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01x08 - Dos y Dos

Posted: 03/01/22 09:41
by bunniefuu
Previously on Party of Five...

MAN: Please welcome
the organizer of this event,

Lucia Acosta.

It's not the biggest fight.

It's not the ultimate fight.

But it's tonight's fight.


And now, please welcome

The Natural Disasters.



Didn't feel right.

- What didn't?
- The place, th-the song.

Look, you're about to be very,
very mad at me,

but in my defense...

You called my dad!

Amanda and I dance together.

Do you mind getting a picture of us.

Okay. Smile.

You too, Amanda.

Does being an Amanda feel safer

than being a Valentina?


♪ Drop it ♪


MAN: Ohh!

Ohh, yeah!

- Amanda! Way to go!
- GIRL: Go, Amanda.

Way to bring it home.

ALL: Go, Amanda!


Go, Amanda!

Go, Amanda!

When we get home, you can tell Natalia

I'm not speaking to her.

I won't be able to tell
her myself because

I am not speaking to her.

You can't blame Natalia, Val.

She was worried about you.

I'm worried about you.

Well, you can stop worrying.

- I'm fine!
- No.

No, you're not fine, Val,
not if you're too afraid

to tell people your own name.

That was something I
did on the first day, okay?

I walked in, I signed up,

I looked around, and I didn't see

anyone else who looked like me.

And I just thought,
what if I used a name

that didn't make me stick out?

Because the fact that
I don't have parents

makes me stick out enough.

Val, you do have parents.

Not like those girls do.

Mami and Papi are never gonna show up

to see me dance.

And when you have the name Amanda Davis,

no one thinks maybe the reason

your parents aren't there is because

they got thrown out of the country.

Are we driving or what?



Uh, one oat milk latte and, uh,

six thousand dollars of liquid justice.

All the cash we raised last night.

You didn't have to bring this here,

but thank you.

And thank you.

Uh, I wanted to check in about
what happened last night.

Ha! It's definitely going to
be an evening to remember.

Isn't that stuff you see all
the time on the front lines?

Punches getting thrown?
People yelling insults at each other?

I'm not talking about what
happened with your brother.

I'm talking about you.

That speech of yours... Ah!

Oh. Uh, well, there was
a lot there to inspire me...


Just sit with that for a second.

You really came into your own, Lucia.

And you're going to learn
how to take a compliment

before I'm done with you.

Uh, so what's next? Another event?


After every fundraiser,
we have a follow-up dinner

to discuss distribution of funds.

Have you ever planned
a meal for activists?

Vegan. Gluten free. Paleo...

And you're a vegetarian.

Yeah, but that's mostly
because of climate change.

Twist my arm and I'll
eat a Double Double.


Uh... well, if there's
any way I can help, uh...

Maybe you don't know this about me...

Really, why would you,

but I love to cook.


- Hey.
- Good morning.

So, what happened after
my dad hauled me off?

Did Emilio get in trouble with the cops?

No, it was okay in the end.

Look, I was just...

I was up all night worried
that I'd screwed everything up

for you and your family.

Well, if you were so worried,

why didn't you text me back last night?

Because my dad took my phone away

along with everything else:

you know, my car, my freedom.

I had to climb out a window to get here.


Sometimes it's...

it's hard to know
where I stand with you.

You can blow hot and cold.

Mad last night, sorry this morning.

Keeps you on your toes, though, yes?


It's one way I'm different than my dad.

You know, he decides
how he feels about a person

and then there's absolutely
no changing his mind.

That guy is never gonna like me.

We ruined the first night
of his new life, remember?

He's never gonna forgive
either of us for that.

What about your mom?

Do you ever think about living with her?

Sure. Yeah. I just... I, um...


It's complicated.

She's not very good at
taking care of other people.

Well, do you even need that?

I don't know.

I'm . Aren't I supposed to need it?

Well, nobody's taking care of me...

and I seem to be doing pretty well.

EMILIO: I must admit, uh,
it's a little weird having you here.

Well, you haven't been over to my house

in a long time either, so...

we're even.

So, uh, do I just insist
that she be honest with them?

No matter what it costs her?



Is it really that you don't
know what to say to her, Emilio?

Or are you asking me to do it for you?

Look, I'm just her brother.

Right? I think it'd mean
more coming from a priest.

But you've laid down
the law in the past.

So why are you having
trouble now, do you think?


I'm wondering if you feel like you lack

the moral authority to make your case.

What do you mean?

Some of my parishioners were
at the fundraiser last night.

I heard how you walked off the stage...


Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry.

[SIGHS] Look, Padre,

I don't know what you heard,

but it was just the wrong song.

That's all.

And what would've been a better song?

I don't know.

Something that's not
about what your hair

looks like after sex.


sh*t! Oh, sorry!


Let me ask you, Emilio.

Do you have those other kinds
of songs in your repertoire?

Or would you say they're
all a variation on the, uh,

hair and sex theme?

So what if they are?

No. No, no, I mean it, Padre.

What's wrong with that?

Your sister does not
yet have those, uh...

alarm bells that go off when
who she shows herself to be

doesn't match who she truly is.

But you have them, Emilio.

You might not want to listen,

but they're sounding.

- Is Val upstairs?

I'll go have a word with her.


Didn't your mother
teach you how to cook?

Nope. Never wanted me to learn.

She'd come home after working

-hour days at a candy factory

and make me sit on a stool

and read to her from my school books

while she cooked my dinner.

She wanted me to have a
life where I used my mind,

not my hands.

My mother thought it was something

every girl should know.

Yeah, well, joke's on me though

'cause now I live alone
and I can't feed myself.

I don't know what I'm
gonna do when I have kids.

So, you're planning on having kids?


I mean, yeah.



Maybe that's not something
you know just quite yet.

Oh, I-I know.

I, I definitely know.

Kids. Yes. Absolutely. Gotta have 'em.

Do you worry about being
able to raise a family

and focus on your career?

God! I hate that question.

Me, too. It's the worst.




What's this?

offered to cook for us all.

ALLISON: Oh, fantastic!

So we don't have to have Poison Control

- on hold all night?

Hola, querida.

So, I'm just gonna put my
stuff down in the bedroom,

and then are you gonna make a
liquor store run or should I?


ELLA: Mom.

Suffocating here.


Are you absolutely certain?
Do you really mean it?

She really means it, Mrs. Barnett.

Nothing could make me happier.

I mean, mi casa es su casa.

I didn't say that because you're...

Oh God. Words just fly
out of my mouth sometimes.

Please, Beto, forgive me.

- It's okay.
- ELLA: This was Beto's idea.

I am so grateful to have you
as an ally, Beto.

The only advocates in my
life charge me $ an hour.

Speaking of which,
I should call my lawyer.

But I thought custody was fifty-fifty.

MARGAUX: Ugh. It is,
but nothing riles Jim up

like a person willing to take him on.

Well, you know, right?

He doesn't like anyone who's an Alpha.

I, I wouldn't say I'm an Alpha.

Well, you went
to his office to meet with him.

Sounds pretty Alpha to me. Oh!

Hi, Jennifer Randle, please. Thanks.

Wait, you went to see my dad?
At his office?

I thought if I could get
on his good side somehow...

So, you two talked about me?

- Behind my back?
- I was trying to make things easier.

We talked about this this morning.

Why didn't you tell me then?

- Because...
- MARGAUX: Oh, again,

words fly out.

I, I didn't mean to start a fight.

- BETO: No...
- No, we're not,

we're not fighting, Mom.

- ELLA: It's, um...

- It's fine.
- BETO: Mm-hmm.

ELLA: It's in the past.

You are staying the night, young man.

And not in that sad twin in Ella's room.

I'm gonna give you two my bed.

Oh, uh, that's really not necessary,
Mrs. Barnett.

Oh, Margaux, please.

And I insist.

Hello, Jennifer...

Well, that was $
worth of Celine Dion.

Well, she loves you, that's for sure.

Kindly explain your selection process.

She is clueless about wine.

TERESA: I decided I could buy

three bottles of $ wine

or bottles of $ wine.

Bet you anything this stuff
tastes like salad dressing.

TERESA: Can you set the table?
I'll be out in .

Shall we see?

Uh, no, thanks.

So, is everyone who's coming
at the fundraiser last night?

There'll probably be some new plus ones.

Everyone in this group has pretty
much slept with everyone, so...

Although... wait,

have I...

No. None of my exes are coming tonight.

Well, except Sully.

So, you and she aren't together?

- Or you are?
- Exactly.

Now this is surprisingly not terrible.

Here. You gotta try it.

Finish it.

I'll pour a new glass.

So, do you have one of those

are-we-or-aren't-we, depends-on-the-day

kind of relationships?

Ah. Well, I mean, who doesn't?

Hmm. So you get it.

I mean, we're not poly,
but we're definitely not mono.

Pretty much just is what it is.

Ultimately, I believe in
not limiting your options.

I mean, I show up with my suitcase,

sometimes I stay long
enough to unpack it,

sometimes I don't.

But at the end of the day,

Sully and I both know I'll eventually

be unpacking it someplace else.

To freedom.




You ever plan on calling me back?

It's just gonna get ugly, dude.

I figure if we don't
say what we're thinking,

maybe in...

a few months or years,

we'll be able to sit down
and have a few beers.

Actually, uh...

you knew what I was thinking.

Long before I did.

I thought it was just that one song,

but it's all the songs, man.

And the truth is,
I don't think I can sing songs

about a life I'm not living anymore.



I guess it's time for me to move on.

And you should, too, man.

Seriously, dude. Go make some new music.

It's hard enough watching
you guys do this without me,

do you really have to do
it using the stuff I wrote?

We've got a session on Monday, man.

The studio is booked.

We're not gonna pull the
plug and take six months

to write new material and hope,

just hope that it's
good enough to land us

back where we are right now.

We need those songs.

Come on, man. Please.

You at least going to include
me in the liner notes?

We'll dedicate the whole album
to you, man.


- Thanks, bro.
- Mm-hmm.


Anyone home?

Who wants dinner?



after you made
Padre Jimenez lecture me,

I called Kelly.

Guess what she said?


- Uh...
- She called me a liar!

And said that impersonating
someone on Instagram

is a felony and I could be arrested!

That's not true, Val.

You didn't impersonate anyone.

You made a fake name,
like half the people on the internet.

Not the half that's
blocked me from their DMs.

Kelly told the whole entire troupe,

and they deleted me from the chat.

Well, give them some time.
They'll come around.

If you want, I'll go down
there with you and talk to them.


Stay away from me.

You act like you understand,
but you don't understand.

No one understands.

Not Natalia who... ratted me out.

Or Lucia who doesn't listen.

Or even Beto, 'cause he's never around.

Only Mami understands...

but you don't let me talk to her either.

You take everything away!





TERESA: Lucia.

We're just sitting down for your dinner.

Can you join us?

Uh... in a minute.

TERESA: It's been a while.
I just wanted to check on you.

- Open up.

Oh, my God.

What was she thinking?


Take a sip.


Honestly, I cannot believe
Allison gave you all that wine.

It felt right in the moment.

Isn't that how she makes her decisions:

whatever feels right?

W-what do you mean?

I mean...

isn't that how she's with you?

What did she tell you?

Just that you two are on and off and...

she's the one who comes and goes.

Which doesn't seem like
something you'd want.

Not if you want a family.

Uh, okay, well, that's personal.

- Allison shouldn't have...
- You're so, like...


To everything.

Causes. People.

When you're with someone,
you're with them.

Like how you are when you're with me.

Why would you want to be with someone

who only wants to be with
you some of the time?

Listen to me... Lucia.

You're not in any shape
for a dinner party.

I think you should go and
lie down in the guest room.

You can sleep in there tonight,

and we'll talk about
this in the morning.


I'm sorry.



EMILIO: Is it a -year-old girl thing?

Because Micah and I
just had a falling out

and hours later, we're good.

It's an every girl thing.

We hold grudges to the death.

- No exceptions.

- Yeah.
- Are you gonna try

to write some new songs for yourself?

What about? Invoices?

What rhymes with diaper rash?



Take out the trash.

Poet, remember?

Maybe we could...

I don't know... collaborate.

I could help with the words
if you wrote the music.

You wanna be a songwriter?

Aren't lyrics a type of poetry?

You said that.


You'd be slumming it, working with me.

I mean, your stuff is so...

- So what?
- It's beautiful.

And the things you write about,
they're so...

big and important.

Doesn't that make them
worth singing about?

We don't have the
same frame of reference.

I mean, the things you write about
are so specific to your people.

To your life. To your culture.

Um... don't we have the same culture?

Aren't my people your people?



my parents brought me to this country

to be an American.

I mean, they wanted me to fit in.

It mattered to them that I spoke English

without an accent.

You know, so I played football

and not soccer.

I listened to music that wasn't
anything like my parents listened to.

And all my friends have...

they've been white.

My girlfriends too.

Suddenly, it's like
I'm betraying my people

by not being Mexican enough,

not seeing myself as part of a place

my parents actually took me away from.

So, for me to sing about
the Mexican experience,

the immigrant experience...

it feels like a lie.


Oh. Did I wake you?

No, I, I just didn't know
what that noise was.


Being up late like this, it's...

the best thing about
having my own place.

Um, Jim

operated on a more
of a traditional clock.


W-what are you making?


Curtains for the guest room.

This is my third attempt.

Jim, he thinks that I can't finish

anything that I start.

But I just... I want
to get it right, you know.

I just want to get something right.

You're the same.

Am I?

You hang in there. I can tell.

You wanna work through problems.

I'm so grateful she has you.

She seems so much better.

Better than...

When she was in the hospital.

Oh. Right.

It was awful.

I can't tell you, I mean,
for her, too, but...

Did she tell you about her roommate?

The one who pulled
out all of her eyebrows?


It was terrible.

Of course, we wanted her
to have a private room,

but they wouldn't allow it.

They said that it was safer

if there was someone else there.

We thought that we were gonna lose her.

It was awful.

I think that she's turned a corner.

Thanks to you.



EMILIO: Hey, Val.

Good morning.

I made pancakes.

Look, I know you're angry.

It's okay that you're mad at me.

It really is.


Look, just let me know you're okay,
or I'm coming in.


Come back to bed.

You were in a psychiatric hospital.

Wait, what?

I woke up last night and
your mom was up sewing,

- and she said that...
- She's up at night again?


Ella, what happened?


Nothing happened, Beto.

Well, did something almost happen?

'Cause she made it sound like...

I'm sure she did.

I'm sure she made it sound
as dramatic as possible.

Did she tell you they
had me in restraints?

You were in restraints?


Of course not.

But I've heard her tell
the story where I was.

Well, what is the story?

And why haven't you told it to me?

Because you're gonna jump
to conclusions about me

that aren't true.

- And then you're gonna...
- Ella...

did you try to k*ll yourself?


Well, did you do something
that would have led people

to think you wanted to die?


it was two years ago.

They were in the middle of splitting up

and having screaming matches

day and night, right in front of me.

And the thing is, I don't know
a -year-old in the world

who could see their parents
yell at each other like that

and not want to do something.

Did you take something?

You're already looking
at me differently.

I can feel it.

No, I'm just trying to understand.

- Wait...

Wait, something is...


Why would Emilio be
you calling this early?

- Hey.
- BETO: Emilio!

A bunch of her clothes are
missing from her drawer,

- and I think she took her backpack.
- When's the last time you saw her?

I knocked on her door last night,
but she wasn't answering me.

Are you sure she was in there?

Yeah. Yeah, it was locked, so yeah.

And later? When you got home?

I didn't come home.

You didn't? Where were you?

- Where were you?
- EMILIO: Look, okay,

so it's been at least
hours since anyone's seen her.

We need to call the police.

We can't do that.
They'll call the social worker.

So what? Val's missing.

The more people trying
to find her, the better.

No, no. If the social worker thinks

I'm not taking care of her,
that she ran away...

Worry about that after
we find her and know she's safe!

ELLA: Well, I doubt she ran away.

She's probably at a friend's place.

She's trying to make you worry.

No. No, she wouldn't do that.

Well, if she's trying to
punish you guys, she might.

- What?
- EMILIO: No, she has a point.

I mean, she was pretty pissed at me.

For what? What did you do to her?

What does it matter, Lucia? She's gone.

Okay, maybe she's at a friend's house?

Who are even her friends
from school these days?

Uh, there was Cassidy, right? Cassidy.

And wasn't there a Brittany?

But she doesn't mention them anymore.

I don't think she's hung with
any of them since Mami and Papi...

Oh, I know she likes, um,

the girls from her dance troupe.

No. Trust me,
she's isn't with any of them.

Maybe we should just call Mami.

That's who Val calls when she's upset.

Maybe it'd help to know

when the last time
they were in touch was.

Okay, try her,

but you can't let her
know Val's missing.

You think I'm an idiot?

GLORIA: [ON SCREEN] What is it, mi amor?

Just calling to see how
it's going down there.

Uh... can I call you a little bit later?

There's been an accident.

Remember I told you about the woman

that lives above us?


She, she cut herself cooking
and, and she's here,

and it's very deep.

Oh. Well, that sounds, um...

you go deal with that.

Just have you spoken to Val at all?

Like, last night or this morning?

No. Why?

She just said she was gonna call you.

Tell her this afternoon would
be a better time, okay.

- I have to go, mi amor.
- Wait...

Emilio got a call.

Where is it?

It's always here.
Isn't this where Mami kept it?

Why do we even need it?
Shouldn't we just go get her?

No, the guy said
we need two forms of ID.

That's the only way
they'll release her to us.

Luce, anything?

LUCIA: Still looking.
It's not anywhere downstairs.

Wait, the officer
didn't let you talk to her?

No, she wouldn't talk to me.

Look, we'll deal with that later, okay.

She's fine. She's safe.

The guy said they've got
someone waiting with her

in the facility down there, so...

It was under her bed.

She took hers with her.

BETO: Well, sure,

she needed it to cross the border.

Get the baby and let's go.

Who lets a -year-old buy
a bus ticket on her own?

She must have gotten
someone to help her out.

She's become a really good liar lately.

You said her friends were vicious

when she mentioned the name thing?

One of them threatened
to call the police.

BETO: Probably
scared the hell out of her.

So she ran to the one
place she knew was safe...

Mami and Papi.

I really don't think it was
about her needing to feel safe.

It's a very scary trip for a little girl

who doesn't feel safe
to make all by herself.

Well, what is it, then?

You think she's doing
this for attention?

LUCIA: Oh, come on.

She is so not.

Okay, maybe not in
a show-offy kind of way.

But in a I'm-sad. I-don't-know
what-else-to-do kind of way.

Something's broken and she
doesn't know how to fix it,

so she tried this.


our family is not broken, okay?

It's in pieces.

Two very distinct pieces.

And if she can be the thing that
those pieces have in common,

you know, if she can
connect both halves of her life

by uniting everyone in their worry...

- That's ridiculous.
- Of course it is.

It's irrational and immature

and totally magical thinking.

Only the thing is is sometimes...

it works.

Okay, well, that's not it.


Whatever you went through, I'm sorry.

But that's you.

That isn't Val. You don't know her.

- Hey.
- ELLA: Well, I know her some.

Maybe you and Beto made the
situation worse for her.

You haven't been
paying enough attention,

ever since you and Ella...

You two share a room,

- you didn't come home last night.
- All right.

- Is that on me, too?
- I also wasn't the one

who paid for her to
join that dance troupe,

where this whole thing started.

Ella could've never known
that Val was gonna do that...

- This isn't helping anything.

You're gonna scare the baby.

Knock it off.




Lucia. Are you okay?

You took off so early this morning,
I was worried.

I left messages.

Uh, look, now's not a good time.

Who're you talking to?

I'm in the car with my family.
Can I call you later?

TERESA: Well, could you
maybe just... listen?

I let you into my private life

in a way that

may have left you a
little confused...

about what's... appropriate.

Do you have feelings for me, Lucia?

I think you do.

And while that's flattering...

I think you may have
confused my affection for you

for... something more.

Are you there?

I shouldn't have...

I wasn't...

I'm sorry about the things I said.

TERESA: Do not be sorry.

Okay? Just understand

what kind of relationship
you and I are able to have.

I can be your friend.

I can teach you what I know.

Give you advice.

I just need you to know that...

things can never be romantic between us.

That's not a line we can ever cross.

- TERESA: Okay?


I need to know that you've heard me.

I'm sorry. I...

I have to go.


Could you mind
your own business, please?

- BETO: Every Sunday at least.
- LUCIA: When? When?

When exactly are we gonna do that

when you spend your whole
entire time with this girl?

- I can easily...
- Look, look, hey, guys.

Hey, I'm just saying, okay.

We need to figure out a plan.

Otherwise, we pick her up,
we bring her back home and what?

What's going to be different?

Maybe we take her to a therapist?

Yeah. Yeah, we could.

But how much do you
think a good one costs?

Oh, how should I know?
I didn't pay the bills.

There's gotta be doctors that
specialize in this kind of thing.

You think a lot of brown
people who can't afford lawyers

to help them avoid deportation

are working through their
emotional issues in therapy?

Man, what's your problem?
Ever since that phone call...

I don't wanna talk about it.

Maybe you need a therapist.

Hey. Hey! Enough, you two.

God. Look, we're about miles away,

and we need to figure out how to
make her want to get in this van

and come home,

and it not seem like
some kind of punishment.

Otherwise, she's just gonna
want to go back to being,

if not Amanda Davis,

then some other girl who isn't her.

Wait, she's using the name Amanda Davis?

Where the hell have you been
for the past three hours?

Wait, that's the name?

Amanda Davis?

What is wrong with you?

What is wrong with him?

Val didn't pull that
name out of thin air.

That's the name of the little girl
that Mami takes care of.



MAN [OVER P.A.]: Please have
your documents ready...

Uh, we're looking
for a Valentina Acosta.

Are you okay?

LUCIA: We were so worried.


VALENTINA: Are you mad at me?

Don't be mad.

I understand now

why you took that name.

You don't want to be some other girl.

You wanted to be that girl,

the one that gets to spend
every day with the mother

you don't get to be with.

I was... I just...

I need to see her.

To see them both.


Look how brave you were...

doing all this...

getting a bus ticket...

coming all this way...

So... what happens now?

You keep going.


- I love you.
- I love you too.


ELLA: Where are you meeting them?

Emilio made some reservation
at a motel halfway between.

We'll take a bus south,
and they'll take one north.

We can Skype. I'm
sure they'll have wi-fi.

What if I, I call someone,

messenger my passport?

Then I can come with you.

We can't wait that long.

I'm just scared.

You're gonna have a few days away

and a lot of time to think,

and the things you're
gonna be thinking about me

are bad things.

I don't know, I-I can't tell

if it made it worse telling
you what actually happened.

Do you understand at all?

I don't know.

We can talk about it.

Val comes first right now.


here's your passport.

BETO: Thanks.

I'll get Ella home safe.

- Ella, please, don't just walk...
- Let her go.

No. Back off, Luce.

You've never had anyone.

You don't know what
it's like to be in love.

I wish you could come with us.

Me too.

I sent Rafa along with
the three of them so, uh...

there's no need for you
to come for a few days.

You're doing the right thing.

Letting them go.

Sending them all together
to see your parents.

Ah, it's just...

It's funny. If I were American,

I could go with them to Mexico.

But because I'm a Mexican, I...

they won't let me.

I have to stay here.

Maybe this is the kind of stuff
I should be writing songs about.


Hey, do you have
any poems on the subject?

NATALIA: Poems about the border?

EMILIO: Mm-hmm.

Only about a thousand of them.

- Can you read me one?
- NATALIA: Yeah.

Hold on, I have it on my phone.

Okay, this one's called Dos y Dos.