01x01 - Episode 1

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cherry Blossoms After Winter". Aired: Feb 24, 2022 - Apr 14, 2022.*
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Following the death of his parents a seven-year-old boy named Seo Hae Bom moves in with an adoptive family who have a young son of the same age named Jo Tae Seong who years later end up in high school together and find an unexpected romance ignites.
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01x01 - Episode 1

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♫ Beautiful day, remember this is it now ♫

♫ The streets where
petals fluttered in the wind ♫

♫ Those moments when I first met you ♫

♫ Are racing through my mind one by one ♫

♫ The warmth in your eyes ♫

The scent on the wind

♫ Back then, even in our wildest dreams,
we could never have imagined ♫

♫ That we wanted each other ♫

♫ I won't let you go again ♫

♫ I want to hold your hand ♫

♫ Beautiful day, remember this is it now ♫

♫ The streets where
petals fluttered in the wind ♫

♫ Beautiful day,
remember this feeling now ♫

♫ My feelings are getting stronger,
I'll confess them to you today ♫

♫ You are the one in my life,
you are the one in my life ♫

♫ You are the only
one I'll be waiting for ♫

♫ You are the one in my life,
you are the one in my life ♫

♫ You are the only one,
I'll be waiting for you ♫

[Cherry Blossoms After Winter]

You'll make a great husband
for somebody someday.

I guess Tae Seong left early?

It would be so much better if
you two went to school together.

He's my son, but I don't get him at all.

[Hidden Feelings]

This is Taeseong's house.

I've lived here with his family since
I was orphaned at the age of seven.

It was his mom who decided to take me in.

He probably didn't have any say in it.

I've imposed on them enough.

When I graduate next
year it'll be time to move on.

- Have you heard?
- What?

- Cho Taeseong being in our class?
- Really?

He is top of the class.

Not just that. He's great at sports, too.

And his looks…

- Look, look!
- He's so hot!

It's Taeseong.

- He's so cool.
- Really good-looking.

So hot!

Hey, it's Taeseong!


- He's so hot!
- So handsome!

Is he really in our class?

Look at that face!

How've you been?

What are the odds? We're
all in the same class again?

Another boring year with you guys?

I prayed that I wouldn't be
in the same class as you.

I'm so mad.

God doesn't answer that kind of crap.

Please let me make some friends this year.

- How've you been?
- Pretty good.

I'm so bored!


Am I in the same class as Taeseong?


It's like we're destined to be together.

Want to sit next to me?



I haven't eaten breakfast yet.

Go and grab me something.

Something simple.

A sandwich would be nice.

And a cup noodles for me.


Did you see that loser's face?

Like he was about to piss his pants.

I guess he's the one everyone picks on.


I've never been n the same
class as Taeseong before.

Is this right? I don't really get it.

You did great. Just
keep doing it like that.


You're Cho Taeseong, right?

I'm Kim Junseung.

So what?

Is this your girlfriend?

What do you think?

I'm definitely not your girlfriend.

We're just friends.

There's no such thing as just
friends. You two are definitely dating.

Where the hell have you been?

Now get lost!

Want some?

How long are you going to be here?

Can you go and eat that somewhere else?

You're a pain in the ass.

Where should we sit today?

Let's sit there.

Woot! I'm going to get seconds today!

Hey, Haebom!

Let me borrow , won.

- Here.
- Thanks.

Dude, let's go to the PC cafe.

Wait up.


Have some juice.


How's school?


How about Haebom?

Ask him yourself.

He always just says "okay" or "fine".

I'm sure he'll spill the beans.

I'm grateful he's so laid-back, but
on the other hand, it makes me worry.

Even if something's up he'll
just deal with it by himself.

Now that you're in the same
class, you can look out for him.

You don't have much time left with him.


Once you go to university
you're bound to drift apart.

Haebom will probably want to live alone.

Keep at it.

[Blooms I Flower Shop]


You're as bright as the flowers today.

Looking at them makes me happy.

You might also meet someone who
makes you happy to just see them.


You can become someone
who makes someone else happy.


Oh, I sent your salary for this week.

Thank you.

You finally come down?


Look after Haebom, too.


I'm off to work.

- What was that? Watch this.
- You try it.

Watch and learn.

Damn, what was that?

Watch this!


Where should we sit?

Where should we sit today?

You two eat together.

I'm going to eat by myself.


Anyone sitting here?


Are you okay to be seen with me?

Who cares?

Your friends might say something.

I don't care.

What about you?

Are you okay to eat with me?

Yes. I'm totally okay.

Are you done?


Wait a bit.


He's so tall.

I was taller when we were young.

Am I walking too fast?


Then stop dawdling. Walk next to me.


By the way, what were those guys' names?

The two who sit next to you.

Junseung and Sangwon?

Right, them.

Are they your friends?


We're friends.


You're friends?

Why are we having this for breakfast today?

It's his birthday.


Happy birthday, Haebom!

Thank you, ma'am.

It all looks great.

- Help yourself.
- Thanks.


It's my birthday today.

I've grown up big and strong.


Today is Haebom's th birthday.

Hasn't he turned out well?


What's this?

Open it.

This much?

Why don't you buy something
that you really want this year?

Remember I care a lot about you.

Thanks, ma'am.

- You'll be late for school.
- Okay.

Hey, Haebom!

Let me borrow some money.

I forgot my wallet today.


What are you doing?

Dude, I need some money
urgently, so I'm borrowing some.

I didn't bring any.


You brought all this for me?

You're the man.

- Give it back.
- I'll make good use of it.


Are you crazy?

I said give it back!

♫ Fading to white ♫

♫ When my memories ♫

♫ Are about to be erased ♫

♫ Those times when ♫

♫ We walked the snowy street ♫

♫ Come vividly to mind ♫

♫ The snow gently sweeps away ♫

♫ The sorrow on my shoulders ♫

[Cherry Blossoms After Winter]

Should I fight back?

Don't fight them.

But you've got to deal with it somehow.

Please don't tell your mom.

If that's what you want.

What kind of assh*le are you?

Stop messing around and give it back.

You're not asking for this, are you?

It's much better if the
giver writes it themself.

It's more meaningful if it has a
few lines straight from the heart.

They were probably nervous.

Even if you're nervous, it's
cute if you write from the heart.

A word-perfect confession
of love lacks sincerity.
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