05x10 - Long Live Love

All episode transcripts for the TV show "Switched at Birth". Aired: June 2011 to April 2017.
Tells the story of two teen girls who discover that they were accidentally switched at birth. Bay Kennish grew up in a wealthy family with two parents and a brother, while Daphne Vasquez, who lost her hearing as a child due to a case of meningitis, grew up with a single mother in a poor neighborhood. Things come to a dramatic head when both families meet and struggle to learn how to live together for the sake of the girls.

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05x10 - Long Live Love

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Previously on
Switched at Birth ...

So I called
a friend of mine
from the Royals days.

He's a scout.
And it turns out
they're interested.

The team is in Tokyo.

-You have a girlfriend.
-Maybe I shouldn't.

But you do.

Luca and I are together.

Eric only took Will

because he was in a really
dangerous situation.

So Eric is
the kidnapper?

The police are still
looking for me.

This buys me and Will
a new life.

-I want it to include you.
-I can't.

I'll be at the Platte City Motel
out by the airport

if you change your mind.

Regina, anything
in the house is yours,

in the pantry
and the refrigerator,
and we have a full bar.

I'm sober, Kathryn.

I've been sober
for 11 1/2 years.

-I was just saying--
-Look, we agreed
to this arrangement

so I could get to know Bay
and you could get
to know Daphne.

And, frankly, I could
use the free rent.

But I am sure
you're about as thrilled

to have me
in your backyard
as I am to be here.

So, let's just make
one thing clear:

I do not intend
to enter your house
without permission,

and I assume
you'll extend me
the same courtesy, hmm?

(door opens)

Hey, hon.

You and John
love this stuff,
so I made four,

and it came out
delicious this time,
if I do say so myself.

What's wrong?

Do you realize
it's been five years

since the switch
was discovered

and we met?

No. Has it been
five years?

Man, you really
hated me back then.

I did not.

Yes, you did.

We did have
some epic battles.

We sure did.

But look at us now.

Kathryn, I've been thinking.

It's not right
that Toby and Lily
and Carlton

are in the house
with no privacy

while I'm here
in the guest house.

No, we love having
Carlton so close.
It's fine.

I know, but...

the girls live
on their own now.

You and John have been
so generous for so long

and I don't want
anyone to know

until my plans
are finalized,

so please don't say
anything, but...

I'm gonna move out.

Are you sure?

It's time.

(theme music playing)


Hey, did you know

that there's some big comet
passing by this weekend?

We should get
the telescope out.

Be fun to show
the kids.

Honey, do you know

where the genetic
test results are?

When we found out
the girls were switched?

-Why would you want that?

I don't know.

I guess I'm just
feeling nostalgic.

I was thinking of making
Regina a scrapbook.

Do you realize
that it's been five years

since she moved in here?

No. Wow.

That stuff has got to be
in the garage,

underneath all that
car wash paperwork.



Guess which up-and-coming
tattoo artist

is going to be featured
in this month's

Live Ink Magazine ?


It's the photos
that Emmett took

of me giving Ally
her tree tattoo.
Isn't that rad?

My art is gonna be
in a magazine.

Does that come with
some kind of a paycheck?

-I'm serious.

Well, no.

But they're having this
huge party tomorrow night

to commemorate the 100th
edition of the magazine,

and I swung,
like, a plus-eight,

so all of you
can come.

Oh, great, a big room

full of bikers
and longshoremen.

Dad, tattooing is
a billion-dollar industry.

Okay, all I'm asking is
if some of that money

is gonna find its way
into your pocket,

because from what
I'm hearing,

there are some bills
that are going unpaid.

Honey, it takes time.

Of course
we'll be there.

Thanks, Mom.

Bay, do you still have

the blood test that you
took in biology class?

I'm thinking of making
a scrapbook

and I wanted
to include it.

I do actually, yeah.
It's in my art studio.

I'll show you.

You given
any more thought

to that offer about you
playing in Japan?

Because they need an answer
by the end of the week.

That is fantastic!

Oh, wow!

I am so excited for you!

Why not?

Yeah, all right,
all right.

Congratulations, kid.

You just went pro.

I'm going to this
guest lecture today,

this rock star
orthopedic surgeon

in sports medicine.

He's operated on hundreds
of top the athletes.

-Sounds cool.

I know Josh is
out of town,

so if you need an interpreter,
I'd be happy to help out.

Thanks, but I already
set up CART.

It always amazes me,

some speed demon typist
out there listening in

and transcribing
what's being said

as if he's sitting
right next to you.

It's like magic.

Hola, ladies.

-Hi. Hey.
-Hi, m1ngo.

Iris, hey.

I'm actually really glad
I ran into you.

I've been meaning
to apologize

about the whole
Lil Wayne thing.

You know,
I didn't mean

to offend you or--

or anyone else,
I swear.

I'm really sorry.

Apology accepted.

Thank you.

I am meeting Keeshawn.

-Enjoy your lecture.

So Iris and Keeshawn, huh?

-Very cool.

How about you
and that pitcher guy?

-How are you guys doing?

-Good, yeah. Good, yeah.
-Good. Yeah.

That's great.

How about you and Amy?

We are also good.

-Oh, good.

Hey, you'll never guess
where I'm going
later today.

A jello-wrestling match.

Is that really
how you see me, Red?

A man of such
little substance?

Unless you've forgotten,
I do go to this school.

Okay, sorry.
What are you doing?

Well, okay, there's this
sports medicine doctor,

-and he's giving
a speech today.
-Dr. Bannon?

Yeah, I figured
you'd be going.

So you want to be
a doctor now?

God, no.
No, no.

I want to be
an athletic trainer
for a pro sports team.

That suits you.

And who knows,
maybe we'll end up
working together

on something someday.
How crazy would that be?


Well, I'll see you there.
And, hey,

whoever gets there first,
save seats, okay?

Will do.

-Hey. Hey.
-(door opens)

Good Lord, are you
just getting back?

Yeah, the reception
didn't get over
until 3:30.

Hey, buddy.

He slept like a champ
last night.

Not a sound
out of him.

Oh, so that means
he's gonna be awake...

Pretty much all day.

No problem.
I'll get some coffee.

Oh, one more thing.
I have prospective student
interviews later,

so I'll be home late.

No problem.

It's your favorite
time of the year.

It is.
Do you know,

seeing all that potential
bursting out of the kids,

like, giving them
a sense of excitement

about what
the future holds,
it's-- it's contagious!

You okay?

I don't know.
The DJ thing isn't
as fun as it used to be.

Well, you have
that interview
tomorrow night.

To be the house DJ
at Scratch.


Well, at least
it's steady hours.

You won't have to
run around town

trying to scrape together
a decent week's work.

I should be more excited
about it, I know, but--

(Carlton babbling)

I just-- I want to feel
the way you do

when you talk
about interviewing
those students.

Well, maybe we should talk
about a career change.

Well, beyond music,

I have exactly
zero skills

and a high school education.

Well, don't worry,

We'll find your tail.

Won't we?

You're moving?

Well, I'm about to open
my second Cracked Mug.

And if I want the new place
to succeed,

I feel like I should
live close by.

So what have we got?

Well, this is
my favorite so far.

The rent is a little steep,
but I can swing it.

I know a way to make
the rent cheaper.


We move in together.


And you know
I'll just be at your place
all the time anyway.

I don't know.
This is a big step.

It'll be fun.

I'm neat.
I cook.

I'm crazy about you.

Come on.
What do you say?

Let's do it.



You all right?

It probably sounds
dumb to you

that I care
what anyone else thinks,

but my dad kinda dumped
on my job today.

Get used to it.
You're a tattoo artist.

There's a stigma
attached to what we do,

which is partly
why we do it.

Tattooing has
a long history

of saying "Screw you"
to society.

Embrace it.

Yeah, it doesn't help
that I'm barely getting by.

I feel like
if I was raking it in,
he'd at least respect that.

Money talks.

I know that you
started early too.

How long did it take you
to really get going?

You gotta inch your way
along in this job,

tat by tat,
year after year,

unless you land
a celebrity.

-Soon as I inked Tove Lo,

I leapt into another

I heard Jordan Deville's
gonna be at the party
tomorrow night.

You ink a big fish
like her,

your book will be filled
in no time.

Got it.

Dr. Bannon:
I replaced the torn ACL

with a substitute graft
made of tendon.

You can use the patellar,
hamstring, quadriceps.

In this case,
I used an autograft
from a cadaver.

After six months,
Patient Alpha

was completely

and ready to commence
his athletic endeavors,

which may have included
winning the Super Bowl.

At least I have this ring
to show for it.

So now, saving the best
for last,

one of you
will be lucky enough

to see me in action
this summer.

I'm offering a six-week
paid internship.

So, got these applications.

Please fill them out.

I'll be conducting
interviews tomorrow.

That's class, everyone,
and good luck.


Six weeks hanging out
with that guy?

How awesome
would that be?

I'm totally applying.

I was going to, too.

Oh. Then I guess
we'll be competing
against each other.

I guess so.

May the best person win.


I mean, I wanted to,
but I didn't.

I think I'm still
in love with him.

He asked me
to go with him.

I could fly
back and forth.

I mean, they're not
looking for me.

(door opens)

(door closes)

-Hey, Gabe.



Of course
Melody couldn't wait

to tell you
the big news.

Dean Bledsoe.

Dean of Student Affairs.

That's amazing.

You've always
wanted Gallaudet.


We will figure
all that out.

This is too good
an opportunity
to pass up.

We're doing this.

What about the boys?

Sounds like we both have
really big talks ahead of us.

I can't forget
to mention basketball
and field hockey,

to show I understand
the athletic mindset.

It wouldn't hurt
to drop that your dad
played for the Royals.

Good point.
I read that the top
three attributes

of an orthopedic surgeon

are good hands,

and good visual-spatial

Thanks to my deafness,
I excel at all three.

Damn straight.

It must be amazing
to do a job

where you help people
every day.

You really want this,
don't you?

It's like all these
different parts of me

are coming together.

You're gonna do great.

Thanks for
helping me today.

Of course.

(door opens)

How'd it go?

Nailed it.


Yeah, that guy
is so cool.

-You're gonna do great.

Seriously, good luck.

This is nice.

You being back home,
doing photography,

it's like the old days.


are you gonna go back
to USC in the fall?

Me too.

It's all
because of Travis.

How are things
between you and Travis?

I hate that I came
between the two of you.

You know, maybe
now that you're
feeling better

and he'll have
so much more time

when school ends,

you two can
patch things up.

You know,
really reconnect.

That's amazing.

I'm gonna text her

To Washington, DC?

It's just sad.

You and Melody
are leaving.


Why do you think
we see things differently
all the time?

I don't think
that's true, baby.

Mom, we look
nothing alike.

Look at our hair.
Look at our hands.

Look at our bodies.

Was I adopted
or something?

You were not adopted.

If I wanted you
to do something,

even if you thought
it was crazy...

would you?

What's this?

A second test?

This is a month
before we found out.


Wait, why was John
being tested and not me?

He knew.

Hi, Dr. Bannon.

I'm Daphne Vasquez.

Hi. Hold on,
who's this?

This is Iris Watkins.
She's my interpreter.

Wait, English isn't
your first language?

It's for American
Sign Language.

I'm deaf.

But I read lips
very well actually.

I like to have an interpreter
for lectures and interviews

just to make sure
I don't miss a word.

Well, I'm sorry,
but I think there's
been a mistake.

This is an interview
for an orthopedic surgical

I know.
That's why I'm here.

But you're deaf.

I assumed
that you knew that.

That's what my essay
is about--

rising above
the extra challenges.

Well, my assistant should
have flagged this.

It's a waste of time.

Has the position
already been filled?

No, but it needs
to go to someone who can
actually learn from it.

Doctor, if you read
my application,

you'll see that
I am very well qualified.

Look, surgeons wear masks
and you can't hear.

How can you know
what's going on

if you can't read my lips
or hear my voice?

There are technological
advances, clear masks.

I'm oral.
I wouldn't need ASL.

You know what?
This is ridiculous.

You can't be deaf
and be a surgeon, obviously.

I'm aware there would be
extra challenges,

but I am
incredibly motivated,

and with a little
technological help--

-Are you telling her
what I'm saying?
-Yes, sir.

Great, then tell her

she needs to get
this dangerous fantasy
out of her head

and focus on something
she's well-suited for.

Try radiology.

It's pretty hard
to screw that up.

Thank you.

This is amazing.

I could literally
live here.


I know that you had
a crap day.

You can go home.
Really, I promise,
it's fine.

No, no, I want
to be here

to get my mind off it
and to celebrate you.

Is that...

Jordan Deville.

Once we get settled,
I was thinking we could
host the next game night.

Yeah, that sounds
like a plan.

Um, we haven't really,
um, found a place yet.

-I'm sorry.

I'm just--
just really excited.

Want a drink?


I'm gonna do a quick lap
so I don't miss anything

before I have to run out
for my interview, so.

-Okay, see you later.

I'll be right behind you.

Hey, honey,
you know...

I-- I've been thinking,

do you remember
how shocked we were

the day we found out
that our daughter
had been switched?

Oh, yeah.
That was crazy.

Yeah, I mean,
you could have knocked me
over with a feather.

-I mean, I was so stunned.

-Oh, wow. That's cool.

Hey, there's Bay!


-Honey, this is so cool.

Thanks, Mom.


Isn't the art here

Some of the pieces
can take months to do.


Hey, how was
your interview today?

-Oh, that's fantastic.

You know, it is gonna be
one of the proudest
days of my life

when you finally get
that MD after your name.

Well, it's official.

Dad thinks
I'm a failure.

-He does not.
-That's easy for you
to say.

You're his
pride and joy.

To be fair, you know,
you came here 15 years late.

Now, you and I had
all those extra years
to disappoint him.

And I'm pretty sure
I undid all that
good will

when I blackmailed
a senator.

Oh, yeah, that was
pretty bad.

It definitely beats
the time

that Wilke and I
broke into Buckner

to steal
the final exam.

Good ol' Wilke.

Oh, well, of course
there was the time

that you tagged
the car wash.

Oh, yes, and when
you ran away

to Mexico with that
crazy girl!

And yeah,

-she was a little crazy.

We sure have given J and K

a lot of hard times
over the last few years.

-You did.

Uh, you did too.
We all did.

All of us.
All of us.

I gotta get
to this interview.

All right,
love you guys.

-Good luck.

Is it okay
if I ditch you
for a second?

-Where are you going?
-To catch a big fish.


I should be
on the list.

Bay Kennish.


Thank you.

I'm a VIP!

Um, hi.

First of all,
I just wanted to say,
you are amazing.

Second off all,
my name is Bay.

I'm a tattoo artist
and I think you and I could

create something
awesome together.

Don't try
to sell me right now.
I'm just chillin'.

Okay, but, um, let me just
give you my card. Uh...

What's up?

I'm Noelle.

Hi. Jordan.

Holy crap,
those are gorgeous.

-Did you do those?

I own a place called
b*mb Betty on Linwood.

This one's
kind of annoying,

but she's actually
crazy talented.

In about year,
you won't be able to get
an appointment with her.

Total star.


She could give you
something pretty sweet,

like right here.

I'll be sure to stop by
next time I'm in the city.


Oh, my god.

Thank you.

Did you really mean
what you said?

You think I'm good?

Yeah, dude.

A guy across town
tried to steal you,

-and I told him
to stay the hell away.
-You did?

Now don't go
getting any ideas

about raises or whatever.
You're still learning.

But you got it.

Thank you.

There you are.


Your daughter is
so freaking talented.

-Then, of course,

she is your kid.

Um, I'm not sure

that us moving in together
is the best idea.


Why not?


Don't do this.

You're always second-guessing
our relationship because of
the age thing.

How many ways
do I have to show you

it doesn't matter
to me?

I love you.

And you love me.


Regina, say something.

I'm so sorry.

I'm in love
with someone else.

Wait, who?

Someone from the past.

I saw him
when you were in Cabo

and it made me realize that...

I'm not over him.

You are such a great guy.


Toby, Zav Tarkanian.

Nice to meet you.

How did you know
it was me?

I saw you in London last year
at one of your club nights.

Wow, Tanzi-bar?

Yeah. You were
totally k*lling it.

I couldn't believe my luck
when I found out
you were in KC.

Sorry, I'm just--
I'm a fan.

-Shall we sit?

(man laughing)


So what's it like to be
so massively talented?


I'm so glad
you found it.

Daphne, this is Toby!

-Nice to meet you.

You two sure look alike!

No matter how loud
you yell, she still
can't hear you.

Right, of course.



Bay is so talented.

She really is.

Well, I guess
that would have popped

no matter
who raised her.

It's funny, huh?

What comes
from John and I

and what comes
from Regina?

I guess you both are

really great combos
of all of us, huh?

Can I ask you
a question?


When you first met me,
you were nervous

because I'm deaf,


I don't think I'd ever
had a conversation

with a deaf person before

and I didn't know
sign language

and I'd been trained
to see the world

as hearing, good,

deaf, sad.

But you,
you changed that.

Why are you asking?

I don't know.
I just...

Maybe I should find
a career

that doesn't fight
my disability.

I know that I could
become a doctor

if I continue
to fight people,

but let's be honest,

it would require
so many modifications

and special

Am I swimming upstream?

Do you want to be
a doctor?

I really do.

Well, then it's true,

you will have to
figure out

brand new ways
to do things.

But I think

the fact that
you will have to be
so resourceful

will make you

a truly great doctor.

I might need

a lot of pep talks
along the way.

You got it.



My uncle bought Scratch
for the location,

but we're gutting it
and turning it into
a dance club.

We want you to do
two nights a week.

Oh, I thought it was
more of like a full-time gig.

Oh, it is.

You'd spin
two nights a week

and be in charge
of booking the other

You could bring in
whoever you want,
full autonomy.

Wow, that's--
that's good.

Excuse me, sir,
I'm gonna have to
ask you to leave.

You have to go now.

Can you hear me?

Do you speak English?

You need to go now!

-Hey, you--
-Pack up and get out.

-Hold on just one sec.
-Look, I'm gonna call the cops
if you don't go.

-Give it back!
-Please stop yelling.

-Sir, can I help
out here for a second?
-He hasn't bought anything.

He's upsetting people.
He can't be here.

-Look, look--
-I'm watching this.

you need to leave now.
-Give it back now!

-Pack up and go.
-Give it back now!

Tell you what,
get him a juice.
Put it on me.

You just have to be
patient with him, all right?
He's not like everybody else.

-I want him out of here.
-It's okay.

I'm trying to help you out,
but just--

you don't need to call
the cops, okay?

-Just be patient.
-Give it back!

It's okay, man, it's okay.
Let's just sit down.

-Let's just sit down, okay?
-You've got two minutes.

All right.

How is it going?
I'm Toby.

-I'm Harrison.

-Yeah, Harrison.
-Nice to meet you, man.

-You a Megadeth fan?

-The band is awesome.
-Yeah. Yeah, it is.
It's great.

Listen, Harrison,

is there anyone
I could call for you?


-Nina takes care of me.

-Nina takes care of you?

It's Nina, Nina, Nina.

Okay, great.

Well, look, I'm gonna
give Nina a call,

and then we can just--
we can just hang out.


I just landed
my first big client.

Jordan Deville is gonna
stop by my shop

the next time
she's in KC, maybe.

Honey, is this really
your long-term plan?

It's my medium-term plan.


Because it's not
a career.

Yes, it is, Dad.

I'm not some kid
tagging alleys
anymore, okay?

I've made a profession
out of my art.

You said you were going
to go to art school,

which would
lead to some kind
of a professional path.

Well, that didn't
work out, did it?

So, I found
my own path.

How is it
that you still
don't respect that?

'Cause this is
a d*ad end.

You have always wanted me
to be more like you.

-I'm not your blood.
-This has nothing to do
with that, Bay.

Oh, you act like
it doesn't matter,
but deep down,

you cannot stand
that I'm not more
like you.

-I have supported you a lot--
-Not the way you support
Daphne and her career!

-Are we gonna
bring that up again?
-Yes, we are, because it's true.

And you know what?
I wasn't even gonna
say anything,

but I cannot believe
that you kicked my boyfriend
off the team

for standing up to somebody
who was making fun of people
with disabilities.

What are you talking about?
I fought like hell
for Travis.

Oh, yeah, it sure
looks like it.

Your mom and I both fought
like hell for him, okay?

How do you think
he's off to Japan

if I didn't pull, like,
10 different strings?


Look, never mind.

That is not the point.
The point is--

What do you mean
he's off to Japan?

I think you should go
talk to your boyfriend.

So you're leaving?

Away from me.

Yeah, maybe
I could get

a chair out there,
like in Beijing.

So what would I do?


That's true.

I know.

Of course.

-That's my son
Carlton right there.
-Oh, he's, like, cute.

And that's my wife Lily.


I'm sure your caretaker
is gonna be here pretty soon.

-Woman: Harrison.

-Oh, hey.

You're Nina?


Uh, nothing.

-Hi, I'm Toby.
-Nice to meet you.

What happened, Harrison?
Where did you go?

You said you were
going to meet me
at the restaurant.

Okay, but you have to
wait for me.

Wait, so you're
his caretaker?

I'm his roommate.
I look after him.

He's usually great
with directions.

Thanks for helping him.

No problem.

Come on,
I'll take you home.

Goodbye, Toby.

-See you, Harrison.


-Are you okay?

What happened?

I broke up
with Luca.

Oh, no.


Hey, what do you say
we get out of here?

Do you want to go
for a drive?


Hey, here you go.

No thank you.
I have to go to
the ladies' room anyway.

Hey, Kathryn,
wait a second.
Wait, wait, wait.

If I didn't know
any better, I'd think you
were trying to avoid me.

Maybe I am.


Because it's
my daughter's party

and I don't want
to ruin it.

Ruin it?

I found the other test, John.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

The DNA test
you took five years ago
without telling me.


I can explain that.

And kept it from me
for all these years.

Kathryn, Kathryn, stop.

When Bay took
that blood test,
it threw me.

She should have
matched one of us
and she didn't.

It didn't make any sense.

I mean, it was
driving me crazy.

I couldn't eat,
I couldn't sleep.

So, I took some hair
from her brush

and I had Bay
and myself tested.

You let us sit
in that office

and be ambushed.

We've done extensive

12-marker testing
on all three of you.

It is 99.9% certain

that Bay is not
related to you.

The hospital believes
there was a mix-up.

Bay and I had
the rug pulled out
from under us,

and you just sat there
with a blank stare.

I didn't know
she was switched.

That was a complete
surprise to me.

I mean, how could
I know that?

What did you think?

That I cheated on you?

How can anyone else
live there?

That's our house.

I know.

You went through a lot
here, didn't you?

I got sick
and went deaf.

Angelo left.

You had to raise me
by yourself

for a long time.

That's true.

But I also
got sober here,

grew my business,
made up with Grandma.

I made it.

I made it
through it all.

Whatever we're given,

if we want it bad enough,
we get it.

Vasquez women
are tough.

We don't quit.

And we don't take crap
from anyone.

Move to Mission Hills?

It's a great offer.
Why not?

Because this is
our neighborhood.

I grew up here,
Daphne grew up here,

and I'm not going anywhere.

You're doing
the right thing
for your daughter.

She's happy here.

I meant both
your daughters.

Bay is almost
16 years old.

I'm a complete
stranger to her.

What if she
hates me?

I think it's just easier
to take it slow

and not force
this whole thing.

Will it be hard?

Yes, it will.

But sometimes

you have to do
the hard thing

to get to the place
where you need to be.

I miss this

It was a really good
place to grow up.

Wow, Japan.

That's a really big decision.

I'm finally building something
for myself here,

but am I crazy
to turn down

an opportunity
to live in Japan?

And what's gonna happen
to me and Travis

if I don't go?
When Emmett moved away--

You and Travis are not
you and Emmett.

Every relationship
is different.

Plus, I worry
about him.

I mean, it's not a deaf thing.

I know that he is perfectly
capable without me.

It's nice to have someone
to look out for you.

Honey, you know
the answer.

What do you want to do?

(door opens and closes)

You didn't leave.


I didn't.

You thought
I had cheated on you.

You thought Bay was
someone else's daughter.

But you didn't leave us.

You're my family.

I would never leave
either of you.

That's why I never
said anything.

Bay may not have been
my child...

but she's my child.

I should have known.

I love you.

I love you.

I know you think
it's your job to
protect her,

to protect
all of us,

but she has to make
her own decisions,

even if they're
inexplicable to you.

If I asked you to do
something crazy,

would you
consider it?

She has a job,
she takes the bus,

-she's totally
-That's great.

I mean, I've read
all that stuff was

but seeing it,
you know,

knowing that
Carlton could actually
be that someday--

Yeah, well, we're doing
everything we can
to make that possible.

I know, and whoever
he turns out to be

is okay with me.

It's just the thing is,

when he's an adult
and on his own,

I just want
people to know
how to treat him.

You can't just yell.

You have to be patient,
slow down.

Not everyone's the same,
and that's not
a bad thing.

You're right.

I think this is
what I want to do.


Educate people.

Advocate for kids
like Carlton.

I don't know
how exactly--

as a lawyer or writer
or teacher.

Well, you don't need
to figure that out
right now.

Yeah, I guess not.

If only you knew someone
in the Disabilities Program

who could hook you up
with classes...

(both chuckle)

You and Emmett are the same
as me and Daphne.

Family, but not by blood.

You miss him.

He wants to come
with you.

He's ready to do something
like that.

I mean, he's dying to do
something like that.


he misses you too.


Travis, I need to stay.

It means that...

we are strong enough

to let each other do

what's best
for ourselves.

It means that I'm spending
Thanksgiving in Tokyo.

It means that every time
I look at my phone,

I'm gonna be adding
14 hours to it,

wondering when I can
call you again.

I am not going
anywhere, Travis.

We're real.

-What are you doing here?
-"No employer shall
discriminate against

"any qualified individual
on the basis of disability

-Okay, that's enough.
-"in regards to the hiring,

"advancement or discharge
of employees,

-Tell her
she needs to leave now.
-"employee compensation,

job training,
or any other privilege
of employment."

That's from the Americans
with Disabilities Act,

which you flagrantly
violated yesterday.

No, I said
you weren't qualified.

You are taking my words
out of context.

Iris, you have
excellent hearing.

What did he say?

I'm pretty sure
his exact words were,
"This is ridiculous.

You cannot be deaf
and be a surgeon,

If I have the smarts
and the motivation,

it is up to you
and the hospital
to provide the means.

That's the law.

So is that why you're here?
You're gonna sue me?

No, that's not
my style.

I'm here to deliver
a message.

I may not be
the most qualified person
for this internship.

Maybe my grades
aren't good enough.

Maybe my essay sucked.

But I'll be damned
if I let my deafness

stand in the way
of me becoming a doctor

or surgeon or whatever
I want to be.

I won't give up,
not ever.

So, stay the hell
out of my way.


I've missed you.

Look at you.
You're so big.

Are you coming
with us?

I need to talk
to your dad, okay?

Give us a sec, okay?

-You came.
-I love you.

I love you too.
That's why this is
gonna work.

Eric, I'm not coming
with you.


I need you
to turn yourself in.

-I talked to a lawyer.

I talked to a lawyer
who can represent you.

With all the extenuating

with Hope in jail,
he says that they'll go
light on you.

Yes, you will do
some time,

but only two
or three years.



But then you can stop
all this running,

Will doesn't have to be
afraid anymore,

and you can both get
your life back.

A life where
we can be together.

Even if I was
willing to,

I don't have anybody
to take care of him.

I got him.

We'll be waiting for you
when you come home.

Are you sure?

Well, I always wanted
to be a dad.

But I didn't think I'd start
with a 19-year-old.

What are we gonna do
when we move to DC?

No, no, no, no.

You're staying
for one kid?

I am in awe of you.

Do you know that?

-I'm sorry you had to go
through all that.

But I'm glad
you stood up
for yourself.

Yeah, me too.

It made me appreciate
how lucky I am.

I have so much support

that it's easy to forget
there's a huge part
of the world

who still think
like Dr. Bannon.

Yeah, well, hopefully
they're going the way
of the dinosaur.

Obviously, I won't take
the job.

Wait, you got
the internship?

Yeah, lucky me, right?

m1ngo, you have
to take it.

No way.
I'm not gonna work
for some jerk

that's got his head
so far up his ass,

he can't see
how special you are.

I appreciate that,
I really do,

but jerk or not,

he's the best
in the country.

No, you could learn
so much from him

and maybe you could
teach him a thing or two
on the way.

Yeah. Yeah, you're
totally right.

I could be, like, a spy
behind enemy lines,

slowly chipping away
at his discriminatory armor.

-My hero.


I-- I broke up
with Amy.

Wait, what?

A couple of weeks ago. I...

I told her
I was in love

with someone else.

But when I asked you
a few days ago--

I knew about
you and Chris,

and I didn't want to look
like a total loser.

Chris and I are
just friends.



I didn't want to look
like I was single

if you had
a girlfriend.


You know what?

We deserve each other.

For sure.

Can I kiss you now?


♪ Everything that
I said I'd do ♪

♪ Like make
the world brand new ♪

♪ And take
the time for you ♪

♪ I just got lost ♪

♪ And slept
right through the dawn ♪

♪ And the world
spins madly on ♪

I heard.

Well, it looks like
you're moving to Japan.

And you're gonna be

a famous

traveling all over,

documenting important
world events.

And I'll get to say,

"I knew him.

He was my first love."

♪ Our hearts
b*at like wings ♪

♪ Higher and higher ♪

♪ Higher ♪

♪ Oh, to see
all the little lights ♪

♪ Oh, to be
finally reunited ♪

♪ We rise like smoke ♪

♪ Then fall ♪

♪ In slow motion ♪

♪ Fall ♪

♪ In slow motion ♪

♪ We rise like smoke ♪

♪ Till we are free ♪

♪ There's a winter blush ♪

♪ On your cheek ♪

♪ There's an innocent thrill ♪

♪ That we are seeking ♪

♪ Seeking ♪

See you around.

♪ Oh, to leave you
still wanting more ♪

♪ We rise like smoke ♪

♪ Then fall ♪

♪ In slow motion ♪

♪ Fall ♪

♪ In slow motion ♪

♪ We rise like smoke ♪

♪ Till we are free ♪

-Toby: Oh my goodness, Mom.
-Bay: Oh, wow!


It's a DNA party.


That's got to be
the first DNA party

in the history
of the world.

Oh, my god.

Thank you.


Can I talk to you
for a second?


Sweetie, I'm your dad

and I'm always gonna
worry about you.

And I don't know
that world.

You know, I can't
pull strings for you.
I can't help you.

But I don't need
your help.

I'm making
my own way.

Yeah, you are.

That's the Vasquez in you.

I'm a Kennish too, Daddy.

Hey, why does this
say "goodbye"?

What's going on?

I've decided
to move out.

-Wait, wait, what?

You don't have
to do that.

Thank you.

I'm buying a place
in East Riverside.

And I will be raising
Eric's son Will

until Eric gets
out of prison.

That's amazing.

Yeah, it'll be nice
to have another kid
in the family.

Yeah, it will be.

Oh, sweetheart.

I couldn't live here forever.

Why not?

I am so glad
I found you.

Do you know that?

And I am so sorry

for all the time
I missed.

Sweetie, oh.

Sometimes I think about

what if it never
came out?

What if we spent
our whole lives

and never met?

I think we should all
just be grateful

that Bay was
a determined child

who always knew
what was best for her,

even thought most of us
were a few steps behind.

I just need
to get clear

on something else.


whatever you do

and whoever
you turn out to be,

I will always

be so proud

of you.

Thanks, Dad.

Oh, sweetie.

I've been thinking,

maybe I could
call you Mom,

if that's okay
with you two.

(all laugh)

Well, this turned into
a super depressing night.

This has been
an amazing five years.

And now you guys
can have the guesthouse.

-Oh, my gosh!

Oh, thank you.

All right, now how about
we all just stop this
blubbering and eat?


Actually, before we sit,

there's a comet
that's supposed to be
going over us tonight.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I read about that.

The trees are
blocking the view.

-Let's go out
on the front lawn.
-Okay, let's do it.

Hey, buddy.

-Come here.
-Come on.

Let's put this around you.

So how rare
is this exactly?

I read that we'll probably
only get to see this

once in a lifetime.

-Oh, my gosh,
that's so cool.

-Let's lay down.

Apparently this is,
like, a big deal.

Like, it hardly
ever happens.

I guess we're all
just really lucky.

♪ And hope
they'd carry me off ♪

♪ Like a hot balloon
somewhere ♪

♪ But now
I can't breathe ♪

♪ I'm still
on the ground ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ And where there's shadow ♪

♪ There is light ♪

♪ Love is
in the battle cry ♪

♪ Even in
the darkest night ♪

♪ There is shadow ♪

♪ And there is light ♪

♪ Oh, there is light ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

(end music playing)
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