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01x16 - Life and Death

Posted: 02/22/22 19:45
by bunniefuu
- Professor Cha. - Why are you so surprised?

It's not the first time.

Why are you asking me to do the surgery?

- How could you trust me? - I always trusted you.

I trusted and believed in you the most.

And I also believed you cared as a doctor.

But you ruined one of my opinions about you.

Which of the do you think is more important?

If it's a skill one lacks, one can practice.

But can one redeem oneself from mistreating a patient?

I'm sure you know the answer to that.

Then why? Why do you still want me to do the surgery?

You asked me to stop you and help you.

And sometimes, during surgery,

something happens and patients just die. Right?

Don't mess up like last time.

Deal with it in one go, without fail, okay?

I forgot about you...

and what you did. You were the one who drove Chairman Jang to death.

It just slipped my mind for a while.

So is it me this time?


Will you put me on the table and k*ll me with your scalpel?


If you rip my native arteries,

it will be a clean cut.


Professor Cha.

Please stop me.

Please help me.

No. I can't do this.

Then that day, were you...

Doctors' hands are always stained with blood.

By letting us operate on them, patients are putting their lives...

in our hands.

They are asking us to save them because they want to live.

The blood, flesh, and bones we touch every day...

embody the lives the patients have had.

All of their lives matter and are precious.

That's why you can wash off the blood after surgery.

And there's blood you cannot wash off in this world.

That's why you don't deserve to wear the doctor's coat anymore.

You've changed.

You said that doctors were technicians...

who needed to speak with their skills.

Tae Hyun. An Tae Hyun.

Why didn't you trust me a bit?

You should have trusted and waited for me.

Join my surgery.

I'll give you one last chance to get your hands bloody.

Wash it off or not. You started this, so you finish it.

What are you talking about?

You want Dr. An Tae Hyun to operate on Young Min?

That's nonsense.

Dr. Ko. Don't you know what he did?

I do. He's responsible for the chairman's death.

If you know, how could you suggest that?

It's partially his fault that Young Min is still in a coma.

No. He was the one who helped Professor Cha stay alive.

When Professor Cha was operating himself...

after taking over my body, he suddenly came out of my body.

I could only stand there and watch him die.

I could have k*lled Professor Cha.

But An Tae Hyun came in and saved him.

Things are different now.

We know what he did.

Do you think he wants to save Young Min?

- How could you trust him... - Of course, I don't trust him.

I trust Professor Cha, not him.

You said that a miracle was percent the will of above...

and the remaining one percent was the will and desires of people.

You saw it too.

I'm certain he'll come back just the way he was.

Professor Cha has a lot to protect...

and get back.

Goodness. You're back again.

That's my name.

You see, back in my day, years ago,

this was the new design.

But now, this is vintage.

You still have this?

You bet.

When we come into this world, physically, we are naked.

But we still have one thing that belongs to us.

Only the lucky ones get to...

leave this world after making a name for themselves.

And not everyone gets that lucky.

You must have watched me at this hospital.

What kind of doctor was I?

Are you suddenly getting curious now?

Are you worried you might forget everything you went through here...

and go back to being a jerk?

I had gone into...

other people's bodies,

not just yours.

But among all bodies I took over,

one stood out.

You wanted to b*at the ghost,

so you gave it your all. And I found that admirable.

But on the other hand,

I thought you should focus more on patients as a doctor.

But perhaps, I made you focus too much on your hands and skills.

Gosh. Talking about this now is pointless.

Once you wake up,

you won't remember a thing.

Young Min.

Try not to forget everything. Once you wake up,

be a doctor who focuses on his patients.


I wish you luck with your surgery.

And I wish we would never meet ever again.

Oh, right. One more thing.

I'll be honest with you since we'll never see each other again.

I'm not nicknamed after Socrates.

But Hippocrates.

I'm honored that you are sending me off, Professor Cha.

This is as far as I can go.

I'm sure you know.

Of course.

Is this about here?

Mine is over there.

Goodness. I wonder if Chief Ban will have it easy now.

On the day of my surgery,

he rushed out...

because his daughter got hurt.

He cried his eyes out when he found out what happened.

He begged the hospital to keep me here.

Because of that, he was on bad terms with the higher-ups.

So he walks on eggshells around them.



I told him he didn't have to see me off.

I'm leaving now! Give me an autograph later.

I wonder if I'll be able to see a movie...

with him as the male lead.

My gosh. I might miss the bus if I stay here any longer.

I'm finally getting out of here after two years.

So I'll be checking out the view all I want.

I should really go now.

I hope you wake up.

And live a good life.



Goodbye, Gook Chan.

( Emergency Medical Aid)

I'm sorry...

you didn't make it.

( Emergency Medical Aid)

(Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cha Young Min)

(Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cha Young Min)

Don't fade away and disappear, okay?

We'll meet as two humans now. As a professor and a newbie.

Buy me food every day and excuse me from being on call.

How good will you be to me?

I hope I lose all of my memories of just him.

I hope you won't be a nasty person when you wake up.

Don't worry. I'll overwork only you. Like a madman.

Let's go to our last surgery.

We need to do well.

We must be perfect...

so that people will remember us for years to come.

Let's go, Seung Tak.

Choi Hoon Gil, -year-old male. We'll begin the VP shunt surgery.

The surgical sites are below the right ear and in the abdomen.

Expected duration, to hours.

Expected bleeding is to .

- Is all of this correct? - Yes, it's correct.

Okay, then. Let's begin. Scalpel please.

I can't perform that surgery.

Even the professors can't do it. How can I...

I'm not asking you to operate.

- Then... - I'll lead the surgery.

I want you to assist.

We performed this surgery last year. Do you remember?

What if like before,

your hands shake, or we get separated during surgery?

I'll try to hang on as much as I can.

If not, Tae Hyun will back me up.

He can do that much.

Would he do it?

He will. The Tae Hyun that I know will.

What are they doing?

Cha Young Min?


Oh? Then I have no choice.

I must protect these hands.

A doctor must consider more than a patient's survival.

He must consider the patient's life and make the best decision possible.

To protect that which is important in the patient's life.

I am the patient and the doctor right now,

and I'll choose the best I can do as the doctor for this patient.

Cha Young Min, , male.

The stenosis of the right innominate artery will be treated...

with a replacement via a median sternotomy.

An innominate artery replacement?

It's not a bypass?

This patient currently has an infection...

throughout his body.

The tissue is friable, so be especially careful, An Tae Hyun.

Yes, Professor.

Let's begin the surgery.


Gauze, please.


- Cut. - Cut.

I found it. This is it.


What's the most dangerous spot?

Where there can't be any mistakes.

Here. When connecting the innominate artery.

While stitching up the native and the graft.

If the native tears,

you have to go deeper,

making the surgery much more difficult and dangerous.

What if we fail at stitching them together?

We're ruined.


Next. We'll stitch the graft and the native together.

Prolene - .



Stay calm.

- Professor. - It's okay.


sh**t. I can't see anything.

Calm down.

We need to drain the blood, so I can see the surgical site.

Come on.

The upper... I must find the upper suture location.


I found it.

Prolene - .

Come on. Just a little longer.

Please. I'm begging you.


What's wrong with him?

- Cut it. - Cut.

We're done. Thank you everyone.


What's wrong with Dr. Ko? What's happening?

Seung Tak. You do it.

Finish it yourself.

Are you crazy? How can I...

You just need to patch me up. You can do that much.

Even so...

That's what you've been doing.

Keep the stitches even.

It's time for some fieldwork. You can do it.

Mr. Useless.

I'm entrusting my body to you.

I'll stay close and help.

Will you just stand and watch again?

Shall we leave it to that punk?

Give me the wire.

Grip the needle toward the front, before the halfway mark.

Yes. Perpendicular to the sternum.

That way it's easier to get in.

Watch the distance and depth.

If you mess up, you'll cause a hernia.

Mr. Useless.

I'm still a bachelor.

I'll blame you for any keloids.

Don't staple my skin. Use stickers.

Make it clean and pretty.

I want to be pretty.

Am I doing okay?

Yes, you're doing well.

You should've tipped me off. You scared me.


Be honored that...

I'm your first OR case.

You always say the honor's mine.

Seung Tak.

Thank you.

From the first day...

to this very moment.

I'm done.

It's done. Isn't it?

Yes, it's done.

The heart rate is stable, and blood pressure is fine.

I think the surgery went well.

- Yes! - That's it.

- Yes! - He did it.

Ko Seung Tak did it! He did it!

Good job.

Well done.

Mr. Han...

My gosh.


He's gone, hasn't he? He's not kidding, is he?

He's gone, right?


Ko Seung Tak!

Is the surgery over? How did it go? Did it go well?

Intern Oh.

Professor Cha?

The surgery's done, it went well, and he's gone.

He's totally gone. He disappeared for good!


He's gone.

They actually b*at fate.

Good for you.

Professor Cha told me not to tell you until you made it,

but Professor Cha...

recommended you twice for the clinical instructor position.

Both times, Han Seung Won refused.

Professor Cha went to his office...

and asked if he discriminated against you...

for not studying medicine in Seoul,

but each time Mr. Han said you hadn't produced enough results.

That ticked him off, and that's why...

Professor Cha worked you so hard.

So you'd get enough points.

He's a viper on the outside,

but on the inside, he's a softie.

What was that about?

Are you insane?

How could you betray me like this?

What did I do?

- How did I betray you? - What?

I said I'd get blood on my hands and I did.

I said I'd end the game, and I did.

Is it wrong for a doctor to operate on a patient?

I will make you pay.

Don't worry.

A successful surgery doesn't mean he'll wake up.

Even if he does, he won't remember.

It'll all be fine if I keep quiet, won't it?

You're the only doctor in the world to operate on yourself.

Well done, Young Min. You did great.

I hope he wakes up this time.

He will, don't worry.

I know you did well,

but you can't be so sure this time.

The surgery was a success but...

I guarantee percent. Trust my eyes.

Don't you know I have great eyesight?

Trust your eyes? Not your hands?

It'll take him or days to wake up.

He had been asleep for so long.

He's severely overworked.

He needs a good long rest.

- He's so handsome. - I know.

- How can a guy be so pretty? - Is he a singer?

I bet he's a celebrity.

- No one I know looks like that. - My eyes are enjoying this so much.

What is he looking at?


Welcome back to the real world.

You know me, don't you?

I got rejected again. I always do.

When you were in an accident three years ago,

you'd gotten a CT scan, and this doctor tracked down the file.

That's how we identified what was wrong and treated you.

How did you do that?

I don't usually say this to another man,

but you have a figure and a look much like mine.

You could be an actor.

You were in bed a while, so you'll feel weak and dizzy.

We'll put you through rehab and see how you progress.

Don't overdo it from the start.

You'll be so much better in just a few months.

Okay. Thank you.

So this is what it feels like to be rejected.

I've been through it so many times, it's natural to me.

Will Young Min be like this too?

Here comes another one.

Someone who rejected me.

Doctor, I'm ready to go home.

Thank you so much for everything.


I'll see you in a month as a healthy outpatient.

Yes, doctor.

By the way, I'm going on a trip next week.

I'll take my time to figure out what I want to do...

and what to do with my life.

Are you going with your fiance?

Hold on. You can't do that.

No. I'm going on my own.

I'm going to reconsider my engagement too.

That's a great idea. I hope you decide to break it off.

I hope you have a great trip.

You know you can't overdo it, right?

Yes, doctor.

Another thing.

The coma patient you said you'd operate on.

He's in Room .

I'm glad he's awake.

Why does he look familiar?

Have we met somewhere?

(General Ward)

Goodness. Come on! Don't touch me!

I don't want a girl. Get me a guy doctor!

Come on. That stung!

Right back at you. How dare you put your hand on her?

To you, she might be just an intern.

But she's my precious daughter.

- Mom. Hold on. - Hey! What are you doing?

Get your hands off of me!

Doctors are just doctors!

Why does gender matter?

He's just drunk. Once he sobers up...

Then treat him after he sobers up. Okay?

While you wait for him, have some food.

- What? - You need to be strong...

if you want to deal with drunk patients.

Drink this to get your energy up.

Become a great doctor,

so patients like him line up to get treated by you.

- Got it? - Mom.

And you must sleep at home no matter what.

So even if you sleep for a bit, you'll get some quality sleep.

Sleep is so important.

I heard you must have good stamina to work in Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Mom. I knew you would come around.

I knew you would approve.

Thank you, Mom. Thank you so much.

Come on. Eat your food now.

I cooked everything here this morning for you.

I'll eat everything here.

I won't leave behind any food.


- Ma'am. - Ma'am.


Gosh. It's my favorite dish.

I made the cucumber kimchi. Try some of this.

- I know you like this. - I love this dish.

I was too late again.

When are we going to grab a meal together?

How come there isn't a single photo of us?

Right. Ghosts won't show up in the photos, right?

I should have gotten him to sign something then.

What? What's this?

Gosh. Is this working?

Cha Young Min, look at me.

Do you think I'm Ko Seung Tak?

No, I'm Cha Young Min.

Gosh. When did he film this?

Well, you're leaving this message... I mean,

Cha Young Min is leaving this message in Ko Seung Tak's body.

I know it'll be hard to believe what I'm saying.

You might think Ko Seung Tak is pulling a prank on you.

Right. I can understand that...

because You don't like Ko Seung Tak.


Gosh. This is making me cringe a bit.

You bought a g*n suit at a clothing shop, Morocco,

in Gangnam over six-month installments last fall.

You wore it once, but you didn't like it.

So you pretended you never wore it...

and went to get a refund. But you got caught...

because there was a coffee stain on the back of the pants.

Yes. That's right.

Only you would know about this embarrassing incident.

Can you believe me now?

Yes. It's you. I'm Cha Young Min.


listen to what I'm about to say.

You were in a coma for a very long time.

You can ask Ko Seung Tak how that happened.

He's not an eloquent talker, so it'll be hard to understand him.

But try to piece together what he says. You'll make sense of them.

Now, on to the really important parts.

You've been a coma ghost.

A ghost who didn't know whether you would live or die.

When you hear it like this, you might be scared or frightened.

But don't be...

because there are many good sides to becoming a ghost.

You get to hear a lot of things.

And you find out a lot of stuff.


you won't remember a thing once you wake up.

And that's what I'm going to tell you.

About the hardest...

but most precious...

three months of your life.

About your love...

and the promise you made.

And what made you...

come back again.

People you must remember,

and the values you must keep in mind.

I'll go over them one at a time.

Here's my last message. Remember these,

Cha Young Min.

[font color="# ff"][VIU Ver] tvN E 'Ghost Doctor'[/font]
[font color="#ff "]"Life and Death"[/font]
[font color="#ff "]-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-[/font]

Young Min.

Young Min, are you awake?

Can you recognize me?

Young Min, you're awake.

You're back, Young Min.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Is he awake?

Is he?

Yes, he is.

I can hold his hand.

Look. I can hold his hand.

He still has such beautiful hands.

Right. His hands didn't do anything.

My hands did everything.

Hey, Mr. Useless.


Get your hands off of me.

And get out of my sight.

Is this another rejection?

Me? How could you forget about me?

- Professor Cha! - Professor Cha.

- Sir! - I was so worried...

- that you might never wake up. - Goodness.

- I'm so relieved. - You seem fine!

- I missed you. - You're back, sir.

(Administrative Deputy Director Han Seung Won)

You're up.

Any discomfort?

Hey, Seon Ho.

How long have I been like this?

A bit over three months.

Three months.

I heard An Tae Hyun operated on me.

But how come I don't see him?

He had the privileges as a guest surgeon that day.

So he left after the surgery.

A guest surgeon? What do you mean?

Did he quit? Why?

Well, it's a long story.

Right. What's his name?

What happened to Jang Kwang Deok?

(Eunsang University Medical Center)

The flowers in your room dried up, so I bought new ones.

Aren't they pretty?

You know that your leg muscles are weak...

because you've been unconscious for a long time.

I know it's frustrating, but hang in there.

You'll be able to walk after a day or two.

Jang Se Jin.

Shouldn't you be in Seattle?

I'm sorry about your father.

I couldn't save him in the end.

I know you did your best.

It's not your fault.

So you're here temporarily.

Is it because of me?

How come you didn't abandon me this time?

No, I'm not leaving.

I'm staying with you.

I promised you that I would.

You still must think that I'm...

that dumb, naive medical student years ago.

- Young Min. - What?

Do you want to be with me...

now that you see how great of a doctor I have become?


did you think I would take you back when you decided to be with me?

Go back to the US or wherever...

you came from.

If he doesn't remember, I'll just tell him.

That's not so hard.

Why are you here?

To change your dressing as you can see.

I do things like this now.

Mr. Useless.

I asked twice why you were here.

Where would a doctor be other than in a hospital?

And as you'll soon realize, I'm not useless anymore.

You'll be shocked.

You couldn't have changed much.

I don't trust you. Bring Jae Won.

I didn't want to play this card as much as possible, but...

What is this?

Whatever. Get so embarrassed that you die. I don't care.

I asked what this was, Seung Tak.


He asked about Chairman Jang and Dr. An Tae Hyun.

He didn't seem to know how the accident occurred either.

He doesn't remember.

It's good to see you back, Professor Cha.


You didn't have to come.

Of course, I do. You're our best doctor.

When I heard you woke up, I was so...

very happy.

I'm sure you've heard,

but I'm sad about what happened to Chairman Jang.

I'm sure it's hard for you,

but don't blame yourself too much.

I'm sure you had something urgent to take care of.

And you were in an accident while rushing back,

so you were a victim too.

We've resolved it with his family already,

so put the past behind you...

and focus on your recovery.

It's awkward to say this,

but you have no idea how grateful I am...

that you came back to life.

Ouch. My chest hurts.

If you're so grateful, why did you come empty-handed?

You should've brought champagne.

Han Seung Won. I'm sure I told you to wait quietly...

until I came to you.

You must've been very anxious,

seeing as you crawled in on your own.

Did you come to see how much I remember?

So that you can...

blame the surgeon next time.

How do you remember...

Don't pry into my private life.

So? What will you do?

Who will believe a man who woke up from a coma?

No one will. Of course, not.

However, they will believe the person involved.

I told you.

The truth doesn't stay buried for long.

Not as long as just one person has some honesty in him.

Also, you should be grateful that I'm alive...

to lessen your sins.

You'll have a lot of time once you go in.

Don't waste it.

Reflect as you stare at the wall.

Think about how important and scary...

human lives are,

which you thought so little of and played with.

Get out. I'm sleepy.

He keeps scaring me half to death.

It's becoming a habit.

I asked what this was, Seung Tak.

What is this?

Do you see this?

The top isn't even.

I said to make it pretty...

because I'm still single.

I said it would be your fault if I get a keloid.

Another thing. Why are you still here?

Did I or did I not tell you to go into surgery at least once a day...

as a participant or an assistant?

You lazy punk.

You said...

your hands need more practice and real-life experience.

I sacrificed my own body to give you that experience.

So you should work harder and put in more effort.



Stop it. Don't touch me. You never did that before.

I can hug you. I can feel you!

The surgical wound. Stop it.

So why did you mess with me? How could you mess with me?

Didn't I tell you not to break the rules of living people?

It was payback.

These kids defied and changed fate.

Who knows what else they'll change?

But then again, rules are meant to be broken.

The one who's more desperate is the one who wins.

The person you have reached is unavailable.

Why won't he answer...


The police?

An Tae Hyun...

turned himself in regarding Jang Kwang Deok's case.

During his questioning,

he said that you ordered him to commit m*rder.

What ridiculous nonsense...

Anyway, since we have a statement and evidence, you need to come in.

What do you say? I recommend you come in voluntarily.

If you don't, we'll have to get an arrest warrant.


Professor Cha's position. Give it to me.

I crossed the bridge when I injected Chairman Jang.

The trigger was pulled.

I got blood on my hands once.

What difference does twice make?

This must've been why I hadn't hired a replacement yet.

Professor, I'm standing in front of the police station.

I wanted to see you first once you woke up,

but when I got to the hospital entrance,

I couldn't face you, so I just came here.

I know I can't wash the blood off my hands,

but I will pay for what I've done and then come see you.

Please recover quickly and be healthy.

Thank you for believing in me...

and saving me.

I'll keep my word that I won't take anything.

I've already requested my share.

I'm going to donate it all.

You'll never receive your share...

because I'll use every means possible.

It's my duty as a daughter to the m*rder who k*lled my dad.

What? m*rder?


Hey. Did I k*ll Father?

I didn't do a thing.

He would've d*ed in a year anyway.

What's wrong with sending him sooner so that he wouldn't suffer?


you were the one who removed his life support.

Even if you steal a single day, it's still m*rder.

With that one day,

I could've called him "Father"...

instead of announcing his death.

That is why I can never forgive you...

even if Father does.

Police. Jang Min Ho.

You are under arrest for the m*rder-for-hire of Jang Kwang Deok.

Someone suitable will sit here.

Let me know once you decide on the date...

for your interrogation.

I'll go with you.

You have the right to remain silent.

What did you say? m*rder?

It sounds like you pretty much just confessed to that.

We have a few more charges to add.

When you were Chunmyung Group's vice chairman,

you embezzled and ignored your duties.

You also paid to have Ko Seung Tak as*ault.

I'm sorry. You may continue.

What is he talking about?

Is there proof? Can you prove it?

What you say now can be used against you,

and you have the right to an attorney.

Let go of me!


Are you here to add more pain?

You weren't like this.

I take that back.

You were petty and all for revenge.

How dare you?

I used to be bullied.

And adults said that...

I got my dad k*lled.

Back then,

I liked you.

I meant it when I said I didn't want you to suffer.

And when I said I hoped you'd come around...

before Professor Cha woke up.

But it looks like it's too late, doesn't it?

I'll wait, however long it takes.

For you to turn back to the guy you were.

I'll wait for you.

You have such a broad back.

- What are you doing? - I keep wanting to touch you.

That makes it feel real.

We had too little physical contact.

- It feels so nice. - Get away from me.

Go away.

You need to be careful and gentle.

You owe me part of your health.

You punk. How dare you touch me before anyone else does?

You look disappointed.

Is it because I'm not her?

Did I say that?

Don't be so cold.

You can't be so aloof forever.

I told you that...

I'd start over completely with what is mine.

I won't go for a mournful romance.

I'll go for a rom-com.

Rom-com couples start as enemies and become lovers.

They misunderstand then fall in love.

They fight, then in times of need, they work together.

That's exactly what we did.

Oh, were we in a rom-com?

Why isn't Dr. Jang around?

Is she very busy?

Dr. Jang flew to the States a few days ago.

After resigning.

- What? - You didn't know?

I thought it was agreed upon.

You told her to leave.

She actually left because I told her to?

Why didn't you stop her?

I did stop her. I told her to wait a little longer,

but what could I say when she said she couldn't?

She seemed badly hurt.

What on earth did you tell her?

Forget about that. Give me her US address.

Oh, dear. I forgot to ask for it.

You darn useless...

You got rejected.

You can't be in a rom-com on your own.

You know you can't overdo it even after you're discharged, right?

Long-haul flights are especially a no-no.

Hey, her social media account or email. Give me that.

Hey, you. Ko Seung Tak!

Hey... Oh, no.

My chest...

- Tell me something. - My gosh.

- Seung Tak! - I was here for too long.

It's time for me to make way.

From now on,

you lot can look over them.


Cha Mandu. I was so worried about you.

You got back first.

Are you okay?

You look healthy.

Did you get fatter?

That Saeggi was at our place?

Yes. Your grandpa took him in after my mom kicked him out.

I bet he got spoiled in the mansion.

Father and son are real survivors.

"Father and son"?

Who's its dad?

The master of rom-coms.

I'm hungry. Buy me food.

Why do you always ask me when you have more money?

Dr. Oh.

You applied to our department.

I used to study with this textbook. Do you want me to lend it to you?

Can I borrow it? Thank you so much.

You can come to me whenever you have a question.

Or if you need anything.

Do you have Kirklin's "Cardiac Surgery" edition four?

It's in our office. Do you want it now?

- Yes. - Come with me.

He never cared for anyone older or younger, and he's doing that?

That punk...

I didn't think he'd be like that. He needs a lesson.

Pretty doctor.

Are you busy?

I have something for you.

No, I'm free. What is it?


Why would you give me this?

It's a chocolate cake.

I should've given it to you long ago.

It's way too late.

Pretty doctor.

I'm sorry.

And grateful.

You grew up...

so beautifully and well.

Pretty doctor.

Do what you want and be happy.

I hope you have a good life.

I will.

Even from far away,

I will root for you.

Eat up the whole cake.


(Cardiothoracic Surgery, Oh Joo Myung)

(Cardiothoracic Surgery, Oh Joo Myung)

I wore this for a long time.

(Emergency Medical Center)

The little kid grew up nicely.

Thank you for that.

We can go now.

Gosh. This feels nice.

Gosh. She said she would always wait by my side...

and however long it took.

I can remember all those times when she held my hands...

and everything she said to me.

Why did she give me this ring?

(Property Lease Contract)

I see. Your studio was a deposit-based rental.

You saved a lot of money.

You must not have time to spend money.

With the savings I have,

we'll be able to buy an apartment.

Your home appliances seem to be working just fine.

Should we just buy some furniture?

But we'll redecorate the house.

Let's pick out the wallpapers, curtains, blankets,

and everything together.

Se Jin.

You can give me your answer when you wake up.

In your body...

and your voice.

I don't care when you wake up... or how long it takes.

I won't go anywhere. I'll be right here, waiting for you.

I should go over there, right?

Or should I wait a bit longer?

She might be waiting for me.

No. If I give her control now,

I'll never have any power in our relationship.

But shouldn't the desperate one make the move?

Isn't that fair?

Right? What do you think? Tell me what you think.


Who is it? I'm not expecting anyone.

Young Min, you didn't change your passcode. Hi.

Jang Se Jin. You...

But it's so cold outside!

Have you been well? Are you okay? How was your discharge?

You... What are you doing here? I thought you went to the US.

I just came back from the US. I had to wrap things up there.

Didn't Dr. Ko tell you?

What? That punk, Ko Seung Tak.

My stuff will get here in a few days.

And it will take a few days...

for the paperwork to go through at the hospital.

Your stuff? What do you mean?

I told you. I'm moving in.

On second thought, your furniture seems fine too.

I bought them all brand-new. But why are you here?

Should I go to a hotel then?

What? A hotel? Is that what you want?

I didn't even eat anything...

because I came here straight from the airport.

What? Don't you know what time it is? How come you didn't eat?

Come on! You're unbelievable.

Right. I'm out of rice.

I missed you every single day.

Do you know how busy I have been,

so I could come back as soon as possible?

Don't worry.

Even if you don't take me back, I'll still love you.

I'm going to love you like crazy.

Well, if it's that uncomfortable,

I can stay at the hotel for the night.

I'll give you my answer...

in my body and my voice.

From me.


Gosh. You're already back at work.

Of course. The hospital won't function without me.

You must be in great shape.

Don't you know the basic requirements for CS?

I can't wait.

My residency years will be full of love and support.

Day one!

Ko Seung Tak, do squats starting today.

Film a video and send it to me.

Why don't we start with a morning coffee?

Ko Seung Tak, assist me in all of my surgeries.

And you'll be on call too.

How about some medium-rare Korean beef steak for dinner?

Ko Seung Tak, you'll be in charge of cases...

for the thesis papers and conferences.

It's time to repay me.

Right by my side and with everything you've got.

He's going to regret that.

Here's my last message.

Remember this,

Cha Young Min.


All right. On my count. In , , .

Professor Cha.

The patient has a s*ab wound.

He was stabbed in the chest with a Kn*fe.

The Kn*fe went into the nd and rd ribs on the left.

Let's stop the bleeding with a Foley balloon.

And we'll move him to the OR right away, Seung Tak.

Don't forget.

As much as you value your life,

every life in this world matters.


- Suction. - Suction.

The hands that can keep people's lives in this world...

a bit longer.

(Authorized Personnel Only)

Don't you agree that my hands are pretty useful now?

Hey, did you perform the surgery? No, I did.

You seem overly confident.

I'm hungry. Do you want to eat?

And that's your job for the people who are caught between...

life and death.

(Ghost Doctor)

(Thank you for watching Ghost Doctor.)