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01x16 - V-Day

Posted: 07/10/21 19:01
by bunniefuu

♪ Come on now, push, press ♪

- ♪ More, less ♪
- [All cheering]

♪ Here together ♪

♪ What's your pleasure? ♪

♪ Stop, go, fast, slow ♪

♪ Here together ♪

♪ What's your pleasure? ♪


♪ Here together ♪

♪ What's your pleasure? ♪

DEEJAY: Show me those moves!

- Yeah, f*ck this.
- Yeah.

ARIANNA: Giddy up, bitches!

Operation Steal My Dad's
Booze is happening now.

[Cheers, laughter]


Uh, i-it's just...

I wasn't really gonna
go to... to Riley's.

Oh, well, unfortunately,
sometimes we have to walk

through the valley of
the shadow of death,

so let's go.

[Riley groaning]

- Are you gonna puke?
- No.

Do you want me to stick my
fingers down your throat?

That's okay. Thank you, though.

You did that for me once,
and it was actually, like,

one of the sweetest things that
anybody has ever done for me.

But I'm pretty sure you
actually kinda got off on it.

- Definitely.
- ARIANNA: Andale!

Um, I have to tell you
something. We're waiting on you!

- What? I, um...
- Chop-chop!

- Come on!
- Okay, okay.

- Let's go!
- Okay.

- Come on!
- Babies!

I made V-day choko-lah-tays,

with a special love spell in them.

So if you eat them...
which you f*cking better...

just know you're gonna get
into all kinds of horny shit,

and your truest,
deepest, darkest desires

will be coming true tonight.


I kinda believe in magic, do you?

You guys!

Everyone say, "Thank you, Zaddy Daddy"!

ALL: Thank you, Zaddy Daddy!

Wait, was she talking
about her actual dad?

White girls need to use
"Daddy" less literally.

[Mid-tempo music playing,
indistinct conversations]

[Cellphone chimes]

Thank you, Zaddy Daddy!

Can... Maybe we can just
stop checking our phones?

It's the kids thanking
you for the party bus.

Even though it was my idea
to surprise them with a limo.

- [Sighs]
- Well, the limo place said the bus would be more fun.

And that's apparently the
part I really struggle with.

Sweetheart. Sweetheart,
what is going on?

What is going on?

That's a really great question.

How are you liking the Grenache?

It's, uh... it's terrific.

Yeah, y-you were right.

It, um, it has that wonderful oak.


What's going on is that our son made up

a fake relationship with a...

[quietly] with a boy,

just to upset us.

He pretended to go on dates.

Posted photos.

And obviously, Naomi was
in on the entire thing.

Meaning that our house
was just Lie Central.

And it doesn't seem to bother you.

And I just don't quite understand that.

But there's a lot of
things I don't understand.

"Oaky" wine.


If it tastes like
bark, why is that good?

- [Slurping]
- Did you never wonder

this whole time if...

if he was making it up?

WAITER: Lovebirds!

Ready for another drink?

[Dance music playing in distance]

Oh, shit!


The freezer broke and the magic...

the magic is f*cking f*cked!

The placenta? No. No, no, no, it's okay.

The magic was just
to put out good energy

and to manifest or whatever, right?

'Cause the secret's definitely not out.

CHESTER: Let's go, bitches!

- ♪ Have some juice, honey ♪
- [All laughing, talking indistinctly]

♪ Rich bitch juice,
rich bitch juice ♪

♪ Rich bitch juice,
rich bitch juice ♪

♪ Rich bitch drinking
rich bitch juice ♪

- ♪ Hey ♪
- [Gasps]

[Line ringing]

[All laughing cheering]

Hey, where are you?

- BO: Out front.
- What... What are you doing?

Uh, my dad called.

Okay, can you come and
be gross and PDA with me?

I want to annoy all the single people.

I wanna be that girl tonight, you know?

Oh, wait, I see you.

- Hi.
- Hi.

[Dance music continues in distance]


What... what was that?

I, um...

[Shakily] I think y-you are amazing.

Is this because of
the fake-dating thing?

No. W... Um,

- mostly not.
- Because I really... I feel like you overreacted

to all of it, like, the Nathan thing...

Okay.... his mom...

- No, no, I...
- Or not.

And I just have, like,
major character issues

- and I'm deeply f*cked up.
- No, I'm sure I did...

But I hide it under this
very sparkly exterior.

Okay, so, why are you
breaking up with me?

[Chuckles] I'm really...

boring and nerdy.

- Like, I...
- Mm.

I don't even get w-why you like me.

Like... [Sighs]

I-I don't know. I...

Sometimes I wonder i-if it's more

that you just...

like how much I like you.

But if you like me so much,

then why are you breaking up with me?

You... you are the...
the smartest, funniest...

- That's just...
- Don't do that.

That's, like, no.


Can we just, like...

find a roof somewhere

and you can write a quote on the wall

and talk to me about
"Dungeons & Dragons"

and I can, like, feel, like,
the whole world isn't shit?

Or could we just go anywhere?


[Up-tempo hip-hop plays]

♪ I'm twistin' a spliff ♪

♪ I'm not on a list ♪

♪ I come through the back
and I'm bringin' my own ♪

♪ Bandana my fifth ♪

Hey, man, have you seen Delilah?

♪ Bandana my fifth ♪

♪ Zoo Zoo, I'm Zulu, You Zoolander ♪

Can I get a cup?

[Cellphone chimes]

Girl. You have to tell her.

I know. But I was also just thinking.

There's also a version
where I don't tell her

and she never finds out.

Sometimes not telling is better,

like when you shouldn't tell someone

they look good in dark
lipstick when they look d*ad.

You literally just told me I
look good in dark lipstick today.

No! No! I... I just... I...

At first I wasn't sure, but...

Also, everyone lies all the time,

and when you think about it,
some lies, almost most of them,

are, like, more true
than the actual truth.

I really agree with that, by the way.

Hey, um, I need weed.

I'm driving for a blackout.

♪ I come through the back
and I'm bringin' my own ♪

♪ Bandana my fifth, bandana my fifth ♪

♪ Bandana my fifth, bandana my fifth ♪

Um, by the way I just got dumped.

Yeah, literally just now.

Like, he's waiting outside for his dad.

It's not your fault. Just...

Can we, like, turn up
the music or, like...

mosh pit on the trampoline or something?

'Cause I am so sick of
being judged for who I am.

Like, I am a lot,

and I told everyone that
from the f*cking jump!

Yes, come on. Shit. Come.

♪ f*ck you mean? I
ain't new to this shit ♪

♪ Zoo in this bitch, get
through in this bitch ♪

♪ I'mma talk my shit,
let me talk my shit ♪

♪ Bandana my fifth,
bandana my fifth ♪

Hi, um, even though that this is...

this is literally none of my business,

I... I just wanted to say that, like,

I was the one who started the lie.

Like, h... he was just doing me a favor.

Yeah, no, I... I...

I think, um...

I mean, that wasn't fully it...

He genuinely, really, really likes you.

Like, um, you...

you bring out really good things in him.

Like, he's... he's more
real when he's with you.

[Chuckles lightly]

You're a really good friend to him.

No, I... I'm just his yappy Chihuahua.

Yeah. I don't think so.

- [Vehicle approaches]
- Um...

Uh, my dad's here.

[Car door closes, vehicle departs]

- Hi, loverboy, want a chocolate?
- Uh, no, I don't.

Turns out I gave out the
wrong chocolates on the bus.

Those were the truth-telling ones.

These are the love ones.

But they could help with
your stone-cold heart.

Yeah, uh, I don't think
much can help with that.

You're probably right.

Also, tell Greta not to leave!

Greta, don't leave!

Come on.

I used to hate Valentine's Day, too.

But then I realized it's actually

a very entertaining holiday.

It's all about watching
other people crumble.

[Both laugh]

Like, some years, my dads scream

over which rom-com to watch,
and it used to disturb me,

but now I'm like,
"Yes! Popcorn, please."

[Laughing] Oh, my God.

So, we could eat the truth ones,

and then I could unleash
on Delilah and Naomi.

Oh, my God.

Because technically, it
is after Winter Formal.

And who would you unleash on?

It's kinda obvious, I guess, right?

- Hey, have you guys seen Delilah?
- Yes.

Ooh, are these more of the chocolates?

Thank you so much. These are so good.

[Indistinct conversations, shouting]

- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm... I'm not sure where Naomi is.

That's okay. Um, do
you want a chocolate?

♪ I'm feelin' okay,
it's just another day ♪

That's one of the magic
love ones, by the way.

♪ Waiting, anticipating ♪

I have to find my bag.

- Um...
- Um, look, I just...

I just been really wanting
to tell you that I'm just...

I'm kinda really bl*wn away
by you and how strong you are.

I mean, next to my brother,

I think you're probably
the strongest person I know.

And, like, I love the whole
feminine-niminism thing

that we're doing with Naomi
and it being not traditional

and the whole patriarch thing and...

that you were saying. Um...

Also, ever since you
turned me on to socialism,

I'm, like, that's really f*cking cool

and more people need to know about that.

But there's just one problem.

What's that?

I don't want to date Naomi.

Oh, but you do. Let's go find her.

She's amazing. And you don't know

all the things we've
been through together.

- No, I know.
- What?

No, I mean... Yes, I...

I mean, I...

I like her, but... I...

I want to be a two-person thing.

With you. I'm sorry.

I... I... I know that sounds
really traditional and boring.

And I wasn't gonna
say anything, but my...

my brother was just
like, "Say how you feel,

just be as strong as
her," and I... that's...

Why do you keep saying strong?



DELILAH: So wait, why "strong"?

Oh, my God. Hi.

How's it going?

I don't really want to be here.

I love when Gretita speaks her truth.

Well, Gretita's had a lot of
chocolate tonight, so that...

it might be coming out
more than usual. [Laughs]

Do you know where Naomi is?


Do you know where the f*ck Naomi is?!

- No.
- No.

Okay, go, as hard as you can.

Wait. A... are they back together?

- Who?
- Greta and Luz.

- Ugh! I'll find out.
- No!

- No, no, no, no!
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!


Oh, Jesus Christ.

[Screams, laughs] It's Valentine's Day!

I think love sucks.

I used to not, but I do now
'cause, uh, I had my heart broken.


And, um, but never
mind 'cause, like, it's,

like, literally fine and...
and I'm better off without him.

What I was gonna say is... Why
are you looking at me weird?

RILEY: Okay, you want to just go chill?

No, I wanna talk about love.

Um, I'm personally of the belief

that it's, like, more like
a brief homicidal tendency

and less, like, everlasting goodness.

[Clicks tongue, laughs]

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

[Door slams]

RILEY: Oh, shit.



Oh, hi. Can you guys...

Can you make sure that no
one comes in here, please?

You f*cking told Cooper?!

- Told him what?
- [Door closes]

I was on wisdom teeth dr*gs
plus multiple Percocets!

- And when the dr*gs wore off?
- But just so you know, I was so high,

I was actually talking
about drowning people

- in my own family!
- Yeah, checks out.

Seriously, he was so impressed

and he kept saying how strong you are.

I'm not strong! I didn't do anything!

I just had a f*cking baby in a bathroom

I didn't know I was going to have!

And I just didn't want
anyone to f*cking know

so I could just be me and not...

Why would you do that?!

I'm sorry.

That doesn't make it better! [Sobs]

Also, just so you know,

Cooper wants to date me and not you.

- [Door slams]
- Heeeey!

You remember that party
when you kept saying

that you weren't invited?

I was intrigued, but, like,

kind of sad for you at the same time.


Ow! Ah, shit!

[Indistinct conversations]

Hey, did you eat those
magic truth-spell chocolates?

Or maybe it's the weed 'cause
suddenly I want to go out

and say things to people I should not.

Like, I was actually
going to tell Nathan

that when I hear the words "white boy,"

he's always been the first
thing that comes to my mind.

Are... are you okay?

Shit. Come on.

Come here. Come with me.


BOY: Oh, them turtles gonna be blind.



Is it okay that I came?

Yeah, absolutely.

- Is it?
- Yeah.

[Chuckles] But this is funny...

you, uh, having a Valentine's Day party.

Well, it's not really
for Valentine's Day.

But, um...

Wait, why is that funny?

'Cause don't we think
about romance the same?

Hey, did you see that stoner playroom?

Yeah, you can't go in there.

Ah, look, let me just check
on that really quickly.

It's, like, romance isn't
all, like, hearts and rainbows

and... and roses and shit.

Like, there's a darkness
in it and... and we see it.

And, like, I think that's okay.

Wait, h... how would
you know how I see it?

'Cause of that night in the motel.

I mean, I... I knew why you were there.

Okay, um, I thought we agreed

that we were not gonna
talk about that night.

Well, you said can we not
talk about it and I said okay.

Okay, so are we not saying okay anymore?

You said Greta was a bitch to you.

Why wouldn't you just tell her?

I think that she would be very upset.

Okay? Like, very.

So are we okay not saying anything?

[Scoffs] It's just funny 'cause

both of you keep saying
you're not something

and it definitely feels
like "something" energy,

and, ugh, I don't know what
I'm getting out of all this.

f*ck. This is not the conversation

I want to be having with you right now.

Okay... what conversation
did you want to be having?

I like you. Okay?

I... I want to be with you.

Hi. Um, I need to talk to
you about something right now.

It is, like, very f*cking critical.

- Come on.
- Um, I am... I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry.
- Did you need saving?

- Really badly. I got you.
- [Cellphone chimes]

My f*cking mom will not
leave me the f*ck alone.

- Why?
- It's time for sh*ts!

Wait, what's going on with your mom?

[Cellphone chimes]

[Megan sighs]

You know, I'm sorry,
but my kids come first.

And I need a distraction
from this barrage of blame.

Not... Not blame.

What I said was, what do you...

what do you think we
did to make Nathan feel

like he needed to lie?

Well, "we" means me.

And I don't know what I did.

But apparently, you knew
he was lying all along.

Well, I wondered. [Scoffs]

And if maybe part of what made him do it

is that he doesn't always
see us being honest?

- Okay, you know what?
- Are we p... Are we...

Let's just... I think we need...
we should just get the check.

Are we pretending to have what we had?

I think we put up a
pretty good front, okay?

[Cellphone chimes]

[Sighs] I can never remember
if this is Naomi's code

for everything is fine

or everything is definitely not fine.

[Line ringing]

[Cellphone beeps]


I think we should go.

- We need to go.
- What?

- I think we need to go.
- No, we don't.

- Yeah, she's not answering her phone.
- She's fine.

- And I really want to go.
- It doesn't matter.

- She doesn't... She...
- Hi!

- Come on.
- Hi, hello!

- Check?
- Are you kidding?

[Line ringing]

[Cellphone ringing]

- What?
- Megan: Where is your sister?

I don't know. Call her.

But she's not answering her phone,

so there's something's wrong.

And we're coming to get you right now.

What? No! I'm staying.

BOY: Sex party!

Okay, that's it!

We are coming for you right now.

Oh, my God, Mom, what is going on?

Like, you... you know

I've been going through a hard time

with, um, everything, so...

so can you just let
me be with my friends

and not all miserable and depressed?


A hard time with the breakup?

Well, with a lot of
stuff, but... but yeah.

Do. Not.

Yeah, because it's hard
for us to understand

how you could break up with someone

that you were never dating.

And please choose your
next words very carefully.

Nathan! Nathan, come swimming!

- W... who told you?
- It doesn't matter.

- Was it Naomi?
- Why did you lie?

Um... I don't know, Mom,

maybe because you don't
want to hear the truth

and can't accept me for who I am.

Who told you?!

Why did you lie?

Oh, my God.

You can't keep things from me
and then be mad at me for lying.

You know what? You're right.

All of you are right.

I do lie. I do.

Because there is no way

I could ever tell you the truth

of how terrified I am for you.

You are my only son.

And I would lay down on
train tracks for you.

But I am so afraid for you.

So from now, on I will be totally honest

and tell you everything
you do not want to hear.

Chingada! Sorry.

RILEY: Hey, you can't go crazy in there.

- [Door slams]
- NATHAN: Who told you?

Hey, hey, I want to keep talking to you.

Ugh, I feel like we're the same person.

'Cause I see how your mind is working.

Just, like, "How can I
not piss off this girl

that just told me she likes me

so she doesn't go blow everything up?"

Are you gonna tell...
Are you gonna tell Greta?

You f*cking told my mother?!

No. I... She...

She figured it out and then
I didn't cover fast enough.

Okay, so why didn't you tell me after?

Okay, goodbye.

Wait, what are you
gonna go do right now?

- Hello!
- f*ck! Ugh!

Am I being really paranoid
or is she gonna go tell her?

Um, okay, but, like,
what the f*ck with my mom?

I'm a lying piece of shit, okay?

I am sorry. I just...
I should've told you.

I should've told Greta. I just...

I can only fix that one
right now, so I'm sorry, okay?

I'm really sorry.

CHESTER: I'm gonna see
if I can hold my breath

for the whole "Star-Spangled Banner"!

- What?
- [Laughs]

I'm really wondering
about those chocolates

'cause shit's getting f*cked up.

Like, this is some
serious Red Wedding vibes.


- I'm leaving.
- Okay.

NAOMI: Okay?

So, like, friends for years,
and it's just like, "Okay"?

The -year friend who dumped me

to go to Winter Formal with a guy?

I... You said it was okay!

I obviously didn't mean it, Naomi.

H... how was I supposed to know that?

Because you just should've!

Just like you should've
known how much it sucked

that you were sticking your
fingers in my brother's mouth

and going on about how his
hair made you want to cum?

He wasn't even into me!

That literally does not
matter, and you know that.

I'm sorry if the
Cooper thing upsets you,

but I guess, I don't know,

you reap what you sow or whatever.

Oh, you want to talk
about reaping what you sow?

Because your sister-wife
over there hates you,

and I'm not too in love
with you either right now.

Is that it? Really?!

Also, for the future,

I would really recommend
not f*cking with a witch.


CHESTER: Nathan, come in!

I kinda have to go. What the f*ck?

It's a f*cking party and no one
wants to f*cking party with me!

f*ck you all!

You're all gonna regret it!


♪ If you can't shake ♪

♪ If you can't shake ♪

♪ If you can't shake,
if you can't shake ♪

♪ I don't need no sleep ♪

♪ I don't need no sleep ♪

♪ I can lie down when I'm
d*ad, there's no rest for the ♪

♪ Wicked ♪

♪ I don't need no sleep ♪

♪ I don't need no sleep ♪

♪ I can lie down when I'm
d*ad, there's no rest for the ♪

[Music muffles]


- ♪ Wicked ♪
- [Gasps]

- Jesus f*ck!
- [Laughing]

Oh, my God!

Look at you!


Come through, Titanic!

Oh, my God. I'm fine, I'm fine.

I got it. [Laughs]


Oh, f*ck!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God!

- Oh, f*ck!
- Oh, my God! It is so cold!

- Okay, come on.
- It's so cold!

[Chester laughing]

I got you, I got you, I got you.

[Door closes]



f*ck it. I'm just gonna take a shower.

[Coughs, sniffs]


Are you cold?

Um, no, I'm okay.



[Shower turns on]


♪ Say it, say it, say it ♪

♪ I need you to ♪

♪ Say it, say it, say it ♪

♪ I know that you do ♪

- Jesus f*ck!
- Sorry.

Um, is... is Delilah here?



♪ I need you to ♪



I'm gonna go...


Look, I... I feel bad
about the Naomi thing.

It's not your fault.

Um, but about the other part.

It's just, you and I
aren't right for each other.

Remotely. Like, in any way.

Sure. No, I... I get it.

Um, I just...

I just want to say one thing
about the Panda Express thing.

Okay, so, okay, do you know how, like,

Avery Foster got fingered by
the guy who ate Hot Cheetos

and that's like all
anyone would talk about?

And then she was so mad,
she was like, "f*ck it.

If that's all they're gonna talk about,

I'm gonna get the student
store to sell better snacks,

including Hot Cheetos,"

and now she's like the Hot Cheeto Hero?

Well, I was just
thinking, with you, um...

Is what I'm saying bad?

Are you telling me to own my story?



It's just coming from someone who's...

so straight and cis and not q*eer,

it's just ugh, you know?

- I... I...
- Yeah, no, no, I... I get it.

I'm sorry.




That was good!

Oh, come on. I have to get something.

Oh, wait, wait, wait.
I wouldn't... Um...

Oh, shit, sorry.

[Door closes]

[Music continues in distance]

Aren't you freezing?

NATHAN: No, I'm fine.

God, I'm f*cked up.


I'm s... I'm sorry about Bo.

No, it's not you.

He just doesn't think that
we're right for each other.

Yeah, well, um...

You know, there are... there
are plenty of people in the world

not right for each other
who are actually, like,

really right for each other.

Yeah, like who?


Actually, I... I... I can't
think of any right now,

but, um, I'm sure they exist.

And "opposites attract," right?

God, I hate that voicemail.

I loved it.

And I love that you're giving
me relationship advice right now.

Yeah, like I have anything to offer.

♪ Feel ♪

♪ Feel, feel ♪

♪ Feel the love, feel ♪

♪ We can close our
eyes and feel the love ♪

♪ Feel ♪

♪ Feel ♪

♪ Feel, feel, feel the love ♪

I just really want
to kiss you right now.

♪ Close our eyes and feel the love ♪

♪ Feel ♪


D... do you actually?



I'm so sorry.

[Door opens]


[People cheering, laughing]

Hi. Um... I just want to say that

with the whole Winter Formal thing,

I f*cking suck and I'm sorry.

And tonight I'm gonna bury
this like the Maori do...

not in a cultural appropriation way...

but just because it's time.

And if you don't want
to be there, I get it,

but if you were there with me,

I would really, really love that.

DELILAH: Hi. Uh, can we bury
the placenta in your yard?

It's good for plants.

RILEY: Okay, y... yeah, sure.

[Loud bang, shrieking]

Oh, f*ck!


God damn it!

Get the f*ck out!

Get out of here right now!

Go, go, right now!


[Door closes]


- [Object clattering]
- [Screaming]

♪ I'm scared I don't know ♪


♪ What is honest ♪

♪ You feel like a memory
I'm losing slowly ♪

♪ Losing slowly ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ Oh-oh-oh-oh ♪

I'm sorry for not being a better friend.

RILEY: What? W... No, what?

I'm... I'm the one who's
always keeping things to myself.

I need to be a lot better at... at that.

And about that, did...
did Luz come find you?

Wait. Uh, can I say something first?

'Cause if I don't say it
right now, I might not.

So, um...

that thing that y... you asked
me before at the pre-party?

There's something I've
been noticing about myself.

I... I can like someone.

Like, really like them.

But when it comes to kissing
or making out or whatever,

I don't want that.


So I don't know how it could work,

like, between us.

Even if you wanted it to.

Um, what I said that night

wasn't 'cause of me not liking you.

'Cause I never stopped liking you.

Um, I actually, um...

I love you.

♪ The soundtrack, this
is my saving grace ♪

[Both chuckling]

I love... I love you.

[Both laughing]


But, uh, that night at the motel,

um, I... I left after I...

[Feedback shrieks]

- Run! Cops!
- [Screams]


- No! No cops!
- Cops!

DELILAH: No! Hi! It's just me!

I'll turn the music back on in a sec!

I just need to say
something and I kinda need

to say it for everyone!


[Exhales sharply]

I haven't been living in shame,

but I also haven't been living

the truest version of myself either.

And, uh, I just want to
say that, from experience,

mm, secrets f*cking suck.

And you should just be true to yourself

- and own your story, but...
- [People muttering]

Okay! Sorry, sorry, sorry!

Um, you can go back to
body sh*ts or whatever.

Um, um...

Uh, okay.

Just so everyone knows...

this is probably definitely
a coincidence and... and...

and not a r*cist thing...
but I'm Panda Express Girl!

Okay, thanks! Bye!

- Oh, my God!
- [People murmuring]

- Panda Express Girl?
- I don't know.

- Put the music back on!
- Yeah, right?

♪ I don't wanna know
that you judge my shit ♪

♪ When you're drunk,
a.m., at a CVS store ♪

♪ Why you try to fight
me, you weak-ass bitch? ♪

♪ Too much drug, can't hold
up, crying on the floor ♪

Mom and Dad are almost here.

♪ Tok tok, tik tik, tok tok ♪

♪ I'm banging every
member from BTS ♪

♪ Tik tik, tok tok,
tik tik, tok tok ♪

Yeah, that was my night, too.

At one point I just had to
lock myself in the bathroom

and play "Candy Crush."

And I hate everyone except you.

[Cellphone swishes]

[Cellphone chimes]

Ugh, I forgot to cancel tennis tomorrow.

MARK: I think we need to take a break.




♪ This riddle that I know ♪

♪ Keeps coming back for more ♪

♪ And though I ♪

♪ Have solved it all before ♪

♪ I don't remember how anymore ♪

♪ But I'll try to
find my way back home ♪

♪ Can you hear me calling? ♪

♪ Can you hear me calling? ♪

♪ Too lost to be found ♪

[Line ringing]

- SAM: Chester?
- Hi.

♪ Too lost to be ♪

Are you okay?

Sorry it's the middle of the night.

W... where are you?

I... I'm just, um...

I'm sitting outside.

Are you okay?



I'm sorry, Sam.

It's okay.

It's really okay.

Is it?


Yeah, it is.

Would it be okay if we just
sat on the phone for a while

and didn't say anything?


Are you still there?


Thank you, Sam.

Good night, Chester.

[Wind whistling]

[Footsteps approaching]

It's you.

♪ I wanna be wild and young ♪

♪ And not be afraid to lose ♪

♪ Cry on my own ♪

♪ Me and my bottle ♪

♪ These are the things I choose ♪

♪ But they're watching
me, judging me ♪

♪ Making me feel so used ♪

♪ Can't you see ♪

♪ That all I wanna do is ♪

♪ Get a little wild ♪

♪ Get a little high ♪

♪ Kiss a hundred boys and not
feel like I'm tied to them ♪

♪ If you wanna judge me,
then go and load the g*n ♪

♪ I've done nothing wrong ♪

♪ I'm young ♪

♪ Get a little wild ♪

♪ Get a little high ♪

♪ Kiss a hundred boys and not
feel like I'm tied to them ♪

♪ If you wanna judge me,
then go and load the g*n ♪

♪ I've done nothing wrong ♪

♪ I'm young ♪