm not sure what
I'm getting myself into.

You got this, Punky.

I got this.

Would anybody else like to share?

I would.

- I'm not supposed to be here.
- It's okay.

I said that when I was a newcomer.

- No. You don't understand.
- We all understand.

Hi. I'm Susan, and I'm an alcoholic.

ALL: Hi, Susan.

I've been sober five years,
but I struggle every day.

Each time I quit,
I'd swear that it was for good

and that I was going
to get my life back,

and I got real good at lying to myself.

I still am.

But I've never been five years before.

That's why I finally feel strong enough

to make amends to the person
who most deserves an apology,

my daughter,

who I abandoned when she was .

And in minutes,

we're going to meet up again
for the first time since.

God, I'm afraid,

but I'm here for support
because I just so badly...

I want to be strong for her.

Thank you for the share.




I took a bear claw.
Should I put it back?


You grew up.

You look... so beautiful.

I forgot how you looked.

I tried to hold on,

but every year,
it became more and more of a blur.

Kind of like this picture.


Honestly, that's sort of
how I felt back then.

I know that there's no
excuse for what I did.

No, there's not,
so don't try to give me one.

We can just sit here a while.

Actually, give me one.

Punky, I know that you think
that I was taking care of you,

but the truth is,
you were the one taking care of me.

I was out of control. I was strung out.

I knew that I wasn't going to make it.

I didn't care about myself,

but I did care about you,

and I couldn't risk you
not making it, either.

So you just left me?

And I'm not asking you to forgive me.


Because I forgave you a long time ago.



Oh, my God.


Is that a sun tattoo?


Oh, wow.

That is just weird! [LAUGHTER]

Mine symbolizes the
music box you gave me

when I was a little girl
with the song about the sun.

Mine just covers up
a Limp Bizkit tattoo.

Look at that. Wow. God.

Let me guess. No feet on the table.

Yeah. Got it.

I guess if we can't put
feet up on the table,

then I cannot show you
where the rest of mine are.

I have something for you.

It's a letter I wrote a long time ago

right after Hannah was born.

That's her spit-up right there.

I tried to imagine how hard it
was to let your daughter go.

But it's also about how
I never would've known

Henry or Cherie,

how I might not be holding
my beautiful baby girl

had you not left me behind.

In a way, it's about how grateful I am.

I have a good life, and I am okay.

I'm so glad that you have had

a good life,

whether I'm in it or not.

Do you want to be in it?

Do you want me to be in it?

I don't need a mother. I had one.

His name was Henry.

But I could use a friend.


BOTH: Can we get some napkins?


I can't believe I'm saying this,

but I'm really excited
to get to know my mom.

Mm, I am not going to
make it easy on that woman.

Oh, so for the wedding colors,

we are thinking blush
pink and sage green.

Gold and g*n.

You already sound like you're married.

Hey, where were you today?

I went to see an old friend.

Uh-huh. Yeah.

I've been hearing a lot about
this old friend recently.

You know I'm going to find out, right?

I'm going to tell you all about it,
but right now,

I just want to sit back
and enjoy the moment.

I'm going to enjoy the moment, too.

- We got pizza!
- Whoo!

The moment just keeps getting better!

And a Caesar salad, yoo!

Why ruin the moment with lettuce?

Rock and roll.


Now there's just one
more thing for me to do.

- Get some pizza?
- No.

Start the adoption process for Izzy.

You know what you're getting into.

This could get messy.

Messy is kind of my thing.

I want to be Izzy's Henry.

Besides, my Punky power says,
"Bring it on."

Diego is taking three slices!

What do you care if
you're eating a salad?

Guys, guys, there's more
than enough for everyone.

Keep those mushrooms away from me!

Give me a buttload of red pepper.


♪ All together now ♪
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