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01x08 - America's Sweethearts

Posted: 06/19/22 18:20
by bunniefuu
What is it you wanted
to talk about, Michael?



Don't worry about the time.

Why are we really
sitting here, Michael?

That's all I got to say.

Jean, we're friends, right?


Please don't say
anything to Sophie.

Just let her see it.

Of course.

- Man: Yeah!

Come on. I got you.

I got you.

Oh, are you cold?
Did you have fun?

Girl: Can I take
my floaties off?

Yes, we can
take your floaties off.


So, guys, Happy and Healthy

coming to you live from
Durham, North Carolina.

As you can see...

I'm not on the Cabo diet today.

Beef sliders are not
part of the regimen,

but I'm back home
with my brother

on a very important family trip.

- No.
- Clay.

- Clay-Man, say hi.
- Get the f*ck outta here.

Well, he has always
been the shyer brother.

Anyways, thank you guys so
much for checking in, and...

I hope to be back soon
with some good news.

How many people watch that?

Well, it's like a little
over 100 every post.

But it's all about
consistency and quantity.

I mean, that's how you
build the following.

Do you think people are
there because of Dad?

Yeah, I mean, absolutely.

There's people that are
fans of the, the doc,

true crime fans.

I mean, even people
that don't like Dad

are happy to see me doing well.

Well, you're doing great, man.

Thanks, Clay.

Are you reading Dad's book?


My therapist recommended
reading it years ago,

but I just started.

There's a lot to dissect
in there, Margie.

I'm sure.

You have a match.

You want to see?

Can you check it?


She's cute.

Oh yeah?

Let me see.


Why are you smiling?

I don't know, you just, you...

you never said anything to me.

You never asked.

Like, no one ever asked me.

I would have told you.

I just, I, I just...

figured you didn't
want to talk about it.

That's the whole f*cked-up
thing about our family, Margie.

Like, nobody,

nobody ever really just
talks about anything, ever.

Like, we haven't talked about

my trip, about Germany.

Yeah, we did. You said
it was enlightening.

Okay. Yeah, but, like,
don't you want to know why?

Jesus, Martha. Why
does everything have

to be so serious?

It's my birthday tomorrow.

Can we just eat a bunch of
candy and act like 15-year-olds

who've never had a hotel
room to themselves? Please.

I know, I know. I just... I
want to celebrate this moment.

Celebrate how?


- Hello.
Hey, Candy.

Oh, hey.

I know we haven't spoken
since Thanksgiving.

It's, it's all been
really... crazy.

Yeah. Same here.

Right. Um...

Anyway, I, I wanted to say...

thank you for hosting us.

Of course, was
happy to spend some time with Mike.

I hope everyone
got enough to eat.

How's work? Is it
any easier this week?

Well, no, they're sending me

on this last-minute
trip to Toronto.

- Everything okay
there? It's fine.

You know, full steam
ahead for Christmas.

I'm at the doctor now. Just...

You okay?
- Yeah, fine.

Just, you know, routine.

Can never be too careful.

Are you doing okay?

I was really worried
after you left.


what if I ditched
the Toronto trip

and you leave Ash with Mark

and we get a flight
to Turks and Caicos?

What are you talking about?

Yeah. Or Aruba.

I mean, we deserve it, right?

Are you joking?

Of course.

Yeah. That's funny.


Alright. Well, I got
to get back to it.


Love to Mark and Ash.

Yeah. Thanks for calling.



♪ Tonight I really need

♪ To know

♪ Tell it to my heart

♪ Tell me I'm the only one ♪

♪ Is this really love...


♪ Tell it to my heart

♪ I can feel my body rock

Every time you call my name ♪

♪ The passion's so complete

♪ It's never ending

♪ As long as I...

Oh my god!

You're home early.


Here, zip me up.

♪ Soul to soul

♪ Always feel you near

♪ So say the words

♪ I long to hear

♪ Tell it to my heart

♪ Tell me I'm the only one

♪ Is this really love
or just a game? ♪

♪ Tell it to my heart I
can feel my body rock ♪

♪ Every time you
call my name ♪

♪ Love, love on the run

♪ Breaking us down

♪ Though we keep holding on ♪

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

- Hey!
- Good to see you!


- You're glowing.
- Oh yeah?

You ever know, maybe
I'm pregnant again.

- Oh god.
- No, no.

You think the beef will be like
shoe leather again this year?

Like shoe leather?

I'm pretty sure it
was shoe leather.

We'll be too drunk at that
point for it to matter.

Cheers. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.



I love your makeup.

Thank you.

Enjoy your Prince Charming.

Oh. Yeah.

- Merry Christmas.
- Happy happy.

♪ Stars shining
bright above you ♪

Excuse me.

♪ Night breezes seem

♪ To whisper I love you

♪ Birds singin' in
the sycamore trees ♪

♪ Dream a little dream of me ♪

♪ Say nighty-night
and kiss me ♪

♪ Just hold me tight and
tell me you'll miss me ♪

♪ While I'm alone
and blue as can be ♪

♪ Dream a little dream of me ♪

♪ Finally it has
happened to me ♪

♪ Right in front of my face ♪

♪ And I just cannot hide it ♪

♪ Meeting Mr. Right,
the man of my dreams ♪

♪ I'll be home

♪ For Christmas

Time to go, Peterson.

We're transferring you to
County for the hearing.

Do I take everything
now or do I come back?

How lucky do you feel?

That's the girlfriend.

Poor, stupid woman.

All rise.

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

This honorable court
for the County of Durham

is now open and sitting for
the dispatch of its business.

The Honorable Judge
Orlando Hudson presiding.

God save the state and
this honorable court.

Please be seated.

Wonder where everyone is.

I guess they finally
came to their senses.

You feeling okay?

Oh, sure.

No more second thoughts?

I'm here, aren't I?


Alright. Before we proceed,

does the district attorney
want to call up anyone

to make a statement?

Yes, Your Honor.

Kathleen's family
would like to be heard.

I'd like to call
Candace Zamperini.

- Good morning. Good morning.

I'm Candace Zamperini,
one of Kathleen's sisters.

Not long after my
sister's death,

I went for the first time

to meet with District
Attorney Jim Hardin.

Inevitably, I didn't
want to believe.

Obviously, I didn't
want to believe

that my sister
had been m*rder.

I was sure this was an accident.

At that meeting,
Jim Hardin asked

if I wanted to see
the autopsy pictures

and some crime scene photos.

It was my Pandora's box.

All the evils of
my sister's death

leaped into my eyes.

The horrors of my sister's
b*ating were shown.

And because of you,

my sister has been gone

from this world for ten years.

Ten years ago today,
she was m*rder.

Her 35 cuts, bruises,
wounds, contusions.

Yes, she was strangled.

And the seven death bl*ws
to the back of her head,

causing her to bleed
slowly to death.

My sister has lied in
her grave for 16 years.

Ten years

Lori and I have been
without our sister

and ten years her
daughter hasn't had her.

You took the life

of the one that
provided for you...

and guided your children.

She loved you guys.

She loved you.

Kathleen was the best
thing you ever had.

Michael Peterson was
correctly charged,

and he is pleading guilty today.

The words "Alford plea,"
they're meaningless.

Alford schmal-ford.
Means nothing. Guilt.

An innocent man
doesn't plead guilty.

A guilty one does.

And that's why I'm asking
you, Judge Hudson, today

to immediately dismiss
this retrial hearing.



Do not give this k*ller
a chance at freedom.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Your words are very
moving, Mrs. Zamperini.

Your sister's memory is
not lost on this court.

Come on. Come on.

The court, in its discretion,

will deny the motion
to dismiss the hearing.

The court is ready to proceed
with the hearing for a retrial.

Your Honor, I would like to call

Evelyn Ivins to the stand.

I was specifically
focused on Greg Taylor,

who was wrongfully convicted,

which led me to Duane Deaver

and the inner workings of
the North Carolina SBI.

What did you learn?

For years, the SBI
has been engaging

in unconstitutional behavior,

hiding exculpatory
evidence from the defense

in order to ensure
convictions for the state.

Thank you, Ms. Ivins.

And why should we trust you?

Well, sir, I've written
over 200 bloodstain reports

and overseen 500 scenes.

No further questions,
Your Honor.

Have you had a chance to review

all documents
provided by the State

related to Agent Duane Deaver's

20-year career?

I did.

Well over 100,000 pages.

And you reviewed all of that?

Ron Guerette: Unfortunately.

- Yeah. Alright. Alright.

How many cases
were there in total

in which Agent Deaver
just observed bloodstains,

either at the scene,
at the SBI laboratory,

or by looking at photos?

Only 54.

In how many of those cases
did Agent Deaver provide

a bloodstain pattern
analysis opinion?

Thirty-six. Not 200.

Not 200.

How many cases were there
in which Agent Deaver

actually performed tests

or experiments

before the Peterson case?

Three. Only three.

Mr. Guerette, if someone
claims that they've worked

on hundreds of cases
over a 20-year career

but actually only worked

on less than five, what
would you call that?

- Lying. Objection,
Your Honor.

- That is a lie. Sustained.

No more questions, Your Honor.

As Mrs. Zamperini
mentioned earlier,

today marks the
ten-year anniversary

of Kathleen's death.

Ten years ago,

Michael and Kathleen Peterson

enjoyed a night in with a movie

from Blockbusters,
"America's Sweethearts."

After she finished
with a work call,

they decided to
go out by the pool

with a bottle of wine.

They talked about the kids

and Christmas.

They were looking
towards the future.

Then she said good night.

Michael stayed out by the pool.

And when he came back in later,

he found his wife...

the love of his life,
barely breathing

at the bottom of the
steps from a fall.

A tragic accident.

But in large part
because of Duane Deaver,

the DA convinced the jury
that this was m*rder.

What we know now is
that Deaver had a habit

of preparing misleading reports

and presenting
misleading testimony

under oath.

We never asked for
a perfect trial.


but we at least
deserved a fair one.

I'm therefore going to
ask the court at this time

to grant Michael
Peterson a new trial

at which the evidence
can be presented

in a fair and unbiased way.


let a jury of 12, uh...

sort it out.

Thank you, Your Honor.


Would the defendant please rise?

Do you understand, sir,
that you do have the right

to plead not guilty
and have a jury trial?

- Yes. Mr. Peterson,

you're pleading guilty pursuant

to North Carolina
versus Alford case

of voluntary manslaughter.

- Do you understand, sir?
- Yes.

Has Mr. Peterson proven

that Duane Deaver
misled this court?

The answer to that
question is yes.

Has Mr. Peterson proven
that Duane Deaver misled

the jury on the validity
of his argument?

The answer to that
question is...


Was Deaver's
misleading testimony

critical and material

to the conviction
of Mr. Peterson?

The answer to that
question is...



Do you understand that when
you enter a plea of Alford,

the court will treat you
as though you're guilty

for the purpose of sentencing?

Yes, sir.

So, Mr. Peterson,

to the charge of
voluntary manslaughter

in the death of
Kathleen Peterson,

how do you plead?


I plead guilty.

The court finds
that the defendant

will receive a new trial

at a time that the
State deems fit.

The court will begin the process

of releasing
Mr. Peterson immediately.

The court finds
that Mr. Peterson

has fulfilled his obligation
pursuant to the Alford plea

and has no further obligations
to the State of North Carolina.

- You're free to go.

Court dismissed.


Alright, let's, uh...

Bailiff: You have
a 10 p.m. curfew

that will be strictly monitored.

Be right back.

Do you want to shower
and get some rest?

No. No, no, absolutely not.

No, no, I'm okay. Thank you.

So, you old man, where do
you want to go celebrate?

Clay, let's go to Amalfi.

I feel I could eat an
enormous, obscene bowl

of spaghetti and meatballs.

- Can you get on that? On it.

Amalfi. This is Jessica.
How may I help you?

Yeah, I need to
make a reservation

for a large group,
12 for tonight.

Certainly. What's the name?

Uh, it's for Michael Peterson.

Michael Peterson,
Michael Peterson?

- Yes. Oh. Okay.

Just a moment. Please hold.

Hello. Are you calling
about Michael Peterson?

Yep. We used to go
there all the time.

Yes. Well, the thing is we
don't seat convicted K*llers.

Thank you.

In 2011, Michael Peterson
was granted a retrial

and released from prison
based on a technicality.

We good?
- Amalfi can't take us.

We're too big of a party.

How does everyone feel
about Baja Palace?

Peterson remained out of prison

for the last six years
awaiting the retrial.

But the negotiations
between the State

and the defense
ended in a stalemate,

with both sides conceding that
a retrial could be difficult.

Today, Michael Peterson
entered an Alford plea,

thus ending the 16-year saga

of the State versus
Michael Iver Peterson.

Tune in later tonight
for my sit-down interview

with Michael Peterson himself.

You want me to keep going?

Uh... sorry. Give me a minute.

Yeah, of course. I get it.

Hi, everybody.

- Whoa! Whoo! Come on, Nate!

Whoo! You got this!

Don't be afraid to possess
the space that you need

to express these feelings.

You're safe here.
This is a safe space.

You okay?
- Yeah.

- Let's get back to it.
- Alright.

What was the worst part?

Do we have to show my face?

Of Course not. No.

Whatever makes you comfortable.

Tilt down, please.

Hey, guys. Todd here.

You know, every day I
wake up just so grateful.

Grateful to be alive
and to be healthy and...

to be talking to you guys.

I know last week I
was a bit confused

in anticipation of today.

A lot of you guys
reached out to me

to check in to see
if I was okay, and...

that meant the world to me.

I don't know, Candy. I just...

I feel nothing now.

Well, then something
maybe is wrong with me

because I still feel pissed.

We waited six years
for a retrial...

You have to let it go.

We knew.

I knew

something was wrong with him.

Why didn't...

why didn't we say
anything to Kathleen?

To be polite?

We couldn't tell our
sister to leave her husband

because we thought that
he was an arrogant jerk.


It was more than that.

I had a feeling.

Lori: You can't stop fate.

Kathleen d*ed the
day that she met him.

What are you thinking about?

Oh, I'm thinking
about going to Aruba.

Then Paris.

Or Paris then Aruba.

And then I'm thinking about how I
can't afford anywhere but Durham.

Well, honey, we can afford
pasta and Blockbusters.

Oh, maybe they have, uh...

Oh yeah. It's him.

Should we say something?

No, just ignore it. We
have nothing to hide.

What would you like?

Uh, well...

Here, Dad, you need help?

Uh, f*ck.

Clayton, can you pick for me?

- You do it.

I haven't had good
food in a century.

He'll have the steak
fajitas, please.

Excuse me.

Can I get a double
tequila neat, please.

Yes, sir.

Dad, I have a surprise.


What is it? What is it?

It's a, it's just a silly cup
that Kathleen and I bought.

I hid it so it
wouldn't get sold.

Who'd want it?

- Dad...
- Please, no.

Please, don't start with me.


Um, Sophie,

thank you for,

for being there for our dad

and for fighting for him.

You never gave up.

And I don't think

my dad would be here
if it weren't for you.

To Sophie.

To Sophie.

Could you pass it?

It's your turn.

- To Margaret...
- No, you pick someone else.


- Okay.


to Martha.


Well, from the first footage
that Jean sent to Paris,

I knew you were bright...

and sensitive.

It wasn't easy with the cameras
in your face all the time.

But you had courage.
You didn't hide.

So thank you for letting
us into your life.

- To Martha.
- All: To Martha.

And know all of you that
Paris is your second home.

Great. Thank you.

- Cheers to that.
- Waiter: Here you go.

Just don't come all together.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Um... to Patty.

Thank you for your kindness.

What I've learned
about just empathy

and understanding
from you has...

- You alright?
- Yeah. I'm okay.

To my eldest.

A husband,

a father in his own right,

and a hero to his own father

all these years.

How you turned your life around.

And I wasn't going
to tell you yet,

but I have decided

to relocate to Durham to
be closer to you, Michael,

and to everyone here.

- Surprise!

To my brother.

My best friend.

I'm inspired by you

and all the people that you've
been reaching with your videos...



Just another one, please.

Sorry, Clay, go on.

Um, that's it. To Todd.

- All: To Todd.

Um... Yeah.

To Dad.

Welcome home. We missed you.

You made me the man I am today.

Thank you.

- To Dad. To Dad.

To everybody.


There's a moment, uh...

the thing is...

after all this time...

uh, Kathleen would...

I need to go to the bathroom.

I'll come with you.

What am I, incontinent?

I can still piss
on my own, thanks.

Oh my god. It is so stupid.



- Oh. Hey, love birds.
- Hey.

What you up to?

Oh, watching some
delightful crap.

What are you doing here?

Oh, I'm going to Nate's
Christmas party with Christina,

and, uh, I thought I
would come crash here.

Christina Tomasetti?

She's engaged, right?


Just like your father.

Let's go to the kitchen.

We need a refill.


You know, I'm
reading your books.

No shit. What do you think?

I was wondering when one of
you kids would be curious.

I mean, I recognize
a lot of you in it.

There's the soldier
and the father

and the Renaissance man

and the nun...

Mm. Well, you know, Kathleen
said the same thing.

"You know you're everyone
in your books, right?"

There's even that
q*eer character.

I just thought it was so honest.

The moment he comes
out is so painful.

I feel like I finally understood
what it must have been like

for you to be a
teenager back then.


So, which book was that?

- "A Bitter Peace."
- Oh, not my best work.

We have so much to
talk about, Dad.

Alright, who wants dessert?

Yes, I do. Ooh, I'm in.

How about some sweets, huh?

Ta-ta-ta-da. Birthday
girl gets to decide.

For everyone,
huh? The pressure.


Sweetheart, do you need
some help with that?

No, I'm good. I, um...

I will have... the cheesecake.

Who the f*ck orders cheesecake
at a Mexican restaurant?

Okay. So someone else choose.

Oh, Margie the Martyr.

Don't be so dramatic.
Just get the cheesecake.

I don't even like cheesecake.

I just picked it because
it's what I thought

everyone else would choose.

So, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I picked

the wrong dessert.

It's been a very emotional
day for everybody.

Anyway, there's no
time for dessert.

The curfew?

Margaret: from a pencil. Yeah.


Um... I'll, uh, check in
with you tomorrow, okay.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.


- Love you.
- Mm-hmm. I love you.

David said it could be
years before a retrial.

What if they send me back?

They won't.

How am I going to survive?

- I'm broke.
- I'm here.

The kids are here.

We'll take care of you.

And you're free right now.
That's all that matters.

Hey. Hey.

It's okay.

I'm such a f*ck-up, Clay.

You're just drunk.

You're drunk.

My dear boys.

It has been a long, long day.

Come. Come to your dear mama.

Clayton, help me.

- Come on. Okay.

- Come on. Come on.

I'm such a f*ck-up, Mom.

No, no, no. You
need some sleep.

Oh shit. I forgot. I got
you a birthday present.


Don't say I never
got you anything.

What is it?

Martha: It's the
view from our bedroom

in Germany.

We used to see
that every morning

when we were little.

It just seemed so peaceful

that I thought it
would be a nice memory.

I'm sorry.


You're the only
one in this family

who's actually
trying to be honest.

And I lied to you.

Not lied like...

but I...

kept something from you.

Dad tried to...

separate us when we were kids.

Give you away and keep me.


I was so scared
that if it got out,

it would hurt him.


I wasn't thinking about you.

You weren't.

I'm sorry.

You don't need to
protect me, you know,

or anyone else, Margie.

Not anymore.

- It's okay.

Just promise me...

Well, we'll promise each other.

From here on out...

we just, we live our own lives.


Don't cry.

Oh. It's okay.
- I'm sorry.

- It's nice.
- Ah.

It's nice.

Shit. It's stuck.

- Let me help you.

This thing got stuck.

I got it. Alright.

Thank you.

It's been a while.

Me too.

Lots to do before we leave.

Now we caught up with Michael

days before the Alford plea.

What have the years following
your release been like?

Ah, well, they've
been, uh, been good.

You know, I spent some time
with my, my granddaughters

and, uh, traveled about a bit once
they took my ankle monitor off.

Don't you get tired
of watching yourself?

Come on! You can
pack and watch TV.

When an investigation
into the SBI

allowed Peterson's
defense to argue

that a key witness,
SBI agent Duane Deaver,

perjured himself on the stand.

A retrial was granted...

Did you pack it?

- What?
- My passport. I can't find it.

And they decided
that the best route

was an Alford plea.

I wanted to go on fighting.

The last thing I ever wanted

was to say the word.

- But...
- Where'd you put it?

Hmm? I didn't put it anywhere.

But I'm 73.

I have to think of
the time I have left.

And the risk of losing
was too great, so...

You spent eight years in prison.

What was that like?

The experience of prison is

possibly even more
dehumanizing than...

- It was next to the bed.
- The experience of going to w*r.


I notice you're still
wearing a wedding ring.

Hmm. Yeah.

Is she still a
part of your life.

Oh yes.

I, I think about
Kathleen every day,

all the time.

I can be standing
in the kitchen here

and think she's
just going to walk

through that door any moment.

Well, Jim, for now,

it looks like Michael's content

living a solitary life

- and being a grandfather...

Come on, let's get to it.

Will you just give me a
minute to catch my breath.


What's wrong with you?

I'm just tired. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Maybe you want to go
on tomorrow without me.

I'll just come on my own later.

Go to Paris without you?

- No!

I don't want that.

Well, I need a second.

You know, this is all
happening so fast, too fast.

Too fast?

Do you not want to go?

God, I'm just too tired to pack.

I'll finish up packing
here this week.

Let's just relax and
enjoy the night, huh?

I can't just rush off.

We've been planning this
for months, for years.

So what's another week then?

If you don't want
to move to Paris...

that's fine.

Just tell me.

No, it's not that
I don't want to go.

I'm just worried about
leaving my kids, my grandkids.

- You know, they still need me here.
- Your children?

They don't need you anymore.


They didn't even come today.

I told them not to come.

You didn't have to
tell them anything.

You know, in that
interview, they asked,

"What have you been
doing since prison?"

You say everything
but being with me.

What about me traveling
with your family?

What about me
taking care of you?

You keep saying this bullshit

about Kathleen walking
through the door?

I walk through
the door, not her.

Those people don't need
to know my business.

What do you care
if I mention you?

I'm the editor, not you.

- Oh! Oh.
- Okay?

I can edit me out if I want.

You don't edit me.

So, so that's
it, huh? Control.

You and Kathleen always
trying to control everything.


I've been taking care of you

like Kathleen took care of you.

You always act like you
know everything about me.

I had a whole life
before that documentary

that you know nothing about.

- Are you coming with me tomorrow?
- I'm not.

You're the one who said
you, you wanted Paris.

Paris, Paris,
Paris, Paris, Paris.

- Shut up.
- I've given you everything I had. Everything!

I built my life around you!

Jesus. Shut up.

For what?

For what?

I don't wanna f*cking live
with women anymore, okay?

Is that so hard for
you to understand?

I'm done!

I am f*cking done!

Did you ever love me?

I don't know.

- I don't know.

It's okay.


- I'll...
- Sophie.

What is it you wanted
to talk about, Michael?



Don't worry about the time.

Why are we really
sitting here, Michael?

I used to play baseball
when I was 11 or 12.

And one night, I was
fantasizing about this girl,

my neighbor's daughter, Melanie,

and suddenly he was
there in that fantasy.

And I was very confused by that.

I mean, we played on
the same ball team.

Wait, wait, who was there?

The shortstop.

At that moment, I
realized that I had

a great attraction
for, for females,

but for guys also.

And that that was something
I was going to have to hide.

Did your parents find out?

One night, my father found us,

just, you know, experimenting.

He got so mad.


I remember sitting in our car

outside the garage
listening to the radio.

Just me, my mother,

Mahler's Fifth Symphony,

and my black eye.

After that, I knew
it was easier to lie.

It was safer.

Jean: Is that it?

Is there something
else you wanted to say?

I always felt

there was something
you were holding back

during the first trial.

I don't know what, but
there was something.

I was. There is.

I lied about Kathleen.

She never knew.

I never told her
about that side of me.

You know, in the beginning
when people asked,

you know, "Did she know
about the men?"I...

I told them, "Of
course, she did.

She knew me."

And I'd hoped that
would be enough.

But then people ask
again and again, so...

But no, no, we never
talked about... it.

I could never make the
leap to say to her,

"This is who I am."

To make that leap is,
is very difficult and...

I didn't make the
leap with Kathleen.

I'm sure I felt
guilty, you know.

But when you get
away with something

and you keep getting
away with it,

it becomes, "Oh, it's alright,"

you see?

I wish I could have told her.

I wonder what she
would have said.

She'd have made it right.

Did you k*ll Kathleen?

Kathleen's death
was an accident.

This man...

this man is a liar.

He lied about
everything. Everything!

The whole time he lied.

Yes, he did, but maybe
this is him trying to stop.

You really think so?

I don't know...

what to think.

I don't know.

But, I know...

you will be happier without him.


He didn't.

He couldn't.

Hey, Mom. Hey, Mike.

I'm starting to get packed
up to see you guys soon.

Um, I was thinking
of driving down

if the weather wasn't so bad

and maybe seeing some
friends on the way.

But anyway, I can't wait to
see you guys for Christmas.

I really need a
watch, wink wink.

- I love you.

Hey, Kathleen. Sorry
to call so late,

but we have to do a
conference call tomorrow

to get on the same
page about Toronto

before you fly out.

A work call on the
weekend. It sucks, I know,

but I need to send
you the presentation.

Call me back, okay.

Hey, Helen.

Shit, you're not
sleeping, are you?

Yeah. Okay. So what is it?

Oh shit. I forgot my
laptop at the office.

Oh, I've been so out of it.


You know what? Uh, send
it to Mike's e-mail.

Yeah. It's, uh... Mike?

Mike, what's your email?

What? Why?

Well, I just... I
need it for work.

Oh, okay,

That's it. Alright.


And thanks, Helen. Good night.

What was that about?

Oh, it was Helen.

- Helen?
- Prislinger. She works under me,

and there's a presentation
I have to review.

So, uh, I'm gonna have to
check it on your email.



- Is that alright?

- Of course.

Don't work.

Just look it over
in the morning.


Let's relax and enjoy
the rest of the night.

Caitlin called.

Oh yeah? What'd she say?

She's driving down
for Christmas.

She's bringing the baby.

He's getting really chubby.


You talk to Margie?

Not yet.

I'll talk to her
when she's back up.

You have to talk to her, Mike.

You really upset her. You never even
talked to her about her divorce.

- You can't put these things off.
- I will.

Martha's doing better, at least.

She's finally doing
what she wants.

She's got this dance
recital tonight.

Margie's there.
They're together.

The way they should be.


I thought she was working.

That's what she said,
why she couldn't make it.

Well, she wasn't
gonna miss the show.

They're all okay.

You'll be okay too.

Why didn't you tell me?

There was a moment

where I knew who I was.

But it was just a moment.

And I became one
thing after another.

I got further and
further from that moment.

And then you came along...

so far from that moment.

It wasn't a lie.

It just wasn't the whole thing.

But what two people ever
know each other really?

Most of it is just
smoke and mirrors.

People don't actually
know who they're with.

Hey, I tried all you guys now,

but I guess everyone
is pretty busy.

So it turns out I'm
not going to Paris.

It's, uh, for the best.

I know it's been a
while, but maybe we can

all get together soon.

Miss you.

Despite the freedom
to go anywhere,

Michael never left Durham, NC

He still maintains his innocence

in the death of Kathleen
Atwater Peterson