01x04 - Authentic Mexican

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Party of Five". Aired: January 8 –; March 4, 2020.
Five children suddenly find themselves without their parents in this remake of the '90s original.
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01x04 - Authentic Mexican

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Previously on Party of Five...

You're afraid.

And guess what, Luce? Me, too.

I don't know how to raise a baby.

Or be a parent to a -year-old.

You could have any girl.

You pretty much have had every girl.

In the end, none of them
means anything to you.

This one's not gonna be different.

I'm gonna go check in with
Mami and Papi.

Hey, it's us. Trying you again.

I've already talked to Mami.

Is it okay if she keeps
me company today?

She said she wanted to.

VANESSA: It's not you
she needs less of, Beto.

So what?

Supposed to tell her she
can't call them so much?

Maybe you don't put it on Val.

Val's beside herself, Mami.

I need you to find a way
to make her need you less.


Can you help me so I'm not just
living to hear you and see you?

Are we not gonna talk anymore?


He go back to sleep?

He spent minutes grabbing my ears.

Then he finally conked out.
Probably from boredom.

Ah, he's still in the sensorimotor
stage of his development.

Sensorimotor. That's what?
Learning through touching?

Mmm. Have you been reading
Piaget to impress me?

You just mumble when you study.
It's super annoying.

'Cause it smells just like you

I'm waking up, thinking
it was all a dream

Hold on, hold on, hold on.



I hope you feel lonely

We're out.

Oh, no. There has to be...
There has to be.


No. No. No. No. No.

- Do you have another box somewhere?
- Mm-mm.

Maybe there are more
somewhere else in the house?

- Beto?
- Yeah.

If he has one,
he's had it since junior high.

But, I mean, you said
you're on birth control so...

Couldn't we...

Mm. If we're gonna rely on that alone,

we should get tested.

Right. Yeah, of course.
I mean, I'm-I'm clean.

- But absolutely, we should get tested.
- Hmm.

Know any place we can get tested
in say the next... minutes?

- Hmm?
- How 'bout tomorrow?

After we get the okay,

we can be a little bit more spontaneous.

As long as we're not
seeing anybody else.

Which... I'm not.

Me, neither.

- I guess that makes us exclusive.
- Responsible.

I guess you're right.
I guess we are exclusive.

How does that word feel
coming out of your mouth?


No. No, I've said it before.

Just never meant it.

The love you give away

MICAH: [SIGHS] If we could
take you on a trip, dude,

you know we would. It's just...

My DACA status. I get it.

- How many shows?
- MICAH: Just ten.

It's not like we're headlining.

Though in Hamburg,

we are gonna play Kaiserkeller.

Where The Beatles played?

No chance we could just sneak you

in and out of the country
in a guitar case?

What, and miss this?

Hey, uh, either of you want a beer?

Sure. come join us.

Nah. My boss might give me the
heave-ho for drinking on the job.


- I like her.
- Me, too.

It's weird. Being with somebody

who only knew me as a
small time restaurant guy.

Oh. I guess some girls find that hot.

- Go figure.

Here you go.

- Hey, we don't cater, right?
- Uh, right. Why?

Uh, well, I was just on the phone
with some lady who was asking.

She's hosting a party

and her caterer dropped out last minute.

- She sounded pretty desperate.
- How desperate?

$ a head desperate.

For Mexican food. Seriously?

Yeah. I, I got her information,
just in case.

I'm telling you. Stick with this guy,
Vanessa. He's going places.

Well, I'm not going to Hamburg.

Yeah, but... maybe Beverly Hills?


Did you dry everything on high again?

I'm not an idiot.

[SCOFFS] Do you have a girlfriend, Bey?

A secret girlfriend?

A tiny little secret girlfriend?

Oh, that? That's mine.

Since when do you wear a bra?

Since Tuesday. Beto got it for me.

What? She said Mami's
getting ready to buy her one.

It's a training bra, Lucía.
You had one, too.

You can't let her talk
you into stuff like that.

What was I supposed to do?

She wanted to get Mami
on the phone to okay it,

and we agreed that those
check-ins do more harm than good.

- Why didn't you ask me?
- 'Cause you haven't been around.

- Hanging with that kid Matthew.
- We're not hanging!

I'm helping him find a job.
Open a checking account.

All right. Okay. Can you... maybe
help out with Val sometimes?

Like, at least the girly stuff?

I'm like, clueless.

Fine. I'll try.

What's a training bra train, anyway?

Don't they kinda, like,
know what to do on their own?

Stupid question?

PATTY: This is what I'm imagining.

Authentic... Mexico.

You see that little lady making
homemade tortillas in the corner?

Well, it's a lot to put
together in just a few days.

VANESSA: Yeah, you know,
our rentals may be a bit pricey

- because of the short notice.
- And there'll be some overtime.

You know, lots of hidden costs...

Well. There's no need
to worry about that.

You know, as I said to your wife,

this could lead to a lot
more event work for you. Mm?

We're not, uh...

PATTY: You know, my second husband and I

went to Cozumel for
our third anniversary,

and there was a cafe outside
the hotel just like this.

- It's very charming.
- Mm. It was a perfect...

perfect vacation for us.

He was a diver, and I was a drinker.

Well, we didn't make it to year four,
but as my son always says...

[CLEARS THROAT] This isn't about me.

VANESSA: So for after dinner,

were you thinking of something
like a wedding cake?


Not necessary. No, their...

Their, um, wedding was
a few days ago in Baja.

It all happened very quickly.

Too quickly, if you ask me.

And some things were said.

Anyway... [CHUCKLES]

This surprise party is
my way of showing my son

and that chippy of his that
I have had a change of heart.

And I now approve. Mm.

When can you come see the space?

I vote no.

Well, you don't get a vote, Val.

So how are we gonna cater a party

and keep the restaurant open?
We don't have enough staff.

Well, I was thinking I could
swing it if we had Oscar.

But I gave him the weekend to
move his mom into assisted living.

So, we'll just have
to close for the night.

Don't we have a lot of
reservations on Saturday?

Yeah. Isn't it our busiest night?

Look, all right. You guys need to look

at this as an investment in the future.

All right? I mean,
down the line, the plan'll be

to keep the restaurant open
and expand our business

by catering events.

Cancelling reservations
doesn't seem like

a good way to expand
a client base. I vote no.

Well, you don't get a vote.

I think we should call Mami and Papi

- and see what they say.
- We're not calling 'em, Val.

For the record, I vote no, too.

No one here gets a vote, all right?

It's my decision to make.

I've made it.

I know what you must be thinking.

The water bill must be obscene. [LAUGHS]

But better for the surprise

to have the party at the tennis
court than here, don't you think?

Although we'll miss out on the view,
which is spectacular.

- Isn't it...
- Amazing.

- Ah, it's amazing.
- Lot of smog, but...

We were thinking a salsa bar.

Uh, and passed appetizers.

- Maybe even a seated dinner?
- And a seated dinner.

Oh, aren't you two cute?
Just perfect sync.

Well, there'll be guests.

Uh, no way will we have enough servers.

Well, we'll just have to
call in a full staff, then.

People will be grateful
for the extra work.

Okay. Show you the tennis court.


Hey, knock it off, man.

What, you want me to not
tell you if there's a problem

even if there is a problem?

Mami has that Christmas card list.

Everyone who's ever worked
for Papi, just go through it.

I'm sure some old employees
would be happy to come work.

Especially if you sell it as a fun gig.

I mean, check it out.

When did Papi ever have a
sh*t at something like this? Huh?

I mean, closest he came
to was the front door,

holding a delivery bag.

We're inside.

Yeah. To work.

VANESSA: Hey, hubby, you coming?


Who are you and what are
you doing in my yard?

Uh, we're catering the party.

Huh. Grandma found another caterer.

Wow. You guys must be
super desperate for work.

Well, she's paying us a ton.

Mm. She's making up for trying
to get Wendy to sign a prenup

without my dad's permission.

So we'll hear all about
how much it cost later.

Because money equals love.

Well, if that's true,
my parents don't love me at all.

You know, I have to go to this thing.

But other innocent
people shouldn't suffer.

You should skip.

What if I can help make it better?

How? You gonna sabotage it?

[CHUCKLES] I could give
everyone food poisoning.

- Laxatives in the guac?
- Yeah.


What would it be worth to you?

A lot.

Do you have your phone?
Can I give you my number?

Yeah, sure.

Great. I can't find mine, and
I'm pretty sure I left the ringer on.



- Success.
- Yeah.

Well, if you weren't such a creeper,

I wouldn't have gotten my phone back.

So... thanks, I guess.


And don't really poison everyone.

Too late. The plan's already in motion.


LUCÍA: You changed your mind?

What do you mean you changed your mind?

Well, you didn't see what I saw.

A house?

The future.

I really think this can
be the start of something.

For all of us.

You're probably saying that
because you didn't spend

all afternoon cancelling reservations.

Did you know the Martinez's abue's
th birthday is this Saturday?

I just spent two hours
trying to find them

a table for someplace else.

Well, then, we'll cater her st.

I'm telling you, Luce. It's...

Do you have a fever?

Your, your eyes look weird.
Do you feel okay?

I feel...

ah, I feel... [SIGHS]

It's been a while.




EMILIO: All right, all right.
Apps are working. Mains are prepped.

And the flowers just arrived.

Is Lupita here to make the tortillas?

Uh, not yet,
but there's an hour of cocktails

after the newlyweds arrive
before dinner service, so...

You think everyone invited
tonight has a backyard like this?

We brought the business cards, right?

Yes, yes. I slipped them
in your coat pocket.

- All right.
- Don't worry.

Everything's gonna be great.


Could you make any more noise?

I thought you went to
help out with that party.

You're kidding, right?
I am so not on board for that.

You wanna help me?
I was gonna do some cooking.

LUCÍA: Nah. I'm researching
new places for Mathew to live.

There's a group home in Echo Park.

I'm waiting to hear if they take minors.

I was gonna make Mami's menudo.

That tripe soup? Ooh. It's disgusting.

[SIGHS] Do you know where
Mami's recipe is?

In her brain. She never
wrote anything down.

Okay. Then I'll just give her a call.

Uh, you're not calling her, Val.

- Look it up on the internet.
- It won't be the same.

Didn't she teach you how to make it?

Couldn't we, like,
play Monopoly instead?

- Uh! Uh!
- Mm?

It's just a dream.

Love the paper streamer things. It's...


You and your wife
don't have children, do you?

- Oh. No.
- No. Well...

No matter how many
times they get married,

you wanna be sure and be
there for every wedding.

Just in case that's the one
that sticks. Huh?

Oh, uh, when do the mariachis get here?

- Uh, mariachis?
- Mm.

You did see in the magazine that
there were mariachis, didn't you?

I thought those were reference pictures.

I don't know how
I could have been more clear.



Look, I know this is just a job for you,

but I cannot have this party look
like it was done on the cheap.

- You understand?
- Right, right. Um...

Uh, you know what?

I can handle this.


LUCÍA: Make sure you
don't rub your eyes.

You gotta rinse your hands and
then scrub them with vegetable oil.

Mami taught you that?

I guess. How else would I know it?

- Maybe you're a natural.
- [SCOFFS] Please. I hate cooking.


No, I mean...

this is fun.

But cooking all the time like Mami did?

[SCOFFS] Not interested.

Even though she insisted on teaching me.

Bey and I'd be watching
TV in the other room.

Usually one of those car
shows we were so into.

And Mami'd call me in to
show me some dish she'd made.

Bey, she let be her taster.
But me, she wanted to teach.

Maybe she just wanted
to spend time with you.

Nah. It's because I'm the girl.

I'm the girl. And I wanna learn.

Who's gonna teach me?

Go turn the kettle on.

We need to soak these
in boiling hot water.


A sh*t of your cheapest tequila, please.

Um, I'm, I'm not supposed
to serve drinks.

Come on. My grandma's
making me give a toast,

and I am not nearly liquored up enough

to wish the happy couple well.

Are they really that bad?

They texted me on Wednesday,

not to tell me that they
were officially man and wife,

but to make sure I wasn't letting

the newspapers pile up on the driveway.

Because that's just an
invitation for burglars.

Nice. I mean, at least they
were thinking about you, right?

Just one? Please, Beto?

How do you know my name?

I asked someone.

Okay. How about this?

You tell me yours,
and I'll give you a sh*t.

I'm Ella.


- [bl*ws]



What are you doing here?

Beto dug up my number.

Look at you. You look so...

So, uh...


I was gonna say legal. [CHUCKLES]

Let's be honest. You always looked good.

Even at .

- Oh, God.
- I had some pathetic moves back then.

And a girlfriend, if I recall.


Believe me, I was tempted, but...

you were jail bait, and the boss' son.

Emilio Acosta. You're all grown up.

So, you want me on general service?

That would be great.

Lauren De Sica.
Did you have to call Lauren De Sica?

What's wrong with Laur...?

- Man, you two did it.
- No. No.

I mean, I tried.
Made a fool of myself trying.

Well, how was I supposed to know that?

If I had limited myself to
women that you hadn't slept with

or tried to sleep with,
I would've had no one to call.

- Want me to send her home?
- No. No, we need the help.

- All right, get back to work.
- Fine.

Wh... hey, do I have to put this on?

What are these?

Ms. McDonald wanted me to pass
'em out for dinner service.

All right. What's the
problem? Put it on.

Isn't it kind of r*cist?

What's r*cist about it? It's a uniform.

What, you don't think it's weird
that white people

are asking us to dress up
in Mexican costumes?

Well, now I'm asking you to do it.

Lots of restaurants have their
staff wear stuff just like this.

See? Looks fine.

[CHUCKLES] You look like a tablecloth.

Emilio! Emilio, it's Lupita.

- Oh, great. Okay, the tortilla...
- No, no, no.

Her husband dropped off the van
with all the tortilla stuff, but...

Lupita's in labor.
They Ubered to the hospital.



It needs something.

- Oregano?
- I can't tell. It's different.

- It's different than Mami's.
- It's not gonna be exactly the same.

I think it's better, Luce.

It's not better. How is it better?

It's not an insult.

Well, I did it exactly as she taught me.

It's the same, or not as good.

VALENTINA: Why are you getting all mad?

I'm not a cook, okay?

What did I say? I don't understand.


Hey, Emilio.

- What? When?
- What is it?

He needs you to fill in for Lupita.

- Right now?
- You okay putting Rafa down?

- I guess.
- Get the address.



PATTY: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!
Everybody! Everybody!

The driver just texted me.

They are just turning onto the street.

I'm going to get them. Lights out!

- Ooh! Sorry.
- That's okay.

Uh, we haven't met yet. I'm Lauren.

- Vanessa.
- You're Vanessa?

Emilio's Vanessa?

Well, yes.

- I cannot believe it.
- Really? Why's... why's that?

Well, back when I knew him,

he just seemed so destined
to be, like, a player.

Obviously, I read him wrong
if seven years later

he's still with his high
school sweetheart.

Oh, no. I'm...

I think you're thinking of someone else.

- A different Vanessa?
- Oh, shit.

I'm sorry. I...

When I said "player," I was...

Oh, he was. Yes.
By all accounts, he was, but...

I'm, you know, I'm not even
his second Vanessa. I'm his...

- ... third.

PATTY: I don't know.
Pipe must have burst. The...

whole tennis court is
completely under water!

- ALL: Surprise!


Look at that.

Now... [GRUNTS]

play. [CHUCKLES]




Besame mucho

Como si fuera esta noche,
la ultima vez


Besame mucho

Que tengo miedo a perderte,
perderte despues

Que tengo miedo a perderte,
perderte despues

What the hell are you wearing?

It's fine.

Excuse me? This is not fine.

- That hat is not fine.
- It's, it's a little gross, okay?

I can't exactly make a stink.

Why would you have to make a stink?

Couldn't you simply just say,
"Um, excuse me, ma'am.

I feel uncomfortable dressing
up like a Mexican bobble head."

I don't need you to go all social
justice warrior on me, okay, Lucía?

- I can't have a point of view?
- Yes, you can have a point of view.

Just keep it to yourself.

Look, if I mouth off to that woman,

I'm gonna blow the tip, and no way
will this lead to anything bigger.

These are rich people. Connected people.

We make a good impression on them,
and this could lead to...

I, I don't even know what, okay?
Something better.

Something bigger for all of us.

And four of them have
already asked for my card.

So more people want you
to go to their homes

and play "La Cucaracha"?

Lupita's van is down the street.

Can you move it to the
driveway and get the stuff out?

We're already behind on the tortillas.


You guys got coffee?

I overdid it a touch
with the loosening up.

Um, yeah. Give me a sec.

I decided to talk about how I
found out they were engaged.

Via Wendy's Instagram story.

It's funny, 'cause it was so bad.

Just one blurry, dark photo
of a giant blood diamond.

[CHUCKLES] Well, that'll probably k*ll.

They didn't even invite me
to the wedding in Mexico.

Not that I wanted to go.

Well, my parents are in
Mexico without me, too.


Um, is there something
that you could say?

About what they love about each other?

Money. Boobs.

- It's a tale as old as time.
- Yeah.

Do your parents love each other?

How can you tell?

Well, it's corny, but they have
this way of holding hands.

It's not like...

It's like...

I don't know. They're always doing it.

Reaching for each other's hands,

whether they're happy,
or sad or stressed.

It's like they're phone chargers.

Have to be plugged into each
other a few hours every day.

You have an unsuspected depth

for a man in a ridiculous poncho.

Thank you.





Hey, sorry to interrupt,

but let's give it up for
my Grandma Patty,

who put all this together.


So, I was thinking about what
to say about my dad and Wendy.


I remember the first time I knew
that they would wind up together.

Just by the way they were holding hands.

They didn't know that
I saw them. But I did.

And there's just something so
magical about holding hands.

It's, you know, so intimate...

Uh, the last dozen
are coming out right now.

You're driving that big,
ugly van, right?

- Hmm?
- The van.

Out front.

I watched you drive
it into the driveway.

- Oh, yeah.
- We have a problem.

- DAN: Look at this!
- No. No.

How did this happen?

You probably forgot to
set the parking brake.

I need your license and insurance.

I'm gonna level with you.

I don't have a license.

I don't have insurance.
Uh, this isn't even my van.

I'm just helping out because
the couple it belongs to

is at the hospital right
now having a baby.

Oh, that is very unfortunate.

Actually, they've been
trying for a while,

and we're very excited for them.

But they can't be bothered now,

so we're gonna have to work this out.

I'll give you my number, and

when you figure out what it's gonna cost

- to fix the bumper, you can...
- Yeah, I know what it's gonna cost.

It's $ , .

Here's the thing.

There's no way that's gonna cost $ , .

Really. Oh, I'm sorry.
Do you have, like, a...

An auto body side job that you do?
Do you, honey?

Because let me explain something to you

about the repair costs
on a classic Rover.

You're thinking I'm a girl, right?

- Aren't you?
- No.

I mean, you're thinking because
I'm a girl, I don't know car stuff.

- Well, we know you can't drive.
- That is not a classic Range Rover.

It's gotta be years
or older to be a classic.

And the actual classic designation

requires a low production run,

unique lines,
and a well-known body designer.

Don't underestimate me because
I know how to make tortillas.

If you can wait till
the end of the night,

I'll get you $ , cash.

A thousand dollars. You know what?

Why don't we just call the
cops and see what they say?

And I could go back in
there and tell your friends

that you called the police
on the caterer's kid sister

because she refused
to let you gouge her.

$ , .

$ , . And you're still
gonna come out ahead.


Mami, check out what we made.


- Who are you?

Who are you?

I'm trying to call my mom.

You mean Glo?

Oh, yeah. She's downstairs
making my dinner.

Do you want me to give her a message?

Why do you have her phone?

she was helping with my math,

and she left it on the
charger in my room.

She helps you with your homework?

I mean, just math.

and Spanish, obviously.

But why?

[OVER PHONE]: What do you mean, why?

Okay. I'll just tell her to call you.

Where is he? Point him out.
Maybe I can appeal to him...

I told you, I worked it out.
It could have been so much worse.

That's our tip.

Why do you think
I couldn't handle this, huh?

I know how to argue with people.
It's one of my many skills.

I mean, frankly, you should be
thanking me for not just saying,

"Oh, yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

How can I supplicate so as
not to upset you more?"


I wouldn't have handled
it that way, okay?

Really? So you've gotten tired
of eating shit, have you?

- Hey.
- Hi.

That was a nice story.

You catching them holding hands.

Could have thought of that without me.

I saw them do it under the table

with my mom sitting across from them.


Yeah, my mom actually hired
Wendy to redo my dad's office.

She was too busy
self-medicating to realize

Wendy's plan was to get rid of
more than just his sectional.

Yeah, not a lot of people
to like in that story, huh?

- [SCOFFS] No.
- My oblivious mom,

man-opausal dad,
gold-digging stepmom, and...



The what?

What are you?


I'm a mess.

I just keep imagining my mom right now,

in her shitty condo.

Popping pills and watching infomercials,

so she doesn't have to think
about what's going on over here.

Is it wrong that I wanted
them to stay together

even though they hated each other?


No, of course not.

You know what would help?

Would you... maybe...

kiss me?

Um, I should get back to work.

I'm still thinking about
my miserable family.

- Now?
- Mm, slightly less.



What are you doing?

- Dad, I...
- Who is this kid?

- Uh, I'm sorry, sir. My name is...
- I don't care what your name is.

Now you're making out with the help?


- I'm sorry, sir. I shouldn't have...
- No, no. Don't apologize to him.

Hey, what kind of business
are you running here?

You condone this kind of
thing from your workers?

Sir, I'm so sorry, okay?
This is completely inappropriate,

and Beto knows better.

You're out of line.

Walk away.

That's it? You're not gonna f*re him?

Honey, let it go. We have guests.

Sir, he understands that he overstepped.

Yes. I'm so sorry, sir.

It'll never happen again,
so if you could just move past this,

- I would greatly appreciate it.
- I wanna see you f*re him.

Honey, please. Leave it alone.
Come back to the table.

He's just a kid.

He made a mistake.

JIM: I want to know you're
not just yessing me, here.

That you're gonna make
sure he learns his lesson

before you drop him back

on whatever street corner you found him.


All right.

Pack it up. Party's over.

Wait. What, what do you mean,
it's over? No.

- The invitation said eleven.
- It's okay, Emilio.

- It is not okay.
- Tell everyone in the kitchen,

all equipment, all rentals,
we pack up in the driveway.

Well, they certainly can't expect a tip.

JIM: You really wanna ruin this night?

Walk away?

That's the kind of
professional that you are?

That's my brother.

And as long as I'm around, no one...

no one...

is gonna ever talk to him like that.



- $ , .
- Thank you.

DAN: You drive a hard bargain.


I'm a few minutes behind you.

I gotta pack up Lupita's van.

Gotta make sure
it runs first, but, uh...

I'll see you at home.


- It's okay, Bey.
- Uh, sorry, I just, I...

I don't know what I was thinking.
I just... I really liked her.

She seemed to like me,
and that my brain just short-circuited,

and I'm sorry.

Look, they paid what they owed.

Okay? That includes the,
uh, staff, food, rentals...

If we would have gotten than tip
we would have come out ahead,

but the thing with
the van, and... [EXHALES]

Truth is...

we would have done
better at the restaurant,

any night of the week.

See you at home.

He asked if I was gonna be a lawyer,

so that's something, huh?



Woo-wee, are those people...


Thanks for coming tonight.

I'm sorry I couldn't offer you
more than just your hourly.

It's okay.

It was entertaining.

There's never a dull moment around you.

I forgot about that.

You're always up for a fight.

- I was not.
- With your dad.

With your band mates.

You and I fought, remember?

- Yeah.
- I called you a skeeve

for trying to cheat on your girlfriend

without a moment's hesitation.

That I remember.


You didn't care who or what
stood in your way. You just...

I don't think anyone has ever wanted me

as much as that -year-old boy did.

I wish I could say
my scruples haven't changed

in the last seven years, but...

A bad marriage will make you feel
like it's every woman for herself.

Is that terrible?

It's flattering.

But I can't.

If you're offering.


Not offering.

It's just a test. You passed.


Guess the third Vanessa's
the charm, huh?

Val, we're home.

What's that smell?

- Smells like Christmas.

Val and I were making
menudo when Emilio called.

What is it? Is Rafa okay?

I called Mami to show her what we made.

A girl answered.

The girl she takes care of.

Right. Well, that's her job.

VALENTINA: She's my age.

And it's just her.

She has Mami all to herself.

I'm sorry. That's probably not
the best way to find out...

That girl has two mothers. Two.
And I don't even have one!

- You still have a mother.
- Why did you leave me alone?

I wouldn't have called
her if you'd been here.

- E-Emilio needed me.
- I needed you.

We were having a good time,
and then the second the phone rang,

it's like you couldn't
wait to get out of here.

It's hard to explain.

It's not about not wanting
to spend time with you.

It's about not wanting to be...


I don't wanna be good at the
things that she's good at,

because what if that's all
I'm good at, and...

- Hey. Come here. [GRUNTS] Shh.

[WHISPERS]: It's okay.

I know. It sucks. I know.


- Come on. Come on, let's go.

Don't b*at yourself up.

It seemed like a good opportunity.

You didn't know it would
turn out the way it did.

Funny thing is,

my dad never served a meal
outside his restaurant.

And I thought that made him small-time.

Truth is, he didn't need
to walk out those doors

to feel like some big sh*t.

People came to him.

On his terms.

Not the other way around.

Maybe that's the lesson.

Make them come to you.
I mean, if it's a good business,

it doesn't need to be more
than what it is right now.

That's just it.

I do.

I can't be just this.

What, a restaurateur?

Do you wanna rejoin your band?

I wanna go back a week,

to when I made you a promise that
I don't really think I can keep.

I don't wanna break up. Okay? And...

I don't wanna see anyone else.

Then, what's the problem?

One day I will.

One day, I'm gonna want
to be with someone else.


How do you know?

Because I don't want everything
I have in this moment...

to be everything I'm ever gonna have.

And I'm the only thing that's optional.


Can we just go back?

To the way things were?

Yeah, I don't think I'd like myself
very much if I agreed to that.

So what are you thinking?

I'm really gonna miss your family.

♪ Un, dos, tres, cuatro ♪



♪ Vengo desde muy lejos ♪

♪ Buscando el azul del cielo ♪

♪ Siguiendo predicamentos ♪

♪ Vengo desde muy lejos ♪

Where are we going?

Wherever you like.

♪ Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh ♪
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