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01x01 - That White House

Posted: 04/19/22 08:42
by bunniefuu
[MICHELLE] My husband was
considering you for his portrait

but you took yourself
out of contention. Why?

I was only interested in painting you.


I'm sure he'll be glad to hear that.

[AMY] Well, the thing is, the president,

even a Black president,
is the institution.

I don't wanna just paint the official.

I am interested in the real.

...across America starting at...


Washington can be an awfully tough town,

on a political wife. Would you agree?

[BETTY] Well, I agree.

But I had, you see,
years experience...

as the wife of a congressman.

But I think a congressional wife

has to be a special kind of woman.

I don't think all women really

can adjust to this type of life.

[ELEANOR] "The battle
for individual rights of women

is one of long standing,

and none of us should countenance

anything which undermines it."

"People say, no woman could stand

the physical strain a man endures.

But that, I think is nonsense.

A woman is like a tea bag,

you never know how strong it is

"until it's in hot water."


Sasha, stop it.
You can't have any more. No...


[GRUNTS] Listen,
this is how it's gonna go.

When we get to Washington,

Grandma's gonna meet us at the hotel,

and then Daddy and I are gonna go see

the Bushes at the White House. Okay?

[GASPS] Look!


It's Dad.

- Uh-huh.

Let's go see Daddy.


- [REPORTER ] Michelle!
- [REPORTER ] Mrs. Obama!

- [REPORTER ] Michelle!
- [REPORTER ] Mrs. Obama!


- [REPORTER ] Mrs. President!

- Thank you.

There they are. Come on, come on.


Look at you! You look so pretty.

- The f*ck?
- Yeah, it's a lot. It's a lot.

All right. You ready?

We're gonna go on a little ride.
You good? Okay.


- Huh?
- [YOUNG SASHA] Very cool.

[BARACK] I know.

For the first time an African-American

has been elected president
of the United States.

A day many thought would never come,

a night this country will never forget.

Barack Obama, the -year-old
junior senator from Illinois

will be sworn in on January th.

Obama! Obama! Obama! Yeah!





[REPORTER] Barack! Mr. Obama!

- You doing all right?
- No.


Welcome, welcome, welcome.

[LAURA] Michelle, great to see you.

Thank you for having us.

Constitution doesn't
give us much choice.

- Barack. How are the girls?

Okay, I think. We left them
with my mom at the Hay-Adams.


[GEORGE] Well, come on in.
It's one hell of a tour.



[GEORGE W.] Good folks.
People draw art. [CHUCKLES]

[BARACK] Hey, how you doing?

- Sir.
- Good to meet you.

- Ma'am.
- Ma'am?

That's going to take some
getting used to.

Well, it's my honor, ma'am.

Wilson has been at
the White House since .

- [MICHELLE] Incredible.
- [LAURA] Mm-hmm.

He knows everything about everything.

[LAURA] Now, anything in particular

you'd like to see first?


- Start at the bar.
- Yeah.

I think that's a grand idea. [CHUCKLES]


And this is the center hall.

- [GASPS] Beautiful.
- Mm-hmm.


[LAURA] Oh, no.
I'm not gonna lie to you.

It'll never seem normal.

But you will find a way
to make it comfortable.

How you doin'?



You'll find your reading nook

or that special place where you
can be still and quiet.

Oh, please.

It was always a battle
but I tried to make sure

we started every day together, in here.

I'm already worried about someone

spilling juice on the upholstery.

- You'll get over that. Sort of.

How you doing today?

Ooh, I love it.

[LAURA] Oh, that is my favorite.

Luckily, you get to choose your own art.

Let me show you my favorite spot.

Even with all
the Secret Service agents...


there's a comfort knowing
he's down there.

[CHUCKLES] Does that sound silly?

No. Not at all.

It's not going to be easy for you.

I don't imagine it's
an easy transition for anybody.

Oh, of course.

But the level of scrutiny on you,

on your husband.

Everybody's gonna have
an opinion on your decorum.

On your clothes,
on how you raise your children.

On whether your graduate degree
is too feminist,

or if your causes aren't
feminist enough. [CHUCKLES]

I learned a long time ago,

that there's some people
I'll never please.

All I can do is what I believe is right.

You'll figure out what kind of
First Lady you wanna be.

Thank you, Laura.

[LAURA] You're gonna be terrific.

Hmm. I'm looking forward to it.

Thank you.

- Now can we see the bar?


a CBS News Special Report.

The Vice President resigns.

The big question tonight,

who will succeed Spiro Agnew
as vice president?

President Nixon pledged
to be open-minded

in picking a nominee.

Some of the names
being mentioned as possibilities

are republican house and senate leaders,

Gerald Ford and Hugh Scott.

Former Secretary of State,
William Rogers.

♪ She put de lime in de coconut
She drank 'em bot' up ♪

♪ She put de lime in de coconut ♪

♪ She called de doctor, woke him up ♪

♪ And said, "Doctor ain't
there nothin' I can take?" ♪

♪ I said, "Doctor, to relieve
This bellyache?" ♪

♪ Now, let me get this straight ♪

♪ You put de lime in de coconut
You drank 'em bot' up ♪

♪ Put de lime in de coconut ♪

♪ You called your doctor, woke him up ♪

♪ Said, "Doctor, ain't there
nothin' I can take?" ♪

♪ I said, "Doctor, to relieve
This bellyache?" ♪

♪ I said, "Doctor, ain't there
nothin' I can take?" ♪

♪ You put de lime in de coconut
You drink 'em bot' together ♪

♪ Put de lime in de coconut ♪

♪ You called your doctor,
woke him up, I said, ♪

♪ "Doctor, to relieve this bellyache?" ♪


♪ Doctor ♪

Oh. Why aren't you at school?
Is everything okay?

Yeah, everything is fine.
They just let us out early.

There's, uh, leftover mashed potatoes

and meat loaf in the oven if you like.


...of leaking information.

Thomson said tonight
that he had reviewed

the evidence against the Vice President,

and quote, "The man is a crook,
no question about that at all."

Thomson said he was certain Agnew

would've been convicted
if brought to trial...

What did Agnew do again?

Let's see...
Bribery, extortion, tax fraud,

all very disappointing politics.

Well, thank goodness Dad
is retiring in a few years.

[SIGHS] Amen to that.

The case against Agnew...

Would you mind switching it off?

In a detailed -page recitation
of the evidence that...

♪ Come on, baby, let
the good times roll ♪

♪ Come on, baby let
me thrill your soul ♪

Sunset Magazine. [SIGHS]

You really are counting the days
aren't you, Mom?

This is where we're going to build.

[SIGHS] I just wanna be warm.

I approve. You've served your
time. Go West, young woman.

Maybe you can start dancing
for real again.

Oh. [CHUCKLES] I think it's
a little late for that,

but I love you for saying so.


Ladies and gentlemen,

a new interpretive piece by
Martha Graham dancer Betty Ford.

- Unchained!
- Oh!

Palm Springs, sprung!


Maybe you'll make friends
with the Sinatras.

Oh, I think the Sinatras

have much more exciting people
to spend time with.

- That'll be Lisa looking for me.

- Are you here?

- Ford residence this is Bet...

Oh, that's the bedroom line.

Mom, answer it.


Connecting you to the West Win.

[WHISPERS] Oh, my God, the West Wing.


This way, ma'am.


Uh, Angela will take your coat.

Thank you.

Right. Just this way.
They've already started.

[RICHARD] I've gathered you all
here today

so that I may proudly present
to you the man...

Go sit with Mrs. Nixon.

...whose name I will submit
to the congress

for the vice president
of the United States.

Congressmen Gerald Ford of Michigan.

[GERALD] Thank you.
Thank you. Please. Please.

Mr. President, I am deeply honored...

- This is for you.
- Thank you.

...and I am extremely grateful...

and I am terribly humbled.

And I pledge to you
my colleagues and the Congress.

And I pledge to the American people.

[GERALD] That to the best
of my ability, if confirmed

I'll be your honorable

and devoted vice president.

What are you doing up so early?

I can't believe I shared a seat
with the First Lady, honestly.

[CHUCKLES] It was cute.

So much for sunshine.


- It's only two years.
- Hmm.

I'll get you your sunshine, I promise.

- You promise?
- Mm-hmm.

[FRANKLIN] One beer coming up.

[LOUIS] All right, it's my turn.
Quit cheating.

- Umpire. I was just practicing.
- Quit cheating, quit cheating.

Play by the rules, Eleanor.

- Oh! My turn.

Really hard. Oh, that was too hard!

- I've made it harder for myself.
- [LOUIS] Now look at Franklin.

- Just look at him.
- [ELEANOR] Yes.

If I didn't know him better,
I would think he's a film star.

Oh, don't say that too loud. His
ego is large enough as it is.

[LOUIS] Well, it's what will
get him elected governor

and who knows after that?

[FRANKLIN] Oh. It's only been
a year since my defeat

in my bid for the vice presidency.

- You don't think it's too soon?
- Not in the slightest.

- You're at your peak.

- Did you hear that, Eleanor?
- Yes, I heard it,

and all I know is you need to
take a shower

and get dressed for dinner, golden boy.

Franklin, you're fresh
on everyone's mind

and the two of you, together,

present a truly irresistible team.

Yes, we do make a good team.


[FRANKLIN] Thank you.

- Croquet?
- No, I'd rather be a spectator.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Right, Eleanor, you're up!

My turn. I believe I'm winning.

- [LOUIS] Well, you keep missing.
- Watch out, Louis. Ha-ha!





- [ELEANOR] Oh! What happened?
- My legs. They won't work.

I don't know what's going on. Please!

I'll lift you up onto the bed.

Ow! No, no, no, no! Ow! Ow! Ow!

Oh, God. What's going on?

Call Dr. Keen.

- Oh. Ooh. Oh, you're burning up.

- Franklin.

Oh, Franklin.
It's all right. It's all right.

Oh. For God's sake, stop.

Oh, but Dr. Keen
said this would help, Franklin.

Well, it's not. It's making
it worse. Please, stop!

Let's stop. Stop. I'll call Dr. Keen.


I want a second opinion.

This isn't all right, Louis.
It shouldn't be this painful.

- I'm sorry, Franklin.
- I'm sorry.






Eleanor. What is it?

- It's polio.
- What?

- It's polio.
- [STAMMERS] What?

Eleanor. Franklin is resting.


All of the specialists
confirmed that it's polio.

Well, that's not possible.

They say that it is.

- [SARA] But he's not a child.
- That it can affect adults.

Well... How? Well, what are you
looking at here? Um...

It was the standing water in the cove.

The virus was
just sitting there, apparently.

He must've contracted it
when they swam that day.

What? No.

[SARA] My son can't have polio.

No, no, I don't believe it.

I don't believe it. No.


[LOUIS] Oh. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.



[ELEANOR] No one can find out.

They must protect him. Give him purpose.

[LOUIS] If anyone can rise
above tragedy, it's Franklin.

Well, I'm sure glad you're here, Louis.




[THEODORE] Nell, dear...

I wanted to tell you. I'm sorry
your mother was taken so soon.

You and your brother,
you're going to be all right.

I promise you that.

You're a good girl, Eleanor.

Thanks, Uncle Teddy.

Daddy, can we go home now?

[SOBBING] Grandma Mary will
take you and your baby brother

to her house for a while.

I need to go away for a rest.

But then we'll go with you.

[SNIFFLES] It's not that kind
of a rest, now.

Your Uncle Teddy has a plan
to get me well again.

And as soon as I get better,
I will come see you.

No, but I can help you.

I know you can. [SNIFFS]

And I need your help.

I need you to go with your grandmother

and take care of your baby brother,

just the way your mother would.

Can you do that for me,

just till I come back good as new?


[WALTER CRONKITE] Good evening.
Under heavy pressure to resign,

some of it coming from
strong supporters of the past.

President Nixon headed
for Washington without,

according to a spokesman,

talking to his two Watergate lawyers,

whom he had summoned to Florida.

Meantime, the man Mr. Nixon chose

to be vice president, Gerald Ford,

faced his own pressure before
the Senate Rules Committee.

[MALE REPORTER] Transparency and honesty

are at a premium right now.

Facing questions over his use
of a psychiatrist,

Congressman Ford failed
to deliver either.

Congressman Ford, do you deny

meeting with this psychiatrist?

Maybe I've met with him
once or twice, uh, socially.

Ran into him at the, uh...
The club or...

in your appointments calendar

at least, uh, twice that we can find.

His silence spoke volumes.

- In other Watergate news...
- Oh, f*ck a duck, Jerry.

Well, he's screwed now.

...first jail sentence against
Donald Segretti,

the man known as "dirty-trick" Donald...


- Betty, congratulations.
- Thank you so much.

I'm so happy for you.
They're ready for you.

Today, the Congressional Club
has a very special opportunity

to honor one of our own.

On the eve of her being officially named

our new Second Lady, Betty Ford.


Thank you, Jill.


[SIGHS] Thank you, Jill.

- And thank you, ladies.



It's wonderful to be up here after

over a decade as a member of this group.



I know what you're all thinking...


The way her husband's hearing
went today,

is she even going to be Second Lady?


Well, let me tell you about something.

Uh, nearly ten years ago,

I pinched a nerve in my neck.

During the course of treatment...

my doctor, uh, advised me

that the source of my pain...

It was actually much deeper

than any injury.

And he thought

it might be a good idea for me to see...

a psychiatrist.


And it was a good idea. [CHUCKLES]


For the first time,
I was able to verbalize...

We love our husbands, right?

- [BETTY] Right? Okay.

But every night he's at a fundraiser

or a speech in some faraway city.

Then he comes home
right at the kids' bedtime,

disrupts the entire household,

then he heads into the bedroom,

and you go downstairs
to heat up some dinner,

and mix cocktails,
but when you come back up...

he's snoring.


And you're left holding two cocktails.


But this is what we signed up
for ladies...

when we married politicians.

But that psychiatrist reminded me...

that my life isn't only about
those days.

There is a Betty without Jerry Ford.

And that Betty needs to make sure

that she's healthy,

before she can do anything else.

It was my psychiatrist
Jerry met with twice.

My psychiatrist...

you heard discussed

in his confirmation hearings
this morning.

He met with my psychiatrist,
to support me.

And I love him for that.


And for letting me be the one
to explain that...

- Yes! Absolutely. Well done!
- the American people.

[CLUB MEMBER] Well done!



[LOUIS] That's great, Franklin.

Wave to the crowd.




- [JAMES] Father, are you okay?

Oh. Oh. Better than okay.
He made it nine steps this time.


- I'll get there.
- Oh, of course, you will.

- Can't we just move the podium?

I can't control the proportions
of the room, James.

I wish I could.

We'll try it again.

Don't you think he needs a break
Mother? Jesus, he's bleeding.

And so I am. James, I am fine.

All I need is a glass of water
and we will do this again.

- I'll get it.
- That's the spirit.

- Right, let's take a break.

Louis. Louis, hold on.

Just give me a moment, boys.

- Please, just a moment.
- [LOUIS] Yes, yes.

I hope you never have to see
your son in such pain.


Sara, you know that he's wanted to run

for governor for a decade now.

Maybe longer.

And with these braces,
he's finally got his chance.

As I told you before many years ago

when this nightmare began,

he should be retired and living

at Hyde Park in a dignified manner.

Not falling and... And bleeding,

and being humiliated
for an impossible idea.

Unprecedented. Not impossible.


People admire resilience.

They are inspired by it.

It shows them that they too can overcome

the most unspeakable setbacks.

And you know,

Governor was always on the next step

of the ladder to the White House.

The White House!

You're so cruel when you
encourage these pipe dreams.

Franklin had a-a bright future.

Impossibly bright.

There was nothing my son
couldn't have accomplished.

But that was before.
It is no longer, Eleanor.

I'm sorry, Sara,
but I respectfully disagree.

I think there is nothing
that Franklin can't do.

So, you'll keep at it then?

It's what he wants, Sara.

I think you better think up
a backup plan

for when he loses.

He's not going to lose.

♪ So Mrs. R with all her trimmin's ♪

♪ Can broadcast a bed from Simmons ♪

♪ 'Cause Franklin knows ♪

♪ Anything goes ♪

[REPORTER] Mrs. Alberta King
sat at the organ

in the Ebenezer Baptist Church

when a young man sprang
to his feet and yelled,

"I'm going to k*ll everyone in here."

And sh*t Mrs. King three times.

Well, it's as if the King family
is being tested.

I've never seen a family suffer
so much tragedy in my life.

- Mr. Cheney.
- He's available?

Of course.


- Mr. Rumsfeld, sir.
- Yes?

Are you aware the vice president's wife

has requested the jet
for Alberta King's funeral?

- Has she?
- Yeah.


Well, thank you, d*ck.

Thank you, sir.

Mr. Rumsfeld.

Are you joining us today?

I had to warn you when I heard, ma'am.

It is not appropriate for you
to represent the administration

at Mrs. King's funeral.

I wasn't aware the administration

found compassion inappropriate.

Well, we both know that's not accurate.

I guess that explains why
I'll be the only person there

representing the White House.

It was a tragic event.

No, the tragedy is that
this kind of thing happens

every day in this country

and no one bats an eye.

Have you given any thought
to what's coming?

We both know Nixon won't survive
this Watergate mess.

You'll be walking into ten times

the scrutiny that you've ever faced.

Scrutiny of every skeleton.
Every closet.

Scrutiny of your first husband.



It's Susan.

Jerry's already asked me
to be his chief of staff.

So that means I'll be everywhere
all of the time.

And, uh, if anyone...

And I mean anyone,

says things to the press
or the congressional club,

or to whomever that might jeopardize

him staying in the White House,

I have to stop them.

My goodness, Don. What happened to you?


I take my position very seriously.

Let's get this plane in the air.

[MARTIN] Senseless v*olence
took not only my wife...

but my son, Martin Luther King Jr.

My heart is wounded.

My heart is bruised.


But it is not broken!

- [MAN] Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord.
- [WOMAN] No!

[CHOIR SINGING] ♪ Amazing Grace ♪

- ♪ How sweet the sound ♪

♪ That saved a wretch ♪

♪ like me ♪

♪ I once ♪

♪ was lost ♪

♪ But now ♪

♪ am found ♪

♪ Was blind ♪

♪ but now ♪

♪ I see ♪


♪ Through many ♪

♪ dangers... ♪

[MICHELLE] With the South Side
Healthcare Collaborative

any patient who shows up
in our emergency room

who can't afford a primary care doctor

will instantly be connected to one.


I'm talking about people who
live outside these walls.

Who sweep our floors, drive our
city's buses, collect our trash.

These are our neighbors.

And if we believe that health care

is not just for the privileged few,

then it's time we served them too.

All right, thank you.

- Thanks, everyone.
- [SUSAN SHER] Mm-hmm.

[COUNCIL MEMBER] I think making
you VP of Community Affairs

might be the best decision I ever made.

Oh, I'm sorry. Your decision?


Okay, fine. That was all Susan.

- But, what I'm trying to say is,

I hired an amazing person
who hired an amazing person.

So, I think I deserve a little credit.


[COUNCIL MEMBER] Thanks, Michelle.

I gotta say, you are on a hell
of a roll here, Michelle.

- [MICHELLE] Mm-hmm.

the noticeable increase in R & B
soul music playing in the ER

is my favorite part.

We gotta sound like we're on
the South Side too.


And word on the street is,

your life away from work might
start getting a little busy.

You mean Barack's campaign?
That's his thing, not mine.

His thing is running for
president of the United States.

Which, I imagine, could
eventually mean everybody

in his life kind of thing.

Yeah, but we still don't know
how far the campaign will go.

And Barack knows
I've got my own thing going on...

Yeah, and I love that about you guys.

I'm just saying it's a possibility.

I have Sasha on the phone,

calling mummy for the first time.

Oh! We'll pick up on this later.


Hi, bug. How you doing?


What do you mean,
there are secret people

all over the house?

- Renaissance has landed.


Hey, brother. Who the hell are you?

Agent Allen Taylor, ma'am.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Your protective detail starts today.


Protection unit on scene.

- [VOICE ON RADIO]... received.
- Hey, honey. You're home early.

[MICHELLE] Protective detail?

- You're not even a nominee yet.
- I know, right. It's...

Where are the girls?



- You're okay?
- [SINGSONGY] Good morning!

[NORMAL] Hmm? Mm-hmm.

- Mommy's here.
- [YOUNG MALIA] We're fine.


[YOUNG MALIA] That's why
the secret people are here.

To protect us.

Well, that's what Dad said.

- One of them gave me candy.
- Spit it out.

- [YOUNG SASHA] But, Mom.
- No candy from strangers,

you know that.

Give it to me.


I told you.

Come here.

- Be good.
- Mm-hmm.



Boom. Your man kicked the
Secret Service out of the house.

I said, "Look, fellas..." [CHUCKLES]

"...I don't care how many g*n you got.

My wife doesn't like it.
Get to steppin'."

Now, strictly speaking,
they can't leave the property,

but... [LAUGHS]

- Come on.
- It's not funny, Barack.

There are men with g*n
outside our home.

Did they say why now?

Well, look, there-there...
There have been some threats.

- Some letters, message boards.
- There are death threats?


[SIGHS] Well, hey, look, baby,
we always knew there...

There would be some crazies.

Yeah. When did you plan on telling me?

Uh. Well, uh, I-I was gonna,

but I-I didn't want you to freak out.

Well, you certainly failed at that.

[SCOFFS] Well, look...

I mean, Mich, th-this kind
of thing happens at this level.


John Edwards have Secret Service?

What about John McCain? Mitt Romney?

- Probably not.
- Yeah. You know why?

- You're a co*n.

You're a n*gga,

running for president
of the United States.

So, yeah, there's a little
difference between you and those

- other candidates, Barack.
- Just...

Um, I could be president
of the United States.

Can you find it in yourself
to be a little excited for me?

Excuse me if I can't share
in the excitement

of my husband potentially being sh*t.

It is interesting to me
that you're more willing

to believe in me being...

It be me being sh*t,
than me being president.

Oh, no. I think it's interesting

that you're willing to put your
family in harm's way because of

- your insatiable ambition.
- Don't do it. Don't do that.

Don't do that.

- You know what?

Remember Jackie Kennedy?


Her blood-splattered, pink Chanel suit?

Her kids had to see that.

Someone had to explain that
to them, Barack.

- Jackie Kennedy?
- Yeah.

Martin, Malcolm, all of the
above, this is not about that.

This is about the fact that
you don't want me in politics.

You have never wanted me in politics.

So, just own up to that,
hold that, all right?

Because we've been through the
security details meticulously

at your request, right?

You came in here with open eyes, so...



Make sure the girls brush
their teeth later.



Just needed some daddy-chair time.

He used to love that old thing.

Still smells of him.



- Mama.


Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

- Are you okay, baby?
- What's got into you?

- I got into Princeton! [LAUGHS]
- Oh, honey! That's wonderful!

- That's amazing.
- They would've been fools

not to accept you.

I'm gonna scare all the boys
away from you.

- Oh, you would do that! [LAUGHS]

Oh, what is it, Mommy?


They're not offering any financial aid?

I'm sorry. I got so excited when I saw,

"Congratulations, you're admitted."

- I stopped reading right there.
- Don't be sorry.

This is a big deal. You should be happy.

But how are we gonna pay for it?

You did the work to get in.
You leave this part up to us.

We got room to take on another loan.

- [YOUNG MICHELLE] You guys...
- Uh-uh-uh. Listen to me.

You belong there.

Just do your thing.

- Thank you.
- [MARIAN] Mmm.


So, what's going on?

It's nothing.

Does "nothing" mean you married
a tornado

that turned everything you ever
planned for in your life,

upside down?

I'm just terrified my girls
are gonna see

their daddy's picture hanging
on someone's wall, like a...

Another d*ad Black hero.


it seems you got two choices.

Both of them ending with that
man doing what he's gonna do.

Well, what... What should I do?

You know what your daddy
used to say about you.



You can't tell that girl nothin'!




[NEWS ANCHOR] Still, with the
election months away,

it is notable that Obama is

the earliest candidate to ever receive

- a government security detail.



You're still at it?


Ninety percent of running for president

- is reading memos

and the other ten is wondering

why the f*ck you ran in the first place.

So, how are we?


I-I met this little, old lady,
she grabbed a hold of me, says,

I sure hope you become president"

because I'm sick and tired
of lying to my grandchildren

that they can be anything".


- [NORMAL] All right?
- Yeah.

I get that.

It's so much bigger than us
at this point,

and I'm scared.


I need you.



I got you.

I got you.

You always got me.

- Yes, I did.
- It's a bad habit.

- Thank God I got you.

Lucky old me. Come on.

[GRUNTS] I-I know...
I know what this position means.





Come in.

Mrs. R, we were supposed to leave

for your tour minutes ago.

The First Lady is waiting.

I don't need a tour. Uncle Teddy
lived there for eight years.

[MALVINA] I know,
but it's part of the...



Why can't it wait till
after the inauguration?

There's plenty of time to reschedule.

My appointment is a four-year...



From your former students,
wishing you luck.


You haven't touched your breakfast.

I had coffee.

Mrs. R, you have an impossibly long day

and your lunch isn't until : ,
you have to eat something.

[CHUCKLES] Coffee is just fine.

It's more than most Americans
will have all day.

All right, well, we don't have
time to argue about it.

Okay, let's get going.

So, immediately following your tour,

we're meeting with Edith Helm
about the State dinner.

Oh, is she staying on
as social secretary?

Mmm, better her than me.

Then, we have decorators
to meet with at noon.

From shaping young minds to decorating.

And I need to shift your meeting
with Hick

- for the APP's.
- Oh, no.

We'll give it an hour, probably
sometime after : and...

[ELEANOR] Oh, we'll need
much more than an hour.

It's just a few quotes
about the inauguration.

Oh, that's if you want it
to be a pop piece.


[FRANKLIN] Senator.
Senator, I understand all of it.

All I am saying
is that the democratic party

has to be a united front from day one.

Yes, thank you.

Eleanor, aren't you supposed to
be with the retiring First Lady?

We're on our way.

Will you make sure that he reads this?

Uh, yes. Of course. What is it?

It's my suggestions
for cabinet appointments.

- [LOUIS] Okay. Both. [GRUNTS]
- [OVERLAPPING] Female ones.

- Where are we with the speech?
- Well, not as far as we would be

were there not other things to do.

What's more important
than the speech, Louis?

- It's tomorrow.
- I know. We'll get to it.

Well, let me see a draft of it.
I can cancel the First Lady.

You can't cancel the First Lady.

- I can cancel the First Lady.
- I told her she couldn't.

It's important that he lead
with the cold, hard truth.

Add some hope to it,

but he needs to state the facts,
plain and simple.

There are million Americans
out of work

and they don't want to be pandered to.

[LOUIS] Couldn't agree more.

Left to his own devices,

Franklin always errs on the side
of optimism but we need to

- strike the balance...
- Mrs. R.

Earl and the car have been
outside for over an hour.

- [LOUIS] Oh, goodness.
- That's entirely unnecessary.

I'm going to walk.

- You're not walking.
- You can't walk.

I most certainly am.

- [LOUIS] Mm-mmm.
- Mrs. R, Lou Hoover is waiting,

we really need to go.

Yes, let's not keep her waiting.

Louis, when can we talk
about the speech?

We will get to it this afternoon.

Well, I'm all booked up this afternoon.

Yes, I'm aware.

Oh, I see.

I'm good enough to get him here,

but not good enough to keep going.

You have your own schedule
to worry about.

- Your own duties.
- Oh, good.

So, he's finally decided on my
job in the administration.

Y-Yes, uh, First Lady.


That's not a job, Louis.
That's my circumstance.

Shall we, Tommy?

I need some fresh air.





Is that terribly uncomfortable?


I don't know.
It's all pretty uncomfortable.

- Can I help you in any way?
- Hmm?

Let me finish making breakfast for you.

[CHUCKLES] Okay...

What is it?


The Supreme court is ordering
the president

to release all the tapes.

He'll have no choice but to resign.

Well, that is news.

Impeachment would only add to the pain

the country is already in,

resignation will be swift and definite.


you must understand,
the country needs me.

- These last few months...
- Oh, would you f*cking spare me!

Just for once.

Thirteen campaigns...


First the people
of Grand Rapids need you,

then the country needs you
to take the vice presidency

and now you're desperately
needed as President.

Can't you just be man enough to admit

that you've always wanted this?

I am a man of ambitions, Elizabeth. Yes.

I want to succeed.

I want to provide.

But if you think I want

what's being handed to me
from this administration,

and I realize my ambitions have
made life hard for you.


But you knew what you were getting into.

- No!

I did not know what I was getting into.


[SMACKS LIPS] But here I am.


And I will be here for you.

But I am going to be myself.

I am going to do and say things
that I believe in.

I think I've earned that right.

I'm going to take a shower.
You can finish up here.


Thank you.

Are Pat and Julie okay?

I don't...


[NORMAL] I'm sure it's difficult.

Yes, it is.