05x06 - The Road Less Traveled: Behind the Scenes

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Ride with Norman Reedus". Aired: June 2016 to present.
"Ride with Norman Reedus" follows The Walking d*ad star and motorcycle enthusiast where he and a guest of the week travel across a different destination on a motorcycle while exploring the city's biker culture and checking out various locales.
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05x06 - The Road Less Traveled: Behind the Scenes

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How would I direct this episode?

I'd have just no
plans whatsoever.

I'd find the most
interesting people to be like,

"hey, where should we go?"

And just do it that way.

I wouldn't even... I
wouldn't look on the internet.

Wouldn't internet.

Damn chance.

The road is freedom.

Until you're followed
by all these cameras.

Did we lose half our
crew? Should we pull over?

Hell no!

You're one of those,
like, those directors.

That tries to,
like, mind-people.

But it's the people
behind the scenes.

Whose hard work makes
each journey possible.

Look at these ass
trying to figure this out.

That's the show right there.

So I'm reuniting with my crew
to relive our crazy adventures.

Yo, let's go, he's bleeding,
like, he needs stitches, yeah.

And share some unseen stories.

And that's why we're
banned from japan,

Because of kyle.

As we pull back the curtain.

On what it takes
to survive "ride."


You little peeper!

- Yeah!
- Alright, h*t it!

Here we go!

Yeah, baby.

- Can you hear me?
- Yes.

It's good to see everybody

I kind of miss
all... all your faces.

I hope we're back
on the road soon.

It's always a blast.

It's called "ride with
Norman reedus."

But it's amazing
how many people.

That we need to film
this television show.

It's like a motorcycle
traveling circus.

And Norman is the ringleader.

Another day with Norman reedus.

This is the man.

It's such a tight knit crew.

Who on the crew do you
guys, like, bitch about it?

You. Besides me.

We all travel together.

- How far are we going?
- We're eating meals together.

We're riding together.
We're stopping together.

And Norman feels
part of that crew.

My sound guy's
phone just went off.

My phone's off.
I'm a professional.

I've never lost your gloves.

With those sexy eyes he
can get away with m*rder.

All the love on this crew.

All right. How does this work?

We're going to go through
some memorable scenes.

And also talk about some things
that happened behind the scenes.

We're going to
make the best of it.

We'll pretend we're
some place fun.

We sh**t "ride"
during norman's hiatus.

From "the walking d*ad,".

And that lands in
the d*ad of winter.

Yeah, there's a point yesterday
where I could not feel my feet.

Weather is a huge
problem on "ride."

Basically, if it's not sunny
and warm, it's miserable.

So we pick locations that
are usually southern states.

Or other warmer
climes around the world.

We've been really lucky
that for the most part,

We have been able
to stay on motorcycles.

And maintain our ride.

We're out in the
country, it looks like.

We wanted to go to
japan, it's a place that

Norman has strong connections
to and has amazing riding culture.

We're going to go
to this mountain town.

And there's hot springs.

And difficult thing
about a mountain town.

- Is it could snow at any time.
- Yeah, this is beautiful here.

Well, it snowed
literally the day.

That we were
going to go up there.

Show runner is shorthand
for "everything is my problem."

We woke up and had about.

A foot of snow on the
ground, unexpected.

We could ride in
a lot of different.

Weather scenarios on the show.

But one thing we
can't do is ride in snow.

Not going to fall.

It's the curse of the ride,
you can't ride motorcycles.

That's the show. It's
the title of the show.

What are we going to do?

Today in hakone,
we got snowed out.

Now we're in some mini
mall somewhere getting pelted.

With snowballs.

By my delinquent
friend Ryan over there.

I've learned from watching you!

That exploded...

Right in the b*lls!

First sh*t. My god.

Literally, the road we're
supposed to drive on is closed.

And we can't get anywhere.

Norman doesn't tend to
freak out about whether.

I think he kind of likes it.

When something
unexpected happens.

- Got it!
- There you go!

But we had to pivot big time.

We had to get Norman
and Ryan an suv,

And they got in their suv.

And we drove 'em to
get to this racetrack.

To go drifting in the snow.

Are you kidding me?!

We're gonna die!

This looks really dangerous.


Yeah, but it's good
weather to drift today!

This is good weather for this?

Really? Well, there you go.

It's funny because it
was like a sweet accident,

Because it was icy, snowy.

These guys were
slipping all over.

It was like the best
drifting conditions ever.

Whoa! What?! What?!

Sorry if I break your car, you
seem like a really nice guy.

Norman driving that car around,

I can't believe
you didn't total it.

I think I came close.

He tried as hard as
he could, for sure.

Stop, stop, stop!

I don't want to die. Come on!

I'm not going to k*ll you, bro!

The whole plan for
the day had to change,

But that's what we do.

There's a problem, we always.

Somehow find
the perfect solution.

Dude, your teacher just bailed.

So on the show, we've had...

Where are we right now?

Right now we're in Aden...
Excuse me, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Norman and Melissa
are very good friends.

And the idea to road trip
through Scotland came up.

While they were on the
set of "the walking d*ad."

I was like, you should...
You should be on "ride,".

And you go, "you know
what'd be a great idea",

Is to go to Scotland,
because I... I have relatives.

Buried on this cliff
near the ocean...

And I was like,
"that's what we'll do."

Melissa did a lot to
get ready for that trip.

She tried to find out.

As much as she could
about her family history.

And then also
she learned to ride.

So you took your...
you took your lesson?

I did, and I worked really hard
to get my motorcycle license.

But when we got there,
there was some of.

The most Scottish
weather you can imagine.


Yeah! This is summer?

Is that what I heard?

We just couldn't have
them on motorcycles.

- It was too dangerous.
- Now, here we are.

Except the
weather's very... yeah.

And I'm... I'm a new rider.

It was a safety decision
and everybody's involved.

The no decision was made.

That we should put
these two in a vehicle.

You guys just think
you can do like.

That kind of conversation?

- Yeah.
- I don't know, Norman.

It's cold.

My job is to make sure you have
a tv show at the end of the day,

We found these
super cool cameras.

That were, you
know, high definition,

To mount into the cars,
and it was just a different feel.

All right, this is going
to be a good trip!

That's when we got to
see norman's driving skills.

In Scotland, and let's
just say they weren't great.

Did I h*t something? Yes!

What was it? The curb.

This is where... this is
where I lose a mirror, ready?

No! Clip, clip,
whoa, that was close!

I'm not a good driver anyways.

I mean, it was it was definitely
slightly dangerous for sure.

- Yeah.
- Exactly.

But it actually provided
a wonderful, um,

Twist on our show, which is
always about two people bonding.

How you feel?

I'm starting to feel
a little overwhelmed.

Yeah. So your
relatives were right here.

Looking at that ocean.

This is your roots
right here, girl.

It wasn't even noticeable that
they weren't on motorcycles,

It was, your eyes
were firmly focused.

On the journey that they
were making together.

You ready? Not really.

It's gonna be great.

As a travel show,

Via motorcycle,

Norman is out in the world,

That means exposed
to the elements...

Rain, heat, all of that.

It really doesn't
stop the train.

It might slow it down.
But we are going.

The Hawaii episode in season
two had weather challenges.

Wait, is this when we're
coming down the mountain.

And I wanted the
van to block the wind?

That was nuts.

God. My god, are you kidding me?

Holy, the wind in Hawaii.

When we rode the big island,

And norman's co-rider
was Patrick hoelck,

Who is a very good friend
of norman's for many years,

Going to want to try soy
sauce, if that's what you do.

Think it's just an egg, a
burger, rice, and gravy.


Wow, this is unreal.

Hawaii is so unique.

Because the roads and
the terrain are so different.

Than any other place we've been.

- Where are we?
- Look at that sunset, man!

My god. Yeah, it's so beautiful.

One of the most
severe bits of weather.

We ever had, it was almost
impossible to see on camera.

- Whoa, what the?!
- Yeah, that's a real gust.

When we were riding in
volcanoes national park,

We quickly realized we
weren't in ideal riding conditions.

Wow, holy.

I feel like a sail on
sailboat right now.

Blow you ride off this cliff.

Winds must have
been miles an hour.

Never felt anything like
it outside of a hurricane.

- Getting a little real!
- This is nuts, man.

While he's riding, I have
communication with him.

Norman started shouting at me
to move the van to cover them.

Can the van go in the left
lane and block this wind?

Slow down with the van so
we can use it to get through.

I debated on whether or
not we should just stop.

In the middle of the road.

Lizzie, how much further.

Yo, I'm stopping, this is crazy.

Our safety coordinator
decided the safest thing to do.

Was to continue until we
were in a safe place to pull over.

Yeah, it's... let's do it.

There's only one way out.

My job is... the ultimate thing.

Is to keep everybody safe.

And I'm like, come
on, you can do it.

And they did not want to
ride it and I can't blame them.

It was really, really rough.

Whoa, whoa,
whoa. I can't do this.

Greg, I'm gonna throw
you under the bus.

I heard you over the
mic call me a total wimp.

Or a wuss or
something like that.

No, no, I never... I
wouldn't have said that.

You're actually a
really good rider, but...

Yeah, yeah, I
heard it. I heard it.

Whoo! That was crazy!

Honestly, I thought I
was going to flip over.

Yeah, for sure.

He was super shaken up.

I'm still kind of like

I don't think I've ever
seen Norman more scared.

- That was real.
- Traumatic.

I'm just going to do
whatever you say, yeah.

Nah, whatever you want,

Whatever you want.
Record that, actually.

It's recording.

The most difficult
part of a ride.

Is when things did
not go as planned.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

You okay, brother?

I wanna see that
footage, though... what?!

It's to the credit of the crew.

That you would never know that,

But things would
go wrong all the time.

Hey, the truck is on f*re!

Medical emergency, we
got a little bee sting here.

"Ride" is a dangerous,
dangerous show.

Everyone who works on
"ride" has a sense of adventure.

And an appetite for chaos.

Make sure we're going
to keep it safe today.

It's the crew's tenacity.

And the teamwork
that's helped us evolve.

How's this work? I'm a city boy.

Where we could take the
show into a new territory.

Here we go!

Barcelona! Right?
Bar- "tha" -lona.

When we're filming

The problems, they're
just harder to solve.

You know, we don't
have the... always have.

The resources
that we're used to.

It's not as easy as just
running down the street.

And picking something up.

"Por favor,"
something, something.


"Beavis and
butt-head go to Spain."

"f*re, f*re, f*re."

When Jeffrey dean
Morgan arrived in Barcelona,

He did not have his
motorcycle license with him.

That was a huge problem for us.

We have the license
verification and they won't send it.

- Really?
- We couldn't get hold of it.

And he wasn't going
to be able to ride.

I think it would be great
to have a couple of options.

We considered putting
him on norman's motorcycle.

So he'd ride on
the back of mine?

That was what our options
were coming down to at the time,

Which like, that was
a conversation I really.

Didn't want to have
with you or him.

I would have
thought it was funny.

I don't think Jeff would
have liked that much.

We thought maybe he's driving
a convertible next to Norman.

And we can still mic them.

And they can have
a conversation.

And then, like, finally,
like, in the th hour,

It was like,
"everybody be ready,

This is what's happening."

Is he going to just
show up right here?

We found out that day.

That we could put
Jeffrey dean Morgan.

On a cc scooter.

You are adorable.

Am I not adorable?

In Europe, legally,
you're allowed to be.

On this little mini
bike with no license.

- It's teeny cute.
- I got it here in Barcelona.

- It's a scooter?
- I call it a "booter."

It's half bike, half scooter.

Which was really
fortunate for all of us.

Because you could have him
on the road on a bike with Norman.

How about your
bike for this trip?

For this trip?

The booter. My bike's cooler.

Are you saying there's
something wrong with my bike?

And just seeing it
parked next to your bike?

It is just so funny.
It's like a little kid bike.

Yeah. And then I
got him in my ear like,

Come on, I came out, you know.

Do I look like a giant riding
a little baby motorcycle?

It's very European!

He wasn't happy with
it, Norman was pissed,

But they made it work on camera.

I was a little worried
when you pulled up.

Now I'm percent pro-booter.

I think negan should
drive a booter on the show.

I'm going to make
this thing a thing.

Together... The booter's
going to be a thing.

They made fun of it
and they made fun with it.

- Come on, booter!
- I'm going.

It's like a tiger!

I'm getting the most
out of every gear, man!

Just wanting to suck it up.


! Please do !

Please... wow, wow!

Yeah, I'm tucking in
my freaking elbows!

You look hysterical all
crouched down on that little thing!

- What's that?
- Come on!

Go, go, go, go, go!


I don't think we can move
on from talking about Spain.

Without addressing
the Beatlemania fandom.

They were definitely, like,

So much more passionate
than... than any other...

They were nice, but
they were just like.

Thank you!

This is working out well.


I mean, like, it's
going to happen,

Like, I don't think
we can stop...

No, no, no, we can't stop.

Spain was when I realized that

Norman was an
international superstar.

Up on top. Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go.

We realized very quickly.

That the fan situation
we were dealing with.

Was very different to anything
else we had experienced before.

Hell, look at all
the people, man,

Keep your helmet on.

They possibly
can't recognize us.

Everybody recognizes
you even with a helmet on.

The problem we had was
that we would get to a location,

Word would get out, that
Norman and Jeffrey dean Morgan.

Were there, and hordes
of people would show up.

This is a bad idea.

The crew was certainly not used.

To this level of
kind of rabid fandom.

- I love you so much!
- You're so sweet.

A couple times, it's like, all
right, Norman, we just got.

To get out of the scene because
there's like people outside.

Like real life zombies, real
life zombies coming at us.

And he's like, don't
worry, I got you.

Come on, everybody!

I know a good
sh*t when I see it,

I'm like, "get in
the background!"

Keep going... go, go, go!

Keep going. Keep going.

He's been doing
this for a long time,

And a lot of us are much
more worried than he is.

Hey, Norman, what do
you think about Spain?

They're very affectionate.
They're very affectionate!

And passionate. There's
a lot of passion here.

A lot of pretty people, a lot
of passion, a lot of kisses.

The fans could almost make
filming impossible at times.

Bring on the madness.

One, two, one, two, three, four.

I'm sorry that you're too
popular to go in public.

Norman is recognized
wherever we go.

He obviously loves his fans,

But it's a travel show.

With someone that can't really
travel like a regular person.

- Hey!
- What's up, buddy?

"Walking d*ad"!

When we landed in Uruguay,
who knew how big he would be?

Nice to meet you. Can I
take a picture with you?

Of course. Can we take a selfie?

Sure. This is how I tell
what my hair looks like.

We had no idea
what kind of following

"the walking d*ad" had there.

People like him? I didn't
know he was so famous here.

We didn't anticipate
any problem.

Wow. Is that it? It's huge.


Remember that car show
that we wanted to see.

And we didn't
really get to see it?

- Yep.
- This feels like a big event.

Wow, there's a lot of cars here.

Wow, yeah, yes, this
is going to be a zoo, bro.

I can't do one, I'll
have to do a million.

There you go, there you go.

Need to walk, need to walk.

A lot of people
know what you here.

We came out into the crowd
and you could see the crowd.

I mean, like, as far as
you could see people.

And everyone was
like, "back to the van!"

We gotta follow security here.

Norman, I'm really
sorry, but we got to go.

- This way.
- We've had plenty of instances.

Where you have
people trying to duck in.

Under our arms
and under our legs,

And this is with a
full police escort.

Thanks for having us!

That was crazy.

But when the crowds
get crazy like that,

Everybody just goes into
"protect Norman" mode.

It's almost like, you know,
doing like getting the president.

- Out of a room.
- Gotta go, gotta go!

Sorry, guys, sorry, guys...

Norman! Norman!

They're coming.
They're running after.

I think you gotta run,
they're like... they're...

- Yeah.
- Yeah, we knew that from.

Very early on, part
of sh**ting the show.

Was going to be interacting
with norman's fans.

My god! It's Daryl!

From "the walking d*ad"!

Thank you so much
for the work that you do,

I love it. You're
really awesome.

You're awesome. Thanks.

Yeah, this is me,
that's hello kitty.

Yeah, of course.

Norman is a different
kind of celebrity, I think,

Because he's so open to
his fans and never says no.

Let's do it... why
is it so foggy?

- I don't know!
- To the point where we would.

Have to sometimes
kind of tell him,

You've given them the picture,
you've given them the autograph,

We need you back
in the scene now.

Let us film and we'll
come back, okay?

You're going to
get us in trouble.

He's a traveler... it's a
sweet way to live your life.

All of us on the show
have that in common.

That's a bit of all of
our... our bond together.

I'm so tired right
now. Bone tired.

And lizzie's just
working us like dogs.

Yeah, she's a...
she's a piledriver.

She's a taskmaster.

People think that
"ride" is, like, it's easy.

"We're just going
to go stay in a hotel."

And you get on a bike
and you ride five minutes.

And then you sit
down, you have food.

How's your neck from
all that ridin' and stuff?

It's real. It hurts,
yeah? Right.

But what they don't realize
is that we get up super early,

We ride till the sun goes
down; It's kind of a workout.

Ooh, my nuts hurt! Ass hurts.

We don't really cut corners,
which has been, I think,

A shock for a lot of co-riders
that there are no shortcuts.

They don't understand how
hard it is to ride miles.

Over three days
on a motorcycle...

Like it's physically grueling.

Yo, man, riding's tough!

Riding's hard work.

- He's really b*at up.
- Is he?

Yeah, he's been putting
bengay on his back this morning.

What, from the paddle boarding?

The horse, the
paddle boarding, the motorcycle.

We go to seven or
eight places a day.

And, you know, do a
couple hundred miles.

And if you want to be on
"ride with Norman reedus,".

You better have just
run a half marathon.

- "Come on the ride."
- "come on the ride, try to survive."

- You kind of t*rture your...
- Yeah, that's...

- Just a little bit?
- -Bear grylls,

You know what I mean?

Dom in costa rica was crazy.

Dude, I'm glad I get to
share with you this ride,

You know what I
mean, it's pretty special.

That you're doing
this one with me.

Him and Norman,
they go way back.

They're bros,
man. You could tell.

How about a little whoop!

Looks like a "walking
d*ad" moment.

When Norman asked
him to be on the show,

He figured, "we're
going to have fun!"

We're going on a ride, homes!

And then he gets there.

And he's, like, looking
at the schedule, like,

"whoa, there's a lot of
stuff on the schedule."

It started off, we
went go kart riding.

Right? And I just wrecked him.


Mess me up, dude!

Talladega, baby, Talladega!

And then at one point, he
fell off of a four wheeler...

Payback's a mother...!

Man down! Man down!

I started spinning around
him, bl*wing dirt in his face.

By day three, we
ended up at a biker rally.

That's so good.

All of a sudden, he taps me
on the shoulder and I look over.

And he chipped
his whole tooth off.


- I just broke a tooth.
- You see?

He broke his tooth.

Biting into a coconut,
just broke it off.

And then I heard over the radio,
does anybody have any superglue?

You got to sh**t
him gluing it back in.

He's going to put
glue, like, regular glue?

Super glue. Boom.
He's done it...

- Yeah.
- I just remember running to.

The store... "Como
se dice 'concrete'?"

I didn't know what
we were asking for.

- Do you have the glue?
- No.

- No, they don't have it here.
- Okay.


Have to be like an
emergency e.R. Special,

Dun, dun, dun, dun
dun! Y'know what I mean?

I thought, we're going
to have to stop sh**ting,

But then I realized
that it's dom,

And the man just keeps going.


Man down! Man down!

Poor dom, we k*lled dom.

Happens, you know? On this show.

- Yeah.
- Yeah... I can't wait.

Till we get to that
episode when you got hurt.

Ooh, mr. Legum.

Not that I liked
that, but that was...

No, but it was funny. Yeah.

It was not funny!
It was scary as hell!


So we went oystering
in south Carolina.

Yeah, I feel like my
shoe's gonna come off.

And it's attached to my clothes.

Mud is, like, you
know, super thick,

And you step in one spot
and, like, sucks you in.

Like I told you,

These things are sharp.

They'll cut you up.

That's why you got to have
these gloves on, see that?

There is a way for
me to record the audio.

Without getting out of the boat.

But if something goes wrong,
I wanted to be with the crew.

But it was very slippery
and suddenly I fall.

And I cut this part right here.


This is from falling
on them. We got...

We got to go back,
okay? He cut his hand.

You okay, bro?

Feeling queasy? Yo, let's go.

He's bleeding, like, he
needs stitches, yeah.

That thing, it was
just flapping skin,

Just like web in the air.

A lot of blood.

How bad is it? How many
stitches, do you think?

I'm not a doctor. A couple.

He had the medic bandage it up.

And tape it up real good,

And he really roughed it out.

You hear me, mike?
You're gross right now.

This one is working.
That's how it works?

The end of the day,
we went to the hospital.

They took care of it.

And, hey, I'm
here still standing.

Good thing it's the
left hand, though.

And what do you
think the scariest thing.

We ever did on the show
was watching you up there on.

In new Zealand...
that was scary.

I was scared and I was inside.

All right, this is terrifying.


I can only imagine
what you were feeling.

I was filming from inside.

On a little camera, like,
wow, that's pretty high up!

So right now, Norman,
we're up meters.

Above the Auckland
streets. Okay.

Yeah. That's like feet.

I feel kind of sick.

Think I might...
I might throw up.

If you don't want to be
the big wimp that's like,

"no, guys, I know you guys
spent three days setting this up,

But I'm not doing it."

I know I was strapped in,
but I did not enjoy that at all.

This is crazy. I
don't like this at all.

%, we're done?
Yeah, we're done.

Mari kart's was pretty serious.

This is definitely a first.

It was like fourteenth
hour of the day.

You know, it was
the pouring rain.

We're in downtown Tokyo, right?

Whoo! Hi, rain!

This is frickin'... hi! Big bus!

Am I in the lane right now?

I don't even know.

Going off roading...
h*t that thing.

These are all love
hotels right here?

- Yeah.
- It was insane.

Is this guy security
in a three wheeler?

Out of the sight of the camera,
a lot of people don't know.

Is we have the cone of safety.

Yeah, this is nuts.

It's quite a large caravan.

Where we can control the
environment around Norman.

Animals crossing!

Safety first.

I think this is the Japanese
way of getting rid of tourists.

Knock on wood, we have.

An excellent safety
record on the show.

And we work very
hard to keep it that way.

But accidents do happen.

And one of those instances
was when we were in Kyoto.


Someone referred us to the
local university sumo team.

We thought maybe
we could get Norman.

To take a lesson with them.

I've seen the ones, the
sumo wrestlers on tv,

And they're huge!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

They are professional.
We are only students.

And what do you
call the, the outfit?

This one? Yeah, yeah.

Mawashi. Mawa... yeah,
I'm not gonna washy,

You better washy.

Norman was definitely worried.

About how he'd be looking
in the, the sumo outfit.

It looks so uncomfortable,
just like the ultimate wedgie.

They're doing the
rehearsals or whatever,

And he's like in this position.

And I was like

"kyle wants to do this!"

Who is the the best one here?

Me. You?

Yeah, yeah. You want to
have a little competition?

My best man against
you? Me and...

Yeah. Let me pick...
let me pick someone.

I'm I have a champion in mind.

Kyle... And you.

All right, I won't let you down.

You got this, buddy,
you got this, you got this,

You got this! Let's go!

I'm already, like, super
pumped, ready to go.

Trying not to show it.

Full speed.

I'm the pusher, right? Yeah.

Wrong sport.

You took off like you were
the center at the super bowl.

Kyle headbutts the
man right in the mouth.

The kid did not
know what h*t him.

You're bleeding. Okay, okay.

Your teeth are bleeding.

Think you knocked his tooth out.

We felt so bad,
he did not expect.

To get clobbered by... by kyle.

You okay?

Okay, okay.

I feel so bad.

No, dude.

And that's why we're banned
from japan, 'cause of kyle.

Are you okay? Okay,
okay, no problem.

It probably happens
a lot in this sport,

I would imagine.

A little bit dangerous.
Little bit dangerous, yeah.

- How do you like it?
- I love japan!

We did back to back
episodes in japan.

I think everybody had
had an amazing time,

But we were just dragging.

Our last day, one of
our stops was nara park,

Which is a pretty
popular touristy spot.

And we're going to
see deer, is that right?

Yes. Many... so many deers.

It's getting late, you
know, it's going to take us.

An hour just to arrive there.

Why are we going to
go see deer? I mean,

This is such a silly thing to do
with a bunch of motorcycle guys.

That's nuts, can we just,
like, walk over there or what?


That is bananas.

Then we got there and it
was a really great experience.

Just walked up
and kissed the lens.

You plan things,
but you never know.

What's going to really happen.

And that's a lot of the fun of.

Getting through our
day. Bow? Bow, yeah.

We had a little fun, but
we were buying rice cakes.

And then we would just put
them in somebody's back pocket.

That helped lighten
the day a little bit.

Was one of those moments
that uplifts the spirits.

Of the whole crew
at the end of the day.

It was a real moment of zen.

- Big rocks.
- "Ride" is a way for Norman.

To experience life in a way.

That he normally wouldn't.

Yeah, it's so beautiful.

Our producers do an amazing job.

Of mapping out a road trip,

And we're authentic in that way.

How's your trip been so far?

It's good, I'm hot.
We're on the equator.

Frying... I'm a piece of bacon.

Uruguay was a
really magical place.

You can see from here.

That's where we're headed?

- Wow.
- We always try to find things.

That are exciting and
visual in any location.

Sand boarding was something
we'd never done before.

We tried it on the scout,
we had a good time.

And we thought it's going to
be a great end to the episode.


Cabo polonio was
not on our original plan,

And then we heard
about this really cool place,

Cabo polonio is like one of the
most magical places in Uruguay.

It's like a tiny town
next to the beach,

Kind of bohemian, hippie place,

That's like in the
past, you know?

Often happens on the
show, plans change.

At the last minute,
we decided that.

We were going to end
the episode in cabo polonio.

And not do the sand boarding.

I'm excited to see
this hippie town.

Yeah, me too.

How far is town?

kilometers from here.

I don't know what
kilometers mean.

My production manager
brain kicked in and it was like,

This is going to screw
up our whole schedule.

Wow. Look at this place.

Yeah. What is this joint?

Feel like we're in the
middle of nowhere.

We are, actually.

Like any best laid plans,
but hopefully something great.

Comes of it and we
haven't just made.

A bad spontaneous decision.

Look where we're
at, we're at some...

Like tmz tour bus thing,

In a mad max movie.

We're jumping on!

Logistically, so
hard to get out there,

We couldn't bring
the motorcycles.

Does this look safe to you?

We're gonna h*t
a pothole and go...

We're all gonna
be like, "whoop".

Yeah, I know, right?
This is a very tippy.

You drive in like these
Russian six wheel drive vehicles.

For miles in two foot deep sand.

He's speedin' up, hold on, boys!

Don'tcha know? Don'tcha know?

Ooh, hi!

Ooh, that's...

My god, are you okay?

I thought you're going over.

But we ended up
in this perfect place,

It was just meant to be.

This is the town, guys.

Wow, that's it? Yeah.

That's the whole thing?

- How many people live here?
- .

- ?
- The whole year, whole year.

A lot of restaurants, a
lot of handcrafted stuff.

What a cool spot.

Like, I could come here
and live for a month and...

- It's a good way to live.
- Yeah.

It's really one of the
more magical days.

- Of sh**ting on the show.
- This is my favorite spot.

That you guys have taking us to.

Yeah, no doubt. Yeah, yeah.

For sure. This is the
coolest thing ever.

That sleepy beach
town encapsulated.

What is great about Uruguay,

And it was a much
more fitting conclusion.

For that episode.

Cute. We're cute.

All right, guys, that's
a wrap, thank you!


It would be awesome if we
could make a travel show.

That is purely spontaneous.

The first thing we're going
to do is we're going to do.

It's basically one hour
drive to a town called jasper.

Yes, it's planned, but
we try to create a space.

For spontaneity within that.

Where are we going
today? What are we doing?

Well, we're going to go visit
my hometown, jasper, man.

We had been trying to get

Michael rooker on
the show for years.

Is that where you
grew up, jasper?

That's where I grew up. Yeah.

- Nice.
- And we figured we would ride around,

See some of the
places in his hometown.

And then just go on our way.

We'll just do drive-bys.

Yeah, we'll just do drive-bys.

And we'll talk as we're
driving by, that kind of thing?

Exactly. Yep. Okay.

This is great, Dixon
brothers on the freeway!

- Yeah, baby!
- For weeks before our ride.

In Alabama, we had been asking
rooker to put us in touch with.

- His family there.
- This is the park

I used to play at!

And we never talked to
anyone from his family.

This is the street my,

My cousins and
my aunts lived on.

That's my cousin right
there, cleaning the grass.

Are you serious?
That's your cousin?

Yeah. Should we stop by, say hi?

Yeah. Let's go back and say hi.

Wait, was it really
unplanned, though?

I mean, there was no tip off?

Yeah. He was
literally saying, "yeah,

My cousin lives...
there she is!"

It was like so perfect.
It was amazing.

She has no idea you're here?

She has no idea that we're here!

This is going to be great.
This is going to be great!

We gotta turn around, Lizzie.

To turn around and go
back to see something,

- We can't just stop.
- At this point,

We have an advanced
crew that already went.

To the next location...
We have two motorcycles,

We have a safety motorcycle,
we have three minivans,

- A cargo van...
- Lizzie, we'll meet you there.

And then all of a
sudden over the radio,

I heard, "we're turning around!"

So we got like ten vehicles
that we have to stop.

It's a whole process.

Nothin', what you doin'?

God, don't film me!

Too late! Too late! Too late.

They're filmin' you!

People down here are a
little bit camera shy, y'all.

That's my cousin Georgie.
She don't like cameras.

It's always a hassle when
we make an unplanned stop.

Because you don't know
if it's going to work out.

We don't know if it's
going to be worthwhile,

- And we take a risk.
- Michael!

We can film in here!

- What's up?!
- This is great.

She didn't want to be on
camera in the beginning.

She was hiding behind rooker.

- Come her.
- Damn!

- Do not get me...
- Stop being so shy.

What's... what's
this one's name?

- We just bum rushed you.
- I know, I feel bad...

- We did!
- To your house like this.

And then like ten minutes later,

Like, she was
talking up a storm.

It was so obvious that
they were blood relatives.

Yeah -totally.

For sure. For sure.

Norman, she didn't
make any butter beans.

Because you didn't let me know!

I want you to look
at all these messages

I sent him, and
he didn't respond!

There's a whole bunch
of messages to you.

I don't respond to messages.

Where are you going to got
some butter beans and cornbread,

- As you hadda!
- In this instance,

The risk very much paid off.

Girl, you are a mean
messy, filthy girl.

I can be!

Come here, chicken!
Hi, little chicken!

Hi, little Florida chicken.

Can you tell us
about the chicken?

Where did that even come from?

It kind of came out of nowhere.

We were supposed
to go to ziplining,

And we thought it
would be a great idea.

If we could wear some
sort of big furry costume,

Partly for warmth, partly
because it would be fun,

And partly...

We want to be johnny
Knoxville, I think.

It was about nine
o'clock at night.

And Norman sent me a text.

"I'll do the zipline tomorrow,
but I want a chicken suit."

We're out in the
middle of new Mexico.

We don't know
where everything is.

So I hop in a van
and I'm racing around.

For all these different shops,

And I just h*t the jackpot.

- Very sexy.
- Little feathers going up.

My nose.

A lot of things going on
in my crotch right now.

Wish me luck, man.

And then I get up there and
the wind's kicking like this.

- Windy out there!
- -Windy as!

It is dangerous when
there's really high winds?

- It is.
- I'm thinking, like,

This is, like, the worst
idea ever, all of a sudden.

You're going to be a
scrambled egg at the bottom, bro.

Full speed, buddy, full speed!


Flying down that mountain
on the zip line was crazy.

Yellow feathers flying
everywhere on the way down.


That was crazy.

- That was awesome.
- Yeah, buddy, good job.

Chicken was a funny little joke.

And then all of a sudden it
became a part of the show.

We got the idea to
put it in every episode.

We had this thing where
it's like, okay, who on the...

Who on the crew is going
to wear the chicken this time?

The only way you can get
away with this kind of stuff.

Is if the star of the show is
also the executive producer.

- That helps.
- Who all was chickens here?

- One, two...
- Very proudly, as well.

I got to do the
chicken in California,

Hiding in a vineyard.

I was lucky enough
to be the chicken.

On lowcountry
with Dave chappelle.

I roller skated
at cascade in it.

I was a driving chicken.

It just was a funny
thing, like, to randomly be,

"my god, there's the chicken."

- Got a bunch of weirdos out here.
- Welcome to the desert.

That suit has been
all over the world.

- Quack-quack!
- Quack-quack, quack-quack.

A lot of people have
been in that chicken suit.

And it doesn't smell good.

It's almost like
a rite of passage.

Now, like, if you
come into the crew.

Like you're gonna have
to put the chicken suit on.

To be part of the family, so...

Hey... Love you.

Norman loves his crew.

And he loves for his crew
to be a part of the action.


He wants everyone to have
as much fun as he's having.

Hey, eat this, I'm
serious, it's delicious.

It's... it's crazy good.

I love that about him and
I love it about the show.

Try this one... this... this.

Yeah! Yeah!

Look at those
little mini dirt bikes.

Come on, you wanna race?

When we did mini
bikes in costa rica,

Norman just, you know, told
everybody, "hop on, let's go!"

Okay, this is what
we're going to do...

So instead of just me and
dom, we're going to have.

- The crew jump in.
- Think it was kinda unplanned.

But Norman was just like,
you know, we're all here,

When's the... when's the
next time we're gonna be able.

- To do something like this?
- This is our sound team.

They'll be racing
the camera crew.

Just be aware we have some
amateurs on the track here.

So don't be rippin'
around as fast as you can.

Anyone gets hurt, I'm
gonna be really pissed at you.

- Copy that.
- Copy that, mom.

We're all set, here
we go, let's ride!


Yeah! Someone ran
over my foot already.


I just remember
seeing Greg and Jamie.

Looking so good out there,

Like straight motocross, like,

They got their legs
out on the turns...

Catchin' air, like

I'm like grandma out
there, just trying not to fall.

Jordan almost just lost it.

I... I saw most of our...
Most of our crew eat...

Eat dirt around me, just bang,
bang, bang, bang all around me.

You know, you're the only
one who didn't go down.

There's a reason why
my nickname is crash.

Bring it in here, big boy!



I think it's because
we move like a family.

Through these towns,
it's a cooler thing to show.

Everybody bouncing around,
doing all these crazy things.

I like when we
do things like that.

It was fun, right? Good.
Good, good, good.

That's like some
team bond film it.

Someone had to film it, yeah.

You're next... I'll do the
camera, you do it next.


There's no other
job that's better.

I've had half a cup of
coffee. Everybody watch out.

People say it all
the time, but, man,

Try to b*at working on "ride."

I like this, what's this
about, what's this...

What's this mean?
What's this, like...

Everyone looked
out for each other,

Everybody had
each other's backs,

Everybody was working
towards the same common goal.

Of making a great show.

This is terrifying.

- You're the worst.
- I loved it.

- Really?
- And it was fun.

Norman, what do you think?

I think you should do it...

That way.

It's a one in a million,
we've been all super lucky.

And we got to do that together.

I'm the king of the world!

I'll give you a
smack to wake up.

Smack to wake up? Yeah.

"Ride" is about traveling.

"Ride" is about and going
places and doing things,

And I'm hoping that... that
we can do that again real soon.

- How you feelin'?
- Thanks.

It was fun.

Yeah, I love you all,

You filthy animals.

I hope we're back
on the road soon.

- Cheers.
- Cheers!


Well, you guys all
stay safe, take care.

- Night, all!
- Bye!

- Bye, Norman!
- Bye, guys!
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