01x02 - Satori

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Dropout". Aired: March 3, 2022 - present.
Miniseries based on the podcast The Dropout tells the story of the rise and fall of the youngest self-made billionaire, Elizabeth Holmes.
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01x02 - Satori

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This is an investigation of Theranos Inc

to determine whether there have been
violations of federal security laws.

What if you could test your blood

in your own home?

And what if it's not a whole vial

but just a drop?

I wanted to ask you
if you would consider

investing my tuition money
into the company.

How would we pay for your tuition?

Well, you won't have to because
I'm going to drop out.

You're not going to push me away again.

I'm going to protect you.
- I know.

LITTLE GIRL: Fix it, Daddy, fix it.

Fix it, Daddy, fix it!

Fix it, Daddy, fix it.
Fix it, Daddy, fix it!

Just tell her
you don't have time to fix it.

But you can fix anything.

- I'm gonna fix it, alright?

- Alright. Okay.
- Okay.

PAULA: What time are you gonna be home?

I will, uh, I'll call you later, okay.


- RAKESH: It's not a regular day.
- I'm coming.

It's demo day. Let's go.

Why do you run so weird.

I mean, I guess compared
to other electrical engineers,

you run totally normal.

ELIZABETH: Uh, at that time,

we were trying to develop
a working prototype.

LAWYER: Who is "we"?

Edmond Ku, head of engineering,

and Rakesh Dewan.

Ian, um,

Gibbons, head of chemistry.

DOCTOR: I'm going to apply
some pressure, Ian.

- [WINCES] Ah!
- That hurts?

Just a bit, yeah.

He's been in a lot of pain.

IAN: Only the foot.

And who needs feet anyway?

The pain in your feet is
a late effect of the chemo.

It's called hand-foot syndrome.

The bad news is that
it might not go away.

God f*ck' hell.

Did you know that
chemotherapy was discovered

when two sadistic pharmacologists

decided to inject mice
with mustard gas?

That's a fun fact, honey.
But we need to get you back to work.

Yeah. It's demo day.

They focused on, uh, the prototype,

and my focus was
I, I needed to bring in the money.


♪ This chick is a sick individual ♪

♪ Sicktate ♪

♪ Volume two ♪

♪ Believe it! ♪

♪ Ho! Ho! ♪

♪ Let me switch up the game ♪

♪ I drink that co-gnac ♪

♪ Step back 'cause I might
put it on ya ♪

♪ I go deep, so deep
'til you sleep ♪

♪ Count sheep, wake you up
from all week ♪

♪ You don't want me have to show ya ♪

♪ How a freak b*tch act
when I ain't so-ber ♪

♪ Whattup, I'm to' up, sho' nuff ♪

♪ Ain't scared to take it out,
tell the freak to take it off ♪

♪ Hey, boy, you know I'm yo' type
yo' type ♪

♪ Five two,
I wear my jeans real tight ♪

♪ My curves, they swerve,
so superb ♪

♪ My word is my word
and I came to serve ♪

♪ We run this ♪

- ♪ Who run this? ♪
- ♪ We run this ♪

- ♪ Who run this? ♪
- ♪ We run this ♪

♪ Uh-ohh, ohh! ♪

♪ It don't matter where you're from,
it's where you're at ♪

♪ And if you came to freek-a-leek,
better bring ya hats ♪

♪ East coast, West coast ♪


Uh, good morning.

Uh, can I get you some coffee?

- Yeah.
- Can I just say

I've never had a boss
who's, like, a girl my age,

and it's so fun.


Coffee would be great.


What would you attempt to do

if you knew you could not fail?

What would you attempt to do?

What would you...

attempt to do

if you knew you could not fail?

They're ready to demo now.

I would like to order

a custom paperweight
with some words on it.

Okay, what do you want it to say?

"What would you attempt to do?"

Last night we worked on
carriage positioning and cartridge seal,

then I replumbed the system.

Yeah, and we got rid of those
well-dressed, but-oh-so sharp turns.

EDMOND KU: Yeah, this
one's not as pretty.

But it's a gentler ride
for our little blood cell friends.

It's incredible.

It's better than I imagined.

We're still testing the coating.

Edmond, you're so good.

He's the best.
He's not as good as me,

- but he's good.
- EDMOND: No, no, no, no, no.

This is your vision, Elizabeth.

And it's inspired everyone here.

Oh no.

Guys, can I be really honest
with you right now?

Every time look at it,
I feel this tingle,

but it's just in my left butt cheek.

It's not in both.

So I'm just wondering
why it's just the left.

Why are you talking about how
your butt feels in front of Elizabeth.

She doesn't care. Do you care?

I think she cares right now.

She was in college, like, yesterday.

Are we ready?


Have I missed it?

Ian, we are just getting started.

Well, if you can make room
for this handsome crippled man.


Everyone, could you gather briefly.


What would you attempt to do

if you knew you could not fail?

I'd wrestle an alligator.

Today, together,

we are taking the first step

toward making healthcare accessible

to everyone in this country.

That's why we work so hard.

Because this machine

and all of us

are going to change the world.

Yeah, we are. Woo!


EDMOND: Good job, but...

uh, it's really just a demo, guys, so.

Uh, you know, we've been testing
some blood for sepsis

because that seems to be
the most reliable test we have so far.


Didn't you just take the wind?
He's so modest, right?


♪ pensive music ♪

[SOFTLY] Okay.

So I'm just going to add the
small blood sample to this cartridge

and insert it into the prototype,

uh, which will test it for sepsis.
Here we go.





[LOUD cr*ck]




You know what?

It's fine.


MAN: Oh.

Okay, I'll, I'll check the fuse box.

Hello, I'd like to pay a bill.

Could-could I actually put it
on a different credit card?

what's your address?

know why you're out of money,

because every one
of those cartridges costs $ .

Research at this scale is not cheap,

and I told you that. [SIGHS]

I, I've already raised
six million dollars

from my parents and my family.

- And everybody that I know.
- I'm sorry, but...

Wait, are those ants?

Yeah. Miriam!

Are they back?

- Where are they?

You know the patents
Ian is applying for,

so the next step...


The next step is to bring in
pharmaceutical companies,

get them interested to the point
where they will fund the research.

What happened with Novartis?

Could we, could we open
a window or something?

The windows don't open.

Novartis won't meet with me
until I have a working prototype,

and, and I can't have
a prototype that works

unless we have enough money
for research,

which I cannot get

until we have a contract with Novartis.

So it's completely illogical.

That's running a startup.

MIRIAM: Okay, they're all d*ad.

- I'll get your salad?
- Yeah. Thank you.

Are you sure you don't know anybody
who can invest a little bit more?

Me? No, no, no, no, no, no.

You need to start asking for money
from people you don't know.

You need to go out to Sand Hill Road

and start bringing in
venture capital firms.

You've got to learn how to sell this.

MIRIAM: Here's your salad.

Whoa. Whoa.
Don't, don't eat that in here.

Why? I can't, I can't go outside.
I have too much work to do.

This is why you have ants.

I'll take those.

So you have a boyfriend?


That would be too much
of a distraction.

- Hi, I just want to say that, uh...

Hi, Edmond.

Hey. Um...

Don't worry about the demo, Elizabeth,

because we are going to get there.

We just, um,

need more time.

No problem. I, I'm going
to get you more time.

I'm gonna...

I'm gonna find the money.

Okay, I'm sorry...

♪ Missy Elliot's We Run This
playing on car stereo ♪

♪ My style can't be duplicated
or recycled ♪

♪ This chick is
a sick individual ♪

♪ Sicktate ♪

♪ Volume two ♪

♪ Believe it! ♪

♪ Ho! Ho! ♪

This is the RDX Metabolic Profiler.

Using one drop of blood,

we can perform hundreds of tests.

What is your background?

Are you a, uh, PhD or medical doctor?

I dropped out of Stanford
two years ago.

This next slide is, um...

This next...

♪ For the right money
might sit in your 'llac ♪

♪ Back to back,
and can't even keep track ♪

♪ It's a fact the freaks
love to get slapped ♪

The blood goes
into the cartridge and then,

uh, it-it flows
through different channels,

much like this picture, uh...

Do we have any kiwis?

If we don't have any kiwis,
I'll take a star fruit.

You want one?

A st... a star fruit?

A kiwi.

Uh, I don't think so.

So, th-the...

♪ Yeah, we run it,
and yeah we run it ♪

♪ Y'all don't want it ♪

- Woo!
- ♪ Uh-ohh ♪

You slide the cartridge
into the machine.

Yeah, you do.

And the result is done
in real time

and then transmitted to our website.

Wait, you don't use needles?

There's a microneedle

that extracts eight
microliters of blood.

I don't understand how you're doing

this extremely complex
chemical engineering

with essentially a high school degree.

Do you have a working prototype?

Not yet.

Can you use the microneedle
anywhere on your body?

Uh, and I'm, I'm...

Uh, what's your plans to scale this?

Currently, we have none.

So you haven't even met with
any pharmaceutical companies yet?


It's not for us.

It's a pass.

It's gonna be a pass for us.

♪ And if you came to freek-a-leek,
better bring ya... ♪

Do it. Do it right now.


♪ tense music ♪


RECEPTIONIST: Don Lucas' office.

One moment.

Larry Ellison for you.


I'll tell her.


Ms. Holmes,

Don just had
something pressing come up.

I'm afraid he's going
to have to reschedule.


You don't want to reschedule?

No, I... you can't just cancel
an appointment.

I'm, I'm here already,

and our, our company's doing
something really important.

Of course.

And Channing Robertson,
who's the head

of chemical engineering at Stanford,
is on our board.

He's... he's on our board.

We are a real company.

And I had an appointment.

Are you alright?

Can-can I get you a cup of coffee?

Would you just tell Don Lucas
that he has lost

a chance to disrupt a $ billion

blood-testing industry?

Could you tell him that?

- I'll be sure to tell him that.
- Thank you.

Would it be possible
to leave some materials?


I don't see anything.

IAN: Ah, patience, my friend.



- IAN: Light...

which is generated
without the creation of heat.

We call it cold light.

- Chemiluminescence.
- IAN: Hmm.

It's how fireflies emit light
in the dark.

Also those glowsticks
that, um, teenagers on dr*gs like.

And, uh, we're using it
for light-based assays.

Uh, for example, liver function.

So, if we are testing
for liver function,

what would you see?

What would happen?

Uh, chemiluminescent immunoassays
will make liver enzymes

from the blood compete with a...


Luminol-bound synthetic form,

uh, to bind to the chip

so if we measure
how brightly the sample glows,

then we can determine how,
how well the liver is functioning.


Fortunately, um, human beings
are not transparent,

and we absorb light.

So our job, our job is to,

is to make the blood glow

so that it reveals
the body's secrets to us.


Listen, don't, um, don't worry,
you'll find an investor.

Yeah, of course the succubi
at Sand Hill Road didn't like you,

but, pssh,

they, they want everything done fast,

and science is maddeningly slow.

Oh, they don't know the first thing
about biochemistry.

I don't either.

I don't know what I'm talking about.

I'm not a chemist so I, I need...

I don't have ex-experience.

No, no, no. [CHUCKLES]

You're not a chemist,
but, but I said yes.

You, you asked me to work here,
and I said yes.

Because you're friends with Channing.

No! No.

Because... I-I'd been poked with needles

every other day when I had cancer.

And-and-and when I was
at my lowest, I felt,

I felt like a specimen.

Like-like a, like a lab rat, you know?

And we can do something

to make that better.

I, I knew you were young
when I agreed to come and work here,

but you had a...

You had a vision,

and [CHUCKLES] you're a bit,

you're a bit chemiluminescent,
aren't you?

You possess that rare gift

of... of creating light from within.

So you'll light all of us up
and show us what we're made of.

Although, uh,
just out of curiosity, um,

when will we run out of money?

Just so I know so when to, you know,
run off to find another job

[CHUCKLES] for the health insurance,

because I do have this tendency
to occasionally get cancer, you know.

We're just fine.


Hello. Uh, who are you?

Ian, this is my friend.

Uh, he, he actually is here
to, to pick something up.

Uh, uh, thank you.

Have a good night.


Good night.

I had a bad day.

I know. f*ck them all.

f*ck everyone.


Did you hear that?

someone's out there.


There's no one there.

I thought I heard somebody.

I'm a secret.

Just at work.

I told my parents about you.

I like being a secret.

- Really?
- Just don't keep secrets from me.

I don't want to have
to explain this to anyone.

Can I fit in there?

♪ Inquisitive music ♪


Elizabeth, Don Lucas is here.


He's downstairs. He's just
standing there in a cowboy hat.

What do you mean
he's just standing there?

Stall him. The box is in
pieces. Tell the engineers.

MIRIAM: Got it.

Hello, Don.

Elizabeth Holmes.

- Ah.
- We were not expecting you.

Well, I didn't want
to miss my opportunity

to disrupt a $ billion industry.

Oh, you heard that. Okay.

Look, I got minutes.

- Where's this prototype of yours?
- Perfect.

Well, welcome

to Theranos.

The name is a mix between
"Therapy" and "Diagnosis."

Just show me the tech.

Right. Okay.

, do you think you can get it there?

- I don't... Okay.
- How is this gonna work?

EDMOND: We're gonna
remove it altogether.

What are you talking about? How...

This is our brainstorming room

where we let our brains run free.


I've got ten minutes left.

We need more table space.

- Rakesh, can you get the...
- Yeah.

Okay, get the cartridges.

Whoa! Come on, man. Oh!

- Shit, shit. Sorry.


Oh f*ck. Oh my god, it's blood.
Oh my god, oh my god.

Hey, hey, hey, do we know
did this get tested for hepatitis, HIV?

Somebody f*cking speak!

I need a new shirt.

Don't talk to me! Don't talk to me!

Guys, let's clean this up, come on.

Let's go, let's go. Clean this up.

You want to follow me this way?

It's a bit of a maze in here.

- Herschel, give me your shirt.
- Is he here already?

And here we are.

This is where the magic happens.

So, if you want to follow me over here,

I could show you...

I could show you
the RDX Metabolic Profiler.

The RDX Meta-what?

The, the RDX Metabolic Profiler.

[CHUCKLES] Well, you're going
to need a new name.

f*re it up. Let's see what it does.

You know what, Don...

We're not ready to show it,

but I can give you
some more information...

DON: You know, I,

I, I go by my gut
on these sort of things.

Yeah, well,

thanks for the tour.


The blood-testing industry
is run by two companies:

Quest and Labcorp.

And they are dinosaurs.

The tech is ancient.

These machines that are
currently in use are archaic.

These billion-dollar companies expect us

to let them stick us with needles

and then pay for their expensive tests.

No. This is America.
We're cowboys, right?

We should be in control
of our own healthcare.

You were in the army,
and thank you for your service.

Could you imagine

a portable blood-testing device
on the b*ttlefield?

The American lives that could be saved.


if all you wanted to do is make money,
you'd be on Wall Street,

not in Palo Alto.

And when Larry Ellison came to you

with his vision for how Oracle
could organize data,

you didn't tell him he was crazy.

You said, "How much do you need?"

If you believe in us,

everyone else will.


Whatever you're doing
tomorrow, cancel it.

I want you to meet Larry Ellison.





When are you going to move in?

- It depends.
- On what?

On how it goes today
with my parents.

Yes, I'm every parent's dream.

- Is that your new sword?
- Katana!

Look at it.

It's f*cking ancient.

Ask Larry Ellison about katanas.
He loves Japan.

How are you on the numbers?

Uh, most blood tests
are priced too high.

We offer a low-cost alternative
with the possibility

to scale up.

Don't talk about saving the world.

I'm not gonna talk
about saving the world.

Don't use your giddy voice.

Don't say awesome.

You're beautiful.

But you don't want to be too beautiful.

They won't take you seriously.

ELIZABETH: I'll meet
you at the restaurant.

NOEL: [ON PHONE] Hi. We just landed.

Here's your father.
He's dying to talk to you.

- CHRIS: [ON PHONE] Elizabeth.
- How was the flight?

CHRIS: Fine.

What time are you meeting
with Larry Ellison?

And have you worked on your pitch?

Now. And yeah.

Ask her if she's still meeting us
at the restaurant.

I don't want to meet
this boyfriend without her.

If he gets there first,
how do we know it's him.

Uh, he's mid- s. Pakistani.


Is Dad okay?

NOEL: I asked to reschedule,

but his doctor said
he was okay to travel.

I had routine outpatient surgery
weeks ago.

I'm fine.

- It'll be an hour tops, okay. Bye.
- NOEL: Bye.

MAN: Elizabeth.

I'm Larry.

Oh, Larry, hi.

I'm Elizabeth Holmes,
founder and CEO of Theranos.

LARRY: No one told you
we were going on a boat, huh?


LARRY: Come on, I'll help you up.

- Watch your step.

ELIZABETH: Sunny. Hi, uh,

I'm on his boat.

And I-I don't know how long
I'm gonna be on the boat.

- SUNNY: [ON PHONE] That's great!
- Can you hear me?


- Sunny?
- LARRY: Elizabeth.

So what do you think?

It's awesome.

Uh, to be honest with you,

I don't know that much about boats.

I didn't know shit about boats.
I just started buying 'em.

Now I race in the America's Cup.

I wanted to be a leader in tech,
I became a leader.

Are you a leader?

I think so. Yeah.

You want a husband? Kids?
'Cause that's gonna slow you down.

You have a wife and kids.

Seriously? Come on.


Have you heard of Satori?

Watch out. Larry loves to talk
about all this Japanese stuff.

LARRY: Yeah.

I got the biggest tea
garden in North America.

Brought the structures in from Japan
and added about trees,

but, but... Satori

is Buddhist enlightenment.

It's that moment where you can look
inside yourself and know

just who you are.

Have you experienced Satori?

I don't think so.

You wanna see something cool?

♪ Sean a Paul ♪

♪ So me give it to, so me give it to ♪

♪ So me give it to, to all girls ♪

♪ Five million and
forty naughty shorty ♪

♪ Baby girl, all my girls ♪

Now this is where you really feel
like you're on a boat.

So what I'd really like
to talk to you about is

the $ billion blood-testing industry.

Yeah, Don took me through it.

But let me ask you again:

Are you a leader?

Because if you want this, you really
have to dedicate yourself to it.

You have to be aggressive,
start f*ring people.

Have you, have you fired anybody yet?

Not yet.

LARRY: Well, then you gotta fight.

That's what it takes to be a CEO.

That's what it takes to run
a billion-dollar company.

- Is that what you really want?
- Yes.

Good! Then let's stop f*ck' around!

What are you willing to do to get it?

We're working on a prototype,

and we're hoping to get a meeting
with a pharma company, like Novartis.

And what's stopping you?

I'm having a hard time getting them
to talk to me.

Then you gotta hustle.

Oracle's first contract.
Do you remember?

Yeah. The software was still a mess.

LARRY: You know what I said?

I said... nothing.



Get the f*ck' money.

LARRY: Get the f*ck' money.

Do you get the f*ck' money?

I... I get the f*ck' money. Yeah.

The show me. Show me!

I get the f*ck' money.

I... I... I get the f*ck' money!

- Get the f*ck' money.
- I get the f*ck' money!

- Get the f*ck' money!

- I get the f*ck' money.
- Get the f*ck' money.

- Yeah!
- Whoo!

- Get the f*ck' money!

Get the f*ck' money!


- Get the money!
- Yeah!

- Get it. Get the f*ck' money.
- I get the f*ck' money.

LARRY: Get the f*ck' money.

I hope you didn't need that.

If I get you a meeting at Novartis

and you're able to demo the prototype...

then I'm in.

Then you're in?

Then you got Don Lucas and me.

Hey, you want something to drink?

Champagne, beer, green tea?


Oh, my mom's called,
like, three times.

I... can I get this?
- You're serious?

NOEL: Elizabeth? We're at the hospital.


- SUNNY: You're here.

NOEL: [WHISPERING] Everything is fine.

He collapsed in the restaurant.

It was just a complication
from his surgery.

He went to triage,
and no one was helping us.

And then... Sunny just took care
of all of it.

He called the hospital,
and they put us

in here, in the VIP room.

He just took care of all of it.

Come on, it was easy.

Oh, I'm gonna see if they have snacks.

I wasn't going to let
anything happen to him.

- Thank you.
- CHRIS: Elizabeth?

Hi, Dad.

I'm so sorry I wasn't here.

Why did you leave the boat?

What do you mean? I, I...

I wanted to see you.
I wanted to be here.

You shouldn't have left.

You shouldn't be here.

- I...
- You have work to do.

I-I... I just wanted to,
to make sure you were okay.

Are you hearing me?

It's all of your tuition money.

Go back to work.



Go. I've got this.

♪ Pensive music ♪

[ALL SINGING]: ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

- ♪ Happy birthday, giant p*ssy ♪
- ♪ Happy birthday, dear Edmond ♪

Alright, alright.

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

ELIZABETH: Why is no one working?

Edmond, may I speak with you?


You can blow them out.

- RAKESH: Woo!

EDMOND: What's up?

Can the prototype do the sepsis test?


We're still pretty far away.

Well, why, why is...
Why isn't everyone working?

We're just taking a break.

Uh, you know we routinely put in
-hour days.

What is that?

Oh that... [CHUCKLES]

That's, that's for my daughter.
She, um...

It was broken, so I was just tinkering
with it at lunchtime.

Your daughter plays with that?

What, what does she do with it?

She bakes things.

Why doesn't she use a real oven?

Because real ovens
are dangerous for kids.

Larry Ellison is getting us
a meeting at Novartis.

And you need to run your team
hours a day in shifts,

and work does not stop
until we run a successful test.

You want me to ask people
to work hours a day?

Elizabeth, they have families,
they have lives.

They'll-they'll-they'll burn out,
they'll quit.

But people are replaceable. I...

If you can't do this,
I'm-I'm gonna start f*ring people.

And get that out of here.

Okay. Okay.


Ugh. I know, it looks weird.

The paperweight place said
it was too many words. I asked...

It's Edmond Ku's birthday today.

Let's arrange to get him something,

a gift, like something... nice.


I don't know what people like.

He has a daughter.

Oh okay. No problem.




That was an original piece.

Dude, you're so pale right now.

I mean, you're gray.
You're, you're ashen.


You look like a powdered donut.

Look in the mirror. [LAUGHS]

- You can go home, Rakesh.
- You go home.

I'm not going home until we figure out
why the blood keeps clotting.

Well, let's try this.

Uh, I put on a new coating.

It won't work, but at least
it will tell us where we are.





Wait a minute.

Brother, I, I got a reading.
The test came back.

- Shut up.
- RAKESH: I don't have sepsis.

Holy shit. I-I don't have sepsis.
It works.

As long as the room doesn't get
below or above degrees.

I gotta f*cking hug you.

Okay, okay, okay, okay. No, no.


Yes! I am going on a business trip.



Seriously, this is... huge.

This is Google, this is Yahoo but...

Wait, no, no, no, this is better.

This is, this is going to help people.

I wish we had time to run more trials.

Can you unclench?

Unclench! I love you!

- Say it back.
- I love you, Rakesh.

I love you too. Oh my god!

Okay, okay.

- Let's go wake them up. Okay.
- RAKESH: Okay.


Guess what?

- What?
- We, we, we have sepsis.

We-we do.
We have, we have sepsis.


We have sepsis?

Oh! We have sepsis.


We have sepsis.

ALL: [CHANTING] We have sepsis.

We have sepsis! We have sepsis!


♪ I press trigger,
I don't press people button ♪

♪ No bother chat,
come face me with something ♪

♪ Like how I have
inna mi something ♪

♪ is for you,
so who gonna get the next dozen? ♪

♪ I press trigger,
I don't press people button ♪

♪ No bother chat,
come face me with something ♪

♪ Like how I have
inna mi something ♪

♪ is for you,
so who gonna get the next dozen? ♪

♪ No bother chat,
come face me with something ♪

♪ Like how I have
inna mi something ♪

♪ is for you,
so who gonna get the next dozen? ♪

♪ Fool ♪

♪ I press trigger,
I don't press people button ♪

♪ No bother chat,
come face me with something ♪

♪ Like how I have
inna mi something ♪

♪ is for you,
so who gonna get the next dozen? ♪


Hi. Sorry, we, we have a problem.



It's been consistent?

Every time.

Girls, girls, girls, girls,
wait for us, wait for us.


- Just one second.
- Edmond!

One second, one second, one-one second,
one second, one second.

Girls, girls, don't go too far.


ELIZABETH: We just keep
getting error messages.

- RAKESH: Your prototype's not working.
- ELIZABETH: We need your help, Edmond.

RAKESH: I don't know why,
something must have happened...


[QUIETLY]: I'm sorry.
I'm going to be right behind you.

RAKESH: We only have
the sales team here.

- ELIZABETH: f*ck.
- EDMOND: [ON PHONE] Okay, um...

we got to recalibrate it so...

We need someone's blood.



EDMOND: Are you sure the
blood carriage is sealed?


EDMOND: Is the main
case fan still spinning?

Mm-hmm. It just keeps reading error.

There could be a light leak.
Rakesh, try turning off all the lights.


RAKESH: Come on, come on.


- [GROANS] Error.
- Okay, do another, Tommy.

- I can't feel my fingers.
- I don't care!

Okay, I'll do it.

Another. Do another!



- Error. Another.
- Ah shit.


Another! [GROANS]

- f*ck this shit!

ELIZABETH: Find the light leak.

Put towels over that window.

No, wait.
Just wait, just wait, just wait.

Somebody call room service.
I have an idea.

ELIZABETH: Why would
you call room service?

Just trust me.

ELIZABETH: No light.
I'm putting in the card.


EDMOND: Rakesh, don't get crumbs
on the box. What are you doing?

You have to clean your fingers
after you eat that because...

- ELIZABETH: Shit, shit, shit.

Okay. Alright.
Maybe it's the temperature.

Maybe, like, a thermocouple got damaged
in the flight, huh?



EDMOND: Guys, guys,
no, no, no, it's too cold now.

Remember, it's Switzerland in the
winter. You're practically in the...

What do you want us to do, Edmond? Huh?

EDMOND: Guys, what's going on there?
I, I can't see.

Body heat.

Don't worry, I won't
take my clothes off.

Card is in.

EDMOND: Where's, where's Rakesh?
What's he doing? What...

Rakesh, what are you doing?
Okay, don't hug it too hard, Rakesh.

There's no error message.
EDMOND: Okay, it can't handle it.

- There's no error message.
- Guys, am I on mute?

Can you hear me? Can you hear me?

Oh my god!

RAKESH: Shit, shit, shit,
it's not actually in.

Hold on. Okay. Okay, now it's in.






Okay, guys, let's take it apart.


Okay, you just want
to soften up the portal...

I know, bro.

ELIZABETH: There's no more blood
left in my fingers.

GIRL: Daddy! Woo!

EDMOND: Hey, sweetie, hi!

[GASPS] Oh my gosh.

Did you guys have fun? Hmm?

What's on your face? Are you a giraffe?


Alright, let's go
get in the tub, come on.

Alright, I'll-I'll-I'll
be with you guys...

- Come on, come on.
- Okay, baby?


Okay, uh...

Uh, yeah, sorry, guys, I'm just, uh...


RAKESH: Oh! Shit!

Shit, shit, shit, shit.



Why did this happen?

EDMOND: I explained.

It, it wasn't reliable. I...

I don't know. Maybe, um...

Maybe you should get
some sleep, Elizabeth.

You, you look exhausted.

Yeah. Yeah.

I'm gonna get some sleep.

Thank you for your help, Edmond.

EDMOND: You're welcome...

Okay, uh, thanks, guys,
I think we're done.


Good work, man.


Try and get some sleep, yeah?

- Rakesh.
- RAKESH: Thank you.



What are we gonna show at the demo?

I thought we were going to bed.

Yeah, but what are we
gonna show at the demo?

I, I don't understand.

I, I... we-we're gonna tell them
that we don't have a working prototype.

But it worked before.

Everybody saw it.

We still have a reading saved.

From when it worked.


♪ Dramatic music ♪

Just one drop of blood...

gets put into our
Theranos-branded cartridges.

And we can change the world.


They started minutes ago.

IAN: Have you heard anything?

Not yet.

You know, this is supposed to be
the brainstorm room.

It was my idea,

and I've never been in it.


it's a strange thing.


you know, Elizabeth put her name down

for our patent applications
as one of the inventors.

Did she work on the inventions?

Not in any scientific way.


Hey, fellas.

What are you doing here so late?


You'll have to excuse us.

It doesn't always take this long
to beam test results

from a single drop of blood
across the world.







I haven't announced this yet,

but our series B round closed

at $ million.


So here's to Don Lucas
and Larry Ellison.


And let's... party.


♪ hip-hop music playing on speakers ♪

Ooh, ooh.

- MIRIAM: Are you okay?

I got the money.

I got the f*ck' money.

♪ Music continues in distance ♪

What are you doing here?

Oh god.

Did you call him?

I thought you might need a ride home,
so I went through your phone

and found his number.
I'm really sorry if that...

Let's go outside for a moment.

You're fired.

♪ Music continues in distance ♪

What happened?

It's a Christmas party.

You're their boss.

They look up to you.
You're better than this.

ELIZABETH: I don't think I am.

We faked the demo.

In Switzerland.

♪ Ominous music ♪

ELIZABETH: The device wasn't working.

And we couldn't fix it.

So I had somebody send in
fake test results

from a test we'd done before.


EDMOND: We need to talk.

Not now, man.

I know what you did at Novartis.

Okay. Calm down.

Why are you breathing so hard?
Just relax.

I mean, it's going to work.

It just didn't that day.

I didn't know what to do.

When we get the box to work,

we're not even gonna remember this.

We'll be geniuses, and you'll be able
to tell this story

at a conference wearing flip-flops.

This is how it works.

Just dance, Edmond.

Don't tell anyone else.

Just you.


I don't feel things the way
other people feel things.

I know.

But I love you.

I know.

We were all working
almost hours a day

seven days a week.

We were

trying to do something good.

♪ Dom's Living in America playing ♪

♪ Fun loving creatures
living fast eating gritty ♪

I would have graduated this year.


Now you're a f*cking millionaire.

♪ American mummies
teach the world to be pretty ♪

- SUNNY: Yes, f*ck everyone!

I'm going to change the world!
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