01x07 - Nadir

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The First Lady". Aired: April 17, 2022 - present.
The woman of the white house retell the story of the American leadership.
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01x07 - Nadir

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♪ Bearing gifts we travel afar ♪

[DONALD] She's opened
her mouth even wider.

She shouted it right
from the mountaintops,

so that every conservative in America

flocks to the Reagan camp.

She starts up again about abortion...

we're d*ad in the water.

But... her poll numbers
are still very high.

Higher than the president's.

I f*ck' miss Pat Nixon.





Mr. President, uh, we were
wondering if we could,

uh, come by this evening and
go over some campaign matters

with you and, uh, the First Lady?

What, on Christmas Eve?

Right. Uh, we promise
not to stay too long, sir.

I just think that...
We need to go over how important

the First Lady's role is
in this upcoming campaign.

Maybe fine-tune
her message a little bit.

Uh, I don't know
if she'll appreciate that, Don.

Well, you know,
d*ck was suggesting that, uh,

maybe we surprise her.

- How 'bout we see you at : ?

All right.



♪ I'm comin' home I've done my time... ♪


Have I told you about the time

I sat next to Tony Orlando?

- [SUSAN] Oh, God. Ah, yeah.
- [STEVEN] Yes, Mom.

[GERALD] Jack.

[BETTY] He smelled divine.

Must have been whatever
he uses in that gorgeous hair.

Well, good luck competing
with that, Dad.

Hey, I am not worried.
Have you seen this hair?

No one competes with your father.


[WILSON] I'm so sorry to disturb.

Uh, Mr. President,

Mr. Rumsfeld and Mr. Cheney
are here to see you.

Thank you.

Rummy, d*ck... Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Mr. President,
Madam First Lady, everyone.

My apologies for interrupting.

Could we speak privately? Briefly.

[GERALD] Kids, give us the room, please.


[SUSAN] Merry Christmas.

Thank you.

[WHISPERS] Two minutes.

Ma'am, if you wouldn't mind joining us,

this concerns you too.

Oh, boy. Can't wait.

[DONALD] And there's something that, uh,

we wanted you to see.

[PRODUCER ] Ten seconds, Mr. President.


[PRODUCER ] Five, four...

- My fellow Americans,
- ...three, two...

Merry Christmas to all of you,
and good evening.

and gentlemen, the President

- of the United States.
- I invited you here tonight...

- ...for this Christmas Eve...

Hey, Chevy Chase is playing me.

- [GERALD] I'll take it.

This will indeed be
a wonderful Christmas

for the entire nation, I hope.



Oh, come on. You have to have
to admit it's pretty funny.

We disagree, Mr. President.

Oh, come on, d*ck. It's
a comedy show. What's the harm?

Well, thanks to that buffoon, sir,

America now sees you as a joke.

Geez, Rummy, you should
stop by more often

- with your good cheer.
- [DONALD] As bad as this is,

it is the least of your problems
going into next year's election.

Reagan will formally make his
announcement in the new year.

Jerry's an incumbent.
He's a leader of the party.

[DONALD] Unelected leader.

And Reagan has been courting the more

conservative evangelical
members of the party,

and, uh, they have signed up.

Since when have the church
folk been a big thr*at?

Well, ever since the very
things that they believed in

were threatened by the...

less traditional members of the party.


So this is why you wanted
me here... to place blame.

Don't use Betty and her activism
as a political scapegoat.

[DONALD] Not at all, sir.

Uh, I'm just trying to see
the situation as it is.

- Uh, to properly strategize.
- Hmm.

[d*ck] Bottom line...

we need you, Mrs. Ford.


I'm sorry?

You're still very popular

with the pro-choice,
pro-ERA Republicans.

And moderate women.

We're trying to shore up the middle.

And then, hopefully,
gain some Democrats,

and maybe even some Independents.

I mean, heck, Betty,

your poll numbers
are almost double mine.

Isn't that right?

We need you to campaign... hard, ma'am.

I know that you can do this
without alienating the Right,

without mentioning pre-marital
sex, or marijuana, or...

So what you're saying is,

don't talk about the very things...

that make me so popular.

You can't do much for women

if you're no longer in the White House.


Excuse me. Sorry for interrupting.

Mom, Nancy's on the phone.
She sounds very upset.

Something about her husband.

Excuse me, gentlemen.


♪ This land is your land ♪

♪ This land is my land ♪

♪ From California ♪

♪ To the New York island ♪

♪ From the redwood forest ♪

♪ To the Gulf Stream waters ♪

♪ I tell you ♪

♪ This land ♪

♪ Was made for you and me ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ One bright sunny morning ♪

♪ In the shadow of a steeple ♪

♪ Down by the welfare office ♪

♪ I saw my people ♪

♪ I was wondering ♪

♪ If this land ♪

♪ Was made for you and me ♪

[TEACHER] For your homework assignment,

I would like for you all
to write about a federal law

that affects the natural world,
that you believe isn't working.

Integrating what you've learned
in civics, and here in science.

You can present your
argument any way you want,

written, orally,
theatrically, visually...

- [TEACHER] What's going on?

We apologize for the interruption.

[MALIA] What happened?

We need to get you back
to the White House.

- Is my dad okay?
- Your dad is fine.

We're just picking up you
and your sister.

- What about my mom?
- She's fine as well.

- Where's Sasha?
- We're moving.

- Go ahead.
- Thank you.

We apologize.

Are my parents okay?

Yes, they're fine.

[NEWSCASTER] Police say
Adam Lanza k*lled people

at Sandy Hook Elementary School,

of them children as young as five.

It is the second deadliest
school sh**ting

in American history
after Virginia Tech, and by far,

the worst at an elementary school.

We are awaiting a statement

on the sh**ting from President Obama

at the White House.






They were babies, Mich.

Younger than Sasha.

There are no words
of consolation for this.





We've endured too many of these
tragedies in the past few years.

And each time I learn the news,
I react not as a president,

but as anybody else would.

As a parent.

And that was especially true today.

I know there's
not a parent in America...

who doesn't feel the same
overwhelming grief that I do.

The majority of those who d*ed today

were children.

Uh, beautiful...

little kids between the ages
of five and ten years old.


They had their entire lives
ahead of them.

Birthdays, graduations, weddings...

kids of their own.





[SUSAN] I'm so sorry.

- How is she holding up?

Well, her husband just k*lled himself.

She's devastated.

Thank you for asking.

He, uh, leave a note or anything?

Really, d*ck?

You must have heard the rumors

about his corrupt business dealings?

Yes. The rumors.

Unless you,
perhaps, know more about this?

Innocent men don't often commit su1c1de.


And innocent men
can sometimes be inconvenient

when their wives know me. Right?

I left a few résumés on your desk.

You want me to replace her.

Do you honestly think
that grieving woman over there

can stay on top of your life

while she's picking up
the pieces of her own?


- [SHIRLEY] Understood.
- Yeah.

- Oh.

What's this?

- Nancy...
- I'm sorry.

I don't have a choice.

Yes, you do.


take some time off.
You don't have to quit.

I'm tired.

I'll get Cheney to back off.


Please don't.

Maybe if I would've left sooner,
Jim would still be alive.

- Oh, Nancy.







Mom, what's wrong?

It's your father.




[FUNERAL ATTENDEE] Another toast

to our dear departed
Billy Bloomer. Hear! Hear!

[ALL] Hear! Hear!

[YOUNG BETTY] At the funeral,

is it true what they said about Daddy?

They said he k*lled himself.



He had his demons, and, uh,

I didn't know how bad it was until...

But he did the best he could.

And I loved him,
and... and that's what's true.


But I promise you, there's
no burden we can't shoulder.

We're Bloomers, and we go on.

- Yes, Mother.

[INTERVIEWER ] The governor
has come out as

against the, uh, equal rights amendment.

And I understand one of
the daughters in your family

is for the equal rights amendment.

Can you break the stalemate?

I'd like to correct that

a little bit if I could.

- Um...

Mom, I'm heading out.

Oh, please. What a load of crap.

[NANCY] He believes
that the better way...

Are you talking to the television?

That hypocrite Nancy Reagan.

She wants to send women
back to the Middle Ages.

It's the middle of the afternoon.

Don't you want to get dressed?

I mean, what the hell happened
to her? She was an actress.

Yeah. So was he.

[WHISPERS] Oh, my God.

If they win... women will be
barefoot and pregnant

with no rights at all.

Well, you need to get up.

Get dressed. Get out there.

Help Daddy's campaign. He needs you.

Rummy and Cheney already gave me a list

of everything I can
and cannot say or talk about.

It's just... It's... pointless.

Mom, you're way smarter than
them. You'll think of something.

Go have fun.


Love you.

- Bye.
- Take your coat. It might rain.


[NANCY] No, um... Uh, schedule-wise,

how can you get to, uh,
to all the places?

You know. Texas is a big place.


the definite impression here

that the wives of the candidates

for the presidential nomination
are being moved like pawns.


- You ready? Yep. Hey!


♪ Then you'll know just what to do ♪

♪ If you still want me ♪

♪ If you still want me ♪

- Are you ready?
- Oh, yeah.

♪ Whoa, tie a yellow ribbon
'round the old oak tree ♪

♪ It's been three long years ♪

♪ Do you still want me? Still want me? ♪

♪ If I don't see a ribbon
'round the old oak tree ♪

♪ I'll stay on the bus forget about us ♪

♪ Put the blame on me ♪

♪ If I don't see a
yellow ribbon 'round ♪

♪ The old oak tree ♪

Never underestimate Betty.

- As long as she doesn't talk.

I don't think, uh, in, uh,

the last quarter
of a century have we seen

a-a Republican convention
quite as spirited as,

uh, the one here.

Uh... Good spirits for the most part,

but, uh, underlying
an awful lot of tension

between, uh, these Reagan
and Ford supporters.

It's, uh, almost bound to be that way

with a race as close
as this race has come to be.

[ANNOUNCER] The state of New York,

the great Empire State,

cast votes
for an outstanding American,

Ronald Reagan.


- And votes...
- [ALL] Yeah!

[GERALD] Yeah! Yes, we did it!

[ANNOUNCER] ...the United States
of America...

[BOTH] Mmm.

I couldn't have done this without you.

I mean it. I am so lucky to have you.

Yes, you are.

[BOTH] Mmm.


As many of you know,

I recently attended a conference
on human welfare

in Birmingham, Alabama.

On the first day,

I took a seat
next to civil rights activist,

Mary McLeod Bethune.

And before I was able
to say one word to her,

I was told that I must sit elsewhere.

That due
to the Alabama segregation laws,

whites were not permitted
to sit next to Blacks.


I moved my chair to the aisle.

Neither white nor Black.

Now, this problem of segregation
and discrimination

goes far beyond
who may sit next to whom.

It is present in our nation's m*llitary,

in our schools, and in our factories.

And it must not be tolerated.

All of us, no matter
what race, color, or creed

must wipe out
any feelings of superiority.

Of belief that any one person

must or should go ahead of another.

As Abraham Lincoln once said,

"A house divided
against itself cannot stand."

Who would like to start today?
Uh, Sarah.

Madam First Lady, you are a member

of the Daughters of the
American Revolution, are you not?

Yes. Yes, I am.

I, somehow, managed to sneak in

even though I'm not
a descendant of the Mayflower.

Are you aware that, this morning,

the DAR denied lauded n*gro
performer, Marian Anderson

from singing at Constitution Hall?

No. No, I was not.

Can you explain to us
how their action is

any different from the example
in Birmingham you just gave?

Well, it really is no different, is it?

It's no different at all.




[CHUCKLES] How did you know it was me?

Who else calls me at : a.m.?

So, what's doing
in the nation's capital?

Oh, you know.

Discrimination, bigotry,

and a general disregard for humanity.

Geez louise.

Pittsburgh's looking better
by the second.

Yeah, I spent an hour
yesterday trying to convince

the DAR board that
Marian Anderson should be

allowed to play at Constitution Hall.

What do they have against opera?


It's not the opera.
It's the color of her skin.

Oh. [bl*ws RASPBERRY]
What a bunch of dusty old farts.

Yes, and...

I am a member.


The Daughters of
the American Revolution.

Hmm? Honestly?

They even have it written
into their bylaws.

"White artists only."

And Franklin refuses to get involved.

Yeah. Well, maybe he's right.
I think this one can wait.

Hick, have you been drinking?

Oh. Do you know you always ask me that

when I have
a different opinion than you?

That's not...

Anyway, I-I should really
get back to my article.

Oh, yes. The busy First Lady,

no time for the mistress

who could bring her political
ascent to a grinding halt.

Oh, that's not fair.

And you are not my mistress.

What am I then?

My favorite person.

My confidant.

My best friend.


All right. So, uh...


What do you think about... Greece?

What about Greece?

Okay, fine. Italy? [SNIFFLES]


North or south?

Uh... Venice. [SIGHS]

Just you and me in one of those boats.

You mean a gondola?

Yes. Gondola.

The sun is going down.

And there are hundreds
of birds in the sky.

A pink sky.

Well, you've just had
a very beautiful dinner.

And, uh, we have
a lovely little apartment with

big windows that
fling open out onto a...



How's the motel?

W... Wanna be in Pittsburgh or...


I should really get back. I...

This article won't write itself.

[SNIFFLES] My advice, you quit the DAR.

Write your column about that.

Yes. I'll-I'll think about that.

Italy was nice.

Have a good day.

"A group of tottering old ladies,

who don't know the difference between

patriotism and 'putridism, '

compelled the gracious
First Lady to apologize

"for their national rudeness
and resign from the DAR."

This is from the...

- Philadelphia Tribune...
- Hmm.

...and there are more like it
in every other paper

in the country.

Well, now that you're
a national hero... [CHUCKLES]

...where is Ms. Anderson
going to perform?

Well, I'm afraid
that's not up to me, Sara.

I have arranged a meeting
with her manager

and with Mr. White of the NAACP
to see if we can find a venue.

Good. It's important that she sing.

There has been no better
contralto on Earth.

I agree.

And, um, you did the right thing,

resigning from the DAR.

Did she just approve of something I did?

Maybe she's unwell?


Well, there's a first time
for everything.


[CHARLES] Sir, here she comes.

I am so sorry.

Mr. White.

Madam First Lady.

- Mr. Hurok.
- Uh, good morning.

- And...
- This is A. Philip Randolph,

head of the Brotherhood

- of Sleeping Car Porters.
- Oh, yes.

Madam First Lady, it's an honor.

I hope you don't mind me joining.

No, of course not.

And the honor is all mine.

I am so impressed with
your union work, Mr. Randolph.

Well, thank you. Thank you, ma'am.

And this is Tommy,

- my secretary...
- Hello.

...who will be joining us
for this meeting.

- Morning.
- Charles, if you don't mind.

Please sit.
Would you bring another chair?

Thank you.

And maybe another cup.

We were all encouraged
by your "My Day" column.

Your resignation sent a clear

and urgent message to the public.

Segregation must end.

Yes, I'm afraid I was unaware of

how entrenched the DAR were in their...


Yes. Bigotry.

It's disappointing.

[SCOFFS] Mrs. Roosevelt.

Opinions in the Capitol
disappoint on a daily basis.

Your husband's administration...

The New Deal itself has done
very little for the Negroes.


That's true.

U-Um, Mr. White.

The First Lady is anxious to know

if you found an alternate
venue for Ms. Anderson.

[STAMMERS] we did have one idea.

Uh... We are thinking
of the National Mall.

She could sing in front of Mr. Lincoln.

Oh, what a splendid idea.

Well, yes, that is something we can do.

We think a public event like
this w-would bring attention

to the excellence of Black Americans.

I couldn't agree with you more,
Mr. White.

[PHILIP] If the president
wants to have a memorial

like Mr. Lincoln's one day, he's uh...

He's going to have
to ban segregation entirely.

Mr. Randolph, I can assure you

that the president will
eventually come to see

that racial justice and unity

is the only way forward for America.

We certainly hope so.

Thank you, Charles.


Thank you.

♪ Land of the pilgrims' pride ♪

♪ From ev'ry mountainside ♪

♪ Let freedom ring ♪

Ooh, I have goose bumps.

- Do you have goose bumps?
- I think I stopped breathing.

I cannot believe that
that was just a rehearsal!

Oh, Mrs. Roosevelt,
I should applaud you as well.

What a stage.

Thank you for making this happen.

It was a group effort. I just
used my influence where I could.

I really want to introduce you

to Malvina Thompson, my secretary,

- or Tommy, as we call her.
- Hello.

She is a very big admirer of yours.

It's a pleasure to meet you, Tommy.

And it is an honor
to meet you, Ms. Anderson.

I have every one of your recordings.

Uh, Madam First Lady.

Uh, did Ms. Anderson tell you

we are expecting , people tomorrow?

- , ?
- Oh, my!

And we have you sitting right up front.

Oh, well, that is very kind.

But I'm going to be listening in

from the White House on the radio,

but I will be with you in spirit.

You aren't coming?

Tomorrow is your day, Ms. Anderson.

My presence would only be a distraction.

Distinguished guests,
ladies and gentlemen.

In this great auditorium under the sky,

all of us are free.


♪ De Gospel train's a comin' ♪

♪ I hear it just at hand ♪

♪ I hear the car wheels rumblin' ♪

♪ And rollin' thro' the land ♪

♪ And get on board ♪

♪ Little children get on board ♪

♪ Little children get on board ♪

♪ Little children ♪

♪ There's room for many a more ♪

hear the train a-comin' ♪

♪ She's comin' round the curve ♪

♪ She's loosened all... ♪

- That is beautiful.

One of the greatest.

She was barred from singing in DC venues

because the city was segregated,

but First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt,

lobbied for her to sing
at the Lincoln Memorial.


Just before noon at the Capitol,

Barack Obama will take the oath

for his second term as president.

[REPORTER] That's right, Scott.

He really has a very ambitious
agenda for his second term.

We've heard him talk about it.

Immigration reform and g*n safety.


We are now entering the Cross Hall.

Ladies, as you know,
it's a huge, huge opportunity.

I need you on your best behavior, right?

- All righty.
- Yes, sir.

- Yes, sir.

We worked really hard for this.

This is great.



[GASPS] Oh, my God!


South Side!

- South Side!
- South Side!

[ALL] South Side!


Hi, y'all.

Oh, my God. We love you. We love you.

- I love you.
- Love you too!

She looked me in my face!

- She waved at me!
- No, she was waving at me!

- She waved at me!
- No, I saw her wave at me.


Bye... Bye, Sasha! Bye, Malia!

[MICHELLE] Our lunch program
in the profile,

you know I'm down.

[MEL] Copy that.

I will loop in Melanie
about your outfit.

Any requests?

Outdoorsy but still fly.

Still fly.


- For real?
- That's all in caps.

That's my girl!


Come in!

[MEL] Oh. Hi, Tina.

What's wrong, Tina?

Please don't tell me we ran out
of your hazelnut creamer again.


Could you give us a few minutes?

- I just...



One of the Chicago high schoolers

who performed at the
inauguration was k*lled today.

- Jesus, Lord.
- No.

A stray b*llet.

Please don't tell me
it was one of those kids

from the South Side?

What was her name?

Hadiya Pendleton.

She was , um, a drum majorette.

They were just here.

Right out there. We saw them.

Yeah. So, we can reach out
to the family,

uh, say a few words publicly.

We can tie it into
the as*ault w*apon ban

that Senator Feinstein
just sponsored, um...

I'd like to reach out to
Hadiya's family personally,

but I don't want it to come
off as political, you know?

[TINA] I get it. Okay.

Um, yeah...

I'll get you the contact info.

[MEL] Um, I'll set something up.

[TINA] Okay. Thanks.



Mrs. Robinson,
you don't have to do that.

Uh... N-No. I... Let me do it, please.

I was cleaning since

before you were a twinkle
in your daddy's eye.

I'm sorry, madam. She just...

Rosemarie, just... Just let her do it.

- Go... Go take a break.
- Okay. Yes, ma'am.

Mom? Mom.

Mom. Mom, what's wrong?

I'm fine.

No, you're not.



I heard about that girl
getting sh*t back home.


It was just around the corner
from Euclid.

That could've been one of your nephews.

- Yeah.
- Parents burying their kids,

that's what used to keep me up
at night the most.

You're right.

Something like that
happened to one of you!


It... It wasn't this bad
back then, Mama.

It could've been!


- Okay.
- [REPORTER] In Chicago today,

First Lady Michelle Obama
joined hundreds of mourners

at the funeral for a teenage
victim of g*n v*olence.

The death of -year-old Hadiya
Pendleton has shaken a city

where g*ng sh**t are all too common.

Hadiya was k*lled last month

a mile from the Obama's Chicago home.


Eight days after performing at
inaugural events in Washington.

♪ That saved a wretch ♪

♪ Like me ♪

♪ I once was lost ♪

♪ But now, I'm found ♪

♪ Was blind ♪

♪ But now I see ♪


♪ Praise God ♪

♪ Praise God ♪

♪ Praise God ♪

♪ Praise God ♪

♪ Praise God ♪

♪ Praise God ♪

♪ Praise God ♪

♪ Praise God ♪

♪ Praise God ♪

♪ Praise God ♪

♪ Praise God ♪

♪ Praise God ♪

♪ Praise God ♪

♪ Praise God ♪


Thank you so much for what you do.

It was a pleasure to meet you,
Madam First Lady.

- Mr. Mayor.
- Madam First Lady.

Well, that was devastating.

It's, uh, good to have you
back in Chicago.

I'm sorry it's under
these circumstances.

Yeah. Not how I wanted
to come back here.

Fifteen years old.

My kids are her age.


Look, clearly,
we didn't always see eye to eye

in the White House.

It happens.

But I want you to know
that I support you %,

and your fight for g*n control.

As of today,
every single g*n shop in Chicago

has been shut down.

Tragedies like these are
brutal and f*cking ridiculous.

And, um, I'm gonna do everything
in my power to put an end to it.

Okay. Thank you, Rahm.


Thank you for coming, Mrs. Obama.

Yeah, of course.

Oh. How can we thank you?

Your daughter will not be forgotten.

I'll make sure of that.

I promise you.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

I love you, okay? Love you.



[d*ck DURBIN] We have g*n everywhere.

And some believe the solution
to this is more g*n.

I disagree.


How was the service?

It was a lot.

Oof. That poor family.

I'm... I'm really glad
that you went though.


I just felt like sitting in the back

and bawling my eyes out.

Shit. I bawled my eyes out
on national TV.

Now I got one of my Secret Service guys

looking at me sideways, you know?


[BARACK] Come on.

Is it ever gonna change?


I don't know, babe.

We're trying with this new bill,


I don't know.

[CHUCKLES] Come on.



"I like to remind women

that one gains strength,

courage and confidence

by every experience
in which you really stop

to look fear in the face.

You are able to say to yourself,

'I lived through this horror.

I can take the next thing
that comes along.'

You must do the thing

"you think you cannot do."

[NEWSCASTER] Five young Negroes

made aviation history
at Tuskegee, Alabama.

These five men were
the first of their race

to graduate under the Army
Air Force's newly organized plan

for training n*gro pilots.

They flew hard, studied hard,
and they made the grade.

[REPORTER] Welcome back.

Ooh. Thank you.

- You're welcome. Yes.
- Thank you so much.

- [REPORTER ] Over here, ma'am.
- [ELEANOR] Thank you, sir.



Madam First Lady, how was your flight?

Ooh, invigorating! And my hat stayed on.


Were you frightened, ma'am?

Ooh! I have never felt safer.

Mr. Anderson, you fly all right.

Thank you, ma'am.


Black pilots in the American m*llitary

are just as excellent as any other.

And these patriotic men
should serve in active combat

alongside our sailors,
soldiers and marines.

[REPORTER ] That's some bullshit.

[REPORTER ] Will the president mandate

desegregation for the m*llitary?

Ooh, well, I think that's my cue.

Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

I do appreciate it.

You know, I have to say, young man,

there were a few moments when I...



Come in.

Good morning.

That is yet to be determined.

Your mother, however well-intended,

can't seem to stop herself
from shining a light

on every ugly little nook and cranny

of segregation in the country.

Thank you.

Well, there's no looking forward

if we don't try
and change what's wrong now.

Anna, you cannot force people to change.

You need to make them
think it's their idea,

and that takes time.

But you do agree that
segregation needs to end?

Of course I do,
but it's not as simple as that.

I can't just sign an executive order

and bypass the individual states.

I will lose the support
of the Southern Democrats

and never be elected again.

And everything that we've done
so far will be for naught.


"So?" What do you mean, "so"?

I am not prepared to throw
the baby out with the bathwater.

It is done. Your mother must
be taken out at dawn and sh*t.



I think if you accomplish nothing else

in your time in office
than ending segregation,

you'll be remembered as

one of the greatest presidents
of all time.

Well, now you sound
exactly like your mother.

- Thank you.
- Mmm.

Get out of my office.

Go, now.


- [FRANKLIN] Anna.
- Mmm?

Thank you for my tea.

- Yes.

- Is this an initial or...
- Just initial everything.

- Oh, great. Okay.

Madam First Lady, do you have a moment?

We've been reviewing some
presidential campaign data.

Do I have a choice?


Great job, so far,
on the campaign trail.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yes, I'd say you're a natural.

A long list of positives.

Cleveland, Nashville,
and Council Bluffs,

all extremely well-received.

there is a longer list of,

uh, not positives.

Also, we understand
you recently applied for a...

A CB radio license?

Applied and received.

Though, I still haven't
gotten my... the... the...

- [SHIRLEY] It's called a handle.
- Handle... My handle yet.

[SHIRLEY] But we're
down to "Steady Betty"...

"D.C. Dancer."

Um, "Betty the Bump."


Um, I'm partial to "First Mama."

I know you are, but I like
"D.C. Dancer." [CHUCKLES]


W-What is the plan?

Are you g-gonna
communicate with truckers?

Truckers vote too, Don.


And these are some updated general

dos and don'ts for the road.

Anything else?

Thank you, ma'am.

[d*ck] Thank you, ma'am.

Would you like a drink, Shirley?

Oh, maybe just a tipple.

[BETTY] Are... Okay.

Pick your poison.

Whatever you're having.


It is my pleasure to host all
of you at the Buffalo City Hall,

where we have a long history
of welcoming Republican leaders

on the campaign trail.

Tonight, it is my great honor
to introduce to you

the First Lady of the United States.

Please join me in welcoming Betty Ford.


I do not believe that being First Lady

should prevent me from
expressing my ideal...




Being un...

Being ladylike

does not require silence.


She's not feeling well.

Ever since I became president...

I... I mean...


[BETTY] Uh, pardon me.


ever since my husband

became president, he...

really has done

a great deal

in the last two years.

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