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01x11 - To Boldly Go (Part 2)

Posted: 11/11/21 07:15
by bunniefuu
KIRK (VO): Captain's log,
stardate . .

Several days ago, the Enterprise
was re-routed to Aldebaran III

where, at a top-secret facility,

Starfleet housed humans
with extraordinary ESP quotients.

Leaving a renegade Vulcan and his wife,
Lana, to distract us with illusions...

...the remaining espers seized the
Federation vessel S.S. Halifax

and set course for the energy barrier
surrounding our galaxy.

Commander Spock sought the help of
Romulan Commander Charvanek...

an unauthorized act for which
he has been duly reprimanded.

The Romulans agreed
to accompany the Enterprise

to the barrier in order
to intercept the Halifax...

but we arrived too late.

The Halifax already entered the galactic
energy barrier... and, in doing so,

uplifted the esper crew
with super-human powers.

Utilizing their abilities, the espers
somehow seized control of our sister ship:

the U.S.S. Kongo.

Relinquish command... or the Enterprise
will suffer the same fate as the Hood!

KIRK (VO): Space. The final frontier.

These are the voyages of the
Starship Enterprise.

Its continuing mission:

to explore strange new worlds.

To seek out new life
and new civilizations.

To boldly go
where no man has gone before.

Uhura, every available
security guard to the bridge!

- Shields up! Full reverse!
- Not so fast, captain.

Helm, hold position.

This is MY ship!

[ECHOING VOICE] Do as I said!
Hold position!

Drop shields!






Kongo! Two to beam over. NOW!


- Get those shields back up!
- Aye, captain.

- Deflectors at percent.
- Return f*re!

No effect, captain.

The espers must be utilizing their psionic
abilities to enhance the Kongo's shields.

- Back us off.
- Yes, sir.

The Kongo is holding position.

Go to yellow alert.

Escort Mr. Smith to sick bay.

Captain, I...


McCOY: Any idea how they managed
to overpower the Kongo's crew?

Probably similar to what
Lana did to the Hood.

Their illusions are formidable.

You knew Captain Azmi?

He was a friend.

If the espers wanted
to steal a starship,

why not take the Republic or the Yorktown
when they went to investigate?

Hell, they probably tried to.

We're lucky those ships managed
to escape the system first.

Barely. The poor lasses'll
take a year to rebuild. At least.

Regardless, gentlemen... they
have a starship now.

What are they waiting for? Why don't
they just turn us against each other?

Trick us into shutting our systems down?

Well, we know that uplifted espers
take time to develop their powers.

They just entered the barrier
and took over the Kongo.

Maybe they don't have enough energy to
do the same to us...

- For now.
- For now. But it's just a matter of time.

We can't trust our senses, gentlemen.

We need to stay sharp. Focused.

I might be able to synthesize
a formazine solution.

- Help keep us all on our toes.
- Aye.

We should keep our distance
from 'em as well.

- They don't have unlimited range.
- Yet they're holding position.

Our w*apon don't seem to have any effect.
Why don't they att*ck?

Their engines are offline.

I'm guessing the Kongo's crew
managed to shut

them down before they were...
uh... "overrun."

- They'll have to restart 'em.
- It shouldn't take this long.

Perhaps they don't know
exactly what they're doin'.

Too many questions, gentlemen.

Find me some solutions. Dismissed.

Something else, doctor?

You look like hell, Jim. How long's it
been since you slept?

Two days.

- I've gotta keep going.
- Normally, I'd tell you you're wrong.

But you aren't. Not this time.

Law of averages.


Do you know how many people
have d*ed under my command?

- Jim...
- . In years.

But you've saved countless others.
Whole planets.

That's no consolation.

I can't stop thinking about it... them.

Tomlinson, Tormolen, Jackson...


I could name them all.

And now a starship with two dozen
espers bent on revenge.

How many more must die?

We'll stop 'em.

But at what cost, doctor?

At what cost?

SMITH: Counselor.

I'm glad you're here.

Please don't look at me like that.

I didn't ask for this.

I don't even know how...

Mr. Spock has a theory.

You were touching
one of the espers when this

ship passed through the barrier
years ago.

You didn't quite uplift then...

...but contact with him left
residual effects you didn't know about.

We believe our close proximity to
the barrier has triggered them.

I can hear what you're thinking, Elise.

But you're wrong.

I'm not dangerous.

I can feel this... "power"
...surging through me.

But I'm not Gary.

I would never hurt any of you.

Oh, Barbara. If only we could
know that for sure.



Spock. We have unfinished business.


My answer then was as it must be now.
I am a Starfleet officer.

Surrounded by those whose minds
cannot reach out to others.

Humans fear that which they
foolishly call "extrasensory."

They cannot bear the intimacy
of shared thoughts.

The mixing of two minds...

...solute and solvent.

We did share something significant.

Oh, I have thought of you often, Spock.

When my ship departs, come with me.

You belong at my side.

Nothing has changed. I am
still first officer of the Enterprise.

Whose mission will soon be over.

Your job is complete.

It is time for new adventure.

An opportunity to return my people
to the Time of Awakening...

...before the Sundering.

To the path g*n by Surak
so many centuries ago.

No. This is not correct.

But it is. Our union
would be symbolic, Spock.

A step toward reunification.

You are Romulan. Proud.

Yet you are here as I
want you to be, NOT as you are.

Why question? Just feel.

- This cannot be!
- Spock...

This cannot be real!


Kirk to bridge. Set a new
heading, lieutenant.

Zero-one-zero mark thirteen.
And drop shields.

Captain, that course will bring
us straight into the barrier!

- Without our shields...
- You have your orders. Kirk out.

Uhura, anything from the Kongo?

Sorry, sir.

- Sulu?
- The Kongo is holding position, captain.

Course laid in for the galactic
barrier, sir. On your mark.

Barrier? What are you talking about?

Captain, I have been compromised.

And if I have, others
may have been as well.

Have you experienced anything unusual?

No... Yes.

I find myself dwelling on...

dwelling... on...


I believe the espers are attempting to
influence our minds and render illusions.

They are deliberately distracting us.

Sulu. Check the Kongo's location again.

Don't rely on their transponder.
Use the main sensor beam.

- Triangulate with the Romulans.
- Aye, captain. Scanning.

- Correction! There's no ship ahead of us!
- Bring us about.

- They've opened f*re, sir!
- Charge phaser banks!

- I... I don't remember how!
- Sulu, you do it!

We h*t them! No damage.

- But they're moving off.
- Moving off?

Captain. If you recall, espers'
energy can be expended.

They may require
a few moments to recharge.

- Let's use that time wisely.
- Sir, I don't know what came over me!

Snap out of it, lieutenant.
That's an order. Scotty, report.

SCOTT ON COMM: Their sh*t took
out our starboard nacelle.

I'll need minutes
to get it back online.

We don't have minutes.

We'll perform a cold restart.

SCOTT ON COMM: Sir! If anything goes
wrong, we'll lose the whole ship!

Captain, Commander Charvanek
is hailing us.

Put her on.

Captain Kirk, we must withdraw.

Even OUR w*apon cannot weaken them.

Or maybe that's what they want
us to think.

Spock, double-check those readings.

I AM detecting a fluctuation
in their shields.

It appears their psionic abilities cannot
deflect multiple strikes simultaneously.

- Then we'll h*t them from both sides.
- Agreed.

Captain, an att*ck
from only two vectors would be

insufficient to compromise
their shield grid.

If not two...

...what about three?

Lieutenant, ship-wide.

All decks, this is the captain.

We are about to undergo a risky procedure.
One which we have never before attempted.

Chief Engineer Scott will be performing
a reset of our engines.

As a precaution, Commander Spock will
take charge of the main bridge

while I assume command
of the secondary hull.

We will then coordinate
with the Hawk's Talon

to execute a three-pronged
att*ck against the Kongo.

All non-emergency personnel are to
evacuate to the primary hull immediately.

Prepare to jettison the drive section.

COMPUTER: All personnel, prepare
for stardrive section jettison. [REPEATS]

Captain. Even if we are successful,

it will be extremely difficult
to reconnect the secondary hull.

Difficult... but not impossible, Spock.

Use impulse power to keep
at a safe distance.

I'll be relying on thrusters only.

Mr. Sulu. I'll need a driver.

You know I've always wanted to try this.

All hands to battlestations. This is not
a drill. Repeat: this is not a drill.

Commander, the Kongo is powering
up its impulse engines.


Spock to Captain Kirk.
All systems ready.

- Main bridge, stand by.
- Closing EPS connections...

...sealing turboshafts
and Jefferies tubes.

Sulu, I hope you remember
your simulator sessions.

What simulator sessions?

Secondary hull has been jettisoned.

Commander, the Kongo is
moving toward the stardrive section.

Ready phasers. Load torpedo tubes.
You may f*re at will.

- Captain, the saucer's engaged the Kongo!
- Let's buy Scotty more time.

- Lana! All three ships are attacking!
- Stay with them!

Which one?

It's working, sir!

- Their power levels are dropping.
- Keep at it!

Maintain barrage!




The Kongo is powering down w*apon, sir.

Full stop.
Lieutenant Uhura, hail the drive section.

Mr. Spock, I'm unable
to reach the captain.

- They're blocking our transmissions.
- Compensate, lieutenant.

Sir, we're being hailed by the Kongo.

Lana. You will cease your disruption
of our comm frequencies.

You're in no position
to negotiate, commander.

Nor are you.

Why don't you scan
our hangar deck, Mr. Spock?

You'll detect the Kongo's former

including Captain Azmi... alive and well.

Confirmed. Reading several
life signs in their shuttle bay!

We are prepared to discuss
terms in person.

What do you propose?

Dr. McKennah was kind to me.

I trust her.

Beam her aboard our vessel.

- I will not.
- You will, commander!

Or shall I decompress our hangar deck?

Spock, I'll go. We can't risk it.

If those people are still
alive, we can't risk it!

Permit me to contact our captain.

- I will discuss...
- No!

You have one minute. Kongo out.

Please. We can save those people.

I can talk to Lana. Negotiate.

I've been trained in mediation.
There has to be a win-win scenario here!

Lieutenant, attempt to hail Captain Kirk.

I'm sorry, I... I can't break through
this interference.

[QUIETLY] You're in command.
Make a command decision.

Doctor, we cannot be certain the Kongo
crewmembers are indeed alive.

This may be a deception.

- Logic dictates...
- Logic? Spock...

after all you and I have talked about?

What do your FEELINGS say?

Very well, Sentek.

We will lower our shields and transport
our officer to your vessel

...and you will beam
Captain Azmi to us.


Spock to transporter room.

Prepare to beam Dr. McKennah
directly to the Kongo.


Mr. Spock! The life form readings in their
shuttlebay... they've disappeared!

Raise shields! Sentek!

My apologies, commander. I lied.

Vulcans do not lie.

We both know that not to be
true, Mr. Spock.

In any case, we now have a
valuable prize in our brig.

A colleague for whom I sense
you have some affection.

You are mistaken.

I don't think so.

Now stand down, or she will die.


Helm... back us off.

- Sir?
- Back us off!

Live long and prosper, Spock.

The Kongo's gone to warp.
I'm sorry, sir.

We've lost her.

You don't have to do this.

You should eat.

Lana. The Federation
values ALL its citizens.

There's a place
for each and every one of you.

Time after time...

...humanity has turned its back
on self-improvement.

We are your successors.


Bridge to Lana. We'll be crossing
into the Celes sector in hours.

You know Starfleet will have to stop you.

Just give up now.

Come back to the Federation family.

I will do all I can to make sure
your people find the acceptance

and dignity that they deserve.

After what we've done...

...there's no turning back.

I refuse to believe that.

Lana, you're still human.

There's far more that
binds us than divides us.

Do NOT counsel me, doctor.

I sense your thoughts. All of you.

I feel how frightened you are...

...of me. Of us.


We will not assimilate into
your "Federation family."

We will REPLACE it.

KIRK (VO): Captain's log, supplemental.

Thanks to the tireless efforts
of our engineering staff...

and assistance from the Romulans...

we have managed to re-attach
the Enterprise's drive section

and are in pursuit of the Kongo.

Our long-range sensors
have detected the Kongo.

She'll re-enter Federation space
in the Celes sector.

- She's en route to Earth.
- As we feared.

I don't need to stress how
severe this situation is.

We're scrambling
the Exeter and Potemkin.

They'll intercept the Kongo
in the Regulus system.

With all due respect, admiral...

it'll take more than two starships
to stop those devils.

Starfleet requested assistance
from the Klingon High Council.

Our calls went... unanswered.

And my people?

Then they are short-sighted men who
do not perceive the greater picture.

Admiral. Dr. McCoy has prepared a
formazine solution to help us focus...

and my ship's communications
officer believes she's determined

a method to circumvent the espers'
subspace disruptions.

Yes, sir. They have the ability
to block intership transmissions,

but only at certain frequencies.

If our ships restrict
themselves to lower bands,

the espers won't be able to block them.

Excellent work, lieutenant. I'll transmit
your findings to the Exeter and Potemkin.

Admiral, it is critical that our vessels

establish a sufficient interval between
themselves and the Kongo.

Their powers of deception
are... overwhelming.

Indeed, commander. But desperate times
call for desperate measures.

We can not allow these espers to strike
at the heart of Federation territory.

We must stop them at ANY price!

Jim, one more thing.

I know they're holding one of your
officers hostage on board the Kongo.

We'll do everything we can to rescue her.
But I can't make any promises.

I understand, admiral.

- Enterprise out.
- May I have a moment with the captain?

The Exeter, the Potemkin...

...the only other Constitution-class
vessels still in service.

Captain. I must apologize
for my recent choices.

My judgment has been lacking.

Spock. Under the circumstances,
you did the best you could.


I made an emotional decision.

Had I been in your place, Spock... would I.


She wants to talk to you, Jim.
I think you need to listen.

Captain, I want to help.

I don't think that's a good idea.

Sir. This power inside of me
is growing SO quickly.

That's precisely why I don't
think it's a good idea.

Five years ago, you didn't even
know my name.

But that day at the barrier,
something was set in motion...

and it changed me.

And I don't mean THIS.

I watched you make impossible
choices to protect your crew.

Such strength... such compassion...

Even though it must have
torn you up inside.

You showed me what it means to serve.

I got my commission so
that I could come back here

to the Enterprise and SERVE my crew...

...and you.

My captain.

Don't you see? THIS is why I'm here.
THIS is what I'm meant to do.

To help.


Let me.


Approaching the Regulus
system now, captain.

Drop us out of warp.

Sir, we appear to be
encountering some debris.

Debris? Visual.

By the Elements...!

The Exeter...?

And the Potemkin.

Judging by these readings...
Sir... they fired on each other!

The espers' powers of illusion would
appear to have grown significantly.

Dammit. There's GOT to be a way to
protect against this!

Mr. Spock? The formazine injections
that McCoy gave us...

What if we could do something
similar to the Enterprise?

I've isolated the subspace and EM bands
that are affected by their psionic fields.


Captain, a resonant
pulse through our hull

could lessen the espers'
ability to deceive our crew.

It would be extremely limited.

But it would buy us the time we need!
Where's the Kongo?

- d*ad ahead, captain.
- Magnification fourteen.

Looks like she suffered some damage in
the firefight. Her power's fluctuating.

Uhura, do it.

- Sulu, bring us within transporter range.
- Aye, sir.

Spock, scan the Kongo for McKennah's life
signs. Any non-uplifted human.

Start with the brig.

Transporter room, are you ready?

Aye, sir. As ready as we'll ever be.

Are ya sure you can do this?
Force your way through her shields?


All right, lass.

May the road rise to meet ya.

- The Kongo's f*ring!
- Evasive maneuvers, but stay in range.


I have located
the counselor's readings.

Lock onto Smith
through her communicator,

then feed both coordinates
to the transporter room.

Sir, we won't be able to beam them aboard
with the Kongo's shields up.

Smith's on it, lieutenant.


It's working, sir! She's
weakening their power grid.

The Kongo's engines have
been destroyed, captain.

w*apon and deflector
screens are inoperable.

Drop our shields.
Scotty, get 'em out of there!

Smith's life signs are gone.

Looks like she used the last
of her energy to burn out their systems.

Tryna get a lock on McKennah.
There's a LOT of interference!

- try HARDER!
- Captain,

the Romulan ship is charging
its plasma w*apon!

What the hell? We've still got
someone over there!

- Critical h*t on the Kongo, sir!
- What's he DOING?

Uhura, hail the Hawk's Talon!

Tal! You fool!

For the Romulan Star Empire.

Captain, the Romulan wessel
is f*ring again.

At the Enterprise!

Direct h*t, sir! Point-blank range!

Casualty reports coming in
from all over the ship!

Uhura, take the helm!

Emergency medical team to the bridge!

Sir, the Hawk's Talon
is arming its warheads!

Back us away.

Controls aren't responding, captain!
We're d*ad in the water!

Captain, we cannot survive another h*t.

Transmit this sequence to
my ship's computer.

Do it!

Subcommander, our w*apon
silos are sealing!

If we f*re, we'll be destroyed!

Disarm! Now!

What have you done?!

I have relieved you of command, Tal.
For the last time.

- The Kongo is hailing us, sir.
- Put them on screen.

We didn't want this, Lana.

I hope you know that.

Well fought, Kirk.

For a moment... at least...

we knew the freedom... of infinity.

Reading a massive buildup in her reactor!

Transporter room! Get
McKennah out of there!

SCOTT ON COMM: Another minute, captain!

Energize, Scotty! That's an ORDER!


I told ya, sir! The targeting
scanners couldn't

get a clean lock
through all that radiation!

SPOCK: Amplifying signal.

You got her, Mr. Spock!

No. No, no, no, no!


I'm so sorry.

Thank you.

I, too, am sorry...


Her pattern's breakin' up. I can
only hold her for a few more seconds.

KIRK (VO): Captain's log, stardate . .
The Enterprise has returned

to sector and is now,
at long last, home.

Congratulations, Jim.

Completion of your five-year mission.
That's quite an achievement.

Not to mention saving the galaxy.

But the price, admiral...

Believe me. The officials responsible

for the unauthorized Pandora
project will be dealt with.

All the ships we lost...

All the crew I lost.

Indeed, captain. I'm particularly saddened
to hear about Dr. McKennah.

Based on your experiences
with her over the past year,

what is your assessment of the
experimental ship's counselor program?

A success.

It should continue.

We'll rebuild the fleet, Jim.

- New vessels, new starship classes...
- What about the Enterprise?

NOGURA: It'll take a while. But
she's going to be repaired...

and refit... from the keel up.

She's earned it.

And each of your senior staff will receive
rank promotions in the coming

months in honor of their extraordinary
valor in this campaign.

Deservedly so.

And captain... The Federation
Council has unanimously voted

to re-establish THIS as the official
insignia of Starfleet.

Scotty always said it
reminded him of the port

and starboard warp signatures
of a Cochrane deceleration.

But to me... it's an arrow.

NOGURA: Rising ever upward and outward.

Five years is a long time.


...maybe too long.

I'm not the same as I once was.

You set high expectations
for yourself, Jim.

Most would be happy to be
half the captain you are.

Half's not good enough.

I expect more of myself than
I'm able to give any longer.

I could never be happy with that.

Well. In that case,

you may be more interested in what I'm
about to offer than I expected.


Esteemed crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

I have good news and bad news.

First: I have accepted
promotion to "admiral,"

and Chief of Starfleet Operations.


That's the bad news.

The good news is that YOU will continue
to reach deeper into the stars.

You will explore more new worlds.

You will have the privilege of venturing
further into the final frontier.

You will honor the memory of our fallen

comrades by the mission
you continue to uphold.

My brave colleagues... friends.

After all the adversities that we've
encountered in our travels...

the greatest adversary,
it turns out, is ourselves.

Our capacity for the best
and the worst.

We still have much to learn
about what's out there...

...and what's in here.

Starfleet will rebuild and expand.

And your adventure through
the galaxy will continue.

I envy you.

May the wind be ever at your backs.


Don't look so smug, doctor.

These uniforms will be filtering down
to the ships soon enough.

Not for me, Jim.

I've seen enough.
Enough death; enough loss.

What I haven't seen is
my daughter... in years.

I'm done. I'm goin' home.

- Bones...
- Don't worry, Jim.

We'll see each other again.

Dinner? Tonight?

- Nineteen-hundred hours?
- I'll make a reservation at Drake's.

His family owns the best
seafood place on the Wharf.

I'm not surprised. Perfect.


It would mean a lot to me
if you would join us.

- I would be...
- Happy to?


You never told me what
Dr. McKennah said to you...

right before we lost her.

She said:

"Forgive yourself."

I have experienced many emotions during
my time under your command.

Some I have even come to savor.

But THIS emotion...

- This crushing responsibility...
- Was NOT your fault, Spock.

You used your best judgment.

The counselor had often encouraged me
to trust my feelings. So I did.

I did what I "felt" I should do.

I violated protocol and
contacted the Romulans.

I permitted her to beam
aboard the espers' vessel.

I ignored my logic

and made decisions that nearly led
to the Enterprise's destruction,

and cost the lives of two-dozen
members of our crew.

Including her.

She's right. You need to let it go.



I have requested and been granted a
leave of absence effective immediately.

I am returning to Vulcan.


What will you do on Vulcan?

Whatever is necessary to...

"let it go."

I'll see you at dinner.

There's one more thing I need to do.

KIRK (VO): Captain's log.

This will be my final entry.

So end the voyages of the Starship
Enterprise under my command.

During its five-year mission, we
explored strange new worlds.

We found new life,

and new civilizations.

And we boldly went
where no man has gone...