11x02 - Don't Make Important Decisions at the Last Minute

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Gintama". Aired: April 4, 2006 - October 7, 2018.*
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Japanese manga series where aliens have invaded and taken over feudal Tokyo, an unemployed samurai finds work however he can.
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11x02 - Don't Make Important Decisions at the Last Minute

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Gintama: The Semi-Final (Special)

Subtitles: Shinsengumi gathering place

Subtitles: SpecialPolice

Dialogue: I had a bad feeling because you're too nice, Kondou.san. But...

Dialogue: I'm disappointed in you, Hijikata-san.

Dialogue: I thought you would be against the abolishment of the Shinsengumi.

Dialogue: It's not like we're abolishing it.

Dialogue: When the time comes, we can see the light of day again.

Dialogue: But it won't be the same for those guys.

Dialogue: Since I'm leeving Edo, this might be a good opportunity.

Dialogue: There is one thing i want to do.

Dialogue: I'm gonna go search for the Yorozuya.

Dialogue: You guys should know that they disappeared from Edo.

Subtitles: Yorozuya Gin-chan

Dialogue: And what's happening at their place right now.

Dialogue: The only reason we are standing here is because they saved us.

Dialogue: We can't accept an ending like this, can we?

Dialogue: This time, it's our turn.

Dialogue: Sougo...

Dialogue: If you don't want to fight for the new generation, whose face you don't even know, that's fine.

Dialogue: We wield our swords for the sake of those who have fought with us.

Dialogue: Then, what about you, Kondou-san...

Dialogue: I've already decided what I have to do.

Dialogue: I'm getting married to a gorilla.

Typesetting: Everyone,

Typesetting: Thank you very much for gathering here today.

Typesetting:We will now begin the gorilla wedding.

Typesetting: Please give them a big round of applause.

Dialogue: Seirei Gate, preparation completed.

Dialogue: How's Earth situation?

Dialogue: Using our Edo disciples, we're elimating any disturbance from around the Terminal,

Dialogue: but it seems a few of them are resisting.

Dialogue: Send the break-in unit.

Dialogue: As soon as we arrive at the Terminal, we will use the Seirei Gate.

Dialogue: W-What's this!?

Dialogue: What happened?

Dialogue: There is a suspicious ship up in the sky!

Dialogue: What are they even talking about?

Dialogue: What's so funny?

Dialogue: Why are they throwing me up in the air?

Dialogue: WHY!?

Dialogue: Why is it just me with a gorilla!?

Dialogue: Why are you asking this now?

Dialogue: Didn't you say you were ready and trained to be a husband..?

Dialogue: Yes I did, but Tottsan! I knew this was strange!

Dialogue: Kondo, since the dawn of time, the living creature known as man

Dialogue: has lived his entire life under the control of his alternate personality known as his lower half.

Dialogue: You could even say that life is simply just wiping up after one's lower half.

Dialogue: Just accept your fate already.

Dialogue: If you f*cked her, then you must take responsibility, right?

Dialogue: Forget the alternate personality! Is my lower half a centaurus!?

Dialogue: I don't remember doing it with such a beast!

Dialogue: Even if you play dumb, from the corner of its eye to the bridge of its nose

Dialogue: that gorilla like being looks exactly like you, doesn't it?

Dialogue: It's a real gorilla!

Dialogue: No matter how you look at it, it looks like its mother!

Dialogue: Don't worry, Kondo. All the kids look like gorillas right after birth.

Dialogue: The first time I saw my daughter, it was such a shock.

Dialogue: But you know what? Before I knew it, she became really cute,

Dialogue: In the blink of an eye, she moved so far away from me

Dialogue: that she doesn't even wash our underwear in the same machine anymore.

Dialogue: Yeah, but in an instant he grew up to be just a gorilla!

Dialogue: And now he's tearing up my underwear in a very non-nostalgic way!

Dialogue: It's great that you two are bonding that much. Has anything changed about Princess Bubbles?

Dialogue: She is currently changing her bridal outfit for the rd time!

Dialogue: Weddings on planet Shoujo last for months, and today is the last day!

Dialogue: By the end of the ceremony, my body and soul will become that of a gorilla!

Dialogue: I beg you Tottsan! Help me!

Dialogue: I told you, we're in a predicament over here!

Dialogue: Which is exactly why I should fight as well!

Dialogue: We'll take care of it.

Dialogue: I told you already, your fight is to get as much money as possible from this nation of gorillas.

Dialogue: It's impossible! I still don't understand what these gorillas are talking about!

Dialogue: I'm just going along by saying random " uho " here and there!


Dialogue: if a rotten banana like you can't make a single gorilla happy, what can you even do coming back here?!

Dialogue: That kid is yours! No doubt about it! I made sure to hear their full side of the story!

Dialogue: You had already taken part in a wedding ceremony with Princess Bubbles before, remember?

Dialogue: Well apparently, that kid is the one you gave to her during the banana-cutting ceremony that time.

Dialogue: That's an outrageous false accusation!

Dialogue: Even you saw nothing happened back then, Tottsan.

Dialogue: After that, when you rejected the princess, her heart was so broken that she disappeared for a while.

Dialogue: Night after night, she had fun with gorilla bums, { \ b}

Dialogue: Lighting and inhaling bananas while living like a savage.

Dialogue: "Lighting bananas" !? What does that mean!? Is this delinquent behavior in gorillas!?

Dialogue: And when she finally came back to the castle, she had that child in her womb... Baby Robert Gorilley Junior!

Dialogue: She gave him the name of a completely different guy!

Dialogue: He's clearly the kid of one of a good-for-nothing gorilla!

Dialogue: Kondo, listen. You know how from a human point of view all gorillas look alike, don't you?

Dialogue: It's the same thing. So go and hug your gorilla son.

Dialogue: That doesn't work out at all! Don't try to fool me with your sweet talk!

Dialogue: Hey! Tottsan! Tottsan! Huh?

Dialogue: That bastard hung up on me!

Dialogue: I'm sorry Junior, but I can't be your father!

Dialogue: Because my real family is waiting for me down there.

Dialogue: That's why I need to return to E-

Dialogue: Get out of my way! I don't want to hurt you!

Dialogue: Please move!

Dialogue: Even in that situation, saying "uho" made them throw me in the air?

Dialogue: But what the hell do my "uhos" mean to them!?

Dialogue: I haven't even made a single slip up!!

Dialogue: I have to do something and get out of here.

Dialogue: But let alone their "uhos", I don't even understand my own.

Dialogue: What the hell should I do?

Dialogue: No way, that can't be...

Dialogue: Junior's real...?

Dialogue: "This woman is mine! And junior is my kid!"

Dialogue: "I came to pick my family up!"

Dialogue: I don't know why, but I can understand its "uhos".

Dialogue: Even though they' re social status tore them apart, he crashed the wedding to take his woman and child back?

Dialogue: This is my chance! If I go full gorilla and scream...

Dialogue: I'll reach your soul!

Dialogue: I'll give you back the princess!!! So let me go back to Earth!!!

Dialogue: "The princess is mine!!! If you want her, take her by force!!!"

Dialogue: "Gorilla's grips are out of this world!"

Dialogue: "Well said, Kondo!!"

Dialogue: "So he loves her despite all the mistakes she made?"

Dialogue: "Watch him get excited!"

Dialogue: "Let's go! A guy like him will never join the royal family! "

Dialogue: H-Huh?

Dialogue: She just got dumped, but what are those eyes full of tears of joy?

Dialogue: "You really have guts!"

Dialogue: "For a gold-digger like you trying to marry into the royal family, that is"

Dialogue: Even he's applauding...

Dialogue: I see! He congratulates me on having abandoned this marriage which could have made me rich, by renouncing the princess!

Dialogue: But really, now it's too late to have any regrets.

Dialogue: What? A handshake?

Dialogue: "I'll take her by force! "

Dialogue: "I-Impossible!"

Dialogue: "He stopped it!"

Dialogue: And you call this an handshake!?

Dialogue: "L-Let go of me, f*ck!"

Dialogue: What? What's he surprised about!?

Dialogue: Oh, I get it! That's a smile! No matter the country, you should always shake hands with a smile!

Dialogue: Good! Make sure you never let go of her hand again!

Dialogue: "If you think you can let go of my hand, feel free to try!"

Dialogue: "Gorilla's stress is outrageous, and easily gets them an upset stomach!"

Dialogue: "Don't f*ck with me !!"

Dialogue: His handshake is outrageous as well!

Dialogue: My arm will fall off!!

Dialogue: Huuuug!!!

Dialogue: After a handshake comes naturally a hug!

Dialogue: But the enemy is a gorilla! I can't transmit half-assed sh*t to him!

Dialogue: Oh! God of Gorillas, please... lend me your strength!!!

Dialogue: "You... f*ck!!!"

Dialogue: I-Is he happy about it?

Dialogue: As I thought, the power of a human is equal to a gorilla play-time!

Dialogue: "Unbelievable! With such a frail body, he's fighting on par with someone from our race!? "

Dialogue: "Do it!! Strangle him to death!!"

Dialogue: Everyone seems so moved by this budding friendship between a man and a gorilla!

Dialogue: Hey, relax. I didn't put a finger on the princess!

Dialogue: "You are even nicer to hug than the princess"

Dialogue: "Gorillas are so energetic! And for them it's mating season! "

Dialogue: "I'll k*ll you!!"

Dialogue: "You finally let go, you insect!"

Dialogue: "Now it's time for the real ceremony to begin! Your funeral!!! "

Dialogue: "Now, it's time for the banana party to begin! Go on and eat them!!" you say?

Dialogue: "Look over there!!"

Dialogue: "He can see through all the att*cks and dodge them!"

Dialogue: "Not only that, he's..."

Dialogue: "Also eating bananas!"

Dialogue: "Are you making fun of me, f*ck?!"

Dialogue: After eating all the bananas he served me, I feel like banana smoothie is going to squirt out of all my holes!

Dialogue: But now that I think about it, this guy hasn't eaten even one, right?

Dialogue: Get yourself some bananas too!

Dialogue: "You eat some bananas too!"

Dialogue: "Kondo!!!"

Dialogue: "What a guy! He really did it!"

Dialogue: "You are a gorilla among gorillas!"

Dialogue: "King!"

Dialogue: Wai—

Dialogue: "Our king!"

Dialogue: Why are we back to the starting point?

Dialogue: "I am the strongest! All gorillas are type B! "

Dialogue: Princess!

Dialogue: This is Planet Shoujo'ss mothership, BANANA.

Dialogue: Upon investigation, it seems that a royal wedding is taking place.

Dialogue: Either way, they are not life forms we should care about.

Dialogue: Activate the Seirei Gate!

Dialogue: So it really was a trap.

Dialogue: "Again! We detected another powerful energy signal from Earth!"

Dialogue: "What the hell is going on?!"

Dialogue: "P-Princess!"

Dialogue: "Immediately land this ship on Earth!"

Dialogue: Hm, what?

Dialogue: You've been doing preparations to let me leave, haven't you?

Dialogue: Sorry for the trouble.

Dialogue: "It's you! When did you come?!"

Dialogue: I feel kinda sorry that it's come to this.

Dialogue: But there's nothing we can do if the princess already has someone she loves.

Dialogue: So I will step down quietly.

Dialogue: I hope you'll be able to find your own happiness.

Dialogue: Ah, I forgot to speak in "uho".

Dialogue: You can keep speaking that way.

Dialogue: I know how to speak a little.

Dialogue: Ever since I met you, I have always wanted to talk with you.

Dialogue: But while I was learning your language, I fell into depression.

Dialogue: Because I discovered what you thought about me.

Dialogue: It's your fault I ended up with a bad guy like him.

Dialogue: But, it was thanks to you that i was able to have a family.

Dialogue: However, those around me would not allow it.

Dialogue: I beg you, Kondo! Take me and my family with you to Earth!

Dialogue: Huh? Like a honeymoon or something?

Dialogue: Is that all? You should have asked for that from the start.

Dialogue: "I knew it! This is the man who made you do this!!"

Dialogue: "Get out of the way, Kondo!"

Dialogue: "if you're really trying to help the princess, we won't let you get off so easily! "

Dialogue: Ah, so you're already seeing me off?

Dialogue: It's okay, it's okay.

Dialogue: I don't need a goodbye hug or anythi—

Dialogue: Gorillas are kind hearted and compassionate, after all.

Dialogue: They're even crying! Is it that hard to say goodbye to me?

Dialogue: I'm sorry, but I really have to go back now.

Dialogue: Even after thousands, I think many of you still need a hug.

Dialogue: So from now on, I'll keep you company as long as you want.

Dialogue: Who wants to be next?

Dialogue: "Daddyyyy!!!"

Dialogue: "Junior!! I was looking for you! Where have you been!?"

Dialogue: Hey, stop it! I just changed into new underwear! Stop!

Dialogue: "Quick! While he's stopping them, take this ship to earth! "

Dialogue: "We can't, princess! Something strange is happening on Earth! "

Dialogue: "I am going to live on Earth with my family—"

Dialogue: [The ship will now switch to "individual selling" mode.]

Dialogue: [To prevent damage from spreading to other units,]

Dialogue: [this block you are in, Block , will be destroyed]

Dialogue: "Kondo, f*ck! What the hell have you done?!"

Dialogue: Huh? What? Did something happen?

Dialogue: "The steering controls are not responding!"

Dialogue: Beams of energy incoming!

Dialogue: Deploy the barrier!

Dialogue: Was it the Shoujo mothership from before!?

Dialogue: No, sir.

Dialogue: Yo! You guys been doing well?

Dialogue: You must have felt lonely without me around!

Dialogue: But you don't have to worry anymore.

Dialogue: Because Sakamoto Tatsuma has returned to this sky!

Dialogue: Counterattack ready!

Dialogue: sh**t them down!

Dialogue: Someone! Please help!

Dialogue: "Take this! Final Gorilla..."

Dialogue: "Crash!!!"

Dialogue: What was that just now?

Dialogue: Well, it looks like this god has finally been dragged down here.

Dialogue: Indeed, the stars entered the main stage.

Dialogue: "Daddy!"

Dialogue: "Daddy! Daddy!"

Dialogue: "That person is not your dad, Junior."

Dialogue: "He protected our family."

Dialogue: "He's an important person to whom we are indebted."

Dialogue: "A gorilla among gorillas."

Dialogue: "The King of Gorillas."

Dialogue: Back then, your comrades had come to pick you up.

Dialogue: But this time it's up to me to return you.

Dialogue: to those people from back then...

Dialogue: So I'll return you.

Dialogue: The you from back then.

Dialogue: Ehm, so... Uh yeah...

Dialogue: I'm not really sure... Where each of us should start.

Dialogue: But for these kind of moments, I learned a damn useful word.

Dialogue: Uho!

Dialogue: Uho!!!!!

Dialogue: Uho~

Dialogue: What in the world is going on in Edo right now?

Dialogue: Oh! It seems that something is occurringnear one of our reporters!

Dialogue: Hanano Ana!

Dialogue: Hanano here. Thanks for your patience.

Dialogue: That man has finally made his appearence.

Dialogue: The one who protected Edo during the year w*r...

Dialogue: The last samurai, Madao, finally launches into battle!

Dialogue: Madao-san, how are you feeling right now?

Dialogue: Madao-san?

Dialogue: It's obvious, no!? Everything will be alright! Because Madao has arrived!

Dialogue: No matter the enemy, his great sword Jobless Calibur can slice them with one blow!

Dialogue: Madao! Madao! Madao!

Dialogue: You are really popular! Do you think you are meeting everyone's expectations?

Dialogue: Well... I've been waiting for this moment.

Dialogue: While sharpening my great sword NeetCalibur.

Dialogue: Wasn't it called Jobless Calibur?

Dialogue: Anyway, I'm a man who can't live without battles.

Dialogue: But today... One of my old wounds,

Dialogue: the cursed flame has burnt the inside of my mouth.

Dialogue: A cursed flame!?

Dialogue: Yeah .. These aph- Uh, I mean those cursed flames are painful!

Dialogue: Were you talking about mouth ulcers?

Dialogue: Dammit! I wanna fight!!! But it's impossi-

Dialogue: -Only Madao can save us!

Dialogue: -Go ahead, Madao!!

Dialogue: I understand, people of Edo!

Dialogue: Wait for me, until I bring peace to Edo again!!

Dialogue: And...

Dialogue: Also until I'm done tying my shoelaces!

Dialogue: In order to exploit my N**e sneakers to the maximum of their capacities, the way of tying laces is important!

Dialogue: Uh, but those are sandals...

Dialogue: Damn! My hands are shaking so much that I can't tie them well!

Dialogue: Calm down, cursed flames!!

Dialogue: Mouth ulcers have absolutely nothing to do with it!

Dialogue: N**e, give me your strength!!!

Dialogue: Huh? My lace broke... What an unlucky day.

Dialogue: Maybe I should sto—

Dialogue: I'm not sure what's going on, but let's b*at these guys and head to the terminal!

Dialogue: They should be heading there too, uho.

Dialogue: Orders sloppier than ever.

Dialogue: But I guess it fits the Shinsengumi better.

Dialogue: A monster that will destroy the world is going to be resurrected. But hey, that sounds like fun.

Dialogue: You finally noticed, eh? That we are the least suited to be peace-protecting police.

Dialogue: It's not like it used to be. The g*n or Bakufu aren't here anymore, but...

Dialogue: Rejoice! There is still something we need to protect!

Dialogue: Let's go to them!

Dialogue: Our b*ttlefield ...

Dialogue: Is right next to these guys!

Typesetting: In the next episode ...

Typesetting: Wait, there is no next episode!

Typesetting: We made a mistake and

Typesetting: lost too much time! Teehee!

Typesetting: The anime Gintama has been

Typesetting: around for over years .

Typesetting: It breaks our hearts to say

Typesetting: goodbye to you, but it's time.

Typesetting: These subtitle posters are

Typesetting: also the last of their kind.

Typesetting: Ah yes, we must tell you

Typesetting: something important.

Typesetting: These prequel episodes are linked to the movie Gintama The Final.

Typesetting: Make sure you watch the prequels and the Movie together, okay?!

Typesetting: Anyways thank you so much

Typesetting: for accompanying us on this long journey!!

Dialogue: Translation and karaoke by AreeGintamaTranslation check SNJoseph

Dialogue: "You should never make an important decision at the last moment! "

Dialogue: You should never make an important decision at the last moment!

Opening: Tatazunda machinami wa

Opening: I stood still watching the cityscape

Opening: Kyou mo kawaranai

Opening: Even today, it is still unchanged

Opening: Mukashi to wa chigau you ni

Opening: But why does it look different

Opening: Mieru no wa naze

Opening: From the old days?

Opening: Yogoreta shatsu ni wa shimitsuita

Opening: My dirty shirt is indelibly stained

Opening: Jibun wo damasu tame no uso de

Opening: With the lies to deceive myself

Opening: Nani wo mamotte kitan darou

Opening: I WANNA BE...

Opening: I wonder what I managed to protect

Opening: Datte nakushitatte

Opening: No matter how many times I lost it

Opening: Ikutsu ni nattemo yume ga atte

Opening: I had a dream once

Opening: Sore wo tada hokorashiku omou

Opening: As long as I can be proud of that

Opening: Jibun ga ireba ii

Opening: I WANNA BE...

Opening: I can be myself

Opening: Haite sutechimatte

Opening: Throw out the lies

Opening: Anata ni atte omoidashite

Opening: I remembered it all when I met you

Opening: Kore de ii

Opening: Those things are okay the way they are

Opening: Sou ieru ashita e

Opening: Now I can look forward to tomorrow

Opening: Nani hitotsu

Opening: In this city

Opening: kawaranai kono machi de

Opening: where nothing has changed.

Dialogue: Nani mo nai ashita de ii sa

Dialogue: Even if tomorrow has nothing to offer us, it will be fine.

Dialogue: Kudaranai hanashi date ii

Dialogue: Even if it doesn't get us anywhere, talking will be enough.

Dialogue: Imi no nai kurai de ii sa

Dialogue: Even if it doesn't make sense, even if it isn't important, it will be fine.

Dialogue: Soko ni ima bokura ga ireba iinda

Dialogue: As long as we're here, right now we'll be fine.

Dialogue: Shou mo nai youna isakai mo

Dialogue: Whether it's our little arguments,

Dialogue: Machi ni kietetta yuuhi mo

Dialogue: Or whether it is the setting sun over the city

Dialogue: Me wo tojireba takaramon sa

Dialogue: These are real treasures when we close our eyes.

Dialogue: Bokura no wadachi wa

Dialogue: Our plots merge

Dialogue: hitotsu ni natte

Dialogue: to become one

Dialogue: Michikusa no hibi ga hatenai chizu e

Dialogue: While the road that runs along our days draws a endless map.

Dialogue: Namida shite itatte kurushiku tatte

Dialogue: We cried, we suffered...

Dialogue: Hanarete itatte wasurenaide

Dialogue: And we went our separate ways, but let's not forget!

Dialogue: Itsu ni nattate doko ni itatte

Dialogue: Anytime, anywhere,

Dialogue: Hitori kiri janai

Dialogue: We will never be alone.
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