01x03 - Neil

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Y: The Last Man". Aired: September 13, 2021- present.
Series follows the survivors in the post-apocalyptic world as they struggle to restore what was lost and build something better.
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01x03 - Neil

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Previously on Y: The Last Man...

AGENT : I'm here
for whatever you need.

- What should I call you?
- Agent .

- Nora Brady.
- SOLDIER: If they needed you,

they would've sent someone
to get you weeks ago.

- Let's just go.
- KIMBERLY: Without men,

there is no future.

But we're just trying
to survive the present.

Power plants will start to shut down.

RACHEL: No food. No clean water.

- Which cities?
- All of them.

CHRISTINE: There's still
time for Hero to get out.

You answer to the president.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Then find my daughter.

- You heading to New York?
- Yeah.

I'll be coming with you.



- Who are you?!
- Yorick.


AGENT : Come with me.

(WIND bl*wing)

♪ ♪


Hey, love, eyes shut.

- MACK: I hate them.

The only thing they
talk about is horses.

So talk about horses.

Think of it like a sleepover.


Hey. You're back.

We thought we'd see you yesterday.

Took a day to get around the roadblocks.

You must be exhausted.


KATHRYN: How was it?


People everywhere. Bodies.

They've cleaned up what they can, but...

You got in, though?

They had army kids shipped in
from God knows where.

None of them knew me.

ANA: Did they say when
we'll get power here?

There wasn't anyone to talk to.

I tried.

How was it here?

Did you find any more food?

Case of Slimfast, Hailey's garage.

NORA: I was here for that.

Cappuccino Delight. (CHUCKLES SOFTLY)

Then no. No more food.

When the snow melts, no water.

What now? W-We leave?

We have to make some decisions.

As a group.


Heidi can't take all of us.

She's at capacity as it is.

And she doesn't think

that the supplies will hold much longer.

She said only six of us, and...

with the girls...

ANA: Everybody's bringing something.

Our kids know us,

know each other...

KATHRYN: I know we talked
about sticking together, but...

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


So, when do we get out of here?

MULLIGAN: Can't we go to
sleep, debrief in the morning?

We won't say anything.

The president wants us here,

so we stay till she says otherwise.

Where is he?



It's pretty crazy, huh?


No shit.

How many people know?


The president.

She obviously had no idea.

Wants to keep it quiet for now.

You've been outside the perimeter?

There's a lot of people
screaming conspiracy.

Well, it's all bullshit.

- Yeah?

President Brown m*rder
four billion people

but spared her kid?

I'm just saying it doesn't look good.

She sent us there,
gave you the address...

We were looking for her daughter.

You think the people at the gate
are gonna buy that?

You really think
she can keep this a secret?


I do.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


- No, no. No, no, no.

Hey, hey. Hey.

Amp. (CLICKS TONGUE) Come here.

Come here, bud.

No. Buddy, hey.

Come here.

Amp, come here.


MAN (ON TV): Will you believe
me? You got the wrong number.

Wait, one second.

I can't give you an infantry chart.

We're only doctors... the best we can do

is storm the enemy
and take their tonsils out.



No, no, no, no. No, no.



No, no.


Stop it.

YORICK: Amp. Come here.




I-I just can't make sense of it.

Could you... could you
explain it to me, please?

- MULLIGAN: Barnes, stop.
- No. What the f*ck?!

I-I want to understand, I do.

I just...

I mean, how did he survive?

Why him?


What are you doing?

Wait. Why do you get to leave?

We all take our orders
from the president.

She needs me with her,
and she needs you to sit tight.

- When are you coming back?
- Hey.



He's gone. Get back here now.

I'll be right there.

♪ ♪




(WHISPERING): Go, go, go, go.

Just wait a minute.





AGENT : Ma'am,
what are you doing in here?

Marla, are you all right?

You shouldn't be in here.

- There's a man here.
- Sorry?

I think she's a little confused.

I saw him. I...

I saw him.

Take this.

You must be freezing.

It's all clear, ma'am.

There's no one here.

You want help getting back?

I'm fine.

Most nights I see them, too.

YORICK: d*ad people?

- Just sitting at their desks?
- We're working on it.

- This building is the size of a small town.
- Yeah, and now

every time I close my eyes,
that's what I'm gonna see.

- Security footage in the hallway?
- There's no one in the office.

- They only check if there's an incident.
- If Marla thinks...

I'll take care of it.


Um, how many other men have you found?

We found plenty of men.

None with a Y chromosome.



um, the room, uh, uh, uh,

room with the stuff on the walls.

It's what we had.

Purses and pockets.

Is Dad up there?

The key chain thing Hero made...

that's all I had.

You know, I looked everywhere for her.

Well, yeah, yeah, her, um,

her place was already looted
when I got there.

I went back a few times, but...

Hmm. I should have sent someone for you.

No, no, no. Mom? Mom, you...

It's okay. You thought
I was d*ad. You...

It's okay.

Dad... I know that... that
Dad was in town that night.

Yeah. Um...

he chose to get a room at the Jefferson,

and that's where his body was found.

Uh, Beth... what about Beth?

(GASPS SOFTLY) Yorick...

If she got out of the city,
she's in Cleveland.

Her mom is back in chemo.

Can you send someone there?


there was a... a subway
crash near your place.

Three trains...

I know, I know.
The whole building shook.

But she took her bike.

Okay. I-I will send someone
to look for her

- as soon as I can.
- Okay.

Because we're engaged.

- What?
- Yeah.

JENNIFER: Wow, I-I didn't know

- you were going to propose.
- Yeah.

I thought I'd surprise you.

(CHUCKLES): Good news, for a change.

AGENT : Excuse me, ma'am.

- Yeah?
- We need to talk about the pilots.

- They're gonna be a problem.
- Where are they now?

AGENT : There's ,
people at the perimeter.

More every day.
If anyone finds out he's here,

we could have a Russia
situation on our hands.

Oh, what happened in Russia?

Uh, I have a briefing.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

I'll send you some food.

What happened in Russia?





Jesus. You scared me.


They left us?

I told them to go ahead.

We're faster without them.

Dad's got protein powder
back in our garage.

I checked already.



AGENT : FSB, or what's left of it,

put out a statement that
Russian leaders survived.

men. The big sh*ts.

- The inner circle.
- Well, that's good, right?

A crowd stormed the Kremlin.

They wanted to see the men,

but it was propaganda, it was bullshit.

They overran the building.
There's chaos now.

We've lost contact.

It's for Amp.

- Wait, Amp's the monkey?

Mm-hmm. Ampersand, like the, uh...

I know what an ampersand is.


The government was
handing out food in New York.

Mm. Yeah, I went once. Didn't go well.


so, my mom, like, uh,
won the apocalypse.

That's fun.

The top job. She's not
even a Republican.

Well, the line of succession
was decimated.

Secretary Abbot would be next.

- Is that education?
- Yep. Except...

she was born in Antigua.

The only other woman was Regina Oliver,

but she's d*ad.

Small miracles.

Oh, come on, really?
She's the anti-immigrant,

anti-government, anti-vaxxer
with a Twitter following.

She, like... Didn't she, like,

try and bring her g*n to a spin class?

She should not be president.

Well, your mom was speaker for an hour,

then they bumped her up.

Oh, wow. Speaker and president.

Check that off the bucket list.

Between us, you don't think
it's a health risk

to have a bunch of d*ad bodies
lying around the building?

That's why that area's sealed off.

Okay, well, I'm just saying...

Your mother's prioritizing the living.


Yorick. That's Hamlet, right?


"Alas, poor Yorick!"

"A fellow of infinite jest,
of most excellent fancy".


My dad taught Shakespeare.

They named you after a d*ad clown.

The plant is flooded.

We're not sure what happens
when it comes back online.

We obviously want to avoid a Fukushima.

MIRANDA: There aren't enough
skilled workers to do it safely.

(MUTED, DISTORTED): Not yet. We've
got a handful of engineering majors,

but they're just kids.

We need someone with experience.

AISHA: Most of those people are d*ad.

The camps are bleeding
fuel we don't have.

PRIYA: If they lose power, I don't
know that we can keep the peace.

AISHA: Madam President?


Sharon Jacobs.

She runs our re-skilling program.

Nuclear engineer since ' . Perfect.

Sharon Jacobs left.

Left? What does that mean?

She lost her boys, needed time.

She's been working nonstop.

We all have.

I want to speak with her.
Get her back there.

We'll bring the plant
back online, go from there.

- Right.
- Yes, ma'am.

Madam President?

Uh, my mother, she's very upset.

She said you were in B ring
at : a.m. What's going on?

I saw her go down there.
Helped her back to her room.

Is she taking anything to sleep?

That stuff can make you a little loopy.

We sleep great.


CHRISTINE: What was that?


Are you okay?




AGENT : I warned him. He kept eating.

Watch him. He bites.


And he's... ?

Definitely a male.

- How did they survive?
- I don't know.

- Should I get Dr. Schirra?
- No. No. This is the circle.

Until we have a plan,
he stays between us.

And the pilots.

(EXHALES) We need a geneticist.

Pull that NSF list.

We'll pick the best, bring her here.

We can recommission B ring for him.

He can't stay here.
Whatever kept him alive,

people are gonna want it.

This is the safest place he could be.

, people live and work
in this building.

The crowd at the gate grows every day.

So what do you think
happens if they find out

the only survivor is
the president's son?

I can help you move him, but...

it has to be before the word gets out.

Ma'am, secrets don't hold.

You need to work outside the system.

She's the president... she is the system.

Can you trust her?


Because the fewer people

who know about him, the better.

JENNIFER: She knows. Move on.

AGENT : He's valuable.

He's probably the most
valuable asset we have,

and he needs to be protected.

But not here.

This place is a fishbowl.

Ma'am, use me.

This is what I'm here for.

JENNIFER: I just got him back.

I won't lose him again.

Where am I?


There you are.

I'm... so thirsty.


Where am I?

Tel Aviv.

Can you tell me your name?

Do you remember?

The CCI summit.

Your esophagus will be quite tender.

We just removed the tube yesterday,

- so not too much.
- Oh...

What... what happened?

A lot.



(EXHALES) My name is Regina.

Regina. Nice to meet you.

I'm Alma.

Forgive me, uh...

I expect this will be
difficult news, but...

there isn't a way to say it more simply.

There's... been an event,

the world over, and...

... the men are d*ad, Regina.

I can't explain it, uh,
but that is what has happened.


They're gone.

I'm... I'm sure you'll have many people

that you will have to grieve.

You were in an accident.

Your skull was fractured
and your brain was swelling.

And all of that...

and you survived.

And you'll survive this, too.

If that's true...

It's true, Regina. I know it seems...

... then I am the President
of the United States.

Could I have more water, please?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- Has there been a breakthrough?
- Excuse me?

Uh, scientists. I thought maybe
there was some good news.

Oh, I... I'm just the courier.

Why don't I know you?

You're Secret Service, right?
You worked for my father?

- Yes.
- Oh. Have we met?

I'm usually pretty good
with names and faces.

Sarah Burgin. But it was
my first day on the job

when it happened.


Oh, you poor thing. How awful.

Um, well...

President Brown has shown
a real interest in you.

My father had his favorites, too.

So you must be doing a great job.

Oh, uh, I'm, uh, I'm Kimberly.

- Kim. Sorry, I should have...
- I know who you are. Yes.

... started with that, yeah.

Um... I play cards

with some of the Secret Service
girls sometimes.

You should join us.

It's good to have friends here.

You know, President Brown can be...

... tough. (SIGHS)

Thank you.

It was nice meeting you.


ELAINE: Your hair...

- How did you... ?

Hey. Ashley, let Kailyn play.

I traded a cashmere shawl
with Wendy for it.

It's the cheap stuff,
but it does the trick.

I thought if I looked more like myself,

they would take me more seriously.

But Jennifer still acts
like I'm useless.

- Mom!
- Give her a turn.

ASHLEY: Stop it. Get off of me.

Oh, come on, you don't
have to like Jennifer,

- Mom!
- but she's doing the best she can.

I will not ask you again!

She's doing the best she can
to sideline us. (SCOFFS)

My mother worked hand
in hand with my father

his entire career.

She should have a voice.

Kim, we all love your mom, but she's...

- ... she doesn't want...
- My mother's fine, Elaine.

If we had some real
representation in that room...

We've got Lisa.

Lisa Murray?

Hmm! Please. She's pro-choice.

She's a Republican.

Hardly. Look, the voters chose us.

They chose my father.

They chose your husband.

Our values.

You worked with Peter
on his entire campaign.

You should have a seat at the table.

- Me?
- Why not?

I'm a homemaker.

Peter didn't run that
office all by himself.

When I walk down the halls,
the way people look at me...

Nobody's asking you

- what you're still doing here.
- ASHLEY: Come on!

Ashley, that's it!

I'm counting to five.





Sometimes I just want to... (GRUNTS)

Oh, Kim, I'm s... I'm so sorry.

Your hands are full. (LAUGHS SOFTLY)

I just want to know that I can...

count on you.

If the time comes.

If the time comes for what?

- ♪


♪ ♪

♪ ♪







MACK: Hey!

- Hey! Hey!
- Mack!


- My leg!
- Okay.

Okay. Oh, God. Oh, honey.


You're fine, I promise.

(PANTING): Okay...

Did you get a sh*t

- the last time you went to camp?
- I don't know!

You did. You did. I know you did.

You're good.

You're good. I got you, okay?

- We'll-we'll get help.
- We can't go.

- Mack, we have to!
- We can't go! We can't leave them!

We can't leave them.

JENNIFER: Best of the best.

We're already in contact
with most of them.

We'll figure out who's
best suited and bring her here.

Figure out how you survived
and develop an antidote.

Hmm, an antidote to death. Wow. Okay.

A treatment, if a male child were born.

Frozen embryos might still be viable.

Yeah, it's easy to be best
of the best on a list of one.

There was a longer list of bad options,

but that seems like a waste of time.

YORICK: Dr. Allison Mann.

Harvard. Mann?

Oh, my God, the universe is hilarious.

And, you know, awful.

Dr. Mann wasn't
on the list NSF prepared.

That was that long list of
bad options I was talking about.

She was flagged by the FBI...
they thought

she might be soliciting
grant money from the Saudis.

- But she wasn't?
- No, she was.

- Huh.
- JENNIFER: How does that

not immediately disqualify her?

Well, she's entirely about the work.

She's not ideological

- or nationalistic.
- CHRISTINE: She's the last person

- we should go to.
- Which is just one

of the reasons she's the better choice.

CHRISTINE: I'm sorry,
do you have some kind

of genetics expertise
that we don't know about?

No. But I can read.

The scientists on your list
have a spotlight on them.

They go dark, people
will start asking questions.

Dr. Mann is the only name
that was disqualified

for reasons that have nothing
to do with talent or ability.

She's a world-renowned geneticist

who's been on the extreme
edges of this field for years,

doing exactly the kind of work...

She solicited money
from a hostile regime.

Exactly. She doesn't give a sh...

- She's an independent thinker.
- YORICK: Good save.

Uh, who are you, by the way?

Because you're not Secret Service.

That much is obvious.
What is she, CIA or something?

Give us the room.

Both of you.

Who is she?

We can trust her.

Okay, cool. That doesn't
answer my question.

What do you want to do?

It's your life.

You ought to have some say.



I know what I should say...

that I will do

whatever it takes to help you, um...

uh, save the world or whatever,


honestly, I just want to find Beth.

I can't imagine
what you've been through.

I'm on borrowed time.

I feel like any minute now
my brain could explode

- like the rest of them.
- Don't even say that.

And I just want to make the best
of this before it's over.


Okay, so what, you want my blood?

You want me to jack off in a cup?

- Oh, Yorick...
- I don't think it's gonna make a difference,

but I will do it... if you find her.


That's what I want.

And then what?

- You hide away...
- You asked.

- ... together, forever?
- I'm trying to be honest...

You love her.

I'm glad. I love her, too.

But that is not a plan.

Well, maybe I'm not
as ambitious as you are.

What does that mean?

That's... It's not a criticism, Mom.

You're a badass, Mom, okay?

And the way people look
at you, you're...

you're a shiny person...
people are drawn to you.

They believe in you.

But I'm...

I'm just a guy. I'm not special.

- Yorick...
- Yeah, no, I know you think I'm special... thank you,

you're my mother... but you know
what I'm talking about.

You're not gonna...


You're not gonna say it,
because you're not an assh*le,


we both know I'm not cut out for this.


there has got to be
someone else who survived.

Someone better.

'Cause I just want my life back.

I don't think I can give you that.


I'm so sorry. We need you.


♪ ♪


Is everything okay?


Abby, come on.

What's going on?

Regina Oliver was found in Israel,


RACHEL: On the day, a bus
plowed into the ground floor

of the hotel where she was staying,

clipped a gas line,
and the building was leveled.

Hundreds d*ed in the collapse,
on top of all the men,

and they didn't find her buried
under the rubble

until the next day.

They lost track of who's who...

Well, who's "they"? Who told us this?

The Israelis. We got a cable
from their SSC minutes ago.

How is this not an immediate
constitutional crisis?

- It is.
- It might be.

- It's not.
- I don't like it, either,

but Regina Oliver has a legitimate claim

to the presidency.

Oh, please. The line of succession

- couldn't possibly matter less.
- MIRANDA: You can't just throw out

the Constitution because
you don't like what it says.

Look, Ted Campbell was a good man

and he was a friend,
but it was no secret

Regina Oliver wasn't
the best decision he ever made.

Oh, we're pretending
it was a mistake he made?

- LISA: Oh, come on.
- He couldn't win without the r*cist,

even with all the gerrymandering.

He never thought something
like this could happen.

None of us did.

Well, he put a complete
f*cking fringe lunatic

in his cabinet, and then
he d*ed, and now here we are.

That's what she is.

"Jesus wasn't vaccinated"?

- Is that real? She said that?

Look, it's not much of a leap to
go from "suffered brain trauma"

- to "unfit for office".
- MIRANDA: What if she balks?

Wants to get the Supreme Court involved?

- We only have three justices.
- People already think

we're hiding something...
what will they say

when they find out she's alive?
They'll-they'll storm the gates.

She hasn't been here,

on the ground, doing this work.

Even if she weren't who she is,

it would take weeks
to get her up to speed.

We don't have weeks.

If we're a united front,
she'll fall in line.

She'll have no choice.

But she can't be president.


She can't.

We'll back you, ma'am.

♪ ♪

When were you gonna tell us
about Regina Oliver?

Stop it. We just found out about her.

We don't even know
what kind of shape she's in.

Our values matter.

My father's values matter.

He was elected.

JENNIFER: No one's
hiding anything from you.

No one's squeezing you out.

We'll handle the situation

once we fully understand
what the situation is.


- You RINO.
- Ugh. Grow up.

AGENT : I can get him out of here.

Take him to Dr. Mann,
keep him out of sight.

Or we scrap the whole thing,
go to Ohio, find Beth,

and then, then the scientist can
do whatever she wants with me.

All eyes are on you right now,

and if there's a political fight,

a power play, he makes you vulnerable.

- I...
- He makes this whole building vulnerable.

- What about the pilots?
- YORICK: Mom, wait, wait, wait.

Wait. Hey, we need to talk about this.

I'll deal with the pilots.

Boston's been hard to contain.
v*olence. Looting.

We don't know what
you'll be walking into.

- I can handle it.
- Um, hi.

Maybe I don't want to go
to lawless Boston.

No one leaves this building
without clearance.

Security checkpoints every feet.

I can get him out of here,
but it has to be now

- and before anyone else...
- Mom, listen, I have been out there.

- This isn't a good idea.
- You think I want this?

I just got you back from the d*ad.

AGENT : Somewhere inside of him

is the answer to how all this
happened and how we fix it.

The only chance we have to find a way

to put the world back together again.

And we found him.

Those are yours.

Go ahead.



He isn't safe here.

The more people who know about him,

the more danger he's in.

There's a scientist at Harvard.

She's the most qualified for the job.

We have to get him to her.

I looked at your files.
You flew supply runs?


And you?

Flight instructor.

I don't know what got y'all
to enlist in the first place,

but I do know it was not supply runs

and teaching other people to fly.

There has never been
a more important mission.

And the President of the United States

wants you to fly it.

YORICK: She's some kind of secret agent?

She could be working for
the Iranians for all you know.

- Well, she isn't. She works for me.

And what, I work for you?

What do you want me to say, Yorick?

I don't want you to go.
I don't want to let you

out of my sight
for the rest of your life.

I just got here.

If you stay, I can't protect you.

They'll all want a piece of you.

I hate that picture, you know.

- What?
- Downstairs.

I look like a kid.

It should have been one of them.

Anyone. That dude with the Purple Heart,

or, um...


You're it, kiddo.

It's not one of them.

It's you.


And you can do this.

- Yeah?

We found Sharon Jacobs.

The New England grid.

It took all day, but we found her.

If we get Seabrook Station
back online, we...

Everyone's waiting. I-I can stall.

Go, Mom.

It's okay.

Secure channel.

Stay dark until you get to Boston.

Yes, ma'am.

Listen, uh...

- he's all I have left.
- I'll take care of him.

I'll keep him safe.













This is just another trip.

Like Jackson Hole.



The power's back?

DOLLY PARTON: ♪ Well, I dreamed I saw ♪

- ♪ The knights in armor coming ♪
- Somewhere.

♪ Saying something about a queen ♪

♪ There were peasants singing ♪

♪ And drummers drumming ♪

♪ And the archer split the tree... ♪


Who was that?

♪ ♪

YORICK: Uh, where's mine?



- No, no, no, no. No. No.
- No one leaves this building

- without at least six ID checks.
- No, put me in a,

- like, a laundry basket or something.
- They check. They check

every piece of cargo that comes
in or out of the building.

Except for one.

Yeah, I'm not getting on there.


The people at the gate think
your mom is hiding something.

If you're found, what do you
think they'll do to her?

♪ ♪


- You okay?
- Yeah, I've been better.


The helicopters are fueled up,
ready to go.

You're gonna lead. We'll be on your six.

MULLIGAN: Wait a minute, I
thought you were flying with us.

- No. We need cover.
- You're a pilot?

Uh, I flew supply runs for
the army in Iraq. I'll be fine.

AGENT : Hey.

Thank you.

♪ ♪

JENNIFER: You still there, Sharon?

(OVER PHONE): I told your people

I can't do it.

If we don't get this plant up
and running,

hundreds of thousands of people
will be without power.

And if things get worse,
those lives are at stake.

I-I know. I know,
and I'm sorry, but I just...

Ma'am, I can't.

You have to find someone else.

What were your sons' names?

DeShawn and Eric.

How old were they?

and .

Two years apart.

My kids, too.

It's tough in the beginning,
but it makes them so close.

That was a hard age for me.

They need you so much
when they're little.

Once they're independent...

it hurts.



I've always wanted to have
the power to help people.

And now here I am...

and frankly, I can't do shit.

'Cause we don't need
politicians right now.

We need people like you.

People who went to work every day

where they were the only...
only woman in the room.


I know you miss them.

I miss my kids every single day.

But there are still a lot
of people who need

what only you can give.



Okay, I'll do it.


Ms. Jacobs, this is Miranda Powell.

We have a team standing by
to escort you.

♪ ♪

- When you stop...
- (GASPS) Jesus Christ.

- I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.

I-I didn't mean to ambush you.

Right now, I mean.

But-but earlier, as well, about Regina.


It was inappropriate, and I apologize.

We... We've all been
a little bit on edge.


It's okay.

When you start looking at all this...

love and grief...

it's hard to stop, isn't it?

Do you know, uh...

Ruth Botty? DOD?

Her son, Martin,

nine years old.

He had just finished reading a
biography of Alexander Hamilton.


Can you believe that? Nine years old.

pages. Wow.

Finally Broadway did
something good for this country.

You don't like theater?


I like Phantom.

Ah, okay. You know, uh, Nell Patchett?

- Treasury Nell?
- Treasury Nell?

(LAUGHS): That's funny.

(SIGHS): Oh.

Well, she had this
in her wallet for years.

Her husband had lost, um,

oh, -some-odd pounds

between May and the...

The pride these women
feel for their men.

It inspires me.

Sometimes I think
that there are women who...

Oh, I know you can't...

"quantify" grief, but...

Some people lost less, and...

... some people lost more.

That's quantified.

Isn't it?

You know what I mean?

I do.

I know you do.

♪ ♪

Oh. Do you remember Yorick

at the Easter Egg Roll?

- Remember? He was maybe, like,

seven years old?

But he wouldn't join the group.

He just stayed out all afternoon
under the tree tying knots.

Oh, grief is so funny.

My mother could have
conjured the image of...

any man.

My father. Her father.

Harry Connick Jr.

But it was your son she saw
wandering those halls with her.

That's so strange to me.

♪ ♪

Holy shit.

Go, go, go, go!


- What happened?
- I don't know.

It doesn't matter.

Do we go back?

No, no, no, no, we keep going.

Sit back. Seat belt.

We keep going.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪
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