01x04 - You Don't Hunt, You Don't Eat

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cruel Summer". Aired: April 2021 to present.*
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A Chilling Tale of a girl who mysteriously vanishes and another one who takes over her life.
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01x04 - You Don't Hunt, You Don't Eat

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Previously on "Cruel Summer"...

I'm sitting here with Kate Wallis, who was abducted and, thankfully, rescued.

Jeanette Turner, I hope you rot in Hell.

The last thing in the world that this sh*thole town needed was another Kate Wallis.

- Thanks.

- When you make false allegations about sins like adultery, that is very unflattering. We have to be careful.

She's starting to nose around.

JAMIE: Kate's back now. I can't abandon her.

I won't.
If she wasn't there, then how would I have this?

REPORTER: A strange twist in the shocking story of Jeanette Turner, Texas woman accused of failing to report Kate Wallis missing, is that these two will now face off in a legal battle. The defendant is Kate Wallis. What other sloppy seconds of mine do you want, hmm?

- (tires squeal)

- You are actual trash, Jeanette Turner!

(modem beeping, buzzing)

(suspenseful music playing)

ASHLEY: OCD as usual.

From the looks of your barrel, you could learn a thing or two.

Keep your eyes out of my barrel.


Look, we respect the g*n.

- Safety first...

- BOTH: Cleanliness second.

Okay, smart ass.


- Katie Kat.

- Hi.

Clean as a whistle, huh?

Well... yeah, 'cause you're OCD.


Do my girls think alike or what?

Yeah, I guess we do.

I am going to go grab my bags.

(door opens, closes)

She always takes a minute to warm up when she comes back from her mom's.

You know that.

(suspenseful music playing)

No, no!

No, no, no, no, no!

(door closes)

I don't want any more trail mix!

I wanna go home.

They redecorated the dining room.


Couple months ago.

They were looking at wallpaper samples while I was locked in a basement.

I'm sorry, I...

I don't know.

I'm actually here to see you.

LAWYER: What tasteful wallpaper.

I'm paying you for your legal expertise, not your uninformed opinions about home decor.

(lawyer clears throat)

I need to impress upon you all what is at stake here: Kate's reputation, meaning the Wallis reputation, nationwide...

and a very large sum of money.

I don't want to hear about what we could lose.

I want to hear that the best lawyers money can buy will ensure that we win.

How do I prepare, exactly?

Baby, that's what the lawyers are for.

Then why don't you let them speak?

Jeanette's been preparing and building her case in secret for months.

Yes, like a venomous snake.

She was smart to do that.

Sociopathic and no conscience or soul, but smart.

Lucky for us, I'm smarter.

And I don't go hunting without arming up first.

So I am asking, how do I prepare?

Uh, Jeanette's alleging that you knowingly spread false information which caused her to suffer damages.

Her lawyers will try to paint Kate as an unreliable narrator.

I don't lie.

You can ask anyone.

That's good, because they will ask just about anyone.

But they're also going to ask you.

It's not just your integrity in question, it's your memory.

They're gonna try to poke holes in all the details of your story.

Your legal victory lies within the consistency of those details.


we'll go over those details together.

And that is how we prepare.

(discordant soundtrack playing)

(country rock playing on radio)

You're gonna be late for therapy.

Hey, I never asked you...

what did you and the guys end up doing after the garden club party?


That was like two weeks ago.

I just kicked it with Ben.


Why'd you ask?

Like you said, I'm gonna be late.

My parents made me do this, so I don't really know what to talk about.

You're not supposed to talk about anything.

This is a...

it's a safe space.

It's kind of hard to believe in safe spaces anymore.

When was the last time you were somewhere that you truly felt safe?

I mean, I used to think that the world was safe.

I don't know, I liked my bedroom a lot.

SYLVIA: This was before your trauma?

KATE: It's meticulously decorated. Each piece carefully curated. God, I loved it so much. But now it just feels like a different kind of cage. I belonged to it once. Now I don't anymore. ♪ ...of self-control ♪ ♪ Are you locked up in a world ♪ ♪ That's been planned out for you? ♪ ♪ And are you feeling like ♪ ♪ A social tool without a use? ♪ ♪ Scream at me ♪ ♪ Until my ears bleed... ♪

KATE: It's like the world kept on spinning without me, and now that I'm back, everything looks spoiled. Can you help me fix that?


there's not a magic pill that fixes things.

We can do the work.

Wade through your memory, your trauma, together, and we can process it.

So that's a no, then.

Pretend I'm Jeanette's lawyer.

Tell me about the day in question.

Um, I was being held against my will...

Precisely how long had you been in captivity at that point?



I'm not sure.

Well, if you're not sure about that, then what else aren't you sure of?


I was in captivity for months when I heard someone break in, but...

the intruder...

left before I could see them and I went to the windows to...

The windows weren't covered?


I peered through the cages that he placed on the windows and I saw Jeanette fleeing the scene.

And you're sure it was Jeanette?


I saw her, she saw me.

We held eye contact.

I'm sure of it.

Jeanette's lawyer is good.

She's no me, but she's good.

She will...

dig deeper.

Dig deeper how?

Your entire time in captivity is fair game.

They'll try and remind the jury that you were traumatized in a way that could affect your memory.

Here's an easy one.

Why don't you tell me about the day you were rescued?

I was rescued.

What else is there to say?

(Mallory giggles)

(Kate giggles)

I mean, it's hilariously unbelievable, this lawsuit.

(Mallory coughing)

It's bullshit is what it is.


You should not have to defend yourself against that malicious little weenie weasel.

Oh, man...


...a weenie weasel?

Hey, man, it's not funny.

No, no, no, you're right.

You're right.

It's not.

It's terrible.

But your mom's stash makes it really funny!

(both laughing)

(inhales deeply)

I know what to do.


We should go get Dunkaroos.


(car door slams)

Why don't we do this more often?

Well, for starters, we didn't even "do" this, until Joy asked for the Hartwood membership as a wedding gift.

Ten years ago, can you believe that?


That woman was born frothing at the mouth for a chance to k*ll Bambi.

Hey, now.

Where is Mama, anyway?

Uh, she's chatting with Scott.

Something about the roses.


Um, do you think maybe we could talk later, you know, without the parents, about something?

Your mother is not my parent.

Dad, did you remember the earplugs?

ROD: Got 'em.

Well, hot damn.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say y'all look like you're going on a huntin' trip.

Let's sh**t somethin'.

Dude, your house has the dopest snacks.

JOY: Hey!


It's the Calorie Police.


This was taped to the front door.


What the hell is this?

It's pretty self-explanatory.

Now that news is out about the lawsuit, the tides are changing.

Who would possibly send that?




Hey, Babe!


So, you think your mom'll let me sleep in your cabin?

I wish.

She doesn't even let us shut my bedroom door.

A man can dream, right?


Let's talk later.

I'm gonna get my bag, okay?


D.T., phooone hoooome.

When will you give that a rest?

When it stops pissing you off.

Derek Turner!

What a surprise.

You say that every year.

It is no longer a surprise.

Race you boys to the back cabin.

Yeah, loser builds the campfire!

Well, go on.

Nobody likes a loser.

Nobody likes a snob, either.



I hope y'all don't mind, I added another sh**t this year.

Hoo-hoo, I certainly do not mind.


Welcome to Hartwood, our home away from home.

This place is really something.

Even the air smells fresher.

Kate, I invited Mr.

Harris to say thank you for escorting you home safely after the garden party the other night.

Hoping we can keep that between us and the clay pigeons?

- Of course.

It was no trouble.

- Okay.

Okay, skeet sh**ting in minutes.

Hustle your butts!

- Go!

- (guys laughing, joking)


I was just in seeing Sylvia as a formality, in case you were wondering.


I'm also here to see Sylvia, so...

your secret's safe with me.


Not that therapy should be a secret.

I used to think it was, but, um...

Sylvia's cool.

She helps.

Can I ask you what you see her for?

Or is that, like, against the rules?

Oh, I'm in for being the child of divorce, which is very scandalous, depending on who you ask.

That's it?

Divorced parents?


Uh, but the other stuff is pretty heavy.

Not heavy like what happened to you heavy.

More run-of-the-mill verbal abuse heavy?


Not that it's a trauma competition.


okay, um...

I'm Mallory.

Yeah, I know who you are.

You came to my third-grade birthday party.

The one with the pony.

I'm Kate.

The only girl in town with a pony.

Are you even supposed to be talking to me?

Aren't you and Jeanette like best friends?

Oh, uh, we're not friends anymore at all, actually.

Can I tell you something?

Free country?

I saw Jeanette kissing Jamie the other day.

- What?

- Thank you.

Are you gonna call her out?

Why call her out when I can just let the police deal with her?

Are the police...

dealing with her?


let's just say there's some irrefutable evidence that's gonna bite her any minute now.

Can I confess something?


I used to really dislike you...

like a lot.

I don't hear that very often.

Yeah, I'm starting to get why.

This town is literally the Kate Wallis Fan Club.

With the exception of one person, this psycho b*tch from hell.


Yes, I picked up on that very subtle nickname.

Well, that's comforting.

We already know she hates me.

What if it wasn't her?

Who else would it be?

- Baby doll.

- Yeah, sugar pie?


I know you don't want it to be true, but there may be a cockroach or two who believe Jeanette, and if one of those roaches gets deposed, if they undermine your integrity and it loses us this case, we may as well kiss this house goodbye.

Hmm, okay, yeah.

So it is about the house.

And you can kiss your college fund goodbye with it.

And then you'd be stuck in a town that's turned on you without two pennies to rub together for a bus ticket.

You really think that?

The lawyers think so, too.

Come to Hartwood tomorrow.

I see, so that's your end game.

You wanna keep the whole hunting team on our side.


To have the people pledge their allegiance.

With what, blood oaths?

If necessary.

You know Babs Stevenson has a big mouth.

Let's fill it with the correct narrative and have her sprinkle that around town.

- Mal...

- Huh?

- You have to come with me.

- No, over my d*ad body.




- (g*n fires)

- I just want to say for the record that I'm a pacifist.

You mentioned.

Me too.

No sh**ting for me.

Since when?

Since now.

- ROD: Pull!

- (fires)

Well, you don't hunt, you don't eat, and Rod makes a venison dish that is to die for.

God, yes.

- I'm a vegetarian.

- Me, too.

Since when?

HANK: Pull!

- (fires)

- (Joy laughs)

Well, it's a disgrace they disallowed women from skeet sh**t' in the Olympics last year.

I'd have been a shoo-in.


You get used to it.

What's that?

The startle, you get used to it.


- (g*n)

- (target clatters)

You know, our lawyers told us just the most unsettling thing.


- (g*n)

- They're gonna depose folks.

I heard they deposed Vince Fuller.



Well, no one's safe.

We felt obligated to warn you, as our allies.

Would we be under oath?

Well, that should be okay, right?

There's nothin' juicy to spill.

You've always known our Kate to be honest.

So just say so.



Wow, you're a really good sh*t.



(peaceful music playing)

(ominous soundtrack plays)

Hey, there you are.

Derek spilled soda on my shoes.

Dude's a riot, but... also a klutz.

I think he likes you.

Ash, I really do need to talk to you.


It's family stuff so I can't really talk about it with Jamie or my friends, you know?

For the record, the Wallis family "cone of silence" is your mom's doing.

Yeah, I know, I tried to talk to her.

It just turned into this massive fight.


The perfect mother-daughter duo had an actual fight.


God, it was...

it was awful.

Kind of overheard something that made me think that Dad was...

I thought that he was having an affair.

He would never.

Of course not.

The fact that you would even say that out loud, to anyone, is just...

No, and I know that now, and I'm sorry.

A rumor like that could tarnish his integrity, his entire legacy, everything he worked so hard for.

I didn't really think about that.

Of course not.

Dad and I don't have the bullshit privilege that comes with looking like you and your mother.

- I know.

- ASHLEY: No...

you don't.

You couldn't.

And if anyone is stepping out in that house, it's Joy.


If she hears you, she'll k*ll us both.

I don't care.

That woman should come with a "gold digger" warning sign for unsuspecting bachelors.

She's not a gold digger!

She loves Dad.

They love each other.


This "sister" thing you're after?

I'm not into it.

Stop trying.

A distortion in reality, like a nightmare, yeah, that can be very startling.

I mean, I don't usually confuse things.

It's common...

especially after a traumatic experience, we try to protect ourselves from ugly truths.

We can misremember things, we can replace a memory with a version that makes us feel more comfortable, more secure.

I wish that I could shake off what happened to me, but unfortunately I remember every second of it.

Do you want to talk about it?

(shower running)

KATE: In the beginning, we were both learning.

SYLVIA: Learning?

KATE: Our roles. It's not like the basement came with a welcome guide. I was completely in the dark...

(shower continuing)

...left to wonder what he was planning... what his intentions were, how twisted his mind was. That was almost the worst part.


(Kate sobbing, gasping)

Please talk to me.


Why are you doing this?

What do you want from me?

I want you to eat.

KATE: Eventually it was clear what our roles were.

(Kate gasps)

I realized I was a lion in a cage and he was the lion tamer. He stood between me and my freedom. And he realized that I'd claw him to death if I had the chance.


After I took a chance at freedom, things got worse.

Much worse.

JOY: We'll be right there.

(landline hangs up)

You will never guess what.

You're right, I won't.

The police just called about the case.


They want us to come down to the station right away.

You and me, us?

Not now with that.

The police have news.

Let's go.

I bet they found Jeanette's fingerprints on the necklace.

The truth shall set you free...

and throw that little b*tch in jail.

Just gotta grab my lipstick.

(crickets chirruping)

Let me guess, sneaking out?

Your secret's safe with me.

Was it you?

Were you just waiting out here for me like a serial k*ller?

- Was it?

- Was what me, Michael Myers?

The letter.

In what world would I send my best friend a letter accusing her of lying?

In a world where the more she relies on you, the happier you are.

My meat-loving, g*n-slinging little girl is suddenly eating granola and burning incense.


You really are just somehow worse than you even seem.

Oh, I'm as bad as I need to be when it comes to protecting my family.

And Kate may trust you, but I don't.

And if I ever find out that it was you who sent that...

you will be held responsible.

Well, good thing I didn't send it then, right?

Message received, so, I'm gonna go, okay?

You know, you're not a very nice young lady.

And you're not a very nice old one.

What do you think they'll charge her with?

Failure to report?

From where I'm sitting, she's an accomplice to kidnapping.

Well, let's see how she likes being the one held behind bars.

ANDERSON: Thank you for coming in, Mrs. Wallis, Kate.

Of course.

Our family is eager for justice so we are willing to do whatever it takes to...

We don't have a case against Jeanette Turner.


Y'all aren't charging that mousy little wannabe with anything?

What kind of rinky-dink operation are you running here?

This police department is an embarrassment to Skylin.

Is the chief of police aware of this?

Because I will call him myself.

What about the necklace?

Fingerprint analysis was inconclusive.


Jeanette denied it's hers.

Then f*re up a lie detector test...

Mrs. Wallis, we can't go after a teenage girl without hard evidence.

Even if we did, the worst we could slap her with is community service.

So she just gets away with it?!

She'll be begging for community service when the court of public opinion is done with her, I'll make sure of it.

How come I'm the only one?

The only one of what, baby?

The only one that suffers consequences around here.

For anything.

- What the hell are you doing?

- Nothing.

Just, um...

uh, nothing.

Doing "nothing." That's like a strong suit for you?

- Come on.

- No.

No, remember last year's hunting trip?

I was a crappy sister.

Okay, so now we're sisters?


I'm trying to be.

Well, I tried for years.

And then you twisted my words and you left me alone to fend for myself.

I am so sorry I left you alone.

Well, I wasn't alone for long.


KATE: The Big Dipper, but...

- ...come on, that's a gimme.

- (Martin chuckles)

- The Little Dipper...

- Mm-hmm.

KATE: Oh, Ursa Major.



Do you know what an antipode is?

Sounds like something I learned about in college, but remind me?

It's the opposite point on the globe from any given point.

So, the antipode of Skylin would be an island in the Indian Ocean called Port-aux-Français.


I wonder what the constellations look like there.

MARTIN: Southern hemisphere?

It'll all be different.

(owl hooting)

Different sounds like a dream.

Are you cold?


Okay, I've got one for you.


She's a W, five points.

See it?

- KATE: It's awesome.

- (Martin chuckles)

In Greek mythology, Cassiopeia, she bragged about her beauty, ticked off Poseidon, sacrificed her daughter.

A lotta family drama back then.


Back then.


'Cause everything is real peachy now.

You know, family can be difficult.

Or they can super suck, too.

You wanna talk about it?

Family business isn't really supposed to be discussed outside the family, but...

no one inside the family really wants to talk about it, so...

There's just this thing eating at me.

I know that feeling.

You do?

Yeah, uh...

Something really tragic happened to my family when I was about your age.

And, uh... you know, some big family secret.

So I stuffed it down and I never ever talked about it.

- Well, that is very mature.

- (Martin chuckles)


Can I ask what it was?

The tragic thing?

Or is it family business?

My dad...

he committed su1c1de.

- Oh my God.

- I just don't...

I don't normally talk about it.

But, um...

that's why I'm so jumpy around g*n.


Yeah, no, I'd be, too.

He and I had this fight.

It wasn't anything huge, but...

that was the last conversation he and I had.

So I guess my advice would be...

with family stuff...

choose your battles.

I think I can finally fall asleep.

Sleep tight.

Don't let the bed bugs bite.

I had no idea.

How would you?

You're a ghost in this house.

Our parents have been basically married for a decade and we're pretty much strangers.

I want to change that.

Talking might help.

I can listen.

I have a therapist for that.

A therapist is not a sister.

Well, neither are you.

(Kate keying rapidly)

(ominous soundtrack echoing)

MARTIN (voice echoing): This part will be over soon.

(country music playing)

I just love the smell of meat in the morning.

You and me both, friend.

- You got it there.

Right, hon?

- Mwah!

HANK: Thank you, baby.

- Good morning, gorgeous.

- Good morning.

- Sorry.

- HANK: Hey.

Grab a plate, Harris.

ROD: Hey!

Hey, where'd you disappear to last night?

Oh, I just crashed way early.

Couldn't have been too early.

Your sister was blasting music loud enough to shake the cabin walls.

Yeah, and I tapped on your window, and your bed was empty.

Right, I went for a walk first.

I thought you were scared of the woods in the dark.

Oh, well, I guess not anymore.

HANK: Hey, y'all want some eggs?

It's some good living around here...

KATE: Okay, do you think Babs Stevenson has been, like, staring at me?

I think that dumb letter is getting to you.

It's for sure getting to your mom.

Wh-What do you mean?


I wasn't gonna tell you, but...

you're like my favorite person, maybe ever...


You're mine.

Good, good.


I just don't want to keep any secrets.

God, no.

No more secrets.


Your mom accused me of sending that letter, which I would never...

Are you kidding me?

(campers laughing, chatting indistinctly)

KATE: This has to stop.

Come on, girls, hunker down.

Enjoy this nice warm f*re.

Have a seat.

All right, Tucker, you always have the best ghost stories, h*t us.

Actually, I may have one that'll send shivers down your spine.

- All right.

- BABS: Hey, girl.

(Kate laughs softly)

It's about a girl...

called Anabelle.

Found herself in the woods one dark night.

All alone and vulnerable.

See, they were on a hunting trip.

Pretending they could love their pets at home while they sh**t animals on vacation.

Oh, snap.

Pretending that their marriages are perfect.

Hypocrites, basically.

Okay, I think this story's a little too scary.

- Oh, it's terrifying.

- ROD: Maybe we shouldn't.


Wild accusations.

A desperate thirst for gossip.

But back to little Annabelle...

all alone.

'Till she wasn't.

- Who's Annabelle?

- (Babs raps chair)


A man joined her.

A man the grownups trusted.

Now, of course, Annabelle trusted him, too, because...

I mean, why wouldn't she, right?

She was just a child.

And that trust...

led to something unspeakable...

Then I think that puts blood all over the grownups' hands, don't you think, too?

That they were all responsible for what happened to her?

Now, they'd better have all their stories straight, because Annabelle sure has hers.

Secrets are scary because everybody has them.

Well, sleep tight.

Don't let the bed bugs bite.

(Derek sniffles)

- D.T.!

- (Derek chuckles)

'Sup, Ash?

Oh, or should I say "Claire from physics class"?

I needed an alias.

A Wallis cannot be calling a Turner right now.

Tell me about it.

How's Kate?

Hates me.

Hates Jeanette.



Well, the police cleared Jeanette, so hopefully that puts an end to it.

You believe your sister?

I just know Jeanette wouldn't lie about something so serious.



I wish I knew Kate like that, but I don't.


she's shutting me out.

You know, when Jeanette was little...

(distant train horn bl*wing)

...she went through this stage where she was like scared of me for some reason.

(Ashley laughs)

So for about a month, I talked to her using this dolphin puppet we had?

You know, like popping it around corners, doing this funny voice.


"What's up, Jeanette?

Give me some fin."


Yeah, she talked to that thing for hours.

Maybe get a puppet?

Yeah, okay, that was dumb.

Have you ever heard of Berenice IV?


ASHLEY: She was heir to the last pharaonic family in ancient Egypt.

(computer chimes)

- DEREK: Like Cleopatra?

- ASHLEY: Hmm-mm.

ASHLEY: She was actually Cleopatra's cunning older sister.

- But history forgot her.

- (Kate keying)

- She's become invisible.

- (computer alert chirps)

(Kate keying)

(alerts chirping)

She was a risk taker. She was subversive. But she paid a price.

DEREK: How so? She was beheaded.

♪ Nicky's in the corner ♪ ♪ With a black coat on ♪ ♪ Runnin' from a bad home ♪ ♪ And where did you find her? ♪ ♪ Among the neon lights ♪ ♪ That haunt the streets outside ♪ ♪ She says ♪ ♪ Stay with me ♪ ♪ Beautiful girl ♪ ♪ Stay with me ♪ ♪ Beautiful girl ♪ ♪ Stay with me ♪ ♪ She wanna go home ♪

(music stops, echoes)

MALLORY: You've never listened to your therapy session tapes?

I mean, would you want to revisit your own recap of the worst months of your life?

Are you sure you're ready now?

Don't let that stupid letter push you.

It's not just about the letter.

People are gonna start doubting me.

Apparently they already have.

And I told my lawyers that I had my story straight.

I don't know, I think I need to...

revisit to feel... totally confident, you know?

Sylvia says listening to your own tapes can be really scary.

Then I guess I just need to be brave.

My own memory of my time down there is the only reference I got.

The other person didn't make it out alive.

KATE: My parents made me do this so I'm not really sure...

SYLVIA: Wade through your memory, your trauma, together, and we can proc...

(switch clicks, tape forwarding)

KATE: Things got worse.

Much worse.
He came downstairs... right before I was rescued and... something was different. Something was wrong.

And that was when I met Annabelle.

SYLVIA: Who is Annabelle?

(somber rock ballad playing)

(voice muted)

KATE: I don't... I can't...

I can't remember.

(rock ballad swells)


- (song ends)

- (switch clicks)

(somber music playing)
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