01x06 - T0-B1

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Star Wars: Visions". Aired September 22, 2021 - present.
Collection of nine animated anime episodes.
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01x06 - T0-B1

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[lightsaber ignites]

Hmm. Okay, all done, To-B .

[droids beeping]

[droid beeps]

Good morning!

[gasps] Professor Mitaka,
did you make me bigger again?

Next up is C .
Would you go get him, please?


Good morning!

Gotta find C !

Hold on, where did C go?

- [droids beeping]
- [To-B humming]


[gasps] Hey! There you are, C !

[C beeps]

It's your turn for a tune-up.

[C beeps]

Then we can play Jedi afterwards!

To-B !

- How many times must I tell you?
- [To-B grunts]

You must never go into the basement.



Come along, my children.

Let's get to work.

[droids beeping]

[no audible dialogue]

Professor Mitaka, how long are we going to
keep working on this?

- I'm bored already.
- [Mitaka chuckles]

How many times must I tell you?

"Until there are clouds in the sky
and there is green on the land."

We can stop only when there is life
on this planet,

and we are going to make this
a beautiful place.

Can we hurry?

Because I really wanna see the rest
of the galaxy.

Hmm? Listen.
You don't know what it's like.

You're safe here, and things are peaceful,
but the galaxy is...

[To-B mimicking Mitaka]
"…terrifying and full of danger."

Right. So you do know.

- Because I've heard it a million times.
- Hmm?

I've not said it that much.

[To-B ] It's only dangerous
because the Jedi are needed.

[C beeping]

Huh? What am I drawing?

Well, obviously it's a Jedi Knight! Hyah!

He's the strong, heroic Jedi Knight To-B !


[Mitaka] Uh…

To-B …

To-B …

You were imagining being a Jedi again,
weren't you?

Well, enough of that.

That's because
I want to become a Jedi one day,

traveling the galaxy, defeating evil.

You must first accept reality.

When it comes to the future, you see,

there is the distant
but also the immediate.

Adventure? Excitement?

I'm afraid that being a Jedi is not
as glamorous as it is in your dreams.

It's kind of hard for me to explain,

but I feel like something
is calling out to me.

I keep having these dreams,
and in them I'm a great Jedi.


Then you must
find yourself a kyber crystal.

Hmm? Oh.

There is one somewhere on this planet.

This thing?

The crystal is the core of the lightsaber,
the w*apon of a Jedi Knight.


I've heard young Padawans,
the apprentices of Jedi Knights,

must search for their crystal first.

So if you really want to be a Jedi,

you will need to find a kyber crystal
of your own.

[groans] Oh.

[grunts] Hop!


Let's go!





[C beeps]

If I can't find the kyber crystal,
how am I supposed to become a Jedi?


- [Mitaka] Clear your mind.
- Hmm?

And use the Force.

[gasps] The Force?

Yes. The Force is
what gives a Jedi their power.

So, where do I find the Force then?

[Mitaka] Everywhere.
The Force is present in all things.

[sighs] Nothing.

He keeps telling me to use the Force,
but I don't know anything about it.

[C beeping]

But I've already searched everywhere
on this planet.

- [gasps]
- Never go into the basement.

- [C beeping]
- Hmm?

You've got a bad feeling about this?

But this is the only place
that I haven't searched yet.

Okay, I'm just gonna take a peek.


A ship?


So cool!

[gasps] Oh!

Let's take off! [giggles]

I'm To-B . This is a call to all Jedi.

If you can hear me, report in!

[stormtrooper] Sir, we've picked up
a suspicious signal.

It could be a survivor, sir.

[Inquisitor] Jedi.

- [humming, gasps]
- [Mitaka] What are you doing?

To-B ! Get out of there right now!

I-I'm sorry. I just thought
there might be a crystal here.


Come here!

Professor Mitaka.

You're a Jedi? I had no idea.

Why didn't you tell me?

In order to protect you.


[engines roaring]

They're here.

I need you to stay hidden.

- Do not come out for any reason.
- [sobs]


So is this the Force?

Please don't deactivate me!


C , I leave this child to you.

[C beeping]

I am one with the Force.
The Force is with me.

[To-B ] Professor Mitaka?

[C beeps]

[C beeping]

[To-B whimpers]


What happened to everyone?

Where's the professor?

[C beeping]



I'm gonna do it.
I'll continue the research.

I'll fulfill the professor's dream.

Okay. Here we go.

Clouds? How did that happen?

Could this be life?

[droids beeping]

[gasps] It's raining!
It's actually raining!

It really worked.

The professor's dream
has finally come true.

[Mitaka] To-B . Use the Force.


[droids beeping]


- [laughing]
- [droids beeping]

- [thunder rumbling]
- [ship's engines roaring]

- Hmm?
- [ship approaches]

A Jedi? I don't think so.

Well, who is it? Do you know?

[gasps] A Jedi k*ller?
It's his fault the professor...

[Inquisitor] So, there is another Jedi
on this planet.

Where did you come from?

Did that old, armless Jedi hide you away?


[both grunting]

I cannot allow you to become a thr*at.



[groaning, gasps]

- [Mitaka] Don't be afraid.
- [gasps]


Do not worry.
You are prepared for this fight, Tobi.

- My young Padawan.
- [sobs]

You did well bringing life
back to this planet,

and you have proven
that you have grown up.

By the will of the Force.

Tobi, rise, as a true Jedi.

And may the Force be with you.

Master Mitaka…



[C beeping]

[gasps] Hey, wait, open the valve!





[C beeping]


- Die!
- [screams]

Droid? A droid became a Jedi!

My name is Tobi, and I'm a Jedi!



Useless junk!

Stop it!

C ! Let's go!

[droid beeps]

[droids beeping]

[C beeping]

All this stuff?

We will continue our research and the
professor's legacy of helping planets.

'Cause that's what Jedi do.
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