27x22 - Making Bad

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Power Rangers". Aired: May 23, 1994 - present.
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A closeknit band of teenagers in fictional Angel Grove, Calif., transforms into a uniformed team of superheroes ready to take on any villains.

Seasons 1-3: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; 3.5: Alien Rangers; 4: Zeo; 5: Turbo; 6: Rangers in Space; 7: Lost Galaxy; 8: Lightspeed Rescue; 9: Time Force; 10: Wild Force; 11: Ninja Storm; 12: Dino Thunder; 13: S.P.D.; 14: Mystic Force; 15: Operation Overdrive; 16: Jungle Fury; 17: RPM; RV: Mighty Morphin (re-version); 18: Samurai; 19: Super Samurai; 20: Megaforce; 21: Super Megaforce; 22: Dino Charge; 23: Dino Super Charge; 24: Ninja Steel; 25: Super Ninja Steel; 26-27: Beast Morphers; 28-29: Dino Fury; 30: Cosmic Fury
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27x22 - Making Bad

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we must reanimize more evil warriors to

strengthen our ranks for the next stage

of my path yes master evox that's no

problem we've still got plenty of relics

from rijak's collection to choose from

but master evots the monsters we've

reanimized so far aren't anything


watch your mouth rust bucket or you'll

have me to deal with



get to your point scrazzle i've found a

way to use ryjack's reanimizer so the

clones come back even more powerful than


we just add strong gemstones to the mix

when we reanimize them gemstones

diamonds and rubies i like the sound of

that that's right and my new robotron

has already g*n stealing diamonds



they're just alive

so far i only have enough diamonds to

create one clone but fifth tron will

bring us more soon and these old ranger

records will help us decide who to bring

back to life first i'm thinking

the night wolf he's cold and ruthless

yes after all these years i'm free

he's perfect i think you're all for

getting one teensy tiny detail

karog turned into a good guy


look at

this since you have proven to be a

worthy opponent i will grant you a swift


lambo stop

this is bowen huh your child

oh no


while you continue your love fest i

think i'll destroy you

magical source

mystic force

he's a ranger

in the name of honor blazing storm slash

is a terrible choice you all need to be

carefully or you'll have to answer to me

of course master figure it out


i'd love to have a sip of whatever this


still waiting for you to upgrade me so i

can eat and drink bro yup you've only

mentioned it eight thousand times


it happened again

the incident is the third burglary this

week in every case the robber has stolen


seriously why would anyone want a shiny


witnesses were standing in the room at

the time of the robbery but no one saw

the thief

could he be



evox has got to be behind it somehow

ravi why would evox want diamonds i

think there's a pattern here all these

jewelry stores are being h*t in

alphabetical order

albert's gems

bright stones and now coral harbor





that can't be a coincidence

sherlock ravi might be onto something

and d

is the next letter and diamonds of

distinction is just around the corner

from here maybe you should you know

check it out in case it's their next


i guess it couldn't hurt

all right

tell us if you find something good

we need to bring back someone who's



and not afraid to get their hands dirty


oh i've got it

the princess of evil herself


this is her gauntlet she's cunning

wicked and she'll crush the rangers into


just the kind of woman we need

well then let's just see what she has to


oh how exciting

this will be good


what did they do to you

corona i'm your brother

i am astronomer

i like her style

now hold on

roxy you should know from ranger history

class that astronomer turned good too



and that's not all look at this


gross to think i looked up to her

ugh what is with these villains becoming

little goody two-shoes

you're all for getting the baddest daddy

what are you talking about scrazzle

obviously the one the only lord saved

he and rita repulso were going to rule

the universe as king and queen of evil



come get me you messed me up

he's as evil as you can am i right

yeah but he would betray evox in a

heartbeat oh come on


just take a look at what he did to king

mandu oh we just stopped by on our way

out to give you a little gift think of

it as a peace offering oh goody a

present well

we gotta run

yes we got to go good luck now catch you

on the flip side

go come on then i bet young sprocket

really gets a bang out of his present

oh yikes those poor robots

what a slimeball that's zadie's yeah i

don't want that guy on my team hey at

least he had a nice wedding with rita i

bet her husband can spend more time with

his asteroids than with his wife

nothing so far hmm

i knew it


you were right ravi it's robotron

let's go

cowboy rangers



for justice we fight with peace




you were right ravi

it's a robotron

let's go


come on

don't lose him


time to come out of hiding


my invisibility circuits

i'm outta here


that wasn't fair

fair were you gonna pay for these just

give me back the diamonds and no one

gets hurt skruzzle needs a thousand of

them a thousand

well we want zero of you

the feeling's mutual




you know what to do


your thieving days are over robotron

don't you know the greatest thieves


you're not going anywhere

gorilla slam

you rangers really know how to steal so

much thunder

it's time you walk down the straight and

narrow transport beast

beast next king terrible

my future

i wonder what skruzzle wanted those

diamonds for i don't know but we should

return them to the store

here you go


did you see the news


ravi you're right all along you really

would make a great detective thanks guys

but the case isn't soft quite yet

that robotron said they needed a

thousand more diamonds and we don't know

what evox is planning to do with them

we've really got to stop them from

getting any more there's only one more

diamond wholesaler in the city

and it starts with e

maybe elite diamonds needs a visit from

the rangers


and you never got that pink puppy you

promised me

give me a break poisy you already have

curio isn't that oh enough you two we've

got real problems the rangers have

destroyed fiftron now who's going to rob

elite diamonds it's the ultimate jackpot

maybe i should pay them a visit hey


why don't you send out one of your giant

robots and make the rangers pay for

destroying your robotron ah i like your


let's talk curio time for some of the

old scrazzle razzmatazz will you stop

you're not cool here's the address for

elite diamonds

no one deserves diamonds more than me


safe drone will be ready in a jiffy

in the meantime we still have enough

diamonds to reanimize one ultra powerful

villain right yes siree so we'd better

choose wisely


we need someone bad to the bone


how about one of the psycho rangers

nobody has ever been more dedicated to

destroying a red ranger than psycho red

now that's an option

this guy could put you all to shame

and here we are the man himself

we're the psycho rangers

psycho red

psycho red could eat devin daniels for


we know you don't like devon but don't

forget what happened to cycle red oh

please he was obsessed with destroying a

red ranger and then well show us



what have we got




spiral saber power

all right guys your turn ready

let's end this

power up mode

fine if only we could bring back the

entire cycle ranger team well we can

only bring back one so we better keep


rangers there's an incoming giga drone

in sector juliet 8-3 roger that

commander steele and i will handle it

and we think it's likely that your plant

will get h*t too

by the same thieves okay we'll clear out

i hope you catch the guy

let's go guys

thanks everyone all right let's get in



ready steel

i'm always ready

on curio okay

three two



i can't read but those look like

diamonds this is the place let's go

i can't wait

now let's be nice and quiet cheerio we

don't want to get caught

too late

oh rangers sorry but there's no diamonds

for you only destruction oh no they're

on to us

sandra how dare you leave without

telling sledge pish-posh a lady can do

as she likes

you're no lady just another monster how

dare you

striker megazord unleashed let's take

him out steel gladly


wait what


no way he stole our blasters

and he's using them against us

don't worry we can bring in backup

transport v6 king activator

deploy beast x king zord

and that is how a line protects its



the jets are back


striker hyper blast

virus eliminated


these reanimated monsters are tough

you guys okay

yeah good timing

let's take these creeps down together

i hate rangers


you're no match for me

for all of us steel

trashbot well it was nice to meet you

but it's time to defeat you beast x

ultra blast

glad to see the end of them

we still don't know why they needed

diamonds hmm skruzzle's probably cooking

something up let's hope not come on

a very evil woman no

better than that she was the most wicked

of them all

i knew that you would all fail

but i have chosen the perfect villain to

resurrect who is it

someone merciless who will stop at

nothing to destroy the power rangers

show us goldar why of course master evox

i almost suggested him too

you and your w*apon are no match for me

he's coming at us



does anyone disagree with my choice no

master he's a fantastic choice

right away

now let me just add the diamonds to the

reanimizer we should still get one extra

powerful monster

i have returned

who is it that has given me new life

i am evocs your new master i pledge to

you my undying loyalty i bet i have more

strength in my toenail than this antique

destroy him oh please i was joking

you're no antique you are the joke

what's your next order master evox

trust me

i've got big plans for you


why would evox be stealing diamonds

well we already know he's reanimized

several monsters and that he has a lot

of w*apon if he wants to make more

diamonds have all kinds of useful

properties but we have no idea what

evox's plan is maybe it wasn't evox at

all i read poissandra had very expensive

tastes maybe she won the diamonds off

for herself

that does fit her profile i guess we'll


right now i have to practice for my next

video game tournament so who wants to

get their butt kicked all right

i'll do it but be careful

my butt is metal you might hurt your


what's so funny


my butt is made of metal


up next on pop it's pokemon sun and moon




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