02x10 - You Might Also Like

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Twilight Zone". Aired: April 2019 to present.
American anthology web television series based off the original 1959 TV series featuring tales of horror, mystery and science fiction.
Transcripts submitted by Dado.. :)
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02x10 - You Might Also Like

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♪ ♪


Your husband saw them

take a baby out of there.

And now he needs help.


Side effects may include
dry mouth,

fatigue, headaches,
rage, melancholy...

Go to your assigned
fulfillment center

- to receive your family's EGG.

Bring it home,

and let us take care
of the rest.

And this time
it will be okay forever.





♪ ♪


g*dd*mn it.








MRS. JONES: What do you mean,
you're losing time?

You, like, blacking out
completely or

I don't know... browning out?

You don't think
it could be odorless, do you?

Or could you be, like...
I don't know... fainting?

I used to faint kind of
all the time in college.

No, no, no,
I'm whooshing lightly.

Fainting is down.

This is up, like a-a floating.

A... a whooshing floating.

And it's happened
more than once?

It happens at regular intervals.

I'll just be going about my day,
and then I hear this music,

a short sequence of chords,

and then a kind of lightness,
a whooshing.

And then, all of a sudden,

the next thing I know,
I'm waking up.

Up there.

Up in my bedroom.

I used to think your kitchen
got better light than mine,

but now I don't think it does.

And you chose these countertops

on purpose or...?

God, if I could strike a match

and burn the whole place down,
I would.

Start all over again.

Would be something to do. Right?

Unless you think
it's a brain tumor.

You don't think?

Well, did you call someone
to take a look at it?

You know, a handyman
or whatever his name is.

What is he gonna look at?
What is there to see?

It could be odorless
and colorless.

Oh, well, what did your phone
say about it?

I just.

I need you to be here
when it happens,

to watch
and tell me what happens.

Can you do that?

My allotted fulfillment hour
is at 1:00.

Oh. Right.

Do you think I should go to
my assigned fulfillment center

at 12:30 or 12:00?

They'll probably put us
in a line, I guess.

Is yours earlier?
Yours isn't earlier.

No, I-I'm not until 4:00.

4:00? (SCOFFS)

How do you even begin to wait?

You don't seem excited.
Are you excited?

No. I am. I am.

But you do still want it,
don't you?

Yes, I... No.

More than anything.


It'll be just like
the commercials say.

"Your family's EGG
will make everything okay again,

and this time, it'll make
everything okay forever."

Don't you just wish
they'd show it to us?

You know, a peek at this thing

that's supposed
to change our lives.

Mm, it'll be so great
if it somehow helps

with Xerxes' babysitting anxiety
or Xander's biting thing.

Oh. Oh, did Rex end up

liking his medication,
or not so much?



Hold on.

I think it might...

♪ ♪

Submitted for your approval:

Mrs. Janet Warren,

a woman who would seem
to have everything.

Every... thing.

But possessions have weight.

We can't carry them all
at the same time,

especially when taking
an unscheduled trip

into The Twilight Zone.




NARRATOR: You're traveling
through another dimension,

a dimension not only of
sight and sound but of mind.

It is the middle ground
between light and shadow,

between science
and superstition.

And it lies between
the pit of one's fears

and the summit
of one's knowledge.

You are now traveling through
a dimension of imagination.

You've just crossed over
into The Twilight Zone.


(SIGHS): Ah.

Dad, what's "immolation" mean?


that's certainly a big word.

But I'll tell you.

You remember our neighbor
Don Parker?

Well, instead of
having a garage sale,

he just lit a match to his house

and b*rned everything
and everyone to the ground.

And that was that...

A fresh, clean start
for Don Parker.

But why do you ask, Billy?

Is there something or someone
you want to immolate?

Mm. I get it.

I really do.

But we can't all be
Don Parker, son.

But, you know,
there is a place we can go.

Come on over to

the Immolation Station, where
you get to play with matches,

- and you get
to watch it all burn.
- (f*re ROARS)

- MAN: f*re.

- WOMAN: Hey.
Don't forget,

every Wednesday, kids eat free.


It's your EGG,

and you want it
more than anything.



What happened?

Is this...
is this what's happening?

Did you hear the music?

Is this your bedroom?

I like the patterning.
It's brave.

- How did we get up here?
- Join the club.

Did I faint?

Did I h*t my head?
Did we h*t our heads?

(GASPS) What time is it?

Did we...? (GASPS)

I really ought to

get out of here...
I-I mean, oh, get going.

I saw the EGG.


The EGG.

I'm telling you, I saw it.

Oh, well, no.

(CHUCKLES) You couldn't have.

No, you didn't.

What do you mean
you just saw it?

Just now? Where? Was I there?

I don't know. It was like
I saw it in a commercial,

like a commercial
in my head, I guess.

I don't know. I just know
that I've seen one.

It's ugly.

Ugly, no.


Yeah, I doubt that very much.

They wouldn't go
to all the trouble

to design and make something

that's, you know,
that's for all of us,

that will be the centerpiece
for every American home,

and then make it ugly.


But don't you see

that none of us even knows
what it is or what it does?

Don't you think it's strange

that all we know is
that we have to have one,

everyone has to have one?

What makes it so strange?

What if it has something to do
with whatever's happening to me?

The EGG.

What if it has something to do
with whatever's happening to us?

Oh, no.

(LAUGHS) No, no, no.

Don't include me in whatever
is happening here with you.

I just came over here
as a good neighbor to see

if there's anything
I can do to help you.

We might have
a lot of the same things,

but we don't have
the same problems.

We just woke up on my bed

with our shoes on.

I have a twig in my hair.

That wasn't there
when you came in

and we were talking earlier,
was it?

I-I don't know if it was there
or if it wasn't.

I just know that

my hour of fulfillment is gonna
be here before I know it,

and I really ought
to be home, so...

Thank you.


- No! Wait!

Are you touching me?

What if they're connected?

The EGG and the...
the rushing, rising whooshing?

Ow! You're hurting me.

Something is happening here,

and you don't know what it is,
either, do you, Mrs. Jones?

I just want to be
at my fulfillment center

at my fulfillment hour
to collect my family's EGG

- like a normal person.
- No!


- No!


We do not have
the same problems!





- MEGHAN: d*ck Warren's office.

This is Meghan.

Hi, Meghan. It's Jane.

Is my husband there?

Hi there, Mrs. Warren.
I'm so sorry.

Mr. Warren is in a meeting.

Is there a message
you'd like me to give him?

Oh, honestly, Meghan,
I can't imagine.

He did want to make sure

that I remind you
that your allotted hour

of fulfillment is 4:00 p.m...

Uh-huh. Yeah, I know.

You don't seem excited,
Mrs. Warren.

- Aren't you excited?

Tell me something, Meghan.

Why do you want
your family's EGG?

Uh... because

it's coming out?

Of course, but...

But you don't have a family.

Do you?

No, but I do want everything
to be okay again.

And this time
for it to be okay forever.

Because things aren't okay
for you.

Oh, for me? Things are cool.

But, like, for the world world
out there, outside of me?

Outside of you, sure.

Um, Mrs. Warren, things are
really, definitely not,

like, in the world world.

So definitely not okay.

Like, not at all, not at all.

I mean, have you seen what all
these human beings are doing?


So you think it's something
for the whole planet?

Don't you think it'd better be,
Mrs. Warren?

Um, Mrs. Warren?


to the EGG Customer Service Center.


Please listen
to the following options.

- Operator.
- If you'd like to confirm

your hour of fulfillment,
please press one.

- Human being.
- If you've lost
your registration card,

- please press two.
- Real human being.

If you need to change
the pickup location

- of your EGG...
- Supervisor.

Okay. Supervisor.
Hello. How may we help you?

Yes, yes, hello.

Hi. Thank you.

Uh, yes, uh, well, I was hoping

I could talk to someone
about, you know, the EGG.

I was hoping
there might be someone there

that could tell me
just a little bit more about,

you know, what it is,
what it does.

What it is.


Okay, I'll transfer you now.

No, no, I don't want
to be tra...


♪ ♪



God, everything's gonna be okay
this time.

It's gonna be okay forever.


Marge Stevens.

What? What?


You got your EGG.


Can I take a look at it?

No. Huh.

Are you out of your mind?
I have to

I have to get it inside. Inside.


This is Meghan.

How may we assist you?


Um... Oh, uh, hello.

Hmm. Uh

this is Jane Warren

of 13182 Teacup Road.

And... well,

I know this might sound strange,

but I was just wondering
if it's still possible

to cancel my family's EGG.



I-I mean, you know...

Well-well, you see,
the thing is, I-I just,

I don't, I don't know, you know,
what-what it is, exactly,

or, you know,
what it's supposed to do.

(CHUCKLES) exactly.

I mean, you know.

I just changed my mind.

And what is the reason

for the change in your mind?


I don't want it anymore.

I do... I don't want
any EGG... anymore.

Uh... thank you, though.

Thank you.

Is there anything else
we can help you with today?

No. Um,

so you did it?

You canceled my order? You-you
canceled my family's EGG?

We are processing your request.

Okay. I see. Um,

so you'll just... confirm

and let me know?

Or... send a confirmation
to my...





♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


suffered some tough losses,

and no one blames you
for crying in the kitchen

in the middle of the day.

You're heartbroken,

but you know how to choose
your paper towels.

Now with 43% more
clean-up power.



♪ ♪







Aquarian Portal,
where we're not happy until

the planets revolve around you.

Shaman-ess Chantal Stargazer

How can I better align you
with your cosmic purpose?

Ah, Chantal, thank God.
It's Jane.

Oh... don't aggravate
the marinade.

Jane Warren.

Yes. Yes, yes, oh...

Oh, how magical.

Can we talk for a minute,
I mean, really talk?

- Like real human beings.

Knock yourself out.

I don't want to
say this out loud, but

I think I might have been,
you know, taken.

(WHISPERS): Abducted.

- Abducted? By who?
- Do my planets say

anything about any of this
or anything?

The planets say,

"Today all well-worn and trusty
paths are covered over,

"and a new map is drawn.

"Only you have the power
to reroute

"the flow of the river
of space-time.

"Don't let yourself be swept up
by anyone else's dreams.

"Untether yourself.

Resist gravity and fly away."

Resist gravity.

Of course.

Let's see you
beam me up now, Scotty,

or whoever you are.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Well, what do we...?

Well... what do...?

Well, what do we do now?

KANAMIT 2: Its leg is stuck.

KANAMIT 1: We could
take it without its leg.

Its leg is its best piece.

all of this leg talk is making me hungry.

KANAMIT 2: Mmm, are we thinking
original recipe or extra crispy?

ALL: Original recipe it is.

But we should take a vote.

KANAMIT 3: What is it
about a single shared mind

that he doesn't understand?

KANAMIT 1: Let's be
careful with our pronouns.

KANAMIT 2: He understands
everything that you understand.

KANAMIT 1: We understand
everything that we understand.

KANAMIT 2: I love us.

I also love us. That is not...

KANAMIT 1: We love us.

ALL: Yes, that really is best.

Well, what do we do now
about the madwoman

in the oxygen tower?

KANAMIT 3: The transfer
ray will wear off soon.

Whatever we do,
we don't want it to wake up.

KANAMIT 1: We are
afraid of them waking up.

KANAMIT 3: Because
they have their own mind.

KANAMIT 2: Their own
terrible desires and wishes.

KANAMIT 3: Their own
horrifying lack of this

- and that.
- Hey!

I said "Hey!"

You can't just pull us out
of our lives, you know.

What, exactly, are you doing
with me, anyway?

ALL: We don't know.
We only work here.

Is there someone I can talk to?

Uh, your... your leader.

Your supervisor.

Take me to your supervisor.

♪ ♪

My name is Janet Warren,
born Janet Davey,

July 7, 1974.

Five-six, 137 pounds.

When I was a little girl,
I got lost in an amusement park

for two hours,
but really I was hiding

in one of the backstage areas

with the mascot
character costumes.

When I was a junior
in high school,

I wanted to be
an Olympic ice skater

or a country-western singer.

But then I was none
of those things.

I'm married.
I have two children.

Two sons.

Two years ago I delivered

a stillborn baby girl.

The light in the room
was very harsh.

Very hard.

Very hard.

I hate the paint colors I chose
when we remodeled,

and I hate
the living room drapes.

I hate our cars.

I wish that I didn't have
all of the things that I have

and instead had
different things.

I'm afraid of spiders
and horses.

WARM FEMALE VOICE: Yes, we know.

Where am I?

Are you comfortable?

Yes. Thank you.

Please do not make
any individualized,

thr*at movements.


You're not afraid of me,
are you?

Are you comfortable?

Yes. Thank you.

But why are you afraid of me?

We are afraid of how often

you change your minds,
and so unexpectedly.

But surely you change
your mind sometimes.

Don't you?

Ours is a single shared mind.

To change it would require
the same energy needed

to reverse the flow of your
so-called Mississippi River.

One mind. That doesn't sound
very democratic.

In a democracy,
half the population

wants something different
than what they're getting.

We've seen how that can go.

You're talking about Earth.

What's left of it.

You've been watching us?


Since first we heard
your radios.

Nineteen hundred and forty-five,

the United States defeat Japan.

Nineteen hundred and sixty-five,

the Beatles defeat
the son of your God, and so on.

Well, no, that's not
exactly right.

And then, in your 1950s, when
you started sending pictures,

we watched.

The trials of your kings,
the collapse of your t*wers.

We studied the applause
of studio audiences,

hoping it was evidence
of a single, shared mind.

You can imagine our
disappointment when we learned

it was artificial and canned,
like your diet colas.

But more than anything else,

we studied
your television commercials.

We struggled to understand

what was important to you,
what you loved.

What you wanted, what
you needed, and why, so often,

they weren't the same thing.

You have all of this
unbelievable technology,

and all you've been doing
is watching television?

we have been watching

your television commercials,

But we don't even watch our
television commercials anymore.

We've, I don't know, evolved.

We skip right past them.

It's true, you have evolved.

Commercials now grow
in the rich soil

of your unconscious minds.

And that matters to you?

It only matters
that humans are stopped.



But what did I ever do?

I'm not in charge
of anything, or

any governments
or countries or...

The Kanamit understands that a
human being is most vulnerable

when it perceives
a lack of something.

All you ever did
is want something

other than what you already had.

But that's anyone.

That's anyone around here.

That's, that's Ellen Jones,

that's Marge Stevens
from right next-door.

But your wanting
is powered by grief.

Like the great glittering
cities of your world,

we can see your wanting
from space.

My grief doesn't make
television commercials.

So you've been... monitoring us?

Watching our commercials
so you can see

what makes us weak?

So you can what?

inv*de us or something?


The EGG.

You know what it is, don't you?

Of course I know what it is.

Who do you think laid it?

Who do you think
laid all of them?

♪ Sunshine, lollipops
and rainbows... ♪

- Yeah!
- The idea wasn't ours,
of course.

The idea for the EGG was yours,

- Mrs. Warren.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.



♪ And I feel... ♪


everything could be okay again,

and this time okay forever.

And that's really
all we're doing.

Everything will indeed
be okay again.

- Uh-uh. Okay...
- Especially because

there won't be
any human beings around

to change their minds about it.


Oh, that's not very nice.

- Oh, God!




♪ ♪


Excuse me?

I wonder if you can tell me
what time it is on Earth.

I'd like to go back now, please.

I'd like to go home.

You won't be able
to stop anything.

And here with us,
you'll be safe.

I don't care about that,
and I don't want to,

for God's sake,
stay here with you.

I just want to be at my
designated fulfillment center

at my allotted hour
of fulfillment,

like a normal person.

You remember that you attempted
to cancel your family's EGG.

It's true, I did.

But that was
before I knew what it was.

It wasn't really canceled,
was it?

You understand
that your EGG is a spawn

designed to eradicate
the human race?


That doesn't matter
to me, either.

You understand
that your EGG is...


I understand.

And I know.

I just

want to hold it.

Even for a little while.

Because it's...

Well, it's mine.




(expl*si*n IN DISTANCE)

- (expl*si*n)






It would be much, much better

if it was you who was
coming home with me today.






♪ I don't have plans
and schemes ♪

♪ And I don't have ♪

♪ Hopes and dreams ♪

♪ I don't have anything ♪

♪ Since I don't have you... ♪

Jane, oh, Jane, you're here!

Because if anyone deserves
to have their own EGG, it's you.

Nine out of ten of us agree.

But it really does make
everything okay again.

And this time it's gonna be
okay forever. You'll see.

- Oh, you'll see!
- ♪ I don't have ♪

♪ Happy hours ♪

♪ I don't ♪

♪ Have anything ♪


♪ Since I don't have you ♪

♪ You, you, you ♪

♪ You... ♪

Existential dread got you down?

Well, Mrs. Janet Warren
finally found relief.

Albeit for a limited time only.

But buyer beware:
All sales are final

here in The Twilight Zone.
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