01x09 - Peppers

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Y: The Last Man". Aired: September 13, 2021- present.
Series follows the survivors in the post-apocalyptic world as they struggle to restore what was lost and build something better.
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01x09 - Peppers

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- Previously on Y: The Last Man...

You need me. You just don't know it yet.

What the f*ck are you talking about?

NORA: But there aren't
any trucks coming.

Sooner or later, the food will run out.

- What happens then?
- I did not mean to...

You k*lled him.

KIMBERLY: What was the description?

REGINA: Six feet tall with
a monkey on his shoulder.

KIMBERLY: Yorick Brown!

MARLA: You made me think I was crazy.


- I can't believe you're the president.

CHRISTINE: Secret Service
is at a quarter capacity.

We had to barricade the subway entrance.

Did somebody get in?


I'm gonna live my life.

You should do the same.



- You need a doctor.
- Don't trust anybody.

Thanks for letting us stay.


FRAN: You like it here?

: You still think we chose
you 'cause you're special?

Our secret.



♪ Go, go, go, shawty,
it's your birthday ♪

♪ We gonna party like
it's your birthday ♪

♪ And we gonna sip Bacardi
like it's your birthday ♪

♪ And you know we don't give a
f*ck it's not your birthday... ♪

ALLISON: Every Saturday?

Well, people drop in and out.

Still... exhausting.

SONIA: Yeah, well, we're making
up for all the parties we missed:

weddings, birthdays.

Turned my first week inside.

Didn't tell anyone.

♪ I'm into havin' sex ♪

♪ I ain't into makin' love... ♪

The doc said take it easy.

The doc got years
for dealing fentanyl.

Doesn't mean she can't
treat a head injury.

I told you not to go anywhere.

Oh, come on. This place is way safer

than anywhere else we've been.

Look, people here took pleas.

You know, a lot of them
are probably innocent.

Just over-prosecution, systemic racism.

Why are you whispering?

'Cause I don't want to be insensitive.

- You whispered "racism."
- No, look.

All I meant was that...

is that women usually k*ll
their abusers or whatever.


No. Okay, yes, I know, women are
people, and people are awful,

but I'm just saying, statistically...

- Oh, statistics.
- No, statistically,

you are, like, less likely
to start shit, so...

What? It's fine. This place
is fine. That's my point.

Believe me, I started
shit. Most of us did.


You're not the first guy to
try to teach me about prison.


- ♪ A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly ♪

♪ And is also known as a busta ♪

♪ Always talkin' 'bout
what he wants... ♪

Do you want to dance?

- No.
- Oh, come on.

Come on. I dare you.

- I don't care.
- Oh, yeah, you do, though.

Just a little bit? Come
on, this is happening.

- Yorick... no.
- Don't think too hard. Just...

Come on. Oh, I get it.

You can't dance?

- Can you?
- I can dance.

Well, seems like you can't.

- ♪ Trying to holla at me... ♪
- What was that?

All right, don't hurt yourself.
Move over, there.

♪ That can't get no love from me ♪

- ♪ Hangin' out the passenger side... ♪
- Oh, my God. (LAUGHS)

YORICK: Oh, my God. Is this our song?

AGENT : We don't have a song.

YORICK: Oh, please,
let this be our song.

- AGENT : No, it's not our song.

♪ 'Cause I'm lookin' like class
and he's lookin' like trash ♪

♪ Can't get wit' a deadbeat ass, so... ♪


- Daddy's gonna...
- Ooh, shit.



You're so desperate to get laid,
other people might be, too.

Make some money.

Joke! (SCOFFS)

♪ Hangin' out the passenger side ♪

♪ Of his best friend's ride ♪

♪ Trying to holla at me ♪

♪ No, I don't want no scrub ♪

♪ A scrub is a guy that
can't get no love from me ♪

♪ Hangin' out the passenger side ♪

♪ Of his best friend's ride ♪

♪ Trying to holla at me... ♪

- What's your deal?
- My deal?

Are you into him, too?


- APRIL: Say that again, bitch!
- WOMAN: Yeah, yeah, no.

f*ck your music. You don't know
what you're talking about!

You can just say "hi," you know.

It's, uh, Allison, right?


I'm not a "hi" person.

I can tell.

Shut the f*ck up!


What's this?



(SCOFFS) I give up.

I found it in your van...
with your stuff.

Oh. It's not mine.

So, if I showed it to Yorick,
he wouldn't care?

What about Allison?

Can I get in there?

Is-is that me? Am I the sandwich?

- You don't intimidate me.
- Hmm?

- Yeah, we're the same.

I've done terrible things, too.

Come on! What is it?

It's a detonator?

Some kind of tracking device?

Okay. Well, whatever it is, tell him.

He trusts you for some reason.
Don't f*ck that up.

You know, say what you want about me,

but at least I can admit
I actually like him.




Janis told me one per household.

This is it, until next Saturday.

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

Okay, but just don't tell Allison,

'cause she's been on me
about my sperm count. Okay?




FRAN: Might be too advanced for you.

It's not.

Prove it.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

MAN: Hey, it's me. I came
to the gate. We're boarding.


MAN : So I saved your phone number.

- We got to hammer out this deal...

- MAN : Hey, Dad. It's me again.
- MAN : I like your order.

GRANDFATHER: I'm thinking
about you, sweetheart.

You know, I hope I
sent the birthday card

to the right address.
I wouldn't bet on it,

but I'm thinking of you, right?

- (BEEP)
- MAN : Hey, it's me.

Just calling to say "Hi."

MAN : Uh, call me back, and
I'm Blair's nephew. Thank you.

- MAN : Call back...
- MAN : Yeah, give us a call.


MAN : Dad drove like a bat out of hell.

Guess we were on the ground, for...

MAN : Give us a call tonight
when we're home. Uh...

MAN : Hey, Jane. It's Michael.
Um, I was just here.

- MAN : Please pick up.
- MAN : Give me a call back.

- MAN : Too, uh... too early in the morning?

MAN : Thanks. I miss you. Bye.

- Love you, too.

MAN : Wanted to talk
to you about something.

MAN : Um, also, they're...

- _

WOMAN: Yeah, of course.

- _


He'd walk around the block,
and he'd be wheezing.

We couldn't go anywhere, do anything.

Then the week was over, and I left.

Hey, there's ten inside, all unarmed.

Now's the time.

We're too similar.

A few days later, it happened.

He was alone, I was watching TV.

I should have been there.

I should have been with him.

- Hey.

Three women with g*n.

Two up front, one by the food.

Nora was right. We can take them.

Tell the girls, food first.
Take as much as they can carry.

f*cking grocery shopping,
Nora, that's all that is.

You inspired by groceries?

We'll eat tonight. That's good enough.


All right, girls.

This is what we've been training for.

These women built a shrine to men.

They are mourning a world that hurt us.

That has consequences, and
we are those consequences.

We will take everything they have:

their tents, their food. It is the
only way that they will learn.

Nora, where's your w*apon?

I'll watch the kids.

Mack'll watch the kids.

Come on.


You ride with Nicky.

All right, let's go have some fun.



CYNTHIA: Plain as day, I saw it.

We have proof.

- Come see.
- _



Daughters of the Amazons,
take what's yours!


Get out of the way!






No, no, no, no! Wait a minute!

No, no, no! Stop this! Please!

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

No. No, no, no, no! That's...

Stop that!


Don't! Laura!

Don't touch the f*cking Corn Pops!

WOMAN: Get it! Get it! Get it!

My name is Athena.

WOMAN : Get out of our way!

MAN: Red or green?
Your list just says "peppers."

- They got yellow and orange.

Hi. It's Bennett. How are you?

It's : your time...


- MAN : Hey.
- BENNETT: Uh, you went before?

- Um...


I used to caddy. Summer job.


- I actually had...

... a pretty good... swing!

Great pick. Ten out of ten.
Girls f*cking nailed it!

You got some water?


I'm thirsty, Nora. That's
how people get heatstroke.

We could've traded that.
All of this had value.

You got the girls all riled up.
Now we have nothing!

A week ago, we were starving.

Now look at us.

I walk around here,
I see a lot of happy girls.

f*ck this stuff. No one else is worried.

Of course not.
I'm surrounded by children!

MACK: Your tent's ready.


Already? Superstar.


Good job, Mack!

Take me to my lair.


Come here.

I like that jump. Nice.

PEGGY: The Secret Service is
doing a training exercise.

Her detail is off site until tomorrow.

This is our window.

I've reassigned the
agents closest to her.

We're rotating in some new recruits.

They don't know her.
They'll follow their CO's lead.

REGINA: Second thoughts, General?

Now's the time.

No, ma'am.

I know I'm not a traditional choice.

You seem like someone who
values tradition and continuity.

Two of my pilots are d*ad.

m*rder on the orders
of a sitting president.

She's lost the right to lead.


What about you? Second thoughts?

Madam Secretary.

Oh, Madam President.

At least, it will be
in about minutes.

- REGINA: What do you need?

A Valium?

These women don't trust me.

You have to reassure them.

You picked me.

They can, too.

Jesus, Kim.

Get your shit together.

I need you.



BETH: She was still there.


Doctors were long gone.
No food, no water.

You know what Jennifer
said when I told her?

"I wish I could've made a call."

A call.

She's not a bad person.

These are just the rules
she's learned to live by.

This system has always been broken,

but they will hold onto
it as long as they can.

It is all they know.

So we have to tear that place down.

Let the grass grow.

You've known Jennifer Brown a
lot longer than you've known us.

Yeah. And if you hadn't met me,

you'd still be watching
at that f*cking gate.

KAI: It's ready.



I would k*ll for anything fresh.

Those sad tomatoes, gray ones?


It's not fresh, but...

I had Abby grab them
from the kitchen for you.

- I know you like 'em.

Ma'am, the...

They are just oranges.



What is it? What's wrong?

I m-made a mistake.


I was on the pill.

I couldn't have missed more
than a day, two at most,

and then so many women miscarried,

- so I thought...
- You're pregnant?

(VOICE BREAKING): I'm so sorry.

- No.
- I was selfish and reckless.

- I didn't mean it like that. No.
- It was an enormous error

- in judgment...
- No sorrys. No sorrys.

How are you feeling?


Well, I always wanted to have kids...


But it's not like...

I wasn't in love.

But this could be my only chance,

and what kind of a world would... ?

Nobody knows what they're doing, okay?

I was terrified when I
was pregnant with Hero,

afraid I'd f*ck it up, and,
I mean, even at our worst,

she was the best decision
I've ever made.

- Ma'am, I...

- Just a minute.

I said just a moment!

Ma'am, they need you in the w*r room.

Where's Abby? And who are you?

KIMBERLY: You were in the woods.

He was ten feet away. Is that him?

Yorick Brown, no question.


- She's been coached.
- If we were making this up,

it'd be a hell of a lot more believable.

Jennifer heard the captain's
story and had her reassigned.

It's a staggering abuse of power.


What's all this?

LISA: They're saying your son is alive.

Burgin found him in New York.

Tell them to stand down.

KIMBERLY: You're unbelievable.

My mother was fragile, grieving.

- Kim, I know you're suffering, but...
- You k*lled my mother,

made her feel crazy.

Might as well have pushed
her off the roof yourself.

She's been lying to all of you.

She's still lying to you.

This sisterhood you think
you're building... it's bullshit.

Is it true?

Lisa, this is a woman who
has concerns about fluoride.

She's not a serious person.

Is that supposed to hurt my feelings?

She's been keeping you all in the dark.

All of you. Everyone
except for you, Christine.


I am saying this as someone
who cares about you.

You need to come clean.

I don't know what you're talking about.

There are two eyewitnesses.

She used you to cover her tracks.

The order to have the captain
reassigned came through you.

- Enough.
- Let-let her finish.

KIMBERLY: Listen to me. Jennifer
Brown won't suffer that much,

but you... you're nobody.

No one is going to protect you.

Those people out there at the gate?

When they find out that
you knew about this?

They're going to rip you limb from limb.

- I don't...
- I'm just looking out for you.

- Somebody has to.
- Leave her out of this.

She didn't know.

- No, ma'am...
- It's okay.

- I thought he was d*ad.
- WOMAN: Oh, God.

- Oh, my God, Jennifer. Like...
- He was found in New York

in the evacuation. I have
no idea how he survived.

- You can't be serious?
- He was in this building?

There is a geneticist at Harvard.

Agent Burgin is bringing Yorick
to her so we can learn how,

- why he...
- REGINA: Harvard?

They were in Central Pennsylvania.

Where were they going?

That's classified.

Oh, classified? Or you
don't f*cking know?

I did what I thought
was best, for all of us.

- If anyone found out that you...
- AISHA: That's not a good way

for a president to start a sentence.

Presidents make tough decisions.

The best thing to do was
keep the circle closed.

It's not much of a
circle if it's just you.

KIMBERLY: You took our only chance

at bringing the world back,
and you hid him away.

- I had no choice.
- He could have been k*lled,

- taken by foreign powers...
- We're already a target!

- The selfishness!
- I did what I did

to protect you, all of you.

KIMBERLY: The future of the human
race depends on his survival,

and you sent him out
there with one person?

You weren't thinking about any of us.

You wanted him all to yourself.

- He's my son.
- My sons are d*ad!

Two American helicopter pilots
were m*rder on your orders.

- That's not true.
- You wanted no one to know.

You said it yourself:
"Keep the circle closed."

I would never. That was
a horrifying accident.

Either Burgin is taking orders
from you, or she's gone rogue.

Either way, you've lost control.

REGINA: You'll be placed
in protective custody,

- and we will figure out a transition.
- Protective custody?

- RACHEL: Isn't that premature?
- This is not a discussion.

She has to go.

MIRANDA: She's right, Jennifer.

They're already screaming "conspiracy."

Can you imagine, with this?

PRIYA: We get out ahead of it,

or we all seem guilty.


Shh! Do you hear that?


- Run!

Secretary Oliver will serve out
the rest of Jennifer's term.

No! We'll choose an acting
president, one of us.

She'll serve until we
can hold an election.

There was an election.

Ted Campbell won, he picked me.

- Campbell doesn't get a say.
- The voters do.



(QUIETLY): There's been an expl*si*n.

What's happening?

I need you all to come with me.

There's been an expl*si*n underground.

- What? Where?
- What exactly are we talking about?

An accident? att*ck?

- We have to get somewhere safe.
- Come on. Come on.

- This way. Let's go.
- The emergency command center, C-ring.

It's secure, blast-proof.

We'll figure out what's going
on and go from there.

So you can lock us in? Force our hand?

PEGGY: I'll be first one in,
and the last one out.

We can't stay here. Let's go please.

Fast. Let's go! Move, move, move!



Come on!

JOY: Fighting at the gate!
People heard the b*mb.

They're pulling down a piece of fence.

- It's really happening.
- SOLDIER: We need support.

They're sending companies
to secure the perimeter,

- sweep the roof.
- They're scrambling.

JOY: Second b*mb is by the
generators, ready to go.

- Patrols?
- JOY: Just the one.

You were right... they're spread thin.

Start sending people through here.

Get as many in here as
possible. We need cover.

- VIPs headed to C-ring.

Come on. Move, move!

Eyes up.

You're the only one of
us that's been inside.

You good?

Good. Come on.

- This way!
- PEGGY: Protesters breached the gate.

Where are they now?

- Did you send them?
- Of course not. This wasn't us.

LISA: Okay. Crowd control.
What is the plan?

PEGGY: Water cannons, tear gas.

Live amm*nit*on only if we have to.

What if they're already inside?

- We need to evacuate.
- MIRANDA: We'll handle this, Jennifer.

What kind of breach
are we talking about?

How many people? ? ?

REGINA: What if we don't
clear the building?

- I mean, at least not yet.
- These people are angry.

- They hate us!
- REGINA: They hate Jennifer Brown.

I mean, give me a
chance to talk to them.

- Regina! Peggy, clear the building.
- Oh, all due respect,

- hon, you don't even have a title.
- Hey, I'm trying to convince

these people you're a steady hand.

- (expl*si*n)

PEGGY: Stay calm!

Follow me.



- Stop! Drop your w*apon!

- g*n down!

g*n down.

Put the g*n down!

- Stand down.

Stand down.

Put your hands out in front of you!

Hands out!





DENISE: Everyone in
a uniform, follow me.

- No, no, no, you-you can't. You can't!
- Let's go. Move.

- PEGGY: We'll be okay.
- Move!

- Move! Move.
- Move!

- Go!

Let's go! Move!

- Hurry up!
- Go.

- Move! Come on!
- You're okay. You're okay.

Move, move, move!

- Move! Move.
- Move!

- HALEY: Once I saw Roxanne,

I forgot to be scared.

Well, that's fun for you,
'cause I was f*cking nervous.

- Hero wasn't.


- No, I was.
- Hmm?

I saw you: fearless.

Makes sense.

Your boyfriend.


You k*lled him, right?

- KELSEY: Yeah.
- Yeah.

He made you do it.

Goaded you into it.
It was his fault, not yours.

- (SCOFFS) Yeah.
- Yeah.

Come on, let's go.

Thank you.




I can't believe you did this.

I can't stop thinking about it.

- Really?
- Yeah. Stop it.

- Yeah, that sucks.

I saw what you did.

I used to get so angry... over nothing.

Robbie... (LAUGHS)

Robbie would call to
check the grocery list.

Uh, "Peppers... red or green?"

I don't f*cking care. Make a choice,

like I did, when I wrote
"peppers" in the first place!

I did exactly what I was supposed to do.

I had the husband, the kids,

the house, the job.

Wasn't enough.

I wanted to be better.


But I am who I am.

I'm angry.

It's what kept me alive.

I would've d*ed without it.

Mack and I never would've made it.

Next time,

don't tell Roxanne your secrets.

She's not worthy of them.

AISHA: If we pull the
sprinklers, then we can...

No, we rerouted them weeks ago.
Couldn't spare the water.

This must've taken months.
Surveillance, planning.

- MIRANDA: Someone on the inside?
- LISA: Maybe.

- Is-is that... ?
- Yeah.

- Shh, shh.
- How did they even get in here?

Regina got General Reed on her side.

I mean, the f*cking U.S. Army?

They made us vulnerable.

You can't tell them about Yorick.

What if Regina... ?

It's her word against ours.

You should have told us.

Would you have?

- MALIKA: Hey, destroy records, comms.
- KAI: This is f*cking huge.

Destroy records, comms. Go, now!

Army wants proof of life, or
they'll start using live rounds.

She's right there. Put her on.

They're asking for Regina Oliver.

They say she's the president.

- What?
- I know, it's crazy.

Call them back. Find out
what the f*ck is going on.

- Don't agree to anything.
- Got it.

BETH: Regina Oliver?

Where the f*ck are the soldiers?

KIMBERLY: They can't just
come in here sh**ting.

- We'll lose the whole government.
- Oh, God.



This is Kimberly Campbell?

SOLDIER: Ma'am, is the president
with you? Is she safe?

We're in the w*r room. They have
g*n. We're in the w*r room.


- Jennifer Brown or Regina Oliver.

Who is it? Who is the president?!

Answer her. Who's in charge?

Me, me. Me.

Food, medicine, w*apon reserves.

We want locations, access.

Okay, we can talk,
after you let them go.

You don't need all of us.

- I'm enough.
- Stockpiles... where are they?

- What was that?

There are a thousand m*llitary
personnel in this building,

being very careful right now,

but they're gonna get in this room.

One way or another.

I can help you.

Any offer she makes you is worthless.

Jennifer Brown doesn't speak for anyone.

Not anymore.

I'm the president.

- Regina, sit down!
- I'll negotiate.

- I am your best and only bet.
- PRIYA: What?

LISA: Where are the stockpiles?
Where are the w*apon silos?

Can you tell her any f*cking thing?

Let the adults do their jobs!

You always were a liberal f*cking snake.

- Go to hell!

- (g*n)
- Quiet!

- Quiet for one f*cking second!


We have to move.

She told them where we are.

They could be down here any second.

Okay, we can't move people.

We'd need a g*dd*mn school bus.

Small groups, then.

We can hide in B-ring.
We can't stay here.


Okay. Get everybody and move. Go.

- You. You three, get up.
- You, up.

- Move!
- Well, I can talk about this.

- Shut up. Move!
- Get over here!

- Okay, we're going. We're going.
- Let's go.

- Stay calm.
- Come on. Come on.

- Where are you taking them?
- Come on. Go. Move it.

Disperse immediately.

Clear the building, or
you will be sh*t on sight.

Leave the building immediately.

- WOMAN: Let us in!
- Where are you taking us?

Let's-let's talk. I can help you.

I-I am on your side. What,
you'd rather deal with her?

The shit she's done... you
wouldn't believe the half of it.

- KIMBERLY: Regina!
- She met with Ted Campbell

the night before the men d*ed.
Maybe she knew what was coming.

Maybe they all did.

- The Washington elite.
- MALIKA: Shut up!

- What are you doing?
- These people are all guilty.

I'm the one you should be dealing with.

Stop! Shut up! Enough bullshit!

Jennifer's son is alive!

She k*lled two soldiers
to keep it quiet.

- Oh, my God!

Oh, my...


BETH: What are...


- Oh, my God!



BETH: What did you...

Bring the body outside.

Tell them she's next
if they don't back off!

They'll be here any minute.
What are you waiting for? Go!

- Malika...
- Okay, we need to buy time.

- You just... I mean, you...
- What did you think would happen?

We walk in here, no one gets hurt?
This is the f*cking Pentagon!

- You said no one would get...
- There is no government

without these people!

It is that simple.

You want to start over?
You want real change?

This is it.

She's next. Tell them!


SONIA: Yorick?

Sorry. What?

SONIA: Your hands are disgusting.

Yeah, it's the apocalypse.

Oh, no. What? What is this?

You're in the hands...

of a licensed cosmetologist.

Ah, well, that is reassuring.


They kept trying to put
me on license plates,

but I'd f*ck up so they'd
send me back to the salon.

We had this one type of lotion.
It was called "Freshscent."

- It smelled like f*cking floor wax.
- Uh-huh.

This... is coconut.

- It's... it's...

(LAUGHING): It smells like sunscreen.

(LAUGHS) Well, I have, uh,
lavender upstairs, or...

- orange blossom.
- Um...


So this all belonged to someone, right?

Like, somebody lived here?


Um, hey, I'm sure that you guys did

- what you had to do...
- You're sure? How?

Uh, you can't... you can't
just ask people shit like that.


All right, um,

the guards were men... mostly.

We were in the yard when it happened.

At first, the women thought we did it,

but then, they were outnumbered,

scared, so they locked us in.

Left us.

It was days.


So, once we broke out, they
were waiting for us with g*n.

They were so scared, they
forgot that we were people.

Us or them.

I'm sorry.

Maybe it won't last.

I-I mean, crazier things
have happened, right?


I mean, half the world d*ed.

- That was pretty weird.

Maybe you're right. Who knows?

Maybe we'll get lucky.

ALLISON: You're tall.

That one... "Carla Summer."


- Is that from the crash?
- No.

Some of my, uh, research
is... controversial.

And sometimes, I'm the
only willing participant.

You did that to yourself?



What's wrong with your clothes?

Oh, they smell like road sweat.

- That shit doesn't wash out.
- Hmm.

I'm going back to check on Dominique.


Tall? Grumpy?

Not as grumpy as you.

She sounds great.

- Mm. She hates us.
- Mm.

Thought I'd put in some face time,

assess the thr*at level.


Well, you need backup?

You'd scare her off.

Also, there's an outside
chance I'll get laid.

No, no, no, no, don't do that.

I f*ck who I want, okay?

- Well, I didn't say...
- No, it was right there.

You think you're a good
liar, but you're not.

It wouldn't k*ll you to
be less judgmental.

- She was a getaway driver.

It's not like she k*lled anyone.

What's up with you?


That one.


- You like?
- Mm.

- Great.
- Huh? Ah.

FRAN: Pull yourself together.

They are watching us.





You... did everything you
were supposed to do.

(LAUGHING): You... were brilliant!

Most never make it past screening,
let alone training.

The ones that do are exceptional.

None of them comes close to you.

You are better than this!


They tell you, "Work
hard, follow the rules,

you can make something of yourself."

That's not how it works.

You never had a real chance.

It is important to see
the world as it is.

This is your leg up in a world
that isn't built for you.

You earned your place here.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

WOMAN: Disperse immediately.

Clear the building, or you'll be sh*t...

- BETH: Release her. Goodwill gesture.

If we have to run, we can't
take them all with us.


- Malika!
- WOMAN: We need backup.

- _

- Shit!
- It's tear gas!

- Tear gas!
- Oh, no!

WOMAN: Fall back! Fall back!

- We got to move. They're coming.

- Who?
- Army, everyone. I don't f*cking know.

- (g*n)



Come on!

Move! Move! Move! Move! Let's go! Move!

- (g*n, SCREAMING)
- Come on, come on!

WOMAN: Hold your f*re! Hold your f*re!

- WOMAN : Hold your f*re. Stand down.

- (g*n)
- WOMAN : Hold your f*re. Stand down!




Don't sh**t! Don't sh**t!

- On the ground now!
- We're with the president!

- (RAPID MACHINE g*n f*re)

WOMAN: Hold your f*re!

- On your knees! w*apon down!

- Get on the ground!

Hands behind your back!
Drop your w*apon!

No sudden movements.

- Get down on the ground!
- This is one of ours.

- (g*n)

Friendly f*re. Stop! Stop!

Hold your f*re. No visibility!

What do you want me to
do? Give me an order!


- Hold your f*re!

- JENNIFER: Christine!
- In here.



- CHRISTINE: Kim, where are we going?
- Come on.

KIMBERLY: Just keep going.






Hey, Kim.

- Holy shit!
- Hey.

It is you.

- Stop it! Don't!
- You want to f*ck with me?



Don't touch her.






- Hey, hey, hey.
- Kim. Kim. (CRYING)

I got you. It's gonna be okay.

- We're gonna be okay.

Okay, okay. We're gonna be okay.

- I got you. Let's go.

CYNTHIA: Old guy traded it.

His name is in there, his address.

- Good. That's a start.
- A start for what?

We're gonna track down
the men who survived.

Wipe 'em out. There's hundreds.

They've been spotted
all over. This is proof.

Tha-That's a waste of time.

Uh, we need a place to live, supplies.

Small ball, Nora. You think small.

None of this is real.
I mean, what the f*ck?

Know what your problem is, Nora?

Vision. Got no vision.

This isn't a game for me.
Men ruined my life.

Every last one of them deserves to die.

As long as they're out there,

- world can't change.
- I'm trying to help you.

No. You're sad and you're scared,

and all you're looking
for is a place to hide.

Go on and go.

We're not coming with you.

- Watch it!

Are you stupid or something?!

His face was on here. g*dd*mn it!


I told you, I saw a man
in a market near Boston.

I know what I f*cking saw.

His bodyguard sh*t my
sister in the leg, okay?

She can't walk. Hey, other
people have seen him, too,

not just me! He's nearby.

A town with electricity.

Electricity? How?

Been there?

I've heard stories. It's not far.

I'm right on his heels.



You're right.

We should do it.

The men. This one first.

Enough with the apologies, Nora.

No, you're right.

About me.

I am scared.

It's holding me back.

Why him?

He's nearby.

Town with food, electricity,
everything we need.

At least that's the
story. If it's true...

He wears a gas mask,

travels with a bodyguard.

People remember him.

He can't hide.

Not from us.

- Hurry.
- Go, go, go, go.

Sway me.

- Here.

Put this on.


Tell me.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪
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