01x09 - A Secret of My Own

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cruel Summer". Aired: April 2021 to present.
A Chilling Tale of a girl who mysteriously vanishes and another one who takes over her life.
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01x09 - A Secret of My Own

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Previously on "Cruel Summer"...

- Cool necklace.

- Thanks.

I got it for my birthday.

I need that snow globe.

Why would that piece of junk be important?

MARTIN: I noticed you at the garden club party.

Just the way that you were mingling with the adults, I mistook you for one of them.

Well, why didn't you say hi?


KATE: Remember when I said that I had a big family secret that's been eating at me?

Sounds like it's time to shed some light on the situation.

KATE: That's exactly what I needed to hear.

You are being such a little brat!

- And you're being a b*tch!

- (Joy gasps)

Run away, until you come crawling back with your tail between your legs.

(modem beeping, buzzing)

(suspenseful music playing)

I just feel so lonely in my own house and in my own life all of a sudden.

How did that happen?

You're not alone.

I'm here.

I'm listening.

Let's revisit the concept of grooming.

A groomer isolates their victim.

He saw your unfulfilled need to confide in someone...

then positioned himself as the singular person to fulfill that need.

Groomers pose as saviors...

when in reality, they're predators.

That false sense of security he built was a well-laid trap.


SYLVIA: Are you able to see that reality?

It's hard.

When there's something I haven't told you.

I wasn't... - Kate.

- (gasps)


I was looking for you.

How did you sleep?

Like a baby.

KATE: I wasn't always locked in the basement.

(discordant soundtrack playing)

(telephone rings)


No, Mom, it is not a good time.


Kate stay out all night?

She's probably feeling pretty proud of herself wherever she bunked up.

Should we call the police?

Do you really want our -year-old on their radar as a troublemaker?

- You're not worried?

- I'm worried sick, Rod, but I'm trying to think straight.

Kate wouldn't put herself in harm's way.

She's somewhere safe.

And she'll show up for her first day of school.

I'll put eyes on her there.

You tell her we're sorry.

We'll sort everything out as a family, which, Joy...

we still need to do.

As soon as Kate is home safe.


I have to head into work early for a staff meeting.

Do you think you can manage the walk to school on your own?


Thank you, Martin, for listening.

For everything.

Kate, I really like our friendship and...

I've never connected on this level with another student before, but...

it's "Mr. Harris."

At least at school.



("Linger" by The Cranberries playing )

(car engine starts)

♪ But I'm in so deep ♪

♪ You know I'm such a fool for you ♪

♪ You got me wrapped around your finger ♪

♪ Ah, ha, ha ♪

♪ Do you have to let it linger? ♪

♪ Do you have to, do you have to ♪

♪ Do you have to let it linger? ♪

♪ Oh, I thought the world of you... ♪

KATE (quietly): Shit.


(smoke detector beeping)

- Kate?

- (beeping continues)


I wanted to surprise you with a frozen pizza, but it... it b*rned.

- Why weren't you in school today?

- I was thinking about what to say...

you know, about where I've been and...


I need your help.

I'm not really a good liar.

Your mother came to school looking for you.

She came to me specifically.

Look, you need to go now.

If she calls the police, if they found out I lied, I could lose my job or worse.

I'm so sorry.

I didn't mean to get you in any sort of trouble.

You need to go.


I'm going.

I'm going right now.

- (Kate stomping)

- (Martin sighs)

(telephone rings)





Well, that's, uh... that's terrible news.

Thank you, Detective, for letting me know.


You're officially a missing person.

The police are looking for you.

I can fix this.

I'll go home.

I'll tell them...

Tell them what, that you've been here almost hours and I lied to your mother about it?

I don't know.

I told you, I'm not a good liar.

I need your help.

I need to think.

Don't drink that.



I forgot you were underage.


what'll we do?

I should have called your parents or the police last night,

- but I didn't, that's on me.

- No.


No, my mom h*t me.

You were just helping.

You know, sometimes a distraction helps me think.

A distraction?



when I'm stuck on a homework assignment I like to go for a run.

I mean, I know that that doesn't really help us here though, so...

what about a game?

Do you have Monopoly?


Okay, well, what about a deck of cards?

Uh... maybe somewhere, yeah, but...

How about...

"Never Have I Ever"?

A drinking game?

Yeah, we're already drinking.

You're very convincing, you know.

Well, I am Debate Team captain, after all.

Never have I ever been on the debate team.


I handed you that one.

You know the rules.

Drink up.



(sets down glass)


(smooth jazz playing)

(both laugh)

Never have I ever had pancakes for dinner, but you're right, it's the b*mb.

Well, breakfast for dinner is the best.

(both laughing)

KATE: I still feel bad for Martin, I think, because of our friendship, before it all went wrong.


Friendship happens between two willing parties.

Given the power dynamic between you, I wouldn't call it that.

I don't think he could help himself.

How old are you?

How old do you think I am?

Old enough to be very wise.

Age tends to do that.

You got to admit, I'm wise beyond my years, too.

You were the one that mistook me for an adult at first.

You're right, you're an old soul.

It's your turn.

Never have I ever...

been on a road trip.

Ah, you got me there.

Where to?

I drove my car from Maine all the way down the East Coast through Florida, until the road just...

ended in Key West.

Felt like the end of the Earth.

What made you drive that far?

Was it for a girl?

- It was.

- Hmm, very romantic.

You should visit Key West sometime.

It's a wild place.

You might need a tour guide.

Someone wiser?



I told you a game would relax us.

You're right.

We'll figure this out.

Your turn.

If you say so.

Never have I ever...

kissed someone older.


You got me on that one.

Jamie... is six months older.

Have you ever kissed someone significantly older?


Are you daring me to?


I'm only kidding around.

You're ridiculously beautiful and smart and everything, but no.

Because that would be crazy.

Would it?

SYLVIA: Were you afraid of disappointing him?

I was raised to be afraid of disappointing anybody.

I'm sure he noticed that about you.

He noticed everything about me.

Martin liked me for me.

He made me feel sane.

I'm pretty sleepy.

Getting late.

Bed time.

(heartbeat pounding)

(ominous soundtrack playing)

Found you!

(Kate giggles)

But you have to tag me first.

(rock music playing)

♪ This bed is on f*re with passionate love ♪

♪ The neighbors complain about the noises above ♪

♪ My therapist says not to see you no more ♪

♪ She said you're like a disease without any cure ♪

♪ She said I'm so obsessed that I'm becoming a bore ♪

♪ Oh no ♪

♪ God, you think you're so pretty ♪



No more, I'm all sweaty.

Why don't you go run us a shower?

(mouthing words)

REPORTER: Friends and family of Kate Wallis describe her as a popular, bright, and fun-loving young girl and are praying for her safe return...

Field reporter...

- (shower running)

- KATE: ♪ Beautiful dreamer ♪

♪ Wake unto me ♪

♪ Starlight and dewdrops ♪

♪ Are waiting for thee ♪

♪ Sounds of the rude world ♪

♪ Heard in the day... ♪

Don't you wanna skip work and stay here all day with me?

- You say that every day.

- Yeah, 'cause I'm bored without you.

I'm stuck here watching daytime TV for housewives and I have all this energy...

Hey, I have an idea.

I've got a bunch of travel guides I've never had time to read.

Why don't you go through them?

Pick a place for us to go.

Go when?

When it's safe for us.

How about your th birthday?

It'll be your homework.

Okay, so, I did my homework, and I was thinking, maybe we don't go on vacation.

We move, somewhere far away like Thailand.

Far away sounds very enticing.

We could play with the elephants in the wild.

But not in captivity because they're so mistreated and it's awful.

Okay, elephants in captivity, no.

Moving to Thailand, yes.

Or there's this French island called Saint-Malo with a wall around the entire city.

- Sounds very exclusive.

- (French accent)

Oh, we could learn French.

Or we could always do Bora Bora.

White sand beaches...

You in a bikini every day.

I'm in.

Bed time.

What about Morocco?

Do you know Renée's parents?

The Talbotts?

Did you know that they're years apart?

News to me.

I can't wait until I'm older so no one will care about our age difference.

I wouldn't be in such a rush to grow up.

Why not?

After that, we can be a real couple.

My parents already like you.


I miss them.

I'm sorry you have to choose between them and me.

No, I know you are.

I want you to have both.

I want the world for you, but...

we just can't right now.

Not here.


Bora Bora then?

- Mm-hmm.

- (both laugh)

(doorbell rings)

- Who is that?

It's a Sunday.

- No idea.

Just stay away from the door.

Here, get in the closet.

Just stay right there.


Greg Turner.

Hang on.


Hey, sorry to bother you on a Sunday.

My tire blew out.

I was hoping I could use your phone to call my wife.

I'm sick, and, um...

the house is just a bit of a mess, so...

GREG: I won't even look.

Oh, uh, that one's broken.

(dial tone buzzing)

I hear a dial tone.

Comes in and out.

You must have a magic touch.

Planning your escape?

Excuse me?

Oh, those are probably for the "Around the World" theme for the school dance.

Yeah, Jeanette's been raving about it.

If you'd just make it quick, I should get back to bed.



Uh, I got a flat tire.

Yeah, I know.

Martin Harris was nice enough to let me use his phone.


Uh, I'll see you then.

Oh, sh**t.

Do you have someone else here?



Well, the two coffee cups.

Oh, I hope I'm not ruining a little...

romantic morning after.


They're both mine.

Yeah, one's from yesterday.

I just get a little lazy with the cleaning over the weekend.

Well, thank you for letting me use your phone.

My pleasure.

See you soon.

Have a good one.

That was too close.

That wasn't great being shoved in there.

(tools rattling)

(drops hammer)

KATE: What if I wear a mask?

A mask?


Like a Halloween costume for when trick-or-treaters come tonight.

No one will even know it's me.

They'll know it's not me, so who will we say is under the mask?

We'll watch scary movies

- and we'll eat candy.

- (giggles)

We'll make it fun, like we always do.

I have a PTA meeting to get to.

Are the cops still buzzing around at school?

Not really.

The assumption is...

you've run away, out of town.

Everybody thinks that?

It's a good thing, Kate.

If they snoop around and find you here,

- it looks pretty bad.

- For the both of us.


I know.

You're right.

SYLVIA: What do you think kept you from walking out that door?

He made it very clear that I had to choose between him and the outside world.

I couldn't have both.

And for a long time, I chose him.

We had this unspoken rule.

(suspenseful movie soundtrack playing)

We knew what we were doing was wrong, but we never talked about it.

We suspended disbelief.

How does this end?

The movie?

No, our bubble.

It can't go on forever, Martin.


I mean, we can.

Our bubble can't.

(softly): Let's just watch the movie.

(woman screams on video)

By Halloween, I was ready to have real conversations.

You were done suspending your disbelief.

KATE: And he wasn't.

It's funny...

before Martin's...

I hated that my family was one way in public and another way at home.

And then I ended up living a secret life at his house.

I guess "funny" is the wrong word.

Ben Hallowell's gloating must be insufferable since Skylin b*at Medford last week.

I hadn't noticed.

Have you seen my parents around?

How are they holding up?

(clicks tongue)

Honestly, I have been buried in work, so...



What's wrong?


Kate, I know you.

What's wrong?

I just didn't expect apples in the stuffing.

My mama doesn't make it that way.

We can make our own stuffing.

A special recipe we both like.

New traditions.

KATE: He wanted me to pretend that everything I needed to be happy existed in that house, inside with him, at all times.


Soothes the soul.

KATE: By Christmas Eve, the homesickness was crushing.


You haven't left the bed all day.

It's p.m.

What even is time?

You must be starving.

I'll make you anything you want.

I want a soft pretzel.

Like the ones they sell at the mall.

I miss the mall.

And the movies.

And the buttery popcorn and candy.

You know, we watch tons of movies, so...

I miss the mints that they give you at restaurants at the end of the meal.

I miss sunlight on my skin.

And other people.

But mostly the mall.


you know, stay in bed as long as you want.

I'm gonna run some last-minute Christmas errands.

(bell jingling)

(orchestral Christmas music playing)

WOMAN: Honey, I'm starving.

(bell ringing continues)

(tires squealing)

(sirens wailing)

OFFICER: Let's get him!

(bells jangling)

(woman on video, indistinct)

Please don't think...


I wasn't worrying about that.

I knew you'd want me to take the job, sure.

But, Julie... let's get married.

(romantic soundtrack playing)

Let's get married right away, tonight.

I'll be able to send for you in three months.

I'll have the money then.

Three months?

Why the rush to get married now?

- (bell clanging)

- CONDUCTOR: All aboard!

(phone beeps)

MAN: What, do you think I'm gonna let a funny little redhead like you run around loose here?

(phone beeps)

(phone dialing)

Ah, Julie, I've got to have you.

(phone ringing)

(winding snow globe)

(music box playing "Auld Lang Syne")

JAMIE: You've reached Jamie's private line.

- You know what to do.

- (line beeps)

- (owl hooting)

- (dog barking)

MAN: ...till death do us part.

(Kate breathing loudly)

WOMAN: Till death do us part.


(ominous music playing)


(floorboards creak)

(card clicking in bicycle spokes)

(dog barks)

SYLVIA: Why didn't you tell Martin about the necklace?

And about Jeanette?

KATE: I thought about it.


I liked having a secret from him.

What's all this?

You scared me.

Uh, just some presents for you.


one soft pretzel like you wanted.

KATE: A secret of my own, without him, without anyone in on it.

It's a little cold.

I'll heat it up.

KATE: Felt like power.

SYLVIA: It's possible on some level you were hoping Jeanette would alert the authorities.

That way, you would be forced to part, so you wouldn't have to leave him yourself.

Should we sit at the table or...?

Actually, do you mind if I go to bed early tonight?

Anxious for Christmas morning, so you can open your presents from Santa?

Sorry, um, from me?

I don't feel well.

KATE: I did leave, once.

(muffled conversation)

(Rod and Joy laughing)

(laughter continues)


I don't think I've actually laughed for four months.

My body aches.

I miss her so much.


I keep, uh, picturing her coming home to us on Christmas morning.

And then I hear her say, "Hi, Dad..."

Her laughter.

It's like she's still right here.

- (whimpering)

- But she isn't.

Can we cancel Christmas dinner?

I don't think I have it in me.

Come here.

KATE: Seeing my parents happy while I was missing...

it made me realize why I ended up on Martin's doorstep in the first place.

SYLVIA: It ripped open old wounds.

(ominous soundtrack plays)

One more.

(band playing "Jingle Bells")

I love it.

- Will you help me put it on?

- Yeah.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

(choir singing "Joy to the World")

MARTIN: You look stunning.

I could live off these potatoes.

Family recipe.

You'll have to teach me.

You seem different.


It's Christmas.

Is that the reason?


Or are you feeling guilty?

For sneaking out last night.

Christmas was the first time I was truly afraid of him.

He was running out of tools to manipulate you with.

Where'd you go?

Don't be mad.

I will decide when I'm mad and when I'm not.

Where'd you go?

I went to my house.

You live here.

My old house.

But I didn't go in.

I just watched my parents, that's it.

And nobody saw me and I came right back here.

Do you know how bad it would be for me if anybody did see you?

Yes, Martin, I do.

And you did it anyway?

Did you even consider me at all?

I'm so sorry.

You get to go to work.

You get to go to the store.

You get to see people and I'm stuck in here.

- I'm suffocating.

- Oh.

Being with me is suffocating?


No, no, no.

The circumstances.

The hiding.

I can't stand it.

I do everything I can to make it wonderful for you here.

I don't think one place can be anybody's whole world.

You can't ever do that again.

I can't ever...

go outside again?


Not until you're .

You know the stakes here.

That sounds a lot like...

Like what?

Like I'm your dad?


Sounds a lot like you're my kidnapper.

Please don't say that.

Then let me leave.

Is that what you want?


I don't believe you.

Well, too bad.

I'm going.

Maybe not home, but I'll figure it out.

Please think about this.

If people found out about us, my career would be over, my life will be over.

I'm not gonna tell anyone.

People will find out, Kate, whether you want them to or not.

You know, it doesn't look so good for you either.

People were looking for you while you lived here.

- I'll deal with that.

- How?

I don't know, but I want to go!

Where is my suitcase?

I'll pack everything I came with.

It'll be like I was never here.

Kate, please don't do this I was there for you when no one else was.

I took you in.


We love each other.


I'm begging you... don't do this to us.

Where is my suitcase?

It's in the basement.

I'm sorry it had to end this way.

(departing footsteps)

No, I'm sorry.

(door shuts)


(lock turns)



Martin, open the door!

(door rattling)



(Christmas music playing)


WOMAN: ♪ Tell me what you want this year ♪

What are you doing?!

Open the door!

- ♪ A Christmas gift to bring you cheer ♪

- Open the door!

MAN: ♪ I only want to... ♪

KATE: Open the door!


♪ I only want to ♪

- Open the door!

- ♪ There's nothing you could give me... ♪

- Martin, open the door!

- ♪ Brand-spankin' new... ♪

KATE: Please open the door!

Martin, open the door!

♪ 'Cause at Christmas time... ♪

(discordant soundtrack rising over music)

(discordant music playing)
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