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11x22 - And Away We Go

Posted: 02/15/22 08:09
by bunniefuu

Oh, hi.

I was going to call you
about all this.

Yeah, and you didn't because...?

Well, because I was trying
to get this thing

back in the driveway, and then
get the wall up, and I was just

on the phone
trying to get a guy.

- A guy?
- Well, you know,

a guy who would know
how to do that, all that.

And who would that guy be?

Well, I don't know.

That's why I was
making some calls.

Whose thing is this?

- Ours.
- Ours?



- You bought this?
- Ha-ha!

Like I have that
kind of egg money.

Of course I didn't buy it;
it was a gift!

A gift from...?

Bet you could guess.

I don't want to guess.

The Colonel.


The Colonel and Ruth
had it delivered.

But the guy left the brake off
when he delivered it,

so it rolled down
the driveway

into, like, here.

So, this is ours?

- To keep?
- Yeah.

Your mom and dad--
they were so happy to hear

the good news about your heart
that they bought this for you.

Well, for us. They want us to
take the family to see America.



they bought this for us?

This is paid for?

It's ours?

So... if we wanted,

we could just...


- Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?

Just like that?

Just take off?


All right, let's do it!


Wow, look at this place.

I know. Isn't it neat?

Is that a king-size bed?

- (Annie giggling)
- ERIC: Come on, come on.

- We can't.
- Yeah, we can.

- No.
- Come on.

What about the children?

We shouldn't.

Shouldn't, couldn't,
wouldn't--ah, who cares?

(both giggling)

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ When I see
their happy faces ♪

♪ Smiling back at me ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ I know there's
no greater feeling ♪

♪ Than the love of family ♪

♪ Where can you go ♪

♪ When the world
don't treat you right? ♪

♪ The answer is home ♪

♪ That's the one place
that you'll find ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ Mmm, 7th Heaven ♪

♪ 7th Heaven. ♪



I don't know.
I haven't seen them.

- Oh.
- Oh.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hi. -Uh, I'll just, uh,
get dinner started.

We're just having some
chicken soup and salad.

- Yeah.
- You know, it won't take long.

I just have to turn the soup
back on, heat it up;

it's been cooking all day.

- We're gonna have
some apple pie. -Yeah.

And I'll be right back.

So you guys just
make yourselves at home.

Did you see what
the Colonel sent us?

You want to see the RV?

That's okay;
we saw it earlier.

All right, don't let the dogs
out of the backyard.

I think they were in the RV,

Mom and Dad,
if you know what I mean.

Well, he is feeling better,
isn't he?

- We'll go keep an eye
on the dogs. -Okay.


(door opens)

You see that thing?

I did.

It's amazing.

So, where'd it come from?

It's a "got well" present
from the Colonel and Ruth.

No kidding.

So what do you think
they're going to do with it?

I don't know, but I'd imagine

the first thing
they're gonna want to do

is get it out of the backyard.

It has a master bedroom,
a kitchen and a bath.

You could live in it.

I think that's the idea, yeah.

So you think
they're gonna use it?

I don't know, I think it's
gonna be more of a playhouse.

Oh, how very wrong
you are, my dear.

Hi, T Bone.

So you're thinking about taking
that monstrosity on the road?

We are.

You're kidding.

You want to go?

Uh, I actually already have
a road trip kind of planned.

Where are you going?

When are you going?


And, uh, we don't know where.

Other than we're going
to see America.

Hey, you-you don't mind keeping
an eye on the church for us

while we're gone, do you?


Are you joking?

No, I'm not.

Dad, you can't just
take the boys out of school.

I guess you already did that.

But you can't just take Ruthie
out of school.

I believe she and T Bone
finished up today.

(snaps fingers)

School is out.

Dad, stop.

Think about this.

You can't just take off
like that.

I can if I want to.

And so can your mom.

And so can Sam and David.

And we'll take Happy with us,
and the hamsters.

So how long are you
gonna be gone?

I mean, I-I promised my dad
that I'd spend the summer

going cross-country with him.

You did?

Yeah. I did.

And Ruthie?

Ruthie what?

I'm under "orders" from Ruthie

not to discuss anything
with her family.

Oh, all right, well, if you're
taking orders then, fine.

Did you ever
find out for certain

that Al is your dad?

Uh, no, but, uh, Kevin had
someone run a check on him,

and he has no criminal record,
so what the heck?

I can't spend the rest of my
life in a ticket booth wondering

what might have happened had
I gone cross-country one summer.

Hey, let me, uh, get washed up,
and I'll help you with that.

Take your time; I got it.

Dad, are you serious
about leaving?

I am.

I took the dogs home,
Happy's in the RV with the boys.

And where's Savannah?

Oh, no.

With the boys.


Okay, tell him.

W-We're taking off tomorrow.

Oh, good for you.



I meant you.
Tell him about us.


Dad, we're thinking about

taking another ride
up to Crossroads,

and maybe we might want to--
I don't know--give it a sh*t.

I thought I was
supposed to tell him.

Well, you missed your chance.

Well, that's fantastic news.

Is it?


What's going on?

What fantastic news?

Mom, we're thinking about
moving to Crossroads, after all.

We're thinking,
w-we're just thinking.

We're going to go up
and talk to them,

and if it works out, then...

That's wonderful.

Better get the boys.

Wait, uh, b-before we make

our final decision--
you two don't mind

if we move to Crossroads?

Oh, you know, it's so hard
to change your life.

Even when people
get the opportunity,

they generally just
let it pass them by.

So, no, I-I'm proud of you.

And you, too, Kevin.

If we move to Crossroads,

it's going to be
at the end of the month,

so how far are you
planning on taking that thing?

Well, we don't know.

Well, somebody has to know.

I mean, Dad,
you still have a church.

Yeah, well,
they wanted to get

someone younger to step in
to run the church.

So let them find someone.

We're going on a vacation,
a long vacation.

Maybe even a permanent vacation.

Right, honey?


You're not just gonna

walk away from your church,
are you?

Oh, no, of course not, Kevin.

We're going to drive away.

Mom, this is crazy.

I know.
We haven't done something crazy

since we moved here
and I was pregnant with Matt.

But if we're gonna move
to Crossroads,

and then you guys are off
on the road God knows where...

Then someone will be brought in
to run the church.

And they'll either run it
and run it well,

or they'll miss me
and I'll miss them,

and then we'll...
we'll go from there.

Are you going to let
anyone know?

Yeah, I'm going to get some
guest speakers lined up,

and then when the list runs out,
then I'll let them know.

I haven't made any decisions,

other than the decision
to leave tomorrow.

And I feel free
to decide to leave

and-and do something else,
if that's what I want to do.

If you don't think
we should move to Crossroads,

we don't have to
move to Crossroads.

Well, of course you do.

You know you love the idea of
being a sheriff in a small town,

and that place would be
so great for Lucy.

ERIC: You know, it's all right,
really it is.

And if for any reason
you two decide

that you don't want
to work at Crossroads,

then hey, maybe Annie and I
will drive up there

and drive through the place
and check it out for ourselves.

Might be just the kind of thing
we want to do right now.

Which one of you
will be sheriff?


I'm kidding.

Hey, lighten up, you two.

You don't think that

Chief Michaels
could be persuaded

to follow us to Crossroads?

Not that that's where we're
going, but we're just saying

that we're open to
whatever the future brings.

And you should be, too.

Give Crossroads a chance.

Or not. Up to you.

Dad, I mean, you've spent
almost your whole life

building this church.

I-I know you feel like
you've been set free,

but I...

That's exactly right.

I'm free.

And your mother's free.

We're all free to just decide
whatever we want.

Hey, uh, boys, Savannah!

Soup's on!

Let's eat.

I want to h*t the road
early tomorrow.

They're nuts!

Yeah, well, so are we.

We're taking off, too.
What's the difference?

Yeah, but we are
supposed to take off,

because we are young,

and we still have the whole rest
of our lives in front of us.

Well, okay, so they still have
plenty of life left in them.

But come on!

Just to hop in an RV

and just drive across
the country with no plans?

What is that?!

You know, I'll tell you,
it's what I already said;

it's nuts!

Are you eating again?

Yes, I'm hungry again.

All right, here,
let me do that for you.

All right.

But, Kevin, if they leave, um...

I want to leave with them.

Tomorrow morning?

I don't think we were asked.

Well, I could ask.

What about Crossroads?

Well, they said that
they're going to be driving

through Crossroads anyway,
so we could all go.

And if they keep going,
I'm going to keep going,

because that's my family.

I know, but...

you have your own family, too.

You have to think about that.

About being in a confined space
with a bunch of people.

And on the road
for weeks or months.

You've been having
morning sickness,

and I know you like to be
near your doctor.

Or some doctor, anyway.

You're right.

Okay, so here's
what I'm thinking.

Maybe we could get Sandy
and her doctor friend

to come along with us.

Why would Dr. Sanderson
want to go on a road trip

with our family?

Because he loves Sandy,
and Sandy loves us.

So now it's your mom and dad,

David and Sam, you,
me and Savannah,

three dogs, two hamsters and
Sandy and Aaron and Jonathan,

with the possibility
of also picking up Simon?

It sleeps eight, right?

And-And Mom has some tents,
and we have some tents.

And-And Jonathan
won't be able to join us

for at least a week or two.

So it'd be one less
for a week or two.

Yeah. There's plenty of room.
No problem.

Jonathan can't go
on the road again.

He just got back from the road.

He's a resident.

And when he finishes up
his residency

when he gets back
from the road, you know,

he might want to take a little
time and go on vacation.

Hi. Can we come in?

I believe you are in.

Hi, guys.

I'm so happy that you came by.

We're leaving tomorrow morning.

T Bone said something
about that, yeah.

Leaving for where?

I don't know.

We're driving north for a while.

We're going to watch Simon
graduate from college.

You know, we almost
forgot about it.

The invitation was, like,
sitting on a stack of mail

for the last couple of weeks.

I don't know, I guess he's busy

finishing school, and we haven't
heard from him, so...

we'll call him from the road.

Well, after that, then what?

I don't really know.

Will you be back?

We don't know that either.

What about everything here?
Your house, your things?

Oh, you know...

I've lost my enthusiasm
for things.

So, I...

I don't really care.

In fact, I've limited everybody
to one small suitcase

and three things.

So anyone who is coming along
can-can only take three things

with them onto the ship--
the-the RV.

We were just going to go

talk to T Bone about something.
Is that okay?

Sure, go ahead.

I just need a minute.

Are you looking for something?

Uh, a road atlas.

I-I doubt it's up-to-date,

but I know we had one
around here somewhere.

I think I took it out one day

to do some school stuff
with the boys.

No, I mean are you looking for
something spiritual?

Like the meaning of life
or something like that?

Is that why you're doing this?

Well, this isn't a search
for the Holy Grail.

No, it's just a road trip.

I'm-I'm just doing this
because I can.

I mean, it would,
it would be such a waste

to leave that
grand house on wheels

just sitting in the backyard.

Okay, but why now?

Why not now?

The Colonel handed over
the keys now.

And oddly enough,

as much as my dad annoys me,
I have to admit that

a lot of the time,
father knows best.

That's an old reference...

I got it.


Are you okay?

Yeah, I am, I am okay.

Thanks to you, I imagine,
I got a letter today--

a letter saying
I got into college.

I even got a scholarship.

Well, no thanks to me,
I'm sure.

No, you wrote that paper
yourself, and it was

really impressive.
And your high school grades

were great, and your SATs were,

like, the top ten percentile,
weren't they?

Seven. T-Top seven.

But I-I didn't apply
for college or a scholarship.

Oh, right. Well, I did
help you out there.

I mean,
I submitted the application

so you could get in
and get that loan,

but you could have
done that yourself.

I just kind of speeded up
the process.

Thank you.

Thank you, Reverend Camden,

for everything
you ever did for me.

It's okay, Margaret.

And everything's
going to be fine.

And who knows, maybe--I don't
know, maybe we'll be back here.

I really don't know.

I mean, I... I really don't.

But wherever we go,
we'll always take you with us...

You will?!
You'll take me with you?!

Us, all three of us?!

Thank you, Reverend Camden!
Thank you so much!

I got to go tell everyone!

In our hearts--we'll always
take you with us in our hearts.

But... whatever.


There you are.

1996--that is a little dusty.

Hey, are you really going
to take us on your vacation?

I don't know
if it's a vacation exactly,

but I suppose you could come.


If you want.

That's so nice.

But we can't, really.

I mean, we have the apartment
and the job at the Dairy Shack.

Oh, yeah, such obligations
at your age--I know, I know.

It's-It's impossible
to get away.

Are you making fun of me?

Kind of.

Aren't you renting
your apartment,

like, on a month-to-month

So if we decided to go,
could we store our stuff

- in your garage?
- I don't care if you

store your stuff in the house;
nobody's going to be here.

You know, I got a strange call
from my mom yesterday.

Oh? No kidding.

An apology.

Seems she's entered rehab.

She's going to N.A.

She decided to do that
when her boyfriend

got sent back to prison
for violating his parole.

He was on parole?

Drug charges.
Addicted to prescription dr*gs.

I see.

I guess prescription
makes it all better.

Illegal dr*gs or legal dr*gs
done illegally--

it's all the same.
Addicts are addicts.

But maybe he'll get
some help now.

Or at least stop
hitting my mother.

You've been a very
busy man lately.

I have, which is why
I just want to get away.

But, you know, there's some,
uh, boxes out in the garage.

You can help yourself,

and I'll tell Annie we have
some guests joining us.

Are we still considered guests?


I'll tell Annie we have
some extended family joining us.

Hey, hey.

You think I could drive that RV,
if I'm careful, super careful?

If you're super careful,
we'll think about it.

- No kidding?
- Truthfully,

I think Annie's the only one

who's ever been behind the wheel
of one of those things.

She test-drove a couple of RVs
last summer

when we were thinking
about getting away.

Why didn't you?

Just one of those things.

You know, it was
a last-minute decision. Fate.

It just, it wouldn't
have been the right time,

with my heart condition
and everything.

But now, I'm good,
I'm good to go.

You know we-we don't have
much money, right?

Maybe a paycheck--
couple hundred bucks each.

It's okay.
We can get by on

very little money.
We have for years.

All right. Well, thanks.

We're going to take you up
on that offer.

Margaret and I, anyway.

Uh, Jane just went to the garage

to get some boxes
to pack up the apartment.

I see.

So you and Margaret--
you're... dating?

We're not sleeping together,
if that's what you're asking.

I was asking. Uh...

So you're in love with the girl?

I think I might be, yeah.

MARGARET: Oh, my God,
he's in love with me!

So I'll just go check on T Bone.

- So...
- So...

That's a lot of people to be
going on the road with.


Could get, uh,
pretty crowded in there.

Guess I should be happy

that I'm going to be
on the back of a bike

with an inexperienced dentist
who thinks he could be my dad.

I think he is your dad.

You know what?

I hope he's my dad.

I mean, the more I talk to him,
the more I like him.

Seems like a decent
kind of family guy,

and there aren't a lot of those
kind of guys around anymore.

At least from what I hear.

You, of course,
being the exception.

Ah, you know, there's plenty of
decent family guys out there.

You just don't hear
about them that much.

But thanks, T Bone.

So if you and Mac
aren't working,

who's selling tickets tonight?

Oh, no one.
Uh, technical problems.

Oh, so where's Ruthie if she's
not in the concession stand?

She's talking to Martin.

I see.

Ruthie has a surprise for you

once she gets home.

You and Mrs. Camden.

A surprise not on the scale

of the thing in the backyard,
but, uh...

Wait, I'm, uh, "under orders."

Martin, you're not
in love with me.

I really am
like a sister to you.

And when you do find
the right woman to be with,

I'll be happy to babysit
for you, okay?

But all this time you've been,
like, wanting to go out with me,

and now that I want
to go out with you...

It's too late.

I found someone else.

For now. But you're 17.

Maybe you'll change your mind.

I can't. I have his name
tattooed on my back.

Why'd you do that?

I don't know.

It was an impulse,
a bad impulse.

It was the stupidest thing
I've ever done in my life.

So you're staying with him
because of a stupid mistake?

He's staying with me.

We're staying together.
And if we're lucky,

we'll be together
for the rest of our lives.

His mother is... you know.

I know.

And despite how she treated him
and who she is,

the fact that he treats me
and other women so respectfully,

it just amazes me.

He amazes me.

I'm in love with T Bone.

So you don't think
you'll be taking off

for Scotland next year
when you graduate?

But if I go,
I'm dragging T Bone with me.

He'd love Scotland.

I mean, there's a whole world
out there,

a whole world
that I want to see,

and I want to see it with him.

Maybe we'll go somewhere
we've never been for college.

Or maybe we'll take a year off

after high school
and just travel together.

I don't know what will happen,
but I know how I feel.

Well, someday,
I hope to find a woman

who feels the same way about me.

Bye, Martin.

Bye, Ruthie.

Well, I-I guess
that does it for you and me

and the boys, anyway.

So, um, what three things
are you taking with you?

Well, I'm still
thinking about it.

(both chuckle)

- Hi. -Hi, Ruthie.
- Hi, Ruthie.


What are we doing?

Well, the Colonel
sent us an RV--

the Colonel and Ruth.

And tomorrow morning,
we're gonna get in it

and drive away, and we don't
know where we're going.


I get to go, too, right?

- Did you just smile?
- I did.

Ruthie, I'm so happy
that you want to go.

How'd it go?

It was okay.

If there's room, could you guys
give me a lift up to my dad's,

if you're heading up
towards Santa Barbara?

Of course.

ERIC: But anyone traveling
with us is limited

to one suitcase
and three things.

Uh, could be a book, a toy,
practical, sentimental.

Doesn't matter, but just three.

Got it.

- Does that include cell phones?
- Yes, it does.

But if we bring a cell phone,
we've got to bring a charger,

and that's two things.

Yeah, I know.

Okay, cell phone and charger
count as one thing.

- Great.
- So, Ruthie,

do you have anything
you want to tell us?

Oh, I mentioned that
they're going to have a surprise

coming their way.

That's all I said, promise.

Apparently, I've graduated
from high school.

I got called to the counselor's
office this afternoon,

and between summer school
and the semester in Scotland,

where I took as many classes
as I could take,

I have enough credits
to graduate.

I could go back to high school
next year

and take a bunch of classes
that I don't need,

like a bunch of study halls
or P.E. or whatever...

Ruthie, I-I feel like
you've been

cheated out of your senior year.

Well, I don't feel that way
at all; honestly, I don't.

I mean, maybe,

next year, I could go
to a community college

and work, so maybe...

Maybe Ruthie and I could start
at the same college next year.

Or travel around for a year
before we start college.

I don't guess this is the time
to say no

- to that one.
- We'll see.

I'll take it.


She is on her way,

and she is bringing
Aaron with her

and their suitcases.

I think you better

run this past your parents
before you can just count

on all of us
tagging along on their trip.

The whole thing's crazy.


The whole thing is crazy.

I know. I said that.

Why would your dad
suddenly decide

to just take off?

Because my dad
suddenly got an RV.

I-I think he just has a sense

of relief and wants to get out
and see the world.


- Nothing.
- No, not nothing.

Whatever you're thinking
was not a good thought.

Kevin, no.

My dad...

my dad wouldn't have,

wouldn't have lied
to everyone last week.

Would he?

I don't know.

Is that what you were thinking?

Yes, that's what I was thinking.

Kevin, I've never known
my dad to lie.

Didn't he pretty much lie
when he found out

about his heart the first time?

And we never talked
to the doctors.

Your mother never
talked to the doctors.

No, uh, we just talked to him,
and he told us

everything is okay.

I mean, he told the entire
church that everything is okay.

Everything has to be okay.

Or does it?

Not a word, Luce.

Not a word to anyone.

Just go along with the plan,
whatever your dad wants.

Uh, yeah, just-just go along
with the plan

because we may be wrong.

We could be
and we probably are.

Yeah, so just don't
say anything,

and don't ask any questions.

But what if we're right?

He may just tell everybody
that he's fine

just because he doesn't want
anyone to worry about him.

I mean, just because
he had that weird dream

doesn't mean that everything's
back to normal.

Oh, my God.

Why didn't we ever
question this before?

Because we believed him.

Why don't we believe him now?

I don't know.

It's not that I don't believe
in miracles or prayers

or any of that, it's just...
he wants to take off tomorrow.

Maybe we should
nose around a little.

No, I don't know about that.

I mean, if he's telling everyone
that he's fine when he's not,

I mean...
he has to have a reason.

A really good reason.


Like... like maybe-maybe
he just doesn't want

anyone to worry
about him anymore,

and... maybe nothing's changed.

There's no sense
in imagining the worst.

Let's just imagine
that we're wrong.

Let's imagine that he's fine,
just like he said he was.

Yeah, let's just...

let's just imagine that
there's a happy ending

to this story.

Yeah, I'm sure there is.

You and Kevin, Savannah
and the two dogs...

and Sandy and Aaron...

and Jonathan might
join us later?

Dad, do you mind?

Uh, no. Somebody's gonna have
to ride in the minivan

with Mac and Jane and Margaret.

Oh, are they coming?

- They are.
- Okay.

Fine with me.

Uh, we could take turns
riding in the RV

or, you know, we could
take our own car, too.

Okay, but you're still limited
to the rule:

one suitcase and three things.

I have a two-and-
a-half-year old.

I might need
more than three things.


All right, fine,
three things.

But Savannah gets
her own three things.


But cell phones
don't count, right?

No, the cell phone plus
the charger counts as one thing.

Okay, good.

You know, this is
going to be exciting!

Yeah, life is exciting.


So what's the great big
fake smile about?

What's going on?

Oh, nothing, I swear.

You swear?

When did you start swearing?

Just now.

If you don't want to go,
you don't have to go.

Oh, no.

I-I don't know
how far we'll get.

You know, I don't know
if we can stick it out

for the whole trip,
but we want to leave

and go with you guys,
I mean, as far as we can.

All right. Anything else?

- Dad...
- Lucy,

I love you.

I love you, too.

What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong.

Well, is-is nothing wrong,
or are you just saying

nothing's wrong so nobody thinks
that anything's wrong?

Just because I want to get
in an RV and drive away,

you think I'm lying to you
and-and everyone I know--

the church,
the entire community?


Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, I'm fine.


Swear to me you're fine.

I don't swear.

You better get home
and start packing.

Tomorrow's going to be here
sooner than you think.

You're fine?

Yes. Why can't people
ever believe good news?

I don't know.
I guess if they did,

it would make your job
and my job a whole lot easier.

So you want me to ask Jonathan
to ask Dr. Tsegaye

if he conspired
with Reverend Camden

to tell the world
that he was fine

when really he was lying?

I just asked Jonathan
to go on a trip

with a bunch of people and dogs
that he doesn't even know.

I told Lucy I'd ask.

You really think
Reverend Camden's lying?


I'll ask Jonathan to ask him,

but we just got engaged.

The wife wants
what the wife wants.

I just don't want to jeopardize
my relationship with Jonathan.

He's great, isn't he?

I just don't get guys
being gynecologists.

You know any women doctors
that would want to go?

No, sorry.

So you'll ask Jonathan
to ask Dr. Tsegaye?

Uh, I guess.

Yeah, but I-I don't know
if he will.

You don't know anyone else
that would know?


I'll go get packed.

Oh, you can only bring
three things.

Other than, you know,
clothing and personal items,

which all have to fit
in one suitcase.

And a cell phone and car charger
count as one thing.

And, um, who do you know?

Because you-you said "maybe."

No one. Good night, Sandy.

See you in the morning.

Thank you for asking Jonathan

to join us when he's finished
with work.

You know,
I really feel like going,

and I don't want to be left out,
and yet I...

You're gonna be just fine, Lucy.

Yeah, I am.

I can't believe
we're doing this.

It's almost like we got
sucked into some black hole,

into the unknown, you know?

Like we've all been called

to take this weird journey

whether it really
makes any sense or not.

I think you might be able to
use that in a sermon somewhere.

Maybe I will.

I'm really happy we met you,

(chuckles softly)

Hi, Dad.

Hey. Just wanted
to say good night.

See you in the morning.

Not if I see you first.

You really are in love,
aren't you?

I am.

He's a good guy, that T Bone.

You know, they say women
who have good relationships

with their fathers
choose good guys as husbands.

Oh, I appreciate the thought.

But husband?

Uh, you thinking of T Bone
as a husband?

- I am.
- Ruthie,

I-I thought you'd be
the one child who would wait

until she was 30
before you got married.

I might.

The others didn't.

So he told you?

Told? Told me?

Who told me what?

He'll tell you at graduation.


Yeah, you know, he's graduating.

We are all still going, right?


Well, he has some news.

Oh, some good news?

I don't know. That depends
on whether or not you like her.


Okay, I suppose I'll hear
about it soon enough.

I suppose.

All right. Good night, Ruthie.

I love you.

I love you, Dad.

See you in the morning.

Hey. Oh.

W-What are you guys doing?

Mom said to make sure
we get all our energy out

before getting into
the RV tomorrow.

We have a lot,
so we're starting now.

I see.

All right, well, let's-let's,

let's slow it down a bit.

Um, have you, have you guys
picked out your three things

that you want to take with you?

Not yet.

Oh, all right.

Well, why don't you burn off
your energy

picking out your things?

Burn the energy ment*lly.

- Can you do that?
- Sure.

Thinking burns off
lots and lots of energy.

When you think,
what do you think about?

Oh, first thing in the morning,
I think about, uh,

what a good day I'm gonna have
and what I want to happen

and the things I'm gonna do

to-to make those things happen
with life's help.

And the last thing, at night,
I-I think about what a good day

it's been and how grateful
I am to be alive,

and I say a little prayer.

You know that prayer we learned
in Sunday school--

"Now I lay me down to sleep"?

"I pray the Lord
my soul to keep..."

"If I should die
before I wake...

BOTH: "I pray the Lord
my soul to take."

Sure, I grew up on that one.

I think it's terrifying.

Me, too.

I can't sleep if I say it.

Me, neither.

I see. Well, yeah, I...
guess it does sound

a little frightening in a way.

Although, other people see it
as... as-as comforting.

What prayer do you guys say?

BOTH: Dear God,
I don't want to die in my sleep,

and no one else in our family
does either.

Thank you for keeping
everyone alive,

and please bless Mom and Dad

and Matt and Mary
and Lucy and Simon

and Ruthie and Happy

and all the people
in our family

and all the families

and all the animals
in the world.

I like that.

That's very nice.

- Good night, Dad.
- Good night, Dad.

- Love you.
- Love you.

Good night, Sam.

Night, David.
I love you, too.


- I can't wait.
- (chuckles)

I thought you were asleep.

I was. But I couldn't
wait to go to sleep,

'cause I can't wait to
get up in the morning.

It feels like Christmas.

I am so happy.

Me, too.

I was going to forward the mail,

but I didn't know
where to have it sent.

Yeah, I'm sure Martin's dad
wouldn't mind

picking up our mail
for us for a while.

He's just, he's just
across the street.

Oh, I hate to ask him
for any favors,

especially since Ruthie
didn't choose Martin.

But then again, he wouldn't
mind, I'm sure he wouldn't.

Yeah. Oh, we have to stop
the newspaper.

I already made the call and
followed it up with an e-mail.

Guess we'll need some cash.

I gathered up all
the cash in the house,

and we're fine; we've got
plenty of cash, plenty.

And we've got bank cards
and credit cards.

We have, we have
everything we need

to last us
for a long, long time.

Well, I guess all we have to do
is get that RV

out of the backyard
and down the driveway

and we're on our way.

I got a guy.

You gonna tell me,
or is that a surprise?

It's a surprise.

I have a feeling we got a lot
of surprises coming our way.


So we'd better get some sleep.


Good night, Annie.

Good night, Eric.

I love you.

I love you, too.

- We're ready.
- We're ready.

Oh, let me see what you have.

Your dad is checking bags
at the door,

and believe me, he's tighter
than airport security.

We each have one sock.

But we'll take turns
wearing the two socks together.

Oh, you don't
have to count socks

as one of your three things.

They're clothes.

They're socks.

Okay. W-What else?

I brought an underwear
and Sam brought swimming trunks.

'Cause I can use them as
underwear or swimming trunks.

And I can wear my underwear
as swimming trunks if I want.

No, you can't.

Those are clothes,
and you're going to

need a few pair of underwear

and your swimming trunks
and your socks.

Those-Those are all clothes.

They don't count toward
your three things.

And what did you put
in your duffel bag

that I put in the RV last night?

- Candy.
- Candy.

Where did you get the candy?

Last Halloween.


Think about three things

that you want to take with you
forever and always.

What three things?
Now go upstairs,

get your three things,
and I'll go to the RV

and get your duffel bags out
and we'll repack. Okay?


- Hey.
- Hey, Mom. Where's Dad?

Oh, he's looking over
the owner's manual,

waiting for this guy to show up

to help him get the RV
out of the backyard.

Are you ready to go?

He's checking bags at the door,
and he's got this rule of three

in his head
that he won't let go.

I'm ready.

Ready as I'll ever be.

Then let's do it!


♪ Are we there yet? ♪

♪ How many more miles? ♪

♪ Are we there yet? ♪

♪ It's taking a while ♪

♪ It's not like
I don't like it slow ♪

♪ It's not like I'm waiting
to know ♪

♪ But are we there yet? ♪

♪ Are we there yet? ♪

♪ What's that sign up ahead? ♪

♪ Are we there yet? ♪

♪ All the things
that we've said ♪

♪ It's not like
I don't like it slow ♪

♪ It's not like I'm waiting
to know ♪

♪ But are we there yet? ♪

♪ Are we there yet? ♪

♪ What's that sign up ahead? ♪

♪ Are we there yet? ♪

♪ All the things
that we've said ♪

♪ It's not like
I'm feeling the need ♪

♪ To get to where
we're gonna be ♪

♪ Are we there yet? ♪

♪ Are we there yet? ♪

♪ Are we there yet? ♪


♪ Are we there yet? ♪

♪ Are we there yet? ♪



Give me a ride in that RV.

Oh, Stanley.

Thank you for coming.

This is the guy.
This is Stanley.

He's going to help us
get the 7th Heaven out of here.

He knows how to do those things.

He knows how to do everything.

He says.


Why do I get the feeling
you're not who you say you are?

Does anyone really know
who they are?

Come on, give me a ride.

I can be real helpful.

I can cook. I can clean.

I can set up camp, make a f*re.

Come on, give me a ride.

You just get behind the wheel,

pay attention to what I say,
and you'll do just fine.




Why not?

Today's the first day of
the rest of my life, Stanley.

(engine starts)