01x06 - An Ocean Inside Me

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cruel Summer". Aired: April 2021 to present.
A Chilling Tale of a girl who mysteriously vanishes and another one who takes over her life.
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01x06 - An Ocean Inside Me

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Previously on "Cruel Summer"...

- What's that?

- Kate Wallis left it behind, and I was gonna give it back to her when school began.

I'll see her before then.

Jeanette Turner didn't tell anybody.

She had too much to lose if I was rescued, like my best friends, who suddenly became her best friends.

Get out!

You stole my life because yours was pathetic!

- Come on.

- But you're seriously gonna come after

- my family's money with this lawsuit?

- Come on!

These are ridiculous, baseless teenage rumors.

- Yeah.

- Jeanette would never do anything

- like what Kate is accusing her of.

- I know.

Okay, well then, you should tell your friends that.

That's a good idea.

Are you ready?

With you?

I'm ready.

Are you still on my side?

Being on your side cost me my job, my reputation, my family as I once knew it.

This is yours, correct?

Uh, I had one like it.

You and I both know that necklace belongs to Jeanette.

And our daughter just lied about it.

To the police!

(modem beeping, buzzing)

(rock music playing)



Ten bucks says they come out with messy hair and big, nasty anniversary smiles.

Eww, that's gross!

- Well, let's wait it see.

- Derek.


CINDY: Wow, look at this!

Happy anniversary to us!

- GREG: It most certainly is.

- (Jeanette laughs)

- Happy anniversary!

- Happy anniversary!

A very happy anniversary it is.

Here's to a lifetime more.


DEREK: To a lifetime more!

(laughter, indistinct chatter)

CINDY: The problem is that you keep losing clients right now.

GREG: I lost one client, Cindy.

CINDY: No, this is the third one that you lost this month...

Shining silver on the Titanic?

What's that supposed to mean?

(argument continues in background)

Nothing, sorry.

(argument continues)

This is all my fault.

I can't stand it.


Do not b*at yourself up over this.

This is Joy Wallis's smear campaign's fault.

That's it.

Do you have to move into the dorms today?

CINDY: ...you keep losing clients.

I can't miss pre-season.

I'm sorry, Jean.



CINDY: What about these prank calls we keep getting about Jeanette?

(footsteps approaching)


Uh, happy anniversary.

- Hi.

- GREG: Thanks, kids.

(doorbell rings)

CINDY: I'll get it.

I still don't get why coffee smells so good yet it tastes so bad.

It grows on you.

(door closes)

CINDY: Honey, you splurged on me.

We shouldn't fight today.

Thank you.

- I'm sorry.

- Oh, Dad, that's so sweet.

- This brie looks really good.

- JEANETTE: Yummy.

But I didn't, uh...

"Thank you for setting me up with the perfect home.

Angela." Who's Angela?

GREG: All right, kids.

- All right.

Everybody wave.

- (family laughing)

- Hi.

- Hi, honey.

- GREG: Everybody say hi.

- DEREK: Get outta here!

JEANETTE: I'm gonna win, guys.

I swear, this is gonna be my turn.

- CINDY: I don't know.




(Cindy and Jeanette screeching)

DEREK: No, no!


She's on a roll!

She's on a roll!

Stop her!

CINDY: Stop, stop, stop.

Ooh, wait!

Stop, stop!



I'm not sitting here missing my mommy, if that's what you think.

I'd understand if you were.

I miss my dad.

If he's spending too much time with me, I can...


It's not you.

It's him.

Even when he's right here, he's always just a million miles away.

If I'd just stayed a nerdy little nobody like he wanted, none of this would have happened.



We ladies do not make ourselves less for others.

Do you understand?

Today used to be a holiday in this house.

Now it just kind of feels like somebody's funeral.

(doorbell rings)

We have a problem.

(discordant soundtrack playing)

(guitar playing "Walk on the Wild Side")


We have to see Jason Goes to Hell, okay?

It's the last Friday the th movie ever!

- MALLORY: Uh-huh.

- VINCENT: Right?

I mean, I know they said that about part four, but they really mean it this time!

Well, here's hoping.

That's gonna be a pass for me.


VINCENT: Come on!

"Sneak into a scary movie"...

It's on the list, number .

Also on the list is stealing, lucky number , which, if you hadn't noticed, goes before .


Well then, for the low, low price of nothing, then the new Liz Phair CD shall be mine.

I already stole Martin Harris's yearbook, so for once, I'm ahead.

Wait, you're still coming with us though, right?

Yes, but I would just like to point out the fact that everything Mallory has added to this list is illegal.

Be that as it may...

My cousin Trish, who works at a mall, says that big corporations expect you to steal.

It's called "shrinkage" and it's already worked into the budget.

So, it's a victimless crime.


♪ When I'm gone... ♪

Kate's lawyers are deposing Tennille Peterson's mother, Tanya, at her request, which makes me incredibly nervous.

Who's next?

My mail carrier?

I wouldn't rule it out.

But seriously, what's so special about Tanya?

She claims to have "damning information." Any idea what that might be?

Jeanette, you drank all the coffee?

I saved you some.

Always a pleasure, Greg!

- (door closes)

- Whatever damning information Tanya has on me, I have a lot worse on her.

She's not the one in a legal battle.

If she assassinates your character in the deposition...

She won't.

It could be detrimental to your case if she does.

I said she won't.

All right?


Let's talk about that fit.


Harris is here.


Who cares?

He's the assistant principal of the school, not the mall.

Besides, too late.

Where did you get that?

Uh, from when Janis worked at Contempo for a week before she got fired.

Sailing in as the young, chic assistant principal in this suit will take you a long way with those PTA moms.

(clicks tongue)

Jeez, she's laying it on thick.

That's Tanya, Tennille Peterson's mom!

Makes perfect sense.




Wait, no, no, no, no, no.

I already stole something!


It's a free shirt!

Come on.

Shall we get a jump on all that PTA business over dinner?

You know, thanks, but I really shouldn't socialize with students' parents...


It's just a meal.


Uh, sure.


Pick you up at your place, p.m.?

- MARTIN: Uh, sure, p.m.

- Let's bounce.

TANYA: Hey, can I get you anything else, girls?

Jeanette's on the phone for you.


Her calls keep booting me offline.

It is irritating as hell.

I warned you about her.

Girl cannot take a hint.

Well, neither can you, apparently.

I've been telling you to clean up this pigsty.

We have guests coming over.

Is a social worker finally coming to bring me to my new mommy?

Don't even joke about that.

A few gals are coming over to watch my interview with Molly Green!

They came to my store.

What's your interview about, Mrs.


It's about Martin Harris.

What about him?

You'll just have to watch and see.

Tennille, what do want me to tell Jeanette?

Tell her...

that she's been permanently relocated to Loser Island, where we won't be joining her.


Loser Island.

Population: one.

(girls giggling)

Okay, let's find Vincent and get outta here.


- Hey, Vince.

- (alarm blaring)


Get back here with that CD!

Let's b*at it!


Run, run!

Run, go, go!

(alarm blaring)

(footsteps approaching, keys jangling)

GUARD: Come on!

Wait here while I call your parents.

(Jamie chuckles)

What are you in here for?

Oh, um...



Um, shoplifting.

You're like a... a hardened criminal.


(giggles weakly)

What about you?

I got busted for jumping in the fountain.

- (laughs)

- Oh.


It was a dare.


I'm Jeanette, by the way.

Yeah, I remember.

(phone ringing)

(clears throat)

Turner residence.

WOMAN: Is Jeanette there?

She's not home right now.

Dang, I was hoping for some kidnapping tips.

Who is this?

You and your little friends and your incessant prank calls, you are, you are harassing an innocent family.

- The twisted Turners?

Yeah, right.

- (hangs up)

(dial tone buzzing)


(phone ringing)

(ringing stops)

(ominous soundtrack rising)

(jewelry clattering)



(quietly): Oh, okay.

JAMIE: You don't really get in trouble much, do you?

No, I do.

I mean...

I, um...

I make trouble.

I just don't usually get caught.

What kind of trouble?


- Sometimes...

- Mm?


Please tell me this is a misunderstanding.

(door opens and closes)


- Jeanette!

- (music on headphones)

Jeanette, take your headphones off.

Come here, I need to talk to you.

I'm going to get a snack.

Sit down, I need to talk to you.

(music stops)

What's wrong?


you know you can tell me anything, right?


You're kind of freaking me out.

Well, I'm a little freaked out myself.

Okay, honey, um, I'm gonna ask you a question...

and whatever you say, we will face it together.


Have you ever been inside Martin Harris's house?

Why would you even ask me something like that?

Because if you were carrying a secret like that around, I just think it would feel really good to get it off of your chest.

I am not.

Come on, Mom, they're just stupid rumors.

You gotta ignore them.

Ignoring them is not going to make them go away, you do realize that?

Don't you?

If there is any truth to these rumors, any truth at all, I need you to tell me right now.

Is there anything you need to tell your mama?


If the calls are really getting to you.

You should just change our number, okay?

JEANETTE: It was Mallory's idea.

Don't blame someone else.

What's going on?

If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell Vincent's grandparents or they'll be really mad.

I'm your parent and I'm really mad.



Vincent stole a CD and then I heard the alarm go off and I just grabbed it and I told him to run.

Why would you do that?

Because Vincent and I always have each other's back.

That doesn't apply when it comes to stealing.

It was bad decision making, but...

he would have done the same thing for me.

And he's my friend.

If your mom finds out, she's gonna call Vince's grandfather, and that's not gonna be good for anybody.

What do you say we keep this between us?



Thanks, Dad.

(door opens and closes)

What's so urgent you called me home from work?

- It's Jeanette.

- Is she okay?

She's lying.

Ever since she lied to the police about that necklace, I have had this pit in my stomach...

Why are we talking about the necklace again?

Because you didn't seem to hear me last time, okay?

And now look...

Look, I found this key hidden in Jeanette's jewelry box.

I think this is the key to Martin Harris's house.

That's a little bit of a stretch, don't you think?

I know, just, you...

Just call it a mother's intuition.

I just, I...

I feel it in my bones.

Let's ask Jeanette...

- Yeah, I already did.

- And?

And she denied it.

Okay then.

Well, maybe if you came with me, she wouldn't lie, but she had no problem lying straight to my face.

Or maybe she was telling you the truth.

She's not telling the truth!

I-I don't know what her involvement is in this whole Kate Wallis mess, but...

she is involved.

I know it.

I think, I think we need to go and see if this key fits.

To Martin Harris's house?

Yeah, we should go.

And then if it fits...

Honey, I have to get to a showing.

What do you think people would say if they saw us at Martin Harris's house in broad daylight?

We'll go tonight.

We'll go tonight when it gets dark.

- Cindy.


- And then nobody would see us.


Baby, we raised a good kid.

And then she changed.

She changed right in front of us.

No, she was just...

"blossoming," as you put it.

I just wanted her to fit in.

I just wanted her to be happy.

You can't... blame me for that.

No one in this family is to blame.

If I thought there was a problem...

I would be just as worked up as you are, but I don't.

I have to get to that showing.

I'll see you later tonight, okay?

(departing footsteps)

(door opens and closes)

(door creaking open)



Angela let me in.

Are the lawyers harassing you now, too?


- Sorry, am I overstepping?

- No, no, it's just...

It's weird that you're here.

Which is weird because you used to basically live here.


And, uh, what?

Mallory is an honorary Wallis now?

You two blew up.

You expect her to stay friendless forever?


Being friendless sucks.

You pushed me away, Jeanette.

I figured I ruined enough people's lives.

Going out?


There's something I have to take care of.

You need my help?




Do you mind distracting the reporters while I sneak out the back?

Yeah, I got you covered.


You mind if I, uh, raid the cabinet for dorm snacks?

Uh, yeah, sure.



(tap running, dishes clattering)

Hey, space cadet, what's up?

(shuts off tap)

Do you remember that time you had a tea party outside in the rain with Jeanette?

And you went bananas because our stuffed animals ended up filthy, covered in mud?

Your dad said it was your idea, not Jeanette's.


Was it?

That was a million years ago.

It's not like you're gonna get in trouble for it now.

- I just wanna know...

- I honestly can't remember.

I think your sister is lying and I think your dad is afraid to admit it.

I know I shouldn't tell you that, but...



No, you shouldn't.

Well, I have to because...

there is this ocean inside of me and it is spilling over and I need somebody to talk to, and I need to talk about it.

Mom, stop, please!

Just call Aunt Susan.



she's good at this stuff.



I'm gonna go finish packing.


Hey, wait.

Come here.

I am so proud of you...

my college boy!

You just keep pursuing your dreams.


'Cause complacency is a disease.


You know, if you ask nicely, maybe Grandma will stitch that on a pillow for you.

TANYA: How many?

Uh, I have to count those, miss.

Jeanette Turner.

To what do I owe the displeasure?

I heard you're requesting to be deposed, which is quite unusual, given these depositions can be minefields.

You must have something you're dying to share.

Only the truth.

VINCENT: Why would you cover for me like that?


Because I knew my dad would go easy on me.

You didn't get in any trouble, like at all?

I did get thrown in mall jail.

You seem... excited about that?

I don't know.

It's kinda cool almost getting in trouble, but then not.

Yeah, I don't feel that.

My stealing days are over, okay?

I'm still bummed about that Liz Phair CD.

I was so close.

I can't believe Mallory booked it on us!

She said we were supposed to book it, too.

I don't want to talk badly about Mallory, but do you ever feel like sometimes...

Sometimes what?

She just pressures us to do what she wants to do and she'll never back down?


I agree.

You do?

That we shouldn't talk badly about Mallory.

Cool, yeah, you're right.

Actually kind of like this one.

You should keep it.


It's not me anymore.

This is the best Friday the th.

- Trust.

- Okay.

Maybe you can come over and watch it with me?

Narrate all the scary parts, like I know you love to.

I do love that.

(doorbell jingles)

(clears throat)

Hey, Ben.


(clears throat)

You renting a movie?

Yeah, I was.


I think I lost track of time, though.

I should get to the gym.


(doorbell jingles)

Can we, uh, please just pretend you didn't see that?



Having a secret like that must be really scary.


if that's what you really want, we can pretend I didn't see that just now, or we can pretend like it didn't happen, but...

you seem happy.



Okay, good!

Then we're all happy.

You can tell Ben we're all happy, all right?


(door closes)

TANYA: Oh, my God.

It's huge!

MARTIN: I'm sorry it's so messy.

I didn't realize you'd be coming over.

TANYA: Isn't that the beauty of your idea to meet earlier?

More time for drinks after.

MARTIN: That part was your idea, but...

JEANETTE: I don't know.

I feel like even my mom's believing the rumors a little bit now.

- No way.

- Yeah.

I don't know, she was acting really weird earlier.

You should have seen her.

If it makes you feel any better, you've always got me.


Forever, baby.

- (Jeanette giggles)

- (doorbell jingles)

Hey, guys.


Oh, this is awkward.


I've been calling.


It's called screening.

Caller ID?

Hey, your mom's interview is on.

Turn it up.

In public, Martin Harris laid on that whole Midwestern act, but the moment that he got me alone...

he was so forceful.

TANYA: Who is this little creature?

That's my nephew.


For a second there I thought that you were a single parent, too.


No shared kids, pets or property with my ex-girlfriend, which I'll take as a blessing.

Yeah, exes are the worst.

He became...


He offered personal details, unprovoked.

I got him good in the end, though.

MARTIN: How's that?

But I'm betting you're very trustworthy.


My ex pays child support, thinking that he's my daughter's biological daddy, but he "idn't."

MARTIN: Yeah, I shouldn't know something that personal about one of my students.



I think he'd have said or done anything to get me to go to bed with him.

- (loud rock music playing)

- TANYA: Ooh!

- (music stops)

- TANYA: Oh, my...

I must've sat on the remote...

Oh, and look at the mess I've made!

Oh, my.

MARTIN: Let me get you a towel.

I'll be right back.

Oh, this is...


When I think about what happened to Kate Wallis, I just can't help but think...

that could have been me.

She's lying.

How the hell would you know?

Are you seriously defending a pedophile?

- No.

No, I...

- We're closing anyway,

- so y'all should just go.

- My mom is not a liar.

I-I didn't mean that.

- But you said it.

- I didn't mean it.

Your mom is a freak-show has-been

- and everyone knows it.

- What?

And since you don't seem to be getting the memo, so are you.

Let's just go to Blockbuster, come on.

- I'm just gonna go.

- Jeanette.

Are you dating anyone?

Who would I be dating, one of the Menendez brothers?

Well, when a boy just hangs around waiting for you to come home, I guess he likes you.


- What?

- That's funny.

- (Jeanette laughing)

- VINCENT: What's funny?

- JEANETTE: Oh, Vincent.

- VINCENT: What?

Angela thinks we should date.

I think you're cute together is all.

Ew, no, Jeanette's like my sister.

- Literally.

- (Vincent laughs)

I'm headed to work.

- ANGELA: Bye.

- VINCENT: (mouth full)


Bye, Ange.

JEANETTE: Thanks for picking me up at the last minute.

We can drive now.

Okay, what happened?

It's just Renée and Tennille.

Jeanie, I told you to quit hanging out with them.

Good news: they made that decision for me.


Do you have to leave for college?

Why are you buggin' about this?

I just feel like everyone's jumping ship on me.

I feel alone.

Does it need more salt?

No, no.

It's just kind of hard to kick back when Tanya could be destroying your case any minute.

You need a distraction.

GREG: What about cards?


You love Nerts.

Did Angela say something?

GREG: I hope that's okay.

I'm sorry I haven't been...

I thought you wanted your own space.

I do love Nerts.

LAWYER: Do you have reason to believe that Jeanette Turner isn't telling the truth?

Jeanette Turner...


What are you doing in here?

I won't tell about what you said about Tennille.

I didn't see you and you didn't see me or hear anything.

- Deal.

- Go.

- Scoot.


- (departing footsteps)

Oh, my God.



I won.

I won!

Look, look!

- Two out of three.

- Look, look!

Yeah, two out of three.


- Fine, you bet your butt.

- (telephone ringing)

VINCENT: Shit, do you think that's your lawyer?

(ringing continues)


Jeanette Turner says that she never saw Kate and...

I have no reason to believe otherwise.

I hope your memory's clear about what you think you know.

Well, I'm pretty sure what you're doing right now is highly illegal.

Illegal like child support and paternity fraud?

Careful there.

I think it's you who needs to be careful.

I mean, these lawyers, they love a good story.

But I'd be careful about what story you think you know.

Because there's provable facts and there's hearsay.

And hearsay doesn't really amount to much.

But the provable facts I know could have devastating consequences on your family as you know it.

Your word's as good as toilet paper in this town.

You wanna bet on it?

Because I think I can be pretty convincing.


But you had said...

something about an incident?

Well, you know...

now that I really remember...

that whole thing was just a misunderstanding.

DENISE: Tanya Peterson had exactly zero interesting things to say.

Thank God.

And if you had anything to do with that...

I don't ever wanna know.

- (phone hangs up)

- (dial tone buzzing)

JEANETTE: You ready for the next round?

Could I get a Cosmo, please?


(ice clattering)

It's my wedding anniversary today.

♪ You burden me with your questions ♪

♪ You'd have me tell no lies ♪

♪ You're always asking what it's all about... ♪

ANGELA: Happy anniversary.

Well, it was.


We're not together anymore.

But I guess you knew that?

Right, Angela?

♪ You're unbelievable ♪

If you're here to cat-fight,

- that is not a thing I engage in.

- Oh, God, no, no, no, no, no.



I was...

I was driving home to my old home.

I was feeling sentimental today, I guess.

And when I should have turned right, I just kept going straight.

I think I'm incapable of going backwards.

So you came here?

Derek told me you worked here.

And I'm...

I am dying to know...

how is she?

Derek still talks to me, but Jeanette doesn't, not really.

She blames me for the separation.

Just tell me anything.

She misses you.

Do you wanna have a drink with me?

(door closes)

Oh, hey.


Two more houses fell out of escrow.

So that's...


Do you remember how I wanted to be a flight attendant?

Oh, is that what the whole "d*ad body on the airplane" was about?


No, it's...

I'm sorry, I'm, I'm confused.

Just listen.


I always dreamed of flying the friendly skies as a career.




It's not funny!

- No, I'm not laughing.

- You are laughing.

You're just chuckling.

You just made it seem like there was something really important.

You... you're so serious.

I am serious.

This isn't a joke!

My mom sacrificed everything for us.

To the point where she just...

disappeared, I think.

My mom did the same thing.

That is the blueprint they gave us, right?

Sure was.

I wanted to break that cycle by example.

Maybe I was naive to think that wouldn't come at a cost.

But I wanted to leave a different blueprint for my kids, especially for my daughter.

I had to.

If you started an entirely new career after raising two kids...

you are one hell of an example.

So are you.

You started a whole new career.

Running this bar.


I own it, actually.

I like you, Angela.

I can see why Greg likes you.

You're just...

you're smart and you're open...

and you're bold.

Bold freaks Greg out a little bit, but deep down he likes it.

I like you too.

I'm glad.

And surprised...

we can just sit here together like this.


Well, it's not like I stole your husband.

You left him, so...

Wait, I'm sorry.

Hang on.

Is that what he told you?

CINDY: I had a dream.

I had like a real dream.

And then somewhere along the way, it just sort of evaporated.

Maybe it was a little unrealistic, don't you think?


I don't think it's unrealistic for me to want to have a career.

I didn't say not have a career, but... traveling all the time when we're trying to raise two kids.

I wanted to see the world.

Maybe I wasn't loud enough about that desire, but...

I have been plenty loud about Jeanette.

What does Jeanette have to do with this?

CINDY: I think you're right.

I did push her to blossom, but I never showed her how.

No wonder she's made some really bad mistakes.

You know what?

Since my suspicions weren't enough for you, I suggest that you go and you try this key for yourself.

Wait a second.

Did you go to his house?

It shouldn't matter.

I told you that I knew something was going on.

- It does matter.

- Why do I have to have proof for you to take me seriously?

- I didn't say you had to have proof.

- You don't take me seriously.

You don't!

I'm gonna go stay with my sister for a little while.

What do you mean, now?

CINDY: I mean, it's not forever.


I just need...

I need some time to think.

I'll come back and I'll...

I'll talk to Jeanette about all of it.

It's our anniversary.

I am sorry about that.

You know what, Greg?

When you finally face what is actually happening with our daughter...

you will be exactly where I am right now, and it's gonna break your heart.

It is excruciating.

And so lonely...

without you here with me.


(door rattles open)

(slams shut)

♪ Who will save your soul ♪

♪ When it comes to the flowers now? ♪

♪ Who will save your soul ♪

♪ After all those lies you told? ♪

♪ And who will save your soul ♪

♪ If you won't save your own? ♪

(lock clicks)

♪ Save your own ♪

♪ Who will save your soul ♪

♪ When it comes to the flowers now? ♪

♪ Who will save your soul ♪

♪ After all the lies you've told? ♪

(objects clattering)
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