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01x13 - The Sound of Thunder - Pt. 2

Posted: 10/20/22 09:52
by bunniefuu
Previously on Primeval New World...

It's through.

Hey, guys? Do you think
that thing's tail is poisonous?

Almost certainly.

I'll need a targeted anti-toxin.

Don't you need a venom sample for that?

- Can you get me one?
- Yes!

There are benefits to cooperation.

What is this place?

It must be
some kind of temporal junction.

Hall can't find out about this.

This is a doorway
to a hundred times and places.

Got it!


- I'm trapped!
- I got the tail!

Get the venom back to Magnet, and then
come back here and move these rocks.

And what if the Anomaly closes
while I'm gone?

Well, then I'm going to be really glad
to know that you got out before it did.

Out of the way! Out of the way!


Okay, guys. Get this thing locked.


Did you see the size of that bastard?
And the scars?

Yeah, well, it's a dinosaur, mate.
You'll get used to it.


Kieran! Probably not the best place to stand.





Uh, okay. Looks like I'm going through.

- Connor.
- Just don't lock it until I get back.

Be careful.

Uh-huh, I'll try.

See you in a bit.

- Can I talk to you for a moment?
- Yeah.

She's s*ab for now.

Do you need more blood,
'cause I've got plenty to spare.

Yeah, I wish it were that simple.

There must be something you can do.

Do you think I have some kind of miracle cure
that I'm holding out on you?

No. I'm sorry.

I just need her to be okay, that's all.

I know.

I work in a lab.

It's been a long time since
I've had to give family members bad news.

I'm not her family.

Well, you're the closest thing
she's got at the moment,

and it looks to me
like you're doing a really good job at it.

Can I be honest with you?

I really wish you wouldn't.


Let's pretend a little while longer.

If you've come here to recruit her again,
you're wasting your time.

- That's not why I'm here.
- To harvest her organs, then?

- Or go through her pockets?
- Why don't you tone it down a notch?

You think you own this?
You think that's how this works?

Whoever's hurting the most
gets to be an assh*le?

You're working for them now.

So yeah, you're here helping,
but we all know that comes with a price tag.

You want to blame me?
That's fine, I can take it.

But you know what I blame? The Anomalies.

They're what's wrong with this picture.
They're what's tearing us apart.

Mac, unless we start working together,
they're what's going to k*ll us all.

They're not going to make it back in time,
are they?

Let's give them a chance, okay?

- Is the chopper waiting?
- Yes, ma'am.




This needs to go straight to Dr Fridkin.

Ma'am, what are you doing?

I have to go back.

I don't suppose you'd actually have
a stick of dynamite handy?

I can call in a demolition team.

No. I won't put anyone else at risk.

- Just get that venom to the lab.
- Yes, ma'am.


Hey! Whoa! Stop!

- You okay?
- Yeah! Thanks for that.

Hang on, where did you come from?

- I could ask you the same thing.
- Fair enough.

The big shiny light things,
kind of like doorways?

You know about the Anomalies.

You could say that, yeah.

I don't see many people out this way.
Not alive, anyway.

- Lucky so far.
- Yeah, it looks like it.

What about you?
This isn't your first time either.

Well, it's sort of a calling, unfortunately.

Scorpion sand trap.

Hey, it's obvious you know what you're doing,
but you really shouldn't be out here.

Oh, believe me, I know.

But my friend is in trouble, so here I am.

Yeah, I know that feeling.

One of my guys got chased in here by a...

- What, a dinosaur?
- never said that.

I thought I was on his trail.

- Well... Whoa!
- Watch it.

Sorry, these are my tracks.
Those over there are Evan's.

- Evan? Evan Cross?
- Yeah.

Wait, what? How do you know Evan?

We've met.

How come he's never mentioned you?

Can we sort all this out
after it's less dangerous?

Yeah, but I've got to save Evan first.

He's trapped in a burrow over on that side.

'Course he is.

And you're just going to carry on regardless.

All right, fine.
I'll come help you if you help me.

What are we talking, brontoscorpions,
regular scorpions, or giant scorpions?


Lovely. Come on, then.

I don't know if you can hear me, Tobes,

but I just want you to know
that I'm still here, all right?

'Cause you've stood by me,
even when I was being a bit of an arse.

You need to keep sticking around, okay?

Because you're...

Well, it's obvious, isn't it?

You're my best friend.

And I don't want to lose you.

Dr Fridkin! I've got it!

- It's not too late?
- I hope not.

Can I get some gloves, please?

- Where's Evan?
- I'm sure they'll be back soon.

- We really don't want to be in here.
- No kidding.

- Evan!
- Dylan!

Hey, I got company!

Great, 'cause I've got company, too,
and he's a bit pissed off!

Come on. Watch yourself!

Come on!

- You okay?
- Yeah!

It's down, but not for long.

- Thanks.
- Don't mention it.

You going to tell me who you are this time,

or are you just going to disappear again
without giving me any answers, huh?

My name's Connor Temple.
Anything else is going to have to wait.

We've got another man to find.

Go! Go!

Dr Fridkin, we're losing her!

Code blue.

Dr Fridkin, we're losing her!

I got it, I got it. Coming through.

Welcome back, Toby.

- You all right?
- Brilliant.

- Let's get the hell out of here.
- No argument there.

I got stuck in the Cretaceous
for over a year once.

- A year?
- Uh-huh. I don't recommend it.

This is like running in a dream.

Drink that.


- Can you feel that?
- Yeah.

What about that?


- Yes. And stop it, before I make you.
- I'd like to see you try.

You think that I'm going
to go easy on you now

just 'cause we're best friends?

Best friends. With you?


You know what the weirdest part
about being under was?

Well, I mean,
besides your emotional confession?

It was like I was on a different level
of consciousness.

All of a sudden,
everything just seemed so clear to me.

The Anomaly timer
was giving those contradictory readings

because those signals
were coming from different Anomalies.

Mac, there could be dozens,
there could be hundreds of them altogether.

- Is that even possible?
- Yes.

That Anomaly in the mines
leads to hundreds of others.

That's why your timer was confused.

That's awesome.

Toby, is there a way that you can figure out

which of those readings you took
is the real thing?

She's not doing anything. She needs to rest.

- Evan and Dylan are still out there.
- Mac...

- Was your guy armed?
- Last time I saw, yeah.

Good. Because who knows
what's crawling around out here.

Anything, from anywhere.

Yeah, don't I know it?

He got chased in here
by a really rough-looking Albertosaurus.

It's like a T-Rex, but smaller, faster, meaner.

Yeah, I know what it is.

Did... Did it have something wrong
with its arm?

Yeah. How do you know that?

'Cause the same one k*lled my wife.
Six years ago.

It'll be through there.

Uh... Okay, I guess we're going through.

That's Kieran's.

Hey, are you okay with this?

We have a missing man, and we're going
to find him. It's as simple as that.

- This is where it happened?
- Yeah.

The Albertosaurus is in the building,
a few hours away from destroying my life.

This is a bit dodgy,

you walking into your own past,
so don't touch anything.

Don't do anything that's going
to change anything, okay?

- Right.
- Right.

How much time do they have?

The strongest signal has a decay vector
of 15 hours, but that was...

That was more than three hours ago.

Meaning the Anomaly they need to get home
is going to be open for less than 12 hours?


Who are you calling?

Someone who can help me
mount a full-scale rescue operation.

Is that okay with you?

He must be wounded. Let's split up.

Good idea. Check those rooms.


- We're looking for Kieran.
- I know.

Time passes at the same rate
on both sides of the Anomaly,

which means Brooke dies in 97 minutes.

We were heading back from the island.

I took a detour to check out
commercial space in this area.

If I'd have just turned left instead of right,
or just went home...

You can't change what happened.

I know.

- Connor!
- Kieran.


- How the hell'd you find me?
- Had a bit of help.

It's good to see you in one piece.


That looks really sore.

- That thing's still in here.
- I know, I've just seen it.

We've gotta stop it.

Bit more complicated than that.

See, we're in 2006.

So whatever that dinosaur's about to do,
it already did it.

- Now you've lost me.
- Just trust me on this.

The past is better left as it is.

- What, so we just walk away?
- I'm afraid we've got no choice.

This shouldn't be here.
It wasn't here six years ago.

We need to get moving.

If can't change anything, this can't be here.

Hey! Got him. Take this.

Let's get out of here.

- Who are these guys? What do they know?
- It's a long story.

Hey, we're going to need those back.

Watch out!

- What the hell did you just do?
- I just saved your life.

Well, a lot of people
are going to be glad you're okay.

Colonel, what are you doing here?

Angelika Finch,
she asked me to come rescue you,

and I was glad to do it.

Oh, so now I owe you one?

You actually owe me one
for saving your friend, Toby,

if we're keeping score.

Who are these civilians,
and how did they get access?

I don't think they're exactly civilians.

And they didn't need your permission.


We're going to get everybody on home soil,
and then we will debrief.

If you gentlemen don't mind
coming along with us...

Whoa, whoa, no, no, no. You can't do that.

See, I need to get him home.

Well, we have medical facilities here.

You're not really understanding me.

- What's the date?
- June 9th, 2012.

Yeah, you see, that wasn't the date
on my calendar when I woke up this morning.

You understand?

That's actually mine, so just...

We don't belong here is what I'm saying.

So you don't mind
if I check out your story, right?

And I'm wondering, maybe you can tell me,
who exactly do I call for references?

Yeah, I can't... I can't really explain that.

- Well, can you?
- He's not gonna...

Can you?

We'll revisit this?

Let's load the creature up.

- Evan!
- I know.

Colonel, stop. You can't do this.
It has to stay here.

We've been through this, Mr Cross.

One missing dinosaur isn't going to
cause some massive ripple effect...

Listen to him. This isn't just any dinosaur.

Move them out, Sergeant.


Well, by the looks of this place,

you told everybody you've ever met
about your little secret.

I didn't know this was out here.

Look, it's just like you warned me,
everybody wants to get their hands on it.

- This can't be happening.
- I know.

Hang on!

It's okay, we'll get you fixed up.

We're going to be over there.

You need to convince that Colonel
to let us go back the way we came.

Believe me, I want to put everything
back where it came from.

You all right?

I just came to see how you were feeling,
Miss Nance.

She'll be okay.

Yeah, a couple of Red Bulls,
and I'll be ready for action.

Ah, just dandy.

The Colonel's mobilising a ground force
to enter the Anomaly

now that he knows how long he has
until it closes.

Evan asked me to make sure
that nobody else went through it.

So, do you have a plan?

I have this.

I had to estimate your size.

That hat should fit, though.
It only comes in two sizes.

Chopper's standing by.

Go. Just go.

You don't understand what you're doing.

The danger is contained.

What tranquillizer did they use?
What was the dosage?

Five milligrams of etorphine hydrochloride.

No, that's not going to
be nearly enough by itself.

You're going to have to combine it
with acepromazine to bring that thing down.

It's under control, Colonel.

It's not under control.
It's anything but under control.

Look, you can't just take creatures
out of their time

and do whatever you want with them.

That Albertosaurus is a thread,
and now you've pulled it.

Everything around us is about to unravel.

Aren't you being a little dramatic?

In my expert opinion,
the dose was appropriate

for the size and metabolism of the creature.

I'm sorry, I didn't realise

that you had expert knowledge
in dinosaur metabolic systems.

I had to learn everything
through trial and error.

Some of us get it right the first time.

You know, you guys are hilarious.
Anywhere else, Doctor, please. Thank you.

Colonel, by doing this,

you're disrupting a complicated chain
of events that led us to this moment.

If you change anything, just one thing,
it can all change.

Well, just so we're clear,
you would like me to just put it back?

Yes! And as soon as possible.

- I don't know, it just seems a little weak.
- What does?

Don't touch anything, don't move anything,
don't do anything.

Mr Cross, we don't need more of not doing.
What we need is action.

We need to do what's right.
To create change on purpose.

You see, that's the future that I see.

Or at least that's the future
I'm trying to create,

and what I'm going to do is
use the distant past to do it.

I'm not talking about the distant past.

I'm talking about events from my own life.

If we change those,
then this present, it doesn't exist.

But I'm not talking about your life, Mr Cross.

You see, I've got other concerns.

Keep an eye on him.

Colonel, don't walk away from me. Colonel!

Looks like the rescue mission was a success.

Evan doesn't seem to be too happy
about it, though.

Oh, I see an opportunity for extraction.
I'll get some intel.


- Mac. Is everyone okay?
- Yeah, everyone's safe and sound.

I kind of have a new problem, though,
and it's dinosaur shaped.

- Jeez.
- There's something else.

I'm sending you a picture.

Oh, my God, Mac, who is that?

That's what I want to know.

Well, if he's wearing that same jacket,

then he must work
at the Anomaly Research Centre.

Yeah. There's a couple of them here.

Mac, what if he knows you?
I mean, the other you?

The one from the freezer.

How can he? That guy never existed.

I... I guess not.

- I need to talk to him.
- Just be careful.

Thanks very much for your help.

Excuse me.

- Hello. I was just going to...
- You don't recognise me.

- Should I?
- The Anomaly Research Centre.

I used to work with you.

If you did, I...

No, I don't remember. Sorry.

Looks like you don't remember either.

No, I don't. That's my problem.

There's a... Another me.

He's d*ad now.

Wore a jacket just like that one.

Then you got a glimpse
of something you shouldn't have.

Look, six years ago,
Evan changed the course of my life.

I need to know who that other guy was,
what he was like.

Unless you're actually in an Anomaly
when the timeline changes,

you don't even know about it.

You just go on living,
like it was always that way.

- Understand?
- Yeah.

What's worse is knowing
how it was supposed to be,

and being the only one that remembers.

It'd drive you mad.

Yeah, it could drive you mad.

This is your life.

Why don't you focus on that?



There is no going back.

Hey. They told me you were okay.

Yeah. I'm glad you're here.

I need you to talk to Hall.

There's an Anomaly in there
that leads back to the day that Brooke d*ed.

And that Albertosaurus,
it needs to be there when we walk in.

Wait, so you want me to release the dinosaur
so it can k*ll your wife?

I don't want you to. But you have to.

Well, I'm not going to do that.

If you don't do that, then every dinosaur
that's come through an Anomaly

in the last six months,
it could be on a k*lling spree right now,

because I won't be there to stop it.

Maybe. Or maybe Project Magnet would have
done things differently from the beginning.

- We can't know, can we?
- Everything we know, everything we've seen,

it could all be replaced
by some alternate reality.

Do you understand that, Ange?
We could lose everything.

What if I'm okay with that?

Evan, I don't like how things have turned out.

Look, you're okay. Toby's okay.

Take the win and walk away.

You don't honestly think that truck
is going to hold it if it wakes up, do you?

I'm not going to defend myself to you,
Miss Weir.

I have other work to do.

Thank you, Corporal, I'll take it from here.

Yes, sir.

You are now unofficially
out of unofficial custody.

Good, because the dinosaur

that's supposed to k*ll Evan's wife
is inside that truck.

- And if we don't get it back to 2006?
- Dominoes.

Then let's get Evan.

Mr Temple. I'm Angelika Finch.
I'm the Director of Operations here.

- Pleasure to meet you.
- Actually, I think we've met before.

Care to tell me what you were doing at
Cross Photonics six months ago,

pretending to be an Internet repairman?

Not really.

Okay. I understand
you're refusing transport home.

Colonel, um...

- Hall.
- Whatever.

He wants to put us on a plane home,
but we need to go back through the Anomaly.

It's the only way to clear this up
before one of us accidentally

causes some kind of time paradox.

Look, you obviously have experience
with these things.

Valuable experience.

- We could really use your help.
- That's not a good idea.

We could work together
to control these Anomalies.

Oh, now you've put it like that,
it's still not a good idea.

And why not?

The Anomalies are not meant to be controlled.

You start messing with this stuff,
and it gets very bad, very fast.

Just let the Anomalies be,
and put everything back.

Sounds familiar. That's what Evan says.

Hmm! He's a smart man.

He's had some good advice.
From another smart man.

I'm talking about me.

Look, what if I could use them?
To change things for the better.

It would save a lot of heartbreak.

Evan might never even know.

You want to save Evan's wife?

Well, I've got a wife too,
and I really, really want to see her again.

If you go messing with stuff
that happened six years ago,

maybe I never even met her.

Maybe you'll break more than you'll fix.

You have to think about that. Trust me.

You'll be sorry.

Let's get him up.

- I'll get you two home.
- Thank you.

- The least I can do.
- Thank you, ma'am.

- Soldier, am I under arrest?
- No, sir.

Well, then,
I don't really need to be in here, do I?

I can go wherever I please.

- Except back into the Anomaly.
- Sir!

What, are you going to sh**t me?

Mr Cross, please come with me.

- Gentlemen.
- What are you doing here?

I'm here to help.

That's the guy over there.
He's got the keys the truck.

- Can't you just hot-wire it?
- Too noisy.

Look, um... All right, let's go for the keys.

I need you to distract the Colonel.

- How much time do you need?
- Five minutes should do it.

All right, I'm on it.

All right?

Let's do this.

Miss Finch, how can I help you?

These gentleman need priority access
to the site.

Yes, ma'am.

Hey, your guys took our EMDs.

The sexy-looking g*n,
we're going to need those back.

I'm afraid that's not going to be possible.


You need to go while you have the chance.

- Well, but...
- She's right. Sort the g*n out later.

Mate, I'm supposed to get you home safe,
not the other way around.

Just let me do my job properly, all right?


- Looks like I might be seeing you again, then.
- I hope so.

Make sure the g*n get to Evan Cross.
He'll know what to do with them.

They're in good hands.

All right. Might see you in a bit, then.


Uh, sorry to be asking this,
but where's the medical unit?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's, uh...


It's awake.

- Tell your men to...
- Back off!

- Wait, no!
- Colonel, wait! Stand down!

Stand down!

- Hold your f*re!
- Stand down!

Hold your f*re!

Flamethrowers! I need two flamethrowers!

Stop! Stop!

Move! Move!


Stand down! Hold your f*re! Hold your f*re!


It worked.

Okay. We did it.


And just in time.

You got through this once already.

And everything's going to happen
the same way again.

Right now.

I guess this is what always happened,
I just never knew about it.

- It doesn't matter.
- Yeah, but it does.

'Cause I caused it, and I always did.

- Don't think like that.
- How can I not?

What else am I supposed to think?

Wait, so if everything's supposed
to happen the way it did in 2006,

and the other Mac, the one you put
in the freezer's not there, then...

Who's going to save your life?

No one.

- And then what?
- Evan, no.

- No, this is the only way.
- So you're just going to vanish?

Look, I don't know what's going to happen.

Stuff this.

Mac! No!

- Let him go!
- No, we have to stop him!

- We can't!
- He doesn't have to do this!

Yes, he does! He already did.

You can't change what happened.
It's... It's too late.

I know.

He was a stranger.

I changed that.

I made him a friend.

And right now,
he's in there dying in my arms.

And then... Oh, shit!

- Are you okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.

We changed something.