04x02 - Secret of the Village Well/Stop and Smurf the Roses

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Smurfs". Aired: April 18, 2021 - present.
New adventures of the Smurfs in the Smurf village.
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04x02 - Secret of the Village Well/Stop and Smurf the Roses

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muffins are delicious

extra extra greedy's morning muffins are


be all about the muffins no thank you

eddie the smurf i'd rather eat one

yum yum yum thank you greedy


greedy smurf your morning muffins are


oh thank you papa smurf

i couldn't agree with you more


i just love morning muffins oh so do i

have a smurf i hope they aren't all gone

greedy always makes plenty of morning

muffins i

hate morning muffins yesterday

morning muffins good morning clumsy

morning papa smurf

clumsy smurf whatever are you doing i'm

making a wish

what are you wishing for uh i can't tell

why not because if i tell my wish won't

come true

oh clumsy what a childish notion

you've been standing by this well all

morning and he

says he's going to stay there until his

wish comes true

no matter how long it takes well he's

already been there half the day

what did he wish for i don't know he

won't tell

well i just know you'll


what did you wish for if i tell you that

it won't come true

oh you can tell me no

why don't you wish for it

and he won't tell anyone his wish papa

smith and i think you should talk to him

as i told you before smurfette clumsy

has a right to keep his wish to himself

and i suggest you leave him alone


i was wondering if i might use your

library tonight

why of course brady the library is open

to all of my little smurfs


i ask you asriel what can you buy with

an old penny

nothing well it uh might buy a wish

and if i had a wish it would be to get

my hands on those rotten smurfs

and squeeze the life out of them


deep well sleep well oh well oil well

water well aha

wishing well well well well

isn't this interesting interesting


throw a penny into a well speak the

right words

and the wishing fairy will grant your


hmm too bad i don't have a well

oh hi brady what's up uh i have good


and bad news clumsy smurf the good news

is that your waiting

is over the bad news is that i'm

compelled to tell you that your wish

will never

come true it won't because you need a

penny to throw into the well

what for for the wishing fairy and i

know that if the wishing fairy doesn't

get a penny you won't get your wish

so you might as well pack up your tent

go to bed

and tell me what you wish for nope

fine keep a wish to yourself see if i


i'm sorry wishing fairy i didn't know

you had to have a penny

morning papa smurf good morning clumsy

what's the matter

papa smurf i've been thinking all night

uh what's a penny a penny

well uh penny is a human coin

why do you need a penny clumsy to get to

the wishing fair

oh i see well i'm sorry clumsy but i

don't have a penny

oh hey clumsy wanna play

no poor clumsy gee i guess this wish

didn't come true

and i can tell you that it never will

why not

it won't come true because he doesn't

have a penny

well let's get him one where only humans


pennies i wonder if crocodile might have


god if my calculations are correct

and of course they are then the zenith

of the zodiac will triangulate with mars

right over the smurf whale

i don't understand you wishing furry why

do you have to have a penny

ping ping me

it's a perfect night i can feel it in my


this time i'll turn right at the great


we'll go by way of the great oak it's

quicker i don't think papa smurf is

going to like this at all

oh baby stop worrying we'll be back

before papa smurf wakes up


oh i do hope gargamel has a penny

penny penny penny


get him get him

who's there it's us what do you want

we have a surprise for you clumsy

what is it a penny for the witching


oh pity oh boy oh boy

now my wish is sure to come true

wishing fairy wishing fairy here's your


make my wish come true or we won't


don't just sit there you stupid cat help

me find my penny

how long do we have to wait oh gosh i

don't know

well my little smurfs what's going on


i've looked everywhere everywhere

oh those feeding smurfs must have taken


just like them to steal

but we didn't steal the papa smurf we

found him no matter but he dropped it no


the penny belongs to gargamel and i want

you to return it

but papa smurf you always say going to

gargamels is dangerous

just leave the penny where gargamel is

sure to find it

uh the penny is in the well papa smurf

hmm don't worry about a thing happy

we're smurfing the pump

oh i'm not worried

steal from me will they well i'll show


i'll dig my own well i'll find another


i'll make my wish come true

oh handy he's been down there such a

long time

yes i feel terrible this is all my fault

don't worry clumsy i'm sure hefty is all



oh hefty we were so worried did you find

the wishes very happy

huh i'm sorry clumsy our well doesn't

have a wishing fairy

oh but i did find this penny

yeah this sought to tempt those little

blue pests

come on time to hide in the well


yeah gargamel's always messing around

out there he's sure to find it hey


what's it say wishing well one penny

in advance gosh ready i bet this is a

real wishing well

now don't any of you get any ideas

remember what papa smurf said about

returning to penny to gargamel

oh smurfette you foolish girl that

is no problem it isn't of course not

clumsy drops the penny into the well the

wishing fairy gets her penny

clumsy gets his wish and if gargamel

thinks there's a penny in the well he'll

go in after it


here's your penny make my wish come true

or we won't have any


it's your dear friend the wishing fairy

what is your wish that it may be granted

but i can't tell

but you have to tell the wishing fairy

oh go ahead tell her clumsy

well uh only if you stand back so you

can't hear

i'm waiting i think there's something

funny going on here

well wishing fury

come along this one will do nicely

so you won't lead me to the village well


we'll see about that but mr gargamel

there isn't any waiting fairy in our

well honest

what you take lightly now will soon feel

like a hammer

pounding on your little pee brain


now who can that be uh mr gargamel

quiet do they take me for a fool

oh gosh


oh gosh what's everybody staring at me


what did you wish for oh

gee i can't tell well you might as well


yeah you already told gargamel did you

wish you could fly to the moon

well uh not exactly did you wish you

could marry smurf hat

yeah yeah well uh

not exactly surely you wish you could be

as smart as me

well uh not exactly well

what did you wish for that

uh actually i just wish we could have

morning muffins

in the afternoon
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