01x05 - The Ninth Jedi

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Star Wars: Visions". Aired September 22, 2021 - present.
Collection of nine animated anime episodes.
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01x05 - The Ninth Jedi

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[lightsaber ignites]

[man narrating]
Many generations have passed

since the light
of the Jedi protected the galaxy.

Since then, an era of w*r has arisen.

But Margrave Juro,
ruler of the planet Hy Izlan, has a plan.

He has recently g*n mining for
rare kyber crystals within his territory.

Using these crystals,
he seeks to restore the Jedi

by reforging their ancient w*apon,

which have since been lost to the galaxy.

However, ancient dark forces conspire
to subjugate the galaxy.

They hatch their own sinister plan
to hunt all suspected Jedi

and bring forth a new era of Sith rule.

[footsteps approaching]

Greetings. My name is Ethan.

I'm here because I received
this encoded transmission summoning me.

The Force is strong here.

While I am without a master,
I feel the Force within me.

It appears that you
are all masterless Jedi too.

Is that correct?

Each of us came here in answer
to the same call, just as you have.

So then, do we believe this message
to be authentic?

[device beeps]

I call on the Jedi
hidden across the galaxy.

My name is Juro.

I am the ruler of Hy Izlan,
located in the Outer Rim,

and I am seeking
to restore the Jedi Order.

If you have received this message,

then I invite you
to the Aerial Temple of Hy Izlan.

There I will present you with
one of the long-lost w*apon of the Jedi:

a lightsaber.

Join me in the fight to unite
our w*r-torn galaxy and restore peace.

I will be waiting.

I cannot say if Margrave Juro has actually
been able to recreate lightsabers,

but it is true that there is a deposit
of kyber crystals on the planet below.

We too have heard this rumor
of the existence of kyber crystals

at this location.

But that is of no concern to us.

The real issue is
whether this Juro can be trusted or not.

[Ethan] He has a point.

Who's to say if Juro is really
a master Jedi or if this is a trap?

Is there no one here
who has ever met this Juro before?

If this is some kind of trap to k*ll Jedi,

did everyone show up here
believing that they could survive it?

Were you all so confident
that you would not be bested,

or did you decide it was worth the risk
just to obtain a lightsaber?

Maybe they think
they're strong enough with the Force

to be able to protect themselves.

[Ethan chuckles]

[man] The Force.
You said that it was strong here,

but I sense the dark side in this place.

- [droid chuckles]
- [all gasp]

[mechanical stomping]

[droid] I see the seven Jedi
have already gathered.

Hmm. It is true that the margrave
often frightens others

because of his appearance,

but he is just an eccentric old man

who is not fond
of being cooped up in his castle.

He does not often appear
in front of others,

but today is the day
he promised to meet you.

So I am sure he will arrive soon.

[distant crashing]


[droid whirs]

[high-pitched ringing]


I'm back.

Father, we found a pretty big one
out there today.


[droid beeps]

[sighs] Did you manage to finish
all those sabers for the margrave?


- Wow, it's really long.
- [droid beeping]


So you can change the length on this one?

[father] Actually, I've tempered
the kyber crystals on each lightsaber

so it reflects the user's connection
with the Force.

The color and the length will vary
depending on the Jedi using it.

Oh. I guess my connection
to the Force isn't strong enough,

since the blade doesn't have
any real color.

Hmm. You do have some natural talent
with a lightsaber, Kara,

but your connection will grow in time
with proper training.

Remember that while the Force exists
in every living thing,

only those individuals
who develop their connection to it

will have the power to wield it.

But you won't need to worry
about all that quite yet.

I guess so.

But I wonder what color
this lightsaber will turn

when it's finally in the hands
of a real Jedi.


I kept my promise,
and I actually finished them on time.

[droid scans, pings]

[droid beeps]

What's wrong, Four-Nines?


[ship approaching]

Is that one of the Jedi ships?

Unlikely, since they were summoned
to the Aerial Temple.

Kara, I need you to take these
to the temple immediately.

[Kara] Oh, wait.
You're not gonna deliver them?

No. I'll be too busy looking after
our newly arrived visitors.

[Kara] Oh.


You've grown up so much, Kara.

You're all strange, like this is
the last time we'll see each other.

[Four-Nines beeping]


be careful, and may the Force be with you.

- [Kara groans]
- Now go.

[footsteps departing]

Are you the sabersmith Lah Zhima?

I am.

You have illicitly manufactured
several lightsabers for masterless Jedi.

And where exactly did you get that from?

[hunter] From the one
who enlisted your services to make them.


[hunter] Lah Zhima, you will hand over
the illegal lightsabers and come with us.

[Zhima] Oh, yeah?
And what happens if I refuse?

[hunter] Refusal is not an option.


Father, no!

Kara, just go!

[hunter] Silence!

Follow her!

[man] If we are to believe these claims,

the margrave is gathering
all the Jedi in the galaxy,

all as part of an effort
to try to end the w*r.

I would like to see evidence of this
before he arrives.


Yes. Did the margrave
actually construct any lightsabers?

Is this what you desire?

[all gasp]

May I please hold it?

By the time I was born, lightsabers
were already lost from the galaxy.

A lightsaber. A real lightsaber.

[droid] The remaining sabers
should be arriving very shortly.

[Four-Nines beeping]

[Four-Nines beeps]

[Kara grunts]

[gasps] The Force is strong in this child.


[Four-Nines beeps]

[panting] Old droid!

Please. I need for you to take us
to the Aerial Temple immediately!

[old droid sighs] I'm on my break.

- Find another pilot.
- [Kara grumbles]

Well, it's gotta be you, since it seems
you're the only one functioning. [groans]

Please. I don't have any time.
Just take this and get me to the temple.

[old droid groans] I might as well.

Come on, then.

[Four-Nines beeping]

[groans] Just hurry up!

Just how long are we expected
to wait here?

- Something's coming.
- Do you think it's the margrave's ship?

- [old droid cackling]
- [Kara whimpering]

[sighs] Father.

- Thank you, old droid.
- [old droid] Don't mention it.


Are you…

I'm... My name is Kara.

I'm the daughter
of the sabersmith Lah Zhima.

The sabersmith?

So you're the one
with the lightsabers then.

Yes. But my father was caught
and taken away by the Jedi Hunters.

Please, use these to help me save him!

[all gasp]

But where is the margrave? Is he not here?

Hold on. Do you know the margrave?

I've known him ever since I was a baby.

Hmm. So then, does that mean you might
possibly know where he could be right now?


Something doesn't feel right.
I don't think we have a choice.

We'll have to wait
for the margrave to arrive.

[gasps] That color…

[Ethan gasps] No, no, no. You're all…

- [droid] I see.
- [all gasp]

Your wait is over.

I have been here the entire time.

[gasps] It's the margrave!

How pathetic, Juro.

You would disguise yourself
as a droid to spy on us?

We are acolytes of the Sith
and sworn to the dark side.

And we are here to put an end to your
pitiful plans of restoring the Jedi Order.

Now die, Juro!



Our hunters have taken your father
to a distant star system

where you'll never see him again.

And any attempt to rescue him
will result in failure.

[Ethan grunts]

[Ethan growls]

[Kara grunting]


Nice moves.

- [Four-Nines beeping]
- [Kara grunting]





Niizo. [grunts]

[Kara groaning]

Just who are you?

You will suffer, Juro!



Oh, no! Help the margrave!






[screaming] Juro!


- [lightsabers clashing]
- [Ethan grunts]

[Juro] That's enough!

We both know this isn't you, Homen.


I apologize.
I became consumed by the others' darkness.

I'm so sorry, Kara.

I recently learned that a number of Jedi
who answered my call were k*lled

and Sith were sent in their place.

So I hid myself in their presence
in order to determine who was Sith,

but because of that,
they learned about your father,

and I could not be there to help.

Will you help me save him?

Of course I will, my child.

[Ethan] Margrave Juro.

You summoned me all the way out here,
but in the end,

I'm afraid I was not strong enough
to defeat them.

[Juro] Don't worry.
You survived the fight, young Ethan.

But then, what about the other Jedi?

I sense them. They are not lost.

They are still wandering out there,
somewhere in the galaxy.

[gasps, sighs]

Kara, you have been guided by the Force
ever since the moment you were born.

Come and follow me.

Help us restore peace to the galaxy
and take your place as the ninth Jedi

so we can reestablish the Jedi Order.


- [gasping]
- [rumbling]

[engine powers up]

[lightsaber ignites]
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