01x10 - Yuumi

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Players". Aired: Jun 16, 2022 = present.
"League of Legends" team needs their young rookie and their veteran to put their egos aside and work together to prove themselves on the world stage.
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01x10 - Yuumi

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Gaming are up two to one

here in our best-of-five final.

And I think,
for a player like Creamcheese,

it's got to be about
setting up for the team

and keeping that mental strong.


Wait, no, no. H-He needs his space.

- I just, I just need to pee.
- It's an emergency?

No, I mean, like,
I just want to empty my bladder

so that I don't have to worry about it,

like, in the middle of the game,
like, it's gonna hurt my focus.

Like, I'm gonna lose track
of the jungle and all that.

- Just give me a minute.
- Yeah.

- It's time. Okay.
- Yeah.


CAPTAINFLOWERS: Of course, you can see

TSM now taking the stage with confidence

after striking back here in this series,

but Fugitive Gaming
still back in the team room.

AZAEL: And look at the
poise on Foresite's face.

This guy makes late-series adjustments

better than anyone in the game.

Right. This is... And remember,
not just Foresite in general,

but TSM Foresite, specifically,
never lost a game five.

When you pair a player
of this caliber with an org

that has this level of success,
it's just a massive undertaking

to go up against anybody like that.

Come on, Cream, it's time to go.

CREAMCHEESE: I'm sh1tting.

You're not sh1tting, man. I know
what your shit smells like.

I... Well, I haven't sh... I'm not sh...

I haven't shit yet, it's co...
But I'm in the process.

- It's coming out.
- Trevor.

Trevor, it's time, man. Come on.

I kn...

I know everyone out there is
talking about how I'm gonna choke.

Again, against Foresite.

You know, a lot of us out here think
that you're the guy to stop him.

I'm trying, Braxton.

Trying so f*cking hard.

Trevor, I have seen you become
a better player this past year.

A better teammate, better communicat...

- You trust other people.
- Apparently doesn't f*cking matter.

But that's not the guy
I saw play in game three.

You were selfish, acting like
it was just you and Foresite.

I was just trying to
win us the f*cking game.

Oh, bullshit. You were
trying to be the hero.

And if you really want
to win a championship,

then you need to sacrifice
being the hero.


I told him that we built the
best Fugitive there's ever been.

His words, not mine.

And now all he needed to do
was trust that team.


Just do what you were put
on this Earth to do and support.

Come on. We got two minutes left
before game four.

Pick-and-ban. Let's do it.

Nightfall, hurry up.

All right, we got a full team.
Look alive.

Look alive, we got this.

Okay. TSM.

They are a beast late in series.

Foresite has never lost
a game five with this team.

And that's not gonna change today,

'cause there's not gonna be a game five

'cause we're taking this bitch in four.

- Yeah!
- Let's go!

- Let's go!
- Let's go!

ANNOUNCER: Fugitive is gonna
take the Nexus!

It's all over.

We'll probably win seven championships.

MAN: A two-year, $ million contract?

WOMAN: He's gonna be the
youngest pro player in North America.

MAN : Creamcheese is a choke artist.

CREAMCHEESE: This would've
been the perfect setup to wombo combo.

MAN : Is it time for Fugitive
to move on from Creamcheese?

MAN : Something is
brutally wrong in this team.

MAN : This season will make
or break the Fugitive franchise.




AZAEL: Fugitive finally
emerging from the tunnel here,

just barely avoiding a penalty.

Hey, there we go.

Shake it off, Fugitive, y'all got this.

- Y'all got this.

AZAEL: And they're lucky
to avoid that penalty, Flowers.

TSM are clutch, and you don't
want to give them momentum

going into game four.

JATT: So, against all odds,

Braxton has the team together onstage

- and they're into the draft.
- KYLE: All right, we got to prioritize

a safe support pick here, so,
Bap, you'll counter-pick after.

JATT: Thresh has gone
unbanned, unpicked.

So this is completely

a Thresh angle for Creamcheese.

AZAEL: I'm surprised to see TSM
leaving Thresh wide open.

Cream is gonna be wanting
a comfort pick after that last game.

CREAMCHEESE: Ordinarily, in this
situation, I pick Thresh.

It's good for me.

But also, I believe in Org.

I need to believe in him %.

And I want to pick something
that's good for him.

So I look at Organizm
and I-I say to him,

"I'm gonna pick Yuumi."

And I look back and I'm like...

"What the f*ck?"

I'm locking in Yuumi.

- Okay.
- Let's do it.

KYLE: I remember thinking,


"Yuumi. Yuumi?"

Let's do this.

Creamcheese just locked in Yuumi?

That's the biggest f*cking
troll pick I've ever seen.

What the hell?

I guess we play with the cat.

You're playing with the cat, baby.

on earth is Fugitive thinking?

- He picked Yuumi. In finals.

- Yuumi!
- What-what does that mean?

RUDY JR.: So, Yuumi
is this magical f*cking cat

that you don't even have to control.

You just latch onto your teammate

and you heal them or whatever.

So if you pick Yuumi,

you putting everything on your partner.

That's just, that's just crazy.

It's a really crazy choice.
Yeah, Creamcheese...

PAUL: If this backfires,

forget the wombo combo,
forget Britney Spears.

You're the Yuumi the Magical Cat
guy, and you don't want that.

Org misses the Mystic sh*t.

Foresite lands
the Piltover Peacemaker here,

and it's first blood over to TSM.

- f*ck.
- The second will quickly follow.

AZAEL: That one hurts.

Both kills go to Foresite.
He's way ahead.

Nice, dude.
Nice extras, good stuff, man.

LETIGRESS: So, let's be clear. To win,

Fugitive needed a rookie
to play better than a GOAT

and they needed Creamcheese

to finally perform
on the big stage, playing

a champion that is
almost entirely dependent

on that rookie.

It's all right. Just, just keep going.

- Keep your head in the game.
- Org, back, back, back, back...

bringing the four-man dive.

AZAEL: They're so d*ad.

- All right, go, go, go, go...
- CAPTAINFLOWERS: Organizm drops first,

and they'll just leave
Creamcheese to the wolves.


AZAEL: They're leaving
him for Foresite, too.

He is so fed.

Nice, guys. Good stuff.

AZAEL: Man, it is strange
seeing Creamcheese on Yuumi.

He's normally known more
for the engage champs.

not carrying a game on this champ.

I do not know what he was thinking.

JATT: And I think we're all thinking,

if Creamcheese bl*ws game four

with Yuumi,
he's not coming back from that.

Certainly not in a game five
against Foresite.

And maybe never.

- You got this, Org.
- I got this. I got this.

You've got it... I know, I know.
I f*cking know, bro.

CREAMCHEESE: Yuumi the Magical Cat.

It's got to be one
of my all-time favorite cat stories.

In the lore,

Yuumi is this completely
illiterate cat, right?


And she belongs to the Yordle
enchantress Norra.

And one day Norra disappears
out of nowhere.

And from that point, Yuumi
searches far and wide, just...

yearning to return to the spirit realm

of Bandle City
and be reunited with Norra.

Because without Norra...

Yuumi is just lost.

And for the longest time,
I... I felt like...

I'm Yuumi.

And, like... and this whole time,

I kind of thought that Foresite was...

my Norra?

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Nightfall gets
the Shutdown on Foresite,

but it's this second k*ll
they'll be able

to give over to Organizm.


But I was wrong.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Org just dancing
around Foresite right there.

- He'll win that v .
- AZAEL: Aah! Unbelievable!

CREAMCHEESE: It's Organizm.

Organizm is my Norra.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Creamcheese and Organizm

are single-handedly turning
this game around.

And Foresite is my bitch.

AZAEL: This fight for Elder
could decide the entire game.

And Foresite's Caitlyn traps
are blocking Fugitive from getting in.

is melting this Elder so fast.

AZAEL: The whole
season comes down to this.

TSM need this Dragon.

On Org's call here. Wait for Org.

Tyrant, eat a trap
when he gets three KO.

When they go in my trap, just
go. When they go in my trap,

- just go.
- Go, go, go, go!

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Fugitive's going
in. The Elder's still burning.

On my trap, on my trap,
on my trap, on my trap.

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.

- AZAEL: This is it.
- CAPTAINFLOWERS: The Elder falls.

AZAEL: Fugitive stole it!

He got it!

Yes, baby! Yes!

- Yes! Yes! Yes!
- Yes! Yes! Yes!

- AZAEL: Disaster for TSM.

TSM have to retreat,
and there goes Pikapika.

There's another k*ll coming in.

Two d*ad already on TSM.

Nice, nice, nice!

AZAEL: TSM have got
to get back to the base.

This could be the series right now.

- Come on, go. Come on.
- Let's go. Oh, my God.

Push, push, push, push, push...

Come on, come on. Take him.
Take him, let's go.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Foresite gets one back,

but it's still a retreat
coming out of TSM.

We got it, we got it, we got it.

AZAEL: Foresite has to make
a big play here.

Fugitive is chasing down Xfizz,

and he's gonna be
brought down by Organizm.

Is this it?

- f*cking clean, boys.
- On Foresite, on Foresite.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: It's a v for Foresite

as Fugitive is still pushing
for the Nexus.

Foresite going in. Nice k*ll.

- Back onto Bap.
- Go, go, go, go.

Organizm Arcane Shifts forward.

And Foresite is down.

- Yes! Yes!
- Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

That's what I'm f*cking
talking about. Bye. Bye.

Type all chat, all chat:

- "Oops, oops, oops, oops."
- Oops, oops.

- Oops.

CAPTAINFLOWERS: Fugitive has marched

into the enemy base, and nothing

stands between them and their victory.

RUDY JR.: Come on, Fugitive.

Finish it. Finish it.

and Organizm have taken Fugitive

straight to the promised land,
straight to the Nexus,

and straight to their first-ever

- LCS championship.
- Yes!

- Are you f*cking kidding me?!

You f*cking did it! You f*cking did it!



We did it. Eat that shit!

- They did it!

- They actually did it.
- EMMA: High fives.

Holy sh...

- You did that. You did that.


The first of many.

The first of many championships.
Let's go.

Good game, bro. Good game, well played.

GG, bro. Good game, good game.

Good game, man.
Good game, Foresite, bro.

Thanks for pulling for us.
Appreciate it.

Good game, bro. Oh, by the way,
you're f*cking overrated, bro.

And you're not even as hot
as everyone says you are.

You're, like,
you f*cking suck, honestly.


- Do you see this?
- That's yours, that's for you.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- What? What? What?

- Oh!
- For you, for you.

Come on, get in the circle.

- Okay, okay, okay.
- All right.

- One, two, three.
- ALL: Fugitive!


APRIL: We sacrificed a lot. Um...

Kyle and I had four guys on our couch

for like three years, you know,

and having that win
for Trevor and Jun-tae

and Kyle and me...

...it means a lot.

Well, man, I didn't know
you was gonna come or not.

I wouldn't miss it.

Ah, shit.


I'm proud of you, man.

What a beautiful day

for Fugitive Gaming fans
here at the LCS championship.



LETIGRESS: Now, Creamcheese,

if this were to be your final farewell,

what would you say is your legacy?

Uh, it's d... it's definitely
this guy right here.

He's my legacy.

Everybody, give it up for Organizm!

Give it up for Organizm.


LETIGRESS: years old,

an LCS title now under your belt.

What are your first thoughts
as a champion today?

Um, it's definitely a great
first step, but, uh,

right now, I'm just
really focused on Worlds.

- That's the next step for me.

Everyone's clearly a fan of that.

Okay, okay, but let's bring it back

to the series that we just witnessed.

A pause that broke through
your momentum.

How were you, as a squad, able
to bring it back for a victory?

Um, I don't know. Like I said,

I'm just... really, the focus
right now is Worlds.

- That's the next step.

That's it.

It's called an Irish Car b*mb.

- BAP: Irish Car b*mb?
- Irish Car b*mb.

down the best way to celebrate.

- You're gonna love it. You're gonna...
- A real man don't drink a...


I'm gonna tip you so well tonight.

I'm gonna change
your life tonight, probably.

Do you have Venmo?

Words can't describe the feeling
of winning an LCS championship.

Cool? Awesome? Fun?

- Oh, shit.
- Oh!

- MVP!

- We f*cking won!

And guess what. I won a championship.

CREAMCHEESE: I just texted her
that I won the LCS championship.

She's gonna love that.

I'm gonna text her right now.

KYLE: I feel like, for a long time,

I've been the world's hungriest man...


...and I just ate

the sandwich of my dreams.

And it was good.

You know what I would have done
if I was a champion at ?

I would have lost my mind.
I would've lost my shit.

- It's amazing.
- KYLE: But now I want another.

You know, like another sandwich...

Like a bigger sandwich.

Th-That's Worlds.


APRIL: When you think of
Worlds, there's nothing you can say

to do justice to the sheer scale.

INDIANA: Worlds is the Super
Bowl of League of Legends.

It's the World Cup of esports.

It is the highest level of competition,

the most beautiful, polished broadcast

that esports has ever seen.

PHREAK: It's a month-long celebration

of the best players in League of Legends

dueling it out, and at the end,

you get the best team in the world.

It's esports heaven.

JATT: But here's the truth.

The teams in China and Korea
are on a whole different level.

Not only has North America
never won Worlds,

they've only had one
top four finish since .

ORGANIZM: I like that
it's never been done before.

I like hearing people tell me
that winning Worlds

is impossible, because at this point,

you've seen that we're at our
best when we're counted out.

So, Fugitive Gaming
will be going into Group A.

The number one seed from North America,

Fugitive Gaming, will be slotted
into the group

alongside LPL's FunPlus Phoenix
and LCK's Damwon Kia.

- ORGANIZM: Aw, shit.
- Damwon and FPX?

- That's f*cking brutal.
- God f*cking damn it!

NIGHTFALL: We're in the f*cking
group of death this year, man.

KYLE: We've been to Worlds before,

uh, a-and we've never had
this tough of a draw.

We have six weeks to prepare
for a game against Damwon,

the defending world champions.

It's a tall order.

We can take 'em. It's gonna be hard,

- but we can f*cking take 'em.
- CREAMCHEESE: Yes. I love that.

Two world champions and he says
we can take 'em. Where are you going?

f*ck yeah. You see that?
That's the GOAT right there.

We're gonna win this.
With that attitude? We win.

No problem. This is our year, bro.

KYLE: But we've also
never been to Worlds

with an ADC like Organizm.

So I think we can surprise people.

APRIL: A month before Worlds
begins, the top three teams

from North America fly to South Korea

to train on the world's
most competitive server.

CREAMCHEESE: We fly there,

business class, you know,
"Sure, I'll have a free vodka.

Uh, make it a double."

Maybe watch VODs on the plane,
maybe do a few sh*ts

and watch VODs, you know,
maybe just do a few sh*ts.

I've actually been to Korea twice now,

so I'm kind of the team Korea expert.

Although, uh, we do have
a couple players on the team

wh-who are, who are from there, so...

Multiple experts.

You have McDonald's here?


You have an In-N-Out in Korea?

- KYLE: You have In-N-Out in Korea?
- What?


CREAMCHEESE: I want to win Worlds.

I'm excited.

It's crazy.

- It's so f*cking good.
- It makes no sense.

CREAMCHEESE: But it's also, it's nice
to experience Korea, you know?

And it's from -Eleven, dude.

- Can you believe that?
- It's actually f*cking amazing.

- Mm-hmm?
- Oh, my God!

- You see that smile?
- KYLE: Hey. Yeah!

Org loves it. This guy loves it.

And honestly,
we deserve to celebrate a bit.

This heated seat is f*cking insane.

This is the best thing
I've ever sat on in my life.

NIGHTFALL: They have heated seat?

I'm not even sh1tting right now.

Korea is a fun place.

- Straight garlic?
- TYRANT: Straight...

f*ck, I'm doing it.

And I know that because

it's my third time.

TYRANT: Can we get a geonbaein?

ALL: Geonbae!


KYLE: All right.

Org, good to see you.

- Hi, Braxx.
- Nightfall.

- Sup, Org?
- Cream?

Easy. Easy does 'er.

You should've seen Bap last night, dude.

- Uh-oh.

KYLE: Getting back
into it after the high

of winning a title is challenging.

It's a balance where
you know your players

could use a mental break,
uh, because burnout is a thing.

- Okay, all right.
- ORGANIZM: That was f*cking terrible.

I know... Okay, it's just one game.

But then, when you factor in
the difficulty of the Korean server,

you also realize how much work
there is left to do.

- ORGANIZM: Get back, Cream, get back.
- CREAMCHEESE: I'm backing up.

It's a f*cking wake-up call.

Back, back, Cream, back.


Oh, man.

My bad. I got a little greedy there.

ORGANIZM: I mean, their tempo's faster,

they punish all of our mistakes.

You can't roam that far when I'm behind.

Agreed. Totally agree, dude. My bad.

I don't see how we're gonna win Worlds

if we can't even compete in scrims.

Bap, reset top, Cream
and Nightfall, go get vision.

That kid's got drive, you know?
Like, he wants to be the best.

And if you want to
be the best in League,

you have to be able to compete
on the Korean server.



- BAP: All right.
- Tough one.

CREAMCHEESE: It's gonna take a
lot of work over the next few weeks,

but Fugitive's never been better.

I can't wait to show the world.
NA's finally here.

I'm gonna go blow off some steam.

I think I'm done. Done for the night.

you don't want to duo queue?

No, let's-let's do some karaoke, bro.

- NIGHTFALL: Right now?
- Yeah, let's-let's-let's pull a Bap.

- NIGHTFALL: Yeah, I'm down, I'm down.
- Let's go f*ck shit up!

ready for this? I'm f*cking ready.

- Born ready!
- CREAMCHEESE: All right,

I'm sorry, guys. When the drop hits...

Wait, Bap, you know this one?


- Yes!
- Bongo, Bap!

CREAMCHEESE: No, it's so easy.

It's just, like, four words...

Well, three words, actually...
Through it.

- Hey, hey, yeah.
- f*ck yeah.

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

- Whoa!

- Whoa!

♪ Around the world ♪

♪ Around the world ♪

♪ Around the world ♪

♪ Around the world ♪

♪ Around the world ♪

♪ Around the world ♪


♪ Around the... ♪

♪ World... ♪

Dude, you are, like...

Hold on. I have to play it.

How do I pause this? I have
to play you guys something.

Okay, all right, wait.
You guys have to listen to this.

[LAUGHS]: This is crazy.

This f*cking cocky f*ck.
Okay, listen to this.

Org left me this voicemail
after our very first game, okay?

Guys, be quiet, be quiet.

ORGANIZM: I know you
don't want someone younger

and better than you joining
the team that you started.

- But I promise you,

the future of Fugitive is gonna be good.

People are gonna remember you

as the guy who trained Organizm...

CREAMCHEESE: Oh. Wait for it.

...because I'm gonna be
the greatest player of all time.

What? Can you believe
that cocky f*ck?

- Bam, bam, bam!
- Greatest player of all time.

And it's true, too. You're the...

You are the greatest player of all time.

Get off of me, man.

- f*ck this shit.
- Jesus Christ.


- I... Honestly, I...
- Uh...

Did I say something?


CREAMCHEESE: Yo. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, Org.

Hey, wait for one second.

Wait ten minutes.
Tyrant's gonna do "Crank That"

that and then we'll
go, I promise you that.

Seriously, relax for a second,
let's go back inside.

We've been relaxing
for three f*cking hours.

- Okay, we're...
- Why are we all so happy?

[LAUGHS]: We're at karaoke.

Why are we all so happy
and singing and shit?

I mean, we've been getting
our asses stomped in scrims

- all day, you act...
- In scrims. Oh, my God.

This is your first Worlds, right?

You've never been to Worlds before.

- This is what we do.
- But you always suck at Worlds.

- Okay, wow.
- You're celebrating like we won shit.

We did win shit.

We won the LCS championship,

and honestly, it's because of you.

I'm so proud of you, the way
you played in the finals?

The way you've been growing
as a player, it's like...

You... I love playing with you.

I love playing with you.

I honestly think that you are
the greatest player of all time.

The greatest f*cking player
of all time. And I mean that.

Would you stop f*cking talking
about me like that?

Acting like you trained
the f*cking best.

I'm not, not yet.

- Yes, you are.
- No, look,

I know your whole entire career,

you've been focused
on winning the LCS championship.

And you did. Good for you.

- Really, good for you.

But if this is what you
and Fugitive think

being a f*cking winner is,

then I don't want
any f*cking part of it.

CREAMCHEESE: What does that mean?

- f*ck, man!
- Org, come on, what...?

Where are you going?

Don't... What... Don't leave.
Come on, man.

Org, j... Are you serious?

It wasn't personal.

KYLE: Look, our performance
at Worlds was embarrassing,

and I understand why Org was upset.

But if you're asking me, I think
he made the wrong decision.

- You want that?
- Yeah.


CREAMCHEESE: It sucks. I feel like

we should be focusing
on dominating our next split,

but instead we're focusing
on finding a new ADC.

Oh. Ugh.

NIGHTFALL: I'm sad that,
you know, Organizm left,

but, like, the way he left us,
it's just, I can't believe that.

- Okay.
- Thank you, thank you.

GURU: Oh, my God.

The king is here! Come on in.

- Check this shit out.
- Ah. What's up?

On you, huh? f*ck'
say it now, baby.

Wait, what is this budget shit?
Is it Samsonite?

- Did you get this at Ross?
- RUDY JR.: Yeah.

Bring it in.

- GURU: Look at this. Custom concrete.
- RUDY JR.: Damn.

They hand-pour that shit.

It only gets better.

RUDY JR.: Some nice
digs y'all got here, man.

PRODUCER: You ready?



My name is Percy "Organizm" Elmore.

I am an ADC.

And I'm going for rank one
on the Korean server.

Hide your daughter, hide your wife.

Organizm in the building.

You're looking at Rookie of the Year.

Finals MVP in his very first year?

The definition of Neverlost.

EMMA: Organizm always knew
he had a spot with Neverlost Global.

A well-paid spot.

I knew that if I was serious
about being the best,

it had to be here in Korea,

so here I am, all in,
until I become rank one.

The number one player
on the number one server.

AZAEL: Organizm. If he were to
h*t rank one on the Korean server

would that not be the single
most impressive accomplishment

from a North American player?

I mean, yes, it would be,

but I've lost all my faith after being

a North American fan for
so long. It's not gonna happen.

I'll say this: if anyone
was gonna make it happen,

for North America, it would be Organizm.

I'm not retiring, first and foremost.

I've got many, many years left in me.

You know, Org's a great player, but

Fugitive's gonna be fine without him.

You know, I've been playing
the game for a long time,

and I've seen people go

and, obviously, it hurts.

Um, but I think it just makes me
stronger, ultimately.

And we'll find that next ADC.

A-And you'll see, next season,
we'll be even stronger for it.

Uh-oh, look who it is.

- Cream and Frugger back together.
- What's up?

We're hanging out
in the Carl's Jr. parking lot.

Could... Are we just eating Carl's Jr.

'cause we like Carl's Jr. or
does it mean something bigger?


- We-we love Carl's Jr.
- It could just be Carl's Jr.

I mean, Organizm is incredible.

FRUGGER: I saw he's already
climbing the ranks over there.

It's insane, and I respect

that he thinks this is the right move,

but I know that, personally,
I was never happier

than I was when I was
playing for Fugitive.

ORGANIZM: Come on, let's
go, let's go, let's go, uh, f*ck yes.

I think becoming rank one in Korea,

uh, will make me
a better player at this point.

I mean...

I don't know, maybe, uh, most people

are designed to be happy,

but I don't really think
about it like that, you know?


All I know for sure is that, right now,

I'm the worst
that I will ever be at League.

And when you talk to me in three
months, I'll be a better player,

but even in that instance, I'll still be

the worst player I'll ever be at League.

So, really,
that's all I can think about.

I mean, it doesn't
make sense for me to...

think about or be happy about

some shit that I've already done.

go! We brought it home, baby!


- Let's go!
- I love you.

Everybody say "Champions."

ALL: Champions.

ORGANIZM: And yeah, I
miss my teammates already.

I miss Creamcheese, of course.


All right, I would like,
I would like to get one more.

- CREAMCHEESE: No, we got it, we got it.
- KYLE: Paul, we got it.

- Yeah, we got it. Thank you.
- KYLE: All right, everyone,

- let's have a good time!

ORGANIZM: But right now, there are,
there are players who are grinding

right now on this server.

There are players who are grinding

and-and getting better and
better and better and better.

And it's just, like, I'm-I'm just here,

talking to you, losing ground.

- CREAMCHEESE: Yeah! We got it!

Look at that.

do what I do to be happy.

I don't do what I do
because I love the game.

I do what I do because I love to win.

PAUL: Oh, there he is.

- The champ!
- Do it to me.

ORGANIZM: It's not about
being the greatest in NA.

It's not about being
the greatest in the world, even.

- You deserve it, man.
- And again, next year, again.

- Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
- Right, Tyrant? Again.

- And then maybe Worlds.
- Hey, cheers to that.

- TYRANT: Let's go, man.
- Don't know.

ORGANIZM: For me, it's about
being the greatest of all time.

Like, no question,
nobody can doubt it, you know?


ORGANIZM: And so, all I know is,

if you're not pushing yourself
to be better,

and you're just telling yourself
you're happy where you're at,

then in my opinion,

you're just lying to yourself.

- The Yuumi pick, like...
- Yeah.

- ...all that coming together?
- Thank you, dude.

- It-it was so cool to watch.
- Thank you.

I-I really appreciate that, dude.


That's nice to hear.

[SIGHS] That was fun, right?

Yuumi the Magical Cat.

It's got to be one of my
all-time favorite cat stories.

In the lore, Yuumi is this

completely illiterate cat, right?

And she belongs to
the Yordle enchantress Norra.


And one day, Norra disappears,
out of nowhere.

And from that point,
Yuumi searches far and wide,

just yearning to be reunited with Norra.

Because without Norra...

...Yuumi is just lost.
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