01x01 - Creamcheese

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Players". Aired: Jun 16, 2022 = present.
"League of Legends" team needs their young rookie and their veteran to put their egos aside and work together to prove themselves on the world stage.
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01x01 - Creamcheese

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ANNOUNCER 1: And they're on the march.

Fugitive Gaming, they're
gonna take down
They're gonna take game four!
ANNOUNCER 2: The future is
incredibly bright for this team.

JATT: I think most fans,
when they think about Fugitive Gaming,
they think of one name.

And that's Creamcheese.


CHRIS: I mean, he's iconic.

The only comparisons
I can recall being apt
are Squigs and Pancake.

That's it.
That's the list.

There's nobody else on it.

trying to chase him down.

Creamcheese, what a play! What a setup!
- Nice.

- DASH: That's it.

I mean, Fugitive Gaming is
absolutely dominating right now,
a-and I got to be honest
I think the biggest
reason why is Creamcheese.

APRIL: Creamcheese is 27, you know.

He's old-school.

f*ck you, b*tch.

Nowadays, esports are
some of the biggest sports in the world.

JATT: Back when
Creamcheese started playing,
players didn't have
million-dollar contracts.

Teams barely knew how to
juggle turret and run dives.

I mean, you could still one-sh*t people
with APDFT Tristana.

It was a different time.

- Ah, I lost it.

- MAN: Nope.

KYLE: Esport players weren't cool.

Uh, girls didn't think we were hot.

You know? Not-not in
the way they do now.

CHRIS: Before Creamcheese,
cream cheese was just a
spread that you put on bagels.

And then Creamcheese happened.

The guy Creamcheese.


And now, if you go to Wikipedia,
and you look up "cream cheese,"
it gives you an option
to go look at the guy.

- When they sweat the technique ♪
- JATT: I know it's early,
but if we're talking
best supports all-time,
I put him right up there
with SPF and Muffintop.

You know what? I'm with you, dude.


PAUL: But with greatness
comes high expectations.

I want to say to all those doubters,
be careful what you wish for.

PAUL: And with fans, ownership,
they only have so much
patience for Creamcheese.

underestimate Creamcheese.

No one in the LCS will
work harder than me.

Because as great as he is,
he never met the expectations
that he set for himself.

So go ahead, keep on doubting,
'cause we're not gonna
win just one championship.

We're not gonna win
just two championships.

We-we could
We could honestly, we'll
Honestly, we'll probably
win seven championships.


- We'll probably win seven championships.

No, I
I'm proud of my legacy, you know.

I don't have regrets.

I don't, I don't I try and live life
without regrets.

You know?
I do
I mean, sometimes I do wonder
what my life would've been
like if I hadn't f*cked up
the Alistar knock up
on the Kog'Maw in 2016.

Like, uh
It just would've been the
perfect setup to wombo combo.

M-Maybe my whole
life would've been different.

AZAEL: Yeah, I mean, to me, his
legacy isn't fully written yet.

He's probably got at least
one good year left in him.

And with Frugger ADC,
I actually think this is the best sh*t
- he's ever had.

- I mean, it's a sh*t,
but it's a long sh*t.

Do you see them b*at TSM?
Do they b*at 100 Thieves? Not happening.

At the end of the year,
the trophy case remains empty
Recently, he's been mostly cheese
- and very little cream.

- Is it a mental thing?
Does he have the blocker
that's gonna prevent him
from ever winning a championship?
MAN: Yeah, he does.

ANALYST 2: I'm just
saying, it's now or never,
because ownership's
been asking for years:
What is life like after Creamcheese?
And they've got their answer.

It's Organizm.

MAN: Organizm is the single
most exciting thing happening
MAN 2: Organizm is just
dismantling people in solo queue
in a way we haven't seen before.

MAN 3: This soft-spoken
17-year-old kid out of Philly
- is a phenom.

- MAN 2: Who is this kid?
- Where did he come from?
- WOMAN: I mean, his mechanics are just unreal.

People love him.
You've got
the most popular streamer
in North America waiting
in the wings in Academy.

It's just a matter of
time until Creamcheese
is no longer the face of the franchise
because fans are ready
for the era of Organizm.

ANNOUNCER: Fugitive is
gonna take the Nexus!
It's all over.

We'll probably win seven championships.

MAN: A two-year, $3 million contract?
WOMAN: He's gonna be the youngest
pro player in North America.

MAN 3: Creamcheese is a choke artist.

CREAMCHEESE: This would've been
the perfect setup to wombo combo.

MAN 3: Is it time for Fugitive
to move on from Creamcheese?
- MAN 4: Something is brutally wrong in this team.

- MAN 5: This season will make
or break the Fugitive franchise.

NATHAN: Do you guys, uh,
ever go to any games out here?
Um, yeah.
I catch the Sixers
games, man.
Yeah, absolutely.

- I love it.

- Sometimes he drags me out there, so

- Well, you know.
You don't want to miss that.

NATHAN: When I first
pushed our ownership group
to move into esports
you know, I was asking myself
the same exact questions you guys are.

How is this a sport?
- Right.

- Mm.

You know?
I mean, watching
people play video games?
- Professionally?
- Right.

NATHAN: But after a few
years of doing this
- Can I be honest with you?
- Please.

That doesn't really change.


- It still makes no sense.

But the truth is, um,
your son is the real deal.

And, uh, I'll put it to you this way.

KYLE: Frankly, our-our owner is
a bit more of a basketball guy
than a League guy, and I
think he sees ad dollars
when he looks at a
prospect like Organizm.

MAN: He's an extremely
popular player, and we all know
- that means big sponsorship dollars.

- MAN 2: It's money
they're willing to spend:
$3 million over two years
for an Academy player?
Like, he's probably not even gonna start
for a couple years.
That's absurd.

KYLE: But I'm drawn to
Organizm because I think
in a couple of years down the road,
he has the chance to be an
enormous difference-maker
- for this team.

- PAUL: He's special.

He's special.
rare that you see
that kind of mouse movement
in a player that age.
He's special.

SIMONE: I used to say that,
um, buying that computer
- was the worst mistake that we made with him.

- RUDY: Mm-hmm.
Yeah, yeah.

- Now it looks like I was wrong.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Clearly.


- I played college ball.
You know.

- SIMONE: Right.

- RUDY: Rudy Jr.
played college ball.

- SIMONE: Right, right.

RUDY: It's a thing where you want
to impart these things myself,
- but he just really wasn't interested.

- SIMONE: I know.

You know? But, you know,
but that League of Legends
and that-that-that computer
and that-that whole thing,
that was his focus.
And, man,
he really made something of it.

- So he showed us, you know?
- He did.

And he's showing the world right now.

- He's gonna show the world.

- He is.

Listen, I'm not normally in the business
of making house calls
for esports players.

Or-or for any of our players,
for that matter.
You know,
I'm not here today
because I think your son
can make it in the league.

I'm here because I think he can be
the face of the entire sport.

SIMONE: I like the sound of that.

- RUDY: Face of the sport.

- The face of the sport.

Well, well, if he could
be the face of the sport,
then how come you
guys haven't guaranteed
the second year of his contract yet?
Oh, I thought that, uh, all
deal points were discussed.

- This was meant to be just a visit.

: I'm just curious.

- The face of this.

- How important is a guaranteed second year to you?
It doesn't matter to me.

Uh, I mean, it matters a little bit
because if they guarantee
you, then they cannot cut you.

They're never cutting me.


: Man, he said "never.
That's my player right there.


- That's my player right there.

: All right, man, all right.


KYLE: Okay, welcome.

- Make yourself at home.


- Cream will give you the tour.

- There he is!
ADC of the future.
up, dude? How are you?

- You doing all right? Check this out.

I got this for you.

I've watched him solo queue.

People have been, like,
saying his name around.

He's been on Reddit threads
and stuff like that and saw his hype.

And, like, yeah, he seemed cool.

I'm so psyched you're here.

You're-you're a prodigy, dude.

It's like standing in
front of one of those kids
who plays the piano, you know?
- Awesome, dude.

- ORGANIZM: I mean,
I've been watching
Creamcheese for so many years,
and it's like, now I'm
suddenly right next to him.

- What's up, man?
- FRUGGER: Fr uh, Frugger.

- All right, nice to meet you.

- CREAMCHEESE: That's Frugger.

ORGANIZM: And Frugger, who's, like,
the most underrated ADC in the LCS.

It was amazing.

GM, Paul, over here.

- Hi.
How you doing?
- ORGANIZM: GM Paul, what's up?
- CREAMCHEESE: Yo, Nightfall.


- CREAMCHEESE: Say what up to Organizm.

- NIGHTFALL: Hey, man.

- Welcome.

- ORGANIZM: Yo, what's up, bro?
And then I see Nightfall
- and Bucket.

- BGOLBKTOFWTR over here.

- Yo, Bap!
- What?
Organizm's here!
ORGANIZM: It's like,
these guys don't know it,
but I've already
learned a lot from them.

And now it's like
I'm here as the future
of Fugitive Gaming.

The whole thing feels
like a dream come true.

CREAMCHEESE: The Academy, the
minor leagues, your new home.

Look, I've seen you
You're good, dude.

Like, y-you're gonna
be in the scrims with us
in, like, two years, tops.

Y-You're fast, you know?
He's coming for you, Frugger.

Organizm's gonna spend
his time at Academy
learning from one of the
league's best veteran duos,
Frugger and Creamcheese.

It's really the perfect
situation for him.

CREAMCHEESE: So, uh, yeah.

Make sure you don't
pick up any bad habits,
especially from this guy.

He's your support.

Cronklyn, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, buddy.
Cronklyn, how you doing?
You still one-tricking
Dark Harvest Maokai?
- CRONKLYN: It was just one time.

- It was more than one time.

And put your headphones on,
Come on, bro.

Of course, there are a lot of fans
who want Organizm to start day one,
but remember, he just
turned 17.

He's gonna be the youngest
pro player in North America.

And he gets to play on the Academy team
for a real title contender.

: PJ.

Good shit.
You f*cking made it.

All right.


: Yeah.



APRIL: Great, awesome.

Okay Hey.

It's looking good, thank
Looks great, right?
Um, okay, toss us the-the
Fugitive hand symbol?
Asset Day is our media day.

It's when we present our
team as a brand to the world.

You know you don't have to
do that slow motion, right?
Like, we're gonna slow
it down in post? So
- Oh.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, so just go ahead
- and do it regular speed.

- So just a little faster.

Eventually, Fugitive is
going to have to rebrand.

- What's up?
- Hey, how's it going?
How you doing? This is my daughter Emma.

INDIANA: Because the future
face of the franchise, Organizm,
he's quiet, he's
mysterious, he's enigmatic.

EMMA: Would you be cool
with doing an interview
for my YouTube channel?
I'm sure the Fugitive fans would
love to meet the new signing.

- Yeah.

: I'm just gonna
- Yeah, no, get out.

- Okay.

Just kidding.
I love you, Dad.

And the current face, Creamcheese,
has a bit of a reputation
for being annoying.

Oh, shit.
These f*ck.

It's gonna be a good, good season.

Not for you, for us.
CREAMCHEESE: A lot of these
dweebs suck at Asset Day.

It's like, "Dude,
turn around," you know?
Like, look at the camera, look cool.

You know? It's not that hard.

Like, for me, um, it's not hard at all.

PHOTOGRAPHER: All right, thanks, guys.

One more right here.

- What you gonna do, get them
- Okay.

Okay, let's get Organizm in here.

Uh Oh, sorry.

Um, they just, they want an option
with, um, with-with Organizm.

happening? What's going on?
KYLE: Yeah, sure, okay.

So, just just
- Kyle? Are we clearing out?
- KYLE: Uh
- We're done?
- Yeah, no, I think, I th I I think,
um, they just want to get a photo
with Organ, oh, uh, with all you guys.

I think it's because he's
a new star Academy sign,
so they just want to have,
like, a it's I don't know.

Just, it's just a photo.
gonna get to the bottom of it.

They want a photo with the six of us?
KYLE: I, yeah, I guess.

Uh, I'm gonna, I'm gonna
NATHAN: Same thing,
just too many people.

Frugger, hop out.

Let-let's get a couple
sh*ts without Frugger.

There's too many people
in the sh*t right now.

- APRIL: Sorry, guys, um
- I know, that's 'cause there's an Academy player
- in the sh*t and
- Come with me for a second?
- There's five starters in the
- Just come talk to me for a second?
- Are we all done?
- Uh, just just come with me.

Wait, what is happening?
KYLE: I don't know what's going on,
but I'm gonna figure it out.

But I need you to do me a
favor just, in the meantime,
because we're here, we're on the campus
and everyone's looking and
just here just go with it.

- We're just gonna take the picture.

let's just get tight real quick,
real quick.
Here we go.

- I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.

- I couldn't possibly
I couldn't possibly
imagine what this is for.

- I don't Okay.

- PHOTOGRAPHER: Here we go, guys.

Ready, one, two and this looks amazing.

- That looks great, guys.
Looks great.

- KYLE: You guys look great.

KYLE: Champions, right here.

NATHAN: Do me a favor.

Organizm, hop up in the
hop up in the middle.

Into the middle?
Step out front, please.

- KYLE: Uh
- CREAMCHEESE: Wait, is this a joke?
KYLE: We're gonna figure it out.

We're gonna figure it out.
I'm not Don't want to stand
behind a f*cking Academy player.

I This is what I want to avoid.

- Just want to avoid this.

- PHOTOGRAPHER: One, two and
- hold that.

- NATHAN: That looks awesome.


- CREAMCHEESE: This looks awesome?
This is makes no f*cking sense.

NATHAN: I get it,
Kyle, but he's starting.

You know? It's not up for debate.

My guys want to see ad dollars.

I do maintain that, from
a business standpoint,
the best thing for your guys,
the best way to get ad dollars,
is for us to win games.

I understand where you're
coming from It's done.

We're already in advanced
conversations with Razer.

Well, Nathan, Razer is not
coaching this team, are they?
- I'm coaching this team.

- They want to see Organizm,
you know, start.

- Bro.

- No.
W No, no, no.

- Please.
We we we
- Cream.

You This is our year.

- Please.

- You cannot do this to us.

- Please.

- Nathan, I'm sorry.

- Me and Frugger
- Cream?
- have been duo-ing all winter.

- I got this.

Bap's visa issues are finally solved.

We can win this year.

If you leave me Frugger,
I promise you we can
win this year, okay?
This year could be it for me.

He doesn't even know
He doesn't even know
what Frugger is worth to the team.

- Nathan, Frugger has been making leaps
- You're wrong.

NATHAN: Ah Look, this isn't
about Frugger, guys.
You know?
It's about Red Bull.

- Razer.
Buffalo Wild Wings.

- Who Are those players?
- Who are th Who is that?
- T those are the players I'm dealing with.

How will Buffalo Wild
Wings feel when they put in
this hotshot player and
he loses 'cause he doesn't
- have experience?
- He's not ready.
He's not ready.

This is a business.
works exactly like any team.

It's no different than pro basketball.

Okay, but we're
different than the Kings.

Like, we want to win.

Do you understand that?
- Really funny.

- Okay.

That's not a joke! I want to win
- a championship.

- What do you think, I don't?
no one who has earned
a spot in the LCS just
by-by playing on Twitch,
and-and it-it's a
it's as simple as that.

- It's like we built this for nothing.

- You think I'm happy?
- I don't like this.

- I want to win.

- Yeah, I know, I know.

- Just, I want to win
one f*cking year of my life, Braxton!
- I know, I know.
Come here.

- I just want to f*cking win.

Hey, come here.


FRUGGER: What they don't
understand is that titles
aren't won with how many
Twitch subs you have.

Right? It is it's literal
it's all about teamwork.

Th I said those exact words.

It's so f*cking frustrating.

Like, he comes into my home
and tells me how to
build the f*cking team?
Like he knows what's better
- for Fugitive than I do.

- It's your team.

- It's your team.

- Exactly, dude.

Like, why do you think
it's called Fugitive?
- Because I am the Fugitive.

- Right.

I've been building this team
since I was Nutmilk, dude.

APRIL: And we have Nutmilk
- on the floor.

- KYLE: Uh-oh, someone get a mop.

- What's up?
- APRIL: Now, Milk, what are we looking at?
- What's, uh walk us through.

- What Just, uh,
getting set up for the qualifier.

KYLE: In 2015, we were broke,
grinding it out in my apartment,
playing qualifying
tournaments for no money.

APRIL: Back then,
teams were just kids who
found each other online
on the solo queue ladder
and decided to team up.

A hundred or more teams would enter
these qualifying
tournaments for a chance
just to get into the Challenger Series.

And even, like, the biggest
orgs now are still the ones
that were just that like, TSM
was just Andy Dinh and
some dudes and his brother
and they, like, made a team.

CLG is the exact same boat, just
with-with HotshotGG, basically.

It was all just, people
put a team together,
and one in 500 would actually go pro.

h*m* in high school
when I started playing League,
under the name Nutmilk,
and, uh, Kyle and April were seniors.

At first I just thought it was hilarious
watching people tilt when
they'd get shit-stomped
by someone named Nutmilk.

But the we then we
started getting really good.

APRIL: They would play together
every night after school,
arguing about drafts,
pushing each other every day.

KYLE: We started climbing
the ranks of solo queue,
and I said, "You know,
we should consider
putting a team together.
And we got a lot of interest,
from, uh, players like
Guru, PuttPutt, Foresite.

FORESITE: All I knew about them
was their aggressive playstyle.

I didn't even know
what they looked like.

CREAMCHEESE: Those guys were my family.

More than my family was my family.


KYLE: Cream had a tough
time with his family.

They were just not supportive.

I will be with you
all my life and beyond.

CREAMCHEESE: They didn't really
care how much time I spent gaming,
but when I told them
that I wasn't gonna go to college
to pursue going pro,
I mean, that was it.

Like, they kicked me out of the house.

APRIL: We let him crash on our couch
in our two-bedroom apartment
until he could find a place of his own,
but I think we knew that the only way
that was gonna happen
was through gaming.

CREAMCHEESE: I slept on that
couch for almost three years,
which is disgusting to think about now,
like, there was stuff
on that couch that I
I probably can't even say on camera.

Like, cum.

But at the time, like, I didn't care.

I was ju I felt so
motivated by it all.

I mean, even now, I
sometimes I miss grinding
in that apartment, 'cause
back then it was just us.

You know? Like
It was our team.

- APRIL: Hello.

- KYLE: Here he comes.

- CREAMCHEESE: Oh, my God.

- APRIL: It's Ben!
- KYLE: What's up?
- Hi.

- Wait, wait, one sec, one sec.

- KYLE: What do you got?
Do you guys like Patrón?
- KYLE: Oh!
- Is he joking?
APRIL: Oh, my God.

CREAMCHEESE: Can you believe this guy?
- Mmm.

- Oh, yeah.

- Let's go.


- Let's go.

- I feel like it's stronger.

Where do you want to set up?
The first time we got
the whole team together
was for the qualifying tournament.

Back in the day, before you
got to be a professional team,
you had to play in the qualifier
for the Challenger Series.

KYLE: We were playing
to get into the league
before the LCS.

We played great from our own places,
but we decided to get
together for that qualifier
because we knew we were gonna win.

And we wanted to be
together, to celebrate.

- Guru.
What's up, dude?
- GURU: What's up, man?
- Hey, how are you?
- I'm Trevor.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- Kyle.
Nice to meet you.

- APRIL: Hi.

ORGANIZM: I mean, all
those players were crazy.

At the time, it was,
uh, Foresite, uh, Guru,
Creamcheese, Braxton, PuttPutt.

- PuttPutt!
- Hello!
: PuttPutt! PuttPutt!
CREAMCHEESE: And when we
finally met each other,
we knew our team was different.

JATT: Most teams are
really bad at branding.

But Fugitive, before they even played
in the LCS, had things to grab onto.


CREAMCHEESE: Up It's time to wake up.

Fugitive is not a name.

Th Fugitive is a lifestyle, dude.

Sorry to interrupt your wet dream, dude.

Who was it, was it Carmen Electra?

People know that we
are not about the rules,
'cause we break every single rule.

: Nutmilk, Nutmilk, Nutmilk.

APRIL: Perfect, perfect,

KYLE: April knew exactly
what made us different.

- Oh What the

A-and how to tell the world.

- Don't post that, okay? Don't post that.

- APRIL: What?
INDIANA: These guys weren't
just playing League of Legends,
they were doing pranks,
they were doing skits.

It was wild.

We were kind of the bad boys.

We'd do sh*ts of hot sauce.

Oh, baby.
You want to be
Fugitive, you got to go hard.

- Line 'em up.

- Whoa.

KYLE: And I mean,
it-it's not like we were
sh**ting Frank's RedHot
or Cholula.

We were doing, like, Mad Dog 44.

- Black Mamba number six.

- Meet Your Maker Retribution.

Like, f*cking insane shit.

- Fugitive, baby.

- Fugitive.
To Fugitive.

I'm known as a fugitive ♪
APRIL: Do it, do it, do it [LAUGHS]

CREAMCHEESE: Millions upon millions
of Scoville.

I mean, you think the Golden
Guardians are doing that? No.

CREAMCHEESE: And then we'd
f*cking destroy, you know?
It was psycho shit, honestly.

GURU: That's it, baby, that's it, baby.

Look, we never claimed
to be role models.

b*at the shit out of Like that.

CREAMCHEESE: We were kings, and
my keyboard is, like, our mascot.

I've used that keyboard in almost
every single game of
League that I've played.

JATT: The story goes that when
Cream's parents kicked him out,
they got into this huge screaming match
and Cream stormed off.

KYLE: Couple of weeks
after he moved in with us,
he had a bad losing
streak, few games in a row.

And he decided, you know,
"I need my lucky keyboard.
So, uh, I called them.

Which was not an easy
thing for me to do.

And they said, "No," just flat-out no,
so I plot out this whole scheme.

Middle of the night, Ocean's 11shit.

I sneak back into my parents' house.

I see they've already moved out
most of the stuff from my room,
but they left the keyboard.

So I grab that and I ran
back to the apartment.

And that night, me and
Kyle went four for four.

The next day we got a knock
on the door from the cops.

His parents had filed a police report
for breaking and entering and theft.

You know, it-it If there was
any chance of reconciliation,
it was gone with that.

APRIL: I know he jokes
about it now, and, uh,
you know, the story is-is
legend at this point, but
I also know that,
at the time, it it really hurt him.

CREAMCHEESE: I always thought my parents
didn't want me to be a pro gamer because
they just wanted the best for their son.

But, like
calling the cops on your own kid?
After that, I realized, like,
this isn't that they don't understand
esports or whatever.

Like, I know a lot of
parents go through that.

It's like, they
these people want
me to fail, actually.

Like, they're rooting for me to fail.

FORESITE: He told the
story the next day,
how the cops showed up for
the keyboard, and Guru goes,
"Nutmilk, you're a f*cking fugitive.
And in that very second,
April was the one that
chimed in and said,
"That's your team.
"Fugitive" just felt right.

And I was printing
T-shirts the next day.

KYLE: We all took a huge leap, you know?
Um, you all came here,
to be with us here, um, and, uh
this is it, this is, this
is a big one for us, right?
We win this, we're officially
in the Challenger Series.

- Yep.

- CREAMCHEESE: It's been so f*cking sick
watching you guys play
- APRIL: Yeah.

- but having you here,
it's a totally different feeling.

And I just, like, feel good about it,
- I feel like we have a real sh*t.


- So let's f*cking do it.

- GURU: Yeah, dude, right back at you, man.

Let's f*cking do this! Let's go.

- Let's go.
- Yeah.

- Fugitive
- On three.

- Fugitive.

- One, two, three.

ALL: Fugitive!
Oh, we're close.
We're close.

It's good.
Play around, play around.

I got your back, got your back.

for the Challenger Series,
it's still one of the best
moments of my entire life.

GURU: Got you heal me, heal me!
been around the world
APRIL: Nice, nice, nice, nice.

- Oh, my God.

- I've played in huge arenas
- Foresite, you still got heal?
- FORESITE: Yeah, yeah.

- Okay, okay.

- Here we go.

gotten a shit-ton
of girls, you know,
like the way I am now.


But back then, when
I was just Nutmilk
playing with my friends,
proving to the world what
we were made out of
No matter what I do after
that, career-wise or sexually,
like, it will never be that.



You did it! You f*cking did it!

You want this, Mom and Dad?
- You can't have this.

- Uh-uh.

I'm a Fugitive.
I'm too fast.

And we're not stopping at Challenger,
we're going to the LCS,
we're going to win the LCS.

We're gonna World,
we're gonna win World.

f*ck yeah, baby.
Fugitive for life!
DASH: Opening day is
never short on surprises,
but starting Organizm over Frugger
am I the only one shocked at this?
Yes and no.
Frugger's great.

If you're trying to win
this year, you play Frugger
and-and you might get that
title, but they're going
with Organizm, which means Fugitive
are thinking about the future.

APRIL: A season opener doesn't count
any more or less than any other game,
but there was more attention
on Organizm's first game
than any player I can remember.


- CAPTAINFLOWERS: And you just can't b*at opening day.

11 teams, 11 dreams, with all eyes
on the LCS trophy.

AZAEL: I cannot wait to
see Creamcheese pairing up
with a brand-new rookie
straight out of solo queue.

The infamous k*ller Robot,
the 17-year-old Organizm.

And you got to wonder, how
is his solo queue success
gonna transition to the LCS stage?
- Yeah.

- We know the guy has talent,
but is he gonna be able to
pull it off at the pro level?

Let's go, PJ.

Yo, how's Team Liquid?
Are they any good?
If Dillix gets
going, they can b*at anyone.

He's a monster.

AZAEL: With rookie Organizm starting
far earlier than any of us expected,
you've got to feel for
veteran ADC Frugger,
who's watching this
one from the sidelines.

- APRIL: Right.
Well, we expected that.

- Yeah.

- Hey, baby.

- Right down.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Not much action so far,
but, oh, there goes
SirThiccness right onto Organizm.

He lands a double taunt,
but Organizm flashes forward.

And Creamcheese lands the Zenith Blade.

That'll be first blood for Fugitive.

But Organizm goes down.

That's a one for one.

It is action-packed on opening day.


GABRIELLA: I think everyone was dying
to know how Organizm's game
would translate to the pros.

And one thing was clear:
he was not playing scared.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: He's gonna push forward,
he's gonna flash forward!
He's got the Triple k*ll.

- Yes!
- AZAEL: That is huge for Organizm.

He gets the triple.
Organizm is fed,
and Fugitive has got
a sh*t in this game.

Nice, nice.

JATT: Organizm's mechanics,
you just don't see that from a rookie.

You don't see that from anyone, really.

You could really tell
he was in the zone.

Organizm is breaking off
- from the rest of Fugitive
- APRIL: Just push mid.

What is he do What
the f*ck is he doing?
CAPTAINFLOWERS: Oh, he's going in
for this.
Organizm, ready to contest.

Here with the Baron,
flashing out of the way.

- Still trying to find some sort
- Uh
of a way to maneuver around the 1v4.

Nearly finding the k*ll.

Holy moly, is he gonna do it?
- No!
- AZAEL: Oh!

- AZAEL: He almost had it.

- That would've been insane.

- Yeah.
Of course.

TL gets the k*ll and the
Red Bull Baron Power Play.

That should be all they need.

KYLE: That's one way to put it.

: I mean, I didn't
know what the f*ck was going on.

Organizm started walking up to this
giant purple magical worm thing
looked like Grimace's
d*ck from McDonald's
and there's a bunch of
fireworks and then he d*ed
and everybody started
cussing him the f*ck out.

you f*cking like this.

God-f*cking-damn it.

shuts down the solo queue superstar.

How you doing? You all right?
: I'm good.

pretty clear that team
wasn't on the same page here.

It's a team game.
It's what
everyone's gonna be talking about.

It's what Fugitive is
gonna be talking about.

- f*cking
- Hey!
- joke! No.

- That is enough.

Let me tell you, I'm
not gonna play with him.

Outside, outside now.

- That's enough.

- Nathan and his f*cking
Get out there.
Nightfall? Nightfall?
What do you think you're doing?
- Not starting with him.

- Out there.

CREAMCHEESE: We're all on the same page.

We're all pushing mid.

Organizm decides
to contest Baron, which is
a terrible move.

He almost pulled it
off, which is impressive,
but so risky.

So what are you even thinking?
CREAMCHEESE: But the worst part of it
is he doesn't say anything.

He doesn't say one f*cking word.

Look out for the chips.

There's just chips everywhere.

Uh, sorry I got it.

When you ignore your
teammates like that
you're insulting their experience.

It's why you need to communicate.

I try.

Look, I want you to
apologize to your teammates.

Especially your support.

I will.


FRUGGER: I'm out.

Come here, man.

Listen, dude.
the noise, okay, bro?
This is a f*cking joke.

Are you kidding me?
- I know.

- We should be laughing right now.

- It's
- 'Cause it's such a f*cking joke.

It's not funny, though.

It's not funny.
You saw
the game today, right?
- Yeah.

- Like, this is not gonna work.

- No, it's bullshit.

- So this isn't over,
by any stretch, just 'cause
you're going to Academy.

- Yeah.

- Which is f*cking insane, by the way.

Frugger in Academy?
- That doesn't make any sense to me.

- Yeah
Frugger in Academy? Are you
kid Like, that doesn't even
I honestly, I wish
you would stop saying it.

And dude, do not worry about me.

Seriously, like, I'm gonna be fine.

- I'm gonna be totally fine.

- FRUGGER: Okay.


- NATHAN: Hey, honey.
What's up, baby?
- EMMA: Hi, Dad.

I'm sure it can get kind
of crazy at the other house,
so anytime you want to just
chill out here, come on by.

We got mochi, too.
You like mochi b*lls?
KYLE: Organizm is staying
at the Resnick's tonight
because tensions are a-a
little high at the house.

BAP: He just didn't listen.

- Yeah.

- No communication, just running at the Baron
when we said push mid.

Look, the fact is,
he isn't communicating
with his teammates, um
But I-I keep telling Cream, you know,
you can't take that personally.

'Cause at the end of
the day, he's-he's just
a shy 17-year-old kid.

CREAMCHEESE: I'm trying, I am,
because I know it's not Organizm's fault
that he's starting before he's ready.

It's not his fault he
lost the game for us.

God-f*cking-damn it.

It's ownership.
It's f*cking Resnick.

What Get him some mochi, honey.

kid apologizes to me
and shows he's ready to learn,
I'll try to be civil.

You know who it is.
You reached
Trevor, crème de la Cream.

- Leave a message at the beep.


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