00x05 - The Berenstain Bears and The Bad Habit / The Prize Pumpkin

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Berenstain Bears". Aired: January 6, 2003 – December 6, 2004.*
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Based on the popular children's book series of the same name; features Mama and Papa Bear as they raise their two cubs in the countryside of Bear Country.
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00x05 - The Berenstain Bears and The Bad Habit / The Prize Pumpkin

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♪ Somewhere deep
in bear country ♪

♪ Lives the berenstain
bear family ♪

♪ They're kind of furry
around the torso ♪

♪ They're a lot like people,
only more so ♪

♪ The bare fact is that ♪

♪ They're just like
you and me ♪

♪ The only difference
is they live ♪

♪ In a tree ♪

♪ The berenstain bears ♪

♪ When things go wrong,
as things might do ♪

♪ The berenstain bears
will find a way through ♪

♪ Mama, papa,
sister and brother ♪

[ Laughing ]

♪ They'll always be there
for each other ♪

♪ The bare fact is that
they can be sweet as honey ♪

♪ Sometimes, you'll find,
they might be just plain funny ♪

♪ The berenstain bears ♪

♪ The berenstain bears ♪

[ Brother ]:
when cubs start

To twitch or scratch or nibble,

What they need is some help,

Not a lecture or quibble.

I made a blueberry pie, an apple
pie and a cherry pie, lizzie.

Mmm, those look good
enough to eat, sister.

[ Laughing ]

[ Teacher jane]:
all right.

Now that your pies are
out of the oven...

[ Giggling ]

I want you to pretend that
you're sharing the first one

With two of your friends.

How should you cut the pie?

Into thirds. Then there's
one piece for each of us.

Excellent, lizzie.



Now what do I do?

You have to cut it into thirds,
like this, see?

One for me

And my two friends.

[ Sighing ]

Now, suppose you're
having dessert with five

Of your friends -- you
plus five friends equals six.

So, cut up another pie
so that each of you

Gets / of the pie.

/ ?

[ Bird singing ]

[ Horn honking ]

See you tomorrow, lizzie.

Don't forget to do your
fractions homework.

Hello, cubs.

Hi, mama.

Hi, mama.

Sister, you'd better
stop that nail-biting

Before it becomes a bad habit.

Oops, I keep forgetting.

Why is it so hard for me
to stop doing it?

If you do a certain
thing often enough,

You don't even think about it.

It's sort of like this path--
the wheelbarrow has gone over it

So many times that it's worn a
deep rut right down the middle.

And it keeps getting deeper
every time I use it.

It's the same way
with a bad habit.

The more you do something, the
harder it is to get out of it.

[ Straining ]

I see what you mean.

I want to get out of
my nail-biting rut

Before it gets any harder.

You know, I have an idea
that just might help you out.

There. Now you can't bite your
nails, even if you want to.

This feels neat. Thanks, mama.

Ha-ha, you're welcome.

[ Sighing ]

Lizzie, I need
some help again.

[ Chuckling ]

How long are you going

To have those
funny fingers?

As long as it takes to
break my nail-biting habit.

[ Sister ]:
it better be soon, because this
tape is getting really annoying.

Here you go.

There. That's enough apples.

[ Chuckling ]

I'm glad you didn't
do a cherry tree.

Ha-ha-ha, me too.

Oh, ugh!

What's the matter?

Oh, I have an itch
on my shoulder,

But I can't scratch it.

Here, let me help.

Ohh, thanks.

No problem -- the next
time I have an itch

I can't scratch,
you can help me.

Not until I get this silly
tape off my fingers.

[ Sister ]:
and I couldn't pick things up,
I couldn't unbuckle my backpack.

I couldn't scratch an itch.

I couldn't even play
my recorder in music class.

That's why I took
the tape off my fingers.

I see.

And I haven't bitten
my nails since.

So, I think I've broken
my bad habit.

Well, good news like that
calls for a celebration.

How does a honeycomb
chewie sound?

It sounds delicious.


Gee, I haven't bitten
my nails in years.

That must be worth
the whole batch.

[ Laughing awkwardly ]

Just kidding.

Uh, one honeycomb chewie
will be fine.

Ha, I think so, too.

What's that?

It's my science project. We're
learning all about the moon.

This shows all the different
phases of the moon.

This one here's a full moon.
Over here is a half moon.

Oh, this is a quarter moon.


You're biting your nails again.

You said you'd
stopped biting them.

Mm, that's what
I thought.

That's what I thought, too.

I think we'll have
to find another way

To keep those fingers
away from your mouth.


I just got an idea.

[ Sister ]:
are you sure this lemon juice
plan will work?


Go ahead. Give it a try.

Ugh, that's so sour!

Ta-da, problem solved.

Brother bear, that clever
idea has earned you

Another honeycomb square.

Hey, all right! Thanks, mama.
Anything else you need?

I mean, you know, cooking tips,
a weather report?

Maybe a short poem?

Ha, I think
you've given me

Enough help
before supper.

Mmm, delicious.

Catch you later, sis.


[ Yawning ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Brother's voice ]:
it's my science project.

Over here's a half moon.
Oh, this is a quarter moon.


[ Brother's voice ]:
oh, this is a quarter moon.

Over here is a half moon.

[ Teacher jane's voice ]:
so, cut up another pie,

So that each of you
gets / of the pie.

[ Lizzie's voice ]:
you have to cut it into thirds.

Hey, sis. How did
the lemon juice work?

Ok... Sort of.

"Ok, sort of"?

[ Sighing ]

After a while, the lemon juice
didn't taste so bad.

So, I ended up biting
my nails all night.

This nail-biting habit
is going to be

More difficult to
break than I thought.

I know something
we haven't tried.

Every morning I'll give
you a dime to hang on to.

At the end of the day, if you
haven't nibbled your nails,

It's yours to keep.

Cents a day?

That's a great idea.

Thanks, papa.

Gee, I wish I had a bad habit so
I could make some extra money.

Ha-ha, go on.

Hmm, would you look at that.

Bear valley electronics
is having a sale.

/ Off on selected items.

You're biting your nails
already, sis.

[ Gasping ]

Oh, dear.

Ahh, I might as well face it.

I'm going to be
a full-time nail-biter

For the rest of my life.

Maybe we should
try a quarter?

[ Gasping ]
hey, I think I know why
she's biting her nails.

You do?

Well, sis,

What do you think?

[ Gasping ]

See? Fractions are
making her do it.

They are?

You were biting your nails
when I showed you the half moon

And when papa showed you
the / off in the newspaper

And then when he said a quarter.

Are you saying she's nervous
about fractions?

Are you, sis?

Well, they are kind of
hard to understand.

I think I'm the only one in
my class who doesn't get it.

Well, fractions can be
confusing at first.

Do you want some help
figuring them out?


[ Mama ]:
once you start understanding
fractions better,

We'll see if you stop
biting your nails.

What are we waiting for? Come
on, brother, let's get started.


Fractions are no big deal.

You've already been using them
without even knowing it.

Like when?

Like... When you're
looking at a clock.

What time does it say?

That's easy. It's
a quarter past : .

Right, and it's called
a quarter past : ,

Because when the minute
hand goes from

Here to here, minutes--

Or a quarter of one
whole hour-- has passed.


I never thought about it
like that before.

[ Brother ]:
what's that?


Ok, that's how much it's worth.
But what is the coin called?

A quarter.

Right, and if you
have four quarters,

It's worth one whole dollar.


Maybe fractions aren't
as hard as I thought.

You know, you're
a pretty good teacher.


[ Alarm ringing, screaming ]

All right, class,
we will continue

Our lesson on fractions
after recess.

[ Laughing ]
oh, brother.

Hi, lizzie.

Hi, sister. I brought
my books over.

I thought we could do
our homework together.

I've already finished
my homework.

All of it?

Even the fraction worksheet?


It hardly took
any time at all.

Why are you holding
your hands like that?

Oh, no reason.

Are you biting
your nails again?

No, not for weeks.

Open them up. Let me see.

[ Gasping ]

You have nail
polish on.

Yes. Mama said I could put it on
when my nails grew back.

cool, ha-ha.

Once I stopped worrying
about fractions,

I stopped biting my nails.

Hey, I think you owe me
a backscratch.


Grrrrr, you asked for it,
lizzie bruin.


[ Growling and giggling ]

[ Mama ]:
first prize,

Second prize, third prize

Or none, at thanksgiving time,

More than a contest is won.

[ Straining ]

Ha-ha-ha, well,
what do you know?

A carrot that's stronger
than my sister.

Ugh... I don't...
Think so.

[ Straining, grunting ]

[ Laughing ]

And sister bear wins
the tug of w*r.

See you at the dinner table.

How's the thanksgiving
harvest going, cubs?


We sure have a lot of veggies
in our garden this year.

[ Sighing ]

It's a beautiful sight
to behold, isn't it?

It sure is, papa.

You know, you can have your
colourful autumn leaves

And your golden sunsets.

What I like best about fall

Is a big spread
of orange pumpkins.

And here's the pride
of the pumpkin patch.

It just keeps getting
bigger and bigger.

[ Farmer ben ]:

Hi, farmer ben.

Do you think I can pull you
away from your gardening

To do a little fishing, papa?

Ha, I think I could be talked
into that quite easily.

Could you cubs do me a favour

And fetch my fishing
gear, please?


Heh-heh-heh, that's a nice
little pumpkin patch

You've got there.

Little? Well, my pumpkin patch
might be small,

But it's home to one of the
biggest and best pumpkins

In all of bear country.

The giant!

And I intend to enter it
in this year's

Thanksgiving pumpkin contest.

Well, don't forget that
I've won that contest

Years in a row, papa.

Hmph, maybe that's
because I've never entered.

Well, there's no need to
get worked up about it.

May the best pumpkin win.

[ Papa ]:
I just remembered.

I can't go
fishing today.

I'm... Too busy.

That's too bad.

Well, I guess
I'll see you later.

Here's your fishing stuff, papa.

How come farmer ben
isn't waiting for you?

[ Papa ]:
there's been a
change of plans.

Now, could you cubs
do me a favour

And put away my fishing gear?
Thank you.

[ Papa ]:
can you believe it?

He called my pumpkin patch
"little". It's not little.

Oh, that's just
the way ben talks.

He didn't mean anything
by it. Besides,

He's got fields and
fields of pumpkins.

So, your patch probably
does look smaller.

Well, I didn't like the way
he chuckled when he said it.

Like my pumpkin patch
was some sort of joke.

Ha-ha-ha, you're
overreacting, dear.

The giant could b*at the pants
off any of ben's pumpkins.

I can't wait until the
thanksgiving pumpkin contest.

Thanksgiving is
about giving thanks,

And not about b*ating
the pants off someone...

Especially your
best friend.

Oh, there are no friends in
pumpkin-growing contests.

Now, excuse me while
I check up on the giant.

[ Chuckling ]

There. Not too much,

Not too little.

[ Sister ]:
look what I made, papa.

A thanksgiving turkey
to hang on the door.

Well, now. That's a fine-looking
piece of artwork, sister.

I'm sure looking forward
to thanksgiving.

And I'm looking forward to the
thanksgiving pumpkin contest.

Howdy, neighbours.

Sorry, ben. Can't talk now.
I'm busy cooling off the giant.

Hmm... I can't say I've
ever seen a pumpkin

Work up a sweat before.

It's not sweating.
He just watered it.

I see. Well, uh...

Have a good day.

See you later,
farmer ben.

He didn't come over here just
to say, "have a good day".

He's keeping an eye
on the competition.

That's what he's doing.

What's the fence for, papa?

Privacy-- if there's
one thing I can't stand,

It's people stealing a peek
at someone else's pumpkin

Before the contest.

[ Chuckling ]

It doesn't matter
what you do, ben.

None of your pumpkins
will ever measure up

To the giant, heh-heh-heh.

What are you looking at?

Ahem, oh, uh, there's
a killdeer over there.

Oh, that is one
fine-looking bird.

[ Insects chirping ]

Ah, it's so much fun to sit
here and watch the giant grow.

I suppose.

Isn't it about time
that you came inside?

Uh, in a minute, honey.

I just want to
tuck in the giant

And protect him
from the frost.
[ Giggling ]

Sleep tight, big fella.

Ha, and don't let
the pumpkin bugs bite!

Pumpkin bugs?

Don't worry, big guy--
if there are pumpkin bugs here,

Ooh, I'll catch them.

So, this be-eth plymouth rock.

Not bad.

It remindeth me
of bear country.

Well, look who stepped off
the big yellow mayflower.

[ Laughing ]

So, how was pilgrim day
at school?

It was really neat, and I won
the prize for writing

The longest list of
things to be thankful for.


And number one on
my list is my mama's hugs.


I was thankful today, too.


Thankful that cousin fred
had to wear

The wild turkey costume
instead of me.

[ Laughing ]

What's papa doing?

Come on, old buddy.
Keep growing.

You can do it. Think big.

Ha-ha, papa just read
a book that says you can

Encourage plants to grow
by talking to them.

Hmm, was it
a comic book?

[ Laughing ]

I heard that.
Laugh if you want to.

But I'll do whatever
it takes to win.

[ Brother ]:
you know what, papa?

I heard rumours that
farmer ben has

A really big pumpkin
called the monster.

"The monster"? Ugh,
that does sound big.

It can't be bigger than
the giant, can it?

I'm going to have to
take a look for myself.

I've got to see how big
the monster really is.

Yep, ha-ha, the giant is
bigger than this one.

And this one, too.

[ Chuckling ]

There's no doubt about it--
the giant is going to be

The next heavyweight
champion of bear country.
[ Dog barking ]

[ Farmer ben ]:
someone's in the pumpkin patch!

Get him, shep!

Oh, no! I can't let
ben find me here.


Hmph, pesky prowlers.

Boy, that judge sure is
spending a lot of time

Looking at the giant.

He's probably never seen
a pumpkin that impressive.

Oh, good work, old buddy.
Nobody can measure up to you.

Ladies and gentlebears,

This is the moment
you've all been waiting for.

The winner of this year's

Thanksgiving pumpkin
contest is...

Quick, get the camera ready.

Farmer ben and the monster.

But... B-but--

[ Judge ]:
congratulations. That's years
in a row for farmer ben.

Uh, don't worry, papa.
Second place is in the bag.

That's right,

Second place is good, too.

Yes... I suppose you're right.

[ Judge ]:
and the second prize winner

Miss grizzle and her pumpkin,
autumn beauty.

Second? Oh, bless me.
I don't believe it.

I can't believe it, either.

And coming in third place is

Papa q. Bear and the giant.

Way to go, papa!

Yeah, third place isn't so bad.

Especially considering it's
your first year entering.

Yes... I suppose so.

Great pumpkin, ben.

That's some pumpkin
you've got there.

Thank you very much.
Thank you. Thanks.

[ Papa ]:
congratulations, ben.

Same to you, papa--
third place is a good showing

For your first year out.

Thanks, ha-ha-ha.

[ Clearing throat ]

About how I've been acting

Uh-uh. Don't give it
another thought.

A pumpkin contest can put a
bear under a lot of pressure.

And I ought to know.

I've been through
enough of them.

Oh, farmer ben.

Your pumpkin
is absolutely magnificent.

May I have your autograph?

why, uh, sure.

You shouldn't be so
upset for not winning.

Remember, there's
always next year.

I'm not upset that I didn't
come in first, or even second.

I'm upset because
I let a contest

Come between me
and my best friend.

Ha, I wouldn't
blame ben

If he never came around
to see me again.

I wouldn't stew
about it any more.

Things will work out
fine, I'm sure.

Now, let's put that
pumpkin contest behind us

And get on with
celebrating thanksgiving.

[ Papa ]:
ahem, before we enjoy this
delicious thanksgiving feast,

I'd like to give thanks for the
blessing of my family and home.

I'm also thankful for
the delicious food

That's before all of us today.

And, finally, I'd like
to give thanks

For the great friends and
neighbours that we have.

Couldn't have said
it better myself.

And I'm thankful

For having the best
fishing partner

In all of bear country.

Now, papa, don't forget to bring
the turkey sandwiches tomorrow.

[ Laughing ]

I won't, ben.

Ok, everyone, dig in!

[ Sister ]:
[ Mama ]:

Do you have something
to say, sister?

[ Groaning ]

I'd like to say

That I'm thankful that
the giant didn't win

First prize in today's
pumpkin contest.

What? Well, I thought
you liked the giant.

I do.

But if the giant won,
it would be on display

At city hall right now
instead of being part

Of the giant, yummy pie we're
going to have for dessert.

[ Laughing ]

True enough.

There's no doubt about it.

That's the biggest pumpkin pie
I've ever seen.

[ Laughing ]

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