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03x10 - Cheat the Gallows

Posted: 04/02/22 16:59
by bunniefuu
Previously on Marvel's Runaways...

I saw his hopes. They weren't good.

Finally, the real Alex Wilder.

You're a hard man now, right?

I'm not gonna apologize
for wanting to live.

That's Morgan's dark army.
They're gonna cross over.

Morgan will never stop coming
for the Staff.

Morgan's power's growing.
We have to stop her before it's too late.

You say that like
it's gonna be easy.

You were worried about Nico
and her connection with Morgan.

The more I feel like maybe
we're on different paths.

Ty made me realize that I
cannot operate out of fear anymore.

Good evening, everyone.
How nice to see you all.

I don't need the Staff
as long as I control you!

You said a circle of it
could contain Morgan's magic.


Spirit to ransom!

I think it's over. Gert!

No, no, no, no. Oh, Gert.
I've got you.

Data log June 14th, 2028.

The two most powerful forces
in life are invisible.

The first is love...

the second is time.

I'm about to harness one
in service of the other.

If it doesn't work...

if for some reason I don't come back
and you see this...

please know that I'm attempting all of it
because I'm trying to...

make up for my mistakes in the past.

And I wanna make things better.

And that includes what happened to her.


I mean...

it was always her.

And only her.

My feelings won't be hurt.

You wanna tell me what's wrong?

Nothing. I'm just not hungry.

Is it because of today?

The anniversary?

Three years, isn't it?

It's really nice of you to remember.

Come here.

We all pledged to move on,
to try to lead normal lives.

Which means having a future.

With you.

Sounds like another way
of saying you're in denial.

Which probably is normal,
but it isn't healthy.

I'm sorry, okay, you're the one
who chose to do the psych major, so...

I'll see you later. Okay.

One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight.

All right!

Brianna, lower your hips.
That's good.

Now, I'm gonna place my right foot forward
and grab Christina by the waist.

Okay, now, this is it,
you're gonna fly.

Strong snap on that toe touch, okay?

Ready? Ready.

Five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

Yes! Told you we could do it.

We're really gonna miss you
when you graduate, Molly.

The whole school is.

Oh, thanks.

I love being part of all this.
Especially this team.

It's a dream come true, really.

Maybe you could come back
and help coach.

That might be nice, yeah.

Oh, okay.

Oh! Hey. Hi, girl.

How is my Lacy doing?

Hey, have you seen 'em?


Hey, Chase. Open up.

What is it, Molly?

Can you come to the door, please?

Why? Are you sick?

No, dude, I'm not. Um...

I just wanna see your face,
like, for real.


What's going on in there?

Nothing. What do you need?

How about my sister back?

But if I can't have that,
then maybe, um...

someone to sit next to and eat pizza
and remember the day she d*ed?

My mind is on quantum entanglement
at the moment,

and I need to get back to it.

But, uh, maybe Dale and Stacey are free?

No, they're
on an expedition in Honduras.

Listen, it won't take long, and you
just never come out of here anymore.

I know, I know, I'm just...
I'm at a really important stage and...

My dad was supposed to drop off
a package, have you seen it?


Just, listen, you...
You're supposed to be my friend.

I would really appreciate it
if you'd be around, you know.

Especially today.

I can't right now.

I'm sorry, I just... I can't.

Providing free Internet access
to lower‐income neighborhoods,

building a public school with
a computer lab NASA would covet.

You've taken the Wilder name
in bold, new directions.

Bringing our community into the future's
always been a part of my dad's plan

for the business.

I just harnessed
a different kind of energy.

Clearly, it's working.

But with all this publicity
comes scrutiny.

Bring it on.

So you're prepared for the investigations
into your father's criminal past,

your mother's death, and your...

colorful foray into
being a teenage fugitive?

My life's an open book.

And as for my dad, you can go knock
on his office door and ask him.

He's just down the hall.

New life, new wife,
and nothing to hide.

Thanks so much for your time.
I look forward to checking out the story.

Hey, what's up?

Alex, I need help treating
the qubits with the microwave pulses

so they can go back
to their original alignment.

Can you send me the specs again?
Yeah, sure.

How many qubits are you using?



Okay, and how low can you get
the temp on the dilution refrigerator?


How did you know where I was?
I didn't tell anyone I was coming back.

Because I've been here before.

But you don't have the Staff.
I've leveled up, assh*le.

And so have I. ‐.

Get down!

I had this handled, thanks.

What happened to you
while I was gone?

I'm not the Chase you know.
I'm from the future.

What? And so is that Alex.

He's here to k*ll you, all of you.
All of us.

I don't hear him.

Shit. He's gone.

He wasn't expecting you to be so...
how you are,

which seems to be extremely magical.

Yeah, uh, while I was away,
I was studying with a master.

Look, just think Coach Alphona
but with powerful spells

instead of, you know,
bad sports analogies.

Speaking of, that scar doesn't
look like a lacrosse injury.

It's not.
Never trust anyone named Victor.

Your dad did that? Not my dad.

Also not relevant
to our current situation.

We need to gather the others.

That's actually weirdly
what I was just about to do.

So happy to have you back, Nico.

Would have been nice if you'd
let one of us know.

Hey, things happen, okay?

One of you went on a mysterious sojourn
to a secret location

for an unknown period of time.

The other stayed at home
and met a cute grad student.

That's life.

I wanted to reach out
to let you all know I was home.

And I was literally about to...

when he showed up to try and k*ll me.

No, not me, some other Alex.

Actually, it is you.

It's the person you become.

Just like how you're the person
our Chase becomes?

Hey, so that means that one day
he must get out of that bedroom

that he locked himself in.

Should we go get him right now?

I can't interact with my past self.

Just like you can't interact
with your future one.

It can mess too much up.

Besides, the "me" upstairs needs
to keep working on time travel.

With a little help from Alex
and the abstract,

eventually I'll figure it out.

Oh, my God.

Of all the people in the world,
you get to become a Time Lord?

That is so unfair.

I assume that's a "Doctor Who" reference

that, like always, lands with a thud.

But still, why would any version
of Alex want to k*ll Nico?

Because one of us tried to k*ll him.

A b*mb was placed in his office.
It went off but he survived.

Whoa. That's the exact same method
PRIDE used to k*ll my parents.

I'm afraid over time...

some of us follow in their footsteps.

Who? CHASE: I can't say.

Because you don't know?

No, because too much
information about your future

could create a shift in the timeline

and the results of that
could be devastating.

More devastating than turning evil
and trying to k*ll each other?

Yes. Which is why
we need to stick together.

Future Alex doesn't specifically know
who planted the b*mb...

so he's coming after all of us.

Why now?

Because today was the day that Nico
brought us all back together.

In memory of...


His knowledge of what happened
gives him an advantage.

Gives you an advantage.

I see a quick solution here.

I put Alex in a spell and we keep him
quarantined until we're sure we're safe.

Do you mean like

in a hospital or jail or something?

I can make it nice.

Like Fiji or Hawaii.

Or that new Star Wars hotel.

Actually tempting.

So we play judge and jury for something
that he hasn't done yet?

I don't think so.

You know, thanks
for believing in me, Molly.

I believe in you now.
Your future self I'm not so sure about.

The future Alex is relentless.

If he can't get to one of us,
he's gonna go after someone we care about.

Like Julie?

Who's Julie?

Oh, hi, um...

Alex, right? No, yeah, yeah.

We met at Karolina's birthday party
at the karaoke bar?

I was the one singing Backstreet Boys.

Oh, I thought it was N'Sync.

Pfft! Long time ago.

It was in February.

You know, I'm actually
really glad I caught you.

I wanted to leave
something for Karolina,

but I didn't want
to leave it at the front door.

Well, she's in class,

so you can give it to me
and I'll pass it along.

It's kind of personal.

Uh, I kind of wanted
to give it to her myself.

Okay. Well, she will be home
in about an hour,

so if you wanna come back,
then, yeah, or text her.

Mind if I wait?

Um... it's really important.

How about I just text her right now
and we'll see what's best?

You know, I'll... I'll give it to you.
Forget about it.

You can, uh... you can go ahead
and give it to her.

Yeah, great. Okay.

Did you change your hair or something?
Something's different.

Yeah. It's a new look for me.

Oh, my God, Julie.

I'm sorry, Karolina.

This is the only way.

Why are you doing this?

Self‐pre... pres...

You really thought she
was gonna come alone?

We're still a team, traitor.

Put the g*n down,
or this is about to get a lot worse.

Where is it?

Shit. Must have forgot
to put it on this morning.

Don't screw with me, Wilder.
Where is it?!

Chase never did learn
to control that temper.

Oh, shit, what just happened?

He just time‐jumped.
Wait, where did he go?

Just give me a minute.

Maybe I can trace him
using a quantum backup system.

Uh... time‐jumping quantum what?

How hard did I h*t my head?

You guys got together for your friend.

That's nice. Here.

I feel like you took my advice.

I'm Nico.
I don't think we've met yet.

Uh, Nico, hi.

Um... Yeah, I've heard
so much about you.

I... would love to catch up sometime.

Yeah. Uh, can't wait. Come on.

What? I'm fine.

She seems great.

Can I come in now?
I don't hear anyone who sounds like me.

Coast is clear, unfortunately.

So, you guys met the future me.

I'm not that bad, am I?

You p*stol‐whipped
Karolina's girlfriend.

Wow, okay, but I didn't sh**t her,
so there's hope.

Wait, so, um...

Julie's her actual girlfriend?

Not just like roommates?

You were gone for three years, Nico.
And no one knew where you were.

Yeah, I know. I was just, um...

I was just making sure.

So, that's Nico.

What does it mean that she's back?

For you and me?


I'm committed to you now.
I hope that you know that.

But it does mean that there's something
I have to do with my friends because...

if anything ever happened to you,
I would never forgive myself.

After this is all over, Julie and I
are going to take a Disney cruise

and have a very long talk.

Can I come?

Oh, no.

Well, that doesn't sound good.

It seems like he's gone back to the day

before we discovered
our parents in the basement.

That's before we knew about our powers.

Before we became friends again.
We were at our weakest.

That version of us
doesn't stand a chance.

We got to save them, save ourselves.

Here. And these are?

Your own personal time machines.

Who's ready to go back to high school?

Oh, shit!


I feel nauseous.

Well, that's because you just went
in reverse around a donut‐shaped vacuum

where spacetime can get bent upon itself

using focused gravitational fields
to form a closed timeline curve.

And this watch did that?
Yes, it did.

You really figured it out.

Don't act so surprised.

And don't touch that.

You don't want to accidentally end up
somewhere that you hadn't planned.

And if you touch someone
or something when it activates,

it's all going with you.

Okay, there's enough power
in each one of these for four jumps.

I'm down to two and so is future Alex.

He's going to need one to return
to his original timeline.

Oh, so he can't jump back
whenever he wants.

Or he'll get stranded.
Can't believe he came here to hunt us.

And we had no idea he was coming.

It's efficient, devious.
Typical Wilder.

Okay, really?
Can we turn off the comments section,

because the troll factor's
pretty high right now.

Okay, you all remember
where you were on this day.

Go find yourselves, go guard them.

Lay low, try not to change
anything that happened,

and under no circumstance are you
to interact with your former version.

I have no idea what type of time paradox
that could create.

We get Alex, we get out.

Come on.

Yo, it's gonna be a kick‐ass season, bro.

Hell yeah. I'm gonna rip
so many more G's in you this year.

Yo, I'm gonna rip way more G's in you.

Pfft! Not with that lame‐ass
Evo Classic.

I will take my Classic
over your Pro any day, bro.

Bullshit. The only thing shorter
than the shaft on your Evo Classic is...

Hi, guys.
Hope you had a good practice today.

Hey, thanks. Mm‐hmm.

Oh, hey,
when we win our game tonight,

we'll call you to celebrate.

Aw, thanks, but I can't. Church stuff.
Journey into brightness.

Sorry, dude, we tried.
Tried what?

Look, dude, I do not like Karolina Dean.

Don't worry, we won't tell Eiffel.

Oh, I remember this.

Oh, no, don't open it!

Oh, cool.

I'm the light. Yeah, I get it.

Very funny.

Or they're persecuting you
for your religious beliefs, so not funny.

I thought you said Gibborim
wasn't a religion.

Fair point.
The lightbulb thing's still mean, though.

And I'm sorry... about that.

Yeah, well...

I can't blame them for not
knowing what they don't know.

Well, uh, that's actually
called ignorance,

and it's totally okay
to blame them for it.

Hey, I'm actually starting
this club on campus.

Uh... "Undermining Patriarchy."
I can add this episode to the agenda.

If you‐‐
I got to find a janitor.

Right, yeah.

Now, who'd wanna hang out with, uh...

intelligent, confident women

challenging institutional
power structures?

So boring.

Gert! Gert, Gert!

Hey! So listen, I've got
dance class audition tomorrow.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

But it's really important to me.

And I find that profoundly sad,
like I have failed you in some way.

Well, um, you can make it up to me.

Um, Eiffel, she's in charge
and she's in your class,

and maybe you could put in
a good word for me.

Oh, no, no, no. You do not want me
lobbying on your behalf

to any cheerleader.

It would just go really terribly
for both me and them.

And also you don't need to find validation

in the opinions of the vapid
and self‐obsessed.

That's okay.

Never mind.

This is important to you.

So I will extol your virtues

to anyone who will listen,
even if they have pom poms. Okay.

Thanks, sis! You're the best!

Um, by the way, it's the dance squad,
so it's like no pom poms.

But I love you. Okay. Bye.
Great. Cool.


Uh, excuse me, could you give me a hand
on the cord there at the end of this?

There's a cord and it's stuck to...

Uh, the cord, it's right there at the end.
If you could grab that.

Before you pass that right there
on the corner, if you...

The AV Club provides a service
to the entire school, free of charge...

Nobody's gonna?

Hey, Nico.

Do it myself. I will, uh...

It's a little...

Make sure that we're okay.

Perfect. Great. Thank you...

to the sittin' gentleman on the curb.

Wow. Somehow that's actually worse
than I remember it.

Is it bad I don't remember it at all?

That's what I thought.

No one appreciates...

No one appreciates the AV club.

We're overlooked, understaffed,
and undervalued.

This way. We'll cut him off.

Hey, nerd, let me help you
with those flyers.


Great. This is awesome.

Thank you so much,
you cool, strong guys.

Oh, don't worry.

No one's coming
to your sad girl club anyways.

Oh, sad?

Try justifiably furious.

And anger is energy,
which clearly thr*at you.

thr*at? Hey, dude, be nice.

It's not her fault she's sad.

You would be too
if you looked like her.

I think she's beautiful.

You do? You do?

Where did
the five o'clock shadow come from?

Whoa, lay off the HGH, dude.

I know this sounds weird,
but can I give you a hug?

Obviously no.

The only reason you would do that
is for some mean prank.

You'd probably record it
and upload it.

Bonus points for seeking
active consent first, though.

Thank you.
Almost as good as a hug.

It isn't possible to explain
how much I've missed that.

Missed what?
You saw me in homeroom earlier today.

I didn't see you looking like this,

Yeah, it's a costume.

I was auditioning for, um...

"Pirates of Penance."

That says "Penzance."

That scar is just so
remarkably real.

Uh... thanks.

Now, you two dipshits
leave her alone.

Why do you care all of a sudden?
Yeah. You know what?

I'm... I'm curious about that too.

Well, I mean, she suffers from anxiety,
which is a real thing,

so when you guys bully her like that‐‐.

What? Wait, hang on.
How do you know that?

I mean... it's obvious.

Obvious? What?
How is it obvious?

That's Wilder. I got to go.

I got him!

Wilder! My God, you're late.
The bus is waiting.

Bus‐‐? It's a field trip.

Ethical Hacking class, man?
That's today?

Yeah, it's today.
Who's that in my jacket?

You know, whatever.
Screw the time limit.

We might not get another chance.

It's leaving.
Alex, stay here, out of sight.

Everyone else, let's not mess this up.

Stop! Stop!

Mr. Stein. Hey, is there a problem?
Yeah, we're looking for someone.

He shouldn't be here.

Well, I've taken roll,
and the only people who are on this bus

that shouldn't be are all of you.

There he is.

Hey, come on.
No one needs to get hurt.

Just come with us, we'll work it out.

Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late.
I thought I was gonna miss...

Oh, what the hell?

I would say no w*apon
on school grounds.

But what is that?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Alex, no!

I'm Alex. Who is that?
It's you from the future.

- I got contacts?
- Oh, please don't k*ll me.

I can't die before Hillary is elected!

Have you told them?
No, please don't.

The truth? About the election?

About who he is.
Who you all are in the future.

Alex, you need to stop right now.

If you say anything else,
you could ruin everything.

All their lives could be totally ruined.

He's the villain, not me!

- Ask him about the scar.
- No!

He's a lot heavier than he looks.

Given our history with PRIDE,
I find the mind wipe spell immoral,

but, you know,
desperate times and all that.

Take future Alex, get him to the gym.
Nobody will be there.

Okay, we're on our way.
Ethical Hacking 102!


What happened?

I was just about to ask you
the same thing.

This is literally anyone's
worst nightmare,

to look into the future and see
that they turned out like you.

Come on.

We both know what happened
in that jail cell.

What we did.

I was manipulated, tortured...

You k*lled your mom.

That wasn't my mom!

Well, you didn't know that at the time.

You wanna know how you got to where I am?

I embraced my true nature.

And what's that, a cold‐blooded k*ller?

It's someone who will do
what no one else will in order to win.

Doesn't seem like a win to me.

We tracked you and we stopped you
from committing several m*rder.

That seems like a win to us.

Now we take you back
and we bring you to justice.

For something I didn't actually do?

Tell me, Chase,
what evidence will you use?

What testimony?

The only people that will remember this
are these people,

and they all turn out rotten anyway,
you know that.

Maybe, because we know this,
we won't become those people.

Yeah. We have the future knowledge
that you talked about,

we can avoid becoming... this.

Yeah, or maybe one of you
uses it to their advantage

to escalate things in their favor.

This is getting too complicated.

Which brings me, again,
to the fastest way out of here.

You, exiled to Hawaii.

Or the Star Wars hotel.
Yeah, fine. Your choice.

Take the hotel.
Nico, no, this isn't right.

Punishing him for something
that he hasn't done?

He's not gonna stop unless we stop him.
I think I need to stop this.

Alex, can I talk to you for a second?

Yeah, I'm more than happy
to take a break.

You're powerless without this.

And you love that, don't you?
Being in control.

That's what you've always wanted.
That's why you left.

What do you know about why I left?

That's why I need you to jump back.
For your own sake.

You being in close contact with him?

And then Nico's ready to take
things into her own hands.

I mean, as nice as
that Star Wars hotel sounds...

I get it, I get it.

Now that I know about him,

I'm gonna do everything in my power
not to become him.

And I hope that... in the future
when we meet again,

that we're friends. For good.

I hope so too.

I'm a hugger.

Oh, yeah, I forgot that.

See ya. I hope so.

Leaving wasn't some power trip.

It was the only way
that I could survive.

Amy d*ed.

My dad d*ed. Gert d*ed.

You were trapped in a nightmare
that seems to have messed you up for life.

And the whole time,
I had the power to save everyone.

But I didn't know how to use it.

You could have at least said goodbye.
I didn't want you to stop me.

I wouldn't have.

I didn't want to stop myself.

And I would've stayed with you
and I would've been miserable

for the rest of my life.

So you're saying that life with me
would have been miserable?

You never stopped for
a moment to even think

that maybe we could figure it out?

But I did figure it out.

And now I'm back and I'm capable of doing
what I have to do to keep us all safe.

You won't need to, I hope.

Where did the older...
or younger me go?

He went home.
Like the rest of you are about to.

Your mission is over.

I still have something left to do,

but this is where
we go our separate ways.

What do you have to do that we don't?

I'm going to save Gert.

That was always the plan, my entire
purpose behind building the time machine.

And after seeing her here, now,

I can't turn back until it's done.

But you could get k*lled trying.

We all know what happened
that night with Morgan.

That's a risk I'm willing to take.
I wanna help.

Molly, no...

She's... No, I don't care.
She's my sister, I have to.

Molly, no. If things go wrong‐‐
ALEX: Forget about if things go wrong.

If they go right,
you'll all be committing su1c1de.

What are you talking about?

The lives you have right now...
they'll all be erased.

Everything that happened,
it took place after Gert's death,

maybe even because of Gert's death.

If you change that,
you change everything.

He's right.

But there remains the possibility that
you'll make the exact same choices again.

Only this time, Gert will be there
to share it with you.

That's the vision that's kept me
going this whole time.

I think the way we feel about each other
will stay the same.

And we'll be stronger for it.

Are we ready?

You guys really wanna do this?

Let's go save Gert.

I'm doing the best I can considering...

We're right in the middle of it.

No, Molly! Oh, my God!

Uh, well, I'm sorry.
I was just trying...

My bad.

Oh, my God, that's not getting
any easier, is it?

I still have nightmares
about this night.

Morgan's on her way.
We barely won.

And that's why my plan is simple.

Since we defeated her,
we can't disrupt any of what we did.

We just need to pull Gert out
so she doesn't get k*lled.

Okay, but who's gonna close the circle?

I will. Not a chance.

Morgan will just k*ll you.
I'm the strongest.

But not invincible.

I have the power to take her on.
It should be me.

But your light power
is no match for magic.

It's me. Magic against magic.
She almost broke you last time.

I'm stronger now.
All I have to do is complete the circle.

Nico, just shield me with a spell.
That way, Morgan's gonna be distracted‐‐.

Blenders found
in this house can be.

Well, of course, we're going
to thoroughly deep‐clean the blender.

No! If we go after him,
we'll reveal ourselves.

Hey, Alex, we're gonna
go check on your dad if you want.

- I'm good, thanks.
- Guess not.

He look different to you?
Mm‐hmm. That nice jacket.

Maybe it wasn't a good idea
to bring evil future Alex along with us.

It was our only option.

I didn't have enough jumps
to take him back and then still get here.

You two, upstairs.
Molly, come with me.

How do we hold off the dark army?

I can try a spell, but once I begin,
I will need to maintain it.

You'll be on your own.

Do it.

Where do we go?

We need to get a good eye line
on Morgan's final position.

Come on.

Hey, uh, look, I know this isn't
exactly the right moment.

But we might be running out of time.

I know we haven't seen eye to eye
since Morgan came into our lives.

But, um...

you know, like I've disappointed you...

and I've really scared you
and almost lost you...

but you've never given up on me.

I... I just wanted you to know
that, um...

I've noticed.

I never will give up on you.

Everything's gonna be okay.
I promise.

Karolina. Can you give me
a hand with Geoffrey for a minute?

I got to go... No. No, Nico, no!

Oh, shit.

But you didn't really
believe her, did you?

Am I hallucinating?
Is this one of Morgan's tricks?

No. It's, um...
It's time travel.



Where's your Staff?

I've outgrown it.
It's hidden away some place safe.

So I guess I survive. Right?
We're going to win here?

Defeat Morgan?

I'm breaking so many rules right now.

I just, I need to tell you something.

Something that's more important
than Morgan or the Staff.

I know what's going through your mind.

You think that you can't have it all.

That you have to choose.

Strength versus love.
Darkness or light.

That the only way to protect
those you love is to leave them.

And I think I made a mistake
in this moment, so...

just stay and fight.

Believe the way that Karolina believes,
with your whole heart.

Let her lead you into something better.

That's what love is...

and I think...

knowing what I know now...

it's way more powerful than magic.

Why did I go in here?

Was I looking for something...

Chase, Chase, Chase!

Dale said that you were the only person
he hasn't gotten to yet.

Chase, Oh, my God, no! No!

Good evening, everyone.
How nice to see you all.

Now tell me, where is Nico?



Hmm. That didn't really work out

quite as planned, now, did it?

It's Morgan, she's here,

and I think she's already won.

We're getting our asses kicked.

‐Should we step in?

Just trust me, we got to wait.

I'm gonna get the Fistigons.
Cover me.

I know it's confusing...
but it's also painful.


What's he up to? I've got him.

We have to do something!

I'll be right back.


The salt, you said a circle of it
could contain Morgan's magic.

Mind if I step in?

Pirates of Penance?

I would love to explain,
but I'm here to save your life.

I don't need you to save me.
No, you don't.

You're willing to die for what
you believe in, die for your friends.

That's what happens
when you go out there, it's just...

We've all had to live without Gert Yorkes.

That's not a life worth living.

If we can change the world
for the better, we should.

You taught me that.

So, please, I am begging you,
just stay here.

Okay, I have to go.
Wait, but, Morgan‐‐.

It's okay. We win, Gert.

Because of you...

we always win.

Nico is mine now.

I can't have anyone
getting in the way of that.

Maybe you didn't hear me.

I do wish you'd listened to me.
It would have been much easier for us all.

But then... I probably should have
expected as much.

You're just a bunch of stupid,
pathetic children.

But we aren't children, are we?

Not anymore.

Because adults like you
took that away from us.

Always making decisions
in our "best interests."

Even if that means lying

or hiding the truth.

Is it any surprise that... we don't listen
to a word that you say?

If this is the place
where we have to pause the action

to listen to your moving speech
about how evil I am,

let's just skip that part, shall we?

What's happened?
A shielding spell?

It's Nico! From up there.


This isn't Tina...


There goes your shield.
Maybe he doesn't need a shield.

Gert, no!
Maybe he needs a partner.

There's no way I was gonna leave
something as important as this to you.

I mean, no offense.

You can offend me as much as you want,
back in the magic room, away from here.

You two are adorable.

It shouldn't work,
but somehow it just does.

Well... at least
you're gonna die together.


Looks like the pathetic children win.



You can't keep me in here forever!

No. We can't. That's why we're
sending you back to the other side.

And sealing the gateway closed forever.

The doorway to darkness,

behold the transom,

open it now with a spirit to ransom.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Chase!

Oh, my God, oh, my God,
Chase, no! No!

Hey! Hey...

We did it. Yeah.




- Oh, no, no, no, no.
- Did we win?

Looks like we won!

Great job, guys.

The weirdest thing happened.

Just got punched out by, uh...


Then, if you're live...
which I'm glad you are...

then... then who...

Yeah, and who is that?

Time travel?

No, wait. Look.

He saved her.

I got my sister back.
It's like the best feeling ever.


This version of us is being erased.

I can feel it.

Before we go, Karolina,
I have to say it...

Don't. Just...

promise me you'll find me.

Wherever we are.

I will.

Karolina, come on!
The eye makeup doesn't have to be perfect.

It's just breakfast, dude,
and I'm starving.

When are you not starving?

It's not always
about the makeup, you guys.

I was taking a minute to be grateful.

Yeah. Seems like we dodged a b*llet.

Oh, by b*llet you mean
a Sorceress Apocalypse.

Hopefully the last time.

What? Are you breaking up
the band, Wilder?

I'm not breaking up any band, Chase.

I'm just saying a little peace and quiet
would be nice, no?

Just after breakfast. Right?
Let's go.

Ah, my wallet.

I didn't write this.

Wilder. Now.