08x24 - Michelle Rides Again (Part 2)

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Full House". Aired: September 1987 to May 1995.
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A widower enlists help to raise his three daughters..
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08x24 - Michelle Rides Again (Part 2)

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Previously on Full House:

Dad, guess what.

There's a jumping contest next
week. And I really wanna be in it.

Enjoy your little fantasy.

Because in reality, my Elizabeth
wins this competition every year.

Well, not this year because
Michelle's gonna kick your butt.

So far my prom's looking like a
bag of chips and a remote control.

Nobody knows you're
available. I'll put the word out.

Kimmy, what did you do,
raid a Star Trek convention?

Guess what two wacky
DJs have an audition...

for their own
late-night TV show?

We're gonna tag-team
wrestle Sven and Ingemar...

the Swedish Spleen Stompers.



I hear some noise
within; dear love, adieu!

And we kiss.

I knew it. Dry lips.

- See you later,
Steph. STEPH: But...

Michelle, I can't believe you would do
this to me. I'm never gonna forgive you.

Why don't we skip the contest
and just go riding on the trail for fun?




- She fell off her horse.
- Michelle? Don't move her.

JESSE: I think she h*t her head.

LOUDSPEAKER]: Please dial 1 1.

Hi, honey.

How do you feel?

Okay. But my head hurts.

Look, sweetie, you had an
accident. And you fell off your horse.

And you h*t your head.

I'm so sorry I put so
much pressure on you.

That's okay.

Who are you?

Michelle, it's Daddy.

Okay. You're Daddy,
so I must be Michelle.

Doc, what's going on here?
She's completely out of it.

Well, memory loss is very
common with head injuries.

Oh, my God.

- How long's it gonna last?
- Usually it's just temporary.

- Usually?
- So, what are we supposed to do?

- How does it get better?
- For right now...

the best thing you can do is treat
Michelle as normally as possible.

Surround her with familiar things
and go about your regular activities.


- Oh, hi, Andrew.
- Hi, Steph.

Come on in.

I heard about your
sister's accident. I'm sorry.


She's coming home today, but
she still doesn't remember anything.

Well, if you don't wanna rehearse Romeo
and Juliet for drama class, I understand.

No, it's okay. Really.

What was that?

The part of the
scene I usually skip.

I always wanted to kiss you. I
wasn't sure if you wanted to kiss me.

But when Michelle said
you had a crush on me...

I figured it might be okay.

Was it okay?

Well, it could use a
little more rehearsal.

Wow. If that's the pizza
guy, he really does deliver.

Deej, great news.
Oh, hey, Blondo.

Is this that guy who'd
rather run than kiss?

Not anymore.

- Um, Andrew, this is Kimmy.
- Hi.

Hey. And this is Duane,
my main squeeze.

Nice to meet you, Duane.


- So Kimmy, what's the great news?
- Deej, your prom worries are over.

Duane's cousin, Wayne,
has agreed to be your date.

Does he have the same sparkling
personality as you, Duane?


Thanks, Kimmy, but I'd rather
stay home and take care of Michelle.

Well, I'll just put him on hold. He's
a magician so he already has a tux.

He just has to clean the
dove poop out of the pockets.

If you'll excuse us, we're
trying to rehearse Shakespeare.

Oh, really? Well, Duane's
a Shakespeare freak.

Aren't you, my little
Hamlet and cheese?


Shakespeare? Duane?

Shall I compare thee
to a summer's day?

Thou art more lovely
and more temperate:

Rough winds do shake
the darling buds of May

And summer's lease
hath all too short a date

Duane, I didn't know you
had such a sensitive soul.


"And then the announcer said:

'Elvis has left the building.'"

Dad's on the phone. He's
on his way with Michelle.

When are you gonna be here?

Before you can say, "Dad,
When are you gonna be here?"

Come on in, Michelle. Don't be scared.
Look, everybody, Michelle's home.

- Hi, Michelle.
- How are you?

It's nice to see you all again.

Do you remember us?

Aren't you the nice
people I met at the hospital?


Comet just wants to say hi.

Do I like dogs?

Yeah, you love dogs.

Oh. Good.

Hi there, girl.

Uh, it's a boy.


So do you all live
in the neighborhood?

- Uh, we all live in this house.
- Oh.

I hope it's bigger than
it looks from the outside.

Michelle, does
anything look familiar?

Well, it looks like a nice place to live,
but I just don't remember living here.

Girls, why don't you take Michelle
on a little tour of the house?


Michelle, please keep your hands
and arms inside the tram at all times.

We have a tram?

- Just stick with us.
- Yeah.

And this is our room.

Are you sure I don't live in that
room across the hall with all the toys?

No, that's Joey's room.

But he's very
good about sharing.

- He's my uncle, right?
- No, Jesse's our uncle.

The guy with the hair.

Right. And he's
married to Aunt Becky.

And they have two kids.
Our cousins, Nicky and Alex.

How many bathrooms
does this place have?

Not enough.

Hey, Michelle. Look who's here.
It's your old buddy, Mr. Woodchuck.

Hi, Michelle. Remember me?

I hoped you...


You know, I've really
been pining for you. Ha-ha!

How come everything
he says is about wood?

Well, because that's
the bit we do, remember?


Michelle, we were just
talking and we thought maybe...

if the guys sang your favorite bedtime
song it might bring back some memories.

Sure. Give it a sh*t.

Okay, check this out. We used
to always sing this to you. Joey?


It's a sponge with
eyes. Get over here.

All right. See if you
remember this, okay?

- [SINGING] Baby, let me
be - Your loving teddy bear

Put a chain around my neck

- And lead me
anywhere - Oh, let me be

- Oh, let him be
- Your teddy bear

Your teddy bear

- I just wanna be
your teddy bear - Ooh

Doesn't ring a bell.

But can I ask you a question?

Sure. Anything.

- You're my dad, right?
- Yeah, that's right.

So where's my mom?

I'm sorry, uh...

but your mom d*ed when
you were just a little girl.

So even if I do get better,
I won't remember her?

Well, Michelle, we'll tell you
anything about her you wanna know.

Was she pretty?

Michelle, she was very pretty.
See, your mommy was my sister.

And you know what?
You look just like her.

I know you all want me
to remember, but I can't.

I'm sorry.

- Don't worry about it, honey. It's fine.
- It's not fine. I don't know who I am.

I'm just gonna lie
down in my own bed.

Michelle, but that's my...

Steph, that's...
Probably not a good time.

- Michelle, Michelle, Michelle.
- Michelle, Michelle, Michelle.

Over there.

- Michelle, Michelle, Michelle.
- Michelle, Michelle, Michelle.

What do you guys want?

Do you remember yet?

I know you're my cousins.

Sorry. I wrote your
names down somewhere.

You said we could have this.

Well, if that's what I
said, go ahead. Take it.

- She didn't say that.
- Shh.


Before your accident,
we had a fight.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I feel awful about what I said. I
said I would never forgive you.

- Why? What did I do?
- It was nothing, really.

It was just a stupid argument.
But it turned out okay.

Thanks to you, I found
out Andrew really likes me.

In fact, he finally kissed me.

- Well, I'm glad everything worked out.
- Yeah.

Well, I'm really sorry about what I
said. So do you accept my apology?

I guess so.

Do you feel better now?

I'd feel better if you knew
what we were talking about.

I'd feel better if I knew what
anybody was talking about.

Hey, Munchkin. Can you
hand me that wrench, please?

Munchkin? Hey,
you with the pretzel.

Me? I thought my
name was Michelle.

Oh, it is, but I like to call you Munchkin.
Sometimes I call you Shorty, Rug Rat.

Hey, what did I ever do to you?

- Nothing. You love those names.
- Why?

Because that's part of
our special relationship.

Listen, pal. You
and I go way back.

I remember the first time I saw
you. It was at the maternity ward.

I was looking through the window.
And I looked in at you and I waved.

And you know, you looked back at
me, and I swear you smiled at me.

Of course, the nurse said it
was gas, but I wasn't buying it.

Wow. We've known
each other for a long time.

Long time.

You know, it's funny. When I...

When I moved in here
to help raise you kids...

I never thought that one day
you'd be helping me raise mine.

- Sounds like I had a pretty nice life.
- You had a beautiful life.

I wish I could remember it.

Well, don't worry, Michelle.
You will. You just hang in there.

But most importantly,
you just remember...

that I love you very, very much.

I guess I love you too. Right?

Well, you used to.

Can I get my pretzel now?



Listen, you and I have
to have a serious talk.

You know, it would be a lot easier if
your underwear was inside your pants.

I know we have to do this whole
wrestling bit for our TV audition...

but I gotta tell you, I was
upstairs putting all this stuff on...

and I realized my
heart's really not in it.

I'm sorry, Jess.

Joey, don't be sorry.
I feel the same way.

You know, since
Michelle's accident...

I've really been thinking
about my priorities, you know?

Anything that's
gonna take time...

away from my family, well, I
just don't have time in my life for it.

There's nothing that's more
important than your family.

Joey, I can't wait till
you have kids someday.

You're gonna
make a great father.

I mean, there's nothing
like looking down...

at that beautiful little
baby in your arms...

and knowing that you created it.

Of course, you're gonna have
to find a woman first, you know?

It would be nice to hold
something warm and cuddly...

that didn't always
talk about wood.

- It'll happen for you, pal.
- Yeah. Hey, thanks, Jess.

Is it me, or does this
family hug an awful lot?

D.J., I really think
you should go tonight.

You only get one senior prom.

Yeah, my prom was incredible.
I felt just like Cinderella.

- Did you meet Prince Charming?
- No.

But I lost my shoe, there
was a mouse in my car...

and my date had a
head like a pumpkin.

But the point is, is it's your
prom. You'll remember it forever.

Well, I know the
prom is special.

I went to Steve's and it was
the most romantic night of my life.

I don't know how I
could have a good time...

knowing Michelle's home,
scared and confused.

I'm ruining everybody's fun.

No, Michelle, I didn't
mean it that way.

Which way did you mean it?

Well, I just want
you to feel better.

How is skipping your prom
gonna make me better?

Well, actually, it won't.

You'll feel bad you're missing your prom,
I'll feel bad you're missing your prom.

One of us should
go to that prom.

Well, I would go, but I
think it's too late now.

Even if Duane's cousin was ready, I
don't see how I'm supposed to get...

a dress and shoes and
everything by tonight.

Oh, I can help you with
that. I am a speedy shopper.

When my sister was eloping, I
had one hour to get a hairdo...

a dress and a ladder.
I'll meet you at the car.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

- See you later, Michelle.
- More hugging.

- Bye. DANNY: Bye, sweetie.

Michelle, I have an idea.

Why don't we take a little look
through the old family photo album, huh?

Why? I wouldn't
remember anything.

Yeah, but let's just give
it a sh*t. It might help.


Look at you. It's you. So cute.

Okay, this is you in
your honeybee outfit.

See? It's not easy to
pull off that antenna look.

I don't remember.

All right.

This was taken when
we went to Hawaii.


In Disney World, you
were Princess for a Day.

I don't wanna see any more pictures.
I hate this. I can't remember anything.

I know how frustrating
this must be for you.

No, you don't. You
know who you are.

I'm sorry, honey.

I think maybe we've just
been trying a little too hard.

It's okay. I'm a little tired.
Maybe I'll take a nap.


- What are you doing?
- Waiting for my hug.

I thought that's what you do in
this house when you leave a room.

Right you are.

I remember this room.
I remember these walls.

I remember this bed.

I remember it all.

Who are you? And why do
you remember everything?

It's my job. I'm your memory.

Where the heck have you been?
I've been looking all over for you.

I know. When we fell off the
horse, I got scared, so I hid.

I hope I didn't cause
you any trouble.


I've been walking around
this house with an empty head.

And hugging people
I hardly even know.

Well, get ready. Because
once they realize I'm back...

they're gonna go hug-wild.

Oh, great.

Don't worry. Once you remember
how much you love them...

you'll be joining right in.

- Please don't ever leave me again.
- I won't. I promise.

Uh, we're supposed to hug now.

Why doesn't that surprise me?

- Ready?
- Ready.

You guys gotta see D.J.'s
prom dress. She looks incredible.

Okay, come on, baby.

All right, come to Papa. All
right, work the camera, honey.

Work the camera.

Deej, you are gonna have
such a special evening with...

whatever his name is.

- Hi, guys.
- Hey, Michelle.

- D.J., you look
beautiful. D.J.: Thank you.

Nicky, Alex, what are
you doing with my Rigby?

I told you last week
you couldn't have him.


Last week?

Michelle, you remember
something that happened last week?

Why are you talking to me, Steph?
You said you'd never forgive me.

She thinks I hate
her. Isn't this great?

- Oh, my God.
- Put me down.

JESSE: Wait.
Michelle, come here.

This may sound weird, but
I wanna put this to the test.

- What is my favorite comb?
- Mr. Good-Part.


All right, Michelle. What day
do I always vacuum the stairs?

Every day.

That's right, and it
was a trick question.

- What's the capital of Nevada?
- I don't know.

She never knew that.
Her memory's back.

This is wonderful. Oh, man.

Is everybody nuts?
What's going on?

You fell off your horse
and h*t your head.

And you couldn't remember
who you were or any of us.

How could I forget you
guys? You're my family.

You don't know how happy
I am to hear you say that.

Attention, shut-ins.

It's prom night.

Nice dress, Kimmy. Is that
a purse or a battery pack?

Battery pack.

Kimmy, Michelle
got her memory back.

She lost her memory?
Oh, yeah. I forgot.

Hey, Deej, by the way,
Duane's cousin couldn't make it.

What? You mean I'm
not going to the prom?

Don't worry. I scrounged
up another date for you.

I'm afraid to ask.

Come on, let's get going. I
don't wanna miss the buffet.


- I missed you, Deej.
- I missed you so much.

BECKY: How are you doing, Steve?
- Hey, everybody.

You guys really missed each
other. How are you doing?

You had a pretty tough week.
How are you feeling, Michelle?

I'm feeling better.

How out of it was I?

Well, you were pretty out of it.

I mean, you were here, sweetheart,
but it was like part of you was missing.

So it was like part of
all of us was missing.

But we stuck it out
and we got through it.

Just like we always do.

Just like we always will.
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