01x02 - Margin of Error

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Party of Five". Aired: January 8 –; March 4, 2020.
Five children suddenly find themselves without their parents in this remake of the '90s original.
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01x02 - Margin of Error

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Previously on Party of Five...

Do you want me to fail you?

Do whatever you want to do. I don't care.

Your rules are full of shit.

How are these children being parented?

Are they being parented?

I'm required to report those concerns to the Department of Social Services.

Look, Mami and Papi weren't much older than us when they came here, and they managed.

With a lot less than what we have.

I'm a good girl because my parents made sure of it.

And I still need them.

I'm gonna need them for a very long time.

Former ruling stands.

They're gonna split us up!

Hey, no they're not. We won't let that happen.

No one... is going to split us up.

You know I'm earthquake phobic, right?

I got a linen delivery in 15 minutes.

Can't Oscar... No. A.A. meeting.

So fine, take off. I've got this.

No. I have to talk to the doctor to see if I can work out a...

a payment plan.

Jeez, how much does a booster sh*t cost?

Well, we already have an outstanding balance here.

Plus, we're still paying off the lawyer.

Um, so, do you think the doctor could prescribe something for Val?

Something to help her sleep? No, she's 12!

Well then you think he can prescribe something to help me sleep through her not sleeping?

Excuse me, may I ask, which one of you does he belong to?

Both of us.

I mean, you know, genetically?

Both of us.

Well now, how does that work exactly?

They just, spin the sperm so you never really know?

No, we're... we're we're not a couple.

No, no, no. We're brothers.

All three of us. He's our little brother.

Oh, well isn't he lucky then to have his two big brothers looking after him today. Right?

Today and every day. Our parents got deported.

I really can't think of anything.

Take your time.

Really padre, I don't think I've sinned at all.

But if God's trying to figure out whose prayers to answer, does it really matter if I've been good at all?

I mean my siblings, they're sinners.

Emilio is always taking the Lord's name in vain.

Lucía too.

And Beto lets me watch R-rated movies.

Even though he promised Mami and Papi only PG-13.

So, that's on him. Right?

Val, may I ask, are you getting enough sleep?

Sure. Some.

Not a lot.

Do you think if Emilio is 100 percent without a sin that has an effect on God changing the DACA rules?

How'd it go? Do you feel any better?

No. Not really. I might feel better if you weren't lying to Mami about going.

What if you just went once or twice?

Just to let God know you're thinking of him.

I'm not going in there. What's the point?

It's not gonna change anything.

You don't know that. It might...

You can't pray them home, Val.

I mean, you are welcome to.

But me? I don't believe in miracles.

Yep. Family dinner together almost every night.


Yup. This is our 5th straight day of home cooked meals. Pretty good, huh?

Lucía made... Um...

Uh... meatballs.

You don't sound so sure.

She's becoming quite the cook, Mami.

You'd be proud. You'd be surprised how well Beto's gotten at doing laundry. Ha, yeah...

Yeah! Um, so... how'd the job search go today?

Ah, I had an interview at a nice hotel today to be, uh... ah! What's that word?

The reservation... the reservationist?

They say my English help but, I'm not so good with the computer.

As soon as your mother finds something, we'll start sending more money home.

- Mm-hmm. You'll see.

Where's Rafa?

Oh hey!

Mr. Rafa here, had a great day at daycare.

Yeah, Ines says he's definitely done with biting.

I told you he was just teething.

Oh Beto! What happened to your test?

- Did you get it back? Yeah! Um...

Drum roll...

I got a B+!

Drum roll!

Choir of Angels!

That's a miracle! I'm so happy for you, baby.

All thanks to your sister, yes?

Mmm. I take all the credit.

No, I meant Valentina's prayers.

Unless you decided to go to church too. Hmm?

Hey mi amor, my heart hurts when you're not being honest.

What? I didn't say anything.

She's probably talking to Padre Jimenez.

Eh, Milo, you've got Diego washing the front windows

- every other day, yes? Mm-hmm.

What's this Marta tells me about a problem...

Did you forge your grade?

You did. I only want to help.

Is that a C-?

You don't have to talk to Marta...

Just wanted them to have a little good news. You know?

I don't... I don't mean to seem like I don't trust you.

It's just...

No one listens to me around here.

Why should they? It's their restaurant.

I'm just a waiter. I only want to help, Emilio.

I know, Papi.

I know. It's fine.



Uh, I don't, uh... Oscar does that.



Wait, what?

He steals from you?!






Hey, Papi. Can you put Mami on?

I want us to say our bedtime prayers together.


Beto, wake up.

Wait, so the rehab place just came in the middle of the night and kidnapped her?

Her parents set up the whole thing.

Jackie's mom was missing maybe like... six Oxys.

She said the bus ride took, like, a day and a half.

They weren't even allowed to listen to music.

Can you imagine? A day and a half on a bus?

I would literally die.

Wouldn't you?

No, actually. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't.

They stick people in buses who don't steal their mother's pain meds.

Ya know?

I'm sorry. I didn't mean...

What happened with your parents is totally different.


Can I help you?

I-I just wanted to say hey.


Um... hey?

To Lucía.

I've been texting you and you haven't responded.

What's going on with you?

Nothing's going on with me.

I'm having lunch.

I see.

Well sorry for bothering you.

See you around, I guess.

Sure. See ya.

So, how long is Jackie gonna be in there for?

She claims she's breaking out this weekend.

And get this, taking an Uber home.

How much do you think that's gonna cost?

I bet you like 3 or 4 grand, easy.

Did you count 'em?

We need to?

The guy dropped them off in a big bundle, you know I assume it didn't matter... Never assume.

Sometimes they'll shortchange you a couple of dozen napkins and then claim you lost them, and then tack them on to your bill.

Don't worry about it. You'll get it.

Hey, Oscar.

Um, I was wondering if maybe you and I could stagger our hours a bit?

You know, like, you could spot me on the early side of things and uh, you know I could stay later.

Well how 'bout you do mornings cause I have my meetings and then I'll come and close up.

Right, right. But I was thinking about doing the receipts, you know? Just to like, educate myself, or what not.

So, ah, yeah maybe we plan on doing that for a while.

You know, you taking off after dinner service and uh... me doing the drop.

What's the matter, kiddo?

You don't trust me?

No, it's...

C'mon, man.

You kiddin' me?

Of course I trust you.

You should go home.

No, no I can't be... near a bed or sofa cause I'll just fall asleep.

I'll stay here.

Study for physics.

Yeah, excellent plan. Seems to be working out perfectly.

How much homework are they giving you that you can't sleep at night?

It's not that.

It's Val.

She wakes me up.

Every night.

She has nightmares.

She wants to talk so, we talk.

And then she falls back to sleep and I can't.


Val has nightmares every night?

About your parents?

Post traumatic nightmares.

Masters student in Psychology. Remember?

That's right! You are.

I mean, it's not my field, adolescent psych, but...

I can do some reading.


How about we try and figure this out together. Hmm?


It's a plan.

Padre Jimenez!


I never see you now it seems like you can't wait.

Thanks a lot for telling on me to my mother.

I didn't. She asked, and I said she should talk to you.

Though, for the future, if you want someone to lie for you, you should probably choose someone other than a priest.

You don't seem to have a problem lying to my sister.


Why would you tell her that a prayer is going to bring our parents back?

Lucía... She's scared!

And... and you're selling her on some, forgive me, bullshit miracle.

Giving her hope when there isn't any.

I've never told your sister that prayers will bring your parents back.

And you and I both know that nothing will bring your parents back except a change in what this country believes.

All a 12-year old can do is hope for that.

If it doesn't happen, it doesn't.

But if it does?

And Val thinks she nudged it along just a bit.

Then what's... What's the harm in that?

I don't think you're angry at her for praying.

I think maybe you're angry that she might find some peace in prayer, when you have none.

And I'm happy to talk to you about that whenever you want, Lucía.

Hey. You ready?

How'd it go?

With the padre?

You know, awesome.

I saw the light.

Let's go. This is Matthew.

Um, Matthew. Lucía.

Nice to meet you.

Come on, Val.

Um, he's from... I'm sorry. Where'd you say?

Just, back east.

He took a bus for days and days.

And hitched. But...

Yeah. Mainly took the bus.

Do your parents know where you are?

I hope not.

I don't understand. Why would...

I'm sure that's kinda, like, the point.


Let's just say I'm on my own.


Us, too.

Come on.


I keep forgettin' that you weren't around all those years.

When your father was giving me a second chance and I was helping him get this place on its feet.

It's my fault for assuming that you and I were as close as he and I were.

Oscar, I didn't mean to offend yo... Listen, it makes sense that I'm just a another employee to you.

I don't wanna be treated any different.

You treat me the same as everyone else.

Okay. Fine.

Which means, I'd like the overtime I'm owed.

Eight hundred dollars.

I'd appreciate that by Friday.

I'm gonna check in with Mami and Papi and I want pepperoni, cheese and extra mushrooms when you order.

Next time someone else needs to take her.

I need your notes.

What? For physics class.

Actually, you know what? Forget your notes.

I need your brain. Can you help?

In time for this test?

I'm good. I'm not that good.

Look, I need to pass tomorrow.

Or else I have to take this whole freaking course over again.

Which means summer school.

And summer school means I won't be able to work in the restaurant which would save us a lot of money.

Money that can go towards Rafa's daycare...

Beto! Stop.

I take the test 7th period.

You take it 8th.

It's all multiple choice.

And Mateluna never switches the questions.

Meet me at the bottom of the stairs between periods.


I-I don't know.

I don't know.

You don't remind me of you.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

I'm on 4%, you mind?

Yeah, I can't risk my ex calling and it going to voicemail.

Because then I don't get to tell him to go to hell.

What'd he do?

Fell in love with the girl who gave him his tattoo.

Which, and this is very ironic, was my name.

Yeah. Above his heart.


Oh I just, I just pray... that it gets infected.

Ugh! Don't you just wish you could like pop an obsession out of your head?

Like... a bagel out of a toaster.


What? What mental playlist you have on repeat?

Let's see.

Am I gonna make this week's payroll?

How likely is the lawyer to sue me?

If I stiff her on the bill.

And who left those 3 whole salmon out of the walk-in last night?

And how much is that gonna cost me?

Well... what'd you use to obsess over?

Song lyrics.

How many more gigs do we need to play till I have enough cash to get my Stratocaster back from the guy I sold it to on Craigslist.

What was the name of the girl I kissed the night before?

And so there were girls...

One or two.


Well, I mean, I'm guessing you've aged out of that. Right?

Look at you, you're running a restaurant.

Taking care of four kids.

Who has time for girls, right?

Did you forget to set your alarm?

It's 7:15.

Can someone help me with the baby?

Bathroom's yours, Luce.

He's all set. Okay.

Ah, except I can't find any clean socks.

You have to scrounge around.

Would you rather blow me off or pretend I'm invisible?

I mean, it's entirely up to you.

Now's not a good time I've gotta go meet...

Yeah, no, it's never a good time, Lucía!

Jen, Sophie and I are like this close to giving up on you.

Well, then, maybe you should just go ahead and do that.

I'm sorry.

It... it just hurts too much to be around you.

So what? Now you're besties with Henry and Megan?

I mean come on, Jackie DeLauren?

Who got hauled off to that wilderness camp?

Look, I've really gotta go.

No! Eight years of friendship, but you're dumping me to hang out with those losers. I wanna know why, Lucía.

Yo, Beto!

I mean, how are they even your friends?

You think they understand you? They don't know you.

That actually helps.

Why? Because you get to reinvent yourself?

Yes! As what?

Someone who doesn't give a shit?

Cause you can pretend that's you to them maybe, but I know it's not.

Look, all I know is that being angry feels better than being sad.

I can be angry, too.

I-I am angry. I can be angry with you!

No. You can't.

The things is, first, you have to lose something that really matters to you.

Yeah well, I lost you, didn't I?

You'll have 45 minutes to complete the test.

Starting now.

If you had to choose between taking Beto or Lucía on a trip, would you let them decide who got to go or would you choose the one that you currently like better?

Uh, well, is it a camping trip?

Because if that's the case, I would not want to take Lucía.

The thing is, I'd rather take Beto, but I don't think he can afford to miss any school.

Yeah, well...


Well, where you planning on going?

Mexico. To see Mami and Papi.

Did you know if you stay over a Sunday night, you can get two round trip tickets for only $600?

Okay well, that's $600 I don't have.

Well, I do!

You have $600?

What'd you do? Knock off a liquor store?

No! I found it.

You found $600?

$940, actually.

In the back of one of Rafa's drawers rolled up in one of his socks.

Val, that's not your money.

Yes it is.

Of course it is. I found it.

Obviously Mami and Papi left it there for safe keeping.

And we can use that money for other things.

But two minutes ago, you didn't even know about it!

Right, but now that I do, you're not going to blow it all on vacation!

Visiting our parents is not a vacation.

It's not a necessity!

It is for me.

It's not gonna happen!

I'm so sorry.

Bey! Beto!

Hey. Oscar.

Sorry you had to wait for it.

Thank you. Yeah.

Hey uh, Oscar, did you happen to find a wallet?

Jorge said a customer called. Left her number.

But she may have lost it then.

A leather... No.

I didn't find a wallet.

Okay. Well if you do...

Did you ask everybody else if they found a missing wallet?

No. Jorge just mentioned it to me.


Did Boss ask you if you found a wallet?

Wanna check my pockets before I leave, Emilio?

Oscar, I'm not accusing you of anything.

I don't have a problem anymore.


I stopped drinkin'.

I don't gamble.

I don't steal.

All I do is work hard for your family.

For your father. For 10 years.

So that you could have the life that you wanted to have.

What are you doin'?

I deserve respect.

And without that, you can have your money and you can have your job.

Tell the kids I love 'em.

Hey, so, I was gonna say thanks for the ride last night but I thought ride seemed kind of...

Look, I'm dealing with shit.

Do you need something?


Uh, just the specials.

Here you go.

How much time do we got?

Val! Less than a minute.

Uh, let... let's just not say anything about you know, the... the test?

Beto! Really?

You don't think I should tell them I flunked before I even had the chance to cheat?

Val, are you coming?!

You don't have yell, I know what time it is!

Let's just not...

Upbeat everyone.


Hi guys!

Uh, we're all here!

How was your day?

Papi is a big hero at his work!

Tell them, Javi.

Ah, it's nothing. I put out a grease f*re.

Eh. Some hero.

Aw! Put Rafa closer!

Hey Beto, how was your test?


I don't get the grade back for a couple days but I think we're all gonna be very happy.

And I have Lucía to thank for that.

I am very proud of you and you too, mi amor.

We were full at the restaurant all day, Papi. All day.

There was even a wait at lunch.

How about that.

We've done so well that they don't need us anymore.

No. No!

It's not true. You should come home right now.

Okay? Right now! Cause Emilio's an assh*le.

Valentina! What?!

What? Well that's what he is.

He acts like he's the boss of me when he's just my stupid brother who doesn't know anything.

Oh... what happened, Emilio?

Nothing! We just...

We're having a little disagreement.

Oh yeah? About what?

It's really... It's nothing.

Alright? Luce, can you please check on her?

Really, you're asking her?

Pfft. Why not me? Well, let's be honest.

You're not exactly great at follow through. Are you?

Beto, don't start. Not now.

What's going on there?!

Nothing! Nothing!

Um, really look, guys. It's nothing. Actually, you know what?

I'm getting a call from the restaurant. Can I call you guys back?

- Emilio! Your dad's shift start in an hour...

It'll just be a few. Bye.

What is wrong with you guys?! Us two?!

What did you do to Val? Nothing. Okay, I...

You had no right! Oh come on!

Look, she's just disappointed that I said no to her taking a trip to Mexico by herself.

Give it a rest, okay?! No, no.

As somebody who's been recently screwed over by a member of this family, let me just say... Go to hell, Emilio!

Okay you know what? That's it. Beto! Do you...

Do you wanna know what happened?!

Because I can explain. Really?

You have a good excuse for screwing me over?

All I asked was for you to help me study.

I didn't ask you to give me the answers. That was your idea.

And I swear Bey, I wrote them down. See? No.

Only Olivia cornered me... No. What difference does it make?!

You didn't show up, and I failed.

Maybe you didn't? Maybe you did better than you think.

I may be dumb, but I'm not dumb enough to think I did well.

You're not dumb.

I don't get things.

And it may be easy for you, but seriously something... something's wrong with me.

Because I sit in that physics class and it's like somebody's speaking a foreign language, which might as well be god damned Spanish cause I don't understand much of that either.

I'm in trouble.

Only now, it's everyone's problem, cause if I can't cut it academically, they'll be on all of our asses.

That just makes the pressure a thousand million times worse.

But you know what?

Last night, I actually slept.

Even with Val's elbow in my ribs.

I slept.

Because my really smart sister was gonna give me the answers.

Go away.

You weren't gonna bring that up to them.

We agreed.

You don't think they're upset enough?

They wouldn't be if you'd let me visit them.

If it's their money, then they get to decide.

I spent it.

Already? On what?!

Well, I owed Osc...

Uh... some guy at the restaurant some back pay.

You're still gonna see them at Easter.

Okay? You, Beto, Lucía, Rafa...

Just like we planned it.

Emilio? Hmm?

Do you think it's possible that I found the money because I prayed for a miracle?

I don't, uh...


Next time I go to church, I'm gonna be more specific.


Ugh, God...


Hey, I was... I meant to call.

Sorry about that before, with Val.

It'll get easier with her, mi amor.

Just give it time.

Yeah... Papi go off to work yet?

Mm-hmm. I'm a little jealous of him.

Having a place to go. Full of distractions.

I don't know what to do with myself when he's gone, and this place is so quiet.

I'm not used to a house this quiet.

Val was desperate to come see you next week.

And I told her no.

That's why she was so mad at me.

She found some money in one of Rafa's drawers.

Some cash.

And she was planning on using that money to buy a plane ticket. What?

I totally forgot. I knew I tucked it away somewhere but I couldn't remember where.

Thank God you find it.

And that money is yours to use, Emilio.

However you see fit. Okay?

But, why wasn't that money in the coffee can in the kitchen?

Why was it hidden?

Where'd that money come from?


Your papi, he...

He always has so much on his mind, so many big worries that, sometimes, he doesn't keep track.

Of little things.

Small difficulties are solved with a little money and...

There was all that cash at the end of the night swept up into the bank drop that, very occasionally, when I was there helping to close up, I... I would take a ten... from that pouch.

Sometimes a twenty, but never more than that.

Was no harm in it.

Just a little here and there that he never missed.

And I put it aside.


I mean, what were you saving it for that you couldn't tell Papi?

You, Emilio.

I was saving it for you.

Remember all those visits that we hug you goodbye and I would slip a little something into your shirt pocket. Hmm?

That was for your rent.

That Papi thought it was crazy for you to pay because you could have been living with us.

At home.

Or gas money so you could drive places to...

To play your music.

And that guitar you sold.

Don't you remember? That one with the...

With the strange name?

My Stratocaster.

You loved that thing so much, I couldn't bear the thought of it belonging to anyone else but you.

So I gave you the money to buy it back.

Ms. Mateluna.

Uh, I'm sorry to bother you, I-I'm here to talk to you about my brother's test...

This isn't...

We can talk on the other side of the weekend.

You can't fail him.

I-I haven't even graded the test yet.

He knows he failed.

Which means there is no way he can pass the class.

Which means he won't be able to work at the restaurant or help take care of our baby brother...

He should have thought of that before he took the exam. Not after.

But he did think of it.

And he asked me to help him study and I... let him down.

It's my fault.

But the consequences of his failing, they're all of ours to deal with.

The whole family.

Let me understand, are you asking me to give him a grade he doesn't deserve?

To pass him when he did failing work?

To be honest, how well my brother understands physics has very little to do with the rest of his life.

What has everything to do with it is... how well he... we can keep our family together.

The world hasn't been very kind to us lately.

And... it'd be nice if someone could show Beto a little forgiveness.

Actions have consequences, Lucía.

And even if I can't teach your brother physics, I can teach him that.

Some of us do things as they are supposed to be done.

We take time. We do the work.

We come to this country legally.

I'm sorry that what your parents did put you at risk.

Even though its makes things worse for the rest of us who have to prove over and over again that we have the right to be here.

There are no free passes.

Not for your parents.

Not for any of us.

And not for Beto.


Where'd you go?


I just took a walk.

Do you know what margin of error is?

We learned about it in physics.

You did maybe.

It's like, build an allowance for small mistakes.

Wiggle room.

I don't think we get any, Bey.

It sucks.

But it's how it is.

So, is this gonna be on the next test?

If it is, I'll make sure you understand it.

I'm gonna help you, Bey.

Every day after school.

I'll help you study.


Oscar, wait!

I ain't got nothin' to say to you, kid.



I haven't made a lot of amends in my life.

I figure you're a good person to teach me how to do this one right.

Last night she didn't even come in my room.

Not like I got much sleep I just waited up for her.

Well, she could have slept through the night.

She comes to me to make her feel safe.

No way could I've made her feel safe last night.

Especially, if she heard me and Lucía going at it about my test.

I failed.

Today, I got put on academic probation.

So not only does Emilio have to sign off on everything but, now they're gonna be watching us.

I could blow it for all of us.

So she has the right to be scared.

And to know that I can't make it better for her.

What you don't realize is that not one of those kids in that school can do half the things that you do.

At sixteen, you're doing the job of a mother and a father.

And compared to that, physics, it's a piece of cake.

I think you're incredible.


Could I talk to you for a sec?


I don't wanna lose my place.

My family has a restaurant.

A few blocks away.

I can take you to get a meal there?

It's all right.

You sure?

Why you askin' me?

I mean, why you askin' me and not say... him?

Or her?

I don't know them?

You don't know me.

I think maybe I do.

I just didn't pay attention the way I should've when we met.

And I'm sorry about that.

I'm used to it. It's okay.


It's not.

You've obviously been through some serious shit.

And... and, I was thinking...

Most people don't really understand that where you've ended up, it's not your fault.

It's not something you did.

It's not a reflection on your character.

And, well...

I'm going through the same thing.

Which is why I thought it would be nice if we could, like, hang, talk?

Because at the moment, there's not a lot of people in my life who really understand me.

Don't you have a family?

Well, yeah. Of course. No.

Not, of course.

You have a family.

♪ Dancing bodies in the crowd ♪

♪ We moving till we sweat ♪





Do you mind?

Thank you.

Is it, straight?

Are you sure you want it that high?

Yeah, I want it around just... kinda out of reach.

I don't want it so close it's gonna make me sad that I don't have time to play it.


You know my name.


It's just that you said that sometimes you wouldn't remember the names of the girls that you'd...

Yes, I know your name.

Okay. Cool. Well I should... get back to work.

Remind me...

Oh, I'm Emilio.


Time to go?

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