02x08 - Art, Love, Capitalism and the Courage to Change Their Conditions

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Love & Anarchy". Aired: 4 November 2020 – present.*
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A married consultant and a young IT technician assign each other challenges that question societal norms in a flirtatious game leading to unintended consequences.
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02x08 - Art, Love, Capitalism and the Courage to Change Their Conditions

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- We can see her now.

- I'll get her.

You can come in.

Sit over there,
the doctor will be here soon.

We can't go on like this.

- It's not going to work.

- No, I know.

It's just that
I'm so scared you'll make
the same mistakes I did.

I never learned to
like myself.

I've always thought
that if I'm genuine
that if I'm myself
I'll end up like you.

on the contrary.

You have to accept who you are,
otherwise you'll end up like me.

- Dad?
- Yes, sweetheart?
I'm sorry.

But what are you sorry for?
If I'd visited you more often
and not let you go
on all those walks by yourself
If I'd been a better listener,
maybe I would have understood.

But I didn't understand.

I didn't hear I didn't realize.
I ha
I hate myself
for not being able to stop it.

If I'd been there
If I'd been there
It wasn't your fault.

It wasn't your fault, you hear me?
- I don't know how to live without you.

- But you can.


Now you can.

And I
I'll always be there,
in you.

You need to learn to be your own friend.

Promise me.

I promise.

Don't just poke at your food, eat.


- Mom!
- Hi!
They let you go just like that?
Hey, kids.

Go get changed
so you're not late for school.

What are you doing?
I realize that it was really tough on you,
and I'm really sorry about that.

But Johan, please.

You have to stop complaining about me.

I want you to stop talking sh*t about me.

And right now, I'm really sad about Dad.

And I'm not crazy.

But I'll go crazy
if I'm not allowed to be sad,
do you understand?
I need to find a way to carry this.

All of this.


If you promise to tell me
if things get serious.

I need to understand what's going on.

Because I don't always.

I don't want the kids to lose their mom.

- Hi.

- Hi.

So what about your publishing house?
I've quit because of ethical conflicts.

Okay, I see.

What was it you said?
You wanted to tell the truth
about Vivianne
and the literary world's
oppressive structures.


I I just want to stress
that I want to read the text
before it's published.

Of course.

But is it okay if I record this?
- Yeah.

- Okay.

Start from the beginning.


The first time I met Vivianne
was at an author talk.

Vivianne quickly made it clear
that she liked me.

But it's only now, looking back at it
with a fresh perspective,
that I realize that she used her position
and her cultural capital
to take advantage of me physically
and literarily.

Okay, that's That's serious.

It is, actually.

It's not okay.

You've not placed a bet
on the Nobel Prize.

- What?
- The prize is being announced at 1 p.

Everyone has to submit
who they think will get it.

We do it every year.

- Sorry, I have no idea.

- Everyone has to choose.

- Have you seen Max?
- You can always go with Joyce Carol Oates.

- It's no fun otherwise.

- No
Do you dare bet on Adonis?
Is that author with Lund & Lagerstedt?
- Ko Un is also a good option.

- Right
He was MeToo'd.

The Academy likes that stuff.

Is that author with us?
No, Ronny.

Neither Adonis nor Ko Un are with us.

But if it doesn't concern us,
why are we spending time on it?
I don't know what business you're running.

But I assume that at the very least
it has something to do with literature.

it'll get cloudy during the night.

There is a chance of rain
in Bohuslän and Dalsland.

The rain will spread tomorrow


Erm, you might not recognize me,
but I work
or worked at Lund & Lagerstedt.

- The IT guy from the reception.

- Yes, sorry.

- Hi.

- How did it go with your book?
Yeah, well
I had that agent
who thought I should change some things
so we'd be able to sell it as a TV series.

And then a streaming service
bought the material.

It was supposed to be
a big international thing in English.

But just as they were
about to start filming,
the lead actor dropped out,
so they canceled the whole thing.

I don't know
what kind of story it is anymore
really, so I've I've taken a break.

It started to take too much of a toll,

It's only when I get out here
that I feel like I can think.

I get what you mean.

They only care about money,
their careers,
or whatever they're fixated on.


I'm also tired of that.


Hey, it was good to see you.

You, too.

Come on, everyone!
Have you seen Max?
Max quit yesterday.

- What?
- Yeah.

Denise too, actually.

It's about to start.

How exciting.

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the Swedish Academy.

The Academy has just met
and decided who will be awarded
this year's Nobel Prize in Literature.

The Nobel Prize in Literature
is awarded to Vivianne Ivarsen.

Vivianne Ivarsen
- Yes!
- Yes!
Oh, my God.

And I get to be a part of this.

I have to call my mom.

I have to call my mom!
The prize goes to Vivianne Ivarsen
for her experimental
first-person narrative.

I've just spoken
to Vivianne Ivarsen over the phone,
and she's very surprised and happy.

What the hell.

I've gotten and interview request
from The New York Times.

- Wow!
- Everything is going to change.

- I'm going there.

- What?
- You're going to New York now?
- Yes!
When you're a working-class boy like me,
you just have to carpe diem.

I'm doing it.

Remember that, do that.

- Go, go, Caroline!
- Okay!
- Hi!
- Hey, what are you doing here?
- I changed my mind about the article.

- Are you kidding me?
- No.

- She just got the f*cking Nobel Prize.

- This is the scoop of the decade.

- I overdid it a bit.
I was in shock.

I exaggerated.

- It wasn't entirely true.

- But what does it matter?
- I've got your own words.

- Hey
I'm sure I could arrange
an exclusive interview with Vivianne.

Everyone will have that.

This will be sold abroad,
The New York Times, Le Monde
I can get out of the small Swedish pond.

- You can't just publish it.
- You said what you said.

I won't censor myself.

I'm not going to blow my chances
at an international career
because you got cold feet.

- Think about
- Hey, Björn!
- I think
- How was the archipelago?
- Yeah, it was great.

- Yeah?
We went out to Ängskär

you are.

Here's where you hang out.

- Really nice.

- Why are you here?
Vivianne won the Nobel Prize.

Is that why?
No, to talk to you.

I want to be with you.

It might not work.

But I want us to try.

All the way, no secrets.

What do you say?
I don't believe you.

Why not?
Because you've proven
again and again that I can't
that I can't trust you.

You were with Caroline all of a sudden
You made it very clear
you didn't want to be with me.

Without giving me any reason why.

I don't know
what you're thinking or feeling
I barely know who you are.

The only thing I know for sure with you
is that you've dumped me
several times now.

I don't want that again.

There has to be a f*cking limit.

I'm sorry.

It's different this time.

I promise.

Prove it.

Prove it's for real.

What should I do?
Something you'd never do.

Something that makes a difference.

Something that changes everything.


Tommy, hey!
Thomas, right? Yeah.

I'm so happy to be here.

The Nobel Prize, that's so cool.

- Thank you.

- I've always felt it was old-fashioned.

But it's a blast
when it's your publishing house.

Lund & Lagerstedt is an integral company,
it really is.

You've just been awarded
one of the world's
most prestigious literary awards.

So how does it feel?
It's an incredible honor.

To say otherwise would be presumptuous.

Will this affect your future writing?
Not at all, I hope.

I've always maintained a boundary
between my writing and people's opinions.

I hope I'll be able to maintain
that integrity.

- We're running out of glasses.

- Wait.

- Oh, I have to take this.

- Okay.

What a f*cking blast!
I always really believed
in this publishing house.

And in you, Friedrich.

I never doubted your judgment.

Thank you, that's really heartwarming.

Friedrich, as a publisher,
how are you feeling on a day like today?
I don't do so well with media.

Is that how you feel? Okay, thank you.

- Do you work at Lund & Lagerstedt?
- Yes, I'm part of the core team.

Given this success,
how are you feeling today?
What can you say? Simply amazing.

It's been a lot of work to get here,
many late nights and toil,
but we've all supported Vivianne.

So you've worked closely with Vivianne
in her artistic process?
I'm a creative financier of this ship.

Exciting title.

Yes, thank you.

So it turns out that qualitative
literature has provided a result
that I'm quite proud of
on a day like today.

Quality really needs people to defend it
these days.

- Yes.

- I write myself.

- So I know what I'm talking about.

- Yes.

The first part of my series
will be released this fall.

Oh, okay.

It's about a female cop.

- Oh, God! Hi!
- Hi, Caroline.

- Come!
- Nice to see you.

I've made a list of everyone
who's asking for an interview.

Now Kulturnyheterna is calling.

- What?
- Wow, but I'll take care of this.

Someone has to buy glasses
at the NK store, so can I leave this?
- Wait, I'll be right back.
- Okay.

We collaborate closely.

- But thank you for the congratulations.

- Thanks so much.

If you'll excuse me.

You're here.

I have to talk to you.

Can we step away for a moment?
- Yes, sure.

- Yeah?
I'll be back.

Could you sign this?
- Yes, of course.
I'll be back.

- Yes, could you?
- Could you?
- Whoa!
There's going to be an article.

- What article?
- It's an interview.

I say things about you, us and
I did it when I was sad,
disappointed, and angry, and
I wanted to get back at you, and
I've tried to stop it,
but it's impossible, and
It's like
f*ck, I realize how stupid it is.

It's so stupid, but
But my feelings got the best of me,
and it was
I f*ck, I mean
I just
You're so beautiful
when you're in despair.

Do you know that?
I won't be mad,
regardless of what that article says.

And I'm happy you found an outlet
for your anger.

- Yes, but it's really
- I don't care what others think and feel.

Say what you want to who you want.

But Yes, okay.


I mean, yeah



Look, it's on the front page of The Times.


- Sofie!
- Yes?
We're out of glasses.
Can you buy some?
- Oh, no! Absolutely, I'll handle it.

- Okay.

Excuse me.

- Can I have another drop?
- Sure.

I'll get more.
Glasses are coming as well.

There you are!
Where have you been?
I had to run some errands.

- Hi!
- Hi.

Well, Sofie Rydman.

Holy moly, we nailed it!
We nailed it.

- Vivianne!
- Uh-oh.

I started to miss you.

Yes, who are you going to fight with?
We have to get rid of Friedrich fast,
so that his label doesn't get the credit.

Lund & Lagerstedt has to be in control.

We're about to make
f*cking literary history here.

I spoke to my lawyers an hour ago.

He'll be gone by tomorrow.

Friedrich is a nobody.

No one will ask for him.

Hello, everyone!
As CEO, I would like to propose a toast.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!
I don't have anything, no
Thank you.

Sofie Rydman,
CEO of Lund & Lagerstedt.

In light of
Vivianne Ivarsen winning the Nobel Prize,
our reporter is live from
the publishing house Lund & Lagerstedt,
where we will now hear from CEO,
Sofie Rydman.

The publishing house has come under
a lot of f*re since you took over.

You've taken a lot of flak.

And now,
on top of that, the Nobel Prize.


What do you have to say?
Well, on a personal level,
I've been really good at steering
the company through modern times,
lying to myself
and going wherever the money is.

To put it simply.

What do you mean?
Well, our entire society
is built on a very rational concept
that financial profit
is supposed to be what matters most.

And I, just like everybody else,
am afraid of strong emotions
that go in a different direction to that.

For example
er, my dad d*ed
quite recently.

And I haven't even

But there are other values in life,
as my dad used to say.
He was a socialist.

I used to say to him,
"Be that if you want.
"But to be part of the modern world,
you have to be a realist.
Well, in line with
that completely logical conclusion,
it would be a given for me as CEO
to take full credit for this Nobel Prize,
even though I had nothing to do with it,

The problem with that is that life
becomes so incredibly f*cking boring
if you have to be tactical all the time.

So today,
I'm choosing a completely different path,
and telling it exactly like it is.

And the truth is
that if anyone in here
deserves full credit today,
it's Vivianne's publisher, Friedrich,
and his label, Jägerstedt Publishing.

Cheers to you, Friedrich,
for believing in Vivianne
when the rest of us didn't.

Tell us about
your relationship with Vivianne.

What can I say?
Vivianne's books
have meant a great deal to me
on a personal level.

Way before I had the honor
of being her publisher.

I consider Vivianne to be a champion
of free thought.

Her writing is both
brutal and sensitive.

And it has given my own life meaning.

It's as simple as that.

I couldn't ask for a better publisher.

Friedrich is one of
the few left who has a genuine passion
for literature.

What the hell?
I just want to say I'm really sorry
that we're out of glasses,
but new ones are coming.

Thank you.

What the hell are you doing?
I have to go buy more glasses.

Mom, what does that mean?
- Why shouldn't you buy and sell things?
- Come on.

What are you doing?
Do you have a permit?
You'd better come with me.

If you touch me, I'll scream.

By the entrance.

I don't know
Boy Mercury ♪
sh**ting through every degree ♪
Oh girl dancing down
Those dirty and dusty trails ♪
Take it hip to hip ♪
Rocket through the wilderness ♪
Around the world ♪
The trip begins with a kiss ♪
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