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04x08 - Kindred

Posted: 09/20/21 05:36
by bunniefuu


Sorry, I should have locked that.

Did I miss the opening?

It's tomorrow night.

[LAUGHING] Oh! Oh, my God!

Oh, teach me to get excited.

Do you want to come in? ***


I'm just finishing shit, you know.

You're sure I won't be
getting in your way?

No, please. Mi casa es su casa.

I'm a huge fan of your work.

Oh, I'm... Glencoe pop
song was incredible.

Oh, your new work!


so visceral.

Thank you.

I thought, you know, years old.

Haha! You're ?


I think of myself as a
young and vital artist,

but then, there's that number.

I woke up on my th
spinning around this home,

and I suddenly thought,
"What the crikey am I doing?"

I don't care about her.
And next thing I know,

I was taking the art from my shows,

and I just... crushed the f*ck.

Oh, my God!

- You didn't!
- Ah, I did!

I just wanted to erase my past,

eliminate all the years that led to now.

You're so brave...

k*lling your babies.

f*ck it!


What do I have to be scared of?

Absolutely nothing.


- Is that how you do it?
- Aye.


it must feel so...

... powerful.

From the top of my head
to tips of my toes.

- Do you want me to show you?
- Please.

It opens, here, right up.


- And then, it's ready.
- Mm-hmm.

Waiting for me to stick
anything I want in there.

Ah! Oh!

What are you doing?

It's not a f*cking toy!

Stop the panel!

Please let me out!





♪ ♪

♪ ♪


That should hold the psycho bitch.

She was d*ad. We saw her body.

As Spencer said, this family was dense.

Why did you do this?

Because it felt f*cking fantastic.

So you and Spencer, you
dreamed this sick shit up?

I will smash your f*cking head in

if you don't start answering
our questions.

I'm doing what I was paid to do.

- f*cking Spencer.
- But why?!

What was the f*cking point of this?

Spencer wanted a predator
on the island to test you all,

weed out the weak.

That predator was me.

You're f*cking proud of yourself?

- So the game was bullshit.
- Not at all.

The game was Spencer's,

and the punishments were mine.

He said I could do whatever
my heart desired,

as long as I left one heir standing.



You k*lled my f*cking mother!

She didn't have a stake in any of this.

Hmm... Oh, when something
that juicy presents itself,

all work and no play
makes Jane a dull girl.

f*ck you!

Give me the Kn*fe.



That's it.


♪ ♪

So were you ever an
end-of-life specialist

or was it all just bullshit?

I am.

Spencer found me. [SIGHING]

- He dug into my past.
- Which he always did.

Discovered a malpractice suit.

- Soon realized...
- You're a sick f*ck.

There were some... accusations

surrounding my practice
that... he found promising.


I was pretty sure he saw
people the same way.

Yeah, expendable.

So he just kept you around,

on retainer waiting to do this?

What did you do for him?

I got rid of Spencer's pests.

The first was Ray Craft.

Ray Craft, the artist?

Is that the man that your mom dated?

I think that's O'Keefe's father.

He was a test.

- I passed with flying colors.
- So, this is what you do?

You k*ll and cover your tracks, huh?

Starting a f*re is one thing,

but we found your remains
inside a wood chipper.

Guts and a necklace. It wasn't me.




You better run 'cause you're
gonna need a real doctor!


Stay away from me!

You better hope I don't catch you!

I'm gonna get down from here,

and I'm going back. I'm going back to...



♪ ♪


Ah, it's not the first time
we used that wood chipper.

It would be so easy
to k*ll you right now.

She is gonna rot in jail.

I'm not going to jail.

Listen to her.

f*ck yeah, let's do it.

No. We have enough evidence to put
her away for the rest of her life.

We'll get her to testify, pull
that crazy f*cking will apart.

She buried my mother alive, Theo.

You honestly believe
I don't have an escape plan?

I won't be returning to the
mainland as Persephone Trinh.

After all, she's d*ad.

And I have dirt on
every last one of you.

Spencer didn't just dig into my past.

The m*rder you committed at Kent Pen'.

It was a riot, and I didn't do it.

Sure, a jury will believe
you, an ex-con.

And then there's that cover-up

that you were involved in in Iraq.

- And...
- I don't want to hear it.

I do.

Oh, it's good. Seems twins
aren't so different after all.

Those files are now with a lawyer.

And if I don't present an heir,

they will be distributed to where
they will do the most damage:

news outlets, the police...

Shut the f*ck up!

f*ck you!

f*ck! Aaah!


You f*cking idiot.

- I did what we all wanted.
- No.

You f*cked it up for all of us.
Everything she had...

Was going out there anyway!

Everything Spencer did was
never an idle f*cking thr*at!


- Oh, my God.

I hate that f*cking sound.





It's over this way.







This is where he's been.

[LIV]: The smell!

The freezer's clearly not working.

Trinh probably warmed him
off for maximum impact.

What's this?

[LIV]: "My hands are of your color...

But I shame to wear a heart so white."

This thing is vicious.

It's Macbeth.

You're surprised that I know him

or that I can f*cking read, Theo?

I just want to know what it means.

Lady Macbeth says it to Macbeth

when they're both covered
in blood from whichever duke

or duchess they'd just cut to pieces.

- Ah...
- Essentially...

just calling him a p*ssy
for feeling bad about it.

Kinda like, you have to do this
shit to get what you want,

so don't start feeling all
squeamish about it later.

Okay, great, but what
does that mean for us?

I mean, what do we do with that?

It's about guts, not
being a chickenshit.

It's very Spencer.

But it talks about his heart.

This freaky body is here.

Okay. Going out on a limb here.

- Jesus!
- Shit!

What the hell happened to him?

Did that go all the way through?

Looks like it.

Okay, so is this just Trinh
bragging or something?

- No, it's a clue.
- It's a challenge.

So it's not the heart.

I said it's about guts.

- His heart is out 'cause...
- He didn't have one.


We have these for a reason.

Hey, help me.

All right.

Let's look in his guts.

Whoa, whoa! What are you doing?

Trying to win millions of
dollars, what about you?

Guys, we can't f*cking do this.

It's awful, yes,

but so is every other single
part of this weekend.

What happened to us not
doing the challenges?

It's the last one.

We're here, it's just us,

and it's not exactly like
Trinh k*lled the loser.

Like, every single thing this weekend

has been designed to test us, man.

We can't stop now.

Well, what's your big secret?

Yeah, man.

- You know ours.
- Come on,

what could you have possibly done

that Spencer's money couldn't fix?

Ah, it doesn't matter now

- because you k*lled Trinh.
- Right.

And the three of us are the
very suspicious survivors

of a m*rder spree.
With Vincent's jail time

and whatever you did,
who's gonna believe

that we didn't k*ll everybody here?

- Let's start with the guts.
- It's gonna be so bad.


Theo's secret must be big.
Let's face it, with him, it could be...

not swimming without waiting
an hour after eating.

How small are we thinking?

You know, this is my first
hidden-in-a-corpse scavenger hunt.

But I suppose we gotta check
inside things like this.


Ah, ah...

Relax, it's, uh... it's like a sausage.



I feel like I can taste it. [COUGHING]

Go outside, get some air.

No way.

I'm not missing out on this prize, Liv.

- I'll split it with you.
- Pfff, yeah.

Come on, we both done
more than our fair share.

No. I'm here for all of it.




If you throw up, I'm gonna throw up.


What's that?



♪ ♪

That didn't take long.

Well, at least I'm not a p*ssy
about this kind of stuff.

- Nah, I'm not the one puking.
- f*ck you!


I'm going right back in there.

Yeah, when she finishes, right?

Yeah, just like when we were kids.

You talked tough the whole time,

but got me to do the dirty stuff.

Yeah, I didn't see you helping
me deal with Trinh.

Because it was the wrong f*cking move.

You lost control, again.

Sorry I overreacted when
we caught the person

- that f*cking k*lled everyone, Bro.
- We could have tricked her.

We could have gotten those damn files.

It's the same old f*cking shit with you!

You're perfect, man.

I'm the f*ck-up. Yeah?

And they compared me
to you all the time,

it's why they f*cking hated me.

For f*cking years,

they hated me for being
there when you were taken!

Hated for not being you!

And once you were gone,

you became this perfect f*cking martyr!

So it's my fault? Again?


I was kidnapped.

And you have blamed me

for what that did to you.

Hmm, Bro?

You piece of shit!


Why are you running, Theo? Come on!


f*ck you, Theo! Ah, you piece of shit.

You were always good at hiding.



Ah! f*ck!


Coming for you, Theo!

♪ ♪

I'm gonna f*ck you up!


You did this with me when we were kids.

- That's because you were a psychopath.
- Yeah.

- Oh, yeah.

Leave me alone! Get off me!

[SPENCER]: Coddling doesn't work.

He's a twisted little shit!

[FLORENCE]: Please, Daddy, he's little,

he's just a... a little boy.
He'll grow out of it.

- [SPENCER]: You need to break him a bit.
- [FLORENCE]: Dad...

- [SPENCER]: I'm done letting you baby him.
- [FLORENCE]: Please.

[SPENCER]: You gotta do
something about your boy.


I'm trying. Theo and
I help him everyday,

- and he's getting better.
- [SPENCER]: Oh, bullshit!

He's an embarrassment, and
he's a f*cking danger to all of us.

- What do you expect me to do?!
- [THEO]: Help!

- Help!
- [VINCENT]: Shut up!

- Shut your mouth!
- [FLORENCE]: Oh, they're just playing.

Help! Vincent was strangling me!

No, I wasn't!

- You little shit!
- Get off of me!

I will k*ll you, you understand?

Daddy, don't hurt him, please!

I didn't do anything!

- Of course you did.
- No, I didn't!

- Ah!
- Daddy!

- Daddy!
- Ow! Get off me!

- You're a liar!
- Ow!

Daddy, stop!


- f*ck you!
- You set me up!

Spencer shipped me away because of you!

I'm gonna f*cking k*ll you!


It was your fault the
whole f*cking time.

Well, he sent you away
because you were acting crazy.


Because I couldn't handle you!

I was the one with the f*cked up
feelings and the shitty family!

- Ah!


Okay. Look, buddy, I know how you feel

because I had to deal with it

- after you were gone.
- No!

Spencer would have paid my ransom

if it wasn't for your
dirty f*cking tricks!

I was scared of you.
I didn't know what I was doing.

- Stop it!
- I'll stop when you die!

- We were only kids.
- Yeah, you were an angel,

you made me look like the f*cking devil.

- f*ck!


I didn't want to k*ll him.

I tried to get him to stop.

We fought our whole lives.

I thought...

when we finally got back together,

we would... fix it.

You tried.

I wouldn't be alive.

I tried to prove that I wasn't...
like him, I mean...

That I wasn't like f*cking Spencer.

I know.

Let's get this off, okay?

Ah. Ah... [WHIMPERS]

Hey, hey.

I just k*lled my brother.

He was trying to k*ll you.

And my mom's d*ad...

- It's because of me.
- No, you didn't know

- that that was gonna happen.
- I know it was my fault.

My fault she was stuck there.


It's all because of me.


No one has fought harder

against the darkness of
this family than you.

Everybody knows that.

This weekend would have broken a saint,

but you... you...

you cared and you fought everybody.


You're a good man...

and always have been,
and you always will be.



We're free now.

We're free from...

- ... all of this.


Don't disappear.

[EXHALING] I could sleep for a year.

I can't.

The boat should be here in
a little more than an hour.


We f*cked.

- Finally.

Oh... that was building for
pretty much my whole life.

I never thought it would happen.

I mean, I wanted it too,
but our families...

Would have freaked out.

My mom would have k*lled me.

God, she hated you all so much.

I mean, not you, but just...

I was still a Galloway.

And I guess 'cause...

We're related.

They would have stopped it.

There is one more thing we have to do

before the boat gets here.

Take out whatever Trinh
was hiding inside Spencer.

Ah, you didn't find it?

Not yet.

I'll go finish up, okay?

And you can just take your time.

No, no, I'll... I'll do it.

It's really grim in there.

- I mean, it's horrible.
- I know, I got this.

I can do this.

I did do it.

When you were hiding in the kitchen,

I was digging into Spencer.

I know I chickened out,

but Spencer made it clear

that he wanted me to take over.

I just had to find that
Galloway k*ller spirit first.

I'm a Galloway too.

- Yeah, but your mom...
- What about her?

I mean...

I mean, she worked here, and...

Uncle Seamus was confused, and...

he took advantage of her, he used her.

I mean, that's how it happened,

how you ended up being
connected to the family.


But we'll get married.

We'll get married and
we'll share the fortune.

You'll marry me?

I don't have a say in that?

What? No. Oh, God! Of course you do.

I mean, I'll ask you properly

when we get back to the real world.

We'll sell this place.

We can move wherever the hell we want.

Look, and if you're worried
about being related, don't be.

No one needs to know about us.

And you know, it's not illegal.

I know. It's hard.

Your mom not being here for it...

I don't want to be a Galloway.

But I can make you one officially.

And I don't want to get married.


Even if I was the marrying kind,
God, there is no f*cking way

that I would want to
marry into this family.

That's just because of our
history, that's not us.

This is how we get to stay together,

and you get in on the
prize, the inheritance.


... how is it gonna work?


Oh, when you put it like that.

♪ ♪

Lie down.

Down here.

Relax, it's okay.

I'm sorry about all that.

It's okay.

It's just been a really
crazy time and...

I still feel really raw.

Me too.

And I feel like if we're gonna do this,

we're gonna be together,
spending our lives together

that you need to know everything.


What Trinh has on me.


I never thought I would tell anyone,

but if you're gonna be my wife...

I crashed my car into a daycare center.

Spencer got me off. Well...

... he paid them off.
I had a couple of drinks.

It was a really poor part of town,

so everyone was really
grateful for the money.

Even the parents.

And I hated myself.

I wanted to do the time,

but, you know, he convinced me

that those kids would
want me doing good.

So, I know where you come from,

and I promise you that's
it's not a problem for me.

I even kind of like it, if I'm honest.

But no secrets between
husband and wife, right?

What did you do?

What did I do?


- Liv, what are you doing?

- Oh! Ah!



♪ ♪


♪ ♪

To the bearer of this deed go...

... all of my...
belongings and assets...

properties and holdings.



♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Let's get some new life into the place.

You know, we can paint all
this a salty peach or a...

- or a misty cerulean.
- Hmm...

Spencer would be rolling in his grave.


You know, when I was a little kid,

I used to think that my mom
and I lived in a castle,

that she was working for royalty.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

It was like I grew up
in a t*rture chamber.


That's a shame.

I was hoping we could
strip and stain the floors

because the wood is so gorgeous.

All that wood needs to be replaced.

Why? Is it water damaged?

That's where Theo k*lled Vincent.

- The...
- I mean, Trinh did.

I scrubbed like crazy,

but I couldn't seem
to get the stain out.

It just kept coming back.

But that is all in the past now, right?

Right, yeah.

I mean, between this old pile of bricks

and the penthouse I'm planning
on buying in the city,

I'm gonna keep you busy for months.

My daughter needs the best, so...

[GASPING] You've having a girl?

- Yeah.
- Ah,

God, girls... girls are the best.

It's such a relief honestly.

I don't think I could have loved a kid

that looked anything like Spencer.

Or Theo or Vincent.

You know, blood is so hard to get out.

It'd be horrible resenting your kid

and hating them for something
that they didn't do,

that you just couldn't forget.

I can't imagine what that would be like.

That mixture of... love and hate...

... and what you could end
up doing because of it.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪