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08x05 - The Compost Problem/Raiders of the Lost Arch

Posted: 10/10/22 07:15
by bunniefuu



- One, two!
A one, two, three, four!


♪♪ Peg plus Cat ♪
(Cat tooting like a trombone)

♪ Peg plus Cat ♪
(Cat tooting)

- ♪ One two three
- Yeah, c'mon let's go ♪

- ♪ Four five six
- Hey, what do you know? ♪

- ♪ Seven eight nine
- Whoa, what comes next? ♪

- Uh, ten?
- Ten!

- ♪ You're the best ♪
(kids cheering)

♪ We are two
Na na na na na ♪

♪ Me plus you
Na na na na na ♪

♪ We're Peg plus
- Cat ♪

- ♪ Peg plus
- Cat ♪

- ♪ Peg plus
- Ca-at ♪

- ♪ Peg plus Cat ♪♪
(all laughing)

- The Compost Problem. Phew!


(banjo upbeat music)

(horses whinnying)

- I'm Peg,
and I'm full.

- I'm Cat, and I'm stuffed!

- That's the pig.
- He's a pig.

- And we're having another
perfect picnic with the pig!

We finished our cheese
and pickle sandwiches.

- We finished almost
all the strawberries!

- We finished
all of our bananas!

- (gulping): And we finished
all the... strawberries!

- So now it's time for...

- (together): CHOCOLATE MILK!

- I'll pour in the milk,
Cat, grab the chocolate

if you please!
We're gonna mix 'em up!

- Oh yeah! Just tell me
when to squeeze!

- How much milk
should I pour in?

- How much chocolate
do you picture?

- Oh no!
- We can't make chocolate milk

If we don't know
the right mixture!

- Is it two equal parts
chocolate and milk?

- I think it's
chocolate up to here

and a little splash of milk.

- If we don't know how much
of each ingredient to add,

we can't make chocolate milk
and that's a BIG PROBLEM!

- I can't think
with all this clutter.

To the garbage!

- Hey Cat, can I
take that trash?

- Ramone! You want
my trash?

- I'm gathering compost
for the farmer.

(farmer groaning from effort)
- What's compost?

- And what's
that stinky smell?

- That stinky smell
is the compost.

- Compost is garbage
made out of stuff from nature.

Whoa! Like, uh...

sticky fruit peels...

icky veggie scraps...

smelly egg shells.
(Sniffs and lets it out.)

Even paper and cardboard

'cause those
are made from trees!

- And why do you want it?
- 'Cause if you mix it up

just right, after a long time

it'll turn into soil,
perfect for growing a garden!

- So we can use garbage
to make a garden?

That totally rocks!

- It totally reeks, too!

- Why Pig, that there was
some impressive composting!

- Could you two help me
with the compost?

- I'm in! Cat?
- Cat?

- I'm on the fence.
We still have to solve

our big problem,
remember?! Gnuh!

- ♪ We can't make chocolate milk
If we don't know ♪

♪ The right mixture ♪
- Word!

- I've got a really cool
chocolate milk recipe for you.

It's one part chocolate
and two parts milk!

- Go on...
- Peg, you pour the milk,

Pig, you hold these.

- I'll add the chocolate--
- Peg usually lets me squeeze.

- You're hoping for a recipe?
Well I have got

the fix for the perfect
chocolate milk 'cause I know...

- (all): Just the right mixture!

- One part chocolate
and two parts milk!

- If I'm careful when I pour the
milk flows in as smooth as silk!

- One part chocolate
and two parts milk!

- It's a three part
combination you can always use!

- We will-k!
- It looks pretty uneven.

Maybe I should squeeze the rest?
- It's uneven for a reason:

those mixtures can be best!

- (Cat): One part chocolate.
- (Peg): And two parts milk!

- I so can't wait to taste it!
It's gonna be a thrill-k!

- Our problem is solved!
- It's everything I wished for!

- We made our chocolate
milk 'cause we knew...

- (all): ... Just
the right mixture!

- Check it out!

- (Peg and Cat): Whoa!

(loud slurping)

- A little chocolate
and a lot of milk

makes an awesome drink.

- We can make an
awesome garden too,

with compost.
But I need your help.

- Hm, You make a strong case...

...and a strong glass
of chocolate milk. I'm in!

- Cool! So there are
two kinds of compost.

- Soggy stuff, like banana
peels and strawberry tops,

goes in the green bin.
- And dry stuff,

like paper bags or crunchy
leaves, goes in the brown bin.

If you can collect the two types
and get them sorted out,

I'll show you how
to put them together in just

the right mixture... So
your compost looks like this!

- Ooh!
- And is perfect

for making a garden.
- Let's get crazy

with our compost collecting!
(Pig burps.)

- Thanks, guys.
(Pig slurps, snorts and hums.)

- OK. We just have
to collect enough compost

to fill all these bins.
(musical punch)

- Yup, just ALL these bins!

(discouraged laugh)

- This is a

(Pig snoring)

- Looks like the Pig
is on break!

So it's up to us, to...
- ...Bring on the grunge!

- ♪♪ Load up your bins
just ask your friends ♪

♪ For all their trash
and odds and ends ♪

- ♪ I'll go this way
and you go there ♪

- ♪ Don't forget to sort
what waste goes where ♪

- ♪ Dry waste in brown ♪

- ♪ Soggy in green ♪

- ♪ For the best compost
you have ever seen ♪

- ♪ Can I have
that old burrito? ♪

♪ This is soggy
so that's green-o ♪

♪ Now for dry waste
this egg carton ♪

♪ Gotta find more
stuff that's rotten Yeah! ♪

(electric guitar solo)

- ♪ Tomato cores
old crust with sauce ♪

♪ Can I have that cardboard? ♪
- Eh... you're the boss!

- ♪ Instead of throwing
this stuff in the trash ♪

♪ You can sort it
into a compost stash ♪

♪ Dry waste in brown ♪

♪ Soggy in green ♪

♪ For the best compost
you have ever seen ♪

- ♪ Soggy waffle ♪

♪ Burnt falafel ♪

♪ Can I have this? ♪
It smells awful!

- Hey!
- ♪ Got my compost ♪

- ♪ Got my compost ♪

- ♪ We smell so gross
- But we Got our compost ♪♪

Woo hoo!

- We collected
a bunch of compost!

- And sorted it
into soggy and dry!

- And now we can mix it up
so it can make a garden...

as soon as
Ramone's back.

- Well, we could just dump in
some soggy compost...

- And an equal amount
of dry compost...

- We did it!

- We are
composting pros!

(sound of melting-leaking)
- Uh oh!

- We ruined the compost!
It's way too wet!

- We over-gooped it!
What a waste of waste!


- No need to freak out, guys.
You just got the mixture wrong.

- How do we
get it right, Ramone?

- I'd start by taking
a deep breath.

(Both take a deep breath.)

Then maybe count backwards
from five to calm down

while I mix you
some chocolate milk.

- This guy...
- Five, four,

three, two--
- One part chocolate,

two parts milk!
- That's it,

you milk-sipping genius!
- Huh?

- For chocolate milk, we needed
to mix one part chocolate

with two parts milk.
Right now, our compost mixture

is one part soggy
and one part dry;

An equal amount. But it's
super wet and runny.

- So...
- So, if we add more dry compost

and make it two parts dry...

would that be the right mixture?
- Sure would!

- All right!
- But where are we going to get

more dry compost?
- Uh, I've called in

all my garbage
collecting favors already.


- (farmer): More fine compost
gathering from the Pig!

(musical punch and lyrical
vocalizing from Pig)

- (Cat): He is the master
of all things stinky.

- Those crunchy dry leaves
are just what you need.

- The leaves are
sopping up the glop!

- And making a ton
of super compost,

perfect for making
a garden grow!

- I'm loving this compost!

- ♪♪ We thought we were in ♪

♪ For a typical picnic ♪

♪ 'Til we offered
to help out Ramone ♪

- ♪ So we finished our 'nanas ♪

- ♪ And changed our plan-as ♪

- ♪ To help get a garden grown ♪

- ♪ You can start out
with one thing ♪

♪ But with the right mixture
it can turn ♪

♪ Into something brand new ♪

- ♪ The work might be dirty ♪
- It might not smell "purdy"!

- ♪ But if you hold your nose
and power through... ♪

(little musical bridge)

- ♪ You can turn nothin'
into somethin' ♪

- ♪ Garbage into gold ♪

- ♪ Trash into treasure ♪

- ♪ You can make something new ♪

♪ Out of something old ♪

- ♪ We didn't know
about compost ♪

- ♪ But we knew about sorting ♪

- ♪ And mixtures
with two parts involved ♪

- ♪ We just filled up our bins ♪

- ♪ And went out on a limb ♪

- ♪ Till the problem
got totally solved ♪

- ♪ And now we're turning
nothing into something ♪

- ♪ Over time
we'll watch it unfold ♪

- ♪ Compost into soil ♪

- ♪ We're making something new ♪

♪ Out of something old ♪

- ♪ I always try to help a lot ♪

♪ But sometimes
I need help too ♪

♪ You collected and sorted ♪

- ♪ Our first pile
was distorted ♪

- ♪ But I could totally
count on you ♪

- Woo hoo!
- ♪ We're turning nothing ♪

♪ Into something ♪

- ♪ This garden'll be
a sight to behold ♪

- ♪ If it's chocolate and milk
- Or two kinds of filth ♪

- ♪ You can use
the right mixture ♪

- ♪ 'Til it's pretty
as a picture ♪

- ♪ You can make something new
out of something ♪

♪ Make something new ♪

♪ Out of something old ♪♪

- Mixing compost was fun,
but mixing chocolate and milk

is yummier!
- Mm-hm!

- Do you think our compost
made the garden grow yet?

- Hm, I don't know.
Go check.

- OK, watch my mixture.

Careful, that Pig's everywhere.


- ♪♪ We're splashing ♪

- One, two!
A one, two, three, four!


♪♪ Peg plus Cat ♪
(Cat tooting like a trombone)

♪ Peg plus Cat ♪
(Cat tooting)

- ♪ One two three
- Yeah, c'mon let's go ♪

- ♪ Four five six
- Hey, what do you know? ♪

- ♪ Seven eight nine
- Whoa, what comes next? ♪

- Whoa, TEN!
- Ten!

- ♪ You're the best ♪
(kids cheering)

♪ We are two
Na na na na na ♪

♪ Me plus you
Na na na na na ♪

♪ We're Peg plus
- Cat ♪

- ♪ Peg plus
- Cat ♪

- ♪ Peg plus
- Ca-at ♪

- ♪ Peg plus Cat ♪♪
(all laughing)

- Raiders of the Lost Arch.

- Did someone
say, hm, arch?

- Yep. That would be me.
(sinister cackle)

(cars honking)

(Indiana Jones type music)

- Hi, I'm Peg
and this is Cat.

And we found these amazing
hats in our costume trunk.

So we wore them
to the Art Museum!

- This hat makes me
feel so COOL!

- Whoa-oa!
Even my fall was cool!

- I feel like
a million bucks!

Like the cat's pajamas!
- You feel like my pajamas?

- This hat! It makes me
say things like that!

I don't know about you,
but I think something exciting

is gonna happen today.
- Adventure is just
around the corner.

- Welcome to the rock exhibit.

- That could be exciting!

- We've got a rock, a stone,

a pebble and some sand.

- Well, that's about all
the excitement I can take

for one day! Aah...

- Hey Mac, what's supposed
to go there?

- ♪♪ This space is for something
we're hoping to own ♪

♪ A magnificent marvelous
arch made of stone ♪

- A curvy shape!
- ♪ But this part of the story ♪

♪ May cause you some shock ♪

♪ The arch is inside of a cave ♪

♪ And would take
someone very brave ♪

♪ To go inside and to save ♪

♪ That remarkable rock ♪♪

- So the arch is trapped
inside a cave, huh?

- Oh yes! Very dangerous!

- Well, that is a sad story.

Ah! Good luck, Mac!
(sound of tires screeching)

- Cat! Our hats!
- I think we've already covered

how cool they are.
- No!

This is the adventure
we've been waiting for.

We're supposed
to find that arch!

- Heh! So many exciting
things have already happened.

We saw rocks,
we talked about my pajamas...

- Mac, we're gonna
find that Lost Arch

and bring it back
to the museum where it belongs!

- Oh good! I've already
made the arrangements.

(sound of plane engine)

(musical rip-off
of Indiana Jones theme)

- Thanks for the lift, Ramone.

Cat and I are in a big hurry
to get to the cave.

- Oh! Uh, yeah, big hurry!

- No problem.
We'll go straight there!

Because the fastest way
to get somewhere

is to travel in a straight line.
- Really?

- Yep. Let's say you were trying
to fly to that cloud up ahead.

You can get there
by making twists and turns...

...but it'll take a long time.

The quickest path
is always a straight line!

- In that case,

we'd like to go
the straightest way,

- You got it!

(triumphant music)

- (yawning): Here already?
- That WAS fast!

- I've gotta take the Pig
to the Pyramids,

but I'll be back to pick you
guys up. Oh! I almost forgot:

Mac wanted me to give you
this map of the cave.

A map shows where things are.
- Thanks, Ramone!

- I do what I can!

(heroic music)

(sinister music)

- Um, Peg?

Maybe this cave is
a little, um, TOO exciting.

- OK, so the cave

happens to have
teeth and, sure,

it's a little dark in here, but
there's nothing to worry abou--

- Hey!

Someone put these marbles
here on purpose!

- It's a trap! And that's a...
- (both): ...BIG PROBLEM!

(dramatic music)
- This map shows LOTS of traps

inside the cave!
- I repeat:

(dramatic music)

Why didn't you say it with me?
- Because!

It's not a big problem
if we use our map.

- The map shows traps coming up.

And if we know where they are,
we can get past them!

- ♪♪ Once you pass the marbles
there's a secret hidden gap ♪

♪ But if you know it's comin'
getting past it is a snap ♪

♪ A hole's beneath these leaves
according to the map ♪

- Whoa!
- ♪ So now we can jump over it ♪

♪ And get on past the trap ♪

♪ Next there is another trick
so Cat put on the brakes ♪

♪ Up ahead those giant crates
Are filled with slimy snakes ♪

- ♪ I hate snakes
- The snakes are past ♪

♪ The bridge
according to the map ♪

♪ So let's stay nice and low ♪

Like so!
♪ And crawl on past the trap ♪

- ♪ You were really right, Peg
this map is really something ♪

♪ When you look down at the map
you see just what is coming ♪

- The last trap is a boulder!
♪ According to the map ♪

- AAH!!

- ♪ So we can leap on top of it
and get on past the trap ♪

- ♪ Thanks to our handy
dandy map ♪

♪ We got past all the traps ♪♪

- Alright! The Lost Arch
is straight up ahead.

(sinister cackle)

(gasping): There it is!
The Lost Arch!

- Now it's the Lost
and Found Arch!

- And so... ♪ Problem solved
The problem is solved ♪

♪ We solved the problem
Problem-- ♪♪

- Uh, Peg? Where did
the arch go?

(dramatic musical punch)
- (gasping): It's gone!

(sinister cackle)
- That dramatic cackle

can only belong to...
- (both): ...The Arch Villain!

- Thanks for leading me past
all those traps, Peg and Cat.

(snickering): Now
this beautiful,

bendy, curvaceous arch is mine!

(sinister cackle)

- The Arch Villain stole
the arch and rode away with it!

- So not cool.
- And...

(dramatic music)

After that villain!

- (both): Whoa-oa-oa!

- Did I mention I have no idea
how to drive this thing?

- We're slowing down
because the cart is swerving

from side to side!
Straighten out

and we'll go
full speed ahead!

- Hang on to your hat!

- Wee-haa!
- Whoa!

(exciting music)

- We're catching up!
- How...

do... you... steer this thing?

- Hold it right there,
Arch Villain!

- Yeah! Give us
the Lost Arch

that we found
and then lost again.

- Ah, Peg and Cat!

I'd love to stay and chat,
but I gotta RUN!

(sinister and crazy laugh)

- We'll never catch up
to the Arch Villain!

And we won't get the Lost Arch!

And we'll have worn these
really cool hats for nothing!


(xylophone, horn
and whistle sounds)

Cat's right. I should count

backwards from five
to calm down.

Five, four,

three, two,


That's it you stretching-your-
tail-in-a-straight-line Cat!

- Huh?
- When we were in the plane,

Ramone told us that the fastest
way to get anywhere

is to travel in a straight line.

- The Arch Villain is running
around a big curve.

- He does love a curve!
- So if we travel

in a straight line,
we can catch up to him!

Hang on, Cat!

(crazy getaway laugh)

- Huh?! Ah! Peg and Cat?!

But you were--
Ah! How did you--?

- While you were
bending the rules,

we stuck to the straight
and narrow!

- Now hand over the arch!

(loud crying)

- Oh! Eesh! His cry is even
more dramatic than his cackle.

- This is the most beautiful
arch in the whole world.

And if you take it away,
I'll never see it again!

- But we're bringing
the arch to the Art Museum.

- Yeah, you can
see it every day!

- Every day?!

Peg and Cat,
you've convinced me!


- So by traveling
in a straight line,

we got the Lost Arch back!

- Math really saved
our cool factor.

- And so...
♪ Problem solved ♪

- ♪ The problem is solved
- We solved the problem ♪

- So everything is arch-some!
- ♪ Problem solved ♪

- Hi, Ramone.
We'd like to fly

straight to the Art Museum!

- One straight line
coming up!

♪♪ We'll fly home
in the straightest line ♪

♪ Without even one swerve ♪

- ♪ By design a line is fine ♪

♪ But nothing beats a curve ♪
(short laugh)

- ♪ If we want to get there
in a flash ♪

♪ There's one path we can take ♪

♪ It doesn't arc
it doesn't bend ♪

- ♪ It doesn't jerk or shake ♪

- ♪ Just what are you
trying to say? ♪

- ♪ A straight line
is the fastest way ♪

- Let's try one dip!
Let's try one wave!

- (Ramone): Let's try one thing:
Try to behave!

- ♪ Let's not dilly-dally
or delay ♪

- ♪ So stay the course
don't lead us astray ♪

- ♪ I'd rather not be
in this plane all day ♪

- ♪ A straight line
is the fastest way ♪

♪ A straight line
is the fastest way ♪

- ♪ I still love a curve ♪♪

- Welcome to the Rock Exhibit.

Here's some normal
rocks and stuff,

but this! This
is something special:

The Lost Arch!

Isn't it bendy
and curvaceous and beautiful?

Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

- You really love that arch,
don't you, Arch Villain?

(crazy cackle)

- ♪♪ I love this arch
more than a roller coaster ♪

♪ I love this arch
more than a shiny toaster ♪

♪ It's more groovy
than a D movie on Mars ♪

♪ It's better than plastic
it's more fantastic ♪

♪ Than candy bars ♪

♪ Greater than leaves
on a crisp fall day ♪

♪ Better than cheese
From a nice café ♪

It's more fun
than a kite in March!

♪ There's nothing I love
more than this arch ♪

- ♪ He loves that arch
more than jumpin' in puddles ♪

- ♪ He loves that arch
more than hugs and cuddles ♪

- ♪ It's more sublime than
a Shakespeare rhyme or play ♪

♪ Thanks to Peg and Cat
- And cool hats ♪

- ♪ My arch is on display ♪

But wait, there's more!
♪ I love this arch ♪

♪ More than super powers ♪

- ♪ He loves that arch
more than springtime flowers ♪

- ♪ I love it more than
a band leader loves to march ♪

♪ There's nothing I love more
than this arch ♪

(crazy cackle)

I love this arch!
(kissing sound)

(soft guitar music)

- I can't believe
this whole adventure started

because of these hats!
- I know, right?

- It's like the hats
asked us to be explorers

and we were like, "OK!"
- (speaking as hat): Hey Cat,

wanna go on
another adventure?

- Nah, I'll stay here.
You go on ahead.

- OK, I'll go on a head.

- Ah! You're on MY head!

(crazy laugh)

(Now both laugh.)

- Live from the tree,

- ♪ Amazing People ♪

- ♪ We still haven't written a--
- Theme song ♪

- Today on Amazing People:

- He's big, he's got humps!

- He's Cleopatra's
amazing Camel, Epidermis!

- Who only ever says:
- Mrahaha!

- Roll it, Mac!

(series of "Mrhaha's" to follow)

So, mrahaha can mean "hooray!"
- Mrahaha!

- Or "help."
- Mrahaha!

- Atchoo!
- Mrahaha.

- Even gesundheit?!
- How about happy birthday?

(to melody of Happy Birthday)
- ♪ Mrahahaha-ha haa ♪

♪ Mrahahaha-ha haa ♪

♪ Mrahahaa-haa ♪

♪ Mraha Mahaa-- ♪♪

- ♪ Amazing Camel ♪

- ♪ Mrahahahaa!

(theme music)