01x06 - Episode #1.6

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Arcane". Aired: November 6, 2021 - current.
Follows the origins of two iconic League champions and the power that will tear them apart.
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01x06 - Episode #1.6

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[water gurgling]

[kid 1] Whoo!

[kids laughing, talking]

[kid 2] Come over here, come on!

[background chatter]

[kid 3] Sky?

[Sky grunts]

[relaxing music]


[grunts softly]


[breathing heavily]

[pants, groans]

[ominous music]

[water gurgles]


[monster grumbles]



[man] Don't be afraid.

You built this?

Why aren't you playing with the others?

[monster chitters]

[man] Hm.

Loneliness is often the byproduct
of a gifted mind.

What is it?

Hmm? Oh. This is Rio.

She's a rare mutation that I cultivated.


- Go on.
- [gasps]

[Rio grumbles]


[Rio growls deeply]

[man] Hmm.

- She's dying.
- [Rio whimpers]

I'm attempting to prevent that.
The mutation must survive.

Can I help?

You want to assist me?

Very well.

We can be loners together.

Good to see some things haven't changed.

Seems just yesterday I stumbled upon
an aspiring young scholar

from the undercity here,

ruminating in his steel oasis.

I heard your prognosis.

I'm terribly sorry, my boy.

Do you contemplate death, Professor?

Only that of friends.

I suppose your legacy
has been well-secured.

As one of Piltover's founders,

what haven't you to show
for your remarkable life?


You should be proud
of what you've accomplished, Viktor.



My contributions will be short-lived,
even in your memory.

I have seen many students.

[Heimerdinger] It's a sad truth that those
who shine brightest often burn fastest.

[solemn music]

["Enemy" by Imagine Dragons plays]

♪ I wake up to the sounds
Of the silence that arouse ♪

♪ From my mind to run around
Put my ear up to the ground ♪

♪ I'm searching to behold
The stories that I told ♪

♪ My back is to the world
That was smiling when I turned ♪

♪ Tell you you're the greatest ♪

♪ But once you turn, they hate us ♪

♪ Oh, the misery ♪

♪ Everybody wants to be my enemy ♪

♪ Spare the sympathy ♪

♪ Everybody wants to be my enemy ♪

♪ Hey-o, I swear ♪

♪ I never be insane ♪

♪ My enemy ♪

♪ Hey-o, I swear ♪

♪ I never be insane ♪

♪ Look out for yourself ♪

- [tapping]
- [distant birds cawing]

[footsteps approaching]

[Jayce] I didn't know you were an artist.

[Mel] Hm. There's quite a lot about me
you don't know.

Listen, I'm sorry
for disappearing last night.

- [rasps]
- Duty calls.

[breathes deeply]

[Jayce] Viktor's dying.

[somber music]

I think it has something to do with gasses
in the fissures where he grew up.

Exactly the sort of thing
we wanted to fix with Hextech.

Improving lives. Solving real issues,
not just trade disputes.

Viktor saved my life once.

Now, he needs me
and there's nothing I can do.

I hate feeling so useless.

I didn't realize you were so close.

He's like my brother.


Why did you come to me with this?

I just...

Nothing feels impossible
when I'm with you.


I'm an exile from my family.


[Jayce] Why?

[Mel] I fell short of Medarda standards.

[Jayce scoffs]
I don't believe that for a second.

Do you?

You should be with him, Jayce.

We can't change
what fate has in store for us,

- but we don't have to face it alone.
- [smooches]

[Jayce] It's a beautiful painting.

[ominous music]


[dramatic music]




[light music]


[door creaks]

- [Jinx] Chuck!
- [gasps]

Thieram. Uh... My name's Thieram.

Nice try, Chuck.

[Jinx scoffs]

What's all the hubbub?

Uh. Boss wants us to grab someone up.

Someone? Anyone?

- Who are you grabbing?
- Some girls.

I mean, I mean not...
I'm not grabbing girls.

Oh, other than the... those ones... I guess.

Focus. Who are they?
Why wasn't I invited to the party?

Uh, I don't know.

They... they got in a fight with Sevika.
They did a number on her.

Oh really? Which number?

It's like a saying...

You're doing great, Chuck.

Here, for your troubles.


- [grunts]
- [whirring continues]

- [explodes]
- [Thieram gasps]

[wind gusts]


[background chatter]

[Caitlyn] Silco's g*ons aren't far behind.

We have to keep moving.


[Vi] What the hell is that?

[Caitlyn] The sign.

Never mind, just help me to the edge.

[suspenseful music]

[breathes deeply]

- Can you do this in your...
- [grunts]


[metal creaks]



[thug 2] Come on!

[indistinct dialog]

[thug 1] Come on. Let's go!

[exhales sharply]

[Sevika] We lost her.

Lost who?








[breathes deeply]

I feel like you and I
got off on the wrong arm.


Maybe we should try the other.

No need. It's your sister.

She's back. She's looking for you.

It's not what you think.

She's with some girl enforcer.
Guess she replaced you.

You're lying!
[breathes angrily]

Why bother?

Her back in town, it's only a matter
of time before you implode

and Silco finally gets the message

that you're about as good for our cause
as you were for your family.

- [hisses]
- Jinx.


- [sneezes]
- [grunts]

Ten outta ten, toots!

I think I know
just how to deliver that message.

[Jinx giggles]

[keys clank]

[somber music]




[distant girl giggling]


Ah, about time Daddy joined us.

You were so busy,
little Ren here saw me in.




Let's talk outside.

Can't you see we're playing?

You remember our old friend Vi, don't you?

Vander's daughter. She was about your age.

Her father went on a long trip and Daddy
here assured me that she left with him.


But it seems she never made it.
Isn't that sad?

Could you imagine being separated
from your father?


She's... in a safe place.

She's in the Lanes.

That's not possible.

There's an enforcer with her. A girl.
Roughly the same age.

Caitlyn. She's a Kiramman. Just like them,
she does whatever she wants.

I... can't control her.

Then of what use are you?

I'll track her down.

I can fix this.


Everyone makes mistakes, right?

What's important
is that we don't repeat them.

- My people are tracking Vi and this...
- [scoffs]

They cannot be allowed to resurface.

[Silco] Do we understand each other?







Oops. Ah. So sorry. Accidents happen.

[warp music]

[Viktor] Watch.

It responds to organic matter.


[Jayce] Incredible.

This is unlike anything
we've ever seen, Jayce.

It, it, it could be the key to augmenting
physiology, extending life...

- Curing you.
- [squeals]


It's happened to everyone.

I can't determine why.

They're... rejecting the transmutation.

[solemn music]


- We'll solve this.
- There may not be time.

We're in uncharted waters here and...

I can feel my body... eroding.

I'll have Sky bring Heimerdinger.
He might know something that could help.

In the meantime, we'll do what we do best.


[Vi grunts]

[distant squeal]

[belches, munches]

What is this place?

It's where the kind of people
you topsiders

- don't want to think about, wind up.
- [man 1 whimpers]


[man 2 whimpers]

- [quivers]
- [gasps]

[Vi] It was never this big, though.


[insects chirp]


[Powder laughs]

[ominous music]


[ominous music continues]

I know you have your reservations
about me,

but this only works
if we can trust each other.

It doesn't work. It never has.

You topsiders always find a way
to screw us.

I suppose topside is to blame
for all your misfortunes.

- [Powder hums]
- [Vi] No.

Not all of them.

We aren't monsters, you know.
We're people, just like you.

You don't know anything about me.


I shouldn't have left you.

It's all right.
Despite it all, I can tell...

you have a good heart.

- [exhales]
- [Vander] You've got a good heart.

What is that?

I'm calling it the Hexcore.

It's an adaptive rune matrix.
Hextech that evolves.


It's groundbreaking.

[Jayce] What's most exciting
is that it reacts to biological matter.

There are stories of healing magic.
Our samples thus far have perished...

[suspenseful music]


You must destroy it.


Please, if ever you've put faith
in my guidance, hear me now.

I've seen nations destroyed
by a single seed and it looked...

exactly like this.

Professor, this could save Viktor's life.

Viktor, something's different.
You've changed. What did you do?

What do you mean, Professor?

It's that thing. It must be destroyed!

- Wait.
- No. I won't let you.

- [barks]
- Jayce, this is a violation of the Ethos.

I will have it destroyed
one way or another.

That's your opinion.
We'll see if the Council agrees.

[pet coos]



I might know someone else who could help.

You do what you have to.
I need to get ready.

For what?


[breathes deeply]

- Is she all right?
- [gasps]

Wait, wait, wait! Easy. Easy.

That's Vi, right?

I'm a friend.


Or at least I was. I mean,
I... I owed her old man my life.

Probably more than that.

I guess.

- She's bleeding. She needs a doctor.
- [laughs]

Not so simple to come by around here.
[laughs nervously]

- Hey.
- [both grunt]

I'm sorry.

Oh, oh. But, ah, I do know someone else
who might be able to help.

[clears throat]
Come with me.


[gasps, clears throat]

[door opens]



Uh... she's been stabbed.



She makes potions.

Helps people here with...

...with this.

Shimmer. Why would you take something
that does that to you?

I just... wanted to feel what it was like...

To be somebody.
To make other people afraid.

- Instead of...
- [deep growl]

- [door opens]
- [apothecary] Trade.




[r*fle unloads]


[apothecary grunts]

- Thank you, I really...
- [door bangs]

Let's go. I think Vi will be happy
to see a friendly face.

No, no. You go ahead.

She knew me when I was still...

Anyway, I don't want her
to see me like this.

Just tell her, uh, tell her I'm sorry.
About everything.



[dramatic music]

I found this on one of the Firelights.

It matches fragments we found
outside your lab and at the Hexgates.

I... have reason to believe
they're planning more att*cks.

Well, how has this thr*at
gone unnoticed for so long?

Since the Hexgates were completed,
the fissures haven't been a priority.

Oh, we'll settle that later. For now,
we need to prevent any further att*cks.

Short of searching everyone
who crosses the bridges.

I don't know how we can.

Then, that's what we'll do.

- Are you certain? This sort of an order...
- Do it. We have to protect the city.

One other thing.

I saw Caitlyn Kiramman had a prisoner
released on your order.

Is there anything I can assist with?

[Jayce] No. No, uh, we've got it covered.

Councilors, we have lost our way.

This city was founded
to be a bastion of enlightenment.

In a world that cannibalized itself
over power and pride.

But we've forgotten.

Loosened our morals in favor
of comfort and convenience.

Traded honor for prestige.

We were once one tribe.

Now we are Houses divided.

I believe, if we set aside our greed
and arrogance, we can be one again.

It will take vigilance.
We must hold each other accountable.

And who holds you accountable?

[Heimerdinger] What?

Shimmer is rampant in the undercity.

att*cks at the Hexgates
and in the Academy Square.

Enforcers fear to set foot in the Lanes.
All under your watch.

Jayce, you forget yourself.

I'm sorry, Professor,

but healing this city
will take more than just speeches.

Time and again,
you've warned us what not to do.

But let me ask you this,
what's your plan to fix this?

I see what this is about.

Your Hextech projects need more time.
More safeguards.

Humans don't live for centuries.
We can't wait for progress.

We need a leadership
focused on the future, not the past.

You are the true Father of Piltover,

and your years of service
can never be repaid.

I believe it's time we gave
the beloved founder of our city...

a well-deserved retirement.

Jayce, don't do this.


[breathes heavily]


[Jayce] It has to be unanimous.
All in favor?


With my deepest respect and appreciation,

[echoing loud clang]


[echoing loud clang]


[echoing loud clang]

[clanging continues]

- [echoing loud clang]
- [gasps]

[somber music]


[Vi pants]




[Vi breathes heavily]

- Easy, easy, easy.
- [whimpers]

We need you back on your feet.

What was the name Sevika gave you? Jinx?


Right. Jinx. How could I forget?

We're going to have
to be more careful now.

- Silco will be watching...
- [rumbles]


[Caitlyn] You used to live here?

Who's Powder?


My sister. I thought she d*ed, but, no.

I have to try and find her.

How do you not know
if your sister is alive or d*ad?

It's hard to check up on people
from inside a concrete cell.

What, you don't have parents?

No! They were k*lled by enforcers.


- [metal clangs]
- [exclaims]

[gasps, exhales]

[grunts softly]


[all panting]


Vander's prodigy.

[man 1 whimpers]



I've regretted that we never had
the opportunity to speak.



What have you done with my sister?

- I've freed her.
- [men growling]

Candidly, I thought you were the prize
of your secondhand family.

But Jinx...

[man 2 growls]

Oh. She is more than I ever imagined.

[mysterious music]

I'm gonna find her and erase whatever
f*cked-up delusions you put in her head.

[Vi] But first, I'm gonna bring
your bullshit empire down all around you.

[Caitlyn grunts]

You don't know your limits, girl.
It's what got Vander k*lled.

What drove your sister away.
And it's why I'm here right now.

- Yeah, well...
- [groans]


You talk too much.

- [man 3 snarls]
- [Vi grunts]


[loud thump]

[suspenseful music]

[loud clanging]

[loud crash]



[somber music]


[Vi] Wherever you are,
light it up and I'll find you.


[flame sizzles]

[somber music continues]


[both panting]


[running footsteps]

[Silco shouts]

[somber music rises]


[somber music]

[wind gusts]

[water drops]

[ominous music]


[Rio squeals]

[growls in pain]


Rio will live.

You did this?

I thought you understood.
The mutation must survive.


[Rio grunts]

[Rio bellows]

[ominous music continues]

I understand now.




How many problems can one girl cause?

[foreboding music]



[crow caws]

[cawing continues]

[flame sizzles]

[dramatic music]

[wind howling]




- [grunts]
- [Vi] Powder?

[wind howling]

- [gasps]
- [footsteps approaching]

[footsteps continue]

- [Jinx] Vi?
- [sobs]

Oh, Powder!

[dramatic music]

[crow caws]


I'm so sorry, Powder. I...

I tried to come back. I promise, I did.
But I... I got arrested.


I don't know. I... It doesn't matter.

I just... I never thought I'd see you again.

Are you real?

Yes, of course. It's me, Vi, your sister.

I'm here. I'm right here.

Things changed when you left. I changed.

I know, Pow-pow, I know.
You did what you had to do to survive.

Me too. It's okay.

What matters is we're together.

[crow caws]

[footsteps stomping]

[Jinx gasps]

Who's she?

Who are you?

- [crow caws]
- It's okay. She's a friend.

Sevika wasn't lying?
You're with an enforcer?

Your sister is Jinx?

Caitlyn, just listen,
we can work this out.

This is a trick! You're playing me!

Shut up! I'm in no mood.

[Caitlyn] We didn't say anything.

I wasn't talking to you!

Powder, it's okay.

Stop calling me that.

It's Jinx now. Powder fell down a well.

You're not a jinx.

- God, I never should have...
- Stop talking to me like I'm a child!

Was that why you came?

For this stupid stone?

No, I don't even know what that is, I...

You're a class act, Sister.

Sister. Thought I missed her.
Bet you wouldn't miss her.

Powder! I'm here for you. Only you.

You can f*re that thing if you want,
but I'm not going anywhere.

I'm not going to abandon you again.

- Everyone, shut up, I need to think.
- [echoing voices]

Do you hear that?

[voices squeal]

[crow caws]

[suspenseful music]

[metal creaks]

[low indistinct mumble]

[suspenseful music continues]


[Caitlyn grunts]


[both grumble]


[g*n continue]

[both groan]

[man 1 yelps]

- [g*n]
- [cracks]


- [expl*si*n]
- [man 1 grunts]

[Vi gasps]


[both grumbling]


[tense music]

[g*n continue]


[g*n continue]

[Caitlyn grunts]

- [flame sizzles]
- [g*n]

[man 1 grumbles]

[both grunting]


[tense music]

[both grumbling]

- Powder.
- [grunts]


- Powder!
- [both grumble]

- [man 1 grunts]
- [yelps]

[both grumble]



- [exhales]
- [Firelight Leader] Take her.

[solemn music]

- [shouts]
- [expl*si*n]




[somber music]

[music ends]
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