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01x07 - Heroes

Posted: 03/31/22 08:19
by bunniefuu
Elizabeth, this is Erika Cheung.

It's her first day.

Welcome to Theranos.

Here, put it on the camera
on your computer.


So they can't watch you.

If Ian had testified, it would have
invalidated Theranos' patents.

For a story like this, I really need
someone with firsthand knowledge.

ERIKA CHEUNG: They must be running
everything on the Siemens machines

to get around the regulators.

Do you really think
she'd let that happen?

Dude, she is the CEO.
She knows what's going on.

Are you running
the Edison proficiency tests

on Siemens machines?

You have no idea
what you're talking about.

You believe Theranos
is lying to regulators?

Yeah, that's why we need you
to start asking questions.

No, I won't.

I'm ready for your questions now.

How is Theranos defrauding Walgreens?


TYLER SCHULTZ: Uh, John Carreyrou?

This is Tyler Schultz.

BILL CLINTON: You founded
this company years ago, right?

Tell them how old you were.



Don't worry about the future,
we're in good hands.

♪ David Bowie's Heroes playing ♪

♪ I ♪

♪ I will be king ♪

♪ And you ♪

♪ You will be queen ♪

♪ Though nothing ♪


♪ Will drive them away ♪


♪ We can b*at them ♪

♪ Just for one day ♪

♪ We can be heroes ♪

♪ Forever and ever ♪

♪ What d'you say? ♪


I look back on this
brilliant young woman's, uh, vision,

and I think to myself,
how in God's name at

was she able to convince some
of the leading professors in America,

uh, let alone her parents,
to give her all her tuition money

to go and say, "I got an idea.

I'm going to start a company."



♪ I, I will be king ♪

♪ And you ♪

♪ You will be queen ♪

♪ Though nothing ♪

♪ Will drive them away ♪

♪ We can be heroes ♪

♪ Just for one day ♪

So the Theranos report
for the patient came back

showing an abnormally high TSH value.

But the patient was already taking
thyroid medication

- to lower that value?
- Precisely.

And the Theranos results indicated
the medication wasn't working.

Was Theranos correct?

This patient was pregnant, okay.

Increasing her dosage would have made
her thyroid hormone levels so high,

it would have put her pregnancy at risk.

Would you go on the record with this?


I tracked down a patient
who spent Thanksgiving in the ER

because a Theranos test
told her incorrectly

- she was having a stroke.
- Mm.

Thousands of dollars in medical bills.

I spoke with a cancer survivor,

took a Theranos test,
thought her cancer had come back.


I have three doctors on the record.

I have the Mark Roessler emails.

He sent you those?

No, not yet, but he should shortly.

From what he describes,
they're pretty damning.

I've got Gardner and
Gibbons on the record

and Tyler Schultz on background.

Wait, wait, uh, back up. Tyler who?

This kid worked in the labs
with Erika Cheung.

He's George Schultz's grandson.


Does Schultz know his grandson
is talking to us?

Oh no. And I have to make sure
he doesn't.

Yeah, no sh*t.

- It smells really good.
- Mm-hmm.

- Can I have the crackers?
- Nope.

So we ought to be thankful
that Elizabeth Holmes wasn't running

the USSR in the ' s.


Okay, so you do know
what I'm going to ask...

She's not going to talk to me, Judith.

I'm the only reporter in America
she will not give an interview to.

Doesn't matter.
We have to be able to say

we made every effort
to allow Theranos to respond.

I sent them a list of questions.

- Okay.
- I am a little bit worried

they're going to come after my sources.

They've got David
Boies representing them.

Yeah, f*ck that.

Whatever they throw
at us, we can handle it.

But maybe also call Mark Roessler and
have him hurry up with those e-mails.






LINDA TANNER: Wall Street Journal
is doing an article about Theranos,

and it is, um...

I don't think it's going to be positive.

Uh, here are some
questions they sent over

that they would like you to, uh,

to an... to answer
as soon as you possibly can...

Yo, I've been trying
to get ahold of you.

Mark just downloaded, like,
hundreds of work e-mails

to his personal drive,
and now he's headed out of the building.

- Mark?
- Yeah.

Where is Mark?


What's he going to do to him?



Mark, I will sue your ass!

Delete those emails!
We have an NDA, Mark.

- These questions are ridiculous.
- And sloppy.

Yeah, he's not a good writer.

I, I tried reading
his Medicare thing the other night.

It, like, sucked.

I mean, I mean,
he should be more careful.

These questions make it obvious
who his sources are.

You know who his sources are?

- Yes, of course.
- We believe we do.

We've narrowed it down.
Thank you, Peter.

He's spoken to Rochelle Gibbons.

Who we should sue for defamation.

SUNNY: And some doctors
and patients in Arizona,

which violates
doctor-patient confidentiality.

And those questions regarding
the particulars of the Normandy lab,

those are, that's coming from Erika.

Yeah. Erika Cheung,
Tyler Schultz, Mark Roessler.

SUNNY: Who all signed NDAs.

That's right. And who are young
and disgruntled.

- Very f*cking disgruntled.
- All three left after disagreements.

But they expect us to answer
these questions,

like, I, I...

This, this whole thing that we have
to respond to liars?

That's ridiculous.

And all these legal elements,

we have to get, we have to get ahead
of all of them now.

Extremely serious legal implications.

Like, Tyler basically violated
and shared our trade secrets.


Violating trade secrets is not okay.

We want to sue everyone.


- We want to nail this f*ck.
- Yeah.


I respect the integrity of journalism.

I represent the New York Times.

But there are tools
and tactics available

that we can use to try
and suppress negative stories.

And we can remind
them of the consequences

of breaking their NDAs.

Linda will help me with that.

And then, of course,
we can question their credibility.

If these are the kind of people
that break their NDAs,

how can we trust anything they say?

Good. Yeah. Good.

Hey, Tiger.

Are you home?

I'm back.

I got to tell you something.

SUNNY: Come find me.

This house is too big. I can't.


I met Rupert Murdoch tonight
at the thing.



ELIZABETH: I'm sorry.

You started it.

Rupert Murdoch invited me
to his ranch tonight.

God, I am so happy.

I'm going to Arizona tomorrow
to talk to the doctors.

I don't care

that Boies has a strategy.

I want to talk to them face-to-face.

End this smear campaign,
take out his sources.

Cut this off at the legs one by one.

We can turn this around.

I'm not here to scare you.

I'm simply asking you,

does your practice
rely on online reviews?

It would hurt your practice
if your patients knew

you shared their confidential
health information

with a reporter.


But if you sign that document,

all this goes away.

I've always believed
that we are here on this Earth

to make a difference in the world.

So when I found what I felt like
I was born to do,

which is help and try to contribute

to, to solving a problem...

- Hello.
- MARK: I'm being followed, John.

Like, everywhere I go,
there's someone watching me.

- Who's watching you?
- I, I don't know,

but I'm not making it up.

It's not safe in my house.
I'm, I'm in the car.

I'm using the Wi-Fi in my car.

I believe that on a human level,

there's not much else that matters.

more data will save more lives.

ELIZABETH: Yeah, when,
you know, in saving lives...

when you're talking
about someone you love,

you'd do anything, right?

- MARK: I get these phone calls...
- Mark. Mark.

From, from Sunny
and their g*dd*mn lawyers,

they're threatening me...

I told you they were going
to come after you.

MARK: ... these massive lawsuits.



CHARLIE: Has anybody challenged
the science of what you do?

MARK: I hired a lawyer,
a very good lawyer.

But he found out they had
David Boies on, on their side,

and he told me to delete
the emails immediately.

Don't delete the emails, Mark.

What you're doing is too important.

I don't know.
I, I, I don't know if I can do this.

CHARLIE: Are there people
who raise questions and say,

you know, why doesn't she
show us all this?

Because we'd feel more comfortable
with the results.

The major lab companies, yeah.

CHARLIE: Help me understand
what it is they're asking

and what your answer is to them.

- I know it's scary right now...
- They can bankrupt me.

But they wouldn't make it scary
if they weren't scared.

And they're scared because they know

that they're wrong and you're right.

What you're doing
is going to save lives.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Mark, you did this because
you're going to save people.

MARK: Uh-huh. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, you're right.

JOHN: So you'll send me those emails?

Yeah, yeah.




MARK: Sorry, John, I'm sorry.


JOHN: The Roessler emails are gone.

Most of the Arizona doctors are gone.

If they manage to sway Tyler,
I, I do not have a story.

Well, then get Tyler on the phone.

I've tried to get Tyler on the phone.
He doesn't pick up.

- Well, try again.
- I have tried trying again.

Well, have you tried
texting, emailing...

- I have tried everything.
- ... sending him flowers?

Well, then you're just going
to have to wait.

Wait. Great.

I will just wait.

That is really helpful,
Judith. Thank you.


- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- JUDITH: It's okay.

- This is really taking a toll on me.
- I can see that.

You just can't lose Tyler.


Grandpa, what's up?

I'm not sure why Elizabeth thinks that

I was the one who spoke to some,

- some reporter.
- Did you... Tyler?

Because if you did,

you're in danger of being sued.

Just tell me.

We're family.

Did you speak to the reporter?


- No.
- Oh, that's good.


all you have to do

is sign a new non-disclosure agreement.



- Is someone here?
- George.

Is there someone upstairs?

A lawyer from Theranos brought
the document for you to sign.

You told me to come over and talk.

You didn't tell me
I have to sign anything.





This matter is more urgent
than you realize.

Hi. Hi, Tyler.

I have some documents
you're going to need to sign.

Okay, here's the restraining order.

BOTH: A restraining order?

Are you f*cking serious?

No, that's wrong.

Elizabeth said he was going
to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

This is a letter from Theranos
stating that they believe

that you have violated
your confidentiality obligations.

This is not what
Elizabeth said was going...

That they're preparing to file
a lawsuit against you.

- Is this coming from Sunny?
- I didn't speak to the reporter.

Would you be willing to sign
an affidavit to that effect?

Would you be willing to name
the people who did in fact speak

to The Wall Street Journal?

My grandson is not a rat.

George, why don't you let me
take it from here?

Like hell I will.
You, into the study now.

Tyler, you stay here.

We're going to settle this with decorum.

Sit down.

You won't be talking to Tyler directly.

You'll be using me as an intermediary.

Is this really necessary?

It was good enough for Gorbachev,

and it will be good enough for you.


How are you doing? Are you hungry?

Charlotte, can we have
some crackers in here?

Can you just tell her not to sue me?

We're taking the lawsuit off the table.

We can't do that.

Then he won't be signing.

That's a red line?

Good news, they're agreeing
not to sue you for two years.

So they're going to sue me in two years?

Jesus Christ, George,
this is your grandson.

LINDA: Fine, we will agree not to sue.

And you'll put that in writing.

Yes, we'll draft it up right now.

But if we do, he'll sign?

No, I, I won't sign it.

- Those were your terms.
- Well, my terms have changed.


Because you did speak to a reporter.

Because if you did

and you sign these documents,
you'll be perjuring yourself.

- Okay.
- What are you doing here?

Tyler, I've modified the documents
to meet your demands.

Now sign.


why don't you fax
the documents to your lawyer

and see what he thinks Taylor should do?


Tyler, your mom's on the phone.

If you'd like, you can take it upstairs.

Why did my mom call here?
Is everything okay?

Tyler, I know you spoke
with the reporter.

No, I...

[STAMMERS] I didn't.

- I didn't, I...
- This is our attorney on the phone.

Tell him your situation.

He can help you.



My lawyer says he shouldn't sign.


I mean, if he's telling the truth,
then he has no reason...

That was his recommendation.

I'm going to have to ask you to leave.


you're about to be buried in legal fees.

Your parents are about
to be buried in legal fees.

That's my son you're talking about.

You cannot afford

what is about to come at you.

- Is it worth it?
- Get out.

You'll be hearing from me.




Do you...

Do you wish Elizabeth was related to you

instead of me?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

She lied to you about the documents
she wanted me to sign.

She lies.

That's who she is.

Why can't you just admit
that you were wrong about her?

Because you're this great man
and you never make mistakes?

You're never wrong?

Did you speak to the reporter?


Then I'm choosing to believe you.

We have a very big announcement
to tell y'all.

- Are you excited?
- Walgreens isn't happy.

Normandy is a disaster zone.

We need new lab directors
and lab managers.

Because you replaced Mark
with a dermatologist.

Because I don't want someone
who's going to create problems.

But we can't keep fighting fires
by creating fires.

We have to focus on
the root cause of the problem.

What is the root cause?

And I think she deserves...

What is the root cause?

CHRISTIAN: So without further ado,

I present to you our fearless leader,

Elizabeth Holmes.


♪ Too legit, too legit to quit ♪

♪ Too legit, too legit to quit ♪

♪ Too legit, too legit to quit ♪

We've got herpes!

[CHANTING]: Theranos! Theranos!










Congratulations on the FDA approval.

Moving in the right direction.

Where are we with the article?

Tyler didn't sign.

It doesn't matter because he's a kid.

And they've lost
more than half of their sources.


But we need answers to those questions
that the journalist sent.

We need to categorically deny
the allegations.



I won!

Oh, I had an idea last night.

What the f*ck?


Yeah, I know, Richard.
I'm looking at it.

RICHARD FUISZ: In your own paper!

She, she wrote and published
a brag about herpes

in your own paper?

She's spitting in your face.

How could this happen?

Well, it's an op-ed, Richard.

Opinion and news are totally separate.

They don't know what we're working on.

I'll tell you how it happened.

Guess who's the new
investor in Theranos?

Rupert Murdoch!

Rupert f*cking Murdoch.

The man who owns your paper.

I just found out this morning.

Um, I'm sorry.

Where... where did...
Where is this information coming from?

It's coming from, you figure it out.

That's where it's coming from.

$ million,

the most he's ever invested
in a tech company.

Are you sure about this?

Your story is d*ad.
He's going to bury it.

He's going to bury it
to protect his investment.

That's not necessarily true.

RICHARD: The op-ed!

The op-ed!



The opinion page has nothing to do...

Murdoch just invested $ million.

In Theranos?

No, in railroads.


Guess he should have
called you first, huh?

Yeah. Uh, we gotta run the story now.

- We can't run it now.
- Why not?

Because it's not ready.

You've lost half your sources,
so we need more proof.

- We have to wait.
- Judith, come...

Come on.

Obama just named her
global ambassador of something.

The woman is worth
four and a half billion dollars.

They are f*cking winning here.

John, in Sicily, every year...

Why are we talking about Italy?

No, no. We're talking about Sicily.

There's a practice called la mattanza.


The fishermen, they wade
into the Mediterranean Sea.

The water is up to their waist.

They've got their clubs
and spears in hand.

And they stand there.

Very still.

For hours.

Till the fish start to
gather around them.

Because the men are so still

and they've waited so long,

the fish don't even
realize they're there.

They, they think
they're part of the scenery.

But then...

once there are enough fish gathered,

someone gives the signal.

And then...


Bam, bam, bam!

Tch tch tch tch tch. Tch tch tch tch.

Bam! Bam!

So you see.

Very vivid imagery.

We wait.

Until Boies responds to my questions?

Until we know we've got them.

- Yup.
- Go on.






- Oh!
- Oh my god!


I'm sorry, your roommate,
she just let me in downstairs, and I...

Wh-what are you,
what are you doing here?

I, uh, brought a lamp.

Yeah, you just, you weren't
answering my calls,

so I thought I would stop by
and say hi and bring a lamp.

Remember you told me
you didn't have one for your room?

How long have you had that Kn*fe?

I, I don't know, it helps the...

It helps me sleep.


When you were at Theranos,
did you ever hear of Ian Gibbons?


Carreyrou told me that
he was a chemist there.

They were pressuring
him so much that, um,

he k*lled himself.

I keep thinking about him.

Yeah, it's, uh...

It's bad right now.

They're suing me. [INHALES]

My grandfather stopped talking to me.

They're tracking everything I do.


At least now you have an ugly lamp.




David, what are you doing here?

I want to talk.

- Were you in the neighborhood?
- No.

The article is not going away.

It's not moving forward
but it's not going away,

and I can't make it go away
until I know what they have.

This is the moment
where you tell me everything

that you've been hiding from me.

Oh, you need to be prepared.

I'm prepared.

- For, for what?
- For Boies k*lling your story.

- No.
- He's the one that called the meeting.

I'm sure he has
evidence that refutes it.

Judith, the story is good.

I still have Dr. Betz in Arizona.

I've got the nurse, Carmen Washington.

I have that patient.
I have Erika Cheung,

Mark Roessler, Richard Fuisz,

- Rochelle Gibbons, Phyllis Gardner...
- JUDITH: On background.

- And Tyler.
- You haven't heard from Tyler?

No. But that also means
I haven't heard that he's recanted.

Come on. Whatever happened
to s*ab the fish?

Sometimes the fish
can take you to court.

And then you have to let them go.

So say it back to me,
you have to let the fish go.

- Sometimes you have to let the fish go.
- Exactly.

So thank you for coming by.

This is John Carreyrou

and Jay Conti, the deputy general
counsel of our parent company.

Ah, hold on.

Oh, are we recording?
Is this a deposition?

- Nope. Just want a record.
- Well, hold on.

Maybe we want to record.
What do you, what do you think?

- Yeah, why not? Sure.
- Okay.

So where is the app?

Uh, Recorder Plus.

JUDITH: Uh-huh. And do I download it?

- JOHN: Yeah, go to the App Store.
- JUDITH: Mm-hmm.

And how much is it?

- No, it's free.
- Oh, okay, free.

Ah, there it is.

Okay, got it. You got it?

- JOHN: Got it.
- Got it.

Can we keep moving forward?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course, of course.

LINDA: Okay. So you sent us
questions for review,

and we are here to
rebut the false premise

embedded in those questions.

Now, it's apparent to us
that one of your key sources

is a young man named Tyler Schultz.

We aren't disclosing
our confidential sources,

nor should you presume
to know who they are.

Can we move on?

DAVID: You're
absolutely right, Judith.

I'm not asking you
to disclose your sources.

I respect journalists,
and I'm trying to protect you.

There just isn't a story here.

Then answer my questions.


It's John, right?

It is, David.

You will make a fool
of yourself by printing this.

Mm-hmm, so you're the good cop, David?


I'm just trying to figure out

how we could have arrived at a place

where The Journal is considering
publication of an article

I know to be false, misleading,

and unfair

and threatens to disclose information

that Theranos rigorously protects

as trade secrets.

Do you really believe
that all the recognition

by the academic, scientific,
and healthcare communities

of Theranos' achievements is wrong?

That every previous published report
about Theranos,

including in The Journal itself,

has been the result
of misleading manipulation

by the company?


If it were true, that's
a powerful story.

Why would you let a story like that go?

Why would you check it thoroughly?

That would be a career-defining story.

The only problem is

none of it is true.

Then why don't you answer my questions?


I just want to know...

BOIES: Here's what
I want to know, John.

What about your conduct in Arizona?

What you were doing
down there with those doctors

was nothing short of yellow journalism.

- Oh, David, where'd the good cop go?
- Yellow journalism?

You were asking those doctors
loaded questions.

Okay, here's a loaded question.

If Theranos has new technology,
what is it?

Okay, so you want us to give you
the formula for Coke

so that we can...

Nobody's asking
for the formula for Coke.

- By the way, I like Pepsi.
- Okay. Just answer.

Does Theranos use fingerstick samples
in their technology or not?

- That's a trade secret.
- JOHN: Yes or no. Okay.

LINDA: That is a trade secret.

How about this?
This is another easy one.

Are you using Siemens machines
in your labs?

Yes, but for comparison purposes only.

So you acknowledge you have them?

For comparison purposes.

You're grasping at straws...

She said, for comparison purposes.
Move on.

Just... walk me through
some of the language

that's been changed recently
on the website.

Oh, language on the website?

The phrase, "Many of our tests
only require a few drops of blood."

That phrase was recently deleted.

Yes, for marketing accuracy.


So you characterize
the language before as inaccurate?


We will acknowledge
that not every blood test

is run on proprietary technology,

but they're transitioning.

It's a transitional process. A journey.

A journey.

A journey.

Alright. This meeting's over.

W... well, it's only been four hours.

I mean...

Oh my god, holy sh*t.

They admitted to using
third-party analyzers.

They sure did.

Yeah. After months of saying
they don't use third-party analyzers.

- They sure did.
- So, Judith...

- is this...
- Bam!


Elizabeth, they're running it.

So when will it come out?

ELIZABETH: Uh, I don't know. Soon.

I spoke to Rupert and asked him
to k*ll the story, but, uh...

You asked Rupert Murdoch

to k*ll a story in
The Wall Street Journal for you?

Of course.

He told me that his hands are tied.

I don't understand why
he can't just make a phone call.

How bad will it be?

Nothing we can't handle.


I want to know that I have your support.


I hear

you're joining the Harvard
Medical School Board of Fellows.

Congratulations. You
must be riding high.

I know! A college dropout
joining the board

of a Harvard Medical School.

Obviously, Harvard's support
of our company

means more to me than a reporter
who doesn't understand.


I've worked for two presidents,

Nixon and Reagan,

who made bad decisions.

Nixon, more so.

But Reagan

got mixed up in the Iran-Contra affair,

and it hurt his legacy.

He was a great man.

But he started listening
to the wrong people.

It's easy to make the mistake
of listening to the wrong people.

If mistakes were made...

I think it might be time
to consider whether you have

the right people around you.

If Sunny is the right person.

Baby, how did it go with George?

I said, how did it go with George?

I have to pack for my Harvard Board
dinner tonight and I don't...

SUNNY: I laid out your clothes.

Yeah, I don't want to wear
what you picked out.

SUNNY: Just wear it, why don't you?

I don't know what
I'm supposed to f*cking do.

I don't even know
when it's going to come out.

I don't know what it's going to say.

You should have protected me.


I see.

George told you to blame me.

That's what you're going to do?
You're going to blame me?


Of course not.

I have to meet the jet.

Because I know everything that you know.

- What?

You were on all of those e-mails.

Well, I'm the CEO.

And I don't always
read all of my e-mails.


I love you, Tiger.

I miss you already.

Miss you too.


- Richard.
- RICHARD: They k*lled it.

It's d*ad.

You f*cked it up.

I knew it.

You got cocky and you f*cked it up.

I'm taking it somewhere else.

[WINCES] It's too late for that.

Oh, is that right?
Is that what you think?

Hah. No way, buddy. No way!

It's running tonight, buddy.

- Tonight? What? The...
- JOHN: Mm-hmm.

RICHARD: Really?


That's, uh, good.

That's good. You, you got it done.

Yeah, well, you're welcome.

Oh, what, am I supposed to thank you?

I gave it to you on a plate.

I hope you can go out tonight,
have a drink,

celebrate with your family.

With my family.

Uh, good.

Uh, well, uh, goodbye.

If, if you get anything wrong,
I'll call you.

I'm expecting you to. Goodnight.


Oh yes.

Yes! Yes! Yes!


Oh! Good!



Oh good.

That's done.

Hi. Could have a glass of water, please?

A whiskey with ice.

Phyllis, I saw you were
on the board as well.

I am, yes, and now you are too.

Yes, I'm, I'm so honored
to be asked to advise

the dean of Medical
School on strategies.

It is an honor.

Yeah, it is good to see you...

I'm looking forward to reading
the article in the Journal.

Yes, I know about it.

I think a lot of people
will be interested in it.

And when this becomes a scandal,
because it will become a scandal,

what do you think happens
to all of the other women

who want to start companies?

Who do they go to?

Who's going to trust them?

Because it's not just you.

It's never just you.

It was good to see you, Phyllis.

Don't call me Phyllis.
I'm not Phyllis to you.

I'm Dr. Gardner.




ELIZABETH: You know,
I realized something last night.

This is what happens.

This is what happens
when you work to change things.

First, they think you're crazy.

And then they fight you.

And then all of a sudden
you change the world.

By now, you've probably seen
the article published

about our company
in The Wall Street Journal.

The man who wrote it, John Carreyrou,

is a spiteful man.

He is a sad man.

But we are a team.

And we will be fighting

every single

tiny... detail.

f*ck you, Carreyrou!

ALL: [CHANTING] f*ck you, Carreyrou!

f*ck you, Carreyrou!

f*ck you, Carreyrou!

f*ck you, Carreyrou!

f*ck you, Carreyrou!

f*ck you, Carreyrou!

f*ck you, Carreyrou!

f*ck you, Carreyrou!