01x10 - Village of the Found

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Little Demon". Aired: August 25, 2022 - present.
An animated horror-comedy series about 13 years after being impregnated by Satan, a reluctant mother, Laura, and her Antichrist daughter, Chrissy, attempt to live an ordinary life in Delaware.
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01x10 - Village of the Found

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Previously, on
"Little Demon"...


I really needed you,
and you didn't show.

You and Mom both f*cking suck.

- Where are you going?
- To Bennigan's.

I know he hates me
right now,

but he may at least
mildly give a shit about me.

Anybody home?


- Oh, my God, what...
- We meet again.

Are you f*cking kidding me?
It never stops.

It does now.

It is time to k*ll you,

not because you're the
disgusting spawn of Satan

or that the entirety
of the universe

will rot simply due
to your presence,

not even because
you're a woman,

but for the sole reason

you are why I got
my d*ck sh*t off.

Prepare to die.

Then just f*cking do it.

Wait, what?

Every damn day,
I f*ck something else up.

I destroyed half this town,
humiliated my best friend.

Apparently, I got this
uggo's d*ck sh*t off.

So do it.
I'm done being the Antichrist.

- I don't care.
- Chrissy...

Well, I mean,
you have to care a little.

- Nope.
- I was expecting

- a bit of a fight.
- Oh, were you?

My journey's been epic and...

Shut up and just k*ll me,
you little bitch!

Fine! Whatever!



Oh, this... oh, it burns!

My metal d*ck's conductive.


Boot smash!

And who the hell are you?


are your siblings.

Season 01 Episode 10

Episode Title: " Village of the Found"
Aired on: October 20, 2022.

Half siblings, to be exact,
on the paternal side.

Does this mean
we could share clothes?

Because that cape
is really nice.

Satan has tried for
eons to produce an heir

capable of Maximus Dawnus.

And he finally found
what he wanted

when you made that hole
in the sky.

So none of you
shed first blood?

Not in the way you mean,

though my moon cycle
has always been heavy.

But why me?

- That we don't know.
- Vanessa.

We must get home
before he catches our scent.

Come with us to the realm
where all your siblings live,

where you belong.

Siblings, we march.

Wait, Chrissy, stop.

Do you really think
the world would be

better off without you?

You, of all people,
should know that.

Chrissy, you can't be...


Dang. Been there, bro.

Wait, where are you...

I have so many questions.

Happy to answer
them along the way.

Name's Chew, Chuggie pilot,
and Satan's spawn number 143,

conceived on the
SlomDom Mountains.

Dia, number 13,

conceived under the
Arboral Realm's Muck-Tree.

Chrissy, number 69.

No interest in knowing
how I was conceived.

Bleep, blop, bloop.

We've been watching
you for a while now...

...keeping our distance,

staying in the shadows.

We were just waiting
for the right time

to make ourselves known.

Cool, cool.

So I go with you, and then
you reveal your secret plan

to feed my kidneys
to a Leviathan, yeah?

Gift my eyes to
your Icey Dragon King?

We don't want
anything from you,

- dear sister.
- Then why?

- What do you...
- Because we're family.

You're probably lying,
but f*ck it.

I got nothing to lose.

You're gonna
want to hang on here.

Wanda ain't as lubed
as she used to be.

Sorry, Wanda.


Giddy up! Giiiidyup!

Look at her go!

- Whew.
- One wheelbarrow of ash down.

A few thousand more to go.

I'll add you to the pile

if you don't shut up
and get useful.

Cool. Yeah, I'll just move
this pile of splintered wood

over to that pile
of splintered wood.

f*cking idiot.

let's do it this way.

If I ever do watch
"Seventh Heaven"

and want to talk about it,
I'll call you.

I don't... wait, what?


All right,
where's my rejeculates?

You're too late, assh*le.
They took Chrissy.

Technically, she followed
them through a portal,

no hesitation.

Aw, f*ck, I gotta move fast.

My litter'll corrupt her
more than I ever could.

Your litter? Oh, Jesus.

How many of your
shit kids are there?

I don't know,
hundreds, thousands.

I've been spreading my seed

since I was
farted into existence.

God, you're relentless.

Just show me where
they took her.

Those bastards hide out in
the far ends of the Demicorp.

Needle in a haystack.

The only way to track 'em down

is the Labyrinth
of Stercus Urino.

Makes the Minoan Labyrinth
look like a corn maze.

If you can reach the center,
it'll tell you any truth,

including where to find

Like a magical Ask Jeeves?

Who's this generic brand
Van Helsing?

The loser we taught a
lesson to at the Taco Chateau.

- The what?
- A-are you serious?

You were inside of a chicken.

People were sh**ting
their dicks off.

Oh, yeah, the chicken, yeah,
that was... that was fun stuff.

Anyway, when we get to
the center of the maze,

we're gonna need
a soul sacrifice.

Oh, no, no, no.


Welcome to the
realm of Primum Flatus,

a place forgotten by time,
and more importantly, him.

Oh, look, someone's here.


Guess who's getting extra
bat clit stew tonight?

Are you telling me
everyone here...

Was sired by our father, yes.

Wow, so that guy does
not like condoms, huh?

Hey, ho!
Vanessa's back!

And she brought our sister!
Ha ha!

Hiya, Chrissy.

I'm Millipede number 323,
Gwaelod Realm,

conceived at
a mud pit key party.

This is Klibguck 583
from Wadkin,

Richard Kind from Earth,
Yorke from Ruddy-Oh...

Ow! Sploogel,
you stepped on my foot.

- What's the matter with you?
- That was entirely my fault.

I was excited
to see our sister.

My B, brother Richard.

Not a problem,
Brother Sploogel.

Arm in arm together.

Arm in arm, together.

Getting some real "Wild,
Wild Country" vibes here.

I don't blame you
for being skeptical.

Our father invented deception.

His poison once
infected all of us.

But over time, we found
and healed each other,

learned to live in harmony,
and built this,

the Village of the Found,

the true
anarchistic socialist utopia.

Unlike that libertarian
assh*le, we mean it.

What's this?

The pile of stuff.

Here, we place our most
cherished possessions.

Aw, Brother Yorke's
first violin

and booties we made for
Millipede to keep him warm

his first winter here.

And that's my golden turd.

Ah, this is... something.

This pile reminds us,
although it took us time,

in this village,
we found our place, our home.

Hm, home.

Furries are attacking!

- To the West!
- Chrissy, close to me.

They are coming!
They are near!

Furries, like yiff stuff?
No judgment.

No, they're ancient
destructive creatures

who ravage our lands and have
slain many of our brethren.

All right, so what do you
want me to do, explode them,

- set them on f*re?
- No, Chrissy.

Our most important rule...
We don't k*ll here.

Selfishness, cruelty...
That's our father's way.

All we ask is you comply with
our rules while you're here.

I'm real sick of rules,

but no k*lling's okay, I guess.

Uh, are you sure you don't
want to k*ll these guys?

Non-lethal force only.
Let's go.



Rock wall!


Secrete that secretion!

Go, Yorke!

♪♪ ♪♪

- This one's stubborn.
- Perfect.

This is our chance.

Oh, no! Vanessa!

Watch out!

Someone order some
divine bonds, extra spicy?

Oh, I love that pun!

Chrissy, we've been trying
to capture a Furry for decades

but never had enough power
to keep one chained,

no matter how many
people had hands on it.

Nor how many
hands people had.

Chrissy finally did it!

Three cheers for Chrissy!

Kerple kerple
kwa! Kerple kerple kwa!

Kerple kerple kwa!

Uh, ha ha, okay, yeah.
Kerple, baby.

Oh, somebody just
k*ll me, please.

Not yet.
Come on, f*ck.

Stop dicking around.

I cannot d*ck around!

Oh, Jesus, what the...

Labyrinth rules...
No tools, no magic.

Only got our strength and
our wits to get us through.

God, well, it would have
been nice to know that

before I swallowed
a pile of bones.

Behold me, the Luduan,

spirit of this labyrinth.

Reveal to me your truth,
and I shall show you mine.

f*ck this.
Left or right?

Yeah, riddles are bullshit.

Witness me
in all my uselessness.

Oh, holy f*ck.

And you always
said I never listen.

f*ck, he's fast!

It's my fault
we're in this mess.

What kind of mom
alienates her daughter

over a stupid dirty dish?

Well, actually,
we're in this mess

because I made Chrissy go
on a lethal Rumspringa.

Oh, you always
have to one-up me.

Hey, assh*le, I've seen
bigger horns on pygmy goats,

you overgrown house cat.

Uh, ah!

Sick moves back there, baby.

Never been an ancient maze

that could keep Laura Feinberg
from the center,

no matter how convoluted.

Insert G-spot joke here.


A a a a ah!

Then I said, break a leg?
Which one?

A toast to Chrissy.

A true de-light fer
lighting up them bonds.


You guys were so awesome,
I pissed myself.

Dia, your giant fists,
like, boom!

Millipede's fluid trap...
Outta control!

What can I tell you?
I love secreting.

We had to learn our
strengths the hard way,

even though our father
called us worthless duds

for lacking the power
of the Antichrist.

He punished us for it.

He done rip
my mama in two

once he figured
I wasn't no Antichrist.

He abandoned me in
a realm of poisonous vipers.

In order to survive,
I ate every single one.

I was a toddler
and a vegetarian.

We don't want anyone
to suffer as we have.

So that's why you won't
k*ll those testes with teeth?

We passively battled them
for decades, kept them at bay.

But now that we've
finally detained one,

we have a new goal...

You really think
you can rehab that?

We believe every
creature is capable of change.

We were all, at one point,
considered monsters.

With you supercharging
our divine bonds,

we can peacefully detain
and reform them all.

Oh, uh, by the way,
I made you something, Chrissy.

Whoa, you made this for me?

Of course!
You're family.

And what says family more than
a doll likeness of yourself?

Yeah, this could go
on the pile.

- ♪♪ Oh... ♪♪
- Yorke's singing!

♪♪ Sit down,
I'll tell a tale so foul ♪♪

♪♪ And fair and full of fervor ♪♪

♪♪ 'Tis one you've never
before ♪♪

♪♪ And one to look no further ♪♪

♪♪ I found myself
beyond the path ♪♪

♪♪ Beyond the realm of Pwerkle ♪♪

♪♪ And that is where
I first met her ♪♪

♪♪ The creature
known as Glerpo ♪♪

♪♪ Glerpo,
Glerpo, Glerpo, yo ♪♪

♪♪ Glerpo, Glerpo, dah! ♪♪

He-hey, MoPo, how's it hanging?

High and tight, Chrissy.

Soil's looking fertile,

Ah, thanks, Chrissy.
Dope Harvest ahead.



Looking good, little Chrissy.

And so its

projection rate's down to 10.38
acidic discharge per etra.

And its public
masturbation has halted.

You hear that, Chrissy?
A significant change.

Last week, that thing was
yanking it ten times a day.

Maybe rehabilitation
is possible.

- Whoo!
- Yeah!

Tonight we can roll out
the Divine Bond Motherlode

to wrangle all the Furries
for rehabilitation

and at long last
put an end to this w*r.

All of them, here?

Tonight, the w*r ends.


Um, just throwing
this out there, but, uh,

does anyone else
think that summoning

a horde of acid-spewing
scrotum monsters

to our home is a bit... hasty?

With your charge
and our will,

we can accomplish anything,
arm in arm together.

Arm in arm together.


Oh, hi, Randall.
How's Tanya?

Did you tell her
you got laid off?

- Dinner.
- How's it looking?

Stay clear of zone 12.

Crow scouts reporting
Luduan movements there.

And zone 43 is all d*ad ends.

I rescoped zone 80.

There's a path we haven't
tried, a right past Lava Lake.

Can't forget that
left past Lava Lake.

Puddin' brain over
here fell into a pit

of carnivorous slugs.

The slime!
The teeth!

What about when he shit his
pants in the carcass room?

- Remember that?
- Stop making fun of me,

Mom and Dad.

All right, well, listen.

Maybe we should
try your lead then.

Maybe this is it.

We're going to get her back.

If I got to listen
to this f*cking guy

chew with his mouth open
one more time,

I'm finding
a new soul sacrifice.

And I mean it this time!

What are those?

Found them this morning
on the Frumble Trail.

Been looking for something
to keep me regular,

and let me tell you,
these are doing it.

You f*cking idiot!
Those are Lobanda nuts.

They give off the scent
of young Urlorooloos,

which are the main
food source of...


Oh, my God, I knew it.

I'm all for big
romantic gestures, Benny,

boom boxes outside of windows,
kissing upside down,

a wet Ryan Gosling.

But listen, if Laura hasn't
found Chrissy for weeks,

how do you expect
to find Chrissy?

I mean, look at that body.

I have not and will not look
at Miss Feinberg's naked body.

And I have to do this.

I haven't been able to stop
thinking about how Chrissy

felt like she had no one left.

Maybe I ignored her
for too long.

I was hurt, but I didn't want
to send her to her own doom

in some demonic Timbuktu.

She's my friend.
I have to set this right.

I ever tell you you're
incredibly self-examined

for a 13-year-old?

I'm going to do my best
and probably die trying.

Wish me luck.

You sure this is exactly
how Laura did it?

Sure as sure can be sure.

Detrahet mi magicae terra!

Oh, I just remembered
Laura uses her left hand

to slice the chicken.

Ah, I'm sure
magic's ambidextrous.

From my personal experience
with Criss Angel, uh, yeah.

Ooh, Criss Angel,
wrap me up in your dirty hair.

I'd let him go ambidextrous
on me all night.

How about a drink, huh?

You don't have
to ask me twice.




Miss Feinberg?

Mr. Satan?

♪♪ Today,
the Furries come ♪♪

Are you ready, Richard?

I was born ready, big sis!

You got this, Chrissy.

Oh, ho, ho!
Way to go, Chrissy!



Wrong right!

That's the Dark Matter End!

We fall in.
We cease to exist.

There is no way
to find truth

but through that
which you seek.


Uh, f*ck.

Oh, my God.
Holy shit.

Is this actually it?

Look, I've had
a hell of a life.

I've slayed an insane
amount of poon,

like cosmically
large amount of poon.

God, point, get to the point!

The point is,
out of all of it,

the time we spent together
was the least bad.

Maybe that time
wasn't the absolute worst

for me too, okay?

My mission to k*ll the
demon child was misguided.

I am not my genitalia.

A life can't be built
around revenge,

especially against a girl

whose home life
is so clearly dysfunctional.

Yeah, we don't
need him anymore.

- I'm kicking him the f*ck off.
- No...

Whoa, whoa.

Wow, just in
the nick of time.

Congrats, you b*at
the Labyrinth.

What the f*ck was that?

I told you at the start,

reveal your truth to me,
and I'll reveal mine to you.

- What you getting at?
- Was it the poon thing? No.


Yes, yes, yes.

The plan is working.

Just keep him off Richard,
and we win this.

They're breaking
through the line!

The stage where
Yorke taught me Chop Suey!

Focus on the mission!
Their numbers are thinning.


Don't you fret!
I got another.

There's too many.
We're losing.

- They're never going to stop.
- Snap out of it.

- We almost have them.
- We're losing our home.

Not the pile. No!

Chrissy, we need you here...


Get away! Stop!

I said stop!

- Wait, no!
- Sister, stop!

This is not our way!

was one over here.


Oh, no, the Motherlode!

Help me!

- What are you doing?
- Chrissy, no, please!

All we've tried to teach you,
all we stand for.

I have no choice.

The Motherlode is gone.

If we don't destroy them,
they will destroy us.

- She's k*lling them!
- Uh, no, no.

Please stop!

Wait, Chrissy.

Chrissy, wait!

- Millipede!
- What did you do, Milly?


Arm in arm... together.


- What did you do?
- I didn't mean to.

- I'll k*ll her!
- No, come on, Richard.

Do you realize
who she just k*lled?

- He jumped in front of me.
- I'll rip her apart.

No, Richard!
This is not who we are.

I want to k*ll her.
I want to rip her throat out.

Brethren, please,
we cannot let her

ego and v*olence
taint our family

- any more than it already has.
- What?

No, I was just
trying to save us.

The town was burning,
and I had to do something.

Our plan was working.

But now our siblings are
d*ad, one by your hands.

You've ruined us more than
the Furries ever could.

We should have never
brought you here.

You're just what Satan designed
you to be, a destroyer.


I know who I am.

I make my own choices,
live for myself,

unlike all of you
living your whole lives

as victims of our father.

And neither of my parents would
have bl*wn a f*cking whistle

inviting monsters
to tear our home

and family limb from limb.

Please, just go.

♪♪ ♪♪

Okay, what truth
do you want to know?

- Are you f*cking kidding me?
- All that for this?

Don't we need to
sacrifice this guy?

What? Nah.

That's not part of
this thing at all.

I didn't know shit
about this maze.

Where's my daughter?

At the residence
of Darlene Garrity

in Middle town, Delaware.

where our bodies are.

f*ck, I love irony.

She's listening
to Darlene tell a story

about how her bras
are smelling different lately.

She came back?


This really all
worked out, huh, g*ng?

Sure you don't
need us to k*ll him?

Mm, Bennigan Aquino,
second child

of Dante and Amalia,
loves painting,

and movies where
protagonists reveal

they were wearing bulletproof
vests the entire time.


Oh, my goodness,
are you... a fairy?

Man, do I look like...

No, guess again,

a little bigger,
a little holier.

An angel?

You're quick-witted.

I like that.

And that's exactly
why we have chosen you

- for a very specific job.
- A job?

Boss man wants you to
be his little warrior.

Me? A warrior?

I had to lose the under wire
'cause that was poking me.


Hey, sweetie.

I am so incredibly sorry.

Ugh, holy shit,
you smell like rot.

Come on, give it back to me.

Uh, okay, you smell like a
hippie commune burnt down

and got washed
away with vinegar?


The whole family's
back together,

classic us, yucking it up.

Get out now.
Don't f*cking look at me.

So you need a little space?

Outside, so you don't
stain Darlene's carpet.

Leney, babe,
ready for round 12?

I'll wear the
ribbed morphsuit you...


Shit, well,
cat's out of the bag.

We're f*cking!

Wanna come back
with me for a bit,

- unpack the journey we had?
- f*ck you.

- What? Come on.
- Bend your head down

so I can make this quick.

I thought the maze, you
know, brought us closer.

Uh-huh. What I said in
the labyrinth doesn't count.

I don't think straight when
I'm starving, you know.

If you're still starving,
I got something that could...

Not at all, Snakey.

Closer to the top
than ever before.

And I got a new angle
to get Chrissy...

Through her mom.

There's a fine line between
love and hate, my friend.

No test tomorrow
or any morrow.

- Be free!
- Ha!

Well, that, uh, trip
with your siblings

sure did change you, huh?

Everyone wants me to be
who they think I should be.

F that noise.

You can't straitjacket
Chrissy Feinberg anymore.

I'm a little bit of everything.

I'm gonna be me, baby.

By the way, thanks
for being cool and putting

everything behind us, yeah?

Oh, uh, right,
right, of course.


I'm watching you.

I'm just a dog.
Woof, woof.

♪♪ Whoa, sit down,
I'll tell a tale so foul ♪♪

♪♪ And bare and full
of fervor ♪♪

♪♪ 'Tis one you've never
heard before ♪♪

♪♪ And one to look no further ♪♪

♪♪ I found myself
beyond the path ♪♪

♪♪ Beyond the realm of
Pwerkle ♪♪

♪♪ And that is where
I first met her ♪♪

♪♪ The creature known
as Glerpo ♪♪

♪♪ Oh, Glerpo,
Glerpo, Glerpo, yo ♪♪

♪♪ Glerpo, Glerpo, dah! ♪♪

a new home in Middle town,

a new lease on life.

Now it's time to put
my past in the rearview

and become something new,
an average Joe...

A former mercenary
for the Vatican

turned child k*ller,
now just a regular guy.

You might see me around town
filling a prescription,

buying loafers,
or shopping for bakeware.

Who knows where and how
often I might appear?

But I know one thing,
those Feinbergs

are going to keep getting
into horrifying situations.

And if they need my assistance,
I'm just around the corner,

as long as they don't try
and sacrifice my soul again.

Uh, it's an inside joke,
and I deserved it.

Okay, where do I sign?
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