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02x08 - Escape From Paris

Posted: 10/30/21 08:36
by bunniefuu
The Denon deal.


Can you close that, today, Leslie?

- Denon?
- Yeah.

Well, that one probably slipped
through our fingers, John.

It's been a f*cked-up week.

You were up against it.

I get that.

I'm just saying that taking
out both me and Stephen

was a double whammy,

if you will,

in regard to the Denon deal.

Hold that on your gums
till the bleeding stops.


There was a time, in the near past...

well, there was a time, son,
I had you down as a punk.

I wonder what else
I've been wrong about.

Probably lots.


Yeah, John?



You have to get that done.

I thought you left all that behind.

Can you get it done, Leslie, today?

Understood, John.


Now, John, is it also understood

that while I do plan to
get the Denon deal done,

I have been through a bad week,

physically and emotionally.


I mean, son,

since you sh*t me in the mug,

I have been on some heavy mothers.

Can you get it done?

- Denon?
- Yeah, it's critical.

To your important task?



Leslie, it's as critical as it gets.

Can you straighten up and close it?

I need you to focus on your piping, man.


The worm has really f*cking
turned here, hasn't it?

Can you close it?

You wrote the book, Leslie.

I did.

Go show them.

I want your old man
to get you home, kid.

Get it done.

So, I'll go.

Do my best.

And I won't even do coke on the train.



It is cool.



You got my call?

- Yeah.
- To call it off.


Thank God.

Are you okay?



Then, okay.

"Then, okay," what?

Then, okay. f*ck it.

We'll take whatever blow comes.

We'll... take store,

rest, repair and get
shipshape again and, uh...

that's that.

Let's get home.

So this guy's alive,
so the money's gone.

We'll deal.

The money's back.


The money's back.

W... what is?

It's all there.



All of it?


That's great.

Where's Myna?

Myna's gone.

There's no one here.

She came for her, finally?

I just got here. Myna was gone.

Then the money was there.

All right.

We're back.



It worked, we're back on track.


Are you ready?


What's wrong, honey?

I'm so sorry.


Get your head ready.

For what?

Thomas Tavner. Police. Open up.

I can't be here with this.


Run and jump off the balcony.

Do what?

I chose this place for that.

Thomas Tavner. Police.



Freeze, my f*ck.

You knew Alice was going to do this?


Seemed likely.


Is Charlie there?

Is Charlie there?

I... I don't want to talk to him, man.

I just want to know if he's okay.

If he's with you.

- He's okay.
- Okay.

How are you doing?

- Pretty good.
- Really?


Yeah? 'Cause... I say that.

- Say what?
- "Pretty good."

It's my go-to.

You're not?

Not what?

Pretty good.

Where are you, John?

- On my way.
- On your way? Where?

Out of Paris.

What's that sound?

Therapeutic breathing.

Me. Breathing. Therapeutically.

Do you have to do that all the time?

When I'm with my friends, not really.

When I'm alone, I find I do it more.

You're okay? You two.

Yeah. Yeah, I got him right here.

I knew he'd be safe, Glenn.

I knew you'd go get him.

What we promise, what
Galvanized United will deliver,

are fully composited ductility
fields of beam dousers

and tact clamp hunch
coppertopped breakbevils.

3,000 miles' worth

across the Middle East,

sending Denon and Galvanized
into a new era of partnership

and, finally, field-wide shared

plam-tuckered nut ductility.


You know what? Uh...

No, thank you. I'm working here.

You know what?

Just a dash.

What's a dash?

It's nothing.

It's not a damn thing. Never mind.

Not a g*dd*mn thing.

Are you missing teeth, man?


Teeth? Where are some of your teeth?

Oh, yeah.

I have to pass through a
facial recognition camera.

So you just have to pull some teeth?


And have a swollen head
from getting h*t in the head

by a car a couple of days ago.

Then you just have to
smile, like a buffoon.

Thomas Tavner?

My name is Laurent.
National Security Director.

I have some questions for you.

Now, Galvanized has been
in this game a long time.

And we're sort of the
new kids on the block

at First Consolidated Systems, I know.

But don't you, at Denon,

as the world's largest
developer of fuel fields,

want a fresh approach

to pantrapped flam-packaged
thrust coupling?

I don't know which one we'll go with,

but they both blew the
f*ck' doors off McMillan.

Yeah, that guy from
McMillan's weird, man.

He really sucked the other day.

... and torque-supported
tensile freighting.

Do you know where your son is?

- Which one?
- John Tavner.

- Yes.
- Where is John Tavner?

He's at Fort Meade teaching a class

on classic army
battlement infrastructure

and the economy of w*r.

- In the United States?
- Yes.

He teaches college?

He's an instructor for
the United States Army.

He teaches whatever they ask him to.

That's what he's teaching now.

Call them.

Were you, earlier today,

in a room in the Sansille East Hotel

in the 10th arrondissement of Paris?

- No.
- Where were you?

Renting a tuxedo.

In order to... ?

In order to attend
the wedding of my son.

My other son. In Paris.

And in order to look nice, I
guess, while I'm doing that.

His name?



- That's why you are in Paris?
- Yes.

The setting of this wedding?

The Chapel of Saint Michael.

The date?

Seven hours from now.


Our countries are on good terms...

you work for yours, I work for mine...

so I would appreciate it

if you would submit any
further questions to me

in the manner to which I am accustomed,

which is through my office.

What is the nature of your job?

I study, investigate and assess threats

to the lives of Americans.

- What's yours?
- I apprehend people

who commit or commission
the act of homicide

in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.


what would happen if those
two things got confused?

I wouldn't get confused.

Me, either.

There's someone...

I want to be left alone with Mr. Tavner.

- But...
- But what?

It's Mrs. Tavner.

Cabinet member of the United States.

- Let her in.
- But sir.

She comes in, or you leave.

My name is Bernice Tavner. I'm Secretary

of Transportation for the
United States of America.

I'm in Paris with my family,

which includes my former husband,

to attend our son's wedding.

For that purpose only.

And I have catering to arrange

and a good number of
other pressing tasks.

We didn't expect this to happen.

This son is...

We didn't think he was
going to get married...

ever, I guess, honestly...

and then all of a sudden...

So I need him.

I need him to make sure that my son

actually shows up for this thing.

'Cause it's, like, 50-50.

'Cause this son is a little...

he's a little drifty

in regard to doing the
right thing all the time.

So I guess...

what I'm asking is...

who the f*ck are you,

and what the f*ck are we doing here?

And should I call your
prime minister and ask him?

Do you want to call Fort Meade now?

There is no need.

If your son John is
apprehended here today...

which is likely... and if on his person

there is the sum of 11 million euros...

which is substantive
motive for the k*lling

of Hector Barros and Mikham Candahar...

he'll be arrested this afternoon.

I would have preferred that were you.

And I don't care what you direct.

If you deterred this
investigation knowingly,

I'll ensure then apply
charges against you

for abetting homicide.

We can leave now, correct?

Of course.

You glad to be going home?


Long trip.


Weird trip.


Move your fingers yet, Dennis?


- They're not going to.
- What?

They're not going to. Move.

They're going to die in three days.


They're John's.

I mean, this thing,
this path we were on,

this pattern we created... I mean, f*ck.

We tried to get rid of
one detective; we made two.

What a week, huh? How about it?


... to lay piping delivery
systems across the Middle East,

to herald a new tomorrow.

Great ideas. Good stuff. Thank you.

And we're ready to make our decision.

Who is coming to Iran with us?

- Hey.
- Hey.

How we doing?

We're doing, uh, we're
doing our speech here.

Wrapping up.

Our one-man speech thing
wrapping up for the audience.

I'm from McMillan.

Oh, we've heard from McMillan. That guy.

Can't remember at what phase, though.

Feels like a hundred years ago

'cause I can't remember it at all.

Well, if you didn't hear it from me,

you didn't hear McMillan, my man.

- Okay.
- So, uh...

who do you like?

Who do you like here?

Uh, Galvanized has
a nice plan and, uh...

- Ah, Galvanized.
- Mm-hmm.

Okay. I get it.

You know, I founded that
company at the age of 24.

I'm Leslie Claret.

You're Leslie Claret?

I am.

Structural Dynamics of Flow?

'Fraid so. 'Fraid so.

How we doing?

How we doing?

Look, do you mind if I do
the McMillan thing here?

I mean, since it's pretty
much my company now?

Oh, of course, of course, of course.


I don't know what he said, but
I want to talk to you about...

Oh, yeah.

Look, you want to talk plate jousts

or jim-jerried pam flam transfastners?

I could do that.

I wrote the book here, right?

I could go on all night if you want.

But let's... let's go a little deeper.

All right? Let's get real. All right?

All I'm trying to say is I get
the details same as you guys,

maybe with a little
more experience. Okay.

But I don't want to talk shop today.

You want to hear the word that
means the most to our trade?

It's not technical.

It's not fancy.

You want to hear it? Okay.


What do we do at McMillan?

What do we care about?

This stuff that we dig up,

transfer... fuel, what have you...

it's just sitting there.

It's not writing poetry.

It's just sitting there and doing jack.

And we'll get it up and
we'll get it from "A" to "B."

Big deal.

That's just a transaction, you know?

It's what we all do.

But after that, after you've
performed your transaction...

which, really, I'm
afraid, means nothing...

we'll get you home, which means a lot.

Soldier? Did it.

Stood up. Thank you.

Now, fly home, kid.

You're a long way away.

Fly home.

Come home.

Now comes the hard part.


Hoping that the police
don't pull over your boat

as you're crossing after they've
seen McClaren pass through.


We'll give you the fuel
to go out into the world,

but when your work is done,

we'll give you the fuel to come home.


and love, nourishment,

laughter, rest,

and the most important reward...

nowhere else matters.

We'll get you home.

That's what we do.

That's the McMillan Way.

I didn't realize you had
come to make McMillan's case.

I thought Lawrence was point.

I'm sorry that you had
to deal with that schmuck.

I was, frankly, sh*t in
the face at a duck hunt,

but I'm glad that we got
our terms established.

We're excited to partner
up. Denon, McMillan.

- Cool.
- Yeah, it's cool.

Well, let's get going, Matthieu.

Let's get to Iran.

We'll send you Thursday.


I'm sorry John's not here.


It's almost over.

All the hard work's done.

He's just got to get something
to its destination now.

"A" to "B"?

Something like that.

What happened to your hand?


Just... I hurt it last night.



Did John k*ll someone last night?

Did I help him k*ll somebody?



someone incidentally came
between John and the task...

No, I didn't ask you any of that.

I asked you if John
k*lled someone last night.


I'm worried he's gonna
go to pieces. John.


I'm worried he's gonna fall to pieces.

Does that happen?


It's still an important day

and the fact that you're
even getting married at all

is, in fact, to me, mind-bl*wing.

So, come on.

Hey, John.



Okay what?

Okay, I'm there.

Close as I could get to England.

I had to go through the
port annex, but I'm there.

John, I don't know about this.

People do it.

They have support teams.
And they train for years.

Well, I don't have to
make it all the way.

I just have to get halfway
and a little bit more.

That's still, like, 14 kilometers, John.

Can you make it halfway?

I can get there.

I have the agency's permission, yeah.

John, they're bad this
season. They're really bad.

You're talking about actual jellyfish.

Yeah. I've been tracking them.

It's what prevents nearly
every crossing that fails.

Their stings are monstrous, man.

The pain is monstrous,

and the blooms are huge, John.

They're drifting across now.

You've picked a bad time.

Where are they now?

They're closer to England
than they are France,

but they're on their
way, is what I'm saying.

There's hundreds of thousands.
They can stop boats, man.

So if you're going to go, you better go.

I'm going.

Okay, then so are we.

Do you think this is stupid and weird?

You never asked me that before.


What do you think?

It's no more stupid and weird
than putting a man in a bag

and walking around with him all day.

It's all in there?

It's all in there.

Wasn't I supposed to have a hood?


Chair 13B.

You know, you're still in France.


Can you pick me up, anyway?

'Cause this sucks.

Hey, John.

Hey, Spike.


What's that?

My name's James.

After the box, I got home.

Got myself all sorted out.

Yeah. James.


Not as cool as Spike, but...

Yeah, I know.

But that's my name.

How you been?

Since then.

Pretty good.

We're good.

We're in England now, we're good.

Everything's gonna be okay, John.

What's that?

You're gonna be okay, John.

You're going to be okay.