01x05 - High School

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Afterparty". Aired: January 28, 2022 - present.
American m*rder mystery about a high school reunion's afterparty that ends in a death, everyone is a suspect.
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01x05 - High School

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Aniq, Aniq, Aniq, Aniq.

Come out, wherever you are.

I know you got your own agenda,

and I got mine.

But I'm on your side.

You gotta trust me, Aniq,

wherever you are.

Hey, Cap. You're up late.

Germain is landing in one hour.

I need you to email him your report
before he lands.

Well, actually, Cap,
we got one in the wind,

and there was this party
that happened 15 years ago

that I'm pretty sure is the motive
behind ev--

You should've been done hours ago.

-But I--
-This ends now, okay?

It's not just your career
you're putting at risk.

It's also your partner's!

Come on. Leave the kid out of this, okay?

Look, I know this is not my case, but--

Promise me you'll press send
on the report in one hour.

I promise I'll press send.

After I solve this case.

-Sorry, were you just talking to somebody?
-Were you talking to somebody?

Okay. Please, please don't hate me,
but we still can't find Aniq.

-What do you wanna do?
-What about Jennifer 2?

The squad car just returned
from her house. There was no one there.

Well, shit! We're running out of time.

I need to find out about this party.

All right, folks.
Let's take a little detour to 2006.

Yeah! The year of the dog.

Now, who wants to tell me what happened
at that Saint Patrick's Day party?

I'll tell you.


Knock it over. Pick it up.
That's what they say.

Sorry, who are you?

Walt is my name. Walt Butler.

Oh, the butler.

Walt, we're pretty low on ice.

Seriously? We've literally
been together the whole night.

And every time I see a zero

I turn it to a heart in my head

Heart in my…

I poured you a sh*t.

Two sh*ts.

Extra ice.

So I was wondering what it's like…

I was in the car with you!

I'll k*ll all of ya!

Is that Brett? Hey, Brett.

You guys don't remember any of that?


Yeah! Come on.

-Walt, is it?

You were at that party 15 years ago?

Light bulb moment.
It was my party in my house.

Oh, no. I've never been to your house.

I saw you in my house.

Where have you been?

I was-- I was just--
I was napping under some coats in a room.

What did I miss?

Well, this gentleman here
was just telling me

about that Saint Patrick's Day party
15 years ago.

Oh, yeah.

I just wanted to throw you a party
that touched your soul, you know?

Just wanted to celebrate Saint Patrick

and get messed ass up
on some damn ass booze.


-Come on, let's go.

I want to tell everybody right here.

Yeah, honey. Tell it, baby. Tell it.

Okay, one second.

Saint Patrick's Day, 2006.


Saint Patrick's Day, 2006.

My God. The time of velour jumpsuits.

Britney and K-Fed.

And I'd started making honey
that year as a hobby.

Damn, there was a buzz in the air
that morning.

College acceptances, our futures,

and best of all,
my parents were out of town.

I turn to my lab partner, Brett, I say,
"Spread the word. We're having a party."

Tonight's party is gonna
blow people's minds.

Dude, who are you talking to?

You do the Latin homework?

No. You think Berkeley gives a fart
about our Latin homework?

Dude, you got into Stanford.
You don't have to do shit anymore.

Watch this. Get out of here!

-I mean, I did work hard on it, so…
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, my God. Look at Eugene,
thinking he's a pimp with his new car.

Come on.
I mean, money can buy you a lot of things,

but coolness is not one of 'em.

This is absolutely my fault.

I told him if we wanna take our band to
the next level, we have to up our image.

-Why does his license plate say "Xavier"?
-Xavier is his middle name.

I, by mistake,
told him it sounded alternative.

-Why would you do that?
-I don't know. I regret it immediately.

I don't understand why you choose
to play music with this guy.

By the way, he gave me his new demo.
It is hot pop garbage.

Honestly, maybe you should do
your own thing.

I mean, you guys are just so different.

I know. That's what I've been saying.

But I cannot find the right moment
to tell him we need to go solo.

By the way, I'm almost certain
he thinks you took his spot at Stanford.

-I know.

Hey, guys, wait up!

Did you notice my new whip?

Yeah. Yeah, it's--

My dad got it for me.

He wanted to congratulate me
on getting wait-listed at Stanford.

You know, he says it's really hard for
children of alumni to get in these days.

They save so many spots
for scholarship kids and stuff, so…

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Of course.

Must be tough to be
a child of privilege, huh, Eugene?

Yeah, actually, I'm going by Xavier now.

Is that so?

See the license plate?

-Yeah! That's 'cause of you, man!

Now that I've gotten into Stanford,
I'm filled with this new confidence.

I might tell Zoë how I feel about her
tonight at the party.

Yes. It's like I always say,
you get one sh*t in life.

-You do always say that.
-I'm saying it all the time now.

So, I said, "No, I'm not wearing green,
'cause I wanna get pinched by you, girl."

That's so funny.

Hey, man, you need to, like, loosen up.

There's a party tonight,
and it's gonna be fun.

Who cares?

Nothing matters anymore.

Chelsea's gonna go off
and live this incredible life,

and what am I gonna do?

"What am I gonna do?"

You are Ned freaking Conway!

Every girl's been wanting to get with you
since freshman year.

You can have 'em, dude.

I, on the other hand,
have my eyes on someone else.

I know what's gonna cheer you up.

I'm going long.

I'm open! h*t me!

Sorry. I didn't see you there, dude.


-…and also like, like--
-Hey, guys.

-Oh, my God, Chelsea.

-We heard about Ned. Are you okay?

Such a bummer. I'm okay.

It's just-- I mean, he was, like,

the most popular guy
in high school, right?

I just can't believe that
you broke up with him.

So hot.

You know, we've just been moving
in different directions for a while.

And now we're literally moving
to different cities.

Oh, my God, college.

So I just thought it would be better now.

You guys, there is a party tonight,

and Ned will definitely be there,
and it is gonna be super weird.

Are you-- I feel sad
and a little sick, like--

You know, another thing is, like,

tonight we could kind of pretend that
it's not about you guys.

No, we're fine.

-No, 100%.
-Not-- Yes.

-I mean, it's mostly not about us.
-It's your thing and-- It's not.

-And we'll be fine.
-Totally. Totally. Totally. I just…

I do really feel sad for Ned.

-And of course, you too. Of course.
-Thanks. Yeah.

I suddenly kind of lost my appetite, so…


You guys really didn't have to be
that mean to her.

I thought she was being mean to me.

-Anyway, where even is this party tonight?
-Brett told me…

-I have no idea.
-…it's at his uncle's house, I think.

It's actually at my house.

Eavesdrop much?

-We're having a conversation.

-I feel so violated.

-That dude is weird.
-Does he go here?

Hey, give him some eyelashes,
maybe mascara.

-Do you want me to do that on your face?
-Yeah. I mean, please.

You're so pretty.

Zoë, thank you for making me gorgeous.

Aniq, any time.

Oh, my God! Wait, I want them.

-You want them? All right, let's see.
-Yeah! Okay.

I don't have as deft an artist's hand
as you, but…

I didn't think it was possible,
but you're even more gorgeous.

-Look at that.

-Ask her out. Ask her out.
-Yeah. Yeah.

Hey. Are you…

Are you going
to that party at, I think, like--

what is it, at Brett's house tonight?

Yeah. I was actually gonna ask you,
do you wanna maybe, like, meet up there--

-Yes! Together. Yes, I do.
-…together? Or some--


"Maybe meet up there together?"

-Did you hear that?
-"Wanna maybe go together?"

If you wanna close the deal,
all you have to do--

Create a lovingly curated mix CD
that expresses how I feel about her.

-Yes. And then you win.
-Right? Boom!

Damn, Zoë. You're looking fine today.

Makes me wanna…

Oh, my God.

-What happened?

Is that a joke?

I mean,

-I was pretending that I had an orgasm.

Was that yeast?

-Yeah, it was yeast. Carbon dioxide.
-Yeah, I can hear it.

Do you want me to get you a paper towel?

-Yeah. Yeah. Thanks, bro.
-Sorry about all--

-No, thank you.
-Sorry about getting in the way.

No, no. Thanks, man.

I'm cross-faded.

What's cross-faded?
Two different substances?

Like, drunk and high, you silly.

I don't know what to do with you.

Hey! Welcome to my party
and my house. There's pizza.

If you don't like pizza,
I can heat you up some stew.

-Do you want some stew?
-Hi! No, thank you.

You don't? Okay. Cool. And hey.

I just had a great talk with Zoë.

-Yasper, hey!
-Zoë, hey!

Is Aniq here yet?

No. But you know what?

He just talked to me.
He's gonna be here any minute.


Okay. Well, when you see him,
tell him to come find me?

Yes, of course! You kidding me?
Good to see you.

-Where are you? Zoë is here.

She was asking about you.
She literally just said, about you,

to "tell him to come find me."

-You gotta get here right now.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Okay. I'm almost done.

This mix has to be perfect.

And guess what?
I encoded a hidden message.

The first letter of each song spells out
A-N-I-Q, heart, E-O-Z, so--

God, you're wasting my minutes!
What are you talking about?

Get those beautiful thighs
and that nimble tongue over here

right now, or you're gonna miss your sh*t.

-At least appreciate-- Okay. I'm coming.
-Okay, bye!

What is it?

Room for one more?


-Okay. So, promise you won't tell anyone?

The Jennifers are bitches.

Oh, God. They are such assholes.

They're just jealous
of how cool you came off

for, like, making choices for yourself.

So, I am really proud of you, Chelsea.

I really don't wanna hurt him
or anybody, you know.

-I'm just trying to figure out who I am.

You're the only person I feel comfortable
talking to about it.

Which is so weird,

because everybody seems so comfortable
talking about me.

F them. Okay, it is time
for Fun Zoë to take the reins.

Okay, what is up?

-Turn that frown upside down.

Flip the frown.

I didn't know you were bad.

So, there's gotta be, like,
someone here you're into.

No. No. None of the guys

or, frankly, the girls here are my type.

-Well, then that is what college is for.

Same mistakes, just with new people.



Wait, Zoë. So, tell me about Brett.
What is going on?

There is nothing going on.

-Come on.
-He is such a player.

Who's a player?

You guys talking about me?

Think you guys were talking about
my butt maybe.


Green pool. The pool is green.

Why is the pool guy here?

Why does it say "Malt?"

No. "Malt"? Damn it.


Okay, okay.


How great is this party?


Hey, what's up? You okay?

You bleached your hair?

Yeah! Yeah. It's not bleached actually.

-It's called chard--
-Cool. Cool.

Listen, you and I have had
some incredible moments together, right?

We've made some incredible things.

But the truth is, pop is just a fad, dude.

Ska is forever.

And look at you. Look how you're dressed.
You're pop from top to bottom.

You can't do this in those clothes.

Dude, we obviously just want
two different things.

I don't…

Hey, but I think…
I think we've gotta break up the band.

You-- What?

I'm gonna go solo.

So, like just you?

Aniq was right.
Our vibes are just way too different.

Wai-- Aniq said that?

But listen, promise me
we'll remain friends. Okay?

Because this means too much. Okay?

We're gonna be friends forever.
All right, brother.

Yes. "Walt."

Eugene? Okay.

You seen Zoë anywhere?

I made her a little-- Whatever.

There's, like, so many people, honestly.

This is all your fault!

Damn it.

-What the hell?
-What the hell, you!

-You think this is funny?
-Stay out of my--

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!

That was-- Oh, God! That was--

-Wait, what happened? Who was that?
-I think some loser fell in the pool.

Speaking of losers-- Hey, quick question.

Mr. Tiny Pee-pee Penis.

This is a new jacket!

Come on. Come on. Please, please, please!


Someone's in here. I'm puking!

It's coming out both ends actually.

No. Sorry.

I saw what Eugene did to you back there.

And I may be to blame
for the festive water. Green.

Anyway, I brought you these.

You usually bring
a change of clothes to a house party?

This is my house.

Yet this is the only shirt you could find?

Oh, yeah. My weird little brother's
your size, so…

Okay. Well, thank you. Thanks.

So, you think people are having fun or--

I mean, yeah.

I just want people to have fun
so maybe they'll notice me

or remember my name, you know.

-You know, I know how you feel.

But, you know,
we've gotta put ourselves out there.

You know, I had a door open with someone.

So I made this mix CD, you know.

It says everything I wanna say to her
but don't know how.

That's why I've gotta salvage this thing
before that door closes.


Just some advice about…

No. No, no!

Thanks so much for this party.

You're welcome.

So, I heard a rumor that you're going
to RISD next year. Is that right?


I guess I should tell you that
I'm gonna be your neighbor next year.

What do you mean?

I mean, I got a squash scholarship
to Brown, and I'm going.

-Wait. Get out! Are you serious?
-No. Yes.

So, we're both gonna be
in Providence next year?


-Oh, my God! Congratulations!
-I know, right?



Look at that hair. I like it, Eugene.

Thanks. And I'm going by Xavier now.

-Why Xavier?
-It's just, like, sort of

a persona that I'm trying to create.

And you are doing it. Look at that look.
That's a look.

That is a very, very cool jacket.
Aren't you hot?

Yeah, no, I'm just, like-- I don't know.

I wanna, like, do something with my life.

-You know?

I just, like-- I think about--

I think about when I'm onstage
in the school plays

as Mr. MacAfee, as Cornelius Hackl.

-The crowd goes wild, right?

But surprise. It's still me.


So, like, Eugene is
who everyone else thinks I am.

But Xavier is who I really am.

Wow. You got a lot going on.

Yeah, it's deep.

And also now, like, my band, Ska-pe Diem,
it's, like, over.

Yasper, he just, like--
He was like, "I wanna do my own thing,"

and, like, saying we're, like, growing
in different directions or whatever and…

-I don't…
-Oh, my God.

I just said
those exact words to Ned last night.

It's just funny that we're both
going through breakups, kind of.

-I guess so.
-In a way.

Yeah. It's, like, no fun.

It sucks. But I just learned
this, like, sort of cure,

-which is that you take alcohol…

…and you put it in your body
until you can't fit any more in.


-Yeah. I heard that too.
-I think that's…

-We should get hella faded.
-…what needs to happen.

-Yes. Let's go. Hello.
-I think that's smart. All right. Yeah.

You know,
it is pretty cool of Brett's uncle

to let us use his house while he's on,
like, his second tour in Kosovo.

-It's crazy.

Sorry. Cups?

-Okay, what?

What is that guy's deal?

But I'm kind of, like, a sensitive softy.


Like, if I think about my grandparents,
I get, like, the blues.

-You lost your grandparents?
-No, they're fine. I just love 'em.


Aniq. I was looking for you earlier.

You-- I couldn't find you.
We were supposed to meet up hours ago.

It's… Long story, but I can--

But it's totally fine
because I ran into Brett,

and he told me that we're both
gonna be in Rhode Island this fall.

And he's gonna have a car.
So that's gonna be so helpful.

Cars are super useful.

You know, for, like, roads and stu--
Actually, I ma--

Yeah. I'm just really happy to, like,
have someone I know there.

I think most nights are gonna end

with us getting some, like,
late-night treats

-at Louees.

I cannot wait. I cannot wait.

-It's this diner. It's open 24 hours.
-Twenty-four hours. Yeah.

Hey, are you okay?
You seem, like, a little off.

I'm great, actually. I just--

There was just something I realized I was
supposed-- gonna do, but it's too late.

So I'm gonna check out
what Yasper's up to.

You guys-- Yeah, you guys have fun.
Keep, you know--


I'm gonna-- I'll see ya.

Yeah, I'll see you guys.

Everyone thinks it's bleach,
but it's actually a color.

Chardonnay. Yeah.

Well, cheers to chardonnay.

Thank you. Yeah, chardonnay all day.

You know what?

I actually need to slow down.

-Yeah? Okay.

I'll whip us up, like,
a quick water course?

-Yeah. That would be good.
-Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

-Coming up. Coming up.

Here we go.

-My head is spinning. I feel--

Gosh. Wow. Okay. Sorry.

-I think I need to lie down.
-Yeah. Okay.

-Can you give me a hand?
-You want me to give--

-Yeah. Yes, I-- Yeah, I just need help.
-Oka-- Yeah. Okay.

-Okay. All right. All right.
-All right. Yeah.

No, now that you mention it,
lying down, like, sounds pretty tight.

-I think the bedroom is right up here.
-I could use it.


Okay. It's okay.

-Excuse us.


-Okay, Ned, look away. Look away!
-Oh, God.

You shouldn't have to see that.

Assholes don't deserve
what you've done for them.

You've given them your house, your pool,
your dad's vintage wine collection,

your friendship, some popcorn.

Hey, did you see that guy streaking?

Damn, that was the coolest thing
I've seen so far in my life.

'Cause I saw his ass.

Man, I love that guy because of that.

Wasn't that his party?

Yeah. It was the greatest party ever.

-There's a carpet.

-Rug on top of the carpet.
-Oh, my God. Brett's uncle is rich.

-Careful. Careful.
-I didn't know.

-And we made it.

Things are just drunk when you're hard.


I didn't mean that.

You maybe did. You maybe did.

I don't know what it means, so…

Sorry. What are you doing?

Kissing you.

'Cause I-- Well, I know
Eugene would never do anything like this,

but Xavier's here.

Okay, I just met Xavier and, like, Eugene,

it's sort of the first time
we ever spoke this long, you know?

-I just…

I'm really drunk.

I'm really drunk.

Okay, so we're drunk.

I just didn't…

I didn't mean for it like this.

I don't know-- Like, were you--
You were just, like, leading me on or…

How was I leading you on?

Well, you said
you liked my jacket and my hair.

I liked the jacket! Who cares?

-Okay, fine. Fine. Fine.
-It's not, like, a promise.

And, you know, okay,
so you bleached your hair--

Chardonnay! It's--

It's chardon--

Whoa, man.

What happened in there?

Did you hook up with Chelsea?

Yeah, w-- Yeah, we boned.


Yeah, she was, like,
all over me, and I was, like,

"Yeah, like, you're, like, an animal."

And, yeah, it was, like--

Holy shit.

Chelsea and Eugene just had
a three-way with some total stranger!

Walt. Walt.

Yeah, I did a three-way.

I did a three-way!

Yeah! Yeah!

Dumbass Eugene. This is all his fault.

Okay, you know what?

Let's not play the blame game, all right?
He's had a weird night as well.


Let's take it slow.

Big bubbles. Those are big bubbles.
Make them tiny.

You okay?

It's a locked-up bird!

Yeah, we were, like, fully butt naked.

Except I was wearing
Brett's uncle's Purple Heart from Kosovo.

-Brett's uncle.
-Yeah, it was chill.

It was, like, almost patriotic, you know?

What is going on?

There she is.

Hey, you ho-bag.
I heard you had sex with Eugene.

Oh, my God. What are you saying? Shut up.

You shut up. You shut your lying,
Monica Lewinsky mouth.

You stand here,
in front of a jury of your peers,

and you try and tell me you didn't
just hook up with Eugene

-in front of all the most important…
-Oh, my God.

-What-- Oh, no.
-…people in your life, Chelsea.

I swear to God, you've been
so freaking weird over the past few weeks.

Like you didn't come with me
to apply to Abercrombie

like you promised on our 18th birthday.

This is what I told you
I was worried about at lunch,

except so much grosser,
'cause it's freaking Eugene.

-Jennifer, that is not what happened.
-You know what's the worst part?

The worst part is what this is doing
to Ned, because he's freaking devastated.

Oh, yeah.
He looks really heartbroken, Jennifer.


-My face and my boobs.
-Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.

You guys, this is so embarrassing for her.

Oh, God. Okay. Geez. All right.

It's all over her dress.
It's kinda making me wanna vom.


Brett, did you make me a mix CD?

Yeah, no, I-- I made this for you.


Yeah. Just a bunch of songs
that kinda remind me of you.

I feel like you do this for all the girls.

No, no. It's actually the first time
I ever made one.

Well, what songs are on it?


-Well, let's pop it in.
-Yeah. Yeah. Right there.

-Yeah, totally.

-Oh, my God. I'm excited.

Please don't suck. Please don't suck.

Don't suck.


This is my favorite song.
How did you know that?

Because I'm a player.

With dance moves.

God, I love this song.

-Me too-- Sorry.
-Oh, my--

-Oh, man.

I can't wait to listen
to the rest of the CD.

Me too.

I can't wait for you
to hear the rest of it.

'Cause I know the songs.



What are the odds?

Of what?

-This is Zoë's favorite song.
-That's crazy.

This is a sign.


Good. You're drunk, dude.

Stay away from me, Eugene.

It's Xavier. Hey, not sure if you noticed,

but Brett's eating
your girl's face in there.

Yeah, I guess if you hadn't slipped
and fallen in the pool,

that would be you right now.


Don't listen to him, man.

You okay, dude?

Aniq. Aniq.

High school.

Why are you wearing a robe?

Oh, shit.



Aniq, what are you doing?

Buddy? Hey, bud?

Hey, buddy? Aniq, don't!

Dude, calm down.

-No, no, no. Wait, no.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Brett!

Oh, shit!

-Oh, my God. Make him stop.
-It's all right. Let him. It's not my car.

Aniq, what are you doing?

What the f*ck?

-Don't! Stop! Give it--
-No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Don't! Don't fight!
Don't fight! Don't fight!

-No! No! Don't fight!
-Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

-It's okay. It's fine.
-No, no, no. Put him d--

-They gotta figure this shit out.
-Oh, my God.

Figure it out, boys. Figure it out, boys.

-Wanna do this?

-You ready for this?
-I'ma jack you up!

-Oh, my God.

-Kick his ass, dawg.
-Don't! Don't kick his ass!

-Ready for this?
-Yo, make contact, you p*ssy!

-Yo, if you're gonna fight, fight!
-Make them stop.

No, that's my move!

-You know that's my move! That's my move!
-Coming at ya!

Stop Sound of Music-ing!
Are you dancing or fighting?

Hey, guys, this fight sucks.

-f*cking h*t him!
-Don't say that.

This is hurting everyone.

No, hug! Give your bro a hug!

Guys, come on!
We're friends. Everybody's friends.

What's happening?

Cops. Cops.

Aniq, cops!

No, no, no. He's fine! He's fine!

-Whatever this is.
-Up and at 'em. Right now.

-Front and center. Let's go.
-No, no. Look, I didn't do anything.

He-- This guy-- He's wasted!

He just started hitting my car
with a bat for no reason!

-No reason at all?
-No. No.

My name is Eugene Duckworth Jr.

Okay, my dad, he owns Gene's Beans!

-Gene's Beans.
-Are you kidding?

-We love Gene's Beans.

He used to give us
free coffee every Friday, man.

-My dad works at AT&T.

-That-- Pipe down!
-What? We're not talking to you.

Hey, we're gonna let you go.

-Okay! Okay.
-All right.

-Heck yeah, we are.
-Stay out of trouble.

-To you too. Thank you, Officers.

-Tell your dad hi.
-Thanks, Officers.

Hey, hey!

Not you, Barry Bonds. Okay?
You're coming with us, am I clear?

Well, Officer, look, please. I'm so sorry.

I-- I don't know what came over me.

I just--
I can't be getting arrested, please.

You wanna press charges? Say the word.

You-- You can't, man.

You can't press charges.
I'll lose my scholarship.

Eugene, please.

It's Xavier, bitch.

-There you go.
-Good choice. You know what that means?

Uh-huh. Yeah. Yep. Take that right foot.

There you go. Let's go. Let's go.

Come on. Come on. Let's go.

What happened? Where did everybody go?

-Come on. Hey.
-Put your clothes back on, son.

Party's over.

You got it. Thank you, Officer.

-Have an incredible night!
-All right.

So there I was, naked as day one,
in front of the po-po.

Empowered and jacked up on the drama,

but somehow, still, "Who's Walt?"

-You know? Ignored, invisible.

You and Xavier never hooked up that night?

-Come on.

I kept telling you it didn't happen.
Nobody would believe me.

-Mister Cellophane
-Ned, I never would've done that to you.

-Oh, my God.

Can we all just agree that
it's clear that Aniq k*lled Xavier?

-Oh, my God.
-I mean, you guys, listen. Hear me out.

-He's been holding a grudge for years…
-Stay on me.

…against a man that embarrassed him,
made him lose his scholarship--

Okay, Jenn 1, off of it.

Yeah. You know what's
a great way to deflect being a m*rder

is to accuse everybody else of m*rder.

That's right.

I'm with child.
How could I be the m*rder?

That sort of makes sense.
You k*ll someone and birth a new one in.

-The number stays the same.
-She doesn't do anything these days.

You think I'm just, like, with child,
pushing grown-ass dudes off balconies?

So, you have just been lying
the whole time.

Like, our whole marriage--

or, like, actually,
our whole relationship.

No. I made a mix CD that night
that had the same songs…


Yeah. I had Shaggy on there,
and it looked the same.

-It was, like, a Magnavox case--
-Just shut up!

And you, why did you never tell me?

-I never knew.
-I didn't know you ever heard it.

I still listen to it.

I made it a playlist.

You did?


I am so sorry to interrupt. Truly, I am.

But this Xavier grudge goes pretty deep.

-So, what do you gotta say for yourself?
-I have--

I have this to say.

Yes! Come on!

-What is that, Band-Aids? What the hell?
-Oh, my God.

Look. All right. This is real evidence
I found myself in the trash.

Yeah, that's nasty.

Whoever wrote this k*lled Xavier,
all right?

Ripped this up and threw it in the trash.

It's pretty damning.

"I'm coming for ya. You're gonna see
this is payback for what you did to me."

-"Now's your time to feel the pain.

What goes around comes around again."

Oh, my God, and this rhymes.

Let me see this.

This ain't nothing but lyrics
that Xavier wrote that are garbage,

and he trashed them.

These lyrics suck.

I mean, "pain" rhyming with "again"?

That's what we call a slanted rhyme.

-Where you kinda stretch a word to make--
-Yeah, but this clearly has to be-- Yep.

And… it's a match. Bam.



Xavier wrote "diarrhea"
on your neck, right?

That's the reason why
you didn't get the handwriting sample.

Because he d*ed. He perished.

Yeah, I know. Thanks. Thanks, buddy.

You know, I wanna be on your side.

But you make that very hard for me.
And I know you've been hiding a lot.

Everybody seems to be hiding something.
Isn't that right, Detective?

You trying me right now?

No. Look, this guy's story shows that
everybody here hated Xavier.

Look, my point-- Okay, my point is,
anybody could've gone upstairs before me.

Like, say,


Zoë, what are you doing?

No. Not like you. That's not what I meant.

How do you know I didn't do it?

I mean, you haven't heard my story yet.

But we know you don't have
a grudge against Xavier.


I didn't at the beginning of the night.
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