01x09 - Episode #1.9

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Arcane". Aired: November 6, 2021 - current.
Follows the origins of two iconic League champions and the power that will tear them apart.
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01x09 - Episode #1.9

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You didn't have a choice.

He knew what he was signing up for.

We're done here.

We haven't even scratched the surface.
Silco's still out there.

Do you not understand?
I am part of this now!

The next parents who get a message
their kid isn't coming home...

I don't even know where to take it.

Do we just leave him here?

You've always been a part of this.

You just never had to look it in the eye.
One d*ad kid?

There's hundreds more where he came from,
thanks to Silco,

and thanks to people like you
who stuck their heads in the dirt.

- This is over.
- Not for me.

Take those off.

Make me.

I can't let you leave with them.

Then, I guess you're gonna need
to k*ll another trencher.

You won't make it alone.

♪ I wake up to the sounds
Of the silence that arouse ♪

♪ From my mind to run around
Put my ear up to the ground ♪

♪ I'm searching to behold
The stories that I told ♪

♪ My back is to the world
That was smiling when I turned ♪

♪ Tell you you're the greatest ♪

♪ But once you turn, they hate us ♪

♪ Oh, the misery ♪

♪ Everybody wants to be my enemy ♪

♪ Spare the sympathy ♪

♪ Everybody wants to be my enemy ♪

♪ Hey-o, I swear ♪

♪ I never be insane ♪

♪ My enemy ♪

♪ Hey-o, I swear ♪

♪ I never be insane ♪

♪ Look out for yourself ♪

Been a while
since topside's gotten this bold.

Say what you want about the late Sheriff.
He had his uses.

Too bad Jinx didn't think so.

We'll buy another.

You gonna do anything

about that piece of shit
that m*rder my boy?

Let me guess, "Jinx will take care of it."

Just like she's been taking care
of everything else.

We all mourn the loss of your son, Renni.

At least, we have the solace of knowing
he d*ed fighting for our cause,

instead of some petty personal dispute,
as so often occurs here.

You're one to talk
about sacrificing for the cause.

Where is Jinx anyhow?

Help her with the body.


I know this will probably
never see the light of day,

but watching how you work so tirelessly
to make the world a better place...

Well, I couldn't forgive myself
if I didn't try.

Everyone's gotta do
their part, right?


Noxian wine is bold by comparison.

The grapes are hardened by the climate.

But then, so is everything
that manages to survive in Noxus.

Mel, would you like...


- Hmm.
- Stay away from Jayce!

You really are fond of him.

Better yet, march back to your ship
and get the hell out of my city.

Get ahold of yourself.
I taught you better.

We're in trouble, Mel.

The man who k*lled your brother
doesn't believe the score is settled,

and his resources exceed ours.

If there is a chance Hextech
can be w*apon, we must have it.

Piltover isn't your testing ground.

I've only accelerated
the process you started.

I wanted to protect the city
from people like you.

I can't believe you'd start a w*r
just to cover your ass.

I would set the world ablaze
to protect our family.


I stopped being part of this family
the moment you cast me out.

Why? Why did you do it?

Because you weakened me!

I couldn't endure the look in your eyes
whenever I made the decisions,

the necessary decisions to keep us safe!

We need that w*apon, Mel.

Let the w*r unfold.

And you come home,

take your place at my side.

It's where you belong.

I'm sorry.

I don't know where you'd have preferred.

I'm sorry.

Am I interrupting?

Remember the Distinguished Innovators

I remember you notching gears
in the carriage over.

They started cranking the engine
and the whole thing was rattling.

I thought a loose cog
was gonna take someone's eye out.

At least, you didn't throw up.

Everything made sense then.

You have to destroy it.

I know.

The Hexcore.

I... I can't do it.

You have to. Please.

What about your disease?

Without the Hexcore...

Promise me.

Okay. Okay.

I promise.

We lost ourselves. Lost our dream.

In the pursuit of great,
we failed to do good.

We have to make it right.

I'm busy.

When you took Vander out of play,
I thought,

"Now here's a man who understands
what it takes to run an enterprise."

The attitude, the instinct, the eye.

The whole package, you were.

Always two steps ahead.

But time's lapped you, old man.

You're with him, are you?

You screwed up, Silco.

You're too young to remember
what the undercity was

before it became an "enterprise".

We had nothing.

You know
what bore us through those times?


Brothers and sisters back-to-back
against whatever the world threw at us.

Now I'm forced to share the air
with parasites like you,

who leach off their legacies.

Today's the day you die, Silco.

That's a risk I've known all my life.

But I still believe in loyalty.

I would have had your son k*lled for this.

Though I suppose we're ahead
on that account.

Get out.

Were you tempted?

Not for a worm like him.

But he won't be the last.


Perfect place for an ambush.

And you without your hammer.

I was reminded recently of what
brought us together in the first place.

The threats beyond our walls.

This city has a short memory.


Far be it from me to stand in the way.

"Free trade routes, blanket amnesty,

unrestricted access
to the Hexgates, sovereignty."

Do you really think you're in a position
to demand all this?

I give you credit for your stunt, boy.

Didn't think you had the stomach.

But the big display
followed by a request for parley,

you're tipping your hand.

You're afraid.

I am afraid.

Today, I got a glimpse
of what w*r between us might look like.

Your people wouldn't stand a chance.

The Council couldn't care less.

I'm trying to save you from annihilation.

Well, well.

Not the fresh-faced Academy pledge,
are you?

You want peace, this is the price.

You'll discontinue
the production of Shimmer?

Half there already.

Return the Gemstone.

And I need Jinx.

She has to pay for what she's done.

They weren't her crimes.
She was working for me.

Believe me, if I had it my way,
it'd be you rotting in Stillwater,

but we can't make a deal
with a snake and cut off its head.

We both have our shitty parts to play.

Get me Jinx.
And I'll give you your nation of Zaun.


You say all this came about
in your own brief lifespan?

How were you able to accomplish
so much so quickly?

You'd be surprised what you can pull off
when your life depends on it.

Uh, why this form?

Surely, there are more efficient
and safer methods of transportation.


- Huh?
- Hmm?


It's not enough to give people
what they need to survive,

you have to give them
what they need to live.

A thousand times
I've imagined this moment.

Never like this.

All we ever wanted.

The boy didn't even haggle.

And what do I lose but problems?

Oh, it all makes sense now, brother.

Is there anything so undoing
as a daughter?

Damn it.

Piss off.

Everyone out.

Well, your guard needs working.

I wish I could say it gets easier, kiddo.

But I'd be lying.

What I can say is...

She still needs you.

They all do.

So what do you say?

That's my girl.


Bravo, sis.


My recent unsanctioned activities

in the underground
have shown me two things.

I'm not fit to govern the people
who live there.

And neither are you.

Our opportunity
to demonstrate our compassion,

our dedication,

our solidarity has passed.

They're right not to trust us.

You're walking a fine line, Jayce.

With respect, I don't give a shit
what any of you think of me anymore.

Except you.

You were right.

You were always right.

My days here are numbered,
but I've come with Viktor,

my partner and a Zaunite,
with one final proposal.

Jayce has brokered a peace with Silco.

In exchange for the undercity's

What? Nonsense! We have procedures...

Really thought I buried this place.

But I should have known better.


Nothing ever stays d*ad.

Are we alone?

For now.

Maybe forever.

Wanna know a secret?

Silco thinks he made Jinx,

with all his rants
and his hard-won lessons.

"Excise your doubts, Jinx."

"Be what they fear, Jinx."

Like everything was the same
as when Vander left him.

But he didn't make Jinx.

You did.

I'm sorry, Powder.

I never meant to leave you.

You never left.

I always heard you.

Shadows in the streets,
prickles on the back of my neck.

Your voice.

Pushing me.

Picking me up
when all the colors were black.

You're the reason I'm still alive.

I spent so many nights
in that shitty prison.

On the freezing floor,
hungry, bloody, counting the hours.

The only thing...

The only thing that kept me going
was the thought of getting back to you.

Are we still sisters?

Nothing is ever going to change that.

- I always knew you'd come back.
- What's going on?

- No.
- He took everything from us.

Right here, he stabbed Vander in the back.

Just like he planned to do with me.

All the time saying
you abandoned me when he knew the truth.


Mm. We're missing someone.


I paid your girlfriend
a visit this morning.

What did you do?

- I made her a snack.
- Huh?



I'm not that crazy.

Powder! Leave her out of this.


Where should I sit?

That's your choice, really.

Make her go away. Please.

Send her on her way and...

And you can have Powder back.


- I can't.
- Ah.

No! Powder, listen.

We... we can just go.

We'll leave and never come back.

Where would we go?

No, no, no. She's not saying that.

It's true, we'll put this behind us.

You'll never have
to see him again, Powder.

What do you have to say about that?

Her name is Jinx!

She's lying.

You'll be with her a day
before she realizes

you aren't that girl anymore
and turns her back on you.


You aren't lying?

You wouldn't lie to me. Not again.

I'm not lying.

I'm on your side. I promise.

Shut up! We're talking!

The topsiders offered me everything.

Independence, a seat at the table.

All in return for you.

They can all burn.

Everyone betrays us, Jinx. Vander. Her.

They will never understand.

It's only us.

You're my daughter.

I'll never forsake you.

Drop the g*n!

No. Please.

It's time to leave them.

No! Stop!

Drop the g*n.

Wait! She's my sister.

Vi, she's too far gone.

No, no, no.

Look out!

You see, now finish it.

Damn it! Powder, wake up!

Remember who you are! I know you remember!

- Picture Mylo! Claggor!
- Stop.

- Vander!
- Shut up! Don't listen to her!






Oh. Oh, no, no, no.

I'm sorry...

I never would have given you to them.

Not for anything.

Don't cry.

You're perfect.


It's okay.

We'll be okay.

I thought maybe you could love me
like you used to.

Even though I'm... different.

But you changed too.


Here's to the new us.

We'll show them.

We will show them all.

I support Councilor Talis' proposal
for peace.
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