01x08 - Ready. Aim. f*re.

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Y: The Last Man". Aired: September 13, 2021- present.
Series follows the survivors in the post-apocalyptic world as they struggle to restore what was lost and build something better.
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01x08 - Ready. Aim. f*re.

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Previously on Y: The Last Man...

I have White House credentials.

I worked for the president. Nora Brady.

- You're not on the list.
- Do you smell that?

(LAUGHING): There's nobody here.

HERO: It looks like your leg is hurt.

That is infected. Where
are you two staying?

I mean, we could be really good here.

We could start over.


- No, no, no, no, no, no!
- She's a doctor!

She's hurt, right? Your
friend. She can help.


Her, we can help. What's she need?

She needs antibiotics.

LAURA: We have beds, food.

What happened to Kate? You're all
pretending like nothing happened.

We're not allowed to be alone with you.

What's the first thing
men usually say to you?

Okay, Roxanne, that's enough.

She lost her father,

her eight-year-old brother.
She's grieving!

Welcome, Athena.


This place isn't all bad, right?

I don't think they want me here.

I'd like you to stay and join us.

You can be whoever you want here.

Kate, you're past the perimeter.

Shouldn't be out here.

I can't keep you safe if
you don't follow the rules.

- I'm fine.
- Let's get you dry.

You must be freezing.

- I'm fine!
- No.

Kate, just listen to me.

- Just stay away from me.
- No, no.

Just stop, okay?

- I'm just gonna go, okay?
- No.

- I won't tell anyone.
- No, no, no. Just listen to me.

- Kate!


What is wrong with you?

g*dd*mn it!

(CRYING): Kate.


- Inside! Now!
- JODI: Were those g*n?

- Everybody inside!
- What's going on?

- att*ck positions!
- Who's out there?

Where's Kate?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Holy shit.

ROXANNE: All right, hold up.


You got to plant your lower body. Yep.

You got to really dig
in down here. Yeah?

Watch Jodi.

She's like a redwood when she's f*ring.

Well... damn.

- Don't think he's gonna mess with you again.

She's a natural, folks.


Nice job, Hero.

Men have told you what
your body is for...

to be looked at, f*cked,
impregnated and then discarded.

They don't respect it. Why should you?

But what if your arms were for holding,

and your legs were for running

and your body belonged to you?

We're stronger than
they told us we were.

Right, Hero?

- Yeah. Yes.
- ROXANNE: That's right.

All right, next group
on the line. Let's go.



- You got to try this.
- SAM: Uh, I'm good.

- Uh...
- You're gonna like it.

It's just not my thing.

- Let's not...
- Just give it...

ROXANNE: What's going on?


I-I'm... I'm just not a g*n guy.


Uh, but, uh, that's
just me, so go for it.

What'd you do, Sam, before all this?

Uh, I was an artist.
I worked in theater.

You worked in theater?


That sounds fun.

Was that fun?


What the rest of us are doing
now is trying to stay alive.

Learning to protect ourselves,
rather than asking somebody else

to do it for us.

That's a field you might
need a little practice in.

All right, on the line!
Let's go, Sam! Ready, aim, f*re!


Hi, Mom.

We're in the lead. We're in the lead.

- Watch, Mom!
- WOMAN: I'm trying, honey.

She's such a great kid.

We all really like her.

- Oh, yeah. Thanks.
- MACK: Hi, Mom.

I haven't seen her this
happy in a long time.

Where will you go?


- Well, when you leave, I mean.
- I mean, we were planning to stay.

Oh, I-I... I just thought that
Roxanne had talked to you.

About what? Nicole?


I shouldn't have said anything.

f*ck. I'm-I'm sorry.

What-what... what happened?
Was there a-a vote or something?

We don't vote.


WOMAN: I'm trying, honey.


Why are you doing this?

She's years old.

Mack's healthy. She's feeling better.

- This was always temporary.
- I'll do whatever you want.

Just tell me what it is, and I'll do it.

This group isn't for everybody.

- Give you a few more days,

and then that's it. It's time.

- It's not personal.
- It feels f*cking personal.

You'll find a group where you fit in.

This is, what? Your intuition?

You had a dream or something?

You don't like me because, what,
because I-I... I liked my husband?

- Because I'm not ?
- You're angry.

I don't blame you.

I know what it's like to wake
up in a life you didn't ask for.

But I can't help you, Nora.

You're not our people.

We'll die out there.

(SCOFFS) Give yourself some credit.

You made it this far.



Make yourself known, right now,

if you do not want to get sh*t.


Anybody get eyes on the sh**t?

We didn't see anyone.

We just heard g*n.

- Who's out there?
- ROXANNE: I don't know.

Didn't get a good look at them.


- More than one?
- Two, at least.

You can't stay here. It's not safe.

We don't have anywhere else to go.

KATE: How'd you land this place?

Well, I used to shop here.

And then, after it happened,

I thought I would try
to get some supplies

and get 'em to the people
that needed it the most,

but this place was chaos.

Looting. People fighting,
sh**ting at each other.

Felt I had an obligation
to keep the peace.

Eventually, they got the message.

Stopped coming. So...

I stayed. There's a couple
generators in the back.

Rigged up some space heaters.

You're a cop?

Detective. Homicide. years.

You got any idea who might have wanted

to take a few sh*ts at your place?

My experience, this type of
v*olence isn't usually random.

Not really. No.

So this house that you're living in,

that's, like, a group home situation?

- Domestic v*olence?
- Yes, ma'am.


You don't have to call me ma'am.


- You don't trust cops, do you?
- KATE: Nope.

ROXANNE: Hey, I don't blame you.

Police don't always believe you, right?

They don't want to get involved
in the romantic drama.

But in Homicide,

we see what happens when
a woman isn't listened to.

We've heard rumors
that some men survived.

- Is that true?
- Hey, it could be.

You think one of your
boyfriends found you,

tried to take a sh*t at the house?

If there are men left, Nicky's
boyfriend's not one of them.

That f*ck's d*ad for sure.
He's too dumb to survive.


So, who's the, uh,
counselor, group leader?

Uh, Virginia. She left.

Middle of the night,
right after it happened.

- That's a kick in the soft stuff.
- I always hated that b*tch.

There it is. What's your name?


I like you, Kate.

Your house, it's remote.

One long road in.

Woods all around. Lot of windows.

If it was safe before,
it's not safe now.

You could stay here.
It's clean, warm, safe as it gets.

Well, we promised each
other we'd stay together

- as long as we could.
- Yeah.

That's beautiful. Really.

But I'm inviting all of you, of course.

You're all welcome here.

There was only one
other girl on the force.

Patrol officer. Jenna.

One day, I'm in the break room.

I overhear a couple of guys
talking about her. You know...

her ass, her rack...

nasty guy shit. So...

I find her and I tell her,
"Hey, just heads up,

watch out for these f*ck."

She tells me keep away from her.

Says I'm jealous of the attention.

maybe she just didn't like you.

What was that?



- Hero, you're up.
- No.

I'm asking you.


ROXANNE: Tell us about your dad.

He was an English professor.

He was really smart. Um...

How'd he treat your mom?

- He loved her. He respected her.
- But?

I-I don't know what you want me to say.

You got siblings?

Or you want to talk about Sam?

- I had a brother.
- Brother. Okay.

Okay. Tell me about him.

- He was one of the good ones.
- Interrogate that.

HERO: I had plenty of...

shitty guys that we can talk about.

You had the same parents.

Same schools.

Same house.

How was your life different?

HERO: Well, we were just
different. (CHUCKLES)

- He was the funny one.
- I think you're funny.

- I think you're funny.
- I think you're funny.

Well, my parents were
a lot harder on me.

(LAUGHS): But I was a
lot harder to deal with.

- ROXANNE: 'Cause you're a girl.
- HERO: No, 'cause I was a d*ck.

I have a temper.

I did shit they didn't like.

- dr*gs?
- Sure.

- Men?
- Yeah.

But your brother, he was the good one?

Not exactly. I mean, he
was kind of a mess, too.

Can we move on?

- Please?
- Should we?


I'm sorry, it's just,
he was... the only...


... person in my family that
even remotely understood me.


He didn't judge you.

He loved you.

But I wonder...

... what did he say about you
when you weren't in the room?

I don't know. I wasn't in the room.

When your parents were angry at you,

he stuck up for you?

- He didn't like to fight, but...
- So he didn't.

- I didn't say that.
- So behind closed doors,

he had your back...

but when push came to
shove, he was quiet.

Why was that, I wonder. Maybe
he was okay with your struggle.

What do you think, Sam?

Maybe his life felt
better by comparison.

I know the way.
I mean, I know the route.

That's where I came from.

They'll let us in if Hero's with us.

I-I could help you get there...

It's not up to me.

She can't be that stubborn, can she?

Look, I know things were tense,

- but-but come on, I mean...
- I can't speak for Hero.

You can talk to her.

She listens to you.

I know you don't like it here, either.

Did I give you the impression
that we're friends?

Is this about who I worked for?

The bill?

You wanted to play sports with
your friends, and you couldn't.

I get it, but it wasn't me.
I didn't write it.

And honestly, none of that matters now.

- That's certainly a position to take.
- Sam!

You know, not everything
is about me being trans.

I just don't trust you.

And I never played any f*cking sports.

If you'd listen to a word I said,
you would have known that.

NORA: This place has
everything, for now.

But there aren't any more trucks coming.

Sooner or later, the food will run out.

What happens then?

Good luck.

I... I, um, I found a map.

Smith Mountain Lake is only
a few days' hike from here.

It's all summer places.

It'd be empty. We'd have our pick.

Come on.

You and me in a tacky mansion
on the water? I mean...

We could start our own thing. You know?

People like us or... artists?

Just not so many g*n.

It's not a bad idea to
learn how to sh**t.

Yeah, okay, that's...
that's not really the issue.

- Then what's the issue?

This isn't us.

I'm tired, Sam.

I don't want to do this right now.

'Cause being in a cult
is f*cking exhausting.

- God, give me a f*cking break.
- And you know what?

You may as well just join
the NRA while you're at it.

You know what? It's good
here. They've got food.

They've got clean water. Why
are you trying to f*ck this up?

You get that this is
shitty for me, right?

- I mean, you get that?
- It's shitty because you're fighting it.

They keep talking about
how terrible men are.

Okay, but everybody likes you.


So which is it?

Uh, they like me because
I'm-I'm not really a man,

or I am, and I'm just another f*cking...

- serial k*ller or r*pist?
- Sam.

- Sam.
- No, honestly, it's f*cking confusing.

One second, Kelsey is all
over me, and then the next,

she literally can't look at me.

Kelsey's... all over you?

Okay. Hero, a f*cking cop...

a cop playing therapist making
you hate your d*ad brother?

- It's a joke.
- She's not wrong.

That's bullshit.

- You're...
- You know what? I have an idea.

Why don't you just, like,
make the most of it here?

f*ck Kelsey, if it'll cheer you up!

- Oh, my God, Hero, what the f*ck?
- I mean it.

She is better for you anyway.
She's sweet and a little bit dumb.

Better for me?

Than what?

Than you?

I am smart enough to know the
second I have you to myself,

that just starts the clock, and then...

it's only a matter of time
until I'm in the discard pile

- with all the rest of them.
- "All the rest of them"?

Just say you don't want me

- 'cause you think I'm a whore.
- I don't think that. You do.

- I am not the voice in your head.
- Why didn't you just go

- with those guys to Vermont?
- You know why!

You are... my family, okay?

You are all I have.

So just come with me. Please, just come.

We could go tonight.

(WHISPERS): It could be good here.

You've got me.

- I've got you.
- No. No, you don't.

You never have.

If you loved me the way... I love you,

you would keep a single f*cking promise.

But you can't. And I am so stupid

- for ever thinking that you...
- ROXANNE: That's enough.

Leave her alone.

I am talking to my friend.

Doesn't sound like you're
talking to a friend to me.

Can you give us a f*cking minute?

- Please.
- Apologize to Hero.

Roxanne, I'm... I'm fine.

He doesn't get to talk to you like that.

(WHISPERS): Sam, just say you're sorry.


- Sam...
- No. I'm not sorry.

I am not.

This place is f*cked up.
And you know it.

HERO: We're just... tired.

He's just tired.

Please, Roxanne. I'm fine.


All right, everybody, show's over.



♪ ♪


Knew you were stealing.

Just didn't know where
you were hiding it.

It's-it's just enough for
me, for a couple days.

Well, you better get going.
She'll be awake soon.

She's a good person.

- She just...
- I know she is.

We'll take care of her.

She's not your problem anymore.






(SIGHS): Okay, okay.



- Oh, come on.





It's okay. I won't hurt you.

♪ ♪



(LAUGHS): She's home!

You guys, look! Look, look!

She's back!




- ROXANNE: You don't need to do that.

I just thought that maybe we
could, uh... use this space for...

for something else. (SNIFFLES)

Did he tell you he was leaving?

Kelsey saw he was hiding
a stash of supplies.

He's been stealing for a while.
I don't think he's coming back.

(QUIETLY): Yeah.



Come here. Come here.

- Aw.


Look at me. Look at me.

He doesn't deserve you.

I promised him we were
gonna stick together.

Yeah. Yeah, well, he broke
that promise, not you.


You know my husband left me?


(SCOFFS) He was a f*cking assh*le.

God, but he made me laugh.

We were together since
high school, right?

I put up with so much shit from him.


I thought he'd stick with
me when times got tough,

but I should've known better.

Men aren't good at staying.

f*ck him. Yeah?


I got just the thing to cheer you up.

What is this?

It's a f*ck 'Em party.

What is it, Jodi?

It's a We're Better
Off Without 'Em party.

- (SNIFFLES) But I thought...
- Our bodies are temples?

They are.

And who do they belong to?

- WOMEN: Us!
- ROXANNE: And if we want to throw a party

in our f*cking temple, we throw a party!

- WOMEN: Yeah! (CHEER)
- Kelsey.

Some assh*le's boner pills.

We don't need that shit anymore.

Chuck it in the f*re.

Come on.

They're waiting for you.



- Yeah!

♪ I won't compromise ♪

♪ I won't live a life ♪

♪ On my knees ♪

♪ You think I am nothing ♪

♪ I am nothing ♪

♪ You've got something coming ♪

♪ Something coming ♪

♪ Because ♪

♪ I hear God's whisper. ♪


♪ I see the way you shine ♪

♪ Take your hands, my dear,
and place them both in mine ♪

♪ You know you stopped me d*ad
while I was passing by... ♪


- Come here!
- I'm dancing.

Just for a minute, okay?

♪ Ooh, I see you, see you ♪

♪ See you every time... ♪

Look so cute.

I was thinking, um, maybe
we could go back home.

- There's nothing there.
- NORA: I mean, I mean, back to D. C.,

to the city. They have big camps there.

What-what happened?
Did you do something?

(LAUGHS): What? No.

- Are they making us leave?
- NORA: No, no, no, no, no.

No. No, no, no. There's... No.

There's-there's too many of us here.

- We're-we're better off on our own.
- I'm not stupid.

- I know they don't like you.
- Hey.

- I'm not leaving.
- Hey!

- I'm not leaving!
- Mack.

- MACK: I-I like it here. I have friends here.
- That's enough.


- Dad would've let me s...
- NORA: Well, Daddy's not here!

You're stuck with me.

Mackenzie. Mackenzie,
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

♪ I've been dancin' my whole life ♪

♪ But you just beg to see me dance ♪

♪ Just one more time ♪

♪ Ooh, I see you, see you,
see you every time. ♪



♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- NORA: Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up, Hero. Hero, wake up.

- The building is on f*re.

We have to get outside right
now. Come on. Come on.

- Mack!

Mack, come on! Come on!

- ROXANNE: Everybody out!
- WOMAN: Hey, let's go! Come on.



ROXANNE: Is everyone okay?





(GRUNTS) f*ck!

g*dd*mn it!



♪ ♪




Oh, shit.

Oh, shit. Oh, shit.


♪ Fall back into place ♪

♪ Fall back into ♪

♪ Fall back into ♪

♪ Fall back in. ♪


Go. Inside. Go.


ROXANNE: Police!

Make yourself known right now.




- Jesus Christ.

- Who are you? What are you...

- What are doing here?
- But can you play "Chopsticks"?

I'm Mrs. Blackwell.

Principal Blackwell.

Sam. You were...

- You're still here?
- Of course.

One day, the children will be back.

Well, that was impressive.

Is that what you did before?

Uh, music? Uh...

No. Uh...

I was an artist, kind of, but not this.

- What kind of an artist?
- (CHUCKLES) The struggling kind.

Well, that doesn't
really narrow it down.

No. Um...

It was performance art.

- It was theater.
- And now?



- I'm leaving. I'm sorry.
- Take your time.

It's okay.

"Play it again, Sam."

This has been the highlight of my day.





f*ck me.


ATHENA: Okay, a-are you
counting illiterate?

- This is , not .
- I'm sorry. I'll start over.

You said you would put the f*re out

- before we went to bed last night.
- I never said that.

- Who heard Nicky say that?
- Oh, so, what?

- All of this is my fault, then?
- Come on, it's nobody's fault.

- It's nobody's fault.
- She said she'd put it out, and she didn't.

The whole g*dd*mn building
went up in flames.

Well, maybe if you weren't so
f*cked-up last night, Jodi.

- Cut it out, I mean it.
- NICOLE: Yeah.

- JODI: f*ck off, Roxanne.
- What did you say?

- You heard me.
- Say it again.

- See? You see what I mean?
- Yeah, I do.

HALEY: We could go back to the house.

- TAYLOR: There's no food.
- HALEY: Okay.

A couple days' walk
to the Baltimore camp.

TAYLOR: What about everyone else?

HALEY: There's not enough
food for everyone...


You okay?

Not really.


My mom and I never got along.

I left home when I was
and, uh, never came back.

She d*ed a few years later,

- and every day si...
- What are you f*cking talking about?

I know your mom a little bit.
I know how tough she can be.

But I promise you, whatever happened,

she forgives you.

We can leave tonight.

I know the way. I can
get us to the Pentagon

- in a couple...
- I'm not going there.

... we see what happens

when a woman isn't listened to.

I can't even look at him,
the psychopath.

MAN (ON VIDEO): You want to
take the perp walk or should I?



♪ ♪






♪ ♪



♪ ♪



What is wrong with people?




- (g*n COCKS, FIRES)
- No! No!



- (g*n)







None of this is salvageable.

I don't know if you know this,
but I used to work in politics.

You have a communications problem.

I'm pretty tired, Nora.

- Can we talk about this later?
- We're gonna talk about it now.

It's smart, as a jumping-off point.

A common enemy. Men.

And with the histories
of the women here,

I mean, that was compelling to them.

- What the f*ck are you talking about?
- The problem is,

the men who b*at the shit out of them,

who made their lives miserable,

they're all d*ad.

And it wasn't your magnetic personality

and leadership skills that
kept these women around.

You had stuff they wanted,
and that's about it.


I don't have time for this right now.


I don't know why you're still here.

You need me.

- You just don't know it yet.
- Oh, yeah?

Why would I need you?

Because I know how to get them to stay.

Your instincts are strong,

but you're not as good a
liar as you think you are.

I went for a walk down by the river,

and I saw something interesting.

What were you doing
outside the perimeter?

- I found that police car.
- You found that police car?

- That's right.
- What police car?

You k*lled those people, didn't you?

(SCOFFS) You sound insane.

Whatever it is that
you think you know...

The only thing that will
keep you safe out there...

is numbers.

You don't need the building.

You need the people.

But to keep them,

you're gonna need more than "men suck."

What do you expect to get
out of this, I wonder?

I'm in the inner circle from now on.

You run things by me.

And I want privileges.

Mack and I eat first.

- That's not how we do it.
- Well, if there's not enough to go around,

you'll make sure there's enough for us.

We get first dibs on everything.

And you'll never talk about
my husband or my son...

... ever again.

It's up to you.

You can go out there
and tell them the truth.

About what you are.

Or... you can go out there

and be the thing you so
desperately want... to be.

TERRY: You don't get to f*re people.

I don't know how many times
I got to tell you that.

But if you had been there,
you would've done the same...

It's too much of an ass-ache for me.

It ain't gonna happen.

- Terry, I am...
- Assistant Manager.

Assistant. This is a you f*ck.

- Don't you forget that.


Stop drawing titties on the
mirrors in the break room.

Oh. Okay.

The breast drawings are not the issue.

He grabbed Jenna B's rear end!

- Well, I don't hear her complaining.

She doesn't have to,
because I did, formally.

If you could read,

- you might've seen it.
- g*dd*mn it, Roxanne.

That's enough of your petty shit.

TRAVIS: I can read, Terry.
Just so you know.

I don't care. And knock it
off with the d*ck pics, too.

You're on notice. I get one
more complaint about you,

I'm gonna start taking shifts
away. You understand?

Yeah, Terry. Okay.

TERRY: Good. Go away.


That is not gonna do anything.

- He's just gonna keep on...
- g*dd*mn it, Roxanne.

I spend half my day
managing your bullshit.

He's just a kid.

- Cut him some slack.
- He's years old, Terry.

He and Jenna have been
playing grab-ass all year.

She likes the attention.

- Until she complains...
- She's a frickin' teenager, Terry.

She doesn't want to make trouble.

Well, maybe you could
learn something from her.

Look, I get it. You've
been here a long time,

and you used to kind of
be the belle of the ball.

Are you saying that I
am jealous of Jenna?

Are you serious?

I'm just saying, maybe
you came back too soon?

Maybe you need to take a
few more weeks to rest?

Oh, yeah? How am I gonna
pay my frickin' bills?

Look, I wasn't gonna
say anything, but...

Brittany saw you steal a box set.

- I did not steal any...
- Law & Order, season ten.

I-I know you've been strapped
for cash since Eddie,

but that's a fireable offense.

- It was in the bargain bin, okay?

- The package was...
- You know,

you can pretty much watch Law
& Order whenever you want.

Just turn on the TV, and there it is.

Now my hands are tied.
I got to put you on notice, too.

Jesus Christ, Terry. Really?

I don't know what you
want me to tell you.

You want to be in charge?
Go work somewhere else.

Now, I don't pay you to sit
there and complain all day.

Get your ass out there.

KELSEY: Okay, so, this one is will,

and this one is logic.

But your will line is bigger.

HERO: Yeah, that doesn't surprise me.


I'm not dumb, you know.

(SIGHS) Shit. Um...

- Kelsey, I didn't mean that. I was...
- You know, Hero,

you can't get to know someone

unless you give 'em a chance.

You're right.


Oh, my God.

That's the Ring of Solomon.

Is that a bad thing?


That means you'll serve others
for the good of mankind.


That doesn't sound like me.

Yes, it does.

Hey, everybody, listen up.


What happened here is a tragedy.

Y'all know I had a bout of
cancer a few years back.

Took one of my tits.

Lost my health insurance,
my life savings,

bunch of fair-weather friends.

My husband left me...

few months into the treatment,
couldn't take the heat.

f*ck him, he wasn't some prize,
but that didn't feel good.

I could've given up right then,

thrown in the towel, you know?

What's a broke, -year-old woman

with one tit and no man good
for in this f*cking world?

- You ever heard of the Amazons?
- From... from Wonder Woman.

ROXANNE: No, no, the originals.

Greek mythology. Warrior women.

Daughters of gods.

Whole city of women,
living on the bank of a river.

And they made their own rules.

And when people f*cked with them,
when men f*cked with them,

they never backed down.

They were K*llers. Conquerors.
Sliced off one of their tits

so their arrows would sh**t straighter.

I learned about that after my cancer,

when I was picking myself back up,

looking at all the pieces of my life,

trying to figure out
what any of it was for.

And instead of giving up,
I thought about them.

There are so many women out there

who still think that they have
lost something. But not us.

We celebrate the absence
of fear. We embody it.

This is an opportunity to
take what we deserve,

to be fearless.

Let the rest of them cower.

That is all that they were taught.

But not us.

We are warrior women,
daughters of the Amazons,

and this is our world now!

- Yeah!




Hell yeah!



♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪
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