01x06 - Nightfall

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Players". Aired: Jun 16, 2022 = present.
"League of Legends" team needs their young rookie and their veteran to put their egos aside and work together to prove themselves on the world stage.
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01x06 - Nightfall

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Um, I think me? [LAUGHS]

Yeah, I'm going in.

- CREAMCHEESE: There we go.
- Nice.

f*ck yeah! Let's f*cking go!

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Nightfall with another

- excellent performance.
- Easy game of my life.

EMILY: So, Fugitive are
obviously off to a hot start,

but the thing that impresses me the most

is, honestly, Nightfall.


TYRANT: Nice, nice, nice, nice,

- nice!

ORGANIZM: Nice, Nightfall.

That shit was good.

We just won again. Another game.

EMILY: Compared to last split,

he has much better
jungle-to-lane communication.

He is playing so well right now,

and it's why Fugitive is doing well.

Nightfall is as good a player
as he is a cosplayer,

and he's a f*cking great cosplayer.


f*ck yeah!

AZAEL: And that's great to see,
right, given how much scrutiny

this team faced
between spring and summer.

Everyone's talking about how
Nightfall is this crazy jungler,

and I mean, uh, he is, but...

ever since this new top laner came in,

things have been going
a little more efficiently,

so I'm just saying.

- Nice! Let's f*cking go!
- f*cking go!

[LAUGHS] No, I'm just playing.
No, he's definitely the carry.

KAIZEN: Tyrant, of all people,
came into this team

and provided the much-needed strong

weak-side top lane play
that the team needed,

and has allowed Nightfall
to just do what he does best,

which is carry and facilitate
around the rest of the map.

CREAMCHEESE: Best jungler in NA.

- Best jungler in NA.

Nightfall! Nightfall!

Nightfall! Nightfall! Nightfall!

Nightfall! Nightfall!

LETIGRESS: It's great to see
Nightfall dominating in the way he is

really affecting
the entirety of the map,

but you can't help but question

how long these wins can go
for Fugitive Gaming

when the bot-lane
is still so out of sync

with the rest of the team's
and with themselves.

Another b*mb victory
from Fugitive Gaming here today.

Nightfall, what is your response
to getting that win

- in such a fashion?

I mean, I'm feeling really good,

and especially good because, you know,

because my teammates
made it really easy, so...

Well, on the note of your teammates,
there has been a lot of criticism

geared towards the laners,
specifically that bot-lane.

What words do you have on the subject?

I mean, you know, people
can say whatever they want,

but, you know, I'm not concerned at all.

I-I believe in them, truly.

There's so many questions
about their ownership,

about their dysfunctional bot-lane.

Oh, my God, I don't even think they know

what they're doing down there,
it's terrible.

Bro, Org, what the f*ck are you doing?

- Oh, my f*cking God.

But thankfully,
Nightfall's the silver lining

- to the whole split.
- Absolutely.

- Junglers, baby.
- He's reason enough

- to watch Fugitive.
- He certainly is.

I mean, not all heroes wear
capes, Azael, but for Fugitive,

- theirs sometimes does.

- AZAEL: Is that a cosplay joke?
- Yes, sir.

♪ ♪

ANNOUNCER: Fugitive is gonna
take the Nexus!

It's all over.

We'll probably win seven championships.

MAN: A two-year, $ million contract?

WOMAN: He's gonna be the youngest
pro player in North America.

MAN : Creamcheese is a choke artist.

CREAMCHEESE: This would've
been the perfect setup to wombo combo.

MAN : Is it time for Fugitive
to move on from Creamcheese?

MAN : Something is brutally wrong

- in this team.
- MAN : This season will make

or break the Fugitive franchise.

GURU: Oh, boy, winners, big development.

Uh, Fugitive is about to be bought

by a little company called...
What's this company?

- It's Blue Wynn Capital.
- Blue Wynn Capital.

Oh, my God, Capital...

The "Capital" is the sketchy part.

How is Blue Wynn Capital not a
shell corp? How is that not a thing

for rich white guys to hide money in?

- And this is the best thing

for them. Blue Wynn Cap is gonna get

in there, and they're like,
"What makes a profitable team?"

Winning. So cut the fat.

You want to win? Cut the fat.

April, bye.

Kyle, I love you to death. Bye.

- And % lose Cheese. Out.
- Creamcheese.

Build around Organizm.

- Ooh, yeah, yeah,

yeah, yeah, yeah.

So, here's where we're at.

Blue Wynn Capital's offer is sizable,

but Liberty Green Group have agreed

to let us have
just a little bit more time

to try to find a group
that we feel more comfortable with

to b*at the Blue Wynn offer.

I mean, obviously behooves them.
It's more money.

And for us it's-it's a real opportunity.

Kyle and Cream and I sacrificed so much

to build Fugitive from the ground up.

We want to find somebody to partner with

who cares about preserving
what we've built.

I've done a lot of therapy

trying to let go of the idea
that selling to Resnick

was just a flat-out
$ million mistake, which...

I no longer feel that way.

But I can't help but feel like...

this sale is an opportunity

to hop in the DeLorean
and save ourselves

from a fate that we
were never meant to have.




Well, you know, Julie,

we would love to hold off
on other offers,

but they are coming in,

and, you know, honestly,

we-we haven't seen anything
from your team yet.

KYLE: We've been talking
to Julie Frattis,

who is, uh...

Well, she's not, uh,
your typical venture capitalist.







Right. And, Julie, again,

I am so sorry

- about your parents.
- JULIE: It's okay.

APRIL: If-if you want,

I'm happy to meet with Gerry

and walk him through
Fugitive's business model

and projections.



Uh... Uh, yes, yes.

He's been known to let people
touch the "Q" and...

Um, sure, we would love to have
you and Gerry come to a game.

Um, we will... we will set that up.

You know, Gerry
will get to meet everybody.

Uh, we'll get him a Donger Dog,

and, uh, he'll see
what a sound investment this is.

♪ ♪


All right, so, Paul has
some swag here for you guys.

- Little swag for both of you.
- Yo!

- Of course. Of course.
- Wow. Oh, my gosh.

Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. [GASPS]

- No. This is rad!
- APRIL: Yeah.

- Oh, my God!
- PAUL: Of course, no problem.

- Oh, she's putting it on.
- Yes, I'm putting it on.

- Wow!
- Okay, that's fun.

- You didn't... You're gonna...
- Oh, this is great.

- No, I appreciate it.
- That's okay.

Well, Gerry, you know what?

When you... When you see
the guys, you'll get it.

Okay? I promise.

CREAMCHEESE: Nathan is like this guy

who thinks of esports as a money grab.

And Blue Wynn Capital is like
a faceless version of Nathan.

So if this little rich girl
with the d*ad parents

can save us
from another corporate overlord,

then yeah. Yeah, sign me up.

RUDY JR.: And, Gerry, for the
record, you gonna end up loving

these nerds more than Julie and I do.

No, I'm excited.
It's a burgeoning sector.

- We've been...
- Oh, yes!

Yes, it is burgeoning as f*ck.

- Okay?

Look, people just need
to understand that the kids

that we was making fun of
in high school,

they rock stars now.

We were wrong.

What blew my mind was when I found out

that these dudes have sex.

JULIE: It's true, Gerry, yeah.

They probably do, like, all the time.

They... These guys can get it.

So I just want to say welcome.
You know, I'm glad to hear

- you making the right decision.
- Well, I love to hear that.

- Thank you for having us.
- Of course. Of course.

- It's a real opportunity.
- APRIL: Shall we?

- Yeah, let's.
- Oh, wonderful.

JULIE: Knock, knock.

- KYLE: Hello. Hi.
- JULIE: Hi.

- Hi.
- It's so nice to meet you.

- Julie.
- I'm Kyle.

April has told me everything.

- What's up?
- Look. Take a look who's here.

Hi! Hi, Creamcheese.

- Um...

Hello. How are you guys?

Or, uh, or should I say...
Uh, can I call you Nutmilk?

- Oh, my God. An OG fan.
- OG fan. Look at that.

Fugitive can survive

no matter what happens now,

but, of course, I-I would love to go

with the rich girl
with d*ad parents because...

I think she gets us.

I just want to see Fugitive
be fugitives again.

- You know?
- Yes.

Oh, my God.

Haven't I been saying exactly that?

APRIL: Yes. In those words.

- I love that. Yes.
- Really? Oh, my God.

Kyle, Creamcheese, it's-it's
really an honor to meet you,

and it's exciting to see your fan base.

I mean, Gerry, look, think about, like,

just the personalities alone.

- Oh.
- Right? On this team, like,

- it's just, um... Right.
- No, I-I like

the diversity I see here.
This motley crew,

- as I was saying before.
- JULIE: Mm-hmm.

A crew... A bunch of, you know,
a bunch of single guys.

Yeah. Bunch of single guys.

I'm married.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Well, um, "F" them up,

- as-as the kids say.

No pressure. No pressure.

- Impress Gerry.
- Relax.

- Go over your strategies.
- No, I-I thrive under pressure,

- so...
- Wow. Big pressure.

- Big pressure. Get Gerry.
- KYLE: All right.

- Really looking forward to it.
- KYLE: That's great.

- Okay.
- It was nice to meet you.

- Yeah.
- All righty.

- KYLE: Okay, do you want to...?
- Shall we?

- Okay.
- CREAMCHEESE: Bye, guys.

- JULIE: Bye.
- KYLE: All right.

- See you later, Cream.
- See you later.

- She's cool. I like her, yeah.
- KYLE: Okay.

JULIE: Yeah, there were
other things that I could invest in,

like real estate

or some random stocks,
but I don't even know them.

That stuff is boring to me.

I mean, I'm a mid laner,
so I-I was Plat,

but-but these guys...

These guys are just, like...

They're on a whole nother level.

I mean, I am watching the game,

but I'm also...
I'm watching the players.

'Cause there's a player cam,

and I'm locked in on the player cam,

and I can see them.

And it's like I can see them
making those choices, you know?

I can also see just them

there, sitting.

You know, they're so, like...


a huge Equalizer from Nightfall

cuts through the entire team.

AZAEL: That's gonna be third dragon.

What a play from the jungler.

RUDY JR.: Hell yeah.

- And Gerry? Gerry.
- That's a good... Yeah?

- That's Nightfall.
- Right.

That's the f*ck
I was talking about.

GERRY: Nightfall made
that happen. Wonderful.

AZAEL: Fugitive have it there
and they're going down mid lane,

looking to clean this one up.

Wait, we can end here. End here.

- Come five mid and end.

No, no, we should - -
and push all lanes in.

we have a huge wave here.

We have a huge wave.
We got to force a fight.

- Org, come-come in.
- NIGHTFALL: Bro, come back.

What the f*ck are you doing?

That's not where he needs to be.

He is caught, he is isolated.

Dude, just come back!

CREAMCHEESE: Oh, my f*cking God.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: And Organizm is down.

NIGHTFALL: We can still win,
we can still win.

going in both barrels blazing.

They'll mop up everybody.

Immortals has nothing left in the t*nk.

- Nice, nice.
- Easy, easy, easy, easy!

Fugitive will take the Nexus

with an incredible performance
from Nightfall.

f*ck yeah!

- Good f*cking game.
- Let's f*cking go!

That was f*cking sick, Nightfall.

You little dirty dog.



- Let's go down there.

Let's go down there
before they come onstage.

Yeah, yeah, let's do that,
let's do that, come on.

Awesome win here from Fugitive,
and I've got nothing

but praises for Nightfall.

The man had
yet another incredible performance

- here in summer.
- I mean, he is cruising.

I've got some criticisms
for the bot-lane, though.

They were looking

- a little bit sloppy.
- [LAUGHS]: Yeah.

AZAEL: But Nightfall carried them
to their third straight win.

Seven and two in the last nine.

This man is crushing it.

- That was so good. So, so good.

Hey, thanks so much for coming.


There goes the big guy, huh?

It was an honor, Mr. Creamcheese.


CREAMCHEESE: Jesus, man, don't-don't
embarrass us just 'cause you made

- a horrible call.
- KYLE: Cream. Cream.

It would've worked if you just
f*cking listened, man!

KYLE: Can you chill out, please?

My God, communicating.
He's-he's talking.

He's being an assh*le,
but he's communicating.

- Well, you a shit sh*t caller!
- KYLE: So sorry.

- Sorry about that.
- KYLE: Cream, you want to

take a lap real quick, please?

It's kind of a breakthrough,

- though, honestly.
- KYLE: Cream!

APRIL: I see gamers
melt down all the time.

I'm pretty numb to it.

But seeing Organizm explode
like that, I was floored.

Well, this isn't typical,

- I promise you.
- It's not all his fault, though.

No, athletes' passion.

- Volatility.
- Yeah.

I see how excited you are
about the growth and potential,

but I have to hedge the risks.
I have a fiduciary responsibility

to the trust and to you.

Here we've got this potential investor

who sees our edge, our brand,
our sex appeal, you know?

And those are probably
her words, not mine.

But Org f*cked everything up again.

You know, you're lucky
to be in this team.

You're lucky to play with Creamcheese.

You know that, right?

So can you stop
being a solo queue player

and maybe start listening to him?

Because he is a good player.
You know that by heart.

Your mechanics are insane.

Like, I really get it, but I feel like,

once you start listening
to Creamcheese call

and actually start playing
like a team, we can win this.

We can win LCS. We can win Worlds.

Sometime, like, Creamcheese
doesn't seem like a leader,

but, you know, he is.

Like, he can make Organizm
a better player

just like he made me a better player.

♪ ♪

After Guru left, lots
of Fugitive fans just assumed

that his replacement
would be some big name.

Guru did not give advance notice
that he was going to leave.

Today I'm announcing that, uh,
I am, I'm leaving Fugitive.

It was the first game of the season.

Every jungler was already
signed to contracts

that are at least a year long.

And I am retiring from pro gaming.

JATT: Fugitive had not budgeted
to be able to pick up

another high-level jungle.

APRIL: The new ownership group
was spending money

on all superficial things.

Nathan brought in a marketing firm
to overhaul our logo.

He was so proud of putting
barbed wires in a capital "F."

KYLE: The joke around the team

was that Resnick was spending more money

on our logo than on our jungler.

Once it became clear we couldn't
afford a known quantity,

uh, we had to get creative.

Around ,
it was starting to become clear

that the amateur talent
in East Asia rivaled

some of the most expensive
pro talent in North America.

So that's why we took
our search to Korea.

NIGHTFALL: Yeah, I grew up
in Yangju, Korea, uh, which is

about an hour outside of Seoul.




APRIL: Unlike here in North America,

Internet cafés are everywhere in Korea.

For just a few dollars a day, you can

play for hours on the newest computers

with super fast Internet.

And that's a big reason

why the talent level
in Korea is just insane.

was like my second home.

And, yeah, I climb up

the solo queue ladder,
like, really quick.

And, you know, out of nowhere
I just got signed

by SKT, I mean, as a trainee.

But, you know, there was
no really real money in it,

but it r... I was really excited.


But after a while,

um, it started to become clear
that SKT were never

going to bump me up
just from being a trainee.

Any hope of doing this
as a career just started to,

you know, fade away a little bit.

And that's when
I got a call from Fugitive.

So, even though Nightfall wasn't able
to make a starting LCK roster,

we were still excited because
we knew he had potential.

And frankly, he was just
the-the perfect, uh, personality

to replace Guru.

Guy ri... I'm-a call it
RIGHT HERE: best jungler in NA.

- Fugitive!

- Fugitive Gaming, baby.
- Let's go, Fugitive!

NIGHTFALL: Yeah, I really had no idea

what's gonna be like playing in NA,

but everyone was really welcoming,

especially Creamcheese.

Nightfall was the perfect fit.

I loved that kid as soon as I met him.


DASH: Welcome back to the LCS,
where tonight will be

the premiere of Fugitive's
new jungler Nightfall,

an import from the Korean
amateur circuit

who's filling the big shoes
of the former Fugitive jungler Guru.



- No, we got to go. Cream, go...
- No, no, no...

- No, no, no...
- Just go, just go, just go.

Here it is. That's it.

- That's it.
- f*ck yeah, there we go.

That's it, baby.

Let's f*cking go. Let's f*cking go.


APRIL: Winning your first pro game

is supposed to be
an amazing experience, and...

Nightfall was robbed of that experience.



JATT: I was stunned.

Fans flamed Nightfall in his first game

for "doing nothing" in a win.

- He is boring.
- Oh, my goodness.

Kind of a snooze-fest.

For a jungler? As far as someone

that should be really making
play... he's boring.

Fans were so used to Guru.

They want to see someone
just ripping his shirt off,

chugging hot sauce,
flexing for the camera.

KYLE: If we lost,

fans blamed Nightfall.

If we won, they called him boring.

GURU: He's completely fine.
He's human celery.

He's-he's someone that's, like,
you would see at a party,

and you'd be like, "Oh, good
to meet you," and he'd like,

"We already met. We went on
a whole road trip together."

- Oh.
- You wouldn't even know.

Nightfall is more of a cerebral jungler,

a pathing jungler,
a vision-oriented jungler.

I-It's hard to see the tangibles
that he's bringing to a team,

but the hate that he got
was so unwarranted.

NIGHTFALL: People said a lot
of mean things to me,

uh, especially Guru's fans.

Like, I'm known
for my vision control, right?

And they will be, like, you
know, "How good is your vision?"

Like, "Can you see deez nuts?"

APRIL: When I first met Nightfall,
he was this bubbly, funny guy.

- But as fans

got more critical,
he-he really withdrew.

KYLE: Obviously now it is
widely accepted that a team

can't be a serious contender
without import players,

but, you know, in
NA teams were still doing okay

on the world stage
with homegrown talent,

so a lot of fans didn't think
that we needed import players.

NIGHTFALL: Those times were, uh,

you know, r-really tough.

Like, they hated me
because I'm an import.

They hated me because I wasn't Guru.

Like, I couldn't be myself anymore.

Everything I did
would pretty much get flamed,

and, like, that time, I just
barely wanted to go onstage.

I felt a lot of judgment from the fans.

So, when the flaming
was at its absolute worst,

you know, this one girl, um,
slid into my DM.

At first I thought, you know,
she was a catfish,

but, you know,
it turned out that she was real

and she lived in L.A.

and she asked me to go out.

So, you know, we went
on a date, a few dates,

and things got pretty serious with her,

and I lost my virginity

with her, and, you know,
that-that was really great.

Well, I-I haven't really had sex a lot,

but that was one of my best sex
that I ever had.

I was happy for my guy, he was, uh,

he was experiencing a new
part of life, shall we say.

NIGHTFALL: But after a few days,

um, I found something really weird

on my, you know, penis.

Like, you know,
like a, like a white spot.

CREAMCHEESE: He knocks on
the door of my room and he says,

"I got to talk to you, Cream,"
and I say, you know,

"What's up? Like, I'm here
for you, whatever you need."

I-I think maybe they're
breaking up or something,

and he says, "I have an STD."

"I think I-I might
have syphilis," and I'm like,

"f*ck, dude, like, okay, this
is way out of my wheelhouse."

"Like I-I'm not a doctor,
like, maybe I'll google it

"or maybe we can find a cream
or something," and I search it;

syphilis is a f*cked-up disease.

That's nasty. I would say,
one thing to not do:

search "syphilis"
and then click Google Images.

Knowing that I might have STD
and, you know, not get laid again,

and, you know, also,
I might even die from it.

And I was like,
"Okay, this is pretty scary.

"If Nightfall's got this in his pants,

that is, we got to get him
to a doctor right away."

So I went to the doctor
and I pull off my, you know,

boxer short, uh,
in front of her... [CHUCKLES]

and, you know,
she look at the, the spot.

I'll never forget, he comes out
of the doctor's office

with a huge smile
on his face and he goes...

It was just a dry bit
of toilet paper. [LAUGHS]

He was glowing, man.
All he had to do was shower

and wash his d*ck a little bit better.

It-it was something that could
have happened to anyone.

After that, he was
a different Nightfall.

He was, like, on top of the world,
acing every single f*cking game.

He was a god.
That is the Nightfall we know.

The best part about that story
is that I played

my best f*cking game in my life,
against TL, that night.

will take the Nexus.

And that win from Fugitive,

you know that it's all about Nightfall.

Incredible performance
from him yet again.

NIGHTFALL: They wanted
to do a postgame interview

because, you know,
I was Man of the Match.

But I had nothing to prove or say.

Hey, hey, hey, guys, listen.

I just want to say something

to everyone who still thinks
that Nightfall doesn't do anything

or that he's boring.

This game right here
proved you all wrong.

This game right here proved
you all wrong.

I'm just gonna say it.

Nightfall is the best f*cking
jungler in North America.

I'm gonna get fined for saying that,

but I don't f*cking care.

I don't care.
I'm not gonna say it three times

'cause it's gonna be
too expensive for me.

But I love him. I love him so much.

So show him some love.
Let's go, Nightfall!

[CHANTING]: Nightfall! Nightfall!

Nightfall! Nightfall!

NIGHTFALL: Creamcheese going
up there and speaking out for me

really meant a lot to me.

Like, he was a real leader
and he was a real friend

when I needed it.

These days, a lot of fans, uh, joke

that Creamcheese
is a support with the ego

of an AD Carry.

Heimerdinger! You f*cking kidding?!

But i-if you really knew Trevor,

i-it wouldn't surprise you
that he chose that role.

He chose to play support
because that's what he was.

Oh, my God!

- Dude...
- You're such a beast.

JATT: The psychology of support
is different than other roles.

Other roles are trying to get gold
and CS and kills for themselves.

A support shouldn't care

- about those things.
- f*ck yeah...

What the support cares about

is getting his teammates gold
and CS and kills.

So a great support makes
everyone else's job easier.

- Fugitive.
- Fugitive!

- Yeah!
- Yeah! Fugitive!

KYLE: Back in ,

Cream was the definition of a support,

uh, in every way,
and-and you can really see that

when you look at Nightfall.

APRIL: I think that Nightfall is maybe

not the same player and maybe
not the same person today

without Creamcheese.


RUDY JR.: What you playing with?
What's that, a Slinky?









- KYLE: Yeah?
- She's so loud.

APRIL: You want to see what's outside?

RUDY JR.: Hey, Kyle...


APRIL: There's a new addition, right?

These socks are expensive.

These are Gucci socks.

Look at those. It's so silly.

hot guy in the corner?

RUDY JR.: Hey! Y'all tried

- this kimchi pancake?
- KYLE: Uh-huh.

- It's so good, dude.
- Oh, yeah.

- Like, I'm mad. It's...
- Here.

I give you some. I give you some.

- To take home?
- Take home.

You know, you're-you're a smart player.

You know that, right?
And I... like, I know

Creamcheese thinks
the same way, you know.

Like, I just wanted you to know
the other day

that, you know,
everything Creamcheese does,

he's really doing it
for the team, you know?

- Right, Creamcheese?
- What?

Like, everything you do,
like, even though

you're, like, mad sometime, but
you're doing it for the team.

Yeah, of course...

Also, Nightfall,
this food is really good.

Um, I just... and so, no offense,
but if anyone wants to get in

on a Postmates order,

there's, like, a B-Dubs
a mile and a half away.

I was just gonna order some stuff.

- KYLE: Are you serious?
- Yeah.

Y-You said you wanted some fries, right?


- Onion rings?
- Onion rings, yes.


♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday ♪

♪ Dear Nightfall ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪


- You the man!
- He's my son!


AZAEL: Fugitive so far
has been answering

all the critics, all the doubters.

At this top-of-the-table battle
here against Cloud ,

the clear number one team in the league,

their biggest challenge so far.

- I'm just poking.
- Org, y... don't go in.

- I can go, I can go.
- No, you cannot. No, you cannot.

I won't die.

Yes, you will.
You say that every single time.

Just wait in the bush,
Nightfall will clean up.

Just listen to Cream, man. Just listen.

All right.

I-I look up to Nightfall, so...

Whenever he says something,
I-I take heed and I listen.

Yeah, I-I have a good plan.
I have a plan.

up on this tier ,

but Nightfall's coming around
for the flank,

- and takes everybody out.
- Oh, my God.

- APRIL: Oh! g*dd*mn, Nightfall.
- KYLE: Looks good, looks good.

That's your son right there.

- That's right.
- That's my son.

f*cking dirty, dude.

That shit was good.
Good-good shit, Nightfall.

See, that's what I'm talking about, Org.

- That's what I'm talking about.
- Yeah, you're right.

Good call, good call.

Every game, I'm watching
from the team room,

a-and it's refreshing

to hear a little coordination
from the bot-lane.

CREAMCHEESE: We can... We can end here.

- We can end here.
- NIGHTFALL: Yeah, yeah?

- Nice. Yeah? Yeah?
- We're good.

- Go, go, go, go...
- With this?

comes marching in all the way

to the base, all the way to the Nexus.

h*t the Nexus, h*t the Nexus.
Look, we can end there.

And they'll take the game.

Nice! Nice! Nice!


- APRIL: Yes!
- KYLE: There you go.

APRIL: That's what I'm talking about!

- f*ck yeah! Nice!
- AZAEL: That'll do it.

Fugitive were cruising today.

I knew it, bro.

- Good f*cking job.

Nightfall's birthday, but save some cake

for the Fugitive bottom lane.

They have finally got it together here.

Azael, happy bot day indeed.

AZAEL: Man, Fugitive coming out,

giving Nightfall the best
possible gift: a team game.

And how about Organizm and Creamcheese?

They were on f*re today.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Yeah, if you're
Nightfall, being the v ,

being the hero, feels great.

Being a guy on a team
with four other dudes

that can also put up instead of shut up,

that means a lot.

PAUL: It was a huge win.

I think that Organizm

listening to Creamcheese finally
shows what this team can be,

uh, when we communicate, when
we-we work as a cohesive team.

Organizm listening to me was
easily my favorite thing he's ever done.

KYLE: Look, Creamcheese and
Organizm may not be best friends,

but winning helps a lot,

and-and a win like this, uh,

it gives us something to build on.

- NIGHTFALL: Dude, you saw that?
- BAP: We just finished the game.

I'm telling you, people can
see that if you listen to us.

- Listen to the team.
- That's what I'm talking about.

That is what I'm talking about.
When you listen, we f*cking win.

- All right! Listen up.
- Okay?

- Listen up.
- That was perfect.

I want you each to remember
how you just played.

All right? Remember how
you played out there today.

I want you to lock it in,
this moment right now,

next to your teammates.

That right there
is how I want you to play

- every game we have left.
- APRIL: g*dd*mn right.

KYLE: I know that League is a game

a lot of us started playing

because we could do it by ourselves.

Our-our safe little haven
away from everything.

Away from our parents,
away from a crowded house,

away from worries about money.

No matter what it was, we could go there

and be by ourselves and play our
game and everything was okay.

But at a certain point,
we all made a decision...

...that we were no longer

just gonna be playing for ourselves.

No, we wanted to be part
of something bigger.

Part of a team.
That's why we joined Fugitive.

And I'm gonna be honest with
you guys 'cause I always am.

You know, until today, we were
not always playing like that.

But those five guys out there today?

That was a team

that showed me
and everybody else watching

that League of Legends,
oh, it's a beautiful game.

- It's a beautiful game.

And I'll tell you something else.

There are no five guys,

not here, not anywhere else,

that I would rather follow into battle.

I'm talking the best of them.

No one else I would rather
follow than you five guys.

- NIGHTFALL: f*ck yeah.
- Right?

- f*ck yeah.
- So tell me this right now.

Are we gonna keep playing together?

ALL: Hell yes!

Are we gonna keep playing like that?


Are we gonna win a f*cking

- LCS championship?

- That's right!
- Let's f*cking go!

- Who are we?
- ALL: Fugitive!

- One more time, who are we?
- Fugitive!

All right, Paul,
can you grab me a water?

PAUL: Yeah, no problem.

I'm also... one for me, please.

KYLE [DISTANT]: Round of waters, Paul!

PAUL: All right, room temp?

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